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xubuntu69wwhen i type 'startxfce4'05:34
xubuntu69wxorg.0.log error05:34
xubuntu69whow to fix that05:34
outside_xubuntuHi there - just installed XUBUNTU and first time on a IRC so not sure if I'm following normal protocols.07:10
flocculantoutside_xubuntu: so far yep :)07:33
flocculantoutside_xubuntu: couple of links for you - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines and https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/conduct07:38
outside_xubuntuHi flocculant - thanks for the links07:49
Spasspanzerboy: Hello.08:57
xubuntu40wBonjour, peut on parler francais ici ?09:18
xubuntu40wJ'ai un problème avec XUBECOL 16.04 LTS, apres plusieurs mois d'utilisation avec la session élève, mozilla rencontre un problème de certificat et il m'est impossible de continuer sur internet... meme après maj, upgrade ou quoi, quelqu'un pourrait m'aider?09:21
Spassxubuntu40w: Hello. Joining #ubuntu-fr channel would be a better choice for support in French.09:23
xubuntu65wHi, I'm having trouble getting my computer to suspend. I have installed xubuntu 15.10 and have run dmesg -T | grep Freez -A409:49
xubuntu65woutput here: http://pastebin.com/raw/hZJ7P86g09:49
xubuntu65wI then tried killall -9 WorkerPool/14 but that didn't work ("WorkerPool/14: No such file or directory") and the same for WorkerPool ("WorkerPool: no such process found")09:50
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xubuntu83wHi... my volume is always 100% after restart/resume, how can I do to remember volume level?13:21
xubuntu83wXubuntu 16.0413:21
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chuckmcmHow do I set a modesetting driver for xubuntu 16.04 ? I can't find xorg.conf15:33
flocculantchuckmcm: you won't find xorg.conf by default - but you can create one yourself and do what you need to do16:18
chuckmcmHmm thanks flocculant, the interwebs seem to prefer adding a rule in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d with a rule that recognizes my driver name and addes the option modesetting.16:36
chuckmcmtrying to figure out if my driver name is actually 'Broadwell-U' (I've got embedded Intel IRIS graphics) or something else.16:37
ballI've heard good things about Intel Iris.16:37
ball...but I always think of SGI when I hear it. ;-)16:37
chuckmcmWorks great under windows 10 :-) Have been working around some support issues in my daily driver (Xubuntu)16:38
flocculantchuckmcm: probably - long long time since I needed to worry about xorg.conf and/or what the interwebs said about it :)16:41
flocculant!ask | nonot17:03
ubottunonot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:03
nonotsorry flocculant. I'm here because i search a tutorial to move my /home to an another disk, in french if possible...17:05
ballhello nonot17:06
flocculantnonot: if you want French then you'd be best in #ubuntu-fr17:06
flocculantespecially with that topic - it's general :)17:06
nonoti just saw their tutorial on Ubuntu but it didn't work so i come on Xubuntu17:07
flocculantnonot: if it didn't work - then it still won't - at that level there is no difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu17:08
flocculantnonot: what tutorial did you try and follow?17:09
nonot:/ so maybe you can help me, in the tutorial they say to use disk-manger by using  "gksudo disk-manager" but the shell return "GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_value_free: assertion 'value != NULL' failed"17:09
nonothere the tuto i followed : https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/tutoriel/deplacer_home17:11
xubuntu27wguys i have shadows on desktop icon names, any idea how to solve?17:11
xanguaxubuntu27w: what desktop? Compositing?17:12
xubuntu27widk live cd :p17:12
xubuntu27wcan it be a driver issue?17:13
flocculantnonot: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/21321/move-home-folder-to-second-drive17:14
flocculanttbh I've no clue even what disk-manager is supposed to run ;)17:16
nonotthx flocculant i'll see that. i will say you if it works17:16
flocculantnonot: ok - at least if you get problems - they'll be in English for this channel :)17:17
flocculantif not - talk to people in #ubuntu-fr17:17
nonothmmm to change home directory i must to do it from an other account see u soon!17:21
nonotflocculant it works. thanks, have a nice day :)17:37
flocculantnonot: welcome - you too :)17:38
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xubuntu65dxubuntu is light fast stable beautiful  and full.18:26
