mupPR snapcraft#998 closed: plugins: update gulp plugin to use get_build_properties() and get_pull_properties() <Created by ZenHarbinger> <Merged by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/998>00:14
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liuxghas anyone got the alias working on the snapcraft 2.24? I just found that example code at https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/integration_tests/snaps/alias/snapcraft.yaml. when I run it, I get the error like "/snap/my-alias/x3/command-hello.wrapper: 5: exec: /snap/my-alias/x3/hello.sh: Permission denied". I tested it on 16.04 desktop02:12
nhollowayHi,. guys. I just installed Ubuntu Core in a QEMU/KVM, and can anyone tell me why I can't run 'sudo passwd' without getting an authentication token manipulation error?02:12
mupPR snapcraft#995 closed: plugins: update kernel plugin to use get_build_properties() <Created by ZenHarbinger> <Merged by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/995>03:35
nhollowayHi, guys, I'm trying to set up LXD in Ubuntu Core. It tells me lxd is not found. I'm in the lxd group (that I had to create), and it still fails when I run 'sudo lxd init'. Can anybody help me out?04:15
mupPR snapcraft#1020 opened: Change hello.sh to be executable <Created by liu-xiao-guo> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1020>04:17
mupBug #1635584 changed: "snap interfaces" output hides some magical, essential package name <Snappy:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1635584>04:18
liuxgdoes anyone know how to enable alias for snap application? thanks05:52
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zygaliuxg: hey08:27
zygaliuxg: do you mean the new aliases feature?08:27
liuxgzyga, yeah, I just figured it out.08:28
zygaliuxg: ah, great, I haven't used it yet08:28
liuxgzyga, I have to enable it using commands, and I wrote a blog for it at http://blog.csdn.net/ubuntutouch/article/details/5383956608:28
liuxgzyga, thanks for answering :)08:29
mupPR snapd#2530 opened: tests: use MATCH in install-remove-multi <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2530>08:44
mupPR snapd#2531 opened: tests: make debug-each succeed if DENIED doesn't match <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2531>09:17
mcphailhttp://termbin.com/rv2u - this curses-based app prints garbage extra characters to the terminal when run as a snap, but works fine when run from stage/usr/local/bin/sneakers . Any idea what I need to tweak or add to get a curses app to work properly?09:22
zygamcphail: perhaps it cannot access terminal profiles under hardcoded path in /usr/lib or /usr/share09:22
zygaas they are most likely in the core snap09:23
mcphailzyga: do you know of any workarounds?09:23
zygamcphail: patch ncurses in your snap to look for those profiles elsewhere09:24
mcphailzyga: hmm. Would be better to have a more generic solution for curses apps, dont you think?09:25
zygamcphail: such as?09:25
zygaideally curses upstream would understand and use the $SNAP environment variable09:26
mcphailzyga: perhaps a "curses" snap interface which exposes the correct directories?09:26
zygamcphail: exposes them from where?09:27
mcphailzyga: from the host os09:27
zygamcphail: the host os can be just snappy core, then you don't have them09:28
zygamcphail: or they can be in a wrong format (different major version of curses)09:28
zygamcphail: I think they have to be in the snap09:28
mcphailzyga: surely snappt core has them as well?09:28
zygamcphail: if it did you'd have no problems09:28
zygamcphail: as your app works against the core snap today09:28
zygamcphail: perhaps the core has some basic profiles but I bet it doesn't have all the various profiles people get with extra packages09:29
mcphailzyga: aah. I see09:29
zygamcphail: the overmount interface can be of some help09:29
zygamcphail: but that's a hack IMHO09:29
mcphailzyga: ok. Thanks. That gives me something to explore09:30
zygamcphail: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/252409:30
mupPR snapd#2524: Overmount <Created by kalikiana> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2524>09:30
ogra_mcphail, https://github.com/ogra1/nethack ... (old but most likely still relevant)09:30
zygamcphail: that's not merged yet09:30
mcphailogra_: cheers. Will have a look09:30
mcphailogra_: I'll try adding those stage-packages. The names sound promising!09:31
* ogra_ notes that most of his snaps need updating ... but i try to stay away from my computer during vacation 09:32
ogra_mcphail, also look at the wrapper09:32
longsleepogra_: moin folks, i just built a snappy edge image and only get RuntimeError: nl_get_multicast_ids failed: -2 when trying to configure - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23672389/ - known bug?09:32
ogra_longsleep, not to me ... sounds like a missing bit in the netwrok interface09:32
ogra_oh, sorry ... i should hav clicked the paste first ... definitely a bug !09:33
longsleepogra_: ok, is there anything i can do to access the thing to get some more debug?09:33
zygalongsleep: report it on subiquity please09:33
longsleepzyga: subiwhat? :)09:33
longsleepi had to google that :P09:34
ogra_if its an arm board with SD there should be subiquity debug logs09:34
ogra_you could pull them off the SD09:34
longsleepah yeah, its on sd09:34
ogra_in /var/log/console-conf/09:35
ogra_(on the writable partition obviously)09:35
longsleepzyga: but now that zyga is there, please tell me that that the apparmor confinement changes have landed in snapd and are already released in stable channel :)09:36
longsleepthen i might be able to actually release a useful snappy image today for pine6409:36
