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brunch875Heya! I have recently started from an ugly bug on rc-proposed: if I turn the bluetooth keyboard on and mash the keys to connect it to my krillin utouch, the phone freezes completely. At that point I sys-rq B to reboot it11:29
brunch875oops, happened again11:41
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haydenyoungHello, is anybody online?12:28
brunch875haydenyoung: yes, semi-idle all the time12:31
haydenyoungCan you help?12:31
brunch875if my knowledge allows me, yes12:31
haydenyoungI am looking for a pre-compiled version of Ubuntu Touch that I can flash via Heimdall or Odin. A.K.A. I need a .tar.gz flash image for Samsung S4.12:32
brunch875I would take a look at wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:33
brunch875maybe you can find something there12:33
haydenyoungI did, the GT-I9505 model doesn't show up...12:34
brunch875then it sounds not to be supported...12:34
brunch875hioefully someone gets to it ;) ;)12:34
haydenyoungYeah, hopefully...12:42
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matv1haydenyoung are you aware of ubports.com ?12:47
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haydenyoungMatv1, I can't say that I am...13:02
matv1well running ubuntu on a S4 will probably require some porting effort13:04
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matv1ubports.com is the most likely place to get some traction for that13:05
haydenyoungOh okay.13:05
haydenyoungI downloaded CM10 for it, but I'm not sure what that is...13:05
brunch875cyanogenmod is an android alternative13:05
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LehKedawhat is the required kernel version to get ubuntu-touch working ?18:12
dobeymost of the phone images are based on android 4.4 which uses kernel 3.418:17
LehKedawe have ported android 7 to my device and it uses kernel 3.0.10118:18
LehKedaso should I assume that ubuntu-touch won't work on my phone ?18:18
dobeyif you can't use the stock 4.4 or 5.1 kernel, then it would proabably be difficult to port; i don't know what exact issues you might run into18:19
LehKedawhen I use chroot it tells me that kernel is too old then the phone turn off18:20
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ubot5`Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:18
dobeyalso can turn off caps lock please? :)21:18
dobeyi'm not sure what you mean by many default accounts. there is only one default account21:19
RAJUsir i have installed ubuntu touch in galaxy p310021:19
dobeyyou made a port?21:19
dobeyor you installed the existing port that's 3 years old?21:20
RAJUbut many default user are preinstalled like Lois Mcqueen,toomas vilms...etc21:21
dobeywhat do you mean by accounts? people in Contacts?21:22
RAJUuser account21:23
RAJUonly access guest login21:23
dobeyok i don't know what you installed, but it's not a supported ubuntu device build; there are no such users by default on ubuntu21:24
RAJUmeans i have ported to from android to ubuntu touch21:25
RAJUbut many account already inbuilt21:26
dobeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/p3100 suggests whom to contact for support, with a couple of links to XDA forum threads21:26
RAJUhow can i create new user account in ubuntu touch21:27
RAJUplease help me21:27
RAJUMr dobey ji, r u there?21:28
dobeygenerally speaking, you cannot. the device you're using has no official image builds, and it seems you've found something very old, and which is not the stock ubuntu preinstalled system for phones/tablets.21:28
dobeyall i can say is you need to re-flash21:28
RAJUbut give the link to download stock for p310021:29
dobeyi don't have it.21:29
dobeylike i said, your device is not officially supported.21:30
dobeyi'd suggest you go to the XDA forum threads linked in the URL i pasted earler, and ask for help there21:30
dobeyi don't know if any of the people that were involved with that port are on IRC here21:31
RAJUi have already searched that same link...but no solution come21:31
RAJUcan u give the default password of this user account....Lois Mcqueen,toomas vilms21:33
dobeyas i said, there are no such accounts by default on ubuntu21:34
RAJUi have installed this build....raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip21:35
RAJUfrom your site21:35
k1lfrom what site?21:35
dobeyfrom what site?21:35
dobeythat did not come from ubuntu21:36
dobeyand it's almost 4 years old21:36
dobeyyou're going to have to paste the full url21:37
dobeythat is a 40421:37
dobeyso you couldn't have gotten it there anytime recently21:37
dobeyright, that is not ubuntu21:38
dobeythat's something someone put on google drive21:38
dobeylike i said, you need to ask the people that made the port21:39
RAJUi have got from this site's link21:39
dobeyand that wiki page has links to XDA threads21:39
dobeyyou should go post in those threads and ask21:39
dobeyit is not an official port21:39
dobeyand judging from the wiki page and such, it's not a port that has been touched in at least 3 years21:40
dobeyso i'd sugest if you don't want to do the work to bring it back to life, you're probably better of just putting android back on your tablet21:40

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