ballIs there someway to forcibly remount a filesystem as read/write?04:35
knightwisegood morning06:33
ballHello knightwise06:43
knightwisehey ball,06:44
knightwisehows tricks06:44
ballNot bad. I'm cold but I have to move the Elf on the Shelf before I go to bed.06:48
knightwiseha :)07:24
* knightwise at work 07:24
knightwisecounting down to Xmass07:24
ballI didn't work yesterday but I will today.07:28
ball...so I should probably go to bed now.07:32
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:46
SebthreeBQM10HDknightwise, brobostigon morning girls08:34
knightwisehow are you peeps doing08:37
brobostigontired. and you knightwise ?08:37
knightwisesame her e,08:38
knightwisebeen doing a charity marathon the last 2 weekends,08:38
knightwiseDoing 40 hours of radio presentation over four days is kinda tyring08:39
knightwiseits been fun and we reached the goal amount of cash we needed08:40
knightwisebut doing a 10 hour solo show (standing up with barely time to pee and eat .. pretty intense)08:40
knightwisebut we got to use open source tools so :) .. thats good08:40
knightwisebut it was a lot of fun08:42
brobostigongood good08:43
knightwisebeen using butt and an icecast server to stream the audio to the different shops in the highstreet08:43
knightwise(it was a local event) we did a youtube livestream, an icecast stream and we were live on all the speakers in the main highstreet08:43
brobostigongood solutions.08:44
knightwiseToo bad there is not install candidate in Ubuntu. Installed the app on my mac (worked fine).08:48
knightwisethere is an installer for the mac, for windows but you have to compile it from source on linux08:48
knightwisebit of a letdown08:49
davmor2Morning all09:07
davmor2hey flexiondotorg fancy meeting you here09:07
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: morning09:09
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, morning09:10
flexiondotorgdavmor2, I know, right?09:14
knightwisemy mission for the holidays will consist of getting bluetooth to work on my xps1309:24
knightwiseapparently connecting a simple bluetooth mouse is a chore09:24
davmor2knightwise: try via bluetoothctl instead of gnomebt09:30
* knightwise is working from home on friday 09:31
knightwisegonna toy around it that09:31
knightwisecurrently on my other machine (Win SP4)09:32
davmor2knightwise: I found bluetoothctl gave a better representation of what was happening than gnomebt, by the way if you have a mouse that has power saving, xenial's + version of bluez now supports it so if it is that you move the mouse fine on intial connection but after xseconds of not being used it stops working try taping on the mouse button to wake the mouse09:34
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
zmoylan-pihttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/snoopers-charter-eu-court-ruling-illegal-investigatory-powers-act-emails-david-davis-a7488041.html pesky europeans interfering with snoopers charter... :-P11:01
SuperMattI know right? We voted out so we don't have their pesky laws and oversight!11:07
daftykins14KB/sec and below from digital ocean's apt repos - from a DO VPS, haha.11:52
knightwisehey daftykins12:30
knightwiseI assume thats 'slow'12:30
zmoylan-pii used to get 14kp/s on a 14,400 modem when i downloaded a text file and compression kicked in iirc :-)12:31
daftykinsknightwise: do you not know units? :)12:38
daftykinsas it's a VPS of their own it's LAN based from their mirror server(s)12:38
daftykinsdefinitely wonky12:38
diddledandaftykins: that's 100kbps12:46
diddledanthat's seriously wonky by several orders of magnitude - it should be getting  1000 times that12:48
daftykinstook about 4 goes to finish too12:48
diddledan100Mbps would be acceptible on a LAX12:48
daftykinsyip the actual 'download' was 12.5MB/sec as you'd expect12:49
diddledanblame a noisy neighbour12:50
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
zmoylan-pisomeone was wiggling the network cables again12:59
diddledanmaybe the cleaner was using the vacuum machine and causing interference13:00
