Kiloshi magespawn inetpro paddatrapper theblazehen chesedo and others04:57
magespawnHi Kilos05:00
Symmetriamorning all05:15
Kiloshi Symmetria 05:15
magespawngood day05:24
nsnzeromorning all07:17
Kiloshi nsnzero 07:24
nsnzerohow you doing Kilos ?07:39
paddatrapperMorning Kilos07:44
Kilosok ty and you07:44
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nlsthznGoeie middag Suid Afrika11:58
Kilos-hi nlsthzn 12:56
Kilos-hoe gaan dit daar in die bier land12:56
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos- fine thanks and there in ZA land... good weather I hope?13:13
Kilos-hot as hell here in rustenburg13:13
nlsthznguess it is always too something :p13:52
Kilos-na i like it13:57
Kilos-much better than winter13:57
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nlsthznit would depend the extreme of the season... here winter 100% better than summer 14:31
superflyGood evening 14:52
Kiloshi superfly 14:55
nlsthznhey superfly ... time zone?15:11
* nlsthzn goes for dinner :D15:15
Kilos9 hours beheind us nlsthzn 15:22
nlsthznso 11 to me >.<, thanks uncle Kilos 15:42
Kilosbig storm here atm16:53
superflyours is arriving at 4:30 this afternoon17:18
Kiloshi Cryterion 17:26
paddatrapperOur "storm"  (of rain) just left17:56
nsnzeroevening all18:24
nsnzerohow do i hide my ip in the joined nick notification ?18:25
superflynsnzero: you need to register your nick, then you need to login to the IRC server using SASL18:26
superflynsnzero: then you need to get a cloak18:26
nsnzerohow do i hide my ip in the joined nick notification ?18:26
superflynsnzero: Did you see what I said?18:27
nsnzeroevening all18:27
nsnzeronope - had a problem had to restart irssi18:28
superflynsnzero: my guess is your lag is quite high18:28
nsnzerohi superfly btw , hope usa treating you well18:28
superfly<superfly> nsnzero: you need to register your nick, then you need to login to the IRC server using SASL18:28
superfly<superfly> nsnzero: then you need to get a cloak18:28
superflynsnzero: yep, all good so far18:28
nsnzerothanks superfly - going to research SASL - i am currently using SSL18:29
superflynsnzero: it's in addition to SSL18:30
superflynsnzero: it's normally called "SASL Authetication"18:30
nsnzerogoing through the setup now superfly 18:33
nsnzeroi keep forgeting my passwords - need to write these things down18:37
nsnzerochecking if the sasl script works - brb18:38
nsnzeroright got the SASL working - after 4 attempts - port was wrong in the wiki 18:43
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Cryterionevening everyone18:44
superflymorning Cryterion18:44
nsnzeronow trying my my harry poter invisibility cloak 18:45
Cryterionmorning superfly, guess you over there already18:45
superflyCryterion: yup18:45
nsnzerohi Cryterion 18:45
Cryterionhi nsnzero, don't believe we've meet yet18:46
superflynsnzero: to get a cloak, you need to hang out in #freenode and ask for a cloak18:46
superflynsnzero: have you got a backup nick, and have you grouped it with your primary nick?18:46
Cryterionspeak to an admin18:46
nsnzerook - backup nick -- mmmmmmmh suppose i got to register that as well superfly 18:49
superflynsnzero: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration18:50
nsnzerogot it superfly 18:57
nsnzeronow to setup a proxy - just for the fun of it 18:58

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