ogra_candidate should surely have everything in the latest iteration ...09:36
ogra_not sure about stable ... i think the last snapd still waits for $people_coming_back_from_vacation09:37
longsleepogra_: ok i will try candidate channel next then09:38
ogra_(the deb is definitely only in -proposed atm)09:38
longsleepogra_: searching for logs on on this subiquity - should it be in syslog?09:38
ogra_in /var/log/console-conf/ like i said above09:38
longsleepoh sorry09:39
longsleepogra_, zyga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23672411/ full log09:39
ogra_my guess is an ipv6 issue ... thats mwhudson territory though09:40
ogra_file a bug with the log attached for starters09:41
longsleepogra_: where should i file the issue? https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/subiquity/issues09:41
ogra_launchpad ...09:41
longsleepogra_: or some place launchpad?09:41
ogra_there is a subiquity package09:41
ogra_and the snappy project (see topic)09:42
ogra_open tasks against both09:42
zygaogra_: hmm, are you sure? id just file it against subiquity09:42
zygalongsleep: you can now file bugs on snappy on github too AFAIK09:42
ogra_for non snapd projects ?09:43
ogra_i thought only snapd wernt on its own09:43
* ogra_ hasnt heard anything about foundations owned projects using GH issues 09:44
ogra_(and i highly doubt they'd move)09:44
mupPR snapd#2532 opened: tests: port refresh-all-undo to MATCH <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2532>09:44
longsleepogra_: all right, i tried my best in getting the meta data right, https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/165226209:46
mupBug #1652262: subiquitycore exception in controller.run <snappy> <Snappy:New> <subiquity (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652262>09:46
ogra_looks good09:47
mupBug #1652262 opened: subiquitycore exception in controller.run <snappy> <Snappy:New> <subiquity (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652262>09:47
* ogra_ is off 09:52
zygaogra_: enjoy your holidsys :)09:54
longsleepogra_: yes have fun away from computers :)09:56
longsleepzyga: issue also happens on candidate channel, so it might be either my network or the device09:56
* longsleep removes wifi09:56
longsleepmhm did not help :(09:58
longsleepalso when LAN is not connected ever its the same issue10:00
longsleepmeans no snappy image for xmas :)10:00
mupPR snapd#2533 opened: tets: improve snap connect test <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2533>10:02
zygalongsleep: which device is that?10:05
mupBug #1652265 opened: Initialization changes are removed right after first boot <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652265>10:05
mcphailogra_: zyga: thanks - got the curses app to work perfectly!10:18
zygamcphail: woot, great10:19
zygamcphail: what was the key?10:19
zygamcphail: maybe we can add a section to snapcraft wiki10:19
zygamcphail: and document classes of workarounds there (e.g. the curses workaround)10:19
mcphailzyga: basically, the extra console-setup-linux, locales and libc-bin stage-packages plus a wrapper script to set up a sane locale on first launch. A bit ugly, but it works. I just copies it from ogra's repo10:21
mupPR snapd#2523 closed: tests: port additional snap-confine regression tests <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2523>10:24
longsleepzyga: pine6410:38
zygalongsleep: oh, interesting11:02
zygalongsleep: maybe the wifi driver is broken, which kernel are you using?11:02
mupBug #1652273 opened: Ubuntu Core 16.04 Docker Seg Faults 139 <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652273>11:15
mupPR snapd#2533 closed: tests: improve snap connect test <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2533>11:34
mupPR snapd#2519 closed: tests: skip packaging dir generation for non-git based autopkgtest runs <Created by mvo5> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2519>11:35
mupPR snapd#2532 closed: tests: port refresh-all-undo to MATCH <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2532>11:35
mupPR snapd#2531 closed: tests: make debug-each succeed if DENIED doesn't match <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2531>11:36
longsleepzyga: 3.10.104, its a tree i maintain at https://github.com/longsleep/linux-pine6411:47
longsleepzyga: some of the wifi drivers in there are broken by design yes, but wifi works generally11:48
mupPR snapd#2525 closed: tests: increase wait time for service to be up <Created by fgimenez> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2525>11:48
zygalongsleep: interesting, where do you keep your gadget and kernel snaps?11:51
zygalongsleep: I'd like to build a public project hub (on github) for community snappy systems11:51
zygaa place where one can easily find all the gadges/kernels11:51
longsleepzyga: its part of my image building gear - https://github.com/longsleep/build-pine64-image/tree/master/snappy11:51
longsleepzyga: any chance you might be able to help me get my key registered on the store?11:52
longsleepzyga: i have asked for help a couple of times before in this channel, never found anyone who might be able to do anything. I am always getting "Key registration failed: The account-key-request assertion is not valid."  with snapcraft register-key11:55
longsleepzyga: i would really like to upload my gadget and kernel snaps to the store :)11:55
longsleepand be able to sign the model would be cool too11:56
zygalongsleep: for that I cannot help, you want sergiusens or nessita I suspect11:57
zygalongsleep: I'd love to have your kernel and gadget in the store too :)11:57