daftykinshrmm hoping to get given a nice little case and put together a cheapish machine in it for fun in the new year, but with those new AMD CPUs coming it might be worth holding out and not just going straight for an intel setup as usual13:00
daftykinsit'll have an old core 2 duo setup in it, but that won't be worth keeping :)13:00
zmoylan-pithe electro jammer suck master 3000... best east european hoover ever :-P13:01
daftykinssounds like a guitar13:04
zmoylan-piprobably has an attachment to do that to...13:04
diddledanscaleway.com looks interesting - treating bare-metal systems similarly to cloud vps-ish systems13:04
penguin42diddledan: Openstack's Ironic can do that as well; but yes scaleway is kind of nice for providing13:07
daftykinshttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151905174284 popped this guy in a clients Lenovo Monday morning as he'd gained a vertical bar of inverted colours, worked a treat :) had to update the BIOS though for brightness control to work with it13:10
daftykins£45 is pretty good for a 1080p panel in a 12.5" machine13:10
diddledanwas the old panel a lower res? if so that's a nice upgrade too13:11
daftykinsYeah 1366x768, Lenovo won't sell to the channel islands so it was the best spec i could get from, i think dabs, at the time. Said client is quite old though so he wouldn't get on with high res until the OSs sorted out scaling a bit more :)13:12
diddledantechy lass I follow on the twits: "Today's mission: buy a router. For woodworking. 👷🏻‍♀️"13:13
daftykinsho-hoooo plot twist13:13
zmoylan-piwell they're making laptops you can use as chisels these days they're so thin and sharp... was only a matter of time...13:14
diddledanyeah that's an evolution over the nokia hammers13:15
zmoylan-pistriking fear into terminators everywhere...13:15
daftykinsfella that was putting that TV up with me was telling me that kids these days in woodworking use a router for the door frame hinge cut-outs instead of the old ways, does sound a bit shocking13:15
daftykinsi had to look them up just now to understand how you'd even apply a powered tool to that task13:15
zmoylan-piwhen all you have is a router...13:16
diddledanthat's shocking13:16
daftykinsbut a chippy without a chisel? oy :P13:16
daftykinsplus imagine a proper site where the electricians are messing about, your chisel won't be after plugging in :>13:17
zmoylan-piprobably banned by health and safety...13:17
daftykinssome drunk kids decided to climb the scaffold on the building opposite me at about 1am last night, oy13:18
diddledanwell they did put guards on circular saws13:18
knightwiseDont see why13:18
knightwisestupid people dont need to count to 1013:18
daftykinsthat's probably a benefit for splinters flying off too13:19
diddledanI'm surprised they haven't done the same with chainsaws for tree surgeons13:19
diddledanmy cousin is one of those13:19
zmoylan-pithankfully i.t. only needs a few simple tools... https://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/enjoy-your-time-off-with-the-best-of-work-happens-2016-65-photos-210.jpg?quality=85&strip=info&w=60013:20
diddledanit's a shame that now magnetic media is going/gone away that you can't have a bit of fun with a magnet or degauss anymore13:20
knightwiseWhat is the best package to install when you want to play with Texttospeech ?13:20
knightwiseI want to train my pi to "say" things13:21
knightwisetrain = Program13:21
diddledandid mycroft release their popeybot tts engine yet?13:21
diddledanif so you can get your pi to be popey13:22
* diddledan waits for the nick mention to raise him from his slumber/work13:23
diddledanmight be out having fun I guess13:23
zmoylan-piengaged in hand to hand shopping...13:24
xnox_testxnox: test13:24
xnoxtrying out Ubuntu Gnome and I did not receive any notifcations =(13:25
penguin42diddledan: Of course the irc mention causes the kettle to switch on, it'll take a while before the coffee is ready to wake him13:25
diddledanDIALING 0800888012313:25
daftykinsbe neat if you could use a test channel for that, xnox13:25
* xnox is sad with hexchat13:25
zmoylan-piboooooo boooooop, boooooooooooo booooobildy booooobildy boooooooop13:25
