the_ranbo_sonwhat should a good guy put in his shandy?00:01
volriteHi can someone help me out of this, during booting the system "[FAILED] Failed to start Raise network interfaces."00:06
akikzykotick9: try that vlank_mode=3 config. it helped me with video tearing with intel gfx00:10
volrite Hi can someone help me out of this, during booting the system "[FAILED] Failed to start Raise network interfaces."00:11
bazhangvolrite, what version of ubuntu, what chipset on that nic00:12
pavlosvolrite, some info ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/824376/failed-to-start-raise-network-interfaces-after-upgrading-to-16-0400:13
volritebazhang: 16.04 LTS00:14
volritepavlos: Thank you00:14
scottfreeanybody chatting>?00:14
bazhangvolrite, what chipset on the nic00:14
bazhangscottfree, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , here for support00:15
zykotick9akik: intel-tearing-usggestion.txt has been created.  thanks.00:15
volritebazhang: I'm run in vmware00:16
volrite03:00.0 Ethernet controller: VMware VMXNET3 Ethernet Controller (rev 01)00:16
volrite        Subsystem: VMware VMXNET3 Ethernet Controller00:16
volrite        Kernel driver in use: vmxnet300:16
volrite        Kernel modules: vmxnet300:16
akikzykotick9: there's also a youtube video i tested with :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceX18O9pvLs00:18
rekkode54,  i don't have the original cuesheet00:21
rekholy cr...you're a fast replier00:22
reklet me look to the other cd-rom it can be very similar00:22
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rekkode54, MODE1/2352  and MODE2/2352 what's the difference00:30
kode54the sector format, for one00:31
kode54I'd check the output of the ecm packer to see what sort of sectors it finds trying to repack it00:31
rekwhat should i do?00:32
kode54how did you originally produce or acquire the image?00:33
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star31416I'm currently testing Ubuntu Server 16.04 because of its ZFS integration. Everything works fine and just one thing is bothering me. Compared to Debian, Ubuntu Server is a bit bloated. Is there an advanced install option for the set up of a minimalistic Ubuntu Server?00:38
bazhang!mini | star3141600:39
ubottustar31416: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:39
star31416For example, I don't understand why mdadm is installed by default. Sure it is necessary for RAID management. However, if one does not use RAID, it is quite pointless to have it installed by default.00:40
bazhangstar31416, did you see the mini link I just gave you00:40
star31416ubottu: A text installer is fine for me.00:40
bazhangthats a bot star3141600:41
star31416bazhang: Thanks.00:41
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day00:41
rekkode54, i downloaded form a website getting only  a .bin.ecm00:42
kode54they didn't provide any other files?00:42
star31416Is there any particular difference between the basic server and a minimal install? I thought the minimal version just download the stuff from the internet during the setup process.00:42
star31416bazhang: ^^00:43
star31416bazhang: Oh, it seems that the minimal CD doesn't support EFI. :-(00:46
zykotick9akik: thanks x2 - the specific tearing youtube video is perfect for my needs... (and it shows a lot of tearing right now!) thanks for the 2nd time!  :)00:48
zykotick9f'n tearing... <- i think it's an xorg issue... ymmv00:50
Steven_MHi all00:53
Steven_MI have set a root password, and have setup sudo to prompt for the root password. This works fine in the terminal, but every time a gui app prompts me for a password, it accepts my user password, how do I fix this?00:53
rekany other files exactly00:53
goose_Hey everyone00:54
Steven_Mgoose_:  hi :)00:55
goose_I just installed Ubuntu Gnome on my PC, but it loads into compiz, not gnome :(00:55
goose_I downloaded the GNOME torrent when i was setting it up. How to fix?00:55
goose_been awhile since I was on linux00:55
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xanguagoose_: it loads into compiz?00:56
noimnotninevoltcompiz is a window manager, gnome is a desktop environment.00:56
goose_Oh well it loads into the default ubuntu DE00:57
goose_Not GNOME00:57
nedstarkyou select desktops at the login screen00:57
zykotick9goose_: gnome3 is a LOT different from gnome2...  <- compiz is NOT related to this! at all (only Unity uses compiz these days)00:57
xanguagoose_: sounds like you installed vanilla Ubuntu, not Ubuntu gnome... Can you share a screenshot?00:57
zykotick9goose_: that's unity00:58
goose_UNITY! Forgot the name00:58
xanguaYes, that's unity00:58
goose_maybe I just forgot to select at menu, I definitely DLd Ubuntu GNOME 16.0400:58
goose_ill check 1 sec00:58
nedstarkmaybe it went into fallback mode00:58
Bray90820How would one setup a samba printer in ubuntu00:59
goose_yeah, no option for GNOME, I remember the DEs being next to login name now00:59
nedstarki broke 4 of my 5 desktops, so cinnamon wins by a K.O.00:59
goose_Wonder why it didnt install gnome with it01:01
xanguaYou need the Ubuntu gnome ISO for that01:01
goose_I have it01:01
goose_Its what I used01:01
Steven_Mgoose_: there should be a cog icon on the login screen for selecting DE's01:01
goose_Steven_M, Yeah I remember that now, nothing there01:02
goose_Ill just install it through apt-get01:02
xanguaWell if the Ubuntu gnome ISO installed the unity desktop... Then it would be kind of noisy here01:04
nedstarki heard someone on a podcast say ubuntu mate is switching desktops01:06
nedstarkto whatever solus uses01:06
Steven_Mgoose_: you sure there's no cog next to the sign in button on the password screen?01:07
xanguaThere's already an Ubuntu budgie remix01:07
wiggmpkis empathy's default behavior to start at login?01:11
xanguawiggmpk: yes01:12
bazhangCalgon, with what01:12
CalgonI tory tory open help options01:13
wiggmpkxangua: noticing some weird stuff after installing pidgin to import facebook messenger into empathy. Would you happen to know if "Remote Desktop Viewer" is default to start at login? vino-server is running in system monitor but the application has opened up automatically the last couple of boots01:13
CalgonAuto correct its annoying01:13
bazhangCalgon, what help options, where01:14
xanguawiggmpk: that looks like an XY question but you don't need to install pidgin to use Facebook chat in empathy01:14
CalgonI would register, first afte i'd lire change room01:14
wiggmpkxangua: I could not get it to work prior to installing pidgin. I tried vanilla install of ubuntu, then tried adding purple-facebook, still wouldn't work01:15
Steven_MI have set a root password, and have setup sudo to prompt for the root password. This works fine in the terminal, but every time a gui app prompts me for a password, it accepts my user password, how do I fix this?01:16
CalgonIm using irc on mobile so it keep to correct every word i type01:16
bazhangCalgon, how is that an ubuntu support issue01:17
xanguaSteven_M: you're using an unsupported config for Ubuntu (or at least unsupported in this changed)01:17
CalgonNo idea only i want register01:18
bazhangCalgon, register what01:18
CalgonMy name01:19
wedgieCalgon: #freenode01:19
bazhangCalgon, /join #freenode01:19
Steven_Mxangua: okay, I wish ubuntu did support it.01:21
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xanguaNot supported on this channel*01:27
Steven_Mxangua: nevermind01:29
backboxi need help with a hard drive01:30
Bray90820I am having a strange issue with my network printer I have one called server and one called backup the printer is connected to server but every computer sees it as it's connected to backup up until like a week or two ago it was seen as being connected to server01:30
backboxi tried to format it but Gparted: Error fsyncing/closing/dev/sda: Remote I/O error01:31
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Guest79915hello, guys, I performed an oc my cpu (e5450) so that it's clock speed should go from its default 3.0GHz to 3.4, however, when using watch -n 0 "lscpu | grep 'MHz'", what I see is that it only goes up to 3003MHz01:32
sintreblackbox> can you tell that it's unmounted01:33
Guest79915is there anything I could be missing?01:33
Bray90820It's a samba printer by the way01:33
backboxit's the only disk01:33
sintreblackbox I assume a different system?01:34
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Guest79915 dmidecode --type processor shows Max Speed: 3800 MHzCurrent Speed: 3600 MHz, should it be trusted over lscpu?01:44
ShootingCharlie8I got a question for you smart people01:48
JERiCHO7me too, anyone knows if its possible to install linux over wifi with wubi ?01:49
ShootingCharlie8I asked for a smart person first!! Haha01:50
xanguaJERiCHO7: wubi is unsupported and unmaintained01:51
JERiCHO7how come?01:51
JERiCHO7how to install from windows then ?01:51
Bashing-om!wubi | JERiCHO701:51
ubottuJERiCHO7: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and Windows, and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.01:51
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:52
blackflowWhat does networking.service do in 16.04? Do I need it if I have static network config in /etc/network/interfaces?01:57
blackflowIt's currently in failed state, but the network is fine.01:58
blackflownvm, found the service file, it has Documentation=02:00
Bray90820While Trying to install samba I get an error "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"02:11
TatouSilly question. How does apt-get download packages and do apt-get update?02:13
TatouIs it http/s?02:13
EriC^^i think02:13
TatouGreat. So if I am constantly spinning up vagrant boxes, if I set an aggressive cache on the host.. It might be faster..02:14
RVanguardHumans are here?02:19
sintreshh we can't chat here support only got a problem?02:19
sintremods like people to got to off topic to chit chat02:19
RVanguardOh, sorry, had no idea!02:19
sintrebeen kicked enough to know they're serious :)02:20
sintrekidding aside , whats your issue02:20
RVanguardOh, I have no issue I need help with, just looking to chat with other linux users02:20
sintrethere is an official ubuntu offtop channel bout don't knowthow the silly bot commaand02:21
Bashing-omRVanguard: Generak chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:21
sintreand yes my keyboard is messed up tonight lol02:22
RVanguardThank you02:22
RVanguardActually, I need help setting up this VM in KVM02:22
RVanguardI'm at choosing a storage volume02:22
RVanguardI don't have GNOME or anything like that, min-install.02:22
RVanguardI click the plus sign to create a volume. What format do I make the volume in? The standard it has is .qcow2 which I've never used before. I'm used to vdi02:23
RVanguardAnd when I try joining #ubuntu-offtopic, I get "Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services" Sorry, new to IRC here02:25
Bashing-om!register | RVanguard02:26
ubottuRVanguard: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.02:26
RVanguardThank you, again02:26
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.02:27
wedgieRVanguard: if instead you click "browse local" you can select an iso to boot the machine from (note that creation of a virtual hard disk comes later in the process)02:29
RVanguardwedgie --- thank you02:29
RVanguardwedgie -- got it. Under that is OS Type and Version. Version only goes as high as Win8. This is Win1002:30
RVanguardJust select 8.1?02:31
wedgie*shrug* that's probably fine.02:31
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jturekgreetings everybody,  what is the easiest way to configure a VPN connection in ubuntu to a cisco asa (ipsec)02:47
cfhowlett!vpn | jturek02:48
ubottujturek: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN02:48
jturekcfhowlett: thanks, i checked that page, "IPSec VPN, not covered on this page, so far" :)02:49
RVanguardHey there, I have three screens, is there a way to "wrap" the displays?02:51
c_nicki have a linux box and a windows box on a common network i can ping each other successfully, how can i share files between them?02:54
cfhowlett!samba | c_nick02:54
ubottuc_nick: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html02:54
RVanguardHey guys, having an issue with KVM USB Redirection03:12
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RVanguardTrying to connect my iPhone to my VM. When I try USB Redirection I get an error "spice-client-error-quark: Could not redirect Apple iPhone....Device is in use by another application"03:13
cfhowlettRVanguard, are you perchance playing music or file browsing the iphone?03:14
ed_plsHey, anyone knows if it is possible to put old desktop environments on new distros? (i mean, old like 1998 - 2004 old)03:15
RVanguardcfhowlett Just trying to connect it. That's all. Downloaded iTunes, just want to sync. Work for Apple so this is somewhat important03:16
cfhowletted_pls, inadvisable and likely to break03:16
cfhowlettRVanguard, then you already know Apple makes connections difficult and hostile          :)03:16
cfhowlettRVanguard, ps -x          and see what you have pointed at that iphone03:17
xanguaed_pls: define "old desktop"03:17
RVanguardcfhowlett hahah! I think it's an issue with my host OS (min install linux) taking 'control' of the iPhone03:17
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RVanguardcfhowlett "See what you have pointed..." What does that mean? I apologize, new to Linux, like fourth month using linux.03:18
cfhowlettRVanguard, one of your processes should ID the iphone connection03:18
RVanguardcfhowlett Got it, I'll see what I can find03:18
RVanguardcfhowlett I believe it's usbmuxd03:19
cfhowlettRVanguard, that would be normal03:19
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RVanguardcfhowlett How do I remove this?03:19
cfhowlettRVanguard, that line starts with a process ID number.    kill -9 PID03:21
wedgiewhy -9 right out of the gate?03:21
cfhowlettfinger memory.03:21
ed_plsxangua: i mean "KDE 3" or things like that03:22
RVanguardIT WORKED!!03:23
RVanguardcfhowlett THAT WORKED!03:23
RVanguardcfhowlett Wooo!!03:23
RVanguardcfhowlett I'm happy!03:23
RVanguardcfhowlett Thank you!03:24
RVanguardcfhowlett Sudo killed it and it worked!03:24
RVanguardcfhowlett This is awesome!03:24
RVanguardcfhowlett This was one of my main concerns with fully adopting linux on all my computers!03:24
xanguaed_pls: there are people trying to keep alive KDE 3, but that has nothing to do with Ubuntu https://www.trinitydesktop.org/ as for gnome 2, there is officially supported Ubuntu mate03:24
ed_plsOh boy :(03:26
cfhowletthappy2help! RVanguard03:27
RainMan28I am having difficult configuring ufw (firewall). I am trying to deny connections from everywhere except certain IPs on a certain port. I put in sudo ufw default deny incoming, and then sudo ufw allow from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to any port YYYY but I don't see the deny incoming in the status rules03:27
cfhowlettRainMan28, check your rules again. you probably encoded a conflict somewhere03:27
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prob12My guide says I should use commands with path like this "/opt/eclipse/eclipse" but as I extracted my eclipse.tar.gz it only  made me "/opt/eclipse-installer", so should I use "eclipse" in path name or "eclipse-installer"? For example in creating symlink03:39
prob12I think after installation that eclipse-installer might change its name, but Im unsure of it03:40
RainMan28cfhowlett: thank you for helping, does deny from all show up as a rule under ufw status?03:42
cfhowlettRainMan28, wait 103:42
davidoI've had an apt update go bad. http://pastebin.com/f4edBiBA03:42
davidoNot sure how to clear it up.03:42
wedgiedavido: output says that samba-ad-dc.service is masked. This means that it was configured to be unstartable. Presumably something that was being upgraded depends on this?03:45
davidohm. Not sure how I managed to configure samba to be unstartable. I think by that you mean misconfigured preventing it from starting?03:45
cfhowlettRainMan28, my sudo ufw status verbose returned http://paste.ubuntu.com/23662259/         you can compare to your output03:46
wedgieno. In systemd you can "disable" a service which means it won't autostart but you can still start it manually (or it can be started by something else). When you mask a service you link /dev/null to the unit file. This tells systemd that under no circumstances should it ever be started03:47
Dolmenhello everyone03:47
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RainMan28cfhowlett: ah that was it, i wasn't using verbose so wasn't seeing that Default: line03:48
cfhowlettRainMan28, man ufw is your friend03:48
wedgiedavido: what do you get if you run ''sudo systemctl samba-ad-dc.service status''03:48
wedgieerr, ''sudo systemctl status samba-ad-dc.service''03:49
prob12When extracting for example 'eclipse.tar.gz', I get folder 'eclipse-installer', after installing, does that folder change it's name to 'eclipse', or will it remain the same?03:49
davido● samba-ad-dc.service03:49
davido   Loaded: masked (/dev/null; bad)03:49
davido   Active: inactive (dead)03:49
Kiryat8After the security and kernel update I got a dialog after reboot "A new version 0.7.0 of Temps is available."  Is this legit?03:50
cfhowlettKiryat8, apt search temps will tell you03:50
wedgiedavido: it would appear that someone has deliberately disabled it. If you want to turn it back on: ''sudo systemctl unmask samba-ad-dc.service''   but make sure that there isn't a good reason for it being disabled first03:51
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davidosudo systemctl unmask samba ends silently, but then enabling gives some spew again about no runlevels aborting03:56
zzero1ubuntu 16.04.01 x86 I cant get resolve dns in dropbear ssh in the initrd. Any ideas ?04:00
davidodavido@doswald-DX4850:~$ sudo systemctl unmask samba04:00
davidodavido@doswald-DX4850:~$ sudo systemctl enable samba04:00
davidoSynchronizing state of samba.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install.04:00
davidoExecuting: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable samba04:00
davidoupdate-rc.d: error: samba Default-Start contains no runlevels, aborting.04:00
wedgiedavido: it was samba-ad.dc.service, and you probably don't need to enable it. Just unmask it and try the apt command again04:02
wedgieerr samba-ad-dc.service04:03
davidothanks wedgie...04:03
davidoThat didn't improve things -- same error as earleir.04:06
davidoI apologize for taking your time with it.04:06
davidodoes it matter that I'm sharing one of that system's drives, mounted to another system via cifs?04:07
wedgiedavido: still says that Unit file /etc/systemd/system/samba-ad-dc.service is masked." ?04:09
davidowedgie: Yes.04:10
wedgiehmm. Well, maybe that wasn't the cause of the upgrade failing at all. *shrug*04:10
wedgiedavido: is the IP of your machine
davidoNo, it's
wedgiedavido: the error message you pastebinned earlier suggests that it's trying to bind to
wedgiemaybe check the config files to see if that is configured somewhere04:12
Dolmen0what's the issue04:13
davidoah, i do see that bind in the output, yes. I wonder what's causing that.  My router is on 1.1, and there's nobody on 0.104:14
wedgiedavido: i'd guess it's somewhere in the samba config04:15
xxxxhow can i fix mouse pad (just doesn't do anything)? lubuntu 64bit04:16
xxxxactualy any ubuntu give me that problem04:16
wedgiedavido: anyway, i have to hit the road. Good luck04:16
davidomy smb.conf lists interfaces as 192.168.1/8, so a /8 subnet in 1.04:17
davidothanks for your time wedgie. I'll get there eventually.04:17
wedgiewell, would be in ... kindof an odd thing to have configured though04:17
davidoh, this may be it...04:18
davidointerfaces 192.168.1/8  not
wedgiethe /8 is weird there regardless04:18
wedgie /24 sounds more sane04:18
davidoi don't know where it came from in the first place, but you are right, a /8 is oddly small04:19
davidosorry, oddly large04:19
Dolmen0this is true04:19
wedgiebut still, look specifically for that address in the config. Usually bind addresses are configured rather specifically04:21
* wedgie goes home04:21
davidowill do. thanks wedgie.04:21
xxxxok, another question... in grub: why in:(##GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=004:35
xxxx##GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true) have a "##" before if any screenshot i see does'nt have the "##" ??04:35
OutOfSpacehi guys04:51
OutOfSpacei'm new to linux and ubuntu04:51
cfhowlett!manual | OutOfSpace please read04:51
ubottuOutOfSpace please read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:51
OutOfSpacethanks guy :) i already know how to do that04:52
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OutOfSpacewooow :)05:03
OutOfSpacei don't understand you imkind05:03
SaintPeteJackBoWow, suddenly it seems as if my main account password to my Ubuntu box is changed05:05
SaintPeteJackBoand i certainly did not change it05:05
SaintPeteJackBoAny advice?05:05
cfhowlett!cn | imkind,05:06
ubottuimkind,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:06
cfhowlettSaintPeteJackBo, passwords do not spontaneously change.  ensure you are typing it in correctly05:07
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords05:07
SaintPeteJackBoOh yes, I am trust me05:07
cfhowlettsays every hacker ever ...05:07