zygalongsleep: I'm interested in making it easy to find the sources of all the kernels and gadgets that are public11:57
zygalongsleep: another one in the list is beagleboneblack11:58
zygalongsleep: (maintained by ogra_)11:58
zygalongsleep: and I plan to maintain something for beagle c411:58
longsleepzyga: yes that would be good11:58
zygalongsleep: I'll try to make something like this soon11:58
longsleepzyga: having a meta data reference in the snaps to some repository, similar to docker hup would be cool imho11:59
longsleepdocker hub11:59
zygalongsleep: yes, that's on sergiusens's roadmap already11:59
ogra_zyga, well, the bbb kernel is just linux-generic (effectively just an armhf build of the of the pc kernel snap)12:01
ogra_i just didnt want to steal the name which is why i called it linux-generic-bbb12:01
zygaogra_: that's fine, what we need are the snapcraft files, the readme's and the place to file bugs12:02
ogra_i'll set up a project on LP12:02
zygaogra_: and a place for everyone to play nice in one community where they can join easily and learn from each other12:02
zygaogra_: I'd really prefer github for everything (for various reasons) but I won't stop you as you know :)12:02
ogra_need to update the stuff too12:03
ogra_well, i do 99.99% of my bugtracking on LP ... and githubs mail handling (at least for branches) is 100% unusable i do all my bug and branch tracking through mail12:03
ogra_unless they fix that i'll keep the projects i own on LP for bugs ... sorry12:04
zygaogra_: what is the problem with github issue tracking email notifications?12:04
ogra_dunno, i havent done issue tracking on GH yet ... but the mail tracking for branches is completely unusable ... i simply suspect the issue tracking to not be different12:05
ogra_but i guess i'll see that soon, once i get snapd issue mails ;)12:05
zygaogra_: ah, issue tracking for branches12:07
zygaogra_: can you tell me more about that?12:07
ogra_as long as i have to work with the archive, debs, builds on LP i'll not mive for the bits i dont have to move12:07
zygaogra_: I misread your earlier message12:07
ogra_well, the branch tracking simply has no info in the mails (compare them to LP branch changes where you get the diff inside the mail etc) it only has very limited amounts of info in it ... i.e. the conversation12:08
ogra_it forces me to have another 500 tabs open in my browser since i can only see the diffs via web UI12:09
ogra_(and i already have 500 tabs ... not really suitable)12:09
ogra_very rarely someone comments inline where you get a very small snippet of the diff that has been commented on in the mail ... and there seems to be no way to change it in the GH mail settings12:10
zygaogra_: so you'd like to get diffs whenver someone pushes to a branch?12:10
ogra_i'd like to have the same handling i get from LP12:10
ogra_diffs inline without having to open a browser etc12:11
ogra_also, it get a mail for every fart someone lets in a branch ... its like 5x the spam i get from LP without any benefit12:11
ogra_as someone who has to deal with 300-600 mails per day that is simply ineffective12:12
zygaogra_: would you get that traffic on from two repos that have a snapcraft.yaml inside, each?12:13
ogra_if you make any comment or change it sends a mail12:13
ogra_without anything inside but "zyga made a change ... here is a link to the diff"12:13
ogra_and that link to the diff just gets me to the web UI frontend ... i still have to click through to the file changes12:14
ogra_GH just adds a lot more steps to my workflow12:14
zygaogra_: note that you'd be the only person that can make changes to those repos12:14
ogra_where Lp is perfectly effective12:14
zygaogra_: I could comment on your repos but other than that, I'd have to open pull requests12:15
zygaogra_: but LP is pretty unsocial and people just don't like it, if I'd like to build a hub for all the open source gadgets and kernels, building thato on LP seems like a bad idea12:15
ogra_where the above applies ... to see your changes i'D have to do another 5-10 clicks in the browser12:15
ogra_LP is unsocial ?12:16
zygaogra_: well, 5-10 is a bit exaggerated IMHO12:16
ogra_not sure how you get that impression12:16
ogra_staring from clicking in the mail to seeing the change its at least 5 clicks ...12:16
zygaogra_: really? it's usually just one12:16
ogra_if you have changed multiple files i even need to open multiple tabs12:16
zygaogra_: that's not true, if I send you a pull request you just see the diff there12:17
ogra_the click in the mail only gets you to the PR frontpage12:17
ogra_anyway, you really wont convince me12:17
zygaogra_: with all the files combined, you can click to see individual files and commits12:17
zygaogra_: too bad, I reall wish to have a place where all the code is easy to find12:17
ogra_and as long as i do still distro work LP is my choice for my own projects12:17
ogra_GH is just way to painful and unfrieendly12:17
ogra_i'm fine to follow suit where i need to (snapd, snapcraft etc etc)12:18
ogra_but not for my own work12:18
ogra_all my image building, deb management, archive work are on LP ... snap stuff is still a very small minority of my day to day work ...  splitting that off to a rather un-userfirendly tool doesnt really help12:20
ogra_(along with my browser keeping my fans running when i have GH pages open ... tzanks to their use of flash to create zip files on demand)12:21
zygaogra_: I have a few doezen github tabs open and 1% cpu use on firefox12:22
zygaogra_: maybe check if that's really github that's doing this12:22
ogra_tell my laptop :P12:22
ogra_yes it is12:22
zygaogra_: can you share link, maybe it's not happening on all pages12:22
