allsporknacc: I see. I'll just pin for now then. Thanks for your help :)00:00
Bashing-omgwozt: If you boot to a terminal is the keyboard good there ?00:05
gwoztBashing-om, no it also doesn't work in terminal00:17
stan_man_cani downloaded a windows 10 ISO from microsoft and need to burn it to a USB key, how do i?00:19
stan_man_canstart up disk creator won't load the ISO when i select it00:19
stan_man_cani tried using DD but windows won't boot from it00:19
Bashing-omgwozt: Then this thougt: in normal situations Plymouth - the splash screen manager- is responsible for reading keyboard input. vt.handoff= and having "splash"  on the command-line are needed to make it behave itself .00:20
OerHeksstan_man_can, etcher maybe, no guarantee http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/05/etcher-usb-image-burner-tool-linux-open-source00:20
gwoztBashing-om, ok sir, now which commands do i have to execute in tminal?00:22
stan_man_canOerHeks, giving it a sh ot thanks00:22
stan_man_canalso, how can I go about using bluetooth headphones on Ubuntu 16.04?00:22
stan_man_canBluetooth can see them00:22
stan_man_canbut won't let me pair00:22
Bashing-omgwozt: Bear with me think'n what we can grep for .00:24
gwoztBashing-om, i've seen some solution on net which suggests upgrading to gnome 1600:25
gwoztBashing-om, do you think would this solve the problem?00:26
OerHeksgwozt, 4 missing keys, in one group, p o ı u ... hardware failure, or do they work in an other OS?00:27
gwozti don't think it is a hardware failure because right now they are working00:27
gwoztOerHeks, they stop working time to time00:28
Bashing-omgwozt: The above is but one possibility - Uf you have nakde changes to grub. I can find no way easier than just looking at the kernel boot line in grub . But that takes rebooting to grub to "look" .00:36
Bashing-omgwozt: Intermittent is a dufferent thing . Maybe it is a particulat app that is capturing the keystrikes ?? Maybe have 'xev' running in a terminal and see what the terminal sees in this event ?00:42
ajeffcoHello.  During a normal BIOS install, we have the option to change to a minimal install via F4.  What is the equivalent during a UEFI install?00:44
RJ45a whole boncha people from here are now famous  https://youtu.be/97NcG8hj9WE?t=1m30s00:55
geniiWe don't do it for the fame.00:56
* genii makes more coffee00:56
geniiRJ45: BTW, if that's what you're actually watching, then you may find this series interesting. https://youtu.be/JnSz-Hb9LQY01:02
RJ45genii: I just watch everything Linus releases01:03
stan_man_canAnyone know how to use bluetooth headphones?01:03
stan_man_canI've got them paired to my desktop but can't find a way to use them as audio out01:03
=== lee_ is now known as Guest365
tewardstan_man_can: audio settings.  you then select them as the audio out item.01:03
tewardif they don't display there then i'd say something's up on your system or the headphones, because they're not getting recognized01:04
stan_man_canteward, If I go into "Sound" the headphones aren't listed in Output01:04
stan_man_canI plugged a bluetooth adapter in and it was recognized immediately, not sure if I need to do anything extra01:04
tewardstan_man_can: yeah you need to pair the bluetooth headphones with your computer over bluetooth01:05
stan_man_canteward, so I go into Bluetooth Devices and it lists PXC 550 (Unknown) and then a mac address01:06
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stan_man_canI right click and say Setup Device and then "Select pairing method to use: Pair Device"01:06
stan_man_canSays pairing in progress. then Congratulations, device successfully added01:07
stan_man_canbut still not listned in Output01:09
RJ45Xubuntu -> Lubuntu -> Kubuntu -> Debian -> FreeDOS -> (like 100 other OS variants) -> Ubuntu  /shitpost01:11
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sysconfighi there01:26
sysconfigI have a problem01:27
skweekwhere is the linux-firmware-nonfree package for xenial ? I can't find it and its weird...01:27
sysconfigi have a prob01:28
skweeki'm trying to follow the ubuntu wiki...01:30
skweekbut I can't find linux-firmware-nonfree...01:30
omarramohey guys on ubuntu 16.04 when trying to run  apt-get update I get the error failed to fetch ... URL ... hashsum missmatch01:30
omarramoI tried everything on that I found on the internet on this issue but nothing worked01:31
omarramowhat can I do_01:31
skweekI read the firmware link, followed the ubuntu docs to add the repo https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/configuration.html which says to look at the sources.list... well it actually says that the multiverse would be enabled by default...01:32
skweekwhich is where I would think to find linux-firmware-nonfree...01:33
Bashing-omskweek: Per: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-firmware-nonfree&searchon=names&suite=xenial-updates&section=all it is no longer in the repo .01:33
vfwomarramo: sudo apt-get clean01:33
omarramovfw: doesn't work either01:34
sysconfiga question: how can I prevent applications to gain access to the network whenever they like ?01:34
skweekso I have this post up on askubuntu ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/860726/s530-bluetooth-earpiece-detected-as-keyboard01:34
skweekhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23670904/ & http://paste.ubuntu.com/23670907/ and this makes me think that there aren't drivers loaded01:35
Bashing-omomarramo: Gave you changed your mirror to see if it is a sync issue with your present mirror ?01:35
sysconfigany clue?01:35
skweekwhich lead me to looking for proprietary firmware01:35
omarramoBashing-om: yes, I first had the german ones then used the normal ones01:35
vfwomarramo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/41605/trouble-downloading-packages-list-due-to-a-hash-sum-mismatch-error01:36
