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knightwisegood morning everyon e08:36
SuperMattIs that e special?08:37
knightwise yes08:37
knightwiseit takes the special bus to school e ver e morning08:38
knightwiseit needs a lot of personal space i think08:38
knightwisehmm 16.10 has become stricter in adding repositories that dont have a release file ?09:04
davmor2Morning all09:05
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:49
davmor2morning brobostigon09:49
brobostigonmorning davmor209:49
knightwisemorning everyone09:49
knightwisemy quest to get bluetooth working on my xps13 is starting to require an elf and a dwarf09:50
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:53
* brobostigon offers his wizard powers,09:53
knightwisegetting nowhere fast with this broadcom bluetooth adapter i'm afraid09:54
* brobostigon casts a magic spell on it, 09:55
zmoylan-1ii thought the xps 13 was supposed to be good with linux?09:57
knightwiseit seedtried blueman , tried 16.10 ...09:57
knightwiseit sees the mouse but wont pair with it09:57
davmor2knightwise: what does bluetoothctl list with the mouse09:58
knightwisedevice 30:59:B7:76:45:DA Microsoft Sculpt Confort Mouse10:00
zmoylan-1imaybe download and try a few other live distros might see if it's hardware/software?10:02
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davmor2knightwise: and what happens if you do pair 30:59:B7:76:45:DA10:04
knightwiseFailed to pair: org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed10:06
davmor2knightwise: what version of ubuntu is this on10:07
davmor2knightwise: okay do you have another bt mouse you could try it on because here is pairs fine for me.10:08
knightwisei have 2 ms mice (who did not work)10:08
knightwisehave an apple magic mouse but that isnt even detected10:09
davmor2knightwise: let me see if the bt guru is about if he is I'll point you in his general direction for you10:09
knightwisethanx รจ10:10
knightwisegonna see if i can find a bluetooth mouse from another brand in the shop somewhere10:10
knightwiseperhaps i can try a logitech one10:10
knightwisefunny thing is , i have my Bose exteral bluetooth speaker and it wont detect that10:11
davmor2knightwise: hmmm I wonder if it is a driver issue then seem odd, do you have a usb bluetooth dongle?10:17
brobostigonthat reminds me, i got different results when i got my bt headset with the builtin bluetooth adaptor to a usb one, seemed strange really.10:18
knightwisedavmor2: could it be firmware ?10:20
davmor2knightwise: potentially10:20
davmor2knightwise: can you have a word with koza in #bluez channel10:21
knightwisethanx davmor210:21
davmor2knightwise: no worries dude10:23
davmor2knightwise: be prepared for a headache of a debugging session though10:23
* knightwise knows what me wants for xmass10:47
davmor2headache tablets10:49
zmoylan-piwell make sure you add them to the crimbo list of things you can't buy christmas day so have some in the house... milk, bread, butter, batteries, asprin, rennie, plasters...10:50
davmor2knightwise: any better now?11:59
awilkinsWowzer, found video that Totem plays but VLC can't12:35
davmor2awilkins: liar ;)12:37
* zmoylan-pi passes out the pitchforks and torches12:39
penguin42given the weather today we may need the torches12:40
awilkinsIt's encoded with h265 of some sort12:42
knightwisedavmor2: looks like its a problem with the mouse , its an LE mouse13:15
knightwiseso i'm off to find a "non-le" mouse that connects over bluetooth13:15
* DJones leaves this here for popey http://nerdist.com/theres-finally-a-video-game-where-you-play-as-a-cat/17:19
davmor2Merry Christmas all see you next year17:21
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DJonespenguin42: Given the weather today according to BBC, its a good job they're mobing from the metoffice as a provider of  data as it was completely wrong, 4 hours of 50MPH winds turned into 30 minutes of wind at around half that speed, and 4 hours of heavy rain turned into 10 minutes of heavy rain17:32
penguin42DJones: We've had a few bursts of heavy rain and wind17:37
penguin42DJones: Been going on for quite a while, but each burst seems quite short17:38
zmoylan-pii was expecting dublin bay to have impressive waves with all the wind but it was quiet calm18:08
* daftykins strolls in18:14
daftykinscor those wordpress hammering bots are really getting naughty :P18:15
daftykinsi doubled a clients broadband speed this morning with just a few seconds prodding! \o/18:15
zmoylan-piblocked netflix? :-P18:20
DJonesdaftykins: Is that still the pm spam?18:21
knightwiseSteam appears to be down (according to slashdot)18:21
DJonesdaftykins: If so Set /mode yournick +R seems to work ok18:22
daftykinsnah bots are hammering the xmlrpc.php file on my wordpress instance again, seen it before on other folks' servers18:23
penguin42teg sineibe ekse saud tgat ub abitger wubdiw18:23
* daftykins wonders if penguin42 is on the sauce early ;)18:23
penguin42<sigh> no I think I was misaligned18:23
daftykinsah, doh!18:24
penguin42if you move my right hand one character it should be right18:24
DJonespenguin42: Thats what you get using a swedish keyboard layouy18:24
penguin42bork bork....18:24
daftykinsi think it's about time i nipped out to pick up a celebratory Toblerone!18:31
zmoylan-pimake sure you get a real toblerone and not on of the new ones with big gaps18:33
zmoylan-picheck the weight on the side18:33
daftykinsi'm not sure how to tell!18:33
daftykinsah 150g is the modified one, 170g is the original18:34
penguin42give it a couple of days and you'll be able to get cream eggs18:34
daftykins400g > 360g & 170g > 150g18:34
zmoylan-pi400g and 170g bars have normal gaps18:34
daftykinsi think that's the most important piece of research i've done all year!18:35
zmoylan-pieither that or give them a squeeze... make yourself really popular in the shop... :-P18:35
daftykinsnevermind the BT NTE5 telephone master sockets i was just glaring at...18:35
zmoylan-piaccept no toblerone lite!! fight the system \o18:36
daftykinsnot sure if i linked this shirt, it's amusing - https://www.redbubble.com/people/cosmogorilla/works/21144265-obey-sudo18:36
daftykinspresume it's a parody of a Soviet Russia era piece of propaganda?18:37
zmoylan-pii saw that i think in another channel... very soviet18:37
daftykinshmm i can't find the original18:38
zmoylan-pipretty much every poster produced in 30s and 40s18:38
zmoylan-pithere are probably trucks on the road right now delivering creme eggs to storage for shops.  but probably the new recipe versions which are orrible18:39
penguin42zmoylan-pi: I never liked them anyway, too much goo not enough chocolate18:40
daftykinsthat's why you buy 818:40
zmoylan-pii liked them as a kid, but since i was 20 or so found them too sweet18:42
zmoylan-piand they got a lot smaller18:42
daftykinsmmm that's probably similar to how i find age is making me more sensitive to caffeine now... how sad!18:42
daftykinssad that i can't down the coffee, i mean18:42
zmoylan-pithat's why there are so many tea blends so you can find the perfect one as you age18:42
daftykinsah har!18:43
zmoylan-picarrie fisher has heart attack... ::shakes fist at 2016::21:58
penguin42still alive apparently?21:59
zmoylan-piyes, taken off commercial flight alive but seemingly a major attack so not good...22:00
daftykinsLondon stole her heart22:00
penguin42close to landing22:00

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