ogra_if you diable flash the "download tarball" button asks you to enable it12:22
zygaogra_: and that keeps your CPU busy?12:23
zygaogra_: I don't have flash installed12:23
ogra_its the big green button you get on branches on the top right12:23
ogra_hmm, probably they dropped that recently12:23
ogra_anyway, you wont make me a GH fan ... :)12:23
ogra_i find it as userfriendly as git itself ...12:24
ogra_along with the fact that there is a team i have direct access to to fix any LP issues in no time for me if i hit any12:25
ogra_(and i really like to support my colleagues by using in-house stuff too)12:25
zygaogra_: that I understand and respect12:27
zygaogra_: I really wish lp was nearly as popular as gh, or had similar features12:27
ogra_haha, i'd state the same sentence the other way around :)12:27
ogra_(minus the popular but :) )12:28
zygaogra_: review tools are way better on gh :/12:28
ogra_i also dont see how we will ever have any customer projects on GH12:28
zygaogra_: I don't use email much so perhaps that's why our views differ12:28
ogra_i.e. any private stuff12:29
zygaogra_: sure but "use the best tool for the job"12:29
ogra_and i work a lot with these guys every day12:29
zygawhen building a community hub for snappy sources12:29
zygaogra_: btw, distro question, how can I get this fix released into xenial-updates (for autopkgtest package):12:31
zygait's an obvious bug, the URL changed, adt-builvm-ubuntu-cloud doesn't work with zesty or yakkety releases when invoked from zenial12:32
zygait was a pitti project but I don't know where to send ths to12:32
ogra_yeah, i dont know where it moved to ... ask infinity perhaps12:33
ogra_it used to be a branch under his account before12:33
zygacan I distro-patch this somehow quickly12:34
zygait's super annoying that this is broken and the fix is trivial12:34
mupPR snapd#2530 closed: tests: use MATCH in install-remove-multi <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2530>12:34
zygaI'll chase infinity after xmas12:34
ogra_i guess you'd need to SRU it ...12:34
ogra_so not "quickly"12:35
zygaI cannot even upload it, what should I do?12:35
ogra_(but perhaps the autopkgtest package isnt that strict regarding SRUs given it needs to move fast)12:35
zygaI'm not a core developer12:35
zygacan you do it somehow?12:36
ogra_hmm, they seem to actually use backports ... looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/autopkgtest12:37
zygathere are backports too, this patch is for the package in xenial-updates12:38
zyga(the backport is fixed but not everyone is on it)12:39
ogra_i could surely upload the package but i dont know the process and would not like to cause extra work (i.e. i dont know if you need to commit to bzr or git first etc)12:39
zygaogra_: ah, this is a native package12:39
ogra_it doesnt look like there were any uploads to xenial-updates ever12:39
ogra_since release day12:40
zygaar, right12:40
ogra_so it seems the backports are used everywhere by default12:40
zygabut "apt install autopkgtest" doesn't use backports, does it?12:40
zygaeveryone that pulls in this package will get the broken version12:41
ogra_and the distro package seems to only have been synced from debian around release day12:41
ogra_it even has "unstable" in the changelog12:41
ogra_yes, if you just apt install it on your xenial desktop you get the outdated one12:42
ogra_but who does that ?12:42
zygawell, everyone that gets it through dependencies or apt-get installs it?12:42
ogra_adt is part of a bitter infrastructure12:42
zygaogra_: it's just broken12:42
zygaogra_: sure but whatever the infra, adt is broken and I want to fix it :)12:43
ogra_is anyone running it locally (i assume you need a complete local archive for the dependency checking etc)12:43
ogra_running it at home doesnt seem to make much sense (ICBW indeed)12:43
ogra_out of the setup it needs to run in at least ... and i would expect the official setup to default to use the backport12:44
zygaogra_: you can use it to get `adt-buildvm-ubuntu-image`12:45
zygaogra_: and then you can use it locally in many interesting ways12:45
zygaogra_: you don't need the archive at home12:46
ogra_ah, i didnt know that ... i only know atd-run in context of proposed migration in the archive12:46
ogra_(i helped pitti to set up the containers and chroots years ago, but didnt touch it further ... apart from watching the actual run for packages at times)12:47
zygaogra_: for some context: https://github.com/zyga/spread-qemu-images12:47
longsleepzyga: is there a bug tracker somewhere where i can add my failure to register a key on the store, seems the snappy channel is not sufficient to get that resolved :)12:48
zygalongsleep: I don't know, this is something we should be better at (FAQ somewhere)12:48
zygalongsleep: report a bug on snappy or snapcraft, we'll move it later when we triage it12:48
ogra_zyga, well, as long as "install -t ${VERSION_CODENAME}-backports autopkgtest" works ...12:48
longsleepzyga: ok - will do thanks :)12:49
ogra_zyga, as a quick hack you could put the first few lines from the code in the readme inside a setul.sh script ... then the user isnt bothered with the apt install stuff ;)12:50
ogra_i.e: run "./setup.sh" ... then run "make -C ~/spread/qemu"12:51
mupPR snapd#2534 opened: debian: open 2.21 for development <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2534>12:51
zygaogra_: sure but that's more magic, I wanted to make it transparent as to what is going on12:51
zygaogra_: I may end up snapping this, we'll see12:51
ogra_i assume there is a reason why adt isnt SRUed ...12:51
ogra_so you will always have that backports bit12:52
zyga(SRU is a pain)12:52
zygathat's why12:52
zyganew features12:52