diddledanERK OOOO EEEEE blip13:26
daftykinsi wonder what a modern VDSL2 device sounds like if you converted the frequencies to audible ones13:26
diddledanfifth symfony13:26
zmoylan-pistrangely i once had a soundcard go wonky and try and play the network packets meant for the network card as sound.... sounded like a dolphin in a blender....13:27
diddledanthey found that the best way to send data is by embedding it into music13:27
diddledanzmoylan-pi: lol13:27
diddledanit got the wrong DMA settings?13:27
xnox_testxnox: test 213:27
zmoylan-pithe most unpleasent noise ever to come out of a pc short of modern music13:27
xnoxyeah, now works \o/13:28
xnox_testxnox test 313:28
daftykinsxnox: great, now do it somewhere else.13:28
* diddledan links zmoylan-pi to some beiber13:28
diddledandaftykins: test13:28
xnoxi'm done13:28
daftykinsyeah this time.13:28
zmoylan-piit had the right settings but they were kinda.... shared as i wasn't playing network games and it should have ignored the packets13:28
diddledanI've got this stuck in my head right now: "my hump my hump my hump. my lovely lady humps"13:30
diddledanit's just those two lines repeating and I can't stop13:30
zmoylan-pithis is the song that's been running around my head for past few days... the killers - human https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4jR9P9YJGo13:31
daftykinsi heard a twitch streamer saying that, not heard the 'song' though13:32
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
popeydiddledan: zzzz13:42
foobarry_"We’re making some improvements to the way we manage your broadband connection. Work’s already started. It’ll take about 10 days and we’ll make sure any disruption is kept to a minimum.13:55
foobarry_All we ask is that you leave your router on at all times. And that's it.13:55
foobarry_After the work is over, you’ll be one step closer to a faster, more reliable broadband connection. "13:55
foobarry_from my ISP. absolutely no clue as to what they are doing13:55
popeywhich isp?13:55
foobarry_hello, here's an email , to say we're doing a thing. a secret thing, bye13:55
diddledanand they're taking 10 days of which 4 are weekend and bank holidays13:55
foobarry_ah, found a FAQ page13:56
foobarry_To make sure you're always getting the most out of your broadband, we use something called Dynamic Line Management; or DLM. It's a system that lets us pro-actively monitor your line when your router is switched on.13:56
foobarry_In order to manage your line better and give you the best connection possible, we've improved our current DLM system.13:56
foobarry_We've already moved your line so there's nothing you need to do, just leave the hard work to us. Your line will go through a short stabilisation period, and after this you'll be able to enjoy a more reliable broadband connection.13:56
foobarry_The stabilisation period is when we test your broadband line to find the best possible speed for you. We do this by monitoring your line during the day and making changes at night.13:56
diddledanaah, it's the automated "initial connection" stabilisation13:57
diddledanseems they've reset your line to unprofiled so it needs to reprofile itself13:57
foobarry_i'm not a new customer13:57
foobarry_(wish i wasn't a customer at all)13:57
daftykinsso they're probably putting an MSAN in or something14:01
daftykinsit wouldn't need to retrain your line without the route changing14:01
foobarry_it might be cos i got a new router14:01
foobarry_probably need to run speedtest every day14:01
daftykinsno that'd happen by itself anyway14:01
foobarry_however now my powersaving bug is fixed i am so happy14:02
daftykinswell only if you want to see a difference, but you should look at line sync stats instead of speed tests14:02
foobarry_https://www.originbroadband.com/packages/home-broadband-and-phone these guys are cheap14:06
foobarry_they supply an asus router, just checking on the model14:08
foobarry_single band AFAIK14:31
daftykinsdo you consider getting one with a service to be a priority?14:36
* popey hugs his openwrt netgear wndr3700v214:36
