teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:56
jthanwaltman_: how's your computer?21:43
waltman_Funny you should ask. I was planning on working on it today, but had to run into Drexel at the last minute to reset a machine.21:44
waltman_Then I had to do my morning xmas chores in the afternoon.21:44
waltman_I got home around 4 and discovered that my power has been out since 2:00, so I wouldn't have gotten much done anyway.21:45
jthanIf you used Gentoo your power would still be on21:45
waltman_If I used Gentoo I'd still be building my kernel.21:48
jthanLol the kernel doesn't take too long. But Firefox or openoffice maybe...21:48
r00t^2that always takes a fair bit to build21:50
waltman_I was kidding. Mostly. :)21:52
jthanThe worst is when you're 3 hours into (glibc|openoffice|firefox) and it fails.21:57
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