ogra_zyga, you need to trust your colleagues !!!12:52
zygaget exceptions and stuff12:52
zygaogra_: I trust them12:52
zygabut they used this hack, not me ;)12:52
zygawe all instinctively sidestep distro process issue12:53
ogra_(that was an inside joke referring to mark teasing me in vancouver when i said SRUs arent really an option :P )12:53
zygahehe, I assumed it was :)12:54
zygabut wanted to be honest too12:54
zygaI got the reference instantly12:55
snapperhi everyone12:55
longsleepzyga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1652302 created, it would be awesome if you could asign it to someone who might actually be able to help12:55
mupBug #1652302: Key registration failed: The account-key-request assertion is not valid. <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652302>12:55
ogra_SRUs *are* a pain ... but as long as we have the package in the distro and need to use it there, there is sadly no way around them12:55
ogra_i think weven the fast path setup we have for snapd today is awful ... but its the best we can get12:56
ogra_yay ... my resistor pack finally arrived from the UK ...12:59
* ogra_ will spend christmas with soldering iron and multimeter :)12:59
longsleeplucky you, today the DHL guy did come without any change so i could not pay customs tax :/13:00
ogra_but i guess you can still pick it up tomorrow at a store, no ?13:00
longsleephe promised to come later again, but later has been an hour ago :)13:00
ogra_good luck ... mine was actually supposed to arrive on tue... i didnt even expect it today13:01
longsleepyeah, but i leave for holidays tonight - so either i leave without my personal tech presents from china or the guy stays true to his promise13:02
ogra_oh man13:02
longsleepin any case, i packed my soldering iron already13:02
* ogra_ woundlt be able to actually travel with the stuff he builds ... 13:02
ogra_the output transformers alone weight ~15kg13:03
longsleeplol what is that13:03
ogra_a tube amp13:03
ogra_old hobby i revived this year13:03
longsleepfor music?13:04
zygaogra_: cool, what are you building?13:04
ogra_too many low voltage boards in my life, i had to do something with 300+ volts again ;)13:04
ogra_zyga, see above i pasted a pic13:05
longsleepdo those tubes glow when on?13:05
ogra_its the first time i use a pre-made case though ...13:05
ogra_usualyl i build the whole thing from a piece of sheet metal13:05
zygaoh, nice!13:05
ogra_indeed they glow13:05
ogra_and they sound awesome ...13:05
longsleeptry it with x-mas songs :P13:06
ogra_(very expensive though ... what you see in the pic is already in the 800€ range )13:06
ogra_i will13:06
snapperis it just me, or there is a problem that you cannot find some apps on a ubuntu core system? for example I was trying to search for an app on Rasberry Pi, and I can't find it, but I can find the app when I search on a non-ubuntu core system13:09
ogra_snapper, how do you try to find it on both systems ?13:09
snappersnap find <snap_name>13:10
ogra_also ... is the non pi system x86 ? perhaps the package only exists for x8613:10
ogra_it is really up to the packager if he wants to offfer his packages for arm13:10
snapperthe non-pi system I'm using a regular ubuntu13:11
ogra_you can search for it there ...13:12
snapperI thought that the snaps were universal13:12
ogra_if you click on the snap there is an "architectures" field in the description13:12
snapperI'll take a look, thanks :)13:12
snappersosorry I have no idea about this, but for the pi, then I would have to pack it differently?13:13
ogra_snaps are uploaded as binaries ... unlike debs13:13
ogra_so you need to build the binary for the target arch (or use LP to build it)13:13
ogra_some uloaders only build for PC ...13:13
longsleepx-mas is save, DHL just came with change - yay!13:14
snapperi did find it there, it is as amd64 architacture13:14
ogra_longsleep, yay, congrats !13:14
ogra_snapper, yeah, then you wont find it on the pi13:14
longsleepogra_: thanks, DHL express is pretty awesome13:14
snapperok, thanks :)13:14
* ogra_ thinks we should make x86 binaries executable on arm 13:14
longsleepogra_: use windows :P13:15
ogra_well, i wrote qemu-user-static originally ;) ... there is no reason that shouldnt work the other way around (with limitations for sure, but basics should work)13:15
ogra_thogh i doubt you could make amd64 work on arm32 ... would have to be i38613:16
* zyga -> lunch13:19
* ogra_ goes afk as well13:19
mupPR snapd#2535 opened: tests: port more snap-confine regression tests <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2535>13:55
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ilivwhat is the difference between stage-package and build-packages? I'm looking at documentation and snapcraft.io and it says stage-packages "support the part creation." whereas build-packages "aid in building the part.".16:17
ilivthis sounds kind of synonymous16:18
ilivwhat is exactly "part creation"?16:18
zygailiv: hey16:24
ilivhi zyga16:25
zygailiv: the difference is that stage-packages are automatically staged (added) to your snap16:25
zygailiv: while build packages are just installed on your systems16:25
zygailiv: so that you can build your snap16:25
zygailiv: typically you'd see various -dev packages in build-packages16:25
mcphaililiv: the build-packages are the things which are needed to build the binaries (e.g. the -dev packages), whereas the stage packages are the things needed to run your binaries (the libs)16:25
ilivare stage-packages essentially runtime dependencies?16:25
mcphaililiv: yes, I think so16:26
zygailiv: it's "add this blob to my package"16:26
zygait's not strictly "runtime deps" as nothing apart from unpack is done16:26