omarramovfw: also not working. although its giving me less errors now01:37
omarramoless of the same01:37
Bashing-omomarramo: Tried ' sudo rm -fr /var/lib/apt/lists ; sudo mkdir -pv /var/lib/apt/lists/partial ; sudo apt update ' ?01:38
vfwomarramo: What's the last one?01:38
omarramoBashing-om: yup, also nothing :(01:39
stan_man_cani remember why i hate bluetooth shit so much01:41
stan_man_canhow the hell can i not have these stupid things working after an hour01:42
sysconfiga mistery01:42
omarramooh man I am working on the error for hours now01:42
omarramoI'm gonna cry01:42
sysconfigtake my kleenex01:42
skweekcan you suggest anything Bashing-om ?01:44
stan_man_canthey pair with everything else fine01:44
stan_man_canUbuntu is the only thing that's not working01:44
omarramoanyone got any other idea?01:46
sphrakdoes anyone have a clue as to why I randomly get "rsync: [sender] write error: Broken pipe (32)01:47
sphrakwhen using rsync 3.1.1 on ubuntu 16.0401:47
sphrakim using it over ssh, so local to remote machine.01:48
vfwomarramo: sudo apt -f install01:49
omarramovfw: I actually found a solution just now, I changed to a repo that is basically next door to me and it seems to work01:50
omarramoneither german repos or the normal ones worked though01:50
vfwomarramo: Ok. Good.01:50
omarramovfw: so next time somebody has this issue just tell them to try out repos01:51
omarramothanks for your help01:51
Bashing-omskweek: No, sorry . No experience here with your issue .01:51
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MartaHello guys01:56
MartaI need help! After rebooting my computer, a lot of files are missing! For example, I use virt-manager and when I was going to launch it, It says01:57
Marta"The program 'virt-manager' is currently not installed."01:57
MartaWhat happened, please? It is very important01:58
MartaI'm very afraid01:58
Bashing-omMarta: 'sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg -C ' all run clean ?01:59
MartaBashing-om: let me try please02:00
nhollowayHey, y'all. Is there an Ubuntu Core channel?02:03
freefallhow do i get the auto update for the sync of the time clock to work.. my computer battery is flake an the clock isnt keeping up with right time.. ntp dont seem to be working right02:03
MartaBashing-om: this is the end: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:04
MartaBashing-om: a lot of software is missing. Other applications are uninstalled too! This is very weird!02:06
Bashing-omMarta: That is a good thing .. and install -f was ^ result .. dpkg returned only to prompt ?02:06
Martayes Bashing-om , nothing special02:08
ambientAnyone here use an AMD apu with an ATI GPU and have the latter enabled in blender, or is that still a dream?02:09
Bashing-omMarta: K.. Yeah wierd ! .. what release are we working with ?02:09
MartaBashing-om: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS02:11
Bashing-omMarta: Pastebin ' dpkg -l virt-manager ; apt-cache policy virt-manager ' . As a place to start looking .02:13
Bashing-om!info virt-manager xenial02:13
ubottuvirt-manager (source: virt-manager): desktop application for managing virtual machines. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.3.2-3ubuntu1.16.04.2 (xenial), package size 892 kB, installed size 7285 kB02:13
MartaBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671240/02:18
Bashing-omMarta: look'n .02:19
MartaA lot of other applications are uninstalled, (I use Yakuake for example, and it is uninstalled now too :'( )02:19
Bashing-omMarta: what returns ' cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep -i universe ' ? in a pastebin02:22
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GALL0so I have a bluetooth mouse with a bluetooth dongle, but Ubuntu doesnt recognize it. nor are the bluetooth settings available to highlight02:24
GALL0anyone have an Idea how to turn these settings on?02:24
MartaBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671252/ (don't be mad at me because using kubuntu please)02:24
GALL016.04.1 LTS server with Ubuntu-desktop installed02:25
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Bashing-omMarta: (k)ubuntu is pretty . // Access to the repo is not the issue . I do not have a clue what could have happened here. So far we have found no faults . What results ' sudo apt install virt-manager ' ?02:29
MartaBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671280/02:32
MartaBashing-om: I really appreciate your help :) If we can't find nothing, I will try to finish my work with a new machine and reinstall everything. I so sad but well02:33
giuseppe_someone helps me?02:33
sintregiuseppe_ whats yyour native language02:34
sintrei'm sure there is a italian ubuntu channel just don't have command to make bot advertise it atm02:35
sintremight help you a bit more in there02:35
giuseppe_i can try02:36
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)02:36
sintrethere we go02:36
Bashing-omMarta: That too is smooth .. ya got me ! All I can suggest is to RE-install apps as you find them missing . This is a 1st for me !02:37
TesterTomhello all02:40
KODY928021I'm having experience weird network problem. would you please spare your time to check my issue? http://pastebin.com/5VELDDdA02:47
vins0nSo the "ping" is OK for using ?02:50
KODY928021no ping using public ip doesn't work02:50
KODY928021private is works02:50
steve__hello, a recent 16 LTS install freezes when it boots, saying "/dev/sda clean" and then listing files and blocks. Can anyone help with this?02:52
eggy[m]what have you done recently?02:53
eggy[m]to ur install that is02:53
steve__eggy[m]: it was brand new. Only OS, erased everything, etc.02:54
MartaBashing-om: thank you =)02:55
=== anox is now known as backnforth
Bashing-omMarta: Well. Ain't done a thing; less hold your hand . If ya find the cause please advise :)02:57
MartaBashing-om: Will do!03:04