SaintPeteJackBoI can't get onto my box either through SSH or through physically using it05:07
cfhowlettSaintPeteJackBo, see the !password link I triggered above05:08
SaintPeteJackBoHopefully it helps, somebody was trying to hack into my server the other day05:08
SaintPeteJackBodoesn't seem as if they caused any damage or anything but I wonder if this is part of that :x05:08
* SaintPeteJackBo follows the link and does as instructed05:09
=== workfro is now known as afru_
SaintPeteJackBookay uhh https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword   <--- on here where it says select my image... uhhh i'm a bit lost at that05:18
SaintPeteJackBoI needed to do the OTHER WAY05:18
SaintPeteJackBoI see Ubuntu and Advanced Options for Ubuntu...05:19
cfhowlettright, select your ubuntu version, i.e. 3.05:23
SaintPeteJackBoOkay uh I am in the passwordless root shell05:25
SaintPeteJackBobut whe  I try to change the password for the user I get this error:05:25
SaintPeteJackBoAuthentication token manipulation error05:25
SaintPeteJackBopassword unchanged05:25
SaintPeteJackBoI'm guessing the file system is in read only :(05:26
cfhowlettSaintPeteJackBo, confirm that you performed steps 1 - 505:26
SaintPeteJackBobut the instructions I had to use were at the very bottom for Lucid, and I didn't see any part were I could change it to mount rw instead of ro, I even had to go to the "linux" line to add the init command05:27
cfhowlettlucid?  LUCID?!05:27
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.05:27
SaintPeteJackBoI am not actually on Lucid05:27
SaintPeteJackBojust my screens do not match the normal steps 1-505:27
SaintPeteJackBoI am on the latest Ubuntu, afai05:28
SaintPeteJackBoLike nowhere do I have a line that starts with "kernel"05:28
OutOfSpacequestion i have Lenovo X1 carbon gen 3 currently have 15.0405:28
OutOfSpacecan i update without having problems05:28
cfhowlettOutOfSpace, of course your are.05:28
cfhowlett!15.04 | OutOfSpace05:29
ubottuOutOfSpace: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid05:29
SaintPeteJackBooh wait, I see ro on that line (the "linux" line)05:29
cfhowlettSaintPeteJackBo, 1.  are you on UBUNTU and not some derivative. e.g mint or something?05:29
SaintPeteJackBoI am on Ubuntu, yes05:30
SaintPeteJackBoPasswrod updated succesfully lol05:31
cfhowlettthen the "other way" instructions are valid.  if you are not seeing expected feedback then you are doing it wrong or you have something exotic in your system.05:31
SaintPeteJackBoI wonder why that my system is more like the other way instructions with Lucid?05:31
SaintPeteJackBoI have no line in there that says "kernel"05:32
cfhowlettit definitely should not be ...05:32
SaintPeteJackBothat line for me starts "linux"05:32
SaintPeteJackBoin my command line, how can I tell you extactly what version and flavor I am using??05:32
cfhowlettSaintPeteJackBo, inxi -F | pastebinit05:33
OutOfSpacewhere can i find more info about hardware compatability05:34
* SaintPeteJackBo installs inxi05:34
OutOfSpacethis lenovo x1 gen 3 is not the perfect linux machine05:34
cfhowlettshould not need to install inxi!05:34
SaintPeteJackBoI needed to install it05:34
cfhowlettlsb_release -a05:35
OutOfSpaceHey Jack :)05:35
OutOfSpacehow u doinn05:35
SaintPeteJackBoIs there a way I can also show you the screen I was on before, where I lacked the line starting with "kernel"?05:35
SaintPeteJackBoHow do you know me :O?! haha <305:35
MannnI'm looking for any possible way to put a small bandwidth usage display (current download and up speeds) somewhere like on my desktop, or in the taskbar, you know I just dont want to start up a program just for that, I'd like it to be sort-of integrated into the desktop in some way.05:37
SaintPeteJackBoI'm not the smartest guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm also not stupid, and the instructions under !password for "The Other Way" were inaccurate regarding my particular system05:37
MannnWhere should I start looking05:37
cfhowlettMannn, "indicators" seems the likely starting point05:39
xanguaMannn: CPU load indicator shows that, also CPU usage and disk usage05:44
Mannn!define "linux indicator"05:44
ubottuMannn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:44
SaintPeteJackBoHello!As I'm guessing #ubuntu-doc is dead, where can I report my problem with the !password documentation? I don't want to edit the Wiki directly, but I could.05:45
xanguaMannn: sorry the correct name is syspeek (not in official repositories)05:45
SaintPeteJackBo(sorry about that Hello!, carried over from another channel)05:45
xanguaMannn: www.webupd8.org/2014/06/syspeek-indicator-ported-to-gtk3.html?m=105:47
MannnMmmk, so what if I'm using Cinnamon, on LM?05:48
cfhowlettmight pull in some required dependencies but *should* work - ppa's are not official ubuntu package and are unsupported.05:51
xanguaMannn: well someone said indicator so I followed that, don't know about cinnamon05:54
monkeyhouseGood evening06:01
cfhowlettonly in some parts, monkeyhouse.  "Greetings!"06:03
ansh\join #cyanogenmod06:04
cfhowlettansh, /06:05
monkeyhouseSuccessfully installed Ubuntu 16.04 on an HP laptop that came with Windows 10 preinstalled, a few days ago. Initially, upon boot it would initiate GRUB and let me choose Ubuntu. Just a couple of hours ago, though, it refuses to give me the boot menu. Goes straight into Windows 10. I've tried disabling Win10's fast boot, I've tried messing with the06:05
monkeyhouseBIOS, with no luck. When I boot Ubuntu through Win10, it actually does load GRUB and it seems to work okay! So what am I missing. ANy ideas?06:05
ansh<cfhowlett> thank you.. :)06:08
cfhowlettansh, happy2help!06:08
monkeyhouseMeh, just tried boot-repair, disabled secureboot, and it still went straight to win10 :(06:17
xanguaI removed windows right away, did you updated to Windows 10 recently or something?06:19
monkeyhouseNo no. It was a laptop I bought days ago from an electronics store, and I installed Ubunto 16.04, via USB, right alongside it06:19
monkeyhouseand I hadn't even touched win10 since.06:19
monkeyhouseWell I learned just F9 goes straight into the boot menu, so there's that...06:30
[CoD]LaW22hi guys06:32
[CoD]LaW22hey monkeyhouse06:32
monkeyhouseHi, [CoD]LaW22o06:33
[CoD]LaW22Hi allen06:33
[CoD]LaW22whats going on in here?06:33
allen_any idea how to set up nvidia drivers for ubuntu?06:33
[CoD]LaW22i just installed ubuntu studio06:33
cfhowlettthis is tech support.  skip the chitchat and ask your ubuntu questions please06:33
[CoD]LaW22which ubuntu you got?06:33
[CoD]LaW22Good customer service is chitchat06:34
cfhowlett[CoD]LaW22, ask your support questions or chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic.  thanks.06:34
allen_i cant seem to find a repository that has nvidia drivers for gt71006:35
cfhowlett!nvidia | allen_06:35
ubottuallen_: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »06:35
[CoD]LaW22how do i identify myself on services?06:35
cfhowlett[CoD]LaW22, "services" ???06:35
[CoD]LaW22#ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services06:36
cfhowlett!register | [CoD]LaW2206:36
ubottu[CoD]LaW22: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.06:36
LiftLeftwhat would be a good laptop for ubuntu 16.04 that's has 8 - 16Gb, 1TB hard drive and less than $600?06:36
[CoD]LaW22!register [CoD]LaW2206:36
cfhowlett[CoD]LaW22, not how it's done.  read the link.  instructions are there.06:37
[CoD]LaW22thx for your help cfhowlett06:41
ubottuFor nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »06:44
MannnFreeing up space: Is there any utility that tracks what packages are used, then allows you sort the # uses ascending? Either that or a "Date Last Used". I'm sure we all have packages we've isntalled and used once then never again, but you dont remember the package name so how would you know. If you open up Firefox a lot, then it's going to have a recent last-executed date along with a high count of how often you execute it. But06:44
Mannnthen you can have junk like Brasero and Banshee installed, and you've barely used those, so their used count is low. You see? It would just be a convenient utility to find and determine packages that you no longer need.06:44
[CoD]LaW22nice mann06:45
davidoMannn: There are things which are so infrequently used, you'd get a lot of false positives.  ...and then when you really do need them, you would discover you clobbered them a month ago.06:47
cfhowlettMannn, do this: dpkg -l | grep linux-headers*       should be a very short list.  if not, start there06:48
davidodump as many .gz files as you can find in /var/log06:49
MannnYou're funny07:17
MannnMaybe not you davido, I think that was valid advice07:18
davidoYou could probably drop anything in /tmp that predates your uptime as well.07:18
davidoalso uname -r to get your current kernel version number. then dpkg --list |grep linux-image  .... listing out the images that come before the one currently in use.07:20
davidothen sudo apt remove linux-image-xxxxxx for the ones that are old and just taking up space. keep the current and most recent previous ones.07:20
Mannnnice, that's helpful. You'd think by now distros would include a cleanup tool that has these features07:24
hateball!info bleachbit07:25
ubottubleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.12-1 (yakkety), package size 291 kB, installed size 1853 kB07:25
hateballMannn: use that with caution, but it does that ^07:25
UbuntURHey ALL ...07:26
MannnWill do. If you don't hear from me soon, assume it deleted too much...07:26
UbuntURHave Big problem .... i've installed Remix os side by side windows and ubuntu ...07:27
UbuntURwhen i boot up .. it only shows remix os and ubuntu ...07:27
UbuntURWindows is not shown .... any inf ?07:27
fadhelOM TELOLET OM07:32
UbuntURHELP .. ELP .. ELP07:35
cfhowlettknock it off07:35
cfhowlett!patience | UbuntUR07:35
ubottuUbuntUR: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:35
matiuis there an easy way to say: hardware keyboard a = azerty input method; hardware keyboard b = qwerty; ?07:52
matiuor Japanese / English .. basically I'd like to assign an input method to each keyboard07:53
hateballwell, maybe not "easy" but you could have different udev rules07:53
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thxerI am french so no pb :)08:22
FlannelJust a spammer.08:22
hashmehe quit?08:22
FlannelHe's gone now08:22
thxerNice joke08:23
joegiampaoliI think he helped me figuring out my timezone...08:24
SebthreeBQM10HDsven__,  hi08:34
munskingHello, where can i edit what WM/DE gets started with startx? my .xinitrc and .xsession are empty and it auto-starts fluxbox, i want to stop that.08:35
=== sparty_ is now known as sparty
MannnI had that same problem UbuntUR, did you figure it out08:46
MannnOh he's gone08:46
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=== farhad is now known as Guest3545
WeiJunLianyone who used qemu that can help me to figure out all those segmentation faults? http://dpaste.com/3W184ZJ08:59
MannnWill there be any problems trying this Ubuntu PPA on Linux Mint 18? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-7-ppas-repositories-add-ubuntu-based-systems/09:04
Mannn(but answer Wei's first, he was ahead of me ^)09:04
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 230: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!09:05
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: that seems that one of the libraries is out of sync09:05
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: are you using a self built qemu or any self buitl libs?09:05
cpaelzerAlso the guest kernel oops around acpi is at least disturbing - but only maybe related09:05
WeiJunLicpaelzer: qemu-system-x86_6409:06
WeiJunLicpaelzer: well that oops can be ignored right09:06
anshI know it's off topic but can soomeone please explain me the basics of network and application layers in networking.09:06
cpaelzeransh: https://www.techcress.com/the-osi-model-explained-in-simple-terms/ ?09:07
kaleem-pirzadahello, i need to know the best software tht can handle AutoCAD files09:07
WeiJunLicpaelzer: by the log can you understand what's the out of sync lib?09:07
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: no I haven't found a hint what exactly09:08
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: search engines only give me some libgl problems that look similar09:08
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: but you shouldn't have much *gl in your case I think09:08
WeiJunLicpaelzer: just got stuck on this issue09:10
WeiJunLidont understand how to work around it09:10
WeiJunLifor weeks..09:10
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: that is really unfortunate you have a lot of options on your commandline09:10
anshcpaelzer I was making a basic SIP program. For now I just wanted to send packets from one peer to another connected on my router.  So why do I need to have a SIP domain here ?09:11
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: did you try to drop (most) of them and check if it gets any better?09:11
WeiJunLicpaelzer: which commands do you mean09:11
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: of "qemu-system-x86_64 -m '3024' -net 'nic' -net 'user,host=,hostfwd=tcp::1569-:22' -display 'none' -serial 'stdio' -no-reboot -numa 'node,nodeid=0,cpus=0-1' -numa 'node,nodeid=1,cpus=2-3' -smp 'sockets=2,cores=2,threads=1' -enable-kvm -usb -usbdevice 'mouse' -usbdevice 'tablet' -soundhw 'all' -hda '/home/runner/gopath/src/github.com/google/syzkaller/tools/wheezy.img' -snapshot  -kernel '/home/runner/linux-4.8.0/09:11
cpaelzerarch/x86/boot/bzImage' -append 'console=ttyS0 vsyscall=native rodata=n oops=panic panic_on_warn=1 panic=-1 ftrace_dump_on_oops=orig_cpu earlyprintk=serial slub_debug=UZ root=/dev/sd"09:11
cpaelzerI'd at least drop ... (thinking)09:11
cpaelzer -display 'none'   - try differenc options here09:12
cpaelzer-numa 'node,nodeid=0,cpus=0-1' -numa 'node,nodeid=1,cpus=2-3' -smp 'sockets=2,cores=2,threads=1'     numa is always a good source for issues even these days, if possible drop it all and just use -cpu 1 to begin with09:12
cpaelzer-usbdevice 'mouse' -usbdevice 'tablet'   to begin with no special devices09:13
cpaelzer-soundhw 'all'  likewise, disable sound09:13
cpaelzer-snapshot  -kernel '/home/runner/linux-4.8.0/arch/x86/boot/bzImage'   dont use snapshots09:13
cpaelzerof guest parms drop "vsyscall=native oops=panic panic_on_warn=1 panic=-1 ftrace_dump_on_oops=orig_cpu earlyprintk=serial slub_debug=UZ"  - that might be from your debugging I guess09:14
stevie86Hi! I get a strange message when doing sudo apt-get update: N: Datei »50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist« in Verzeichnis »/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/« wird ignoriert, da sie eine ungültige Dateinamen-Erweiterung hat.09:14
WeiJunLicpaelzer: the thing is that my main goal is run syzkaller (it's a fuzzer), which needs to use qemu itself, so that qemu config is provided straight form Syzkaller09:14
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: I mean just try to simplify as much as possible and from there check which option gets you into the problem state09:14
WeiJunLiand i dont have the option to edit all settings09:14
cpaelzerAdn finally try "another" weezy image of some sorts09:15
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: I can only recommend what I tihnk has to be done to identify the issue :-/09:15
WeiJunLithat wheezy image is also generated by a syzkaller's script09:16
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: well but if it "leaves" the image around you can use it and mofiy the qemu cmdline right?09:16
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: also one more thing - your call starts at "runner@vm" and you start qemu-system-x86_6409:17
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: x86 all too often isn't too happy on 2nd level virtualization - and your login indicates that your "host" might already be virtualized09:18
WeiJunLicpaelzer: take a look the output when i run syzkaller directly, so you can see the qemu config it auto-generates. http://dpaste.com/1RFFW8309:18
cpaelzerI'm not saying that it is not working, but it is error prone soemtimes09:18
WeiJunLicpaelzer: ye i thought of that, true.09:19
WeiJunLithe machine im trying to run it is already a vm09:19
WeiJunLinot using qemu though, vmware fusion.09:19
cpaelzerI'd still try to eliminate that for now09:19
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: umm - your segfaul "appears" to be in sed and such, you sure this is a qemu crash09:20
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: knowing it is a fuzzer my current theory would be either the complexity of the setup (see my recommendations to simplify) OR maybe it is just fuzzing the wrong stuff09:20
cpaelzerrandom segfaults + fuzzer somehow rings a bell in my mind09:20
WeiJunLigotta be qemu issue, since setting up a qemu vm manually throws the same issue. No fuzzing stuff involved.09:21
cpaelzerGood, that is one step of simplification on your list09:22
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: so the following two commands give you a crashing guest as well?09:23
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: uvt-simplestreams-libvirt sync --source http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/daily arch=amd64 label=daily release=xenial09:23
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: uvt-kvm create --password=ubuntu testguest release=xenial arch=amd64 label=daily09:23
cpaelzerMight need to isntall uvtool-libvirt before you can do so09:23
cpaelzerbtw - what is your Ubuntu release you are running on09:24
WeiJunLicpaelzer: 16.1009:25
WeiJunLiguess was wrong idea to use that one.09:25
WeiJunLigimme a sec09:25
WeiJunLiI'm correcting some packages09:26
WeiJunLiapt-get warned about09:26
boriseto-workHello, for some reason when trying to remove linux-image-extra that isn't used I get the E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1). Any ideas what to do? Tried apt-get -f install09:32
=== samsara is now known as Guest27580
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: nothing wrong on 16.10 :-) more so on the stacked x86 virt IMHO09:38
boriseto-workokay, dist upgrade seems to fixed some of the issues... :/09:39
cpaelzerboriseto-work: mostly the console or journal hold some clues what to look for09:40
cpaelzerboriseto-work: like a particular file being unable to be modified, a non existing user/grup, a service starting to fail09:40
cpaelzerboriseto-work: how much of "some of the issue" did the dist-upgrade fix for you?09:41
boriseto-workcpaelzer: yeah, i understand. well removed the extra files, but didn't upgrade to the kernel i wanted it to upgrade.09:41
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uthngHello all09:43
uthnganyone can give me some explains about the script do-release-upgrade please ?09:43
boriseto-workcpaelzer: so it's okay for now since I have no errors after rebooting the machine. Will give another go later...09:44
uthngI have actually a server ubuntu 14.04.5 and want to upgrade it to xenial 16.0509:44
uthngbut when I do do-release-upgrade with proxy settings09:44
uthngit cannot fetch any repos09:45
uthngbut with apt-get update or upgrade, it works correctly09:45
uthngHow can I set proxy parameters for do-release-upgrade ?09:45
wyounguthng: nice09:46
brainwashuthng: try "export http_proxy="09:47
uthngbrainwash: I have all proxy env variables set09:48
cpaelzeruthng: I agree to brainwash and if not sufficient you might consider http://askubuntu.com/questions/257290/configure-proxy-for-apt09:48
uthngI also have proxy params in /etc/apt/apt.conf09:48
cpaelzerit should pick up the env, but since you have an issue the apt proxy conf might be worth a try09:48
cpaelzeruh, well thats :-/ then09:48
uthngthats why I said that apt-get update & upgrade work well09:49
cpaelzeruthng: could you pastebin your console of the issue with do-release-upgrade ?09:49
uthngbut do-release-upgrade de nada nothing :D09:49
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
cpaelzermaybe someone here gets an idea looking at that09:49
wyoungcpaelzer: I get all sorts of all ideas09:49
cpaelzerwyoung: I meant useful ideas - I know mankind is full of ideas in general :-)09:50
wyoungcpaelzer: oh.09:50
WeiJunLicpaelzer: the first uvt command takes a while to give any output or some?09:53
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: yeah it syncs a daily cloudimage to your disk to then be used09:54
cpaelzerby the latter command09:54
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: depends on your downlink speed09:54
uthngcpaelzer: http://pastebin.com/z9GXjSST09:55
WeiJunLiwell my connection really sucks, does it kinda change the kernel config by any means?09:56
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: no it does not - the commands just are a common way to spawn a kvm guest09:56
cpaelzerWeiJunLi: and one I trust in for easy verification if in your case everything is broken or more that specific fuzzy-image09:56
cpaelzeruthng: hrm, that really isn't a lot - I'll set up a proxy and a guest to test that if I can get it doen quickly09:57
uthngcpaelzer: isnt a lot ? I just made a copy of all traces to show you09:59
uthngit ignores or does not reach all repos urls09:59
uthngit ignores or does not reach all repos urls09:59