ilivI see16:28
ilivthank you16:28
mupPR snapd#2536 opened: overlord/snapstate: use keyed fields on literals <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2536>16:36
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kyrofailiv, the important difference is that build-packages get installed on the system building the snap (i.e. they don't go into the snap), whereas stage-packages are unpacked directly into the snap17:08
ilivgot it17:09
kyrofailiv, stage-packages are unpacked before pull, however, so they can also be build-time dependencies that you also want in your snap17:09
mupPR snapcraft#1020 closed: Change hello.sh to be executable <Created by liu-xiao-guo> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1020>17:21
mupPR snapcraft#1021 opened: integration tests: add alias integration test <Created by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1021>17:21
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grapestomperkyrofa - you around?17:28
kyrofagrapestomper, I am, how can I help?17:28
grapestomperkyrofa - I looked at the example you gave yesterday - try to run sh as a service17:28
grapestomperto copy fie at snap install17:29
=== Sir_Gallantmon is now known as Son_Goku
kyrofagrapestomper, run into troubles?17:29
grapestomperI tried but no dice - when I install the snap I cannot find the sh file in the common or usr dir for the service to run17:30
kyrofagrapestomper, do you have the code pushed anywhere? Let me take a look17:30
grapestomperjust a sec17:30
grapestomper I will push to git and send a link17:31
kyrofagrapestomper, alright just looking at the snapcraft.yaml I see something fishy17:34
kyrofagrapestomper, the organize at the bottom: `copyreadme: $SNAP_DATA`17:34
kyrofagrapestomper, $SNAP_DATA is only available at runtime for the snap, not at build time (i.e. snapcraft can't put anything there for you)17:35
kyrofagrapestomper, so you need to put a cp <file> $SNAP_DATA in a script that is run within the snap, when it's installed17:37
grapestomperhmmm - so thats what I am trying to figure ouy :)17:37
grapestomperwhere in the snapcraft to I tell it bout that script17:38
kyrofagrapestomper, you make it an app17:38
kyrofagrapestomper, so in the nextcloud snap, mysql is an app17:38
kyrofagrapestomper, a daemon17:38
kyrofagrapestomper, but mysql isn't run directly, a helper script is called17:39
mupPR snapd#2536 closed: overlord/snapstate: use keyed fields on literals <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2536>17:39
grapestomperbut isnt that what is on L2317:39
kyrofagrapestomper, a script named "start_mysql"17:39
kyrofagrapestomper, indeed, but copyreadme doesn't do anything17:39
grapestomperhmm I will take a look again - back in a few min17:40
kyrofagrapestomper, at the bottom of copyreadme you should do `cp README_systeminfo.md $SNAP_DATA/` or something17:41
mupPR snapcraft#1022 opened: plugins: update copy plugin to use get_build_properties() <Created by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1022>17:51
grapestomperKyrofa - Thank you, I will hack at it some more17:54
matteoin this snap.yaml, I wish a content interface named control: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23674170/17:59
matteowhat hìI have to rename, the inner or out content? I think the first one17:59
matteobut what about the one in the last line? that's the interface type or the plug name?17:59
kyrofamatteo, first of all, you don't technically need the `plugs` at the bottom in this case. If it has no plugs it'll get the ones declared globally18:00
kyrofamatteo, when you talk about having to rename... what do you mean? Why do you have to rename?18:01
matteoI have created a plug named content18:02
mupPR snapd#2534 closed: tests: debug zesty autopkgtest failures <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2534>18:02
matteoI want to name it "control"18:02
kyrofamatteo, ah, easy18:03
mupPR snapd#2516 closed: tests: cancel the scheduled reboot on ubuntu-core-upgrade-no-gc and restore state <Created by fgimenez> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2516>18:03
kyrofamatteo, the outer name ("content") in this case can be changed to whatever you like, and that'll be the name of the plug18:03
kyrofamatteo, however, if you change it away from "content" you need to also specify `interface: content` in the definition18:04
matteoah ok18:08
matteokyrofa: great!18:10
matteonow, when I connect it I should see a bind mount somewhere?18:11
kyrofamatteo, you asked the bind mount to be on top of $SNAP_DATA. I'm not 100% sure that'll work18:12
matteoI'll create a subdir then18:12
matteomaybe sockets/18:12
kyrofamatteo, I've only used absolute paths (e.g. /bar) that end up being relative to $SNAP18:13
kyrofamatteo, yeah, whatever you use, make sure that directory exists18:13
matteoso, just "/sockets" ?18:13
matteoor $SNAP/sockets18:13
kyrofaIf you use /sockets it'll be relative to $SNAP (I think supporting $SNAP is a relatively new feature, not sure what release)18:14
kyrofaso /sockets will be more backward compatible18:14
matteoI have to create the directory18:14
kyrofaYeah, it's a bind mount. It needs to have a mount point18:15
kyrofaUnless it's advanced beyond that since I played with it (possible)18:15
kyrofaAlthough if it makes its own mount points, you'll have to use a writable area18:16
kyrofaSo I suspect that supported in v2.2018:16
matteoI'll go for the readonly one18:16
matteocannot mount /var/snap/wifi-ap/x1/sockets at /snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/sockets with options bind: Permission denied18:19
kyrofaWhat gave you that error?18:19
