* Kilos wonders where superfly is now04:25
Kilosmorning everyone04:25
Kiloshi magespawn 04:47
magespawngood morning04:47
LangjanGood morning all04:58
LangjanLekker geslaap Kilos? 04:58
Kilosja dankie Langjan 05:13
Kilosen jy05:13
Kiloswhats this playing with the win thing05:13
Kilosat least all your probs have taught you how to get here05:15
magespawn did not even see you go05:38
Kilosnature called05:41
LangjanJa ek ook dankie05:42
Kiloswat is stukkend vandag05:43
LangjanNiks verder nie05:43
Kilossjoe dit gaan reen05:43
Langjannog net daai graphics ding05:43
Kiloshet jy n graphics kaart in die hande gekry05:44
Langjannee maar ek is seker dis die probleem, soek nog05:44
Kilosn goeie graphics kaart laat jou systeem ook vinniger werk05:44
LangjanI want to swap hard drives 05:45
Kilosgoetkoopste een wat ek kom kry toe ek my desktop gebou het was R300 dink ek05:45
Kilosi see that but why the win worry05:45
Kiloswhat do you want to do with it05:45
Kilosand what drives you want to swop05:45
LangjanIts just a backup for the odd occasion that I need it but is handy and is a licensed version05:46
Kilosswop is ruil om and swap it the virtual memory linux uses05:46
Langjanso I keep it on Juanita's drive where it was OEM05:46
Kilosthat tutorial seems quite straight forward05:47
Langjanaccording to that link you can make it think it did not migrate05:47
Kilosyes looks like it05:47
LangjanWhen I bought that box my intention was to change the drives around until I was warned about the licence issue05:48
Kilosseems safe to do it05:49
Kilosis it xp still?05:49
Langjanwell I cannot lose much, especially if I clone the win partition  05:49
Langjanno its win 705:49
LangjanI also have a win xp disk and key05:50
Langjanuse it on my vbox05:51
LangjanI will have a go after Christmas, kids coming today05:52
Langjanmeanwhile I asked Intel about that upgrade error message, hope they can sort something out05:53
Kilosgood luck05:53
LangjanThks will keep you posted05:53
Kilosi think padda tried it but didnt feed back05:54
Kiloshe will most likely tell today, or he did but i had already gone to bed05:55
Langjanoh so recently? When I popped the Q ?05:55
Kilosafter you went off yesterday he said he was installing it to see05:56
LangjanOK will be interesting05:56
Kilosgraphics cards over 2k05:57
Kilosmaybe go to pc rebuilders and see if they have a good scond hand one for you05:58
Kilosor just dont use full screen05:58
LangjanOuch! Im sure there are many second hands lying around. Guys who upgraded for games. OK Kilos I'm asking for permission to quit, will keep in touch05:58
Kiloshave a good day sir05:59
LangjanFirst see if Intel comes up with upgrade05:59
LangjanYou also my friend05:59
Kilosgo well05:59
Langjanthanks you too - still in Rustenburg?05:59
Langjanuntil when?06:00
Kilospermanent or till i work a plan for oz to accept me06:00
Kilostoo much stress by sis with alky husband06:01
LangjanOK well good luck with all that06:01
Langjanmakes sense06:01
Kilosty my friend06:01
LangjanDink aan julle almal06:01
Langjanmooi loop06:01
LangjanGroete aan jou meisies06:01
Kilosdamkie baie en als van die beste vir julle06:01
Kilossal so maak dankie06:01
LangjanGaaf dankie06:02
Langjancheers for now06:02
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:25
Kilospadanews from the fly?06:25
Kilospaddatrapper 06:26
inetprowb magespawn08:20
inetprogoeimore mense08:20
inetproKilos: it's still more né?08:20
inetproof is dit nè?08:21
inetprowatter ene is korrek: né, nè of nê?08:21
chesedomorning all08:29
Kiloshi chesedo 08:31
Kiloshello inetpro 08:31
Kilosyou ok old man08:31
Kilosdont make me think, head exploding08:32
chesedohi time2dock, first time i've seen you here10:28
Kilosoh my10:29
time2dockyes and getting to know irc so take it easy on me :P10:29
Kiloshi time2dock welcome to ubuntu-za10:29
Kilosthats why we are here.10:29
Kilosover to you chesedo 10:30
chesedolol, np time2dock. and welcome to our channel10:30
inetprowelcome to ubuntu-za time2dock10:30
time2dockThanks Kilos and everyone10:30
chesedotime2dock: are you an Ubuntu user? or need help with anything?10:31
time2docklike to see peoples comments, just learning use it with wordpress and docker10:32
chesedowow docker, i take it that you are well versed with linux then10:33
time2dockno learn as you go10:34
chesedoso how long have you used linux/ubuntu?10:34
time2dockI am a cheat I use ubuntu desktop10:34