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Guest40297hello ?03:05
Bashing-omGuest40297: Support ?03:06
Guest40297what's up ?03:07
uxfihello Guest4029703:07
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rgaunyI have a single instance Ubuntu Autopilot running with lxd's.......when i try to take a snapshot in the dashboard it fails silently.....but in nova-compute.log i get ImageBadRequest: Request of image 2654f936-ce1c-4d8b-a6b1-bdfbb90bd642 got BadRequest response: 400 Bad Request: Container format is not specified. (HTTP 400)03:23
rgaunyany ideas on how to get around this?03:23
rgaunythis same error occurs when trying to create an image with packer based off another image03:24
bschilkelooks pretty dead in here rgauny03:25
rgaunyaye lol03:25
bschilkei sure as hell can't help :(03:25
rgaunywill i appreciate the chat though :)03:26
rgaunyerr well03:26
bschilkeautopilot looks cool03:26
bschilkea docker-type tool?03:26
rgaunyMaaS->Landscape->AutoPilot Openstack03:27
rgaunysingle will use lxd's as hypervisor03:27
rgaunypretty sweet03:28
bschilkeyou lost me at maas -- had to google it03:28
bschilkesounds cool though03:29
rgaunyUbuntu MaaS is pretty slick....thinking about putting it throughout my lab03:30
bschilkewhat kind of lab do you have?03:32
bschilkeit sounds sick -- control of up to 40k machines.  jesus03:32
studio-user772How do you reset your giu after messing with compiz03:32
bschilkewhat distribution are you on?03:33
studio-user772idk what happened but i ativated compiz.  and poof all my buttons disappeared.03:33
rgaunyhave a small lab at dell....about 1500 nodes03:34
bschilkecool.  do you offer cloud services? conduct research?03:37
studio-user772Is there a giu reset command??03:38
bschilkestudio-user772, if you're in regular old ubuntu this seemslike it might work:  "unity &> /dev/null & disown"03:38
studio-user772compiz problems??03:38
bschilkein terminal03:38
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
studio-user772terminal froze03:39
studio-user772but that has been a problem since messing with compiz03:39
bschilkewhat desktop mgr are you using?03:40
studio-user772sorry newbie here..... xfce i think03:41
bschilkeyou don't want to restart your laptop?03:43
studio-user772ive tried that03:44
Bashing-omstudio-user772: To know what the environment is : ' echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ' .03:44
xanguastudio-user772: you tried that and then?03:44
xanguastudio-user772: what exactly did you previously do, did you follow any guide?03:45
studio-user772everything i type in terminal makes it freeze03:46
studio-user772all i can do is close terminal03:46
studio-user772may just reinstall?03:46
studio-user772ubuntu with xfce seemed like a bad idea when i started03:47
xanguaYou typed what? studio-user77203:47
studio-user772lol anything03:48
lapionstudio-user772, you are talking about a virtual X-Terminal ? That is a terminal running in a X-Window ?03:48
studio-user772echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP03:48
studio-user772any command03:48
xangua studio-user772 Did you try: xfwmr4 --replace03:48
studio-user772but ill give it time03:49
xanguastudio-user772: you're not being very helpful here03:49
studio-user772I just tried03:49
bschilkestudio-user772, you've restarted your machine you said, right?03:49
xanguaSorry studio-user772 (autocorrect)I mean v xfwm4 --replace03:49
xanguaXfwm4 --replace03:50
bschilkedoesn't sound good, but i'm far from an expert03:50
bschilkehow long have you had this installation of linux running?03:50
=== christmaslights is now known as violet
Batman5014can someone help extracting rar file into specific folder?03:53
manufactur3dunrar file.rar ~/thisiswhereiputmyunrardfiles03:56
studio-user772Xfwm4 --replace03:56
studio-user772terminal locks up still03:56
studio-user772ok let me give you link to what guide i followed03:57
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
studio-user772fresh install new ubuntu studio03:59
studio-user772follow guide to the T03:59
studio-user772Editing a conf file might be my only option.   Terminal not working...04:00
vfwstux|work: WHat exactly are you trying to do?04:20
shrefвсем привет04:20
vfwstux|work: Sorry, wrong nick04:21
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:22
nedstarkЯ Марко Рамиус, Вильнюсский воспитателем в Linux04:24
mainlymonoI'm a Mac user running Ubuntu on VirtualBox.04:46
deus402i'm setting up encfs, and I am looking for speed / cpu performance more than security. i selected the blowfish cipher with 128bit key, but i'm not sure which block size will give me better performance. i'm inclined to think 4096 bytes would be better so it's doing more at once, but this is purely speculation.04:47
zionlordIt is in every room of my house.04:48
zionlordI bought 16 copies.04:48
zionlordTranslated into English, the PROTOCOLS OF LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.04:49
zionlordWhat are you going to do about it?04:49
zionlordI have a right to read what I want to read.04:50
wafflejockmainlymono, is there a problem?04:51
wafflejockdeus402, probably best to just do a little benchmarking04:51
zionlordI bought the entire supply at Amazon when I put in my 16 orders..04:53
zionlordCleaned them right out.04:53
mainlymonowafflejock, no problem. Just wanted to share it. Been enjoying playing with Ubuntu and other Linux distros in a while. Finding it really convenient to have a VM of an OS an fullly manipulate and test. Also, I do graphic design and using software like Inkspace, GIMP, Krita, MyPaint, Pencil2D, Scribus, Synfig, Blender and others feel better in a Linux distro. :D04:55
zionlordIt's the most important book I own.04:57
zionlordThe Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It's all true. 100% factual, accurate.04:57
