dufluMesa 13 has landed. And my Unity8 no longer works. Related?01:21
dufluNope. Not related01:26
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tsdgeoswho's the miral resident expert?08:44
duflutsdgeos: alan_g is on it09:20
alan_gwhat's "it"?09:20
duflualan_g: MIR miral09:21
alan_gActually, greyback is running that09:21
dufluanpok_: Did you/we change input event accumulation in the recent past? Clients of nested servers are seeing really erratic jagged motion I think...09:22
dufluOh nevermind. Just that sudo doesn't import exported environment settings from the parent shell09:28
alan_gduflu: sudo --preserve-env09:29
dufluJoy to the world..... Mir will soon be rid of all input resampling09:30
dufluWhich gives me a feel for how much nicer Unity8 will feel in future09:34
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_javier4_Hi guys, I'm porting a device and now I'm stuck at the ubuntu animation boot logo (ubuntu text with dots moving). compositor log doesn't help, and now I'm seeing this messages in dmesg11:02
_javier4_(1)[2353:VSyncThread_0][DISP][mtk_disp_mgr_ioctl #1956]ERROR:[session]ioctl not supported, 0x40104fd511:02
_javier4_(1)[2361:Mir/Comp][DISPCHECK]primary_display_switch_mode require sess_mode DIRECT_LINK11:02
_javier4_repeated many times. Are they meaningful for my problem?11:02
_javier4_this is unity8.log11:02
_javier4_and this is unity-system-compositor.log11:03
alan_g_javier4_: I'm not the best one to help at this stage, but what the logs tell me is that the unity-system-compositor Mir server does start (which is why you see the animation) but that the Unity8 one fails. But I don't see any indication why that is.11:08
alan_ggreyback: ^^11:10
greybackalan_g: qtmir reports that the mir server failed to start11:10
greybackI don't really know how to suggest how to debug that11:11
alan_gI'm surprised there's no logging from Mir after "[2010-01-05 20:47:21.436870] mirserver: Starting"11:14
alan_g_javier4_: this is probably in the graphics driver support. The guy that knows that best for android drivers is not currently around (too early in his day and he's on vacation until the new year).11:21
_javier4_ouch. Thanks for your help guys. But if the problem is in the android part, the system compositor shouldn't fail too?11:36
alan_g_javier4_: if it failed completely, yes. But I suspect that some specific operation is working "differently" on your kit and only affects the nested U8 server. The place in the Mir code that collates the "known" differences is src/platforms/android/server/device_quirks.cpp11:40
alan_gIt likely needs debugging through to find out exactly what is failing (and why there is no helpful log message).11:41
alan_gI'd go for using instances of the mir_demo_server (as system and session servers) in place of USC and U8 and trying to reproduce the problem.11:43
alan_gThat's an easier set-up (for me) to debug.11:43
_javier4_alan_g, could you link a guide to set up mir demo server?11:44
alan_gIt is in mir-demos11:45
alan_gHmm. I don't have a guide for this scenario to hand. Let me search.11:47
alan_gWith mir-demos installed you need to shut down USC: sudo stop lightdm11:51
alan_gYou need to keep the screen on: mirbacklight11:52
alan_gTo start as a host: sudo mir_demo_server11:53
alan_g(In a separate terminal) you can then run "nested" (with a demo client): mir_demo_server --host /tmp/mir_socket --launch mir_demo_client_egltriangle11:55
alan_gActually, a better command for the host would be: sudo mir_demo_server --window-manager system-compositor11:57
alan_gBut, with the way things are failing you probably won't get far enough for it to matter (yet).11:58
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_javier4_alan_g, the problem is that I still didn't complete the port. i didn't apply apparmor patch to my kernel, but just applied the ones needed to complete a boot. I don't know if I'm able to install packages.12:30
alan_g_javier4_: ack. I don't have the knowledge to help with that.12:33
_javier4_alan_g, do you know if mir-demos has dependencies other than a plain install? If I can avoid to setup a net connection, i would try to install it downloading it manually.12:43
alan_g_javier4_: any dependencies should be met by the existing support for USC and U812:44
_javier4_ok. thanks.12:44
_javier4_Sorry for my ignorance: should I search it as a click package or a snap one? I don't use Ubuntu since years, now...12:47
greyback_javier4_: debian package12:50
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_javier4_greyback, this one?12:52
greyback_javier4_: no, that's too old12:53
greyback_javier4_: https://launchpad.net/%7Eci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+packages?batch=75&direction=backwards&memo=300&start=225 <- find the mir version for vivid12:53
_javier4_but my Ubuntu touch rootfs is vivid.12:53
_javier4_oh, ok.12:53