Kilosthats not cheating thats wise10:35
time2dockaim is to use server on its own in the end10:35
* chesedo cannot believe Kilos just called Unity usage wise10:35
* inetpro lol 10:36
chesedotime2dock: since you mentioned wordpress, i take it that it is a web server?10:36
chesedotime2dock: will you be using apache or nginx?10:37
time2dockbeen using apache mainly, not sure how docker works10:38
time2docknginx is mainly for load balancing from what I read10:39
chesedotime2dock: you can use nginx for load balancing, but you can use fpm with it to serve PHP code10:40
chesedothe main thing in docker will be to mount the volume with the site code (as is set in the virtual hosts) and to expose the ports10:41
time2docksome where in the mix is docker swarm, and docker compose - but learn as I go10:43
paddatrapperKilos: News from the fly - landed safely in Doha this morning. Now he's on the leg to Chicago10:43
* chesedo knows about the existence docker swarm (but not really what it is), but uses compose all the time rather than creating containers manually10:44
Kilosty paddatrapper 10:45
Kilostime2dock you are welcome to hangout here 24/710:45
time2dockawesome, thanks10:46
Kilosmaybe you can help some of us as well sometime10:46
time2dockye when I know what is going on more :P happy to10:47
Kiloscool :D10:48
jeritUGH people in #linux are so dickheaded and condescending >:(14:41
inetprojerit: eish!14:53
inetproanything we can help with?14:54
jeritjust been working out how to get ubuntu installed on the blade my dad brought me from work14:56
jeritbut I screwed up the disc since its apparently not bootable14:56
jeritmanaged to figure things out though so now I'm installing14:57
time2dockwell done jerit14:57
jeritI just hope I don't have to configure my apt sources though I have a dark suspicion that will be necessary14:57
jeritoh wait, now its configuring apt so holding thumbs14:58
jerithow goes Kilos14:58
Kilosalways remember to make disks bootasble before anything else14:59
Kilosim ok ty and you?14:59
jeritdoing well aside from some serious sunburn on my back14:59
Kilosgnome disk utility does a good job of formatting to mbr14:59
Kilosrub vicks on15:00
jeritlike vaporub?15:00
Kilosthat will calm it down and also stop peeling15:00
Kilosyes vicks vaporub15:00
Kiloshow come you go to #linux and not here15:01
Kiloswe know everything15:01
Kilosexcept what weve forgotten15:01
Kilosill be in and out, making curry15:02
jerityou gonna share Kilos? I could go for a good curry15:02
inetpro+1 for some curry15:03
jeritsudo apt-get install curry -f get-in-my-belly15:04
* inetpro can smell it even15:04
jeritI got so badly burned yesterday I couldn't even go out in the sun today... It felt like a million pins just pricking into my skin15:05
jeritshould I install GRUB to mbr?15:07
Kiloseven for other burns15:07
Kiloseven on blisters15:07
Kilosbest place for grub15:07
jeritso now the server's installed but I can't remote into it :(15:13
jeritsuppose i ought to install SSH for that hey15:13
Kilosstorming here, power could go15:15
jeritproblem is I don't have another screen/keyboard for it so every time I wanna work on it, I have to unplug my stuff and swap it between the server and my pc15:15
Kilosoh inetpro have you met time2dock 15:15
Kilosif you ssh in you dont need a screen15:16
Kilosor use remmina15:16
jeritya but to do that I need ssh on it15:16
jeritand to get ssh on it I need to swap keyboard/screen to it15:16
Kilossudo apt install openssh i think it was called15:17
Kiloslemme check15:17
jerityeah that's right15:17
jeritsudo apt-get install openssh I believe15:17
Kilosi see ssh as well so even apt instal ssh should work15:17
Kilosinetpro you the pro15:18
Kilosno more apt-get needed15:18
Kilosplain apt now15:18
Kilosapt has evolved15:18
Kilosabout same as aptitude now15:18
Kilostime2dock if you just watch what happens here you can pick up lots15:19
Kilosjust dont forget like i do15:19
jeritI'd have thought telnet into the thing would work but it doesn't15:20
Kilosdo you have the ip?15:21
jeritassuming the DHCP doesn't change it15:22
Kilosthen ssh should work15:22
Kilosi cant remember how i got to ssh in15:22
Kilosafter help from fly or pro it was easy15:23
Kilosmight have to allow it from the server side15:23
jeritfor ssh I'll need an SSH key though15:25
Kilospaddatrapper chesedo advise please15:26
Kilospro seems on his way home or family time15:26