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=== schmiel is now known as Schmiel
cpaelzeruthng: couldn't reproduce - worked for me - here some logs to compare10:11
cpaelzeruthng: do-release-upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/23663290/10:12
cpaelzeruthng: squid log on the proxy http://paste.ubuntu.com/23663284/10:12
cpaelzeruthng: I aborted the former process to give you the logs, now I restarted and let it run - seems to work fine10:14
cpaelzeruthng: sorry I couldn't help - next step seems to be to find what on-your-system OR your-proxy is different to cause this10:15
uthngcpaelzer: maybe because you use squid10:16
uthngim behind an corp. firewall10:16
cpaelzeruthng: could be, do you use a hosting provided proxy=10:16
cpaelzeruthng: yeah depending on what they wall of that could be the reason - but even more so is hard to reproduce outside of your environment10:16
uthngyes, well. I will try upgrading with the classic way hehe10:17
wyoungI like squid10:17
cpaelzerwyoung: considering your ideas before I assume you mean eating squid :-P10:17
wyoungcpaelzer: grilled10:17
wyoungcpaelzer: and or pinneappled10:18
cpaelzeras squid risotto it is nice as well10:19
wyoungcpaelzer: minus the risotto10:19
wyoungcpaelzer: useless rice10:19
cpaelzeroh really, risotto is great in almost all variants10:20
wyoungI disagree10:20
cpaelzerfeel free to do so10:20
wyoungof course10:20
* cpaelzer goes afk cooking10:21
cpaelzersadly neither squid nor risotto around10:21
wyoungI had rissoles, and I drug a hole, it's filling with water10:21
ptrvhi, does someone know why the SHLVL env variable in gnome-terminal is 2 in 16.10?10:23
=== autra_ is now known as autra
brainwashptrv: http://askubuntu.com/questions/856532/why-is-shlvl-initially-2-in-ubuntu-16-10-but-not-earlier-versions10:26
ptrvbrainwash: the question is not answered there. I already stumbled upon your link10:28
brainwashptrv: then you should file a bug report10:29
ptrvbrainwash: ok10:29
brainwashptrv: similar issue bug 131782910:31
ubottubug 1317829 in Do "Terminals are spawned with a SHLVL of 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131782910:31
vkolchevHi, anyone uses viber for ubuntu?10:43
bazhang!info viber10:43
ubottuPackage viber does not exist in yakkety10:43
EriC^^!touch | vkolchev10:43
ubottuvkolchev: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch10:43
bazhangwhat is viber vkolchev10:43
vkolchevbazhang, messaging platform, proprietary10:44
bazhanghow is that related to ubuntu support vkolchev10:45
=== rory is now known as Teemo
vkolchevbazhang, need advice from someone who uses it in ubuntu10:45
vkolchevThat's why asking10:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:47
brainwashjust ask10:47
wyounghmmm, if you can't ask to ask, can you ask to ask to ask to ask?10:47
bazhangthats not helpful wyoung10:47
vkolchevOkay. Seems like this is what everyone loves - to teach how to ask, lol) I will shoot the question, alright. Viber is a proprietary software and is not contained in repos, of course. Anyone knows of existence of ppa for viber or another way to know if there are updates (don't mind to reinstall). Viber website does not specify versioning number, and I am not sure any update notifications are implemented in viber for linux itself. Many10:49
vkolchevthanks for your answers in advance, if any.10:49
bazhangvkolchev, there is a search PPA function at launchpad, please take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic as polling is not supported here, thanks10:51
EriC^^vkolchev: the guys in #ubuntu-touch might know since they might install it on their ubuntu phones10:52
vkolchevbazhang, EriC^^ thank you for answers, guys10:54
vkolchevWill try what you suppose10:54
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jophishHow can I stop application icons "wiggling" onto the screen?11:06
wyoungmerpnderp: I like your name11:08
wyoungzzarr: hai bro11:10
zzarrI have an external ssd with Ubuntu 16.04.1 on11:10
wyoungthat's a good start11:10
zzarrhow do I make it bootable from any computer?11:11
ikoniazzarr: if grub is on the SSD it will be bootable from any computer11:11
wyoungzzarr: just boot off it11:11
ikoniaseems a bit of a waste to have an SSD throttled by USB though11:11
ikoniabe aware though it won't work with every computer if the coputers are different, especially around video/wireless/networking device11:11
zzarrikonia, it's a USB311:11
ikoniazzarr: still slow11:12
ikonia(compared to SSD performance)11:12
ikoniabut anyway, thats all you need to really be aware of11:12
zzarrikonia, I know, but the guy who will use it have Windows on his computer and is helping in a project11:13
zzarrfor the project Ubuntu is needed11:14
ikoniazzarr: ok ?11:14
wyoungikonia: semi-correct11:14
ikoniawyoung: what now what is "not correct" ?11:14
wyoungikonia: it was not incorrect but it was entirely correct11:15
wyoungwas = wasn't11:15
ikoniawyoung: what was not correct11:15
wyoungikonia: 80% correct11:15
wyoungikonia: give or take11:15
ikoniawyoung: what was not correct11:15
ouroumovzzarr, you just have to make sure he knows how to change the boot order11:16
ikoniawyoung: please let me know what was not correct11:16
wyoungikonia: video/wireless/networking statement.  It can be made to work11:16
ikoniawyoung: really please tell me how it can be made to work on multiple computers11:16
wyoungikonia: shotgun approach11:16
ikoniawyoung: please answer with a solution11:16
ikonianot a word11:16
wyoungikonia: what? stating that something is 80% correct doesn't require a solution does it?11:17
ikoniawyoung: how do you make it work11:17
ikoniawyoung: if you're telling me it's wrong - please explain how you make all hardware work for all computers (specifically around video/wired/wireless) networking11:17
wyoungikonia: no no, it isn't, it is more right11:18
ikoniawyoung: please explain how you make it work11:18
wyoungikonia: correctly define the premise first11:19
ikoniawyoung: make a portable usb correctly support all computers, specifcally around video/wireless and wired network devices11:19
wyoungdefine all11:19
ikoniaall possible computers11:20
wyoungare we including computer that ubuntu has recently dropped support for?11:20
ikoniaof an x86_6411:20
wyounggreat! I like clarification11:20
zzarrouroumov, yes, I will make sure11:21
ikoniawyoung: if you know I'm incorrect you should have an answer by now ?11:24
ikoniawyoung: how do you do it ?11:24
wyoungikonia: you are 80% correct, don't be a pesimise11:24
ikoniawyoung: please tell me how to cover the %2011:24
ikoniawyoung: I'd advised him of an area to be concerned with / pay attention to, and you're saying I'm missing %20 as it's not a problem11:24
ikoniaplease explain how to cover that %2011:25
wyoungikonia: of course11:25
ikoniago for it11:25
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tsgloveHey guys, n00b question:  I log in to on of my servers via ssh keys.  For security, the server_USER has a long password.  If I need to run something as sudo, I have to dig up the password in my notes.11:29
tsgloveIf there a way to authenticate the sudo command with the ssh key?11:29
tsgloveOr how do you go about doing something when you have to sudo?11:30
Ben64tsglove: if you disable password authentication over ssh, you could set your password to something easier, OR.... https://xkcd.com/936/11:32
blackflowtsglove: the sudo layer is not such a strong protection so you don't need very strong password for it  IF: a) you use pubkeys (and you do),   b) you limit sudo only to your admin user11:32
tsgloveAhh... that helps "visualize" the situation.  Thank you Ben64 and blackflow.11:32
tsgloveSo suggestions: 0- disable pwd auth ssh, use only ssh-key... then something easier for the password.11:33
tsgloveok.  Got a better idea now.11:33
blackflowpersonally I see no advantage in sudo over logging in as root. there's more hassle with sudo than there's benefit. the key premise of this is, if the threat actor has passed through your pubkey auth, you have far bigger problems than worrying about sudo11:34
wyoungblackflow: ummmm not really11:34
blackflowand with all these zero day priv escalation bugs in linux ecosystem, one does not need sudo to pwn you, once it has shell.11:34
blackflowwyoung: yes really, it's a balance of probabilities, but hey, I don't wanna argue about it, that's just something I do and I offered an opinion. that's all from me.11:35
tomreynbut make sure that network exposure of accounts which are able to become or run commands as root is as limited as possible. i.e. don't run a webserver or really any other network accessible services as the user you use to run administrative commands.11:36
ikoniawyoung: got my answer yet ?11:36
wyoungikonia: Watching TV11:36
blackflowtomreyn: good advice.11:36
jcHaving a little trouble with cupsd in 16.04 in that the service restarts at 06:25 every morning without fail, rendering pending print jobs unprintable. How can I prevent this service from being restarted every morning? I think something in cron.daily is responsible but that's as far as I got.11:37
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tomreynjc: it may be logrotation. some services need to be restarted so that logrotate can cut the older log file records off to a separate file.11:40
tomreynhowever, cups would normally retry print jobs which failed in the previous run.11:41
tomreynso you may need to tweak either cupsd's configuration or that of the logrotation ocnfiguration for cups11:42
jcI have one or two hold/release queues where jobs are held until released - any jobs held when cupsd restarts disappear when released11:42
jcIs it as simple as re-enabling internal logrotating in the config so upstart/logrotate doesn't affect cups?11:42
* tomreyn would not know, and lacks a depper understanding of cups11:43
jcI might look at removing cups from upstart's oversight and just run it without the "on demand" flag, but I'm truly stumped as to the best course of action11:44
ikoniacristian_: please stop that12:04
ikoniano problem12:04
ikoniacristian_: you're in the ubuntu technical support channel, so if you need help with ubuntu, this is the place to ask12:05
cristian_OKey thanks12:05
cristian_alguien español?12:07
ikonia!es | cristian_12:07
ubottucristian_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:07
cristian_The terminal in Linux not open the bsdgames (usr/games) not PATH and in the Nautilus i can open the arhive an th function12:08
ikoniacristian_: cd /usr/games ?12:08
ikoniacristian_: is that what you're trying to do ?12:08
cristian_the another program for that for example oneko12:09
ikoniacristian_: what are you trying to do ?12:09
cristian_oneko its not working on terminal, in graphical mode works, but i want it on the terminal12:10
cristian_i mean if i open the especific file it works12:11
cristian_but if a execute the command on terminal not12:12
wafflejockcristian_, if you run it with the full path does it work? are you just trying to add that to your PATH? so you can run it without the full path?12:12
cristian_waht do you  mean by full PATH?12:13
wafflejockcristian_, I mean if the actual executable file is in /usr/games/oneko if you run that or you cd into /usr/games and run the executable does it launch? if not what error do you get?12:14
core_x250is this the help channel12:15
hateball!help | core_x25012:15
ubottucore_x250: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:15
wafflejockcristian_, the PATH is an environment variable that is used to find executables at the terminal too though so if a path like /usr/games is listed in your PATH environment variable any binary in there gets picked up for completion in the terminal12:15
core_x250can i install kali tool on ubuntu12:16
core_x250tools *12:16
wafflejockcore_x250, you'd have to check the repos to see what is available, anything not in the official repos isn't supported here12:16
wafflejockcore_x250, can check packages.ubuntu.com12:16
core_x250ok thx12:17
wafflejockcore_x250, or use apt-cache policy packagename, that'll tell you if something in particular is available12:17
cristian_the terminal tells me that the oneko its avalible but, the terminal doesnt found the command12:18
cristian_and is not variable PATH12:18
wafflejockcristian_, can you pastebin a copy of the lines showing you running the command and the response will help if we can see the actual input and results12:18
WulfI build my own .deb packages for trusty + xenial. Reprepro requires that the two packages (trusty + xenial) have different versions. But I don't want to keep two copies of the same source code (or two branches) to specify two different versions in debian/changelog. Is there any better way?12:19
cristian_i have my so in spanish :S12:19
cristian_wait i chhange12:19
lion_hi guys12:22
cristian_i don't have more time thanks any ways12:24
wafflejockcristian_, no prob good luck12:24
cristian_bye :)12:24
wafflejockbye o/12:24
wafflejockhi lion_12:24
lion_see ya12:32
lion_today i ran  sudo nano update but something is wrong so that i can update. i have changed the software sources does it matter?thx12:38
Wulflion_: "sudo nano update"?12:38
hateballWell you're not going to update your system using nano, for starters12:38
Wulflion_: nano is an editor, why do you want to edit "update"?12:38
lion_no sudo apt-get update12:39
lion_sorry for my fault12:39
tomreyn!pastebin | lion_12:39
ubottulion_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:39
tomreynshow your output12:39
tomreynand yes, software sources can matter12:40
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lion_获取:1 http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/raspbian/raspbian wheezy InRelease [14.9 kB]12:41
lion_忽略:1 http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/raspbian/raspbian wheezy InRelease12:41
lion_命中:2 http://ppa.launchpad.net/flexiondotorg/minecraft/ubuntu xenial InRelease12:41
lion_命中:3 http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome-terminator/ppa/ubuntu xenial InRelease12:41
lion_命中:4 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate-dev/welcome/ubuntu xenial InRelease12:41
lion_命中:5 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-pi-flavour-makers/ppa/ubuntu xenial InRelease12:41
tomreynlion_: you were muted (will expire shortly) because you did not use a pastebin12:42
tomreyn...but pasted output in here directly. please don't.12:42
tomreynsee what ubottu told you above.12:43
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LinuxNovicehi, I am new to Linux. Wanted to know what are the advantages of Ubuntu or Ubuntu variants over Debian?12:44
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MathisenLinuxNovice, in general debian is more stable but contain older versions..12:45
LinuxNoviceok. Does that make better than Ubuntu or is Ubuntu is better than Debian?12:46
Ben64depends on your preference12:46
tomreynthat's for you to decide.12:47
LinuxNoviceWhat are the possible problems or issues users might face while using Ubuntu because of it being not as stable as Debian?12:47
LinuxNoviceI have used Ubuntu variants like Lubuntu and Xubuntu, didn't notice any significant issues.12:48
LinuxNoviceBut, as I said above, I'm a beginner in Linux.12:49
BonzodogWell, debian is slightly more complicated to use, in that it doesn't do graphical installers, or as many GUI interfaces12:49
tomreyni'd say if you stay with ubuntu LTS you are getting very close to debian stability, and may even get newer software versions.12:49
blackflowLinuxNovice: sometimes problem arise that, say, prevent boot, and require you to know the boot process and where to fix the issue, if it's fixable.12:50
tomreynthis can happen on both systems, and is equally unlikely with stable releases on both systems12:50
BonzodogDebian would require you to have a decent knowledge of the commandline, knowing where config files are, and how to adjust them manually12:50
blackflowtomreyn: unlikely and yet it's currently happening if you use nvidia driver and happen to have encrypted root.12:51
blackflowthe actual problem in that is that it's been many weeks and NO fix from Canonical.12:51
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, if you truly want to learn and use linux, choose ONE distro and use for a long enough time to study and learn it!  You have been asking "what's better, this OS or that OS?" for the past few weeks.  choose a lane.12:51
tomreynblackflow: yeah if you use proprietary software things can get complicated12:51
LinuxNoviceok. Does that mean for a newbie like me who has switched from Windows, Ubuntu is more suitable?12:51
blackflowtomreyn: doesn't matter, it's officially supported by Ubuntu, so... :)12:52
blackflowhey, just saying, it's not all flowers. sometimes you have to dig deep.12:52
blackfloweven then I'd still recommend Ubuntu over Debian.12:52
BonzodogYes, use Ubuntu for a while. Get used to the foibles of using linux, and don't be scared of the terminal or commandline. learn where files are, and about the filesystem12:52
LinuxNoviceIn Windows the users have little confusion in choosing which version to choose from. But, the number of distros in Linux is so overwhelming.12:53
BonzodogUbuntu is a good place to start in the linux world12:54
BonzodogIts simple, and has GUI's for ost things. X rarely if ever crashes12:55
LinuxNoviceCan we rely upon the page hit ranking in Distrowatch.com to choose a suitable linux distro?12:55
blackflowheh no12:55
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, thus the suggest to choose one and test it.12:55
BonzodogDistrowatch is a shill site12:55
LinuxNoviceI am using a Ubuntu variant now.12:55
cfhowlettthen why are you asking about others?12:55
BonzodogJust stick with what you have and make it work for you.12:55
tomreynhello there12:56
Bonzodogalso, remember - you can install ANY desktop/window manager on that version of ubuntu, so if you feel uncomfortable with the UI for any reason, simply install another WM12:56
LinuxNoviceI was just curious to know. I can expect to get some useful inputs here in choosing a suitable distro.12:56
LinuxNovicethat's great.12:57
LinuxNovicewhat's the difference between WM and Desktop?12:57
snooopsim trying to set up sssd with ubuntu desktop using the ad id_provider. for debug purposes i ran ping domain.tld, which responds: ping: unknown host domain.tld. Is this normal at ubuntu?12:57
BonzodogYou essentially have Ubuntu already, the differnce in the varints is just the desktop they use12:57
snooopsas i read, ubuntu uses the networkmanager to setup dns managemnt instead of resolv.conf12:58
LinuxNovicedifference between Desktop and WM?12:58
blackflowsnooops: actually uses systemd-resolved, at least last two versions. which ubuntu are you on?12:58
Bonzodoga Window Manager does just that - ONLY handles the windows and their frames. A complete desktop environment includes theme specific apps, and a complete look/feel to the UI12:59
blackflowsnooops: and domain.tld does not exist in public dns?12:59
snooopsdomain.tld is my active directory domain12:59
ilhamiI hate Ubuntu's task switcher! it's the worst. :/12:59
blackflowsnooops: you can add it to /etc/hosts12:59
ilhamiI meant Unity's sorry12:59
snooopsnope, those are notebooks ;)12:59
blackflowsnooops: sorry?13:00
ilhamiconsidering installing Gnome now13:00
snooopsi dont like to add hosts entries if i have a working dns server13:00
LinuxNoviceso, DE is more comprehensive that WM?13:00
blackflowsnooops: ah I see so you have to add the dns server to your network config?13:00
snooopsevery other os is handling the resolving of domain.tld correctly: Active Directory round-robin entries. just ubuntu dont like to ping those13:01
BonzodogDE's are XFCE, KDE, Unity, and GNome13:01
LinuxNovicehow can I install a DE on Ubuntu of its variant?13:01
snooopsthe dns server are pushed correctly by dhcp to the client13:01
LinuxNovicewhat is the most appropriate method?13:01
Bonzodoguse aptitude, and search for the DE of your choice, or the software centre13:01
ilhamiapt-cache search keyword13:02
raubHow do I disable the unity search bar or tell it not to try to grab the alt key?13:02
blackflowsnooops: can you confirm that your client can resolve domain.tld against the dns IP?  dig domain.tld @your.dns.ip.here13:03
LinuxNoviceok. that's great. Can I install Enlightenment DE on Ubuntu. It is suggested as a lightweight DE>13:03
snooopsyip thats working13:03
blackflowsnooops: also check   systemd-resolve domain.tld13:03
Bonzodogyes you can. Search the software centre for it13:04
snooopsah kk13:04
LinuxNoviceand is LXQT compatible with Ubuntu, Lubuntu or LXLE?13:04
Bonzodogyes to all of the above13:05
BonzodogI have ubuntu installed with gnome, KDE, XFCE, and Openbox installed, and just relog and switch desktops when I feel like it.13:06
LinuxNoviceand can we install any windows application on Ubuntu through Wine?13:06
snooopsblackflow: yep its working too13:06
snooopsthats the response13:06
hateball!wine | LinuxNovice13:06
ubottuLinuxNovice: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:06
blackflowsnooops: but you can't ping it?13:06
BonzodogNo, there are some massive incompatibilities with WINE13:07
blackflowsnooops: literally "ping nf.local" ?13:07
LinuxNoviceor is there a limit to what kind of windows apps that can be installed on Wine/13:07
snooopsblackfow: yes: ping: unknown host nf.local13:07