greybackyes, Ubuntu Touch is vivid, plus a PPA supplying newer stuff (the PPA I linked to above)12:54
greybacknote to take care if you're mixing an older touch image with that PPA, PPA can have never stuff than your image. So match package versions carefully12:54
_javier4_in that ppa I can't find mir-demos package.12:55
greyback_javier4_: look for just "mir - 0.24.1+15.04.20160928-0ubuntu1" with vivid, then click the arrow to expand it12:57
greybackinside is a big list of the deb packages, one of which is "mir-demos_0.24.1+15.04.20160928-0ubuntu1_armhf.deb"12:58
_javier4_found. thanks a lot.12:59
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_javier4_greyback, just out of curiosity: that strange "nesting" of the package inside the repo, is due to mir being a metapackage or what?13:09
greyback_javier4_: good question. In that listing, you see "source packages" which contain the source code for the project. Then that package is taken and built for each distro and each architecture, which is nested inside in that listing13:10
_javier4_greyback, Now I understand. Launchpad store the whole "projects", then shows you the various packages in which they have been split into. Thanks again.13:13
greybackno prob!13:13
_javier4_and now, this is the situation:13:14
_javier4_system compositor start fine, while nested one fail with this (finally meaningful) error13:15
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:36:43.228679] mirplatform: Found graphics driver: mir:android (version 0.24.1)13:15
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:36:43.232091] mirserver: Starting13:15
_javier4_ERROR: /build/mir-coQbl3/mir-0.24.1+15.04.20160928/src/server/graphics/default_configuration.cpp(132): Throw in function mir::DefaultServerConfiguration::the_graphics_platform()::<lambda()>13:15
_javier4_Dynamic exception type: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorISt13runtime_errorEEEE13:15
_javier4_std::exception::what: Exception while creating graphics platform13:15
_javier4_ERROR: /build/mir-coQbl3/mir-0.24.1+15.04.20160928/src/server/graphics/nested/mir_client_host_connection.cpp(245): Throw in function mir::graphics::nested::MirClientHostConnection::MirClientHostConnection(const string&, const string&, const std::shared_ptr<mir::shell::HostLifecycleEventListener>&)13:15
_javier4_Dynamic exception type: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implINS0_19error_info_injectorISt13runtime_errorEEEE13:15
_javier4_std::exception::what: Nested Mir Platform Connection Error: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory13:15
_javier4_Sorry, I should have used pastebin.13:15
greyback_javier4_: "Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory" have you set MIR_SOCKET correctly? And do take care with permissions of the socket13:16
_javier4_greyback, I followed strictly alan_g suggestions, and launched nested compositor passing --host /tmp/mir_socket13:18
greyback_javier4_: well let's trouble-shoot: please check that /tmp/mir_socket exists, and see what permissions it has13:19
_javier4_actually, it doesn't exists at all.13:20
greybackok, so it should have been created by the first mir_demo_server13:21
greybackis /tmp writable?13:21
_javier4_drwxrwxrwt    4 root   root      80 Jan  6 15:17 tmp13:23
greyback_javier4_: ok, well please stop all mir servers, and do "sudo mir_demo_server -f /tmp/mir_socket" to ensure mir creates that file13:25
greybackand verify socket file is created13:25
_javier4_srwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Jan  6 15:49 mir_socket13:26
_javier4_try to launch the nested one?13:26
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.331620] mirserver: Using nested cursor13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.341012] mirserver: Initial display configuration:13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.347749] mirserver:   0.1: LVDS 5" 57x101mm13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.348514] mirserver:        Current mode 1080x1920 53Hz13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.349704] mirserver:        Preferred mode 1080x1920 53Hz13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.350017] mirserver:        Logical position +0+013:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.350111] mirserver:   0.2: unused DisplayPort13:30
_javier4_[2010-01-06 15:52:31.350362] mirserver:   0.3: unused (null)13:30
_javier4_*** Error in `mir_demo_server': free(): invalid pointer: 0x001bf9c8 ***13:30
_javier4_Aborted (core dumped)13:30
greyback_javier4_: well we need to find the host server's socket13:31
greybackhmm, I don't like that error13:31
greyback_javier4_: can you pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep mir"13:31
_javier4_greyback, http://pastebin.com/MX5QLdRF13:32
greybackok good, package versions are matching13:33
