omarramohello, I just isntalled kubuntu 16.0401:18
omarramowhen trying to run  apt-get update I get the error failed to fetch ... URL ... hashsum missmatch01:19
omarramosudo apt clean and deleting the list directory etc01:19
omarramoand switching from de repos to normal ones01:19
omarramonothing worked yet01:19
omarramoI hope someone can help, Ive often had this issue, so annyoing01:21
KsChoiceHi there! I have 2 monitors which are guaranteed working because at startup,  I get the decruption screen on both monitors. But then I get the login screen, and one just shuts off, and after login, xrandr says that monitor is disconnected.. Any idea how or why this is? Using nvidia GFX cards using nouveau drivers06:40
valoriewhat version of Kubuntu, KsChoice?06:52
KsChoice*whispers* linux mint 18, but nobody has responded there for days.. Since this is just a brushed up kubuntu, I was hoping to get lucky...06:55
valorieok, we don't support mint06:55
valoriehowever, it's only recent Qt versions that help with multi-monitor06:56
valorieso you might enable backports and see if it helps06:56
KsChoicevalorie: do you happen to have any experience with xrandr?06:56
valorieI don't know mint versions, but backports are available for 16.04 & 16.1006:56
valoriein fact we just announced it on kubuntu.org today06:57
valorieKsChoice: I used to have to use it occasionally06:57
KsChoiceBecause that is where I have some weird output.. I know mint != kubuntu, I would love to use kubuntu (used it for years, and actually you and I have talked before on quite a few occasions) but Kubuntu simply won't work at all on my machines, so I went for mint, which does06:57
valoriebut I use a laptop, and now it "just works"06:57
valorieyou can try a recent live USB, an see....06:57
valorieor try it in a VM?06:58
KsChoiceMy laptop broke down (the one where I have used 16.04 for a while until I changed to mint 17 for less problems).. Then I got a new computer and landed myself in the seventh circle of hell.. In the past 4 days I've installed and reinstalled near all versions of Kubuntu and linux mint from the past 18 months... Mint is the only one htat actually works just a little bit06:59
KsChoiceI've reinstalled this computer more than 15 times and I wish I made that up06:59
KsChoiceso I can honestly tell you, 16.10, not going to work :)07:00
KsChoiceas much as I would want to07:00
valorieas I understand it, mint uses our backports?07:00
KsChoiceYeah, I just checked, I have kubuntu backports already enabled07:01
valorieI mean, clem was having mint users test our backports PPA07:01
KsChoiceso that is not the problem07:01
KsChoiceTo make things weirder07:01
KsChoicelike I said, I did various reinstalls..07:01
valoriethen you should have the newer Qt version07:01
KsChoiceSometimes I reinstall, no dual monitor.. Again, and hey, dual monitor!07:01
KsChoiceThen again, dual monitor, yay! and then.. after 3 reboots it just disappears, never to come back07:01
valoriethat sounds like flaky hardware07:01
KsChoiceYeah, but no, its linux07:02
valoriewell, drivers07:02
KsChoiceAlready ruled that out with different hardware components (4 video cards, tried different combos)07:02
valorieI doubt it has anything to do with the kernel07:02
KsChoiceWhen I boot up, I get 2 monitors07:02
KsChoicefor the decryption password screen07:03
KsChoiceThen I continue, login screen, and I only have one monitor07:03
valorieoh that's bizarre07:03
KsChoiceAnd the thing is, I've had 2 monitors there on this install! Just ... I restart and... now I have one07:03
valorieI would ask in #kde07:03
KsChoiceand on that pastebin you can see, xrandr.. just shows card 1 and 3... and no card 2 at all... wut?07:03
valoriealthough this is a bad time of day for that07:03
KsChoiceI guess I'll have to try that, yeah07:03
KsChoiceYeah I know, most US people are alseep now07:04
KsChoiceITs just that I finally finally have this #$!^@!$ thing working07:04
KsChoice4 days07:04
valoriethey might send you to #plasma07:04
KsChoiceI feel like I just cut off my hand after 127 hours lol07:04
valorieKsChoice: it's more that the europeans are not yet up07:04
valoriealso remember it is right before xmas holidays07:04
KsChoiceYeah, tough luck07:06