ilhamiLXQT ? :) that's the new fork, right?13:07
hateballLinuxNovice: Yes, check the AppDB13:07
Bonzodogyes there is. A lot of windows games won't run on wine currently, especially those tht use Direct X 11 or above13:07
BonzodogWine only supports upto DX9 with any stability13:08
ilhamiWine sucks. :D13:08
hateballGood thing we have thousands of native games then :)13:08
blackflowsnooops: that sounds like a bug I hit recently.... say, when you "dig nf.local @your.dns.ip.here"  is there a "Malformed message" line at the top of dig output?13:08
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BonzodogYeah, linux has an app for almost everything13:08
blackflowhateball: 3000+ and counting, on Steam :)13:09
Bonzodogand has a massive amount of games, including a decent library of AAA titles13:09
snooopsblackflow: nope, no Malformed mesage13:09
blackflowsnooops: then I don't get it, it resolves, but can't ping.... what does "host nf.local" say?13:09
blackflowsnooops: returns the IP, or errors out?13:09
snooopsblackflow: all valid ips13:10
LinuxNoviceI don't want games. Just want to install some apps that run exclusively on Windows.13:10
blackflowsnooops: try "systemctl restart systemd-resolved" and then try ping again?13:10
Bonzodogsuch as?13:10
blackflowphotoshop :)13:10
LinuxNoviceAdobe Acrobat PDF reader.13:10
BonzodogI would bet there are linux alternatives13:10
BonzodogLinux has some good PDF readers13:10
snooopsblackflow: nope, same error: unknown host13:11
Bonzodogbetter than Adobe Acrobat in a couple of cases13:11
snooopsnobody here running sssd on ubuntu 16.04 with an active directory?13:11
hateballOkular is pretty sweet13:11
tomreynsnooops: did you choose .local as your local / AD TLD? if so, bad choice.13:11
LinuxNoviceI am not able to open some pdf files on Ubuntu. They ask for password. But, they open with Adobe reader.13:11
snooopstomreyn: wasnt my idea… but yes i know13:11
LinuxNoviceI have used Okular also.13:11
blackflowsnooops: I was about to suggest you try another tld, that .local sounds like a reserved told13:11
LinuxNoviceBut, strangely, on Sparky Linux, by using qpdf reader, I am able to open them.13:12
Bonzodogso instal qpdf reader on ubuntu then13:13
LinuxNoviceBut, here in Ubuntu, the same files ask for password.13:13
LinuxNoviceEven with qpdf reader.13:13
Bonzodogits probably a setting somewhere. I am not familiar with it myself13:13
LinuxNoviceI have installed every pdf reader available on Ubuntu app store. They still ask for password.13:14
snooopsi will have a look at this, thanks13:14
Bonzodogah, maye it needs your userpassword13:14
blackflowsnooops: you could also put systemd-resolved in debug mode and check the journal as you try ping13:14
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blackflowsnooops: but then, that probably won't show anything since resolving with it directly works.13:15
LinuxNoviceI was able to open these files without password on my android tablet also.13:15
Bonzodogyeah, its a file permissions problem13:15
blackflowsnooops: still, you can check what's going on13:15
tomreynsnooops: so you know this, i guess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.local#Microsoft_recommendations13:15
snooopsblackflow: i will setup a test ad and try this again13:15
Bonzodogthe password will be your user or the root password13:15
LinuxNoviceWith Adobe reader, I dont have any problem.13:15
snooopsblackflow: if its really that .local stuff, i have opened pandora's13:16
LinuxNoviceok. I'll try that and see.13:16
Bonzodogwell no, becuase its reading the files in way that doesn't require admin level access13:16
blackflowsnooops: at the moment, if you can't ping, then I'd look into name resolving as the primary issue13:16
BonzodogIt must have something to do with where the files are being rad from13:16
Bonzodogif its a separate device such as a USB stick, then its most likely mounting the stick without full read/write perms13:17
LinuxNoviceI tried with root password also. It still asks for the password.13:17
LinuxNoviceI didn't have this problem in Sparky linux.13:17
Bonzodogno, its a file mounting problem13:18
LinuxNoviceThe file is copied on the HDD.13:18
LinuxNoviceOther files on that HDD can be read.13:18
LinuxNoviceIt is mounted.13:18
BonzodogI've never even heard of "sparky linux", and I've been using it for 20 years13:18
LinuxNoviceIt is debian based distro.13:18
BonzodogI'm not sure what to suggest, but it does sound like a permissions problem13:19
EriC^^somebody highlighted me?13:20
LinuxNoviceI have this problem on Linux Mint also.13:20
Bonzodogwhen ubuntu reads them, it decides you don't have permission to open them, so asks for a password13:20
BonzodogLinux mint is essentially Ubuntu remixed -.-13:20
LinuxNovicebut, other pdfs are readable without any password.13:21
LinuxNoviceonly a few pdf files ask for password.13:21
LinuxNoviceand these same pdf files are readable on Sparky Linux without the need of any password.13:22
MarcoPso some security updates not get installed with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade? How come I sometimes get an alert after running that and even after it is not showing any needed updates13:22
Bonzodogso, look at them in the file manager, and see if they have permissions set differently13:22
MarcoPso = do13:22
LinuxNoviceBonzodog, how?13:22
cfhowlettMarco, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will grab all updatables13:22
MarcoPthanks cfhowlett13:24
BonzodogI can't remember how to set/check it right now, and I am not currently booted into Ubuntu, as I am dual booting Ubuntu with Windows 10 fast preview13:24
cfhowletthappy2help! Marco13:25
MarcoPsudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:25
MarcoPthis is not terminal is it13:25
laura_hello i have trouble updating ubuntu13:26
cfhowlettlaura_, details?13:26
laura_eventhough my computer is connected to internet it says it fails to download package files13:28
laura_and that i need to check internet connection13:28
cfhowlettlaura_, from the terminal?  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade | pastebinit13:28
laura_ok i think its updating13:30
cfhowlettpaste the url here13:31
laura_waiting for finish13:31
LinuxNoviceI didn't get any solution to my query13:32
nejmHi people, it's me again, my DNS resolution still does not work... I reinstalled resolvconf and upgraded all my packages, but I still cannot resolve webadresses and such...13:47
nejmCould someone tell me what is wrong with my Ubuntu computer that causes only this computer to have trouble with DNS resolution?13:48
nejmbefore I updated from 14.04 to 16.04.1 everything was fine, but now it doesn't work anymore13:48
tomreynnejm: how do you test / what makes you think name resolution does not work?13:49
BluesKajHi all13:49
tomreynnejm: i don't doubt what you're saying, just trying to understand it better13:50
nejmtomreyn: sure, I'm glad you're helping!13:50
nejmI asked this sort of the same question yesterday and we concluded it was the DNS13:50
uthngcpaelzer: I found it. There is a "bug" in do-release-upgrade13:50
uthngin the cache phase, the script does not handle proxy ! It use proxy param laters13:51
uthngI have just hacked the script and all work now13:51
nejmtomreyn: if I type nslookup ubuntu.com I get 'Non-authoritative answer:' and the browser won't load13:51
tomreynnejm: getting a non-authoritative answer is fine. do you get to resolve it, though?13:52
nejmtomreyn: how do I test that?13:52
tomreyni.e. does "nslookup ubuntu.com" retunr an ip address?13:53
nejmah yes, it does13:53
tomreynnejm: can you show the output it generates, using this:13:53
tomreyn!pastebin | nejm13:53
ubottunejm: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:53
nejmehm, I cannot reach paste.ubuntu.com... Shall I pm it?13:54
tomreyngood point, sorry13:54
nejm:~$ nslookup13:55
nejm> ubuntu.com13:55
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com13:55
nejmNon-authoritative answer:13:55
tomreynnejm: too much output. please dont paste multi-line texts to the channel.13:55
MadPsymaybe better doing 'dig +short ubuntu.com'13:55
tomreynwhat does "nslookup ubuntu.com" return for "Address"?13:56
tomreynso name resolution works for this hostname.13:56
tomreyncan you ping it? ping ubuntu.com13:57
tomreynpress ctrl. after a while13:57
tomreynpress ctrl-c after a while13:57
nejmtomreyn: ping: unknown host ubuntu.com13:57
tomreynnejm: okay so your glibc resolver is not working correctly for some reason.13:58
nejmthe weird thing is that nslookup ubuntu.com suddenly gives me this: ** server can't find ubuntu.com: REFUSED13:59
blackflownejm: does "systemd-resolve ubuntu.com" return an address?13:59
nejmblackflow: it also says the connection is refused14:00
blackflownejm: that IP, that nslookup returned, that's for Server:    line?14:00
nejmblackflow: no, it was the Address: line14:01
blackflownejm: and what's in the Server line?14:01
nejmServer: gave me
nejmthis is the same address as the one in /etc/resolv.conf14:01
nejmthis is supposed to be my DNS server right?14:02
blackflownejm: yes, so next question, is that dhcp and is dhcp setting upstream NS resolver?14:02
nejmblackflow: I don't really understand your question, what is dhcp? It is similar to DNS right?14:03
nejmI'm sorry but I know very little about networking...14:03
tomreynnejm: do you manage your internet connection using network manager, the little icon on your desktop's panel which ubuntu provides?14:04
nejmtomreyn: No, I didn't use any GUI I believe14:04
blackflownejm: wait, I'm looking up how to push systemd-resolved into debug log level so you can pastebin that...14:04
=== FouseyIsGod is now known as GodIsFousey
nejmblackflow: I cannot reach the pastebin website, the best I could do now is to send it to you personally14:05
tomreynpastebin won't work for him without name resolution, though14:05
nejmyes exactly14:05
nejmand !pastebinit doesn't work for me either, I just got muted for accidentaly posting multiple lines xD14:06
blackflowyou can force a temporary ns, put    nameserver  into /etc/resolv.conf14:06
tomreynthis should work (termbin.com): echo test | nc 999914:07
nejmblackflow: ah yes of course14:07
nejmI can pastebin again14:07
tomreyneidting resolv.conf will make it difficult to debug this issue.14:07
tomreynediting /etc/hosts is probably a better approach14:08
nejmtomreyn: I can replace back to again if that is necessary14:08
nejmthat was the address in /etc/resolv.conf at boot14:09
nejmblackflow: What output did you want me to post again?14:09
blackflownejm: first, stop the resolver,   "sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved"14:10
nejmblackflow: I did, and then?14:11
nejmI also changed /etc/resolv.conf back to the original address btw14:11
nejmbut I can change it to again in order to paste it14:12
blackflownejm: then run it like this   "sudo SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug /lib/systemd/systemd-resolved"     note: this will produce a lot of output in your terminal14:12
blackflownejm: yes, comment out that nameserver entry for the test14:12
nejmblackflow: shall I pipe it in less then?14:12
blackflownejm: no need, the idea is to try eg "ping ubuntu.com" in another terminal and see what errors will systemd-resolved produce14:13
blackflownejm: if that's inconvenient, you can force that SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL on the systemd-resolved unit file and use journalctl to output to a file that you can pastebin14:13
nejmping says unknown host ubuntu.com14:14
blackflowright, and that first terminal, where you run systemd-resolved, should show you how the resolution went, which IP was queried and what the response was14:15
mmlj4anyone got complaints about a chromebook?14:15
nejmblackflow: this is the output from the first command you gave me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664088/14:16
ikoniammlj4: not really anything to do with ubuntu14:16
ikoniaso not really anything to do with this channel14:16
=== jz is now known as Guest60360
rhaguHi, I gave specific permissions to two testfiles and logged in as one of the two users, I cannot read the file, but I can move it, is this supposed to be possible? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23664095/14:18
nejmblackflow: Do you have any idea what could be wrong?14:20
wafflejockrhagu, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20948946/permissions-required-to-move-file-to-different-directory-in-unix-linux14:21
jeystmHello guys, I am considering the options I 've got about encrypting a whole (new) partition. The current setup I have is an installation of ubuntu 16.04.1 on 2 different partitions (one for / and another for /home which was encrypted during the installation process) along with 1 partition for swap and another empty (the one that I want to encrypt). What are your suggestions about the way should I proceed?14:22
jeystmRight now I am considering about using dm-crypt to encrypt the whole partition, are there any other considerations, serious options as alternatives?14:23
blackflownejm: sorry I was on the phone, I need that output, but when you hit "ping ubuntu.com" in the other terminal14:23
blackflownejm: I wanted to see what the resolver will say about resolving ubuntu.com14:23
mukluksjeystm: it depends on what you want to achieve by using encryption14:23
blackflownejm: although I'm suspecting that what's going on is your upstream DNS resolver is misconfigured if it returns REFUSED when asked for ubuntu.com14:24
jeystmI am using a laptop, so I want every data on it would be encrypted in case of theft or anything similar.14:24
rhaguwafflejock, so my mistake was to try it in the same directory, right?14:24
blackflowjeystm: I always encrypt my roots. primarily in case the drives get stolen14:24
wafflejockrhagu, well basically permissions of doing things with the files in a directory is based on the directory permissions14:25
mukluksmy advice: encrypt everything, because anything unencrypted can be used against you [logs, libraries, tools, configuration options]14:25
jeystmWith security first in my mind, but also usability as I want to be the files on the new encrypted partition seem like a true mounted partition14:25
nejmblackflow: haha I altready thought you were busy or something, the command 'nslookup ubuntu.com' indeed gives refused14:25
blackflowjeystm: simplest thing is encrypt root and be done with it. the installer can do it, you need separate /boot, and a LUKS container partition, inside which you'll either do single root, or run LVM to have multiple partitioning capabilities of the encrypted space14:25
jeystmSo whats the way you suggest I should go?14:26
nejmblackflow: ping simply cannot reach ubuntu.com14:26
jeystmoh right14:26
mukluksjeystm: simplest way: fresh install of ubuntu, full encryption14:26
blackflownejm: and systemd-resolved is listing exactly what it does to get the addr of ubuntu.com so can you pastebin that?14:26
CoderEuropehttps://thepasteb.in/p/P1hv8QyxmJ5Sl "VirtualBox"14:26
nejmblackflow: just systemd-resolved?14:26
nejmI mean as command?14:26
jeystmWhy encrypting / is so crucial tho? Are there only system files saved in / ?14:27
blackflownejm: no, you need that SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug environment variable14:27
mukluksjeystm: i'll say this again: my advice: encrypt everything, because anything unencrypted can be used against you [logs, libraries, tools, configuration options]14:27
nejmblackflow: I just sent it, the url is http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664088/14:27
blackflownejm: yes but I need its output when you run ping ubuntu.com in another terminal14:28
blackflowis this it?14:28
blackflowI see no "ubuntu.com" queried in that output14:28
mukluksjeystm: having openvpn installed is a crime in some countries - an encrypted home directory isn't going to help you there14:28
jeystmWhat about affected performance, since my laptop isnt so strong? There will be hassles? It has only a B960 2-core14:28
ikoniajgabor: there is overhead at encypt/decrypt time14:29
nejmblackflow: so I have to ping in one terminal and at the same time run that large command you gave me in another?14:29
mukluksjeystm: performance will be worse when using encryption, this is correct14:29
blackflownejm: first you run that large command, it starts the resolver "manually" so you can observe whats' going on. then in another window you ping ubuntu.com, then you check in that first window the output about resolving ubuntu.com14:29
jeystmyeah thats what I thought.14:29
nejmblackflow: aaaaah I see14:30
blackflownejm: and all that while the default "systemd-resolved" service is stopped of course14:30
jeystmto be honest mukluks I really care about personal stuff, not so much about configs or system logs14:30
nejmI already stopped that service a while ago14:30
nejmblackflow: I'll stop it again just to be shure14:30
mukluksjeystm: don't underestimate the privacy risks of not protecting your metadata14:31
tomreynjeystm: full disk encryption will not slow things much on modern systems, especially with the 'aes'(-ni) cpu flag and with an ssd. you can use the dmcrypt benchmark option to check which encryption mechanism is best suited for your system.14:31
mukluksbut hey, if you cared about privacy that much we'd be discussing this in #qubes14:31
jeystmI don't and I see your point, you are very right about it.14:31
jeystmtomreyn I am using a laptop with a Pentium B960 2-core along with a 5400rpm HDD, full disk encryption won14:32
jeystmwont slow it?14:32
ikoniajeystm: why do you want encyption14:33
ikoniagenuine question14:33
jeystmI already answered14:33
ikoniawhat are you trying to protect that is "that" secret14:33
blackflowjeystm: note, "full disk encryption" usually means encrypting /boot as well. that's a manual process, the installer can't doing on its own afaik14:33
ikoniasorry - I missed that answer, what is it ?14:33
nejmblackflow: It is very weird but all of a sudded pinging works, the debug output does not change, do I need to stop the pinging?14:33
jeystmits a laptop with a lot of travel going on, I want my personal stuff stay so in case of a theft14:33
tomreynjeystm: sure, it will slow it in every configuration. in your case it will likely be quite noticeable.14:33
blackflownejm: yes, you just needed first few packets to get the resolving14:33
ikoniajeystm: so just encypt a directory instead ?14:33
ikoniajeystm: and being honest (I don't know - I'm asking) is your personal stuff needing that level of protection14:34
jeystmThats actually why I am discussing it, if they werent I wouldnt be here14:34
blackflownejm: so then revert back to running systemd-resolved as a service. close that big command down (Ctrl-C) and systemctl start systemd-resolved.     does resolving ubuntu.com work now?14:34
jeystmI think encryption is fundamental and should be everywhere. I know there would be compromises such as performance for instance, thats why I want your opinions about it14:35
blackflowif you have ANY personal data on those drives, mails, documents, anything, it's worth encrypting14:35
blackfloweven the browser cache is worth encrypting14:35
jeystmI couldn't agree more with blackflow14:35
blackflowso basically, unless you're using your computer in kiosk mode with zero personal things going on, encrypt it.14:35
jeystmblackflow what about creating a large veractypt file vault, lets say about 400GB (instead of partition) and decrypt it every time I log on and have it mounted permanently?14:37
blackflowthere was a research on personal data leaked through re-sold drives on ebay and friends. it's apaling what you can find there.14:37
ikoniajeystm: how much data ar eyou actually trying to protect here ?14:37
blackflowjeystm: no idea. I always do luks based encrypted root, lately even FDE with encrypted /boot.14:37
nejmblackflow: I used sudo service systemd-resolved start because systemctl didn't work, and I test resolution by 'nslookup ubuntu.com' right?14:37
jeystmIdeally I would like every partition except / to be encrypted. But I guess I could narrow down the files that I ll keep in the14:38
blackflownejm: systemctl didn't work? are you sure? it has no output14:38
ikoniajeystm: every partition ?14:38
ikoniajeystm: how many partitions do you have14:38
jeystm"Hello guys, I am considering the options I 've got about encrypting a whole (new) partition. The current setup I have is an installation of ubuntu 16.04.1 on 2 different partitions (one for / and another for /home which was encrypted during the installation process) along with 1 partition for swap and another empty (the one that I want to encrypt). What are your suggestions about the way should I proceed?"14:38
* DArqueBishop shrugs.14:39
CoderEuropeHiya, sorry I am new to VirtualBox - just trying to get it installed for derivatives & I got this screenshot for a Beta image last time: https://imgur.com/r/VirtualBox/BPWYBXu Do I need to install 'VirtualBox' Extensions ? If So = how ?14:39
nejmblackflow: it gave me a pop-up and "Failed to start systemd-resolved.service: Connection timed out"14:39
ikoniajeystm: so you even want to encypt an empty partition ?14:39
nejmI'll try it again14:39
jeystmthe size of the disk is 1TB, the 3 partitions take up something about 100GB the rest is left for the new partition14:39
jeystmany empty partition that would be filled soon with my personal stuff14:39
