jtureknot sure if this is the right place (just let me know)  i am testing Jorge's kubernetes tutorial on 16.10 w/ latest ppa against a local lxd (fresh install as well) and it crashes on me before getting to the deployment section02:40
sarnolddoes the ppa support 16.10?02:41
sarnold(it's relatively common for people to target their ppas to e.g. only LTSes or only the most recent LTS..)02:41
jturekGotcha,  i feel like a goof if that was the case--- i'll check02:41
tjkouryHey everyone03:03
tjkouryAny conjure-up gurus out there: Do you have to install MAAS separately, as well as put in all the environment info in a .yaml file and create a cloud config, or should conjure-up do all that for you through the prompts?03:23
jturektjkoury: i am learning the same thing right now doing conjure-up for the first time03:29
tjkouryjturek kk03:30
tjkouryI haven't gotten it to work at all; sometimes it says 'no controller' and throws python errors, other times it starts provisioning but hangs forever 'waiting for server'03:31
tjkouryor 'waiting for machine'03:31
tjkouryon 16.0403:32
jturektjkoury: are you doing lxd?03:49
jturektjkoury: are you doing, i found that conjure will crash if ipv6 is enabled (instead of exposing the ipv6 is not supported log entry, it just pukes instead03:50
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munskingHello, where can i edit what WM/DE gets started with startx? my .xinitrc and .xsession are empty and it auto-starts fluxbox, i want to stop that.08:39
lordievaderProbably comes from /etc/X11/Xsession.{conf,d/}08:48
munskinglordievader: can't find it with grep though08:53
lordievadermunsking: Hmm, what if you grep the /etc/X11/ folder recursively for fluxbox?08:54
munskinglordievader: did that as well it only finds stuff in /etc/X11/fluxbox (which makes sense), not a single xorg conf file08:55
munskingi commented out "exec fluxbox" in ~/.fluxbox/startup and that kinda worked, but it seems wrong, something has to call that file from somewhere, i need to disable it there08:57
lordievaderYou could strace the startx command, look at what files it opens...08:59
munskinghmm, i'll try that after my smoke break, thanks for the idea09:00
JanCstartx is a script IIRC09:10
JanCyou could also uninstall fluxbox if you don't want it at all09:11
JanCsomething inside /etc/X11/ is probably sourcing a script elsewhere which then finds fluxbox, so follow it from there  :)09:13
JanC(I'm sure I did that myself years ago, but I can't really remember what I found back then)09:14
munskingJanC: i don't want fluxbox, but the other user does, it'll be a admin laptop we'll take with us if we have to go to other departments n stuff09:16
JanCreading manuals & docs might be useful too...09:28
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sonu_nkhow to generate DKIM / DomainKeys from domain. domain name to generate your DNS record:11:50
blackflowsonu_nk: you need OpenDKIM. Here's a tutorial with Postfix: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-dkim-with-postfix-on-debian-wheezy11:54
blackflowsonu_nk: ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix/DKIM11:55
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mnms_Hi guys. I asked yesterday about Diskfilter writes are not supported. One possible solution is to update grub maybe this will help, if this fail I will try to apply patch. My question is do I can update only grub package ?14:00
mnms_I dont want to update all not up to date packages14:01
tomreynmnms_: apt-get update && apt-get install grub-pc14:17
tomreynthis would only update the grub-pc package and its dependencies14:17
tomreynmnms_: actually: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install grub-pc14:17
mnms_tomreyn: Ok I updated only grub package but I choose wrong option. I selected to keep old version of /etc/default/grub14:18
mnms_doing apt-get --reinstall install doesnt allow me to select again14:18
tomreynmnms_: move the configursation file out of the way and reinstall14:19
mnms_I should select maintainer version14:19
mnms_what would happen if I would remove with purge ?14:19
mnms_and then install ?14:19
mnms_tomaw: ^^14:19
mnms_tomreyn:    ^ ^14:19
tomreynor use: should work, too, you'll loose all configurations of this very package14:19
tomreynplease ignore "or use:"14:20
mnms_tomreyn:   I would like to have generic configuration from package I done want to have any local changes done by me14:20
tomreynmnms_: which ubuntu release is this?14:22
mnms_I accidentaly cliked keep local version while installing newest grub version14:23
tomreyncan you show the output of: dpkg -l grub\*14:23
tomreynon a pastebin, please14:23
tomreyn!pastebin | mnms_14:23
ubottumnms_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:23
mnms_tomreyn: please http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664134/14:24
tomreynmnms_: so you should "apt-get purge <PACKAGENAMES>" all of these grub packages which are current installed, then "apt-get install <PACKAGENAMES>" to re-install them14:26
tomreyn+ sudo14:26
mnms_tomreyn: Any way to purge all those grub packages with one command ?14:26
tomreynjust list all the packages on the same line14:27
mnms_ahhh ok :)14:27
tomreynsudo apt-get purge <PACKAGE1> <PACKAGE2> <PACKAGE3> ...14:27
mnms_tomreyn: only those are installed, may of them not14:28
mnms_installed: grub-common* grub-gfxpayload-lists* grub-pc* grub-pc-bin* grub2-common*14:28
mnms_tomreyn: Im asked about removing all to files from /boot/grub and is telling me that system will be unbootable14:29
mnms_I understand after this purge I will install again grub and my system will be bootable yes ?14:30
tomreynmnms_: yes thats correct14:32
tomreynthe system will be unbootable until you have reinstalled grub14:32
mnms_tomreyn: Ok I installed grub-common again14:32
mnms_and grub14:32
mnms_should I do smth more ?14:33
mnms_I see there is a grub-install command14:33