zionlordWe as humans are being conspired against by Zion Lords. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZG5Zfm-FQg05:02
wafflejockdeus402, just did it with 4096 it took 17s to copy a big iso over to it with 128 it took 38s05:03
wafflejockdeus402, seems like 4096 is faster at least with the limited test of copying one big file05:03
deus402excellent, thanks wafflejock.05:04
wafflejockdeus402, no prob05:05
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Batman5014anyone no anything about emulators? wanting to load a emulator to play mario on xbox 36005:26
zionlordI called myself zionlord because in every room of my home I got a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.05:26
zionlordPisses off the establishment :P05:27
zionlordthe hexagram with the sword through is tattooed on my anus05:29
zionlordi'm not a white supremacist, i'm goy against zion supremacist conspiracies against humanity05:31
Toggi3did a little digging aleady, has any work been done to implement ubuntu LXD + stonith/fencing in pacemaker??05:51
Toggi3like there is the RHEV REST API, or fence_virtd/fence_xvm, for example05:53
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LiftLeftI'm just got a new laptop. I cloned my old laptop's disk to the new one. The wifi isn't working. It was working under windows06:06
ubpwhat have you tried so far?06:07
newcoderhttp://www.earthvpn.com/linux-desktop-pptp-setup-guide/ , where can I get earthvpn server address?06:08
LiftLeftubp: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. basically it06:08
LiftLeftalso I'm using lubuntu 16.0406:09
ubphow does iwconfig look? is a wireless interface showing up?06:09
LiftLeftubp: that's what iwconfig says06:10
wine_userHi, I was trying to install wine 1.8 by watching a web tutorial.But now I have broken dependcies on my pc. Take a look: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23671842/. #winehq told me it is a wine problem because those packages are in wine repos. Need help please06:10
wine_userit is a ubuntu problem*06:10
wafflejockLiftLeft, looks like wifi is okay just not connected what's the problem looking like? can you see networks in the wifi drop down do you not see any wifi drop down?06:13
LiftLeftwafflejock: on lubuntu's wifi selector it says that the wifi is disabled. If I press enable it doesn't do anything06:14
wafflejockLiftLeft, what do you get if you try ifup wl0106:16
LiftLeftthe command?06:16
wafflejockLiftLeft, you should be able to also do, iwlist wl01 scan, to see a list of networks06:16
wafflejockif the interface is up you should be able to scan06:16
LiftLeftit says "Unknown interface wl01"06:17
ubpshouldnt be zero06:17
LiftLeftsay's the same thing06:18
ubpwell that is interesting06:18
wafflejockhmm okay guess try it with ifconfig, sudo ifconfig wlo1 up06:19
LiftLeftwafflejock: it doesn't say anything06:20
wafflejockLiftLeft, try the scan see if that says anything06:20
wafflejockiwlist wlo1 scan, should list networks it can see06:20
LiftLeftI can't enable wifi06:20
ubpchecked for a hardware switch?06:21
LiftLefthttp://pastebin.com/xwzVsjUi <-- what ifconfig says06:21
wafflejockdoes the scan command say anything? it should probably give more info than a disabled wifi icon06:21
wafflejockiwlist wlo1 scan06:22
wafflejockin the terminal06:22
wafflejockmaybe it won't tell us anything but worth a shot06:22
LiftLeftwlo1      Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down06:22
wafflejockLiftLeft, yeah not sure really http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/90778/how-to-bring-up-a-wi-fi-interface-from-a-command-line06:23
ubpwell this eliminates a large array of basic problems06:23
ubpon to the less basic issues now06:24
LiftLeftI think ifconfig says that wlo1 is Ethernet06:24
LiftLeftI was thinking drivers06:24
LiftLeftwas the problem06:25
ubplaptop model?06:25
wafflejockLiftLeft, my ifconfig lists my wifi as ethernet as well06:25
LiftLeftone sec06:26
ubpit's normal06:26
wafflejockLiftLeft, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23671919/ that's a working one for comparison06:26
wafflejockLiftLeft, we could start looking at syslog/dmesg, also could find the service for starting up networking and stop it and run it with debugging on so it outputs a lot more to the logs, but maybe ubp has some better steps first06:27
ubpwell, the concerning part for me is that iwconfig lists an adapter but ifup won't recognize it06:28
wafflejockpretty sure it's just /etc/init/networking start or stop to get that entirely up or down but maybe something more direct06:29
LiftLefthttp://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-textured-linear-gradient-grooves-in-black/5657870.p?skuId=5657870 <-- it's this one06:30
ubpokay, we'll at least look at the drivers. enter lspci06:32
LiftLeftubp: https://hastebin.com/oguyadomac.go06:33
ubpnow lspci -vv -s 02:00.006:34
LiftLeftubp ^06:35
ubpLiftLeft give this a read https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216202606:38
wafflejockfound another that might be related, also dated though https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219430606:39
=== Dolmen is now known as Guest66690
wafflejockLiftLeft, there's also an airplane mode button on the function keys apparently you try toggling that?06:41
ubpthose never work on my linux installations anyway06:41
LiftLefti dunno doesn't do anything06:42
LiftLeftI tried with and without the function key06:42
wafflejockyeah always good to check the simple things06:42
ubpusually physical switches only make a difference on my installs.06:42
wafflejocksoftkeys are less likely to be working without drivers picking that stuff up and doing something, hard switches are usually more a problem06:42
LiftLeftI don06:43
LiftLeftI don't see any switches on my laptop for wifi06:43
ubptried anything from the link i sent you? I didnt check to see if the info was too dated to apply to now yet06:44