* paddatrapper reads the backlog15:27
paddatrapperjerit: What version of Ubuntu have you installed?15:27
jeritmight be a bit out of date though15:28
paddatrapperAnd openssh installed?15:28
paddatrapperwhat is the error message `ssh <user>@<ip>` returns?15:29
jeritPuTTy just says connection refused15:29
jeritoy vey15:29
paddatrapperDo you have a terminal/linux machine handy to test with?15:29
jeritunable to locate package openssh15:29
paddatrapperapt update15:30
chesedojerit: you need openssh-server not just openssh15:30
jeritokay so that's installing15:30
paddatrapperjerit: have you set a password for the user?15:31
jeritwhich user? I only have 1 user here that I created while installing linux15:31
paddatrapperthis is on server. That works15:32
paddatrapperIf that's the user you wish to ssh in as15:32
jerityes so that's fine15:32
Kilosthanks paddatrapper ches15:32
paddatrapperthen try ssh in, you'll be prommted for your username15:32
jeritjust can't do things the easy way... wanted to try from my laptop here but fucking putty won't run -_-15:34
Kilosyou ok paddatrapper ?15:34
paddatrapperKilos: Yeah, just tryping too fast for my own good :)15:35
paddatrapperjerit: Install linux :)15:35
jeritdone that15:35
Kiloslanguage jerit swensitive people here15:35
jeriton the server I'm trying to remote into15:35
Kilosyou trying to ssh from a windows machine?\15:36
paddatrapperjerit: I mean on the laptop, but doesn't matter. You should be able to ssh into it now using the password15:36
jeritwhen I have an ssh client that works15:36
jeritor at least runs on here... this is old (it still runs vista)15:36
Kilosthats easy to fix15:36
paddatrapperOnce you are connected you'll need to copy the public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and you should be able to ssh in using your key15:37
jeritwhat is my ssh key?15:37
Kilosboot from ubuntu disk and choose the use the whole disk option15:37
paddatrapperjerit: If you haven't got one I suggest just use password. Don't know how to generate a key on Windows15:38
jeritnothing I ever download on this stupid laptop ever runs15:39
jeritanyway, I am into the server now15:39
jeritI know its probably rules, Kilos so I'll check my language in future, but I want to discuss this for a moment... Is the sensitivity of others really anyones responsibility but theirs?15:41
Kilosmy feelings get hurt hehe15:41
jeritbecause someone uses words that are typically regarded as bad ones?15:42
Kilosat times we have ladies here so if we stay used to keeping language clean there are no slipups15:42
Kiloswe also have serious christians here so we dont want to offend anyone, we all try to respect others feeling15:43
Kilosdont take offence15:43
Kilosthats the way we are here15:44
jeritI'm much more of a bad person I guess it could be politely said by some people then15:45
jeritUnless we're dealing with family or friends, I tend not to care about peoples feelings. I'm responsible for what I say and do, not for how my words or actions make others feel15:46
jeritconsequently I'm not very used to moderating myself15:47
jeritanyway, I need to go brush the pool so I'll be back soon15:47
jeritJust started raining15:56
jeritYou would think cold rain would feel nice on sunburn... It doesn't15:56
Kiloslol its cold15:57
Kilosmy motto is treat others with the respect you would like to be treated with as well15:58
Kilosvicks will help you. do half your back and see the diffs tomorrow15:58
jeritI don't think we have any and now its pouring with rain so guaranteed nobody's gonna go get15:59
jeritI treat everyone with as much respect as I'd like to receive until said person demonstrates they're not worth my respect16:00
Kilosthats the way16:00
Kilosthe idea is to make friends of everyone here so they dont begrudge helping you16:02
Kiloswish it would rain here too16:02
jeritEver heard of Amaranthe? lead singer Elize Ryd is my wife... In my dreams that is16:19
jeritIf all I had to stare at for 3 days was a slideshow of her mouth, I'd still be happy... Creepy as that sounds16:20
Kiloshave you managed to ssh in yet?16:26
Kilosgreat well done16:29
jeritdid a sudo apt-get upgrade and now I don't know what I want to do with it16:29
Kiloswb magespawn 16:29
jeritmedia server was an idea since I already know how to set up lamp stacks but its only got a 500GB HDD so maybe not viable for that16:30
magespawnokay then16:30
Kilosuse sudo apt updat and sudo apt upgrade nowadays16:30