greybackright, so please kill the root mir server, and launch again with "sudo mir_demo_server -f /tmp/mir_socket"13:33
greybackoh hang on13:34
greybacksorry, I mis-read your output above13:34
greybackso you have a /tmp/mir_socket?13:34
greybackok, let's connect a client to it, just to check it works, run mir_demo_client_egltriangle13:35
_javier4_that's what fail with the pointer error13:35
greybackthe demo client?13:35
_javier4_root@ubuntu-phablet:~# mir_demo_server --host /tmp/mir_socket --launch mir_demo13:35
greybacktoo soon, I don't want to test nested server just yet13:36
greybackI just want to check that any client can connect to your host server13:36
_javier4_oh, ok. Sorry. I'm new to all this stuff.13:36
greybackno worries :)13:36
_javier4_Should I kill system server?13:36
greybacknope, that's good, keep it running13:37
_javier4_no error, but black screen. Let me kill the server and try from scratch.13:38
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greyback_javier4_: ok. You should see a spinning triangle13:39
greybackalso good to try mir_demo_client_flicker13:40
alan_g_javier4_: I forgot an option (to make the socket file accessible) for the "host": sudo mir_demo_server --window-manager system-compositor --arw-file13:42
_javier4_wait. A found a bunch of mir process hanging around on my system. I killed them all. Correct me if I'm wrong:13:43
_javier4_mirbacklight, to get backlight;13:43
alan_gYes, that keeps the screen on13:44
_javier4_mir_demo_server --window-manager system-compositor --arw-file, to start system compositor13:44
alan_gyes. now /tmp/mir_socket should be globally rw13:46
_javier4_it isn't. I think it's still the one we specifically created before.13:47
_javier4_ls -l /tmp13:47
_javier4_total 013:47
_javier4_srwxr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Jan  6 15:49 mir_socket13:47
* alan_g reads scollback because that sounds wierd13:48
_javier4_I can delete it, kill server and relaunch it. I think it will not be created.13:48
alan_g_javier4_: do that13:49
_javier4_ok. Just wait.13:49
_javier4_As suspected: launched system comp with mir_demo_server --window-manager system-compositor --arw-file, but the file has not been created. Should I pass it -f flag?13:51
_javier4_I suspect $MIR_SOCKET is not set13:51
alan_g_javier4_: $MIR_SOCKET should not be set13:51
alan_ghave you lost "sudo" from the commandline?13:52
_javier4_no, I'm from root13:52
_javier4_I'm root user.13:53
alan_gThe server is running?13:53
alan_gI.e. didn't exit/crash13:54
_javier4_yes http://pastebin.com/SxXmzAT413:54
alan_gis $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR set?13:55
_javier4_echo $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR13:56
_javier4_quotes needed for irc13:56
alan_gAh, then the mir_socket will be there13:56
alan_gls -l $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mir_socket13:57
_javier4_yes it is13:57
_javier4_ls -l /run/user/013:57
_javier4_total 013:57
_javier4_srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Jan  6 16:13 mir_socket13:57
alan_gSo now: mir_demo_client_egltriangle -f /run/user/0/mir_socket13:58
alan_gSo now: mir_demo_client_egltriangle -f -m /run/user/0/mir_socket13:58
_javier4_which one?13:59
alan_gthe latter13:59
alan_gUse this: mir_demo_client_egltriangle -f -m /run/user/0/mir_socket13:59
_javier4_Mir chose pixel format 1.13:59
_javier4_Using pixel format 2.13:59
_javier4_Current active output is 1080x1920 +0+013:59
_javier4_Can't create a surface13:59
alan_gTry: mir_demo_client_egltriangle -f -m /run/user/0/mir_socket -o 114:01
* alan_g is guessing the output ID14:01
_javier4_Mir chose pixel format 1.14:02
_javier4_Using pixel format 2.14:02
_javier4_Current active output is 1080x1920 +0+014:02
_javier4_WARNING: linker /android/system/vendor/lib/libPVROCL.so: is missing DT_SONAME will use basename as a replacement: "libPVROCL.so"14:02
_javier4_library "libPVRDebugger.so" not found14:02
_javier4_Surface 0 DPI14:02
_javier4_Surface exposed14:02
_javier4_but still black screen. :-/14:02
_javier4_first time I set it, I rememeber I've seen the backlight turning on. Now I'm not sure.14:03
alan_gtry it now14:04
_javier4_Already done. But sincerely I can't say if ther was already on, or if they're staying black.14:04
_javier4_reboot the phone and start from scratch?14:05
alan_gFirst try replacing mir_demo_client_egltriangle with mir_demo_client_muitlwin (which doesn't use EGL)14:05
_javier4_Segmentation fault (core dumped)14:07
alan_gAlthough the animation does use EGL, so that *shouldn't* be the problem14:07
alan_gI guess a reboot can't hurt14:07
_javier4_ok. Be back soon14:07
_javier4_stop lightdm14:11
_javier4_whoops, wrong window. :D14:12
_javier4_I now know what's wrong: after stopping lightdm, backlight turn off. Issuing mirbacklight they turn on for a second, then they turn off and don't resume even with following mirbacklight.14:13