LiftLeftno not yet06:45
wafflejockLiftLeft, you can maybe try monitoring the output of syslog or monitor the journalctl since you're on 16.04 and try to restart networking and see if it says anything strange about the adapter06:45
wafflejockit's weird though driver is loaded everything looks on the up and up with what it says in the manual for the hardware and everything just no worky06:45
ubpgive that link a shot, make sure you get the linux driver for 2.6.24 and later06:48
wafflejockLiftLeft, yeah if I run that, rfkill list all, it shows nothing blocked with my wifi or bluetooth, if I go into bluetooth settings and toggle it off it shows that one as yes06:48
LiftLeftubp: I'll try that06:48
wafflejock!info rfkill06:52
ubotturfkill (source: rfkill): tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5-1ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 8 kB, installed size 32 kB06:52
yordanpd /server irc.all4y.net06:53
wafflejockhmm does ubottu have a way to get man pages?06:53
hadleighhello all06:56
wafflejockhttps://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=%22man+page%22 no :(06:56
hadleighwhat can i use to change a .img file to a mp4 or mkv06:56
Dolmen0how are you06:56
hadleighi am goodand your self?06:56
Dolmen0pretty good06:57
wafflejockhadleigh, img file is usually like a copy of a disk or partition so you would typically want to mount that or copy it to a partition and then load the data out of it06:57
wafflejockhadleigh, how'd you get the img?06:57
hadleighwafflejock: on my friends hard drive i have barrowed06:58
k_sze[work]On Ubuntu Trusty 14.04, how do I temporarily shutdown the desktop environment (until I reboot or start it again in the terminal)?06:58
dikiaap( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)06:58
wafflejockheh okay yeah I mean you can run the "file" command on the img file and get some more info spit back about what type of file it is I think06:59
hadleighplays on my computer have not tried my television yet but it is a new LG smart tv07:00
wafflejockhadleigh, looks like there is a package called acetoneiso that'll let you mount img files looks like07:00
wafflejock!info acetoneiso07:01
ubottuacetoneiso (source: acetoneiso): feature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4-2 (yakkety), package size 1098 kB, installed size 1793 kB (Only available for linux-any)07:01
OddAnyone who could explain why this error/issue shows up? http://paste.md-5.net/tucenahili.scala Running a clean "Xubuntu Desktop 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" (XFCE + x2go) (64bits)".07:01
ubpk_zse stop the service for your de/dm possibly?07:01
wafflejockhadleigh, think you'd need to mount the disk image somewhere and then see what file types are actually in it and either just pull them out or use something to convert them (avconv or ffmpeg or some gui for that)07:02
ubpOdd updated repos?07:02
xXEoflaOEXxOdd, do apt-get update before you install any software.07:02
Oddubp: That's not the correct install, you mean? I have very little expertise on the field of Linux, which is what I'm trying to improve.07:03
OddDo I have to do that between software installs?07:03
xXEoflaOEXxOdd, Run apt-get update once, then install software, hen there is the new update for the software, do this again.07:04
ubpapt-get update will update the list of locations that apt-get tries to install software from. Good to run every day or two, before installing an new package07:05
OddUh, nono. I'm installing multiple things as I'm trying to learn how to set up some stuff properly07:06
OddI've already done apt-get update once, when I installed a screen and unzip.07:06
xXEoflaOEXxThese packages that you are trying to install may not be found in Ubuntu 14.04 repositories.07:07
abhishekfor some reason I am getting no sound suddenly07:07
abhishekany ideas?07:08
OERIASSorry for the caps07:08
ubpoooh, that sound card issue almost looks fun07:08
Dolmen0what do you need?07:08
OERIASI am trying to update, but I am getting this:07:09
OERIAShold on....07:09
ubp heh.07:09
xXEoflaOEXxabhishek, Are your sound card placed correctly? Or you are running on a speaker?07:09
OERIASHere it goes : http://pastebin.com/P5tnSFpH07:09
Dolmen0have you tried going to pastebin?07:09
OERIAS^ I get this error07:09
ledeniOdd, add --->sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa07:10
ubpabhishek: laptop? desktop? custom soundcard?07:10
abhishekxXEoflaOEXx, I have tried using laptop's speaker as well headphones07:10
wafflejockabhishek, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure has worked for me in the past07:10
OddThat worked. Thank you ledeni. :)07:10
xXEoflaOEXxOERIAS, Papirus pack PPA on Xenial on AMD64 is not found.07:11
OERIASthanks xXEoflaOEXx , I'll turn it off07:11
xXEoflaOEXxabhishek, Are the appropriate drivers for sound card installed?07:12
abhishekubp, laptop07:12
linuxuser69hello , in opensuse language packages are sapareted for example vlc-lang.rpm contains all the languages for the package vlc.rpm. but how this is done in ubuntu ? are languages contained in the same program language or it's sapareted ? say for example VLC I noticed that I can change its interface language without downloaing any extra packages .. how it that possible ?07:12
LiftLeftubp: I get compiling errors when I try https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2169602&page=2&p=12770984#post1277098407:13
ubpLiftLeft okay. let me have a go then07:14
LiftLeftcc1: some warnings being treated as errors07:14
abhishekxXEoflaOEXx, not sure. It has always worked before.07:15
abhishekxXEoflaOEXx, http://dpaste.com/1AYNDAS07:15
wafflejockLiftLeft, what do you get for, rfkill list all07:16
ubpLiftLeft, okay, i'm getting them too. i'll take a look07:16