KsChoiceWon't stop me from trying though :)07:06
KsChoiceWell Merry Christmas already!07:06
valoriethank you, merry Christmas to you as well07:06
jubo2What happened to the "Shrink existing (Win10) disk to make space for Kubuntu" in the K16.10 installer?08:37
jubo2/dev/sda1 is NTFS of size 524MB of which is 344MB used08:38
jubo2rest of the 500GB is /dev/sda208:39
jubo2I've never ever before touched a Win10 machine08:39
jubo2does it really reside in that 524GB08:40
jubo2sorry 524MB08:41
jubo2WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SAFE COMFY OLD "Let me shrink an existing (Windows) partition to make space for Kubuntu install."!?!?!?08:42
jubo2I see I can select "Journaling NTFS" for partition type08:44
jubo2So can I make a 150GB NTFS partition and a 15GB root partition and 325GB /home partition and NOT KILL THE WINDOWS10?08:45
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jubo2And once again.. "Where did the 'let me shrink the other partitions to make space for me'-option go to in the install procedure?08:46
jubo2it seems this is something to do with UEFI instead of Bios compatible thingy08:53
hateballjubo2: iirc windows 10 has some "hybrid sleep" mode so it doesnt properly shut down and mark partitions as available09:11
hateballsomething you can change, somewhere09:12
hateballdunno, dont use windows so09:12
jubo2hateball: there is way to enter conventional BIOS09:15
jubo2but that probably not the right thing to do09:15
jubo2I try this UEFI-route and see if it works09:15
jubo2but right now I gotta pack and get going09:15
jubo2I do have a working (though 3GB RAM) Kubuntu machine with me so I can look up instructions how to SAFELY put Kubuntu on same machine as Windows 1009:16
hateballjubo2: uefi dualboot should work, but I think there is also an issue where windows will overwrite grub stuff or something like that09:21
hateballjubo2: just pulling things from the back of my head that I have seen in #ubuntu09:21
jubo2hateball: okk.. thanks for infos09:22
jubo2I gotta be careful not to mess this up09:22
jubo2I've been doing the normal "USB stick boot-up priority #1"-way for ages09:22
jubo2I dunno this UEFI route but I will investigate when I have time09:23
jubo2c ya09:26
sebastiensalut tous le monde10:46
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BluesKajHi folks12:11
BluesKajardengourlay, ask your question if you have one13:27
ardengourlayI am currently on a macbook pro13:28
ardengourlayhow do i get trackpad gestrues to work?13:28
ardengourlaylike three finger drag and swiping13:28
BluesKajardengourlay, system settings>hardware/input devices>touchpad13:30
ardengourlay ok thanks13:31
ardengourlayi dont see any settings that could enable swiping with three fingers to swap desktops or pinch to show desktop13:32
BluesKajardengourlay, hang on I'll get my laptop13:33
ardengourlay hello13:34
floownWhat can I use to convert a .CUE into separated .MP3 ?13:35
floownin Plasma13:35
ardengourlay hmmm. I really dont know13:35
ardengourlay lemme quikly gooogle it13:35
ardengourlayI am not sure13:36
ardengourlaytry searching it because I dont know anything about audio file conversion13:36
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> winqt or something that is what I use to convert mp3 to ogg13:38
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> It might have tools to convert that13:38
BluesKajfloown, look for splitlossless.tar.gz in your search13:38
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BluesKajardengourlay, I'm not sure what setttings you need as you described, it may be different for macbook pro than my Lenovo13:41
ardengourlay Oh. I just discovered on a macbook you can swipe from the edge of the trackpad so switch desktops. not as smooth as macos but definetely better than nothing13:43
ardengourlay also for some strange reason. a red light is shining out of my headphone jack. For the first time in three years I have seen this13:45
BluesKajardengourlay, probly a mac thing , never heard of that before13:53
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pashkinmvdoes someone know how to create bootable usb from kubunu, (usb-creator-kde fails with error)15:01
oshunluvrHave you tried dd?15:02
pashkinmvwhat is dd?15:02
