powersjsmoser: I think I got the heading levels wrong on the readthedocs stuff, the sidebar has a few extra line items now :(15:06
smoseroh. that sok15:11
smoserthey are really wierd15:11
smosersee doc/rtd/index.rst15:11
smosertheres a comment there that says what i was trying to keep15:11
smoserbut its really , really odd... you kind of pick whatever your headers are dynamically and it just tries to sort it all out15:12
smoserpowersj, i filed doc/rtd/index.rst15:12
smoseras i'm tired of being bit by distro package failed to build when tox was fine :)15:12
smoseri'm not going to fix that today though, just going to fix the one pycodestyle complaint15:12
powersjok - so effectively run tox with latest pip packages and run tox with pinned versions of zesty? what are you pinning to?15:14
powersjdo we need pinned versions for every release?15:14
smoserso there are 2 kinds of tox targets.15:15
smosera.) unit test15:15
smoserb.) code style15:16
smoserfor 'a', it makes sense to have pinned versions everywhere that we need to run15:16
smoserfor 'b', it doesnt really matter. we pick one set and stick with it.15:17
smosercurrently, we've got this cocktail mix where we run some code-style checkers during the package build15:17
smoserand thus we're forced to have code style pass with  multiple different versions of checkers15:17
smoserwhich, kind of is insane15:17
smoserbut i never really thoguht clearly on this before. i think i've convinced myself that running coding style checks during package build is not helpful15:18
smoseras long as they're run on trunk (and ideally gate)15:18
smoserdo you want to fix your formating ?15:19
smoseryou can if you want, and have it in a 0.7.9 that is due... inthe next 2 hours15:19
powersjreading your comments now to see what I need to do15:19
smoserpowersj, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23673609/15:27
smoserthat is my interpretation15:27
smoserof your sections and such15:27
smoserthe whole dynamic "pick whatever you want" makes it really hard for a human to even understand what should be what15:27
powersjsmoser: that looks like what I have now. I didn't realize having === on top and bottom made a difference15:30
smoserreally odd15:30
powersjdo you want to just merge that? or want an mp?15:30
smoserif you're happy with that, i'll do it.15:30
powersjgo for it15:30
smosernote i dropped the toc stuff at the top too15:31
powersjsame :)15:31
powersjI saw how it looked at didn't like it15:31
naccsmoser: time for a /topic update? :)17:46
=== smoser changed the topic of #cloud-init to: cloud-init 0.7.9 released 2016-12-23. 0.7.10 open. reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+ref/master/+activereviews | fly the W
* smoser leaves the fly the W on17:46
smoserpowersj, i'm almost out the door17:57
smosergonna upload to zesty 0.7.917:57
powersjsmoser: sweet!17:57
powersjthanks for the merge this week17:58
smoserhttp://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ works17:58
smoserand 0.7.9 magically showed up17:58
powersjah yes that looks good :)17:58
powersjsmoser: so on deck for cloud-init then is the tox changes, updating the jenkins runs to use master and not my branch, and I have another merge from magicalChicken I still need to do.18:00
smoserpowersj, curtin has similar nonsense in its tox18:01
smoserwrt pycodestyle stuff18:01
powersjah yes18:02
smoserwe shoudl fix that in the same way both places18:02
powersjagreed, when you get back I'll try to have merge requests for both18:02
prometheanfirehmm, for some reason cloud-init isn't passing gw or hwaddr info to the old netconfig stuff22:58
prometheanfire0.7.9 has the bug too23:07
prometheanfireseems like it's being removed before even being passed to the gentoo portions23:08
naccprometheanfire: you're sort of hitting the worst time calendar wise :) EOD/EOW/EOY23:14
prometheanfireI know23:25
prometheanfireI've been needing to rewrite the gentoo pieces23:26
prometheanfireguess this gives me a reason23:26
prometheanfireI thought it was working, wonder why it's not now23:26
prometheanfiremaybe newton changed the format or something23:26

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