matteosnap connect wifiap-consumer:control wifi-ap:control18:19
kyrofamatteo, and /snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/socket is an existing directory?18:20
matteodrwxrwxr-x 2 test test   31 Dec 23 18:15 /snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/sockets18:20
matteodrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Dec 23 18:18 /var/snap/wifi-ap/x1/sockets18:20
matteomaybe some directory permissions?18:21
kyrofamatteo, ah, are you `snap try`ing?18:21
matteoI'm spreading18:21
kyrofamatteo, try actually installing it, I've noticed weird issues with that type of thing as well18:21
matteoit's installed with dangerous18:22
kyrofaBut you've got it installed via `snap try`, no?18:22
matteosorry, plain snap install18:22
matteo    snap install --dangerous $snapfile18:22
kyrofaAh, I misunderstood. Huh, I figured everything would be owned by root there18:23
kyrofaOh oh18:23
kyrofaDid you `sudo snap connect`?18:23
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matteosnap connect wifiap-consumer:control wifi-ap:control18:24
kyrofaTry it with sudo18:24
=== Conan_Kudo is now known as Son_Goku
matteo# snap interfaces |grep :control18:24
matteowifi-ap:control         wifiap-consumer18:24
matteoI'm root18:24
kyrofamatteo, how did you create the `sockets` directory in your snap?18:25
matteoin the squashfs file18:27
kyrofamatteo, manually? i.e. not via snapcraft?18:28
matteoI use mksquahfs18:28
matteoit's an example snap to test an interface18:28
matteothe socket dir is in the FS18:28
kyrofamatteo, ah, probably not with all required parameters18:28
matteolocated at /snap/wifiap-consumer/current/sockets/18:28
kyrofamatteo, instead of using mksquashfs, use `snapcraft snap <dir>`18:29
matteono, I don't have snapcraft in the spread VM18:29
kyrofaIs this using the snapd codebase?18:29
matteoit's a spread test18:29
kyrofaWithin snapd?18:30
matteono, in wifi-ap18:30
kyrofaAh, okay. Let me get you the exact instantiation you need, then18:30
kyrofaBecause whatever you used looks wrong18:30
kyrofaYeah, `mksquashfs -noappend -comp xz -no-xattrs -all-root`18:31
kyrofamatteo, note that if you can install snapcraft in the spread VM you won't have to track that if it changes again18:32
kyrofaJust to it in the project-wide prepare18:32
matteoPermission denied18:36
matteokyrofa: I want to try to mount it by hand18:36
matteomount --bind /var/snap/wifi-ap/x1/sockets /snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/sockets18:36
matteoit works18:36
kyrofamatteo, unfortunately snaps have their own private namespace for that stuff18:37
kyrofamatteo, does syslog say anything when you get permission denied?18:37
matteo[  216.884517] audit: type=1400 audit(1482518231.065:41): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" info="failed srcname match" error=-13 profile="/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine" name="/snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/sockets/" pid=1807 comm="snap-confine" srcname="/var/snap/wifi-ap/x1/sockets/" flags="rw, bind"18:37
matteoah it's snap-confine18:37
kyrofaHuh. What version of snapd and snap-confine do you have?18:38
matteosnap    2.2018:38
matteosnapd   2.2018:38
kyrofaHow about snap-confine?18:39
kyrofamatteo, also, can you pastebin the slot side?18:39
kyrofamatteo, just out of curiosity, what happens if you make that `read`?18:42
matteoI can try18:42
matteobut there was a discussion about sockets having to be write18:42
kyrofamatteo, oh yeah, it'll definitely break18:43
kyrofamatteo, but I'm curious if the mount succeeds18:43
matteoit fails18:45
ilivhow long may it take for Launchpad project to import a github repo? I'm looking at 19 minutes already and it seems like something went down wrong somewhere...18:45
kyrofailiv, in my experience it checks for updates once every 5 hours or so18:46
kyrofailiv, but you can ask it to check sooner18:46
kyrofailiv, though if it's the first time you set it up it should be more or less immediate18:46
ilivyeah, it has been that in my case18:47
ilivjust not this time18:47
kyrofamatteo, huh, same error message (minus the rw)?18:47
ilivI see it has finally imported code18:47
ilivtook about 20 minutes this time18:47
kyrofailiv, perhaps there was a bit of a backlog18:47
matteodidn't check the syslog, just the output18:47
matteocannot mount /var/snap/wifi-ap/x1/sockets at /snap/wifiap-consumer/x1/sockets with options bind: Permission denied18:47
kyrofamatteo, huh, I'm afraid you've moved beyond my experience. I suggest emailing the snapcraft list18:48
kyrofamatteo, most people are on vacation, but we still check the mailing list18:48
matteothank you18:49
matteoI think I'll go on vacations too, starting now :)18:49
matteomerry christmas, and snappy new year :D18:50
kyrofaYou too matteo!18:52
mupPR snapd#2535 closed: tests: port more snap-confine regression tests <Created by zyga> <Merged by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/2535>18:52
mupBug #1652369 opened: Cannot connect to ubuntu-app-platform package on consecutive installs <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1652369>19:00
ilivhm, I have a build that works locally just fine but Launchpad shows this error message: local source (parts/pgpool/build/src/) is not a directory19:03
ilivcomplete buildlog https://launchpadlibrarian.net/299818200/buildlog_snap_ubuntu_xenial_i386_postgresql95-pgpool2-35_BUILDING.txt.gz19:03
kyrofailiv, is your code public? May I see it?19:03
ilivkyrofa, specifically https://github.com/commandprompt/postgresql95-pgpool2_35-snap/tree/3.5.419:04
kyrofailiv, hmm, we highly recommend keeping parts independent19:06
kyrofailiv, using other parts as sources isn't supported19:06