pashkinmvdd method of copying an iso to a usb?15:03
oshunluvrdd = data duplicator. It allows direct reads/writes of block devices15:04
oshunluvrThe command would be: sudo dd if=/path/to/kubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M15:04
oshunluvrTHis assume /dev/sdb is your USB drive15:04
oshunluvrBe careful using dd - it's also called "data destroyer" No recovery if you mess up. Just make sure you have to /dev/ correct15:05
pashkinmvi'll try, thax15:05
oshunluvrOpen a terminal, plug in thumb drive, then type "dmseg" You should see report of device inserted including /dev/sd*15:06
oshunluvrAlso, you're writing to the entire device ( /dev/sdb not /dev/sdb1) so anything on it will be wiped15:07
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DienonymousWho would put a bot on my channel? If it's not annoying please18:12
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DienonymousDesi that I am not bad person and I do not get to read the black book because more of one I bule the house with a bor and if it is that they take care of bad to me to remember that I am schizophrenic and that to the time I travel and I do not need bot18:35
DienonymousTo run well away from me18:38
DienonymousJust make a couple more drops and I'm flying the universe I'm a bomb time Maque I'll destroy the hell I'll just destroy the times in nisvana autopilot18:48
DienonymousThey are ignoring me by censoring and they believe to manipulate me I remind them that I cut the threads from sperm18:53
DienonymousFollow your thinking18:55
DienonymousIf not all this follows the magic word18:57
DienonymousSee you when you wake up18:59
Dienonymous0+0 ojo18:59
DienonymousAll against all now know where they are at least in the city know that is his jail the spider already present19:03
BluesKaj!ops | Dienonymous19:05
ubottuDienonymous: Help! Channel Emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies!) yofel, ovidiu-florin, ahoneybun, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, valorie, shadeslayer, rww, Unit19319:05
BluesKajlooks like a bot19:06
jubo2Installing K16.1019:37
jubo2The "partition it yourself" didn't let me create a swap space19:37
jubo2I was thinking of making a 4GB SWAP but it said it not possible19:38
jubo2it just said "unusable" about the 4GB I thought I'd make SWAP19:39
jubo2Oh well..19:39
jubo2Got 16GB so that's enough for a few apps19:39
jubo2141 upgrades19:47
wish^What is the main difference between Kubuntu and KDE Neon?19:47
jubo2luckily I have unlimited 4G19:47
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oshunluvrwish^: Neon is more up-to-date Plasma22:19
mariaI just setup Kubuntu 16.04 on my PC. I wanted to add a user so I went into System Settings/ User Manager, and tried adding a user. I put in the password, and click apply, but the user does not show up. I tried setting up manually in Konsole, and it says that user exists. I tried to delete the user in Konsole, and it says the user does not exist. Any ideas?22:24
mariaI also opened Dolphin, and looked in root/home and only my main account is there.22:25
oshunluvrMaria, opena terminal and type: cat /etc/passwd22:33
oshunluvrlif the last line has your user, it exists22:33
mariaoshunluvr: OK22:33
mariaoshunluvr: https://paste.kde.org/pfn1dq7np22:35
oshunluvrso not there. I think the user manager is broken. Try kuser instead or do it manualy22:38
mariaoshunluvr: I think I see what happened. It actually created a group. I manually deleted it, and was able to create user in Konsole22:39
oshunluvrOk cool. user manager has been off/on workable. kuser is more solid. I use neon now and usermanager works better.22:40
mariaoshunluvr: Thanks for putting me on the right track22:41
hippybearoshunluvr ori ye ye oooo22:47
oshunluvrI don't habla that linga-dee hip22:50
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DienonymousSorry to ruin it is that it is a terrible disease and it is of intelligent depression22:55
DienonymousAnd it's natural22:57
oshunluvror douche22:57
DienonymousI just need a bot to stay entertained and my mind in peace bindo that interacts only that in my channel22:59
oshunluvra douche-bot22:59

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