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RAOFI'm *pretty* sure that the switch to systemd-resolved has crazily broken DNS in my lxc containers.06:11
RAOFAnd with that, Happy Holidays! I'm off!06:11
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ginggsmorning! matplotlib, python-stdlib-extensions and pandas show test regressions in lmfit-py on armhf - where lmfit-py is not installable since python-pandas removal. What needs to be done to let them migrate?09:42
mitya57Can some SRU team member please review owncloud-client in Yakkety queue? It is the second part of the fix for the serious bug (because owncloud-client makes the whole desktop unusable, LP: #1635577).09:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1635577 in unity (Ubuntu) "memory leak in unity-panel-service" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/163557709:48
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Tribaalhi all - I just upgraded to zesty (finally!), but am a bit surprised by seeing 2 network-related applets loaded? Is that known/desired?10:52
Tribaalwhat I mean is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2553cau97dadn86/applets.png?dl=010:54
Tribaaland that "missing icon" shows flight mode, VPN and wifi switches10:55
xnoxBenC, hello! long time no speak.12:47
BenCxnox: Hello12:47
xnoxBenC, I don't see you idling on #ubuntu-powerpc and your last upload is from 2013. Haven't seen you during most recent UOS powerpc discussion either. So you are not quite as active as you used to before, way back when.12:48
xnoxBenC, are you picking up maintainance in Debian? as powerpc port there got relegated to non-release one.12:49
BenCAgreed, but that doesn’t preclude me from being contacted when the TB claims to have contacted the community.12:49
xnoxBenC, currently we see a lot of fallout from powerpc port. FTBFS + lack of toolchain maintainance and support.12:49
xnoxBenC, we did reach out to a few people, including some new company in UK that also does powerpc hardware.12:49
xnoxBenC, from my point of view, irrespective of people and companies involved.12:50
xnoxlack of golang-go support and gcc/binutils support/development upstream is a huge red flag.12:51
BenCIt’s an obstacle that can be overcome, though.12:51
xnoxBenC, as far as I undersntad big endian port is not tier1 in gcc upstream =/12:51
BenCAnd seriously, I fixed haskell on ppc when it was a huge mess.12:51
xnoxBenC, but seriously, lack of openstack and golango is a blocker to run a lot of infrastructure that we depend on.12:52
xnoxmost launchpad builders are in scalingstack now (s390x will be very soon)12:52
xnoxand we run autopkgtests based on that. And there is no support for docker (lack of golang) and other go based tools (e.g. juju)12:53
BenCI understand that I personally haven’t devoted a lot of time lately to powerpc, but everyone in Ubuntu who should know, knows I am THE guy that handles ppc and if some discussion came up, I should have gotten a courtesy poke.12:53
BenCThat not happening is egregious to say the least.12:53
xnoxBenC, without firefox, golang, and openstack => i do believe powerpc is a viable platform for any new workloads on either server or desktop.12:53
BenCRegardless of the outcome (which probably would haven’t changed), it was not an oversite, it was a bad choice.12:54
xnoxhence 2016-04 + 5 years is the timeframe to get people off it.12:54
BenCNo one is getting off of it. PPC is not a dead platform.12:54
cjwatsonlack of openstack is a red herring FWIW12:55
xnoxBenC, part of the TB decision to announce now about removal for feature freeze, to give a really huge public red warnings, such that if there is actuall demand for this port, to commit to revitalise it.12:55
BenCI’m not committing to support something that was literally yanked out from under me without so much as a /m on IRC.12:56
BenCI’ve put years and hundreds of hours into already and it got me nothing.12:56
cjwatsonthe reason powerpc isn't in scalingstack yet is that we haven't yet finished deploying the new scalingstack region with new (already-written) charms that will let us run builders for an alternate architecture that isn't runtime-switchable12:56