ikoniajeystm: would it not be easier to just keep your data on /home and just encypt /home14:40
ikoniarahter than make it more complex14:40
ikoniaand less work to decrypt and manage14:40
blackflownejm: do it again and then pastebin the output of     sudo journalctl -u systemd-resolved.service -n 10014:40
DArqueBishopTo be fair, if it were a personal laptop used for business or a cmpany-owned laptop, there may even be legal reasons for encrypting the disk.14:40
jeystmI am not currently trusting so much ecryptfs thats the reason I turned down the option of that. but with LUKS that changes I guess14:41
mukluksThere are definitely strong legal and business reasons for fully encrypting any business laptop14:41
ikoniajeystm: no matter what encyption method you are using, it just seems sensiel to encypt a single partition rather than stuff that you don't care about14:41
nejmblackflow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664211/14:41
ikoniasensible even14:42
jeystmthere is another issue also14:42
jeystmI might wanna proceed in the future with dual boot, for example with Ubuntu and Fedora14:42
blackflownejm: that's last of it?14:42
blackflownejm: looks like it works? what does   systemctl status systemd-resolved    say?14:42
ikoniajeystm: even more reason to just do /home14:42
nejmyes, that's all14:42
mukluksjeystm: i think you need qubes14:43
jeystmusing a seperate partition that constantly is encrypted and only personal stuff is in there, affects none the partitioning of future /home partitions or / or anything14:43
mukluksfor several reasons14:43
ikoniajeystm: no it doesn't14:43
ikoniajeystm: just share the /home14:43
ikoniathen you can partition up the disk for the other dile systems dynamic14:43
ikoniathe only thing you need is the key for /home14:43
jeystmI like the idea of cubes mukluks, but as I said I am worried about my CPU role on the smoothness14:43
CoderEuropeQuestion: sorry I am new to VirtualBox - just trying to get it installed for derivatives & I got this screenshot for a Beta image last time: https://imgur.com/r/VirtualBox/BPWYBXu Do I need to install 'VirtualBox' Extensions ? If So = how ? I could do with a hand?14:43
ikoniaCoderEurope: for derivatives ?14:43
nejmblackflow: it seems OK, there is a green circle and it says it has been active for six minutes14:43
blackflownejm: so, can you ping ubuntu.com now?14:44
CoderEuropeikonia, Need help with Virtual Box on Unity Ubuntu 16.0414:44
nejmblackflow: no... it still doesn't regonize the host...14:44
mukluksjeystm: at some point you run up against the harsh reality of encryption/segregation performance overheads and useability14:44
ikoniaCoderEurope: so whats the derivative14:44
jeystmikonia another thing I don't like so much is using my login password to a distro as encryption for everything.14:45
CoderEuropeUbuntu Mate14:45
nejmblackflow: I am so happy someone is helping me because I have no idea what is going on if I see all this output and all xD14:45
jeystmI prefer keeping some stuff seperate than other14:45
ikoniajeystm: got to be honest, you're just putting obsticals in the way of anything usable, so I suggest you just do what you want as you are changing the requirement14:45
* mukluks agrees with ikonia14:45
jeystmNo I don't, I am just helping you understand my feelings, thoughts and find something that feets my needs. Otherwise googling about those stuff is enought14:46
jeystmthats why I came here14:46
ikoniajeystm: I don't think you want something usable14:46
blackflownejm: at this point I have no idea what's going on either, because running it manually works, but running it as a service doesn't.14:46
jeystmomg feets xD14:46
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox14:46
ikoniaCoderEurope: so whats the derivative14:46
CoderEuropeikonia I told you Ubuntu Mate14:46
Quetzalcoatl codereurope: looks like a refresh issue. yes, you can try to install vbox extensions14:46
jeystmikonia you cant accept the fact that I want to encrypt a seperate partition *alone*? is that what you are saying?14:47
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl:  how to do that ?14:47
ikoniaCoderEurope: then what's ubuntu unity got to do with it ?14:47
ikoniajeystm: not at all14:47
CoderEuropethats the base OS14:47
jeystmand encrypt/decrypt it anytime I want?14:47
jeystmwith the strong encryption algos I want to choose?14:47
blackflownejm: one thing you can do is put   Environment=SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug    in the [Service]   section of    /lib/systemd/system/systemd-resolved.service14:47
jeystmbecause I cant have both strong encryption and performance in that laptop, thats why I dont want my OS to depent on the encryption of the partition14:48
skinuxI'm trying to run a game, but it says snd_oss.so is missing, what package do I need?14:48
blackflownejm: that way you can use the resolver as a service, and look at debugging output (and pastebin it) via journalctl -u systemd-resolved.service14:48
ikoniajeystm: I'm saying you want to use an encyption method that doesn't stress your machine too much, gives you ability to dynamically change partitions as your needs change, has a different password than the login, will be compatible between mutliple distros, straightforward to manage and secure is not really something that you're going to get14:48
blackflownejm: don't forget to remove that Environment=... line from that file later14:48
Quetzalcoatlcodereurope: start your vm first. second from Virtual Box window select Devices menu and click on Insert Guest Additions14:49
blackflownejm: or even better, copy that file over to /etc/systemd/system/ so you don't mess with system files directly14:49
jeystmikonia so using dm-crypt and encrypting that given partition is not an option for example?14:49
CoderEuropeokay Quetzalcoatl14:49
ikoniajeystm: thats a metadevice encyption thats not going to allow you to resize your partitions14:49
jeystmI already said I want to encrypt a specific partition only that would not be resized14:50
ikoniajeystm: yes, but that locks your partition table before / after the disk14:50
ikoniabefore / after the patition sorry14:50
Quetzalcoatlcodereurope: then in the file manager you have to select the Guest Addition and run VBoxLinuxAddition.run14:51
Skyravenhi guys, I have a more general Linux question:)  but it is an Ubuntu that I run; I use a Juniper to scp a log to an Ubuntu machine; the result is a file that has the rights 600 for example; On the Ubuntu, I tried: changing .bashrc and setting an umask, changing the /etc/pam/sshd and setting an umask all to no avail, the file remains 0600. Anything else that I might be missing or doing wrong? Can I really not get the file to be made 14:51
jeystmthats something I didnt know :P can you elaborate some more. so i ll not be able to resize,delete and create any other partitions?14:52
Quetzalcoatlcodereurope: you can do that by running the script in a terminal or by double clicking the script. you have to enter the root password which may be the same password as your current user14:52
nejmblackflow: so wait I need to add a new line with "Environment=SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL=debug" to the file "/etc/systemd/system/systemd-resolved.service" right?14:52
nejmunder the [Service] section?14:53
ikoniajeystm: if you have say a 300mb disk, and you have 3 x 100mb partitions, and your middle one is encypted, if you want to say make 200mb partition and your 100mb partition, you can't because the data is locked either side of the encypted partition14:54
jeystmoh I get it14:54
jeystmso after the dm-crypt encrypted partition I cannot make any change, right?14:55
blackflownejm: yes, that will allow you to run the systemd-resolved service regularly, and still have debug output14:55
ikoniajeystm: you can but it's a LOT of effort14:55
blackflownejm: the output will be in the journal14:55
jeystmbut the previous ones I can edit them, right?14:55
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl: I dont know where the script is or what to type, sorry about this.14:55
blackflownejm: so the process is similar. Add that environment var, restart systemd-resolved, try pinging ubuntu.com, check journalctl -u systemd-resolved.service14:56
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl: I got to the GuestAddition bit in devices.14:56
Quetzalcoatlcodereurope: did the Guest additions appeared in your file manager ?14:56
nejmblackflow: there is no file  systemd-resolved.service  in /etc/systemd/system/, is that OK?14:56
nejmwow it's cursive14:57
nejmblackflow: didn't I need to copy a file or something?14:57
CoderEuropeQuestionTime: Where should it 'appear' in FM ?14:57
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl:   Where should it 'appear' in FM ?14:58
nejmblackflow: Nah I'll just modify the systems file directly, I got a backup from yesterday in case everything goes wrong14:58
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl:    Brback14:59
n0mlHello. Do anyone know how to make systemd boot linearly instead of in pararell? I'm trying to troubleshoot some booting problems in Ubuntu 16.0415:00
CedaraIs there a site where folks are collecting info on what printers work with ubuntu?15:00
CedaraCause I'd like to put in that Epson EcoTank ET-2550 works fine.15:00
n0mlCedara: https://h-node.org/printers/catalogue/en15:00
nejmblackflow: how did I restart systemd-resolved again? normally I use sudo service x stop / sudo service x restart, but appearently systemctl is different?15:00
Cedarata, n0ml15:01
blackflownejm: no, the service unit file is default in systemd lib, but you can edit it directly or copy over to /etc/systemd/system and edit there (preferred, so later you can simply delete the file)15:01
n0mlCedara: no problem my friend15:01
blackflownejm: systemctl restart systemd-resolved15:01
blackflownejm: obvious difference is that the verb and service name have swapped places15:02
nejmo that sounds easier than I thought xD15:02
nejmdoes that matter?15:02
blackflownejm: does what matter?15:02
nejmthat verb and service have swapped places?15:03
* QuestionTime was confused but figured it out 15:04
CoderEuropeQuetzalcoatl: I get to this point: http://imgur.com/a/n99gK , now what ?15:05
CoderEuropeit does nothing after that.15:05
nejmblackflow: I think I got it http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664269/15:06
nejmpinging in another terminal does nothing to the output15:06
Quetzalcoatlcoder europe:from what i see you are running ubuntu in a vm? correct?15:07
nejmblackflow: can you make up anything from it?15:14
mnms_Hi guys. Anyone tried to solve following problem "Diskfilter writes are not supported". I have tried update grub but without success?15:20
nejmblackflow: Did the paste go wrong?15:20
nejmblackflow: are you still here?15:22
ikoniamnms_: did you not ask about this yesterday ?15:25
Genk1 /msg NickServ identify linux200915:26
hateballGenk1: probably a good idea to change password15:27
mnms_ikonia: Yes and I tried with grub update, because it should be fixed in latest grub version, but it didnt help. Other option I have is this patch so I wanted to ask maybe someone got other solution15:27
ikoniamnms_: thats not what I told you to do15:27
ikoniamnms_: what did I tell you to do to fix it ?15:27
OutOfSpaceGood morning everyone15:27
mnms_ikonia: as far as I understood to create a boot partition outside lvm ?15:28
ikoniamnms_: thats right, create /boot on a mirror partition, that is just a partition, then put / and anything else you wanted inside lvm15:28
ikoniamnms_: did you do that ?15:28
mnms_ikonia: Ok I didnt know how to start with this to be honest thats why I left this apporach :)15:29
skinuxHow do I tell Ubuntu to automatically (by default) use WINE for launching EXEs?15:29
ikoniamnms_: so you didn't do what I told you to fix it, you've not said you didn't know and desipte me telling you how to fix it you're still asking "how do I fix it"15:29
OutOfSpacedon't get angry now ikonia :)15:29
ikoniaI'm not angry15:29
mnms_ikonia: I just dont know If Im able to do that cause I allocate whole space to swap and root15:30
ikoniamnms_: ok so the questio is not "how do I fix this" the question you should be asking, is "how do I setup a mirrored boot partition outside of lvm"15:30
ikoniamnms_: I'm not trying to be rude, but you must understand how frustrating and perceived rude it is when I spend half an hour explaining your problem and how to fix it, and then I see you've not done anything I aksed and you're blindly just asking "how do I fix it"15:31
mnms_ikonia: Yes. Sorry my mistake :)15:31
mnms_ikonia: Ok I understand.15:31
OutOfSpaceCan someone tell me if I will have any problems if i update my ubuntu currently running 14.04 on a Lenovo Carbon X1 gen315:31
ikoniamnms_: it's fine, but you already know the answer, I've given it to you, so ask the question you need to know the answer to "how do I setup a seperate mirrored boot partition outside of lvm' rather than blindly "how do I fix it" you already know15:31
ikoniaOutOfSpace: impossible to confirm however if you're "ok" on 14.04 you should be "ok" with updates15:32
mnms_ikonia: I think I wanted to solve it in more simple way thats way I didnt start asking about your solution. Sorry.15:32
OutOfSpaceI WILL Try and update if anything goes south i can always reinstall15:32
ikoniamnms_: no need for sorry, just keep in mind the effort we want to to understand your problem and fi15:32
ikoniafix it15:32
mnms_ikonia: So how do I setup a seperate mirrored boot partition outside of lvm?15:33
mnms_If I allocated whole space15:33
ikoniamnms_: so you need to partition approx 500mb on each disk at the start,15:33
ikoniamnms_: is your whole disk running lvm currently (I don't remember)15:33
mnms_ikonia: how can I check it? fdisk will not tell me this right ?15:36
mnms_should I install pvdisplay ?15:36
mnms_ikonia: I dont use LVM at all I think15:37
mnms_ikonia: in /etc/fstab I have two entries with UUIDS15:39
mnms_ikonia: So If Im not using LVM, what option do I have? add another disk ?15:48
ikoniamnms_: what do you mean ?15:48
mnms_ikonia: From fstab I see I dont use LVM.15:49
=== Teemo is now known as rory
mnms_ikonia: Can I add somehow boot parition if I dont use LVM and / take whole disk space?15:50
ikoniamnms_: are you %100 sure you are not using lvm as yesterday you said you where15:50
rohanrhuhow can i downgrade ubuntu 16.10 from 17.04?15:50
rohanrhu17.04 beta is very buggy now15:50
EriC^^rohanrhu: you can't15:50
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.15:50
rohanrhuEriC^^: there is not something i can try?15:51
mnms_ikonia:   I thought RAID needs LVM, but it looks he doesnt15:51
ikoniamnms_: put your fstab in a pastebin please15:51
EriC^^rohanrhu: no idea15:51
ikoniamnms_: lets see what you see15:51
ikoniarohanrhu: just clean install15:51
ikoniarohanrhu: if you're using pre-release software there can't be anything important on it15:51
ikoniaso just blat it and re-install15:51
geniirohanrhu: If you want to go back to a previous version, you need to do a complete reinstall from scratch15:51
mnms_ikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664469/15:52
ikoniamnms_: ok, so the easiest approach for you would be to re-install creating a seperate /boot mirror15:52
ikoniamnms_: that would be the easiest / quickest approach15:53
mnms_ikonia: And what is the other approach?15:53
ikoniayou'd have to break mirrors, re-size and resync15:54
mnms_ikonia: right now my mirror is in degradated state15:54
CarlFKbooted a 11.10 cd on a 686 (other cd's I have are x64)  - how can I apt-get install openssh-server?  (pretty sure 11.10 repos have been pulled, so I need.. there is a repo that has all the historic stuff right?15:54
mnms_so Im ready to go?15:54
mnms_ikonia: or what does mean breakinga mirror ?15:55
ra21vii aam getting error trying to install qt5-default .. added ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa but somehow its not letting me install qt5-default15:55
ikoniamnms_: it means stopping the mirror between disks (as you're changing the structure)15:55
mnms_ikonia: it also means destroying the mirror for a moment ?15:56
ikoniamnms_: stopping the awareness of the other disk15:56
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mnms_ikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664508/ this is my current raid state. Is it right state for changin structure? sdb is not added to array15:58
ikoniamnms_: that will work15:58
mnms_ikonia: How I should start, can you help me a little with it?15:59
ikoniamnms_: I'm about to leave, but basically 1.) boot from a a disk 2.) resize other disk how you want it 3.) boot from resized disk 4.) copy partition table from current disk to old disk 5.) create raid device and let data sync 6.) update grub/fstab to boot from /use raid device 7.) reboot16:00
ikoniamnms_: honestly - a reinstall will be 10 minutes work and so much easier16:00
ikoniathis will take you hours16:00
mnms_ikonia: but there is a lot of services configured16:01
mnms_its really lost option...16:01
ikoniamnms_: back up those configs16:01
ikoniamnms_: if this has important work on it - this is a bad idea to do it on the fly16:01
ikoniaI have to leave so good luck16:01
mnms_ikonia: have a nice day, bye and thanks16:02
mnms_looks complicated16:02
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coffeewaterI'm stuch16:04
ra21viis ubuntu-sdk conflicting with qt5-default on 16.04?16:04
bgrayinstalled 16.04 on xps 13/9350, ubuntu-restricted-extras and flash (in Firefox) is a bit choppy full screen. any tips?16:04
coffeewaterwhenever I make a ssh connection I am always asked for my ssh keyphrase, how do I stop this?16:04
coffeewaterI have a public key16:04
bgraycoffeewater: ssh-agent?16:08
CoderEuropeQuestion: Hi there can someone please come on TeamSpeak and sort out Virtualbox for me & my derivative-virtual-disks, please ?16:08
=== blackhole is now known as Guest78883
ra21vilooks like i have messed up with ubuntu by installing intel drivers grom 01.org16:10
CoderEuropehello ?16:11
ra21vithough i uninstalled "intel-graphics installer", but the overidden packages from that repo is still present, and breaking deps for other16:11
ra21viany help fix my system would be great... i cannot reinstall it16:12
CoderEuropeI have been trying to install VirtualBox for 2 hours .16:12
bgrayCoderEurope: from where?16:12
leptonedoes anyone know how to run a bash command that runs in the background16:13
leptonehere is what im trying to do:16:13
EriC^^leptone: command &16:13
tonytCoderEurope i cant do team speak but vbox is easy to isntall16:13
leptoneEriC^^, tried that, it doesn't accomplish what im trying to achieve16:13
tonytCoderEurope what error are you getting?16:14
pavlosleptone, do the bash command output anything ? this wont work in bg16:14
leptoneid like to: npm i <a bunch of packages this will take a while>16:14
ra21vithis is the error i am getting - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664585/16:14
popeyCoderEurope: have you enabled "Enable 3d acceleration" in virtualbox settings on the host?16:14
CoderEuropeI already have VirtualBox up and ruinning - I NEED to install 'extensions' to get Ubuntu Mate 16.10running on virtual disk . This is the kind of error I am getting : https://imgur.com/r/VirtualBox/BPWYBXu16:14
popey(you probably need to)16:14
leptonebut have the shell give me stdin back so i can run other commands from the same shell while im waiting for those packages to install16:14
CoderEuropepopey thankyou so much ... :)16:15
leptonepavlos, yes they output text16:15
EriC^^leptone: does it usually ask for confirmation?16:15
leptoneEriC^^, never16:15
popeyCoderEurope: http://imgur.com/a/6a3wM this option16:15
popeyCoderEurope: then restart the guest16:15
EriC^^leptone: it should wok nin the background then, what happens when you try?16:15
EriC^^*work in16:15
blackflownejm: sorry I had to be elsewhere, I'm at work16:16
leptoneEriC^^, it runs like regular (output), except once its done it doesn't give me stdin back16:16
blackflownejm: I don't see anything in that, it'd be great if you could journalctl ... > into-a-file   and then pastebin the file16:16
leptonelike i need to kill it with ctrl + c to get the command line back16:16
CoderEuropepopey: trying now after changes you opted for :)16:16
leptoneEriC^^, ^16:17
EriC^^leptone: it should give you stdin back immediately16:18
leptoneEriC^^, it doesn't16:18
EriC^^npm i package &16:18
EriC^^it should show like [1] <number>16:18
EriC^^and give you the shell back16:18
EriC^^paste the stuff you get in a pastebin16:19
CoderEuropepopey, Sorry should I 'try' or 'install' for permenant testing of Ubuntu Mate 16.10 ? not sure (looking nifty thou :) )16:19
leptoneEriC^^, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23664601/16:20
pavlosleptone, sleep 10 & should sleep for 10 seconds and come back. It should give you [1] PID and back to your prompt. In 10 seconds, it will print [1]+ Done16:21
EriC^^leptone: ok, so it's giving you stdin back but it keeps outputting stuff16:21
leptoneEriC^^, no it is not giving stdin16:21
EriC^^leptone: try with npm i package >/dev/null 2>&1 &16:21
leptonewell i can do Ctrl + c16:21
ra21vii am getting this error - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664585/    help??16:21
leptoneoh i guess i can type16:21