wafflejocklinuxuser69, there are language packs here http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=language-pack&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all I'm not sure how this works on a per application basis though07:16
LiftLeftwafflejock: https://hastebin.com/berodaxowa.coffeescript07:17
ubpwell there's an issue. hah07:17
wafflejocklinuxuser69, ah http://askubuntu.com/questions/149876/how-can-i-install-one-language-by-command-line07:17
xXEoflaOEXxabhishek, I think that you must install the appropriate sound card driver, that works best for you.07:18
LiftLeftsome software is blocking it?07:18
ubptry rfkill unblock 107:18
wafflejockI was too slow :)07:18
ubpcheck wifi again07:19
ubplets see if that does anything for you07:19
wafflejockLiftLeft, rfkill list all, still the same?07:19
abhishekwhat should I do http://dpaste.com/1AYNDAS?07:20
abhishekno sound07:20
ledeniabhishek, check bios07:21
abhishekledeni, what in bios?07:22
ledeniabhishek, check for sound card07:22
abhishek ledeni how?07:22
abhishekit suddenly stopped working.07:23
wafflejockLiftLeft, try, rfkill unblock all, then rfkill list all again, just did it here with my wifi soft blocked and it unblocked it.. also check dmesg output after that see if it says anything interesting about the wifi07:23
ledeniabhishek, could be option for sound card07:23
ledeniabhishek,dual boot?07:23
abhishekledeni, no07:24
abhishekledeni, I don't understand what you need me to check in the bios?07:24
ducasseabhishek: what does 'aplay -l' give you?07:24
LiftLeftwafflejock: https://hastebin.com/zerigaguge.hs07:25
ubpducasse previous paste it said no soundcards found07:25
LiftLeftrfkill unblock all didn't do anything07:26
wafflejockLiftLeft, hmm okay all those pcie errors are apparently due to some skylake issue that you can work around but I don't think it's related and don't see any sore thumbs about the wifi regarding pci errors http://askubuntu.com/questions/771899/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected07:28
abhishekducasse, http://dpaste.com/1AYNDAS07:28
abhisheksry I got disconnected.07:28
abhishekPlease post again if possible.07:28
abhishekducasse,  I am stuck at this http://dpaste.com/1AYNDAS07:29
wafflejockLiftLeft, looking for how to start a particular service in systemd with a lot more verbose logging I know there's a way to have it do it for a particular service with some environment variable but having some trouble finding it07:33
ledeniabhishek, try to install linux headers 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers*'07:33
ubpi'll have to bail out for tonight though, hopefull wafflejock can get your wifi up and running LiftLeft07:35
abhishekledeni, *?07:36
ledeniabhishek, try to install linux headers 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers'07:37
abhishekledeni, which one uname-r?07:37
ledeniabhishek, yes07:37
abhishekledeni, it is already installed07:37
ledeniabhishek, witch laptop?07:39
abhishekledeni, hp pavilion ab 15-ab549tx07:40
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wafflejockLiftLeft, holy cow that took me forever to find https://coreos.com/os/docs/latest/network-config-with-networkd.html#debugging-networkd not for ubuntu instructions but the SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL I think is what I was searching for07:49
LiftLeftI'll do that07:51
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LiftLeftwafflejock: I got a bunch of log like text when I did "journalctl -b -u systemd-networkd", is that what you are trying to get?07:54
abhishekany guesses?07:54
mbufUsing BenQ EW2440 and Ubuntu 16.04, xrandr reports the resolution is set correctly to 1920x1080, but, the text in the applications (gnome-terminal, editors) are very big! How can this be fixed?07:56
wafflejockLiftLeft, yeah well hopefully it has something that stands out about the wifi issue I can compare against working output here and see if it gives us any more hints07:56
mbufIf I reduce the font size, it gets reduced, but, I have to do this for every application07:56
wafflejockLiftLeft, the rfkill showing it's disabled is almost definitely a problem but still trying to just get at the root cause07:56
wafflejockabhishek, what does, cat /proc/asound/cards, show07:57
wafflejockabhishek, also you try running through the troubleshooting I pasted earlier, basically reinstalls pulse and alsa parts and wipes out any config07:58
abhishekwafflejock, --- no soundcards ---07:58
sruliwith "find" can i use name + type? i.e. "find -f -name /path/to/'*ext' -delete"07:59
abhishekwafflejock, I did reinstall alsa and pulse. Can you post the link again please.07:59
LiftLeftwafflejock: It shows up as a command line gui thing, how do I make so I can easily copy-paste it?08:00
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LiftLeft*make it08:00
wafflejockabhishek, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure08:00
wafflejockLiftLeft, can run journalctl with --no-pager08:01
LiftLeftwafflejock: https://hastebin.com/uwibadipof.sql08:02
wafflejockabhishek, from your lspci output earlier looks like a couple of modules loaded for the sound card typically I know that can be a problem for video cards08:03
wafflejockabhishekcs10, perhaps try disabling/blacklisting the soc one08:04
wafflejockLiftLeft, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23672122/ I ran  journalctl -b -u systemd-networkd | grep wlan008:06
wafflejockLiftLeft, I don't see the adding address parts for yours but unfortunately nothing else really standing out there08:07
abhishekwafflejock, any ideas?08:09
LiftLeftwafflejock: should I put it on the ubuntu forum?08:10
wafflejockabhishek, oh I pinged the wrong name but said maybe blacklist the extra module you see in lspci that isn't snd intel but not sure08:11
wafflejockLiftLeft, yeah I can't seem to find anything really recent about it08:11
wafflejockLiftLeft, https://www.google.com/search?q=rfkill+cannot+unblock+wifi08:12