daftykinsvery old specs ;)14:38
zmoylan-piif it ain't hacked.... :-P14:38
davmor2popey: mine died :(14:38
davmor2popey: sticking with the VM router for now14:38
foobarry_i can't use VM for personal reasons14:41
popeyi have 314:41
popeybought a spare on fleabay14:41
popeydon't want these to die and not have a good replacement14:42
popeyooh, pub o'clock14:42
foobarry_i think thats called stockpiling14:45
foobarry_dr prepper14:45
foobarry_pretty cheap though14:48
foobarry_how much did you pay popey ?14:48
daftykinsdon't buy an old turd like that, foobarry_14:48
daftykinsit's 802.11n tops14:49
foobarry_i'll probabyl stick with my free huawei one now that xbox doesn't disconnect anymore14:49
foobarry_whats faster than 802.11n?14:50
daftykinsthere's also a 60GHz band for 802.11ad emerging now14:53
daftykinsthat'd be nigh-on useless in the home, mind you14:53
foobarry_what ac devices do you have?14:53
diddledanI've got a ubiquity Unifi AC wireless point. pretty impressive signal distance14:54
foobarry_but what ac wifi devices?14:54
diddledanphone, tablet14:55
diddledannot sure if my mac has ac14:55
foobarry_what tablet?14:55
daftykinsthen when they're -ac you also need to factor in the spatial stream count, as a router in the low end 2:2 config (like mine) gives two transmit and receive streams, so 433Mb x 2 = 866Mb max14:57
daftykins(that includes MAC layer, so real world i've seen ~45MB/sec)14:57
foobarry_pretty sure i don't have any ac cards14:57
daftykinsi thought it was connecting at -ac when you were having your wiffy woes14:57
foobarry_my work laptop has it however14:59
diddledanisn't it amazing that non-techy people cite "a database" as the solution to everything14:59
diddledane.g. Donald Trump14:59
foobarry_but they actually mean excel?15:00
diddledandaftykins: erhmagherd15:00
foobarry_i find databases probably the dullest thing in IT15:00
daftykinsfoobarry_: agreed!15:00
diddledan"we need to create a database!"15:00
daftykinsoy when at my old College we had to make a video rental store, first time in Excel then second time in Access - huge cringe.15:00
daftykinsa mate of mine still tries to apply such A-Level IT lessons to real life, it's really cringeworthy15:01
foobarry_punch card reader?15:01
foobarry_sounds like the PHBosses here15:01
foobarry_retro pie looks cool. if only i could find my ps joypad and usb adapter15:02
daftykinspoor kitty15:02
daftykinsthat's the one that's getting integrated into Kodi i think o0 i forget15:03
diddledanwhen someone says something like "we need to create a database" I always think of this: https://youtu.be/hkDD03yeLnU15:06
daftykinsoh my word that's a crime15:07
daftykinsan interface interface you say, tell me moar15:07
diddledanI love trotting this one out, too: https://youtu.be/O2rGTXHvPCQ15:08
daftykinsah yes, ships15:08
foobarry_i have an aruba enterprise AP. they usually need connecting to a controller. i wonder if openwrt works on them15:16
daftykinssearch their database15:17
foobarry_allegedly the definitely need a controller, hence useless15:17
penguin42do others have a /usr/@DATADIRNAME@ - it seems to be from gnome-system-tools15:48
penguin42ah lp 161746815:48
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1617468 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "Package contains files in /usr/@DATADIRNAME@/locale" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161746815:48
popeyfoobarry: my "old turd" cost about 20 quid, and the lack of ac isn't a problem for me.16:05
foobarry_what can a pi zero realistically run using retro pie?16:18
foobarry_prob not much newer16:18
daftykinsprobably next to nowt, yeah16:32
daftykinscor the queue at Boots was crazy :P17:28
popeyI'd imagine there's plenty of old arcade games it can play17:29
popeynes, snes, genesis, 260017:29
popeyguess I could test that by putting my sd card in a pi zero and seeing what runs and what doesn't17:30
penguin42really the CPU in a pi zero isn't that bad by comparison with the old machines being emulated17:35
daftykinsnew kernel engaged!17:39
