ikoniahello Arab_Aspie10:13
bazhanglissajous seems intent on wasting time11:41
bazhangnkr_> I don't recommend installing from terminal11:50
bazhangwheres the fun in that!11:50
bazhangapt remove emacs && apt install vim11:50
Arab_AspieWhy am I here14:16
ikoniaArab_Aspie: hello there14:17
ikoniathanks for coming back14:17
ikoniaArab_Aspie: you're forwarded to #ubuntu-ops to ask you to please change your part messages14:18
ikoniayou seem to have an array of messages calling people faggots and various other things14:18
ikoniaArab_Aspie: when you part the channels you leave a message14:23
ikoniaArab_Aspie: and you have a couple that are pretty rude14:23
Arab_AspieI didn't part the channel14:23
Arab_AspieThat was like a week ago14:23
ikoniaand I've been trying to talk to you about it since14:23
Arab_AspieI was just joking14:23
ikoniayeah, it's not funny14:24
ikoniait's not nice, every person in the channel sees it14:24
ikoniahence why I forwarded you to this channel to talk about it14:24
ikoniaif you could disable the part messages or don't do it again manually, I'll remove the ban forward and you'll be welcome back in ubuntu14:25
Arab_AspieI'm sorry14:27
ikoniasuper, thank you14:27
ikoniano problem14:27
Arab_AspieWon't do it again14:27
ikoniaban removed14:27
Arab_AspieUnless I'm super hyper and I wanna have fun14:27
Arab_AspieBut I'm not that now14:27
ikoniaArab_Aspie: no, thats not the arrangement14:43
ikoniaplease /part the ubuntu channel if you want to mess around like that14:43
Arab_AspieI don't14:45
ikoniathats fine, as long as your aware that sort of langauge isn't welcome in ubuntu, please don't do it, there will be zero issue14:45
ibispi_hello, there is a malicious user/bot in #ubuntu here is my chat log with him http://pastebin.com/ZfBcJXfr (i think he is malicious)16:35
ibispi_agi78 is his nick16:35
ibispi_its nick*16:35
ibispi_guys... he's still there... can't you ban him or something, he's gonna end up scamming/hacking someone16:46
ibispi_he's no longer there, thanks16:58
ibispi_is anyone here, can you read my messages, this malicious person is still online18:59
ibispi_why doesn't anyone respond?19:01
ibispi_i went to #freenode to report him but the guys there told me to report him to you19:01
ubottuBluesKaj called the ops in #kubuntu (Dienonymous)19:05
Menzadoribispi_: Are they harrassing you in PM?19:11
ibispi_but i thought he/it may be dangerous19:13
ibispi_since he wanted me to download some kind of file19:13
ibispi_this is my log when i chatted with him/it http://pastebin.com/ZfBcJXfr19:14
ibispi_he like spammed a lot of random things19:15
ibispi_and said "balkan mafija" which is a thing a serbian teenager would say so i thought he was a real person at first19:16
ibispi_but then he says he is italian, which then doesn't make any sense as to why he knew this phrase and said it in serbian and then he spams the random languages that are spoken in serbia19:16
ibispi_regardless if he's a bot or not he wanted me to download something so it would be uploaded for him19:17
ibispi_the fact that he wants random ppl to download things sounds like hacking/scam19:18
ibispi_he/it is in the #ubuntu channel atm, someone already pointed out that he is a bot19:20
ibispi_i also want to point out that he started messaging me imediatelly as i joined the channel (#ubuntu)19:25
ibispi_also apparently his name is an acronym for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_general_intelligence19:46
ikoniawhats up ibispi_20:29
ibispi_well i'm waiting for what you're gonna do about it... i feel as if it's kind of too late20:29
ikoniawhats up (summary to save me reading the scroll back)20:30
ibispi_when i connected today to #ubuntu channel20:30
ibispi_i got PMd by this guy called agi7820:30
ibispi_this is the log http://pastebin.com/ZfBcJXfr , anyways he asked me to download something for him and upload it20:31
ibispi_and asked if i am from Novi Sad which is my city but he guessed that via my ip address20:31
ikoniagot other complaints on it20:31
ikoniahe's gone20:31
ibispi_thank you20:31
ibispi_i'm gonna go out of here i guess, thanks for doing that ikonia20:33
ikoniano problem20:33
ikoniathanks for the info20:33
elkyikonia: i cleared the arab_aspie -ot ban for the same thing21:00
ikoniaI saw it, thank you very much, I'd missed it21:00

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