leptoneEriC^^, ok so i guess im asking how do i silence the output, maybe?16:22
EriC^^leptone: yes, that command will silence the output16:22
leptoneEriC^^, what's up with the null? is that a keyword bash understands?16:23
EriC^^leptone: it's file in the system that whatever goes to, disappears16:23
CoderEuropepopey did you get that ? (look up)16:23
EriC^^like a tiny blackhole16:23
leptoneEriC^^, so ill be creating it?16:23
leptoneits just a text file16:24
EriC^^leptone: no, it's already there16:24
leptoneEriC^^, ok thx16:24
leptonewhats with the > 1 &16:25
EriC^^> redirects stdout to /dev/null and 2> redirects stderr to &1 (which means whatever stdout is, so /dev/null too)16:25
leptoneshouldnt it just be: npm i > /dev/null &16:25
EriC^^no, that'll just redirect stdout, it'll keep giving stderr16:25
leptoneEriC^^, why are theyre errors in the first place16:26
EriC^^leptone: there aren't16:26
popeyCoderEurope: sorry, laptop got stolen by wife.. use install if you want to install it in a vm16:26
EriC^^just in case it sends any16:27
joker_i have error in mysql16:27
EriC^^leptone: you can do without the 2>&1 that way if it gives an error you can still see the message16:27
EriC^^if you want it completely silent for whatever reason you can use it16:27
n0mlWe are having the following issue with Ubuntu 16.04: Boot is interrupted half way and reboots suddlenly. We have tried different debian based distros and get the same problem. Only freebsd seems to boot Ok...16:27
CoderEuropepopey, no worries = I am in ! have a wonderous chrimbo ! sorry i couldnt get you anything off your wishlist n'all. Maybe next year !16:27
ra21viguys, how can i fix this dependency problem - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664630/16:28
ventoubuntu user from china16:29
Antaresgrep -rl eiskaltdcpp ~/skylitedcpp-3.0.0/ | xargs perl -p -i -e 's/eiskaltdcpp/skylitedcpp/g'16:31
Antarescreating *.bak files16:31
Antareshau dont craet he16:31
pavloswhat language?16:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:34
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:34
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acresearchpeople, i have ubuntu 16.04, i am trying to use VIM, but it seems it have a different command structure? when i press the arrow keys it writes capital D and i cannot delete in insert mode. what changed?16:36
Random832acresearch, are you running it as "vim" or "vi"?16:36
acresearchRandom832: vi16:36
acresearchRandom832: are they different?16:36
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
Random832when you run "vi" it runs by default in compatibility mode, which (among other things) disables an option that allows arrow keys to work in insert mode16:37
acresearchRandom832: hmmm, has this always been in ubuntu?16:37
Random832yeah - you might not have noticed if you had a .vimrc file or were running as 'vim' before16:37
acresearchRandom832: i have always used vim on cluster computers, but when i started in ubuntu i found this issue, what should i do?16:38
SwedeMikeacresearch: I can replicate your result anyway, "vi" on 16.04 behaves like classic "vi" and not like "vim"16:38
acresearchSwedeMike: oh16:38
SwedeMikeacresearch: you should install "vim" and use "vim" instead of "vi".16:38
Random832it also depends on whether you have full vim installed or vim-tiny16:38
acresearchSwedeMike: does ubuntu 16.10 have the same issue?16:38
SwedeMikeacresearch: I have no diea.16:39
SwedeMikesince I am grown up with classic "vi", I tend to go in and out of edit mode all the time, so I don't notice.16:39
ra21vii am getting this error - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664585/    help??16:39
n0mlacresearch: Debian will use vim if vim is installed even if you try to run vi16:39
SwedeMikeI am so old, I even know how to move around without cursor keys.16:39
acresearchn0ml: hmmmm i see16:39
acresearchSwedeMike: can you elaborate on edite mode? i am still new to vim16:40
naccn0ml: you can change the alternative, iirc16:41
n0mlacresearch: vim works in a different way to most other editors, it would be more helpful to you if you follow a introductory guide, as there are a few quirks and things you need to learn16:41
n0mlnacc: yeah, I know. What I meant is that the alternative is set by default.16:41
SwedeMikeacresearch: https://www.washington.edu/computing/unix/vi.html16:41
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gallomimiaright. so i managed to get myself some PDF files... books, magazines, etc. Some are just fine, but some have strange formatting errors, characters missing... symbols in place of what should be words. how can i fix this? maybe a better viewer program, or installing fonts?16:43
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=== Heartbroken is now known as Birosso
ra21viwould appreciate if someone help me fix this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664585/16:45
n0mlgallomimia: what viewer are you using?16:45
ra21vii am stuck16:45
gallomimiai actually have no idea. i just doubleclick16:45
gallomimiai think it's.... atril ?16:45
wafflejockgallomimia, check in the help-> about typically in there16:45
gallomimiai should mention that i have a copy of ubuntu-mate installed16:45
naccra21vi: seems unrelated to the purge command? do you get that output with `sudo apt-get -f install` as well?16:45
gallomimiahey! atril it is yep16:46
ra21vinacc, getting - 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:46
wafflejockgallomimia, you can try evince think it's the default for regular Ubuntu or grab adobe reader I suppose, not sure if adobe reader is in the repos or not though will check16:46
naccra21vi: can you pastebin `apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-glx libqt5multimedia5-plugins libqgsttools-p1`. Also what version of ubuntu?16:47
gallomimiathanks for the info. not particularly fond of the official reader16:47
wafflejockgallomimia, okay yeah here are some options http://askubuntu.com/questions/18495/which-pdf-viewer-would-you-recommend16:47
gallomimiathat thar's the best place for me i think16:48
wafflejockgallomimia, looks like the adobe one is in a different repo you'd have to add to install it with the package manager or software center or whatever16:48
wafflejockno prob16:48
ra21vinacc, i suspect, the problem is once I installed intel graphics from 01.org.. then removed its tool after few days of no success with graphics.. but while I installed, it updated lots of packages with *-intel-xxx type versions... overriding those in default repo...16:48
naccra21vi: yes, that's probably the case, you'll need to purge their repository correctly (it's not just a matter of removing the repository)16:48
ra21vinacc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664710/16:49
naccra21vi: right, so you have a intel specific version of libgl1-mesa-glx16:50
naccra21vi: i would suggest installing the ubuntu version16:50
naccra21vi: iirc, apt install libgl1-mesa-glx=11.2.0-1ubuntu2.216:50
ra21vinacc, i tried install --reinstall, it failed too16:50
gallomimiathis is pretty gross. the state of PDF viewing on linux makes penguin tears freeze.16:51
naccra21vi: right, that will just reinstall the *current* version, which is the intel one16:51
naccra21vi: you need to install the ubuntu version16:51
=== precise is now known as inaccurate
ra21vinacc, tried above command, failed too ... - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664720/16:52
ra21vinacc, same error16:52
ra21vinacc, i am on 16.0416:53
=== inaccurate is now known as precise
n0mlgallomimia: you can try other viewers like xpdf or mupdf (I like mupdf but you need to run it from the command line)16:53
gallomimiawafflejock: evince and atril both have missing characters in the exact same spot. going to try more16:53
gallomimiai'm not afraid of having to use command line16:53
gallomimiai usually prefer it16:54
gallomimiabut i'm starting to lean on the idea of missing fonts and the like16:54
uxfihey all16:55
n0mlgallomimia: get mupdf, it's super fast16:55
uxfigood morning gallomimia16:56
gallomimialong time no see i guess16:56
uxfioh right hehe16:56
uxfiling time16:56
uxfihow are u16:56
uxfisame here16:56
gallomimiabetter i guess16:56
uxfistaying warm..16:56
gallomimiamy free amazon slice got shut down so i went without IRC for awhile. moved my bouncer into my desktop16:56
gallomimiawarm? hah. no. i have a job that involves snow removal during the worst of weather16:57
ra21vinacc, any idea what to do now17:00
nicomachus!ot | all17:00
ubottuall: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:00
OutOfSpaceCan someone help me fix my fingerprint scanner17:00
OutOfSpaceccarbon x1 gen 317:00
nicomachusOutOfSpace: depends. what's the problem?17:00
OutOfSpaceits not installed17:00
nicomachusOutOfSpace: does it show up under lspci?17:01
OutOfSpacean article online suggests that i simply install it with sudo apt-get install fprintd fingerprint-gui17:01
nicomachusand did you try that?17:01
nicomachusand it didn't work?17:01
naccra21vi: someone has been e-mailing the ubuntu-devel list, iirc, for modifying ppa-purge to support removing arbitrary repositories (and all packages they provide)17:01
gallomimia"it" what do you mean by its not installed?17:01
OutOfSpace sudo apt-get install fprintd fingerprint-gui17:01
OutOfSpaceReading package lists... Done17:01
OutOfSpaceBuilding dependency tree17:01
OutOfSpaceReading state information... Done17:01
OutOfSpaceE: Unable to locate package fingerprint-gui17:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:01
gallomimiaOutOfSpace: what exactly do you figure you need to "install" ?17:03
OutOfSpacea fingerptint sensor17:03
gallomimiawell, better go buy one then?17:03
OutOfSpaceits on my laptop17:03
OutOfSpacealready there17:03
naccra21vi: you might be able to try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/343390/how-to-remove-intels-open-source-technology-center-driver17:04
gallomimianow we're getting somewhere. we need a LOT more info. please be more concise when answering questions17:04
nicomachusOutOfSpace: you just need the driver for it.17:04
nicomachusOutOfSpace: as I asked already: does it show up under lspci?17:04
gallomimiago back to where someone was asking you if the device is detected or not17:04
OutOfSpacenicomachus: no it does not when i type LSPCI in console17:06
pavlosOutOfSpace, do you know how to pastebin? iso so, gives us the result of lspci | pastebinit17:06
nicomachusbetter to use ' lspci | nc termbin 9999 ' since pastebinit is not likely installed17:06
nicomachuserrr... that's not right. forget it.17:07
OutOfSpacenicomachus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664799/17:07
nicomachusOutOfSpace: sudo lshw | pastebinit17:08
howarthlirc has to be the most obtuse software ever created17:08
howarthI a MacBook Pro 2,1 reporting keystrokes via 'irw'17:09
gallomimianicomachus, OutOfSpace: looks like there's no fp sensor on that list. probably on USB. try lsusb17:09
howarth0000000087ee810b 00 KEY_VOLUMEUP Apple_A115617:09
OutOfSpacenicomachus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23664833/17:09
nicomachusgallomimia: that's why I went with lshw. it should be listed on there _somewhere_17:09
gallomimiahere we go17:10
howarthbut no configuration of .lircrc seems to work with either irxevent or irevent17:10
gallomimiai don't see it there either :/17:11
nicomachusthis is what we're looking for, gallomimia OutOfSpace: https://certification.ubuntu.com/catalog/component/usb/4222/138a%3A0017/17:11
gallomimiadoesn't show any webcam on the laptop either?17:11
howarth.lircrc is http://pastebin.com/88btZeUM17:11
OutOfSpacebut i do have one17:12
gallomimiadoes it work?17:12
OutOfSpacenicomachus: https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201411-16196/17:12
OutOfSpacethis is what i have17:12
oldbootjoin #kali-linux17:12
OutOfSpacegallomimia: did not try yet... just installed ubuntu last night17:13
nicomachusOutOfSpace: may want to try this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fprint17:13
nicomachusis that the one you had tried before?17:13
howarththe /etc/lirc/hardware.conf is http://pastebin.com/3KcKQRwt17:13
gallomimiaOutOfSpace, nicomachus, that page linked with the hardware for the laptop, has the fp sensor, 3rd from the bottom17:14
gallomimiaalso shows the webcam details17:14
OutOfSpaceyeah it does17:14
OutOfSpacemaybe i installed the wrong version17:14
nicomachusOutOfSpace: try that PPA.17:14
nicomachussudo add-apt-repository ppa:fingerprint/fprint17:15
nicomachussudo apt update17:15
nicomachussudo apt install fprint17:15
howarthI don't think I've ever seen a program with so many layers of various permutations for configuring it, half of which are long deprecated but still advertised in the documentation as current17:15
OutOfSpacei followed ths article http://chrisjrob.com/2015/10/09/lenovo-thinkpad-x1-carbon-gen-3/17:15
OutOfSpacedoing it now17:15
gallomimiahowarth: its probably not the best time to tell you this is the IRC channel for ubuntu, not lirc. probably all the silence you've been greeted with is because everyone else already tried configuring lirc and then ended up using whatever client they are on now instead.17:16
ded_sechello everyone17:16
=== Fred is now known as Guest25764
Guest25764NIS Guys here17:16
Guest25764NIS guys here17:16
OutOfSpacenicomachus: E: unable to locate package fprint17:17
gallomimiaOutOfSpace: https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fprint this page has all kinds of instructions on testing your reader to see if its supported. there's a big list, so it's probably just fine17:17
nicomachusOutOfSpace: did you apt update?17:17
OutOfSpaceand i did install and update17:17
OutOfSpaceyes i did17:17
naccOutOfSpace: what version of ubuntu?17:17
OutOfSpace14.04 LTS17:17
nicomachusOutOfSpace: ok. one sec. the page didn't list the package name so fprint was a guest.17:17
nicomachuspavlos: this is a PPA replacement of fprintd17:18
naccfprintd is int he repositoriies17:18
naccyou don't need a ppa for it17:18
nacc!info fprintd trusty17:18
ubottufprintd (source: fprintd): D-Bus daemon for fingerprint reader access. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.5.1-1 (trusty), package size 65 kB, installed size 759 kB17:18
naccyou do for *precise*, hence the ppa17:18
naccthat's my reading of the ppa, at least17:18
nicomachusnacc: the PPA has a wider support range.17:18
nicomachusOutOfSpace:      sudo apt-get install libfprint0 fprint-demo libpam-fprintd gksu-polkit17:18
naccnicomachus: only speaking to fprintd itself17:19
gallomimiaer, not related to your support question, but OutOfSpace if you just installed this ubuntu yesterday, why'd you pick one that's 2.5 years old?17:19
OutOfSpacebecause this is the version that manufactorer recoomends and also many ppl online that have the same laptop suggest this version17:20
gallomimiagood enough reason17:20
naccnicomachus: i would suggest installing the correct packages from the archives *first*, then seeing if the ppa is really necessary17:20
FrogCastWhen I ls in an empty directory, is it possible to make it return "false" instead of nothing at all?17:20
gallomimiaa manufacturer recommends a version of UBUNTU???17:20
naccit should only be needed, if OutOfSpace's hardware isn't supported by the archive packages17:20
nicomachusnacc: he did that.17:20
gallomimiathat's *GREAT!*17:20
naccnicomachus: did they? the paste they provided earlier had them installing one package that didn't exist17:20
nicomachusgallomimia: Lenovo has been doing that for a long time.17:20
howarthon the other hand, since every distro seems to configure their lirc files slightly differently, I can imagine getting upstream to be helpful would be just as problematic17:20
howarthas they will just blame ubuntu for shipping lirc in a confused state17:21
naccFrogCast: no, not in bash17:21
FrogCastnacc, :O17:21
=== for{} is now known as myWorld
gallomimiahowarth: you're probably right on that note. i find ubuntu to be notorious for mucking around where programs and support thinks your config files would be17:21
nicomachusFrogCast: you could always ask in ##bash to see if there's a way to hack it together.17:21
FrogCast!cookie | nicomachus17:22
ubottunicomachus: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:22
FrogCastwill do that17:22
naccFrogCast: you could write a trivial wrapper that did taht, but i think yu're misunderstanding what return values in the shell are17:22
gallomimiaFrogCast: there's a few options in ls that can make it output something besides nothing for an empty dir17:22
howartheven the existing ubuntu documentation for configuring lirc seems to refer to some prior filesystem setup17:22
howarthcertainly per-systemd17:22
gallomimiatrue. it technically did return false.17:22
howarthwhat is annoying is that I seem to be almost there17:23
naccFrogCast: in bash, any non-zero value evaluates to false, iirc17:23
howarthin that 'irw' is properly registering the remote keys17:23
gallomimiaconfig files are a pretty sore spot for me. there's lot of things that we can call "broken" in the world of linux, or not quite finished being fixed, or incomplete, or or or. but the location of config files is one of the worst17:23
naccgallomimia: how do you mean?17:23
howarthbut I don''t seem able to get a .lircrc that will transmit them to the desired programs17:23
naccgallomimia: as in what location do you think is the 'worst'?17:23
gallomimianacc: zero is false. numbers are true17:23
naccgallomimia: not in bash17:24
FrogCastnacc, I just need something to read though.17:24
gallomimiaah. if it was ONE location.... 'worst' wouldn't apply17:24
naccgallomimia: fine, what 'locations' do you think are the worst?17:24
gallomimiabut... no one seems to agree on where it should be17:24
naccgallomimia: it's application specific, if that's what you mean?17:24
howarthone confusing bit though is why did ubuntu deprecate hal and thus gnome-lirc-properties?17:24
gallomimiayou'd have to give me the same amount of time as it takes to write and defend a masters degree if you want the answer to that17:25
dnssoul70 hours unerasable at last database17:25
nacchowarth: i believe it was deprecated upstream not by ubuntu, at least17:25
howarththey don't seem to be very big on announcing where major packages are deprecated out, why and what the replacement is supposed to be17:26
nacchowarth: there were no reverse dependencies in ubuntu when the package was deleted17:26
nacchowarth: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+publishinghistory (and it was done in 2013....)17:26
howarthso then there is no gnome-lirc-properties replacement to help automate the lirc setup anymore17:27
dnssoulif its possible in USA is it right/wrong ?  -- GRUB TWO 908076509804309809706095-4-000-01 Jan 12, 195517:27
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:27
howarthMy current setup only works because I reinstall lirc lirc-x and selected the macmini remote from the pre-inst dialog17:28
howarthnot particularly user friendly for post installation configuration17:28
nacchowarth:  you probably could get to that via dpkg-reconfigure17:30
EriC^^genii: thank you17:30
howarthHow tightly coupled is Ubuntu and Debian these days?17:30
nacchowarth: ubuntu derives most packages from debian17:30
nacchowarth: not necessarily all, but most17:30
howarthDo their configuration documentation tend to track that of Debian Jessie at this point/17:30
nacchowarth: well it'd be, typically, what was in unstable at the time of release17:31
geniiEriC^^: :D17:31
=== neon is now known as Guest91674
howarththe confusing bit is this dotool, irexec and irxevent stuff17:32
howarthI assume I really should be configuring .lircrc for irxevent but most of the examples directly refer to the program by name17:32
=== Guest91674 is now known as Quetzalcoatl
nacchowarth: ahve you tried using the upstream lirc-setup tool? I know nothing about lirc, admittedly17:36
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howarthhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LIRC seems stale17:50
howarthit refers to being able to set System / Preferences / Startup Applications17:50
howarthwhich doesn't seem to exist in the default installation any more17:50
howarthwhich is worrisome on its own merits17:51
nacchowarth: given that the last release on there is 10.10, i'd avoid it17:52
nacchowarth: although it does indicate dpkg-reconfigure is what you use to reconfigure it, as i guessed17:52
nacchowarth: i still have startup applications here (although it might be in a different path)17:52
howarthI'm half way there17:53
nacchowarth: also given that it's in the community section, feel free to contribute changes! :)17:53
howarthhard to be that helpful when you don't know the history of why particular components have been deprecated and when17:54
nacchowarth: no, but you can be helpful by documenting the steps you had to follow17:54
howarthshouldn't that be part of libstartup-notification0 or such17:54
nacchowarth: shouldn't what?17:54
howarthSystem / Preferences / Startup Applications17:55
nejmI finally fixed my DNS resolution, I don't know how, but the IP of my router works fine as DNS server, I modified /etc/dhcp/dhcpclient.conf/ so /etc/resolv.conf includes instead of and now I am able to browse again17:55
howarthI am assuming I am supposed to see that from the System Settings program17:55