penguin42it's significanty more beefy a CPU than what I used for my beeb emulator and I think my arc emulator17:40
popeycoming up on 20 years old now, is mame17:40
popeypretty sure I was using it back in 1997 on a 486 or so17:40
penguin42popey: Yeh I did my Beebem back on a P90 in '9417:41
popeyi find emulators endlessly fascinating17:41
penguin42yes, they're great fun17:41
popeyi wrote a simple 6502 one for the pc back in that era, to help teach assembler on pcs17:42
popeywrote it in pascal as that was all i had at the time :)17:42
popeyyeah yeah :)17:42
popeymy first pascal compiler came on a floppy disk from one of those catalogs you send off for17:42
daftykinswhat's really the main task of creating an emulator?17:42
popeyused to spend hours pouring over the catalog for software I "needed"17:43
penguin42daftykins: Debugging the weird corners17:43
popeyheh, yeah, everyone can do the main cpu instructions, it's those odd undocumented things that catch you17:43
popeyor wierd interrupts or io17:44
daftykinsi did watch a video the other day that spoke of how old NES cartridges used to add upgraded chips sometimes for say, better sound or so17:44
daftykins(i never had one of those)17:44
popeyi was on a flight back from the US recently and got chatting to the guy next to me. Turned out he was one of the four original designers of the BBC Micro17:44
penguin42daftykins: For example on my beebem I found elite scanned a keyboard row that didn't exist and happened not to hit a problem on real hardware; someone found after I released it a bug in one of my instructions whose only obvious bug was that explosions didn't disappear in Elite17:45
popeyspent the next 9 hours drinking wine and chatting about the old days of computing17:45
popeybest flight ever17:45
penguin42daftykins: A commecial emulator I worked on had a bug where the italics in a commercial app tilted in the wrong direction17:45
popeyI loved hearing all the intricate details of the innards of the bbc micro directly from one of the designers. Was super fascinating17:47
popeywish I'd recorded it :)17:47
popeyit's shame there aren't many photos of the team or the bbc micro from the early days17:47
popeyturns out people didn't take many photos back then, what with not having smartphones :)17:47
daftykinsthere's always that weird office one with the polaroid!17:49
popeyJust played Salamander (Life Force in USA) on my Pi3 with MAME. It's amazing to me that it slows down in exactly the same way at the same point in the game as I remember form 30 years ago.18:17
popeyooh, didnt realise it had a 68K at the heart18:18
penguin42popey: They might be matching timing of the original CPU when possible18:18
popeyyeah, impressive18:18
popeyI like the original experience.18:19
penguin42popey: A fun one on the Beeb, in Elite they flip the video registers at a given scanline to switch between high res and lower-res/more colours - when it runs the disk it gets some interrupts and you get a little bit of tearing on that line; it was fun to see that happen during emulation18:19
popeyholy freole! those salamander boards go for loads of money18:19
popeyhaha, nice!18:19
popeyi have that board!18:20
popeyand that one :)18:20
popeythat's the pention sorted ;)18:20
knightwisedownloading the latest version of Pixel ,18:21
knightwisesee if I can get it running on my netbook18:21
popeyintereting that the pi foundation are into desktop linux all of a sudden18:22
knightwisetrue. But it would make great distro for a netbook18:23
* knightwise wonders if it would work on my old eeepc18:23
daftykinsgive me that thing, i'll euthanise it for you18:24
knightwisediddledan: GET AWAY FROM MY BABY !18:24
knightwiseDownload pretty slow ... gonna take a while18:26
popeythere's a torrent it seems :)18:31
* popey starts torrent to see how busy it is18:33
knightwiseme still fighting with bluetooth mouse18:57
zmoylan-pi400 quatloos on the newcomer ::star trek fighting music::18:58
knightwisehmm i seem to have the broadcom bluetooth adapter18:58
zmoylan-pibroadcom.... words to strike fear into every linux user...18:58

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