ilivwell, it works locally19:06
kyrofailiv, it won't everywhere, and it won't always19:06
kyrofailiv, so this pgpool part has extra bits that it doesn't build?19:07
ilivit's a thing with PostgreSQL projects apparently... they like to have mini sub-projects, in this case pgpool-II extensions. you build pgpool-II, the main application, then if you want/need to build extensions you cd src/sql/$EXTENSION_NAME and run the usual make && make install19:09
kyrofailiv, no option to say "build this for me too, please?"19:09
ilivno, unfortunately19:09
kyrofailiv, do the extensions require the built pgpool?19:10
ilivin fact, PGDG ships these extensions as individual packages in APT repo19:10
ilivI'm not 100% sure but they might not19:10
kyrofailiv, yeah that's normal, but actually having completely separate build systems in the same tree seems odd19:10
kyrofailiv, if they don't, the easiest thing to do would be to simply use the same `source` for all the parts19:11
kyrofaIt'll redownload, which is annoying, but it'll work19:11
kyrofailiv, oh wait, actually19:11
kyrofailiv, what version of snapcraft are you on?19:11
ilivLaunchpad kyrofa19:12
kyrofailiv, I assume you're testing locally first, no?19:12
kyrofailiv, if only launchpad, building against xenial and updates pocket?19:12
iliv$ snapcraft -v19:12
kyrofailiv, so locally, what version?19:12
kyrofaCan you update?19:12
kyrofav2.24 introduced a new feature you can probably use here19:13
ilivalready updating.. one momen19:13
ilivmoment *19:14
ilivwhat is the feature?19:14
Son_Gokukyrofa: well, given that snapd has gone down this bucket of insanity, why the heck not, eh? >:(19:14
kyrofaSon_Goku, what are we talking about? :P19:14
Son_Goku(having multiple build systems inside of a single source tree that are not interdependent)19:14
kyrofaSon_Goku, ugh19:14
Son_Goku(but yet nothing works without everything built)19:14
Son_Gokuall I can say is: I tried19:15
Son_Gokubut I was the lone voice for sanity in a sea of crazy19:15
kyrofaSon_Goku, hahaha19:15
kyrofaSon_Goku, I gave up long ago19:15
* Son_Goku shrugs19:16
kyrofaSon_Goku, good effort, though19:16
kyrofailiv, alright, sorry, back to you19:16
kyrofailiv, I'm making a paste for you19:16
screwedplz help i lost my administrator password19:17
iliv$ snapcraft -v19:17
kyrofascrewed, on what?19:17
screwedhow the hell do i fix this its pissing me off19:17
kyrofailiv, alright good deal19:17
screwedforgot admin password19:18
ilivscrewed, to what?19:19
screwedi forgot admin password to my laptop19:19
screwedim running ubuntu19:20
ilivscrewed, wrong channel19:20
ilivscrewed, try #ubuntu or better google "how to reset lost password ubuntu"19:20
kyrofascrewed, you might try in #ubuntu19:20
screwedi figured who ever is on here may know enough to help me. ive tried everything i can think of or have access too19:21
screweddid that19:21
ilivkyrofa, so what is the feature you mentioned?19:22
kyrofailiv, here you go: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23674584/19:22
kyrofailiv, I'm not tested that, but it should give you the idea19:22
kyrofailiv, v2.24 introduced three new keywords: prepare, build, and install19:22
ilivwhere can I learn more about them?19:23
kyrofailiv, `prepare` runs before the plugin builds, `build` replaces the plugin build/install, and `install` runs after the build/install19:23
ilivit's a shame snapcraft still doesn't have a man page19:23
kyrofailiv, at this point snapcraft needs a book :P19:23
ilivalright, thank you kyrofa19:24
ilivI'll try that approach next year :P19:24
ilivand now is the time for some vacation and winter holidays19:25
kyrofailiv, enjoy! I'll be joining you shortly19:25
screwedno its time to help me19:26
kyrofailiv, that sounded creepier than it did in my head19:26
kyrofascrewed, did you ask on #ubuntu?19:27
ilivI think he may be a troll19:27
ilivaren't you screwed?19:28
kyrofailiv, that's okay :)19:28
screwedim not a troll19:28
kyrofascrewed, did you see https://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password ?19:29
screwedim dead serious19:29
naccscrewed: you're in the wrong channel, afaict19:29
screwedyep i tgried the grub loader thing19:29
kyrofascrewed, if that doesn't work I'm afraid no one here is qualified to help you. We're all Windows geeks around here19:30
kyrofaThere. Sorry guys19:33
Son_GokuI'm sad that worked19:39
kyrofaSon_Goku, what, back in your day trolls put in more effort? ;)20:02
Son_Gokusadly, yes20:02
Son_Gokuthey were heartier trolls!20:02
Son_Gokuand also, they at least read the topic to realize what you said was a flat out lie20:03
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mupPR snapcraft#1022 closed: plugins: update copy plugin to use get_build_properties() <Created by kyrofa> <Merged by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1022>20:12
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mupPR snapcraft#761 closed: Remove dangling symlink from JDK plugin <Created by gnuoy> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/761>20:48
mupPR snapcraft#836 closed: Deal with 404 responses from the store's snap status endpoint <Created by thomir> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/836>20:48
mupPR snapcraft#929 closed: Snap snapcraft (based on pylxd branch) <Created by kalikiana> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/929>20:54
mupPR snapcraft#1013 closed: Cloudbuild (based on pylxd branch) <Created by kalikiana> <Closed by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1013>20:57
kyrofaAlright, EOY for me. Merry Christmas everyone!21:24
mcphailkyrofa: Merry Christmas :)21:33

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