_javier4_they result still set14:15
_javier4_cat /sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/brightness14:15
alan_gThat's odd. try: mirbacklight 9514:20
alan_gI've a vague memory of a driver that didn't like to use max_brightness14:20
alan_ggreyback: IIRC you mentioned some backlight issues in the past. Does the above sound familiar?14:32
_javier4_let me reboot, and check the values of lcd-backlight before stopping server.14:41
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greybackalan_g: actually yes, mirbacklight only works for some devices14:45
greybackon one phone the lcd backlight wasn't in the standard location14:46
_javier4_sysfs is right. It starts from 102, then goes to 10, then to 0. If I try to set it again on 102, it stays black.14:55
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_javier4_greyback, alan_g : I'm trying to debug my backlight problem. I noticed this thing:15:25
_javier4_If I echo 0 to the brightness, screen goes off, and if I echo 102 it turns back on. But if I turn it off by power button, my following echo 102 doesn't work.15:25
greybackyeah that is odd15:26
_javier4_It's like if the power button (and the stopping lightdm) does not seto brightness to 0, but changed also somebody else.15:27
_javier4_i tried to monitoring by udev, but I just discovered the real sysfs for my driver. nothing else.15:28
_javier4_perhaps power button issue also some kind of suspend mode for lcd?15:34
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fritschRAOF: does mir support higher precision than 888 RGB visuals=?20:41
RAOFfritsch: Not at the moment; we don't expose any 101010 pixel formats.22:29
fritschRAOF: isn't it a display driver thingy, too?22:29
fritschi only see 8 8 8 visuals for my intel gpu anyways22:29
RAOFIt'll do 10101022:29
RAOF(Probably ☺)22:29
fritschhow can one force that mode from userspace?22:29
RAOFYou can't.22:30
RAOFYou need whatever's providing the display buffers to be providing 101010 display buffers.22:30
RAOF(Which means either X, GNOME Shell, Plasma, or Mir)22:30
fritschthat won't help if you cannot open a corresponding visual22:31
fritschah, that's what you mean22:31
RAOFSo, *mesa* is perfectly happy to render to 101010 textures.22:31
fritschinternally even 16 bit and more precision22:31
RAOFAFAIK, all the desktop cards are happy to scan out of 101010 buffers.22:32
RAOFOh, yeah. You can render to full-float buffers if it tickles your fancy!22:32
* RAOF doesn't know about double precision.22:32
RAOFThe missing bit is hooking them all together.22:32
fritschI searched a solution for kodi22:32
fritschnow since we can decode hevc10 bit and share it lossless via R16, G16 extension22:33
fritschto get it on the display22:33
fritschhttps://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-dev/2016-December/138472.html <- btw. you don't have a say there? Seems no one cared for now22:33
RAOFI don't have commit access or anything.22:34
fritschno need to commit, but not a comment since 5 days is quite uncommon22:35
RAOFI can comment, but I'm not sure how useful it'll be. I'm not very involved in mesa development.22:36
RAOF(And the patches I've submitted have also tended to languish, sometimes until somebody independently reimplements them)22:36
fritschif you find that patch useful it would be nice22:36
fritschyour MIR kodi port / vaapi will also directly be able to use that22:36
fritschfor decoding 10 bit content22:37
RAOFvaapi spits out two planes when decoding 10 bit content?22:37
* RAOF would naively expect it to spit out a packed XRGB 2101010 plane. But whatever!22:38
fritschRAOF: nope22:38
fritschand we certainly don't want RGB22:38
fritschas that's doulbe as big as NV1222:38
RAOFOh, of coures.22:38
fritschwe want as minimal as possible and use a yuv2rgb shader at the end22:39
RAOFIt's 10bit, encoded in a different colourspace.22:39
fritschto get it displayed22:39
fritschit's just yuv420p10 with more precision22:39
RAOFI'm a bit confused about the R16/GB16 extension, then. Where does that come in?22:43
fritschRAOF: https://github.com/FernetMenta/kodi-agile/blob/master/xbmc/cores/VideoPlayer/DVDCodecs/Video/VAAPI.cpp#L129822:48
fritschhttps://github.com/FernetMenta/kodi-agile/blob/master/xbmc/cores/VideoPlayer/DVDCodecs/Video/VAAPI.cpp#L1376 <- sorry22:48
fritschhere of cours22:48
fritschwe use it for eglCreateImage extension22:48
fritschto create Y and UV plane22:48
RAOFOh, right. You're not actually using them as RGB channels, just as storage.22:49
fritschwe avoid converting anything until display22:50
fritsch(not entirely true, we did not invest time to make your lanczos scaler work on yuv ...)22:50
fritschso it runs after rgb conversation22:50
fritschI got to go - already late here. will read the backlog tomorrow22:51

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