cjwatsonso please don't use scalingstack as a reason here, it's not the port's fault12:57
xnoxcjwatson, my understanding was that it's possible to do powerpc virtual machines on ppc64el hardware, but not on powerpc hardware. Or is that a wrong statement too?12:57
BenCThat’s bull12:57
cjwatsonjust don't use this as a reason if you don't understand it :P12:57
BenCI run VMs on my hardware with KVM all the time.12:58
cjwatsonbut in any case that's irrelevant for scalingstack, since we intend to run it on ppc64el hardware12:58
cjwatson(seeing as we have it)12:58
xnoxwhat about firefox and golang then?12:59
cjwatsonjuju has decided not to support running on 32-bit AIUI, but that's not fatal12:59
BenCI’ve fixed firefox on ppc at least 4 times in the past.13:00
BenCGo lang, I’ve nevr looked at but it can’t be insurmountable.13:00
xnoxi think it needs an upstream buildbot13:00
xnoxrather than keep on fixing it downstream.13:00
BenCAll technical reasons aside. If the TB decided that, I support the TB.13:02
xnoxBenC, from my point of view i'm more inclined to kill i386 & armhf than powerpc, but all of them are on my personal "no longer relevant list".13:02
BenCWhat I don’t support is an out right lie that the TB contacted relevant persons in their decision.13:02
xnoxe.g. we have been seeing i386-only graphical/desktop bugs in the last development cycle which nobody notices.13:03
cjwatsonarmhf> geez13:03
cjwatsonhello realism13:03
* xnox wants 128bit computers for christmas13:03
cjwatsonI don't think architecture removal is a fit subject for trolling :P13:04
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Son_GokuBenC: golang should be working on ppc64 and ppc64le14:10
Son_Gokuat least here in Fedora, we have it working: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=82212014:11
Son_Gokuthe only architecture we don't have golang working on is s390 (it works on s390x)14:12
cjwatsonSon_Goku: "powerpc" is the Ubuntu name for the 32-bit big-endian port14:13
fossfreedomanyone still around from the CD Image Team able to have a quick look at this please? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/zesty/ubuntu-budgie14:13
cjwatsonSon_Goku: it works on Ubuntu ppc64el too14:13
Son_Gokuxnox: I agree with you on armhfp, only because it's a huge nuisance to get working14:13
Son_Gokuwhy can't everyone just be on proper aarch64 :)14:14
Son_Gokucjwatson: you guys don't support ppc64 (big endian), I guess?14:14
cjwatsonSon_Goku: not at the moment14:36
Son_Gokuehh, if you don't have to, don't14:36
dobeyTribaal: indicator-network shows up in zesty because of how systemd works, and there not being a unity8 systemd session thing yet15:27
dobeyTribaal: there's an open bug about it already15:27
pete-woodsalso, a fix in this silo https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/232115:30
fossfreedomcjwatson: still around? I believe the reason by the builds for Ubuntu Budgie are failing is because there are no tasks in this project - lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/tasksel/ubuntu  ... correct assumption?16:31
cjwatsonpossibly but I'm afraid I'm out of time to look at that16:36
cjwatsonthere's an update script in tasksel, should just need updating the Makefile for budgie and then running it, hopefully16:36
fossfreedomcjwatson: ok - thanks for your help.  I've created a bug report and proposed a merge.  Hopefully someone can pick this up in the new year.  cheers.16:50
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hippybearHow do I prepare this pkg for Ubuntu? http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu/pool/main/y/youtube-dlg/18:33
xnoxdobey, i have a fix for it too!19:56
xnoxTrevinho, ^19:56
xnoxindeed pete-woods pointed it out.19:56
dobeyxnox: eh?19:57
dobeyyou mean Tribaal there, not Trevinho i guess19:57
TribaalI just forgot I had unity 8 installed TBH19:59
xnoxTribaal, hehe.19:59
xnoxi should really land that silo, I guess.20:00
xnoxthen again, i am on holiday.20:00