tomreynmnms_: make sure you end up with all grub packages installed which you used to have installed14:34
tomreynfinally, do: sudo update-grub; then install grub on the disk / partition where it should be, using: sudo grub-install /dev/XXX    # where XXX is the partition / block device it should live on.14:36
mnms_tomreyn: now good question If I have raid mirror should I install rub on raid md1 or sda ?14:36
tomreynprobably sda (and to the other array members' MBR as well)14:38
mnms_right now the other member is deatached cause raid is degenerated14:38
mnms_its working only on one disk14:39
tomreynwenn then do it later when you re-add it14:39
tomreynif you only have one member then just put it to its MBR for now.14:39
tomreynis this a server? since you're asking this in #ubuntu-server14:40
tomreyni see. well such generic questions you could also ask in #ubuntu, but i guess either is fine14:41
tomreyn(see /topic)14:41
mnms_Sorry. Can I stay here to finish my problem ?14:41
tomreyni'm not to decide it. but i doubt anyone will mind.14:42
tomreynalso #ubuntu is pretty busy right now.14:43
mnms_I choose wrong partition, I think it was swap I have to purge an install again those packages14:43
mnms_Or not..14:45
mnms_tomreyn: could you look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664218/14:47
tomreynmnms_: no need to reinstall, you just need to grub-install to the proper block device14:48
tomreynmnms_: i looked at what you posted to pastebin.com14:49
tomreynlooks like you have os-prober installed, this tends to spill a bunch of warnings14:50
mnms_tomreyn: I still need to do grub-install, cause I thought installing those packages did that14:53
mnms_there is line with grub install in this pastebin14:53
tomreynmnms_: you said you installed to the wrong device, so i suggested you run grub-install to point it to the correct device14:54
tomreyni don't see "grub install" mentioned at http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664218/14:55
mnms_tomreyn: Ok sorry. Because of this warnings I thought it was wrong device, but I was wrong14:55
mnms_please look at line 3 and 414:56
tomreynif you don't have a multi boot system, and on a server you probably don't, then i would suggest you just uninstall os-prober and run update-grub again14:56
tomreynthat will provide a nicer output14:56
tomreynand yes you're right, grub.install did run14:56
mnms_tomreyn: multi boot is when I have more than one system installed?14:57
tomreynmnms_: correct14:59
tomreynand when you want to be able to boot either of them from bare metal14:59
mnms_tomreyn: Before I do that can I reboot system now? It "should" work?15:00
tomreynmnms_: if the grub boot code got installed to the right device, it should work now15:01
mnms_tomreyn: trying to reboot! :)15:01
tomreyngood luck15:02
mnms_tomreyn: It works but grub update didnt solve my problem "Diskfilter writes are not supported"15:05
tomreynmnms_: that's not the problem you asked for help with, though.15:06
mnms_tomreyn: yes of course, thanks for your help15:07
tomreynmnms_: according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1274320 it is fixed in grub2 on trusty.15:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1274320 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu) "Error: diskfilter writes are not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:07
tomreynversion 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.7 and higher should be fixed15:09
tomreynit'S really not an important message, however15:09
mnms_tomreyn: I have  grub-pc 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.1215:09
mnms_tomreyn: But it force me to press key without that it will not boot up15:10
tomreynthat'll be a different issue15:11
mnms_tomreyn: do you have any idea what could I do to start my system without interaction ??15:11
tomreynmnms_: no, sorry, not without you providing more information and me spending more time on it, which i currently cannot.15:15
mnms_tomreyn: Maybe you could give some hint, which direction should I go, if not I understand and thanks for your time :)15:17
tomreynmnms_: sthe same approahc as for any other issue, really: start by installing any pending updates (and reboot to see whether it helped). review log files to identify and solve or work around this issue. if it's still an issue then, try searching the web using different combinations of search terms to identify this issue and possible solutions or workarounds. if you can't find it, ask in #ubuntu providing your configuration and ubuntu15:21
tomreynrelease version.15:21
tomreynyou may want to do the web search before reviewing your log files, based on personal preferences.15:21
mnms_tomreyn: thanks15:22
tomreynwelcome, and good luck, now please excuse me.15:23
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jrwrenis there a way to set environment variables which will be set in the processes spawned? e.g. the 3rd party elasticsearch deb fails to install unless ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS=true.  https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/commit/32df032c5944326e351a7910a877d1992563f79120:11
jrwrenarguably, its a bad postinst, but is there a way to set such an env var in cloud-config?20:11
sarnoldES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS=true apt-get install elasticsearch20:12
sarnoldor maybe ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS=true ; export ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS ; apt-get install elasticsearch20:13
sarnoldI have to admit I've forgotten the rules when 'export' is needed20:13
* sarnold hangs his head20:13
jrwrenha! i guess I can do that easily enough. that means, use runcmd instead of packages module.20:15
jrwrensilly me, I didn't even think of that because of the packages module.20:16
jrwrenthanks sarnold20:16
sarnoldaha :)20:17
sarnoldyes I can see how that would present a pretty big stumbling block :)20:17
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