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Bashing-omducasse: Hey. A thought. Hoz that "book" comming along ? I have yet to see my share of the royalties :)04:07
Bashing-omTo slow for me to keep up . Gone to bed - G nite06:01
ducassegood morning all07:19
BluesKajHi folks12:12
ducasse\o BluesKaj - hope you are well and have a wonderful xmas :)13:47
BluesKajhi ducasse, thanks, have a very Merry Christmas as well and the best to you and yours for the new year :-)13:50
Bashing-omProcrastinating; I can come up with no better way than here on IRC .20:30
nicomachusme, all day20:31
ducassehiya Bashing-om - back in business? ;)20:32
Bashing-omThe rain is is comming .. Rather than get caught out in the rain .. I just pester all yall :)20:33
Bashing-omducasse: Wonder of wonders, moving the spinners off the same SATA buss as the SSD ( and great grieve to fix the file systems on the spinners) .. and YES .. solid and stable !20:35
nicomachuswe had some ice this morning.20:36
nicomachuslike... sleet I guess.20:36
nicomachusor just frozen rain20:36
Bashing-omnicomachus: Here is unseasonably warm ! .. no ice .. NO white Christmas . My feelings are not hurt .20:37
ducasseBashing-om: had a similar problem once, turned out to be some bad caps on one controller, causing some drives to work while others failed. resoldered, and everything was fine.20:42
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Bashing-omducasse: Yeah, had that same thought of bad caps .. took a flashlight and a magnifing glass to look . saw nothing to get concerned about . Been stable for 2 days now ... but my fingers are still crossed .20:46
ducasseBashing-om: what kind of board is this?20:55
Bashing-omducasse: An old Abit KN9 SLI, nvidia chip sets ! I recently replaced the ATI graphic's card with an nVida card ( just prior to installeing the SSD)  .20:58
ducasseBashing-om: cpu socket?21:01
ducasse(too lazy to look up myself ;)21:01
ducasseBashing-om: only reason i ask is because i might  have a functioning board you can use - you're welcome to it.21:14
Bashing-omducasse: It be on AM2 sockets .. but these boards are so old ! Really not worth the effort to keep them up . Besides which I have an newer box ( Asrock board) that I could move the drives to .21:22
ducasseBashing-om: ah,  ok then. let me know if you need anything, though, lots of stuff in my magic box of tricks :)21:23
Bashing-omducasse: Thanks ! .. Always nice to have a shoulder to lean on - sometimes just to cry on ! But really, I have had and worked on this present box so long and so much ... I am kind of partial to it . Still able to do all I want of it and more . Runs 16.04 just fine so I am good 'til 2021 !21:27
ducasseBashing-om: you have the right attitude:  run it till the magic smoke  disappears! ;)21:32
Bashing-omducasse: This ole box is 'most "sailor proof" .. takes a beating and keeps on keep'n on . Sometimes I do have to beat on it .. stubborn mule that it is .21:36
OerHeksdesktops are out.21:43
OerHeksi feel silly with a pc&lcd ready to go stored in a corner.21:45
nicomachusdesktops are not out.21:50
nicomachusdesktops are just getting a new purpose.21:51
Bashing-omHow do you know you are getting  old ? .. can only think straight sitting in front of a desktop machine !21:52
Bashing-omIn that catagory of "old" - still use a PS2 mechanical keyboard .. just to old to change now ! The noise is comforting , and the Wife can keep track of me .22:01
daftykinsPS/2 is better than USB for peripherals i think :) lower level interrupts22:04
Bashing-omdaftykins: So long as ya keep in mind ... can not hot swap !22:08
daftykinsindeed! although i did encounter some newer boards that still keep PS/2, which are capable22:09
Bashing-omIf ya can find them ! Here in backwards county Ark. try and find a PS2 mouse .. Uh Huh .not enough local demand to even stock them .. shucks !22:12

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