nacchowarth:  on my system (ubuntu gnome) it is provided by gnome session manager17:56
nacchowarth: so it depends17:56
kantlivelongis there a reason i cannot write to files in /sys/firmware/efi/efivars as root?17:58
howarththat is one obtuse interface17:58
howarthah, I see now17:59
howarththey meant to say you can find the Startup Applications program there not that it was there17:59
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nojhanHi. I've got an interesting sound configuration problem: making mpd and users cohabiting on the same alsa mixer. So far, mpd won. I've found all kind of interesting tips but most notably about the ipc_key_add_uid key in asound.state. My problem is that my asound.state does not look like any of the examples and I'm a bit lost about where I'm supposed to configure that key..18:03
nojhanUsing this examples, on Xenial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSoundProblemsMisc18:04
howarthmy best guess at the moment is that I am screwing up .lircrc somehow18:07
howarthdon't see how though as18:07
danfun64I'm having problems with a Pluggable USB2-E100 USB Ethernet adapter. I can't access website when its connected for some reason. Transmission (torrent software) still works, but I can't access much else.18:08
howarthprog = totem18:08
howarthremote = Apple_A115618:08
howarthbutton = KEY_PLAYPAUSE18:08
howarthconfig = play_pause18:08
danfun64I am running Xubuntu 16.10 64-bit18:09
glitchddanfun64, can you ping google?18:11
danfun64id try, but Im afraid of disconnecting18:11
danfun64im tying on the same computer that needs it for wired connections (using wireless atm)18:12
danfun64If I disconnect, you'll know why18:12
glitchddanfun64, what is it listed as with lsusb?18:13
danfun64Bus 002 Device 009: ID 0b95:7720 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX8877218:13
glitchdis it a usb ethernet card?18:14
ioriait's an  adapter18:14
danfun64well, plugging it in results in a block of irc as well18:22
danfun64Bus 002 Device 009: ID 0b95:7720 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX8877218:22
danfun64ping: www.google.com: Name or service not known18:22
ioriadanfun64, that should work out of the box18:23
danfun64I know, that's why I bought it18:23
ioriadanfun64,  can you paste   sudo lshw -C Network18:23
danfun64once i'm connected to it?18:23
danfun64i'll brb then18:23
ioriadanfun64,  sure... to check if asix is loaded18:24
giteshCan I have voice control?18:25
tomreyngitesh: you are looking for speech recognition software18:27
giteshtomreyn: yes, for ubuntu.18:27
giteshtomreyn: is there any available to try?18:27
tomreynhave you tried this: apt-cache search 'speech recognition'18:28
danfun64BTW, I turned IPv6 off thinking it will help18:28
danfun64not sure if its really helping or not, but I thought I'd let you all know18:28
danfun64apparently it isn't helping lol18:28
RickDallas74Does anyone have experience with backing up using snapshot volumes?18:31
AmaraRickDallas74, google btrbk18:32
danfun64...nobody else has any advice for my problem?18:32
ioriadanfun64, sorry, disconnected18:32
Amaraprovided you meant btrfs snapshots18:32
ioriadanfun64,  the module is loaded ?18:32
danfun64and I mentioned that, thinking it would help matters even though there is no evidence of doing so, i turned off ipv618:33
ioriadanfun64,  looks ok... what's your issue ?18:33
danfun64I can't really connect to anything except my torrent software when its connected18:34
danfun64im using wireless now18:34
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RickDallas74The snapshot volume does not remain consistent during backup.18:34
danfun64when i plug in the wired usb adapter, it just doesn't allow connections for some reason18:34
Guest36528where are the other members of this crew18:34
ioriadanfun64,  well, i'd try to create in NM another connection for your adapter18:34
danfun64how would I do that?18:35
ioriadanfun64,  right click on NM icon and 'edit connections'18:35
danfun64and i'd appreciate it if you said all the instructions now because I will disconnect when I try it18:35
danfun64im using Xubuntu btw18:35
ioriadanfun64,  you have a network icon somewhere ?18:36
danfun64and i can edit things in NM18:36
danfun64it just requires left click, not right click. that's all18:36
ioriadanfun64,  ok.... open it and create a Manual connection18:36
RickDallas74Amara, what is the behavior of the snapshot volumes on btrfs18:36
RickDallas74I read about them... what I read and what I see on my system are not the same.18:37
danfun64Choose a connection type18:37
ioriadanfun64,  your ip, netmask ( and your gateway and DNS (
danfun64(it's not plugged in atm)18:37
ioriadanfun64,  Ethernet18:37
AmaraRickDallas74, RickDallas74 behavior? what do you mean? they are cow ro or rw snapshots, what about them?18:38
adrian_1908hello. Anyone here watch DVB-C on their PC? Any recommendations for the best GUI program around? (The lighter the better, no "media center" if possible). No links please, I'm looking for personal experience.18:38
ioriadanfun64,  for now it has ip=
RickDallas74Amara, COW ro is what I am trying to setup. I want them consistent for backup purposes... to take a snapshot of a logical volume and then backup that snapshot.18:39
ioriadanfun64,  and wifi ip=
RickDallas74Amara, however, when I look at the files in the snapshot, anything I do to the original volume is immediately reflected in the snapshot18:40
ioriadanfun64,  disconnect wifi, and try to set a static connection for your usb adapter18:40
RickDallas74Amara, that is not what i would expect18:40
danfun64ill brb18:40
RickDallas74Amara, all that I have read says that the snapshot is "Frozen-in-time" so to speak... so changes are not immediately reflected.18:41
AmaraRickDallas74, did you use -r while snapshoting?18:41
AmaraRickDallas74, check out Arch Btrfs wiki18:41
AmaraRickDallas74, Well you should have.18:42
RickDallas74Thank you!18:42
RickDallas74I scoured for hours looking at tons of exampes and that did not come up.18:42
RickDallas74Thank you.18:42
RickDallas74One other thing...18:43
AmaraSure, just the read the manual, its all there man btrfs-subvolume18:43
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hayhi all.. I have a virtualized Ubuntu 15.04 guest which is getting some buffer i/o errors on /dev/sda (it happened due to full host's HD capacity) and I am trying to solve problem by running fsck by touching /forcefsck and rebooting, but it seems fsck doesnt even start18:46
nacchay: 15.04 guest should b eupdated, btw (it's eol by some time)18:47
haynacc: I see, will be done, thanks :) but I need to solve this fail first :)18:48
Amarahay, boot a live OS, do the check using it?18:49
RickDallas74Amara, the -r option must be only for btrfs... not for logical volumes18:50
hayAmara, yeah, that's what I am planning to do now... thought that this /forcefsck should be easier :) thanks18:50
danfun64weird thing18:50
danfun64for whatever reason, when i plug in the ethernet adapter, it acts like both the wired and the wireless are connected18:50
danfun64and if i disconnect the wireless, I don't get *anything*.18:51
danfun64I can't explain it at all18:52
RickDallas74Has anyone used Logical Volumes to be able to create consistent backups?18:52
The_Mythhi guys. i've been trying to use sendmail to relay mails thru my gmail account, without success. i dont have a FQDN in the vps and i guess that's why it's failing. any other way?18:52
danfun64no advice?18:56
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tomreynRickDallas74: is this a survey?18:57
tomreyndanfun64: i haven't seen this before. i probably wont be able to help. but surely no one elese will unless oyu provide more info.18:58
tomreyndanfun64: start by providing lspci -knnv and lsusb -v outputs on !pastebin, coupled with your ubuntu version (lsb_release -d)18:59
RickDallas74tomreyn, I need someone who has successfully done this before18:59
RickDallas74tomreyn, because I have followed both examples and from what I understand from the literature and I get very different results in terms of the behavior of the snapshot volume.19:00
tomreynThe_Myth: what you want to do is to use google / gmail with a smarthost configuration. i.e. your mailserver will actually do smtp authentication to the gmail, as if it was a mail client.19:00
MonkeyDust/wc/msg ubottu btrfs19:01
The_Mythtomreyn: thats it! how can i do that?19:01
tomreynRickDallas74: the only really tricky part about it is to ensure you don't have consistent writes to the LV snapshot while you create the backup off it.19:01
The_Mythi really need it, but gmail seems to block all my attempts19:01
tomreynRickDallas74: and  to have enough disk space in general19:02
tomreynThe_Myth: which mails erver did you choose?19:02
tomreyn*mail server19:02
RickDallas74tomreyn, The changes that are made on the original volume are being immediately reflected in the snapshot volume... that is not what I would expect19:03
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morsnowskiThe_Myth, how do you know it's Gmail and not your provider? I had that problem and it took me 2 days till it finally clicked.19:04
morsnowskiand I do mail for a living...19:04
The_Mythtomreyn: i've installed sendmail. but i can switch if there's one better. i use sendmail, because its used by default on Anop19:04
The_Mythmorsnowski: google warned me of a blocked attempt19:05
tomreynRickDallas74: right, that's not how it should be19:05
morsnowskiok that would be clear then and what is the exact error message?19:05
wafflejockThe_Myth, they give you the link with generic info about SPF and DKIM?19:05
tomreynThe_Myth: i'd probably just use a nullmailer such as ssmtp for a simple setup19:06
RickDallas74tomreyn, here is what I used to create the volume: lvcreate -L25G -s -n homesnapshot /dev/home-vg/home19:06
The_Mythwafflejock: sure. anything that helps me bypassing that google security19:06
wafflejockThe_Myth, well I was asking if they sent you a link with that info along with the blocked message info19:06
compdocnullmailer is most excellent19:07
RickDallas74tomreyn, on the lvdisplay, it shows that the two volumes are "connected".. i.e. I have snapshot volume and it's paired source19:07
The_Mythwafflejock: dont remember now.19:07
wafflejockThe_Myth, I've seen similar messages when setting up my own mail server but they explain to add SPF records to the DNS and DKIM to the messages to reduce the likelihood of them being blocked19:07
danfun64Description:Ubuntu 16.1019:08
tomreynRickDallas74: this looks correct to me19:08
wafflejockThe_Myth, oh sorry think I'm confusing issues.. you're saying using Gmail as the host and with credentials through their smtp right?19:08
RickDallas74tomreyn, so sad....19:08
RickDallas74tomreyn: Was hoping I forgot something....19:09
samlamammaHi! Ever since I upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04.1 I've had some issues with screen flickering, especially while using Chrome (also had some issues with a video game having lower FPS than usual), is there anything specific I should look up regarding drivers for example? I'm using Intel HD 2000 (I think, it's OpenGL 3.0. I can't find the appropriate command for GPU info)19:09
wafflejockThe_Myth, in my case was setting up a mail server and some messages being rejected because GMail thinking it's spam but maybe not related to your problem, in either case though you'll need to get details for anyone here to help I think19:10
The_Mythwafflejock: yes. but i guess google blocks my attempts because i dont have a fqdn19:10
pavlosThe_Myth, does this help ... https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-google-s-smtp-server19:10
tomreynRickDallas74: i would recommend to mount the snapshot read-only (if you are going to mount it and not just image it entirely).19:10
wafflejockThe_Myth, hmm that seems strange are you trying to send emails with a different from address than the smtp credentials or something?19:11
tomreynRickDallas74: what's the size of the original LV?19:11
The_Mythwafflejock: my vps dont have a FQDN. maybe thats the issue.19:12
The_Mythpavlos: i'll take a look at that19:12
RickDallas74tomreyn: The original is 1.2T... but sparsely populated.19:12
RickDallas74Tomreyn: 25G is excessive...19:12
tomreynThe_Myth: if you do smtp authentication as a mail client would, then none of this is of concern19:12
wafflejockyeah was thinking the fqdn shouldn't be a problem in that case since any email client just uses the credentials to send e-mails for you19:13
Guest25764dont really understand virtual place chat19:13
The_Mythtomreyn: maybe i'm doing something wrong. idont know19:13
tomreynThe_Myth: all of what wafflejock and you (fqdn) discussed above only matters if you are going to setup a full mail server to relay through google (which may or may not be possible).19:13
samlamammaSeems like the kernel might be an issue19:14
The_Mythtomreyn: thats exactly what i want. to make all mails that goes out my machine to be ralayed by Gmail19:14
RickDallas74tomreyn: I mounted the volume as read only19:14
danfun64no advice?19:14
RickDallas74tomreyn: I was hoping that was the issue, but the files continue to be changed.19:15
tomreynRickDallas74: 25G is not excessive if you have steady wirtes to the original volume. also, IIRC you will need a certain minimum fraction of the original size for some knid of meta data it writes. i forgot the details.19:15
tomreynRickDallas74: which file system?19:15
RickDallas74tomreyn: btrfs19:15
tomreynuuh, dunno, i have no experience with that19:15
RickDallas74tomreyn: I should use the shadow copy of btrfs instead then.19:16
tomreynhttp://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/snapshots_backup.html suggests that for xfs you should mount with -onouuid,ro19:16
RickDallas74Let me look19:16
RickDallas74tomreyn: I do exactly what they do and get the results that the snapshot just keeps updating... so I can't tar it... and get a good backup.19:17
RickDallas74tomreyn: minus the xfs part19:17
The_Myththis is too hard to a noob like me to achieve..19:18
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RickDallas74tomreyn: I searched trying to find the "error" to see if someone else documented making a mistake... so far, no luck. I seem to be the only one that the obvious is not so obvious :-/19:19
tomreynRickDallas74: yeah, i'm puzzled, haven't run into the situation you're discussing where data written to the original file system carries through to the snapshot after it was fully created.19:19
tomreynRickDallas74: if you have more space to allocate, give it a try, just to see whether ti makes a difference.19:20
nojhanOK, I've reduced my problem to this very simple question: How to enable alsa software (d)mixing in Xenial?19:25
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lapionWhenever I change network settings to use ipv4 either by default or as a secondary protocol at boot-up nm-applet creates a new profile with ipv6-only, I then have to manually select the original profile for the system to get ipv419:29
lapionDoes anyone in here have experience with networkmanager ?19:32
gallomimiayou mean the network utility built into ubuntu that you generally need to use to get your system connected before you can go on IRC? nope... never seen it19:34
lapionI am having a rather peculiar problem..19:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:38
gallomimiathat sounds more like a bug report than a question for support19:38
Dolmen0hearing from earlier I assume that you're actually here which makes me assume its working? I could be wrong19:39
kk4ewtlapion, whats the question19:39
lapionAt boot nm-applet creates a ghost profile in which only ipv6 is active19:39
lapionthat is if I have ipv4 as mandatory.19:40
lapionI have to manually select the non=ghost profile for ipv4 to become active19:42
kk4ewtso disable ipv6 in the profile19:43
lapionDos not help..19:43
lapionnmapplet totaly ignores the profile on boot creates a ghost profile with only ipv619:44
lapionwell this is not the only system I have19:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:48
lapionthis would seem to be another systemctl problem19:56
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akiklapion: you can modify the ipv4 and ipv6 preferences in /etc/gai.conf too19:59
lapionakik gai.conf does not change anything in dhcp20:00
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akiklapion: they are two separate things. have you tried modifying it?20:02
gallomimiagai == DNS =/= networking20:02
lapionakik, all lines in gai are commented.20:03
lapionand like gallomimia  said20:03
akiklapion: gai.conf gives you a solution to your problem, i.e. change ipv4/ipv6 precedence20:04
gallomimiaakik. no it doesn't. it changes whether the resolver looks up AAAA or A20:05
lapionakik I need ipv4 to be active before I can set precedence.20:05
gallomimiahe's dealing with his actual network config20:05
gallomimiaas in... does not care whether resolver works or not yet, cause networking isn't even functional20:05
gallomimiai'd also like to put in my five cents about the fact that there's networking configs in at least 3 places now, and not all of them get used. and getting someone to answer a question about which ones are used, how to change DNS settings from command line, et-cetera, is like pulling chicken's teeth.20:06
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akikgallomimia: it's the ubuntu way. must be "works for me"20:11
akikwhen network-manager was brought in at first, it was so buggy20:11
gallomimiaas if it could have been worse20:11
gallomimiayou jest surely20:12
akika bit20:12
akikfor example wlan configuration can be done in interfaces file but it too is like searching for a nail in a hay stack20:12
wedgiegallomimia: I agree. DNS stuff in particular is impossible these days.20:13
lapionit's not a dns problem I am having\20:13
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:14
iorialapion, and what's your problem ?20:14
lapionioria, on boot no matter what I set in my network manager profile only ipv6 is activated20:15
iorialapion, also if you select 'ignore' in NM ?20:15
lapionioria, no matter what option I set\20:16
lapionioria, nm creates a ghost profile and only activates ipv6.20:17
lapionit's only when I manually select the created profile a ipv4 and ipv6 address is assigned20:17
iorialapion, are you using NM ?20:18
lapionioria, otherwhise all I get is ipv620:18
iorialapion, are you using NM ?20:18
lapionNetworkManager allong with nm-applet20:18
akiklapion: you have native ipv6 from your isp?20:18
iorialapion,  what's in your /etc/network/interfaces ?20:18
lapionakik,  yes along with static static ipv4 addrsses20:18
lapioninterfaces.d is empty20:19
iorialapion,   /etc/network/interfaces20:19
lapionauto lo20:19
lapioniface lo inet loopback20:19
OverCoderHey guys20:21
OverCoderI'm packaging an application into a .deb package20:21
OverCoderI use debuild to build the package20:22
OverCoderMy question is, how do I specify a specific upstream tarball file name?20:22
lapionioria, nive one set it from etc.... probablya  workaround..20:22
iorialapion,  ok ... but it's weird20:23
lapionyeah it sure is.. but I know it's due to the isp native ipv6.. becuase I recently removed my tamato ipv4-only router and started using the isp's router20:24
iorialapion,  oh, i see20:25
iorialapion,  fiber ?20:26
iorialapion,  you can disable temporary with   sudo sh -c 'echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/<interface-name>/disable_ipv6'20:28
lapiongood isp.. has anything from classic pots-56k6 modems dsl fiber.. since inception static ip's20:28
kantlivelonghaving the weirdest issue ever. BCM4322 wireless with bcmwl driver. doesnt work until after i resume from suspend20:29
iorialapion,  56k not a good option :þ20:29
james1138Hello all and Happy Yule! I have a minor question - seasons related. Anyone know of any Ubuntu or Lubuntu greeting card maker? I found "KreetingKard" - but it will not install for some reason.20:30
lapionioria, don't say that it might save your live while on vacation.20:30
iorialapion,  true20:30
lapionioria, like it saved so many lives during revolutions against dictators..20:31
iorialapion,  true again20:31
fribhi.  I am using fluxbox but I installed gnome settings manager (a long time ago) and my audio devices stopped showing up in the sound panel.  How can I make them reappear?  Thanks for any help20:33
lapionioria, however it will eat your call-debit whole20:33
iorialapion,  ahaha, as you said sometimes it is worth20:34
iorialapion,  anyway, i'd take a look at your router config ... unlikely the culprit is NM20:36
hamdjandoes ubuntu provide a official or backport package for grsecurity+pax?20:40
hamdjandebian does have uptodate backports for grsecurity, but i didnt find anything on ubuntu lts for that20:41
blackflowhamdjan: I doubt it. also, grsecurity stopped publishing stable kernels, they now only have (very) latest ones20:49
OverCoderLaunchpad is an idiot20:50
lapionioria, overiding nm with interfaces got it working correctly20:50
nicomachusOverCoder: launchpad is not a person.20:50
OverCoderthe programmer of it is20:50
iorialapion,  good work20:50
iorialapion,  but weird :þ20:51
OverCoderHow on earth does one fix an accidentally uploaded malformed upstream tarball20:51
