felikswhitedoes anyone here spend a lot of time in marketing and promotional stuff?  looking for a user to bounce ideas off of with.  I spend most of my time in promoting and spreading information and think it would be nice to collaborate with others.00:46
lynorian_felikswhite: We need more  more people doing that00:51
felikswhitelynorian_:  I noticed not many people are involved in the Lubuntu-specific promotions as they are with basic Ubuntu.  that's natural, but I couldn't find any promotional pieces on SpreadUbuntu except for Lubuntu cards which use like names and positions and stuff, like an ID.00:56
felikswhiteso I've been trying to make pamphlets myself, but they're pretty basic!00:57
lynorian_felikswhite: not sure really01:05
lynorian_unfortanetly has not been updated lately but you might be able to base new ones off it01:06
felikswhiteyeah, I saw that page but didn't see much to catch the eye except the poster, web buttons, and screenshots.  I used the logo in a pamphlet though!01:09
Ahmuckdoes libdvdcss work in the latest lubuntu 16.10 ?16:19

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