magespawnjerit proxy server?16:30
jeritmagespawn: since its on the same DSL connection I'm using on my pc I don't understand what benefit a proxy would serve me16:32
jeritbearing in mind this is a server meant to operate in a rack with others so its loud which means I can't leave it on all the time16:36
magespawnprobably none16:38
magespawnhome web server?16:39
Kiloshahaha i also setup a server some years ago then found i didnt have a use for it either16:39
jeritI have web servers I can use16:40
jeritmaybe I should get them earning money and figure out how to sell shells with them16:40
jeritx amount per month, you get a shell to do with what you like on the server16:41
jeritthen again xshellz does that for free and they're probably not the only ones16:47
nsnzerogood evening all17:50
nsnzeroip6 addresses are a pain to type17:54
kulelu88hey guys, anybody familiar with CSS here?18:20
inetprotell us about your challenge kulelu8818:24
inetprogood evening everybody18:24
kulelu88good to see oom Kilos around18:27
Kilosty kulelu88 hows things18:28
kulelu88lekker oom, how you feeling?18:28
Kilosand hi inetpro 18:28
Kilosim ok ty kulelu88 18:28
inetprokulelu88: http://www.w3schools.com/css/18:29
kulelu88inetpro: the problems go a little deeper than linking to w3schools :)18:30
nsnzerohi guys18:30
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:32
nsnzerohi Kilos 18:33
nsnzerowhats giving you trouble kulelu88 ?18:33
kulelu88let me create a reproducible environment18:34
kulelu88nsnzero: https://jsfiddle.net/qw3w4o0m/ 18:39
kulelu88nsnzero: the CSS is a bit broken18:43
nsnzerothe drop down menu not working ?18:45
kulelu88nsnzero: no, there's no dropdown. the problem is the FAQ part. I want each question to appear in a downwards list, not next to each other18:45
nsnzeroin the preview the question are 1 below each other like :18:48
nsnzeroQuestion ?18:48
nsnzeroAnswer comming soon 18:49
inetproCSS way too complicated for my small brain18:52
* inetpro should rather call it a day18:53
kulelu88nsnzero: can you show me a screenshot of what you see? to me, they are next to each other18:53
inetprogood night all18:53
inetproI also got them next to each other18:54
* inetpro hoping that superfly will land safely at his destination soon18:55
nsnzerokulelu88: how do i send you a sreenshot ?18:56
kulelu88nsnzero: https://unsee.cc 18:56
nsnzerokulelu88: https://unsee.cc/zaresimu/18:59
kulelu88nsnzero: aah yes, that is how it appears when you run it locally. but you see, the problem is that they are all pushed into the left margin. I want the text to spread across the entire page19:00
kulelu88nsnzero: I believe the issue may be this <div> class:     <div class="feature3">19:04
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
nsnzerowhat version of css you running ?19:04
kulelu88nsnzero: version? 19:06
nsnzeroyes there version 1 to 4 19:08
kulelu88nsnzero: I am not sure, as this site was generated from launchaco19:13
time2dockYes there are 4 css versions according to wikipedia, but wild stick with css3 in w3schools19:16
nsnzerokulelu88: display: inline-block; makes the buttons next to each other19:20
nsnzeronow are the questions -buttons or paragraphs ?19:21
kulelu88nsnzero: the questions are h3 and the answers are paragraphs19:21
nsnzerodoing some research kulelu88 19:34
kulelu88nsnzero: don't stress about it if the answer isn't obvious. 19:34
kulelu88don't want you doing any free labour for me :)19:35
nsnzerolol - no problem - helping is something i do19:37
nsnzerokulelu88: 6 <div> need to be removed : group the elements that you need in 1 <div>20:17
nsnzerokulelu88: and add  display:block to the paragrah definition 20:19
nsnzerokulelu88: well i have the changes saved if you need it just let me know20:29
nsnzeroeven 20:33
nsnzeroMaaz fell asleep !20:33
Maaznsnzero: Excuse me?20:33
nsnzeroThere we go20:33
nsnzeroMaaz tell kulelu88 that i found the problem in his script20:34
Maaznsnzero: Sure, I'll tell kulelu88 on freenode20:34
nsnzerothanks Maaz20:34
kulelu88Maaz: tell nsnzero I will look into it, but if he can ping me with the edited jsfiddle, it'll be much appreciated20:36
Maazkulelu88: Okay, I'll tell nsnzero on freenode20:36
Maazkulelu88: By the way, nsnzero on freenode told me "tell kulelu88 that i found the problem in his script" 2 minutes and 4 seconds ago20:36

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