nicomachusOverCoder: there are thousands of those. Do you have a specific Ubuntu issue we can help solve?20:51
OverCoderI can't update my PPA :<20:51
OverCodernicomachus: ^20:51
nicomachusOverCoder: That sounds like an issue to contact the launchpad folks about, not us.20:51
iorialapion,  at this point, maybe better stop and disable NM20:51
nicomachusOverCoder: /join #launchpad20:52
OverCoderI built my package with a wrong tarball upstream accidentally, and obviously, build failed, and now it rejects and further updates to the upstream tarball because different contents under the same tarball name20:52
OverCodernicomachus: okay20:52
blackflowhamdjan: also, from what I see in Debian, latest is 4.7.0, hardly up to date. I don't think it even has the latest crop of kernel vulns fixed.20:52
dAnjouhi, when does the update manager ask for a password and when doesn't it? a source would be appreciated.20:53
blackflow4.7.0 is even Dirty Cow vulnerable iirc20:53
nicomachusdAnjou: when it needs root privileges, it asks for a root password.20:53
dAnjounicomachus: that's not exactly true, or at least not the whole truth.20:54
\9there's no such thing as a root password20:54
dAnjounicomachus: also, source?20:54
lapionioria, still need it for virbr on one system on the other for wifi jicoe20:55
MichaelPin /etc/modprobe.d ... I put radeon.conf... with blacklist radeon .. so i can use amdgpu.... lspci -v shows radeon in use20:55
dAnjoufrom googling i got the answers "for kernel updates" and "when new software is installed" (kinda like upgrade vs dist-upgrade)20:56
iorialapion,  ok20:56
hamdjanblackflow, hm good to know, thanks20:58
hamdjanblackflow, so if someone wants to go with grsecurity then there's no way around gentoo20:58
mirak_this flash version is broken adobe-flashplugin_20161213.1.orig.tar.gz20:58
mirak_I can't downgrade20:59
blackflowhamdjan: yes, or pay up to get stable kernels from grsec :)20:59
blackflowhamdjan: then again I guess one can take the patches and build for ubuntu20:59
blackflowit's after all "just" a set of patches on the mainline kernel20:59
hamdjanblackflow, guess im going with ubuntu lts. not so much time to setup grsecurity correctly with because it requires lots of configuration for each applicaiton you use :)21:00
hamdjanmaybe at a later time21:00
hamdjanyes, you could compile the kernel yourself, but i prefere using prepackaged kernels21:00
blackflowhamdjan: I gave up because they're not backporting fixes so you're forced to rebuild the kernel every few days as they pull in new changes. very taxing for production.21:00
hamdjanyeah. i dont have a *high security* environment anyways, so decent hardening should suffice. if i find time i'll test it on arch linux or gentoo though21:02
dAnjoufound it, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Update_Manager_doesn.27t_prompt_for_security_updates21:02
blackflowhamdjan: the ubuntu kernel is hardened a bit. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features    and if you combine with apparmor it's not bad at all.21:02
mirak_how can i install a specific package version with apt ?21:03
blackflowhamdjan: you can mimick some pax kernel features with apparmor, like @OWNER access on /proc, TPE, etc...21:03
hamdjanblackflow, yep, apparmor is helpful21:03
blackflowhamdjan: can't imagine browsing the net without it (it or any other similar enforcement)21:04
blackflowhad to tweak ubunut's firefox profile becuse it was too open21:04
ventohello ubuntu users from china21:04
nicomachus!cn | vento21:04
ubottuvento: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw21:04
ventoubuntu 16 is a good linux.It's easy to use.21:05
ventothank you21:05
mirak_why did they remove this package from the repo ?http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_20160407.1.orig.tar.gz21:06
mirak_flash is not working anymore with the new update21:06
nicomachusmirak_: yea we heard you. please be patient.21:06
mirak_nicomachus, what can you do ?21:06
blackflowmirak_: I think it's now the pepperflash plugin, I think adobe took over that one21:07
hamdjanblackflow, thanks for the hint, going to check out those settings, sounds like it helps a little against web exploits21:07
nicomachusmirak_: what browser are you using?21:07
ventoi am transferring from win10 to ubuntu21:07
blackflowhamdjan: helps quite a bit, and in my case, prevents reading of .ssh, I've got private keys in there for our entire server fleet :)21:07
blackflowhamdjan: that's the "too open" part in the default policy, I tweaked it to allow r/w only to ~/Downloads. A bit of a PITA to use at first, btu you get used to it21:08
blackflow(aside to the minimum required r/w access in ~/.cache and ~/.mozilla and wherever21:08
blackflownothing else in ~/21:09
mirak_nicomachus, firefox21:09
mirak_don't suggest chrome, the image is blocky with it21:09
hamdjanblackflow, ah thats a good doing. always worried about my ssh keys (currently iam adding finally passphrases for all my ssh keys, so I'll use app armor for that too then)21:09
nicomachusmirak_: I suggest reading this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/562271/can-i-use-chromes-pepper-flash-with-firefox21:10
ventoi use both chrome and firefox.work well in my computer21:10
nicomachusmirak_: but you may be out of luck and be forced to use Chrome soon if you want flash.21:10
win32Why so low work my wacom tablet21:10
mirak_i don't mind using chor21:10
win32Any questions21:10
mirak_chrome, but it's not working right21:10
nicomachusmirak_: also, keep in mind that #firefox is pretty helpful for questions specific to them.21:11
mirak_i go on windows21:12
mirak_that's really where linux loses everytime21:12
mirak_in the end21:12
ventoflash is a simple question21:12
ventoeven in debian it can be solved easily.21:12
nicomachusmirak_: what?21:13
ventohowever when i use ubuntu 16 everything is ok.It's anazing.21:13
lapionmirak_, adobe is coming with flashplugin r24 soon.21:13
nicomachusvento: that's great. but this channel is ONLY for Ubuntu support, not just chatting. please use #ubuntu-offtopic for chat, or ask support questions here.21:14
win32Anybody use wacom ?21:14
xangua!Info flashplugin-installer21:14
ventothank you21:14
nicomachuswin32: plenty of people do. what is your issue?21:14
xangua!info flashplugin-installer21:14
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 58 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)21:14
nicomachusxangua: apparently the current version is "broken" for them. won't say how.21:14
win32nicomachus: wacom pro intus21:14
xanguanicomachus: I don't use flash so I don't know21:15
nicomachuswin32: what is the problem?21:15
win32nicomachus: low end lags21:15
nicomachusxangua: same.21:15
win32When touch with pen write low end lags21:15
win32No in realtime21:16
afancyHi, why I kill a process, but it is not killed. Could anybody advise? thanks! see : http://dpaste.com/3SCFANJ21:18
Wulfafancy: you cannot kill pid 121:18
kk4ewtzombie or it has child processes that are still running21:19
afancyso, how should i do21:19
afancywulf: how can i stop the jupyterhub?21:19
wedgiethis a docker container or what?21:19
afancywedgie: yes,21:19
wedgieafancy: then kill the docker container from the host21:20
UnityKrisSo I'm attempting to move to the mesa drivers and get away from the amdgpu pro drivers. I did  "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers" in terminal, then apt updat and apt dist-upgrade. However, I still do not see any other drivers options in my drivers menu21:26
murphyanyone have a quick fix for only having a 640 res available on a VM?21:26
UnityKrisstill shows this. http://imgur.com/e8T4yJO21:27
nicomachusmurphy: you need to install guest additions21:27
UnityKrisHow do I switch?21:27
murphyapt-get update?21:28
nicomachusmurphy: what is the host and guest?21:28
murphyhost is windows running a ubuntu vm21:28
nicomachusmurphy: ok. follow this: https://virtualboxes.org/doc/installing-guest-additions-on-ubuntu/21:28
murphyweird i never ran into this before21:28
nicomachusmurphy: sorry, this is probably a better guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22743/how-do-i-install-guest-additions-in-a-virtualbox-vm21:29
murphymaybe im oncusing ubuntu with other distros i used21:29
V7I have KDE Neon 5.8 Plasma Desktop ... How to install any Remote Control Server ?21:34
V7IS it normal to install xrdp ?21:34
bazhangv7 did you mean rdp21:34
V7Yeah. I need some rdp server21:35
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ablesthow do install java using terminal21:43
nicomachus!java | ablest21:43
ubottuablest: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:43
RickDallas74Has anyone made a snapshot volume and found that it kept updating with the original volume?21:45
wafflejockRickDallas74, nope what kind of snapshot21:48
RickDallas74wafflejock, Using the lvcreate to create snapshot volume21:49
wafflejockRickDallas74, not super familiar but what's the actual lvcreate command you're running to make the new volume?21:52
RickDallas74wafflejock: lvcreate -L25G -s -n homesnapshot /dev/home-vg/home21:53
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wafflejockRickDallas74, page here is in context of CentOS but says the snapshots store any changes http://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/lvm-snapshots-ext4-centos-7/21:57
wafflejockoh rihgt21:57
UnityKrisCan anyone tell me what is going on here? http://pastebin.com/cvGQ8aLq21:57
V7I have some troubles with XRDP21:57
V7I have some problems ... :( http://i.imgur.com/b2CO131.jpg21:57
UnityKrisTrying to install mesa-vdpau-drivers21:58
V7I did evrything that was written here http://askubuntu.com/questions/592537/can-i-access-ubuntu-from-windows-remotely21:58
wafflejockRickDallas74, yah it should be saving the old blocks as new data is updated in the original volume so it still has the old info in the snapshot and it grows as it differs more from the original volume21:59
wafflejockRickDallas74, you're saying after the snapshot you mount the snapshot and changes in the original filesystem are reflected in the mounted snapshot?22:00
RickDallas74wafflejock: Yes, the changes are immediately reflected.22:00
wafflejockRickDallas74, weird don't have experience with lvm stuff but that does sound off... maybe can paste your lvdisplay output not sure I can help but someone else may see it here22:01
RickDallas74wafflejock: I have about 4 virtual servers that I cannot take offline. I would like to back up all of the drive and state information. So, I wanted to use the snapshot.22:01
RickDallas74wafflejock: btrfs has snapshot built in as well.... so I may use that instead.22:02
UnityKrisusing Synaptic, I can see that my mesa version is 11.2 when latest version is 13.1. When I mark for upgrade, it kicks back with the broken package error.22:02
RickDallas74wafflejock: I hate problems like this... to me it seems I am missing some small detail... but I cannot find it.22:02
UnityKrisI wish it would tell me which package was broken, so I could somehow fix it.22:02
RickDallas74bianchi: hi22:02
V7Can someone help me ?22:02
wafflejockRickDallas74, that's my guess too I was hoping was something silly like mirroring flag instead of snapshot in the lvcreate or something that would jump out but not sure what to check there22:03
RickDallas74v7: Did you realize that you are connecting the server to itself? I just want to make sure you are aware of that.22:03
RickDallas74v7: Did you realize that you are connecting the server to itself? I just want to make sure you are aware of that.22:04
marc7has the default umask changed at all?22:04
V7RickDallas74, I want to connect to Remote X of Ubuntu like xFCE422:04
RickDallas74V7: What computer are you using as the remote client?22:05
RickDallas74v7: what computer is the server?22:05
V7Remote computer is a "server" which is connected to Router in Local Area22:06
V7He has no Monitor so I just want to enable there a xRDP server22:06
V7I'm connecting to it from my Laptop22:06
Ben64so run something like vncserver and connect with something like remmina22:07
V7Ben64, I'm trying but nothing22:08
Ben64explain more22:08
wafflejockBen64, think going from windows viewer/control to linux host/server22:09
V7wafflejock, Yes. Like that22:09
wafflejockBen64, based on link pasted from V7 up above a bit http://askubuntu.com/questions/592537/can-i-access-ubuntu-from-windows-remotely22:09
V7I have a SSH acess to server ( Text Mode )22:09
Ben64ok, doesn't change the fact that we need more details to figure this out22:09
V7I need some Graphical Server for it22:09
wafflejockBen64, Remmina doesn't have windows build does it? otherwise vncserver I think is fine22:10
asosanohup ./mercury >& mercury.log &22:10
Ben64like i said, vncserver22:10
Ben64wafflejock: if we had more information we'd know what the problem is22:10
RickDallas74V7: There is a typo in the configuration file on the example as given22:10
RickDallas74It could be preventing xfce from starting22:11
V7Ben64, So why I can't connect to it like in Article ? I can't understand )22:11
Ben64V7: we don't know! you haven't said anything!22:11
V7RickDallas74, I've changed config file like it said in this tut22:11
V7Ben64, What information do you need ?22:11
Ben64start with any22:12
Ben64so far all we know is what you want to do, and that "it doesn't work"22:12
RickDallas74Are you sure the ports are correct on the server? They are usually 3389, not 335022:13
V7Ben64, I have a server without monitor which is connected to a Local Network ( ). I need some Graphical X Server on it to connect to or something like this ! So .. Im trying to make this by reading an article.22:13
Ben64V7: ok, you just repeated what you want to do22:14
V7I did everything like it is written there. Trying to connect via mstsc.exe and I see a xRDP Login Window.22:14
Ben64V7: alternatively, run vncserver, then connect with <windows vnc client>22:15
V7I'm typing credentials and this error appears22:15
V7Ben64, So .. no xRDP ? ))22:15
bgrayCoderEurope: from where?22:15
V7I guess that the problem is in xfce4 ... right ?22:18
wafflejockV7, hard to guess correctly without any errors pointing to a particular problem22:21
V7wafflejock, I have only this http://i.imgur.com/b2CO131.jpg22:21
wafflejockV7, would need to check out logs on the server and client to see what's really happening not enough to go by in there I don't think22:22
V7Ben64, Yeah. It is ... idk know why22:22
Ben64that's wrong22:22
MalakiasAnyone who understands openwrt?22:23
V7Ben64, Why ? http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=587422:23
V7Look here22:23
Ben64Malakias: ##networking22:23
V7On this screen http://c-nergy.be/blog/wp-content/gallery/xrdp14-04/dynamic/xrdp14.04_9.png-nggid041647-ngg0dyn-320x240x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010.png22:23
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Ben64V7: still wroong22:23
V7Ben64, Why ?22:24
Malakiasj #networking22:24
V7Ben64, Why it's wrong if it works ?22:24
Ben64it doesn't work22:24
V7Ben64, >> http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=587422:24
Ben64V7: is it working? no. that means it doesn't work!22:24
V7You mean it's working on Local machinge, but not in local network ?22:25
V7You mean he tested it in Local Machine >22:25
V7SO ...  how to change this by using WIndows RDP Client ?22:25
fearnothinghi folks, need some troubleshooting help22:33
fearnothingthe screen lock feature is not working correctly, 16.0422:33
fearnothingI can lock the screen manually; if the system reaches the timer to turn off the screen it will lock22:34
fearnothingbut it doesn't adhere to the timer for the lock screen22:35
fearnothingthis affects all user accounts, persists after changing and reapplying the setting, and after reboot22:35
fearnothingonly known changes: installed Chrome.22:35
fearnothingany ideas?22:36
xanguafearnothing: what desktop?22:36
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tomreynif that's reproducible then please report a bug and tag it 'security'22:38
fearnothingreproducible in the sense that it happens every time on this system?22:38
tomreynreproducible in that you can describe how to create this situation on a standard ubuntu installation.22:39
tomreyn(and someone else can reproduce it based on the instructions provided)22:39
fearnothingah that's what I thought. I haven't had the chance to test it on another system22:39
fearnothingonly got access to this machine right now22:40
fearnothingis there a way to hard-reset the system settings back to defaults?22:41
tomreynit's called 'installation'22:41
fearnothinglol :P22:42
tomreynyou could also identify the packages involved and purge and reinstall just those22:42
tomreyndo you have plenty of third party sources (read: PPAs) configured?22:42
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fearnothingerm, one maybe? will have to check22:42
fearnothingset this system up for my parents a year ago :)22:42
tomreynwhich ubuntu release?22:42
tomreynso you installed that pre-release?22:43
fearnothinghm, maybe it wasn't a year ago, let me check my memory22:44
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tomreyngot to go, maybe someone else can help. but please remember to file a bug if reproducible.22:46
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fearnothingum, it was last christmas22:47
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V7I've noticed that I haven't anything listening on 5910 port22:50
V7I guess that 5910 port is X server22:50
V7So ... it's not started22:51
V7Right ?22:51
Ben64V7: run vncserver, then connect with <windows vnc client>22:51
V7THank you Ben64 ))22:57
V7Thank you all, guys !22:57
fearnothingok, gonna throw it out again in case anyone else has ideas23:03
fearnothingthe lock screen timer is no longer working23:03
fearnothingmanually locking screen works; waiting for screen power off timer works - it locks when screen goes to sleep23:04
fearnothingbut the ordinary lock timer doesn't23:04
fearnothingthis applies to all user accounts, and persists through reboot23:04
fearnothingany ideas anyone?23:05
fearnothingrunning ubuntu 16.0423:05
[CoD]LaW22Whats a good program to dl music?23:10
bazhangfirefox [CoD]LaW2223:11
fearnothing(you'll need to be more specific)23:11
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[CoD]LaW22ch program?23:14
[CoD]LaW22which program?23:14
[CoD]LaW22just got on ubuntu studio23:14
[CoD]LaW22p2p ??23:14
bazhangfirefox web browser [CoD]LaW2223:15
[CoD]LaW22And what do i do with firefox?23:16
bazhangpoint it at archive.org and jamendo.com [CoD]LaW2223:16
bazhanglots of music to download from those two sites [CoD]LaW2223:17
xangua! Piracy | [CoD]LaW2223:18
ubottu[CoD]LaW22: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o23:18
fearnothing[CoD]LaW22: I don't expect you'll get the answers you want here, you're asking people to advise you how to break the law.23:18
cruisibesareshey we just moved between 14.04.3 to 14.04.5 LTS and found that systemd is the new default init. Should that be the case? im having trouble tracking down when that changed? Keep seeing a stack overflow that suggests it shouldn't happen till 14.1023:27
xanguacruisibesares: maybe you upgraded the kernel too23:28
naccwell, by definition, 14.04.5 refers to a different kernel than 14.04.{0,1,2,3,4}23:29
cruisibesaresyeah the kernel is updated for sure. So it comes as a dependency of the kernel package?23:31
cruisibesaressorry just trying to wrap my head around that change. Seems like a more impactful change then changing the kernel23:31
xanguacruisibesares: did your fresh install the .3 point release?23:31
cruisibesaresyeah i have some old boxes running .3 and i just installed a new box from .5 and saw init change23:32
nacccruisibesares: (just to be clear, 14.04.3 is no longer supported)23:32
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xanguacruisibesares: then probably upgraded the kernel, or your would be in an unsupported kernel23:33
cruisibesaresright that is why i would like to upgrade but init change is going to hold me back for a while if i have to translate stuff over to systemd23:33
xanguaDon't know about systemd but usually you should just get kernel and xorg upgrades23:34
nacccruisibesares: i don't have a 14.04 system around, but i think you are right that it is unexpected for systemd to be the init process23:34
akikon 14.04.5, pid 1 is still upstart's /sbin/init23:35
naccright, that would be what i'd expect23:35
nacccruisibesares: what akik said, that is23:35
nacccruisibesares: can you explain what is making you think that's not what you're seeing?23:35
akikthere are a couple of systemd processes, though23:35
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naccyeah i see init spawning both upstart and systemd children in a trusty lxd container23:36
cruisibesaresthe way i was looking was checking man /sbin/init23:37
cruisibesaresone of them is init other is systemd23:37
Bashing-omcruisibesares: U have a 14,04 install updated from that 13,04.0 to current, and have not seen that experiecnce . To determine which init daemon you are currently booting with, run: ' ps -p1 | grep systemd && echo systemd || echo upstart ' .23:37
cruisibesaresi mean let me just check pid 123:37
cruisibesaresalright its upstart23:39
cruisibesareseverything is ok23:39
cruisibesaressorry for wasting everyones time on that. bad info23:39

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