abhishekwafflejock, blacklist what?08:14
abhishekwafflejock, https://dpaste.de/jPiV I am the guy with the sound issue ;)08:15
wafflejockabhishek, heh I know your output of lspci -k -v had two modules listed for the audio device08:16
wafflejockabhishek, snd_hda_intel, snd_soc_skl it says only snd_hda_intel is in use so should be okay but was thinking blacklist the other one just in case, I know people have had problems with gpu cards having multiple modules that get loaded08:17
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LiftLeftwafflejock: Do I need to disable something?08:19
wafflejockabhishek, checking aplay or alsa in general is the right way to go but if it doesn't see the card at all in http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Alsa-sound-6.html08:19
mrodI'm using a GPG key as an SSH key with gpg-agent. I was hoping to be able to use gpg-agent on 16.04 as started by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90gpg-agent. ssh-add -l shows my gpg key, but when I try to use ssh, it fails with "agent refused operation". If i kill gpg agent and start it manually with "eval $(gpg-agent --daemon --enable-ssh-support)" it works. I can't tell what the difference is between the two methods of starting gpg-agent that w08:19
wafflejockLiftLeft, no think you just had the one module loaded for the wifi card and looks like the right one there's just something failing with it and without an error to go on it's really hard to say what the actual problem is08:19
mrodIt appears to have to do with gpg-agent being unable to spawn pinenetry08:20
OddI am told to go to /root with "cd /root", but both with "cd /root" and "sudo cd /root" I have issues: http://paste.md-5.net/banilonaje.sm Any other way to do it?08:22
abhishekwafflejock, output of lspci -k -v = https://dpaste.de/SX0f08:22
abhishekwafflejock, blacklist snd_soc_skl?08:22
wafflejockLiftLeft, would just post to the forums with all the details from sudo lspci -vv -nn and ifconfig and iwconfig and see what anyone suggests to debug further08:22
LiftLeftI'm going to reboot and see if that does anything08:24
LiftLeftprobably not08:24
tomreynmrod: the first paragraph your wrote was cut off after "...two methods of starting gpg-agent that w".08:24
wafflejockabhishek, that's what I was thinking yes08:24
mrod@tomreyn, thanks, the only part missing was "would cause this"08:25
tomreynmrod: according to the man page you may use the --pinentry-program option to gpg-agenbt to specify the command to use.08:26
abhishekwafflejock, can you please tell how?08:26
wafflejockabhishek, assuming it hasn't changed recently this is basically it http://askubuntu.com/questions/110341/how-to-blacklist-kernel-modules08:27
mrodtomreyn I have that specified in my gpg-agent.conf. My presumption is there is some environment difference between starting it via xsession startup scripts and manually via eval08:27
tomreynmrod: yes, i would (only) guess so, too.08:27
tomreynyou could run "env | grep GPG" in both the script and your terminal08:28
tomreynor without the grep, really, and better write it to a file08:28
tomreyn /etc/X11/Xsession says that is should be run by /bin/sh (not bash or whatever your default shell is)08:30
abhishekwafflejock, Works!!! Thanks!!!!!!08:36
abhishekwafflejock, but why you did this? It worked before without blacklisting that module.08:36
mrodtomreyn, thanks for the info, no luck yet, but i've gtg08:39
LiftLeftwafflejock: do you think I should put the irc log link in the thread?08:44
wafflejockLiftLeft, yeah wouldn't hurt so people can read through what you tried if they want08:51
wafflejockLiftLeft, likely there is some command you can run to get more details about this particular problem I'm just not sure what it would be08:51
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adacIs it possible to set up somehwere on the server, that an user that is logged in is already cd'ing into a certain directory? If yes, how?09:06
Ben64home directory?09:07
adacBen64, actually a directory wihtin the home directory yes09:08
ikevinadac, use the .bashrc (or /etc/bashrc)09:09
ikevinjust add a "cd your_path" in the script09:09
adacikevin, ok, if this is the way to go I'll use that. thanks!09:09
Elena93Hello! I am from Moscow. Does anyone want to chat?09:12
ledeniElena93, join #ubuntu-offtopic09:13
MostIntZombieDang 35 yrs old as of the past hour...09:18
madwizardI wish I was that young, again09:20
MostIntZombieA few years shy of a midlife criss maybe ... not so bad09:22
mukluks16.10, steam, rimworld - mouse cursor flashes and occasionally disappears when i'm  playing rimworld - any tips?09:34
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MostIntZombieanyone around excited an exclusive martial artist opportunity from a techy?09:45
cfhowlettMostIntZombie, completely off-topic in this channel09:46
cfhowlett!ot | MostIntZombie09:46
ubottuMostIntZombie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:46
blackflowI have an issue with gnome-software. Almost every time I resume the machine from suspend, I'm greted with crash icon and a report about it. I select to send it, click Continue, but nothing happnes. Does it send a report? I was expecting it to launch FF and have me log into Launchpad to file a bug report...09:46
MonkeyDustblackflow  probably apparmor, you can ignore it and disable the messages09:47
blackflowMonkeyDust: no audit trail about it, tho'09:48
blackflowMonkeyDust: the only error in the journal appearing after I resumed is this one:   systemd[1]: Failed to start Automatically refresh installed snaps.09:49
MonkeyDustblackflow  ok, 'snaps', i'm not familiar with those09:49
ducassethat is 'snapd'.09:50
ubottuUbuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/09:50
blackflowand speking of snaps, I run VLC snap and Version says "daily" but "snap refresh" for weeks now responds with "All snaps up to date".09:51
