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redirso we now require 3.5 GB ram for a controller?00:43
babbageclunkhey redir, I get this error making a kvm on a trusty node:01:00
babbageclunk2016-12-23 00:52:59 DEBUG juju.container.kvm run.go:21 output: error: Failed to define domain from /var/lib/juju/containers/juju-862251-1-kvm-3/juju-862251-1-kvm-3.xml01:01
babbageclunkerror: unknown OS type hvm01:01
babbageclunkWhat should I send you?01:01
redirwhat version of libvirt?01:01
babbageclunkprobs that xml file.01:01
babbageclunkum, on the trusty machine?01:01
babbageclunkredir: xml file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23670985/01:04
redirSo I think that happens if kvm kernel mods aren't loaded o01:05
redirwhich is installed by qemu-kvm I believe01:05
babbageclunkI can check whether that's installed on the machine01:05
babbageclunkredir: 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.3001:06
rediralso if it is kvm in kvm check if host-passthrough is really set01:06
babbageclunkI checked that01:06
babbageclunkit is01:06
redirwhat's lsmod | grep kvm say?01:08
babbageclunkha, I was just copying that from a serverfault article!01:08
babbageclunkkvm_intel             143187  001:08
babbageclunkkvm                   455843  1 kvm_intel01:08
redirgoogle rules01:08
babbageclunkvmx turned on01:10
babbageclunkI guess not suprising, since the other machine works.01:10
rediris trusty the base os or on one of the vms in vmaas?01:11
redirand what kind of cpu?01:11
babbageclunkon the vm in vmaas01:12
babbageclunkcpu - not sure01:12
babbageclunkwhat's the best way to find out?01:12
redirfirst look at virsh capabilities01:13
redir$ virsh capabilities01:13
redircan you send or pastebin that?01:14
babbageclunkIt says SandyBridge - sure, pastebinning.01:14
babbageclunkoh - do you want that run on the vmaas node, or the host?01:14
redirmaybe both01:14
redirbut prolly the one that is failing01:15
babbageclunkOk, this is from the vmaas node that's failing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671042/01:16
babbageclunkredir: this is from the node that works: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671045/01:16
babbageclunkThis from the host machine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671048/01:17
babbageclunkHmm - that's weird - the failing one is v different. Maybe the host-passthrough didn't stick.01:18
babbageclunkI'll shut the machine down and set it more firmly01:19
redircan you log into the failing node and try manually installing qemu-kvm and let me look at the others01:19
babbageclunkredir: reprovisioning the machine now.01:23
redirsorry neighbors stopped by01:32
redirlet me look at others made no sense01:32
redirI think that error is related to not having qemu-kvm installed or loaded01:33
redirwhich would make sense if pass-through didn't work or apt-get failed to install qemu-kvm for some reason01:34
redirI dont' know what happens if the package manager in juju fails to install a package01:34
babbageclunkon the reprovisioned node virsh capabilities now says Haswell-noTSX01:36
babbageclunkoh no, hang on - forgot the --series xenial.01:36
redirwhelp merging in the stuff from develop seems to break things anyhow01:37
redirI'm was a bit behind01:37
redirhad to resolve a couple conflicts but it seems that there's some issue with bridge and spaces01:37
redirI suppose I'll have to hit up frobware and jam when they are around01:38
babbageclunksorry, I mean I forgot --series trusty. I think my brain's already gone on holiday.01:41
babbageclunkrerereprovisioning now01:42
rediryeah, they are failing with  juju.provisioner failed to prepare container "1/kvm/0" network config: unable to find host bridge for spaces [] for container "1/kvm/0"01:46
redirso it only worked until I merged in develop01:46
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deanmanHey, anyone seen this before `message: 'hook failed: "cni-relation-changed" for flannel:cni'` on canonical-kube LXD deployment ?11:49
voidspacejam: ping12:23
perrito666voidspace: today is saturday for jam so you lost him until next year I presume12:28
voidspaceperrito666: yeah, I remembered after I pinged. Thanks.12:29
voidspaceperrito666: but hey, we have each other, so all is not lost ;-)12:40
jamvoidspace: perrito666: I don't pretend to be around, but I guess I can't hide either.13:25
voidspacejam: none of us can hide, not for long anyway...13:26
voidspacejam: :-)13:26
voidspacejam: anyway, I "made a decision" and am just seeing if it works - you can comment on the review when it gets there13:26
voidspacejam: anyway, happy holidays and see you on the other side13:27
perrito666Jam is this an actual holiday for you are just dragged by the shutdown?13:36
jamvoidspace: thanks, you too13:36
jamperrito666: We have some stuff we're trying to get done for 2.1, so I'm half-around trying to shepherd it through.13:36
perrito666I see but my question was in the cultural side13:38
perrito666Is it some form of holiday where you are?13:39
* perrito666 is under the impression most cultures celebrate something around this time of the year13:43
perrito666redir: your patch violates the 500 lines or less by about 30000 lines :p14:29
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redirperrito666: in reality it is about 2000 lines maybe even less16:35
redirperrito666: and the first two commits have been reviewed once.16:36
perrito666I am reviewing the whole thing redir16:44
perrito666so far like a lot what I see16:44
perrito666point me to the relevant commit if you want16:44
perrito666brb lunch16:44
redirperrito the whole thing is good:)16:45
redirit needs it since it is over 500 lines16:45
redirjam frobware voidspace just a bug in your ear https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/6748#issuecomment-26893586517:19
redirmaybe it will register something17:20
perrito666redir: I sent several changes  but apart from those LGTM17:24
perrito666also, your code is usually so clean that it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside17:24
redirperrito666: aw shucks:)17:25
redirand thanks for taking on the big PR, I appreciate it17:26
perrito666np, as I said, interesting read17:27
voidspaceredir: I've only just twigged that you're reed... !!19:29
redirreed was taken...19:30
voidspaceredir: heh19:32
voidspaceredir: anyway o/ happy christmas :-)19:32
rediryou too voidspace and HNY!19:33
perrito666I thought I was the only one left19:37
voidspaceperrito666: I think I've verified my fix works, but I haven't written a test and I need to scour the code to check for unintentional semantic changes19:41
voidspaceperrito666: it would be nice to get a PR tonight, it's not 8pm yet19:41
voidspaceperrito666: but I might not make it19:42
perrito666k I am heading out early, happy holidays to all19:55
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redirlater perrito666 Feliz Ano Nuevo20:21
* redir steps AFK for a bit.20:22

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