xubuntu65dwhat could i do here18:38
xubuntu65di dont understand.  so bye.18:41
SpassHello. What is the reason of shorter long-term support in Xubuntu? 3 years vs 5 years in Ubuntu. I guess that security updates are the same in both cases?19:12
xanguaIt's only related xfce packages, doesn't mean after 3 years you just stop receiving updates or repos shut down19:14
n0b0dyHi, how can I see panasonic raw RW2 thumbnails in Thunar? Only black icon is shown.19:18
n0b0dyI already did this:19:18
n0b0dyno effect.19:19
n0b0dycan u read my msg?19:26
Picibut I don't know anything about thunar ;)19:31
flocculantniska`: possibly panasonic in search doesn't help - you might need tumbler-raw-plugin which is apparently in tumbler-plugins-extra so install that19:34
flocculantniska`: apologies n0b0dy apparently has low threshold for waiting for help :)19:35
n0b0dyno, I can wait I just was not sure if hexchat was really connected to server19:36
flocculantnot sure what happened to tab complete then19:36
flocculantanyway - try that ^^19:36
n0b0dytumbler-plugins-extra is installed, no effect, still black icon. do I need something more?19:37
flocculantno idea tbh - I just googled raw and tumbler :)19:38
n0b0dywhat about this https://github.com/erlendd/raw-thumbnailer19:39
n0b0dyis this in a package in xubuntu 16.04?19:39
n0b0dyseems a little bit old...19:39
flocculantn0b0dy: what do you have setting for thumbnails in thunar preferences?19:40
flocculantI assume it's not set to Never19:41
n0b0dyI can not see any setting for thumbnails in Thunar preferences dialog - where is this to be found?19:42
flocculantdisplay tab19:42
n0b0dyah, sorry, no ok I see it. It is set to Local Files Only!19:43
flocculantok - that means not  network19:43
n0b0dyjpg thumbnails are shown, even video thumbnails, but not RW2 from a panasonic camera19:43
flocculantraw-thumbnailer is a package - a gnome one not sure it'd help with thunar - but try, you can always uninstall it afterwards19:44
n0b0dyapt-get install gnome-raw-thumbnailer did not change anything, still no raw thumbnails.19:51
flocculantthe package is raw-thumbnailer19:52
flocculantfrom 2010 https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1501632 - package there is for 12.04 or 14.04 only - perhaps superseded by libopenrawgnome1v519:53
flocculantif that doesn't help then I don't know - might get somewhere in #ubuntustudio19:54
n0b0dyyes, libopenrawgnome1v5 is installed, raw-thumbnailer does not exist on 16.0419:57
flocculantoh sorry - didn't see my search call it gnome-raw-thumbnailer19:58
flocculantno idea then - try the studio channel - though I'm not sure how busy it is there19:59
n0b0dythanx for your attention, anyway, very kind!20:00
flocculantwelcome :)20:00
flocculantas an aside - better to start searches for information more simple eg linux rw2 thumbnail - then later make it more specific20:01
flocculantn0b0dy: one other thing you could try is using a different file manager to prove it's not just thunar, like pcmanfm or nautilus20:06
n0b0dyno serious problem, using darktable anyway, but it would be nice to have thumbnails in thunar, too sometimes.20:36
n0b0dyone of these little things, you know... just sooo near to a perfect system, then the last 2% are somehow asking to be solved, too...20:37
n0b0dybtw also no luck with pcmanfm - only shows jpg thumbs, not raw file thumbs21:03
knomei don't think any thumbnail creator reads raw files21:04
bluesabren0b0dy: not sure how to go about getting the thumbnailer to work (could be easy or hard), but you can use rawpy and libraw to convert raws to jpg to be used, some sample code here: https://github.com/bluesabre/ccseer-nefpreview/blob/master/nef2jpeg.py22:50
n0b0dyok, will take a look at it, thanks.22:52
n0b0dybtw it would be sooo great if raw thumbnails would not be an exotic thing... ;)23:17
knomewould be even cooler if somebody like n0b0dy wrote that functionality in because they need it themself and could make other people happy too...23:20
n0b0dywhen i start toady it will be ready in about ten years, so just hold your breath...23:21
knomewell every project has started somewhere23:21
n0b0dybut, seriously, gimme a good starting point and i will look into that challenge...23:22
knomethat script? :)23:26
knomei mean the technology for automatizing thumbnailing is there and the technology to create the thumbnails is there...23:27

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