blackflowI'm not running Ubuntu core, I'm running regular Ubuntu Unity 16.1009:51
ducasseblackflow: i believe there is a snapd.service that updates installed snaps etc, it happens automatically.09:51
blackflowducasse: if that's true, I'm uninstalling it immediately.09:52
ducasseblackflow: aiui that is how it behaves.09:52
ducasseblackflow: i don't use snaps myself, so can't confirm.09:53
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wligtenbergI am upgrading a VPS from 14.04 to 16.04 (over ssh), but the installation process stopped with Command terminated with signal 210:19
wligtenbergI can try to reconnect, but then it says: Unable to get exclusive lock. How to proceed?10:20
ikoniawligtenberg: lock on what10:20
ikoniaand upgrading a VPS can be a problem depending on the provider and virtualization solution10:20
wligtenbergikonia, lock on the package management stuff. Virtualization tech is fine to upgrade. It really is a VM, not some shared kernel thing.10:21
ikoniawligtenberg: remove the file10:22
stevepythonwhat`s this10:22
ikoniaand the package manager will re-create it10:22
wligtenbergikonia, what file? it doesn't mention any specific file10:22
ikoniawligtenberg: it's not just about if it's a para virtualizaed box, providers often modify the OS10:22
ikoniawligtenberg: what is the EXACT error please10:22
wligtenbergikonia, Reading cache10:23
wligtenbergChecking package manager10:23
wligtenbergUnable to get exclusive lock10:23
wligtenbergThis usually means that another package management application (like10:23
wligtenbergapt-get or aptitude) already running. Please close that application10:23
stevepythondo you know more group10:23
stevepythonwhat`s this10:23
ikoniawligtenberg: /var/lib/dpkg/lock most probably10:23
ikoniastevepython: you're in #ubuntu an IRC channel for ubuntu technical support10:24
wligtenbergwhoops, that paste went wrong :S10:24
stevepythonso you`re a people,and we are talking?10:24
ikoniastevepython: we are people yes10:25
stevepythondo you now more talking group?10:25
ikoniastevepython: if you type /join #freenode you'll join the freenode network help channel, and you can ask questions about how to use IRC there10:26
stevepythongood luck10:26
chaosfischHi, I've finally managed to get my ubuntu to boot from USB. I've got plenty of RAM and wanted to use the "toram" option. I added it to my grub config. How can I verify that toram is active now? I don't see a difference in RAM usage.10:27
wligtenbergikonia, thanks I just did an lsof and found the process, killed that and now running: sudo dpkg --configure -a10:27
Ben64wligtenberg: probably not best to kill apt/dpkg stuff10:28
stevepythonwhat ane you doing?10:28
wligtenbergBen64, I know... but it failed on me and it couldn't resume...10:29
Ben64wligtenberg: ok10:29
wligtenbergBen64, do-release-upgrade failed in an ssh session, when I screened back in, it was complaining about another process having the lock... Then I accidentally quit that screen session, so now I have to fix it the old school way :)10:31
SlownHello guys10:34
SlownI've some issues with apt-cacher10:34
Slownmy laptopos always use the apt cacher server10:34
Slowneven If I'm runing another system on it10:34
Slownsee option 210:34
Slownthe script used here, ping only the server10:35
Slownit didn't test if the server is runing Ubuntu or another system10:35
Slowndo you have a solution for that ?10:35
MostIntZombiei guess my path is maybe to advacne in power alone10:37
stevepythonwho can tall me how to talk with somebody that i only know his username10:38
blackflowstevepython: /msg <username> blah blah blah10:40
blackflowif they're online.10:40
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mikaelHello! Is anyone awake to help?10:47
Guest24658anyone come accross , not being able to loginto Ubuntu after upgrading from 16.04 to 16.10 with kernels above 4.6 , if i revert back to kernel 4.6 I can login fine10:48
mikaelI am trying to get this Ubuntu working for my son and I cannot install Geforce driver.10:48
mikaelIt says "you apper to be runnin an X server; please exit X before installing"10:49
Guest24658start up ubuntu in runlevel 110:49
ducassemikael: are you using the installer from the nvidia site?10:49
Guest24658then run ./nvidia installer10:50
mikaelumm. I downloaded the driver from nvidia, yes10:50
ducassemikael: bad idea, use the packaged driver.10:50
Ben64should not do that install10:50
mikaelumm, where/how?10:51
Ben64depends on your video card(s)10:51
Ben64and ubuntu version10:51
mikaelUbuntu 16.04 LTS  /  Nvidia GeForce GT 63010:52
Ben64cool, then you should be able to install the proper driver from the software center10:53
Ben64one of the menus -> software sources -> additional drivers10:54
Ben64or something similar to that10:54
Ben64i don't have a 16.04 install here to check exactly10:54
mikaelOh, okay. This is prolly currently using x.org driver. And there are two additional NVIDIA drivers and one Legacy driver available.10:56
mikaelShould I hold on to this X.org X Server or change?10:56
Ben64should pick the newest nvidia one10:56
mikaelOk. So it's 367.57 because 340.98 is propably older ;)10:57
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mikaelThank you.10:58
MorclyeI'm in process of moving my /home to another disk for more space. Following the guide on help.ubuntu.com. Currently creating a new partition of unallocated space with GParted. Do I need to specify Partition name or Label to anything specific for it to work as new /home ?10:58
JnnxCan someone help me with proftpd?10:59
mikaelI ran hardtest benchmarks and am trying to find out why I had few test results worse in this computer than the weaker system10:59
MorclyeSo I can just leave them as blank during creation of the partition?10:59
MorclyeThank you, Ben64 !11:00
JnnxIm