xnoxdoko, python 3.6 is so nice, i want it default =)20:00
Tribaalxnox: it could totally wait until next year as far as I'm concerned :)20:01
TribaalPython 3.6 <320:01
dobeythat silo isn't ready to land20:06
dobeyxnox: ^^ so don't worry about it :)20:06
dobeythe other silo we were asking you to land, has some issues, too :(20:07
xnoxhappy new year =) didn't get a chance to look into it20:16
* xnox was EOY yesterday20:16
dobeywell it's not my fault you're on irc :)20:20
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karstensragewhere is the source code for resolvconf?22:29
Son_Gokuin a graveyard22:30
Son_Gokudeep in Debian Alioth22:30
Son_Gokuwhere zombies hack on things to make our lives more confused22:30
nacckarstensrage: do you mean the ubuntu package?22:32
nacckarstensrage: you can use `pull-debian-source` or `pull-lp-source`22:32
cjwatsonhttps://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/resolvconf/resolvconf.git appears to be an active git repository22:33
karstensragei mean the actual source code22:37
karstensragenot the debian package22:37
tumbleweedit's a native package, so that presumably is the "actual sourcecode"22:39
nacckarstensrage: well pull... get you the source for the package. Given a homepage of: http://alioth.debian.org/projects/resolvconf/, cjwatson's link seems correct22:39
nacchttps://alioth.debian.org/scm/?group_id=30851 as well22:39
Son_Gokuat least it's more active than os-prober22:39
cjwatsonthe Debian package is a superset of the source code, anyway22:39
Son_Gokuironically, given that os-prober is used in more distros, it should be less dead22:40
cjwatsonyeah, we should get round to doing a patch application run there22:41
karstensrageso there is no C code for resolvconf its just a bunch of scripts?22:51
nacckarstensrage: doesn't appear to be any22:54
karstensrageso i am writing an NSS library like nss_ldap22:55
karstensrage16.04 fails to boot up if the library is ithere22:55
karstensrageits due to resolvconf calling getpwnam("*")22:55
karstensrageso where would it be doing that?22:56
nacckarstensrage: how do you know resolvconf is the one doing this?22:58
karstensragei log it22:59
karstensragegetpid and then open /proc/pid/comm22:59
nacckarstensrage: resolvconf itself is just a shell script23:00
sarnoldkarstensrage: execsnoop may give you some extra visibility on what's going on https://github.com/brendangregg/perf-tools23:02
sarnoldit might be hard to execute it early enough though :/23:02
Son_Gokucjwatson: there's even a bug in rhbz where there are complaints that patches sent upstream aren't getting applied in os-prober23:07
Son_Gokucjwatson: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=87535623:09
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 875356 in os-prober "OS prober is slow" [Unspecified,New]23:09
cjwatsonok, we clearly haven't been doing well there.  bugging me about it tonight isn't going to work though, exhausted23:10
cjwatsonso rain check please?23:10
Son_Gokucjwatson: sure23:10
cjwatsoncan do without the highlights about it in multiple channels23:10
Son_Gokucjwatson: did you not see my messages this morning in #debian-boot?23:10
Son_Gokucjwatson, yes, of course, I was trying to get somebody's attention, though :/23:11
cjwatsonthat's what I mean by multiple channels23:11
cjwatsonand it was dinnertime so I didn't reply straight away23:12
Son_Gokuwhat time zone are you in?23:12
Son_Gokuthat explains it23:12
Son_Gokumy morning was your evening23:12
Son_Gokuas long as you're aware of it and can do something about it, then everything will be fine23:13
cjwatsonI do need a break for a while to have Christmas/Hanukkah and stuff, but hopefully after that23:14
Son_Gokuthat's fine23:14
Son_Gokuall I ask is for some acknowledgement so that everyone knows upstream isn't dead :)23:15
sarnoldI don't want to go on the cart23:15
hippybearI have a question about the packaging process. I am following this currently http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html#starting-a-package but im not understanding how to start a new package23:22
hippybearthis is just changing a package that already exists23:23
cyphermoxcjwatson: Son_Goku: what about os-prober? or is this purely an upstream thing?23:23
cyphermoxdisclaimer: I'm not completely there, I have some food cooking for tomorrow I need to check on.23:23
Son_Gokucyphermox: upstream os-prober has been kind of dead-ish for the past year, and various distros (Fedora, openSUSE, Mageia, etc.) have been forced to heavily patch os-prober to make it functional because they languish... somewhere (in the ML?)23:25
cyphermoxSon_Goku: ah, ok23:25
Son_Gokuthis is particularly problematic in the Fedora community, as we keep fixing things and now the maintainer has stopped bothering trying to send stuff upstream because nothing happens23:26
Son_Gokunow a couple of folks are saying that we should fork it because Debian upstream doesn't seem to care and everything is stalling waiting for them to review and merge things23:27
Son_Goku(I particularly dislike forking for this purpose, because it's usually quite easy to solve that problem without forking)23:27
cjwatsonyeah, we'd definitely prefer to avoid that, it would be a bunch of unnecessary annoyance23:27
Son_Gokuthat's why I was trying to get someone's attention this morning23:28
* cjwatson adds a card on their trello board so that it stands some chance of actually happening23:28
Son_Gokuagain, sorry for being rude to you, but I'd really rather not end up in another situation where this happens again23:28
Son_Gokuthe last time this happened with a debian upstream project, we wound up having two implementations of update-alternatives23:29
cjwatsoneesh, that23:29
Son_Gokuand that situation *still* persists23:29
Son_Gokutechnically, there are three now :/23:29
Son_Gokubecause one didn't know about the other fork23:29
cyphermoxcjwatson: you're upstream for os-prober?23:29
cjwatsontbf the period when dpkg was at best semi-maintained wasn't fun for Debian either23:29
cjwatsoncyphermox: well, d-i committer, and I've done a bunch on it in the past23:29
cjwatsonnot for a while because I've generally not done much with d-i23:30
cyphermoxwell in that case I could just as well merge patches23:30
cjwatsonbut grub2 wants it to work well, so ...23:30
Son_Gokucjwatson: I understand, we had a similar situation with rpm a few years ago23:30
cjwatsoncyphermox: be my guest :)23:30
Son_Gokuit seems we're all doomed to have these happen to us :)23:30
cyphermoxcjwatson: I'll have a look, but not this weekend :/23:31
Son_Gokuoh, and if you're curious: there's the original Debian Perl implementation of update-alternatives, which was forked by Mandriva to be used for its distro, now used by OpenMandriva23:31
Son_Gokuseparately, Red Hat reimplemented it in C for the Red Hat/Fedora family, and that implementation is used today in Fedora, and Mageia just switched to it23:32
nacchippybear: you might start with debmake23:32
cjwatsonwe have guests for dinner on Sunday so I need to do All The Tidying, and I'm singing a solo at church on Saturday night ...23:32
nacchippybear: you have an entirely new package?23:32
Son_Gokuand SUSE uses a modified version of the original Debian Perl version23:32
Son_Gokuand Debian itself independently rewrote it later into C and uses that version now23:32
Son_Gokuso... fun times :/23:32
Son_Gokuof course, SUSE also did the thing where they reimplemented chkconfig in Perl, and that version (not the original one in C) is what's packaged in Debian23:36
* cjwatson looks at SUSE's man-db patch again23:38
cjwatsonlalala I wish I hadn't done that23:38
Son_Gokusometimes I wonder about SUSE...23:42
cyphermoxcjwatson: run before it's too late23:44
cyphermoxand happy holidays; I'm off to check on the cooking and various other preparations ;)23:44
Son_Gokusometimes I wonder if I should bother filing bugs against chkconfig and other things like it in Debian23:45
Son_Gokuthen I remember that people rarely respond to bugs in debbugs, and then I walk away23:45
Son_Gokueven LP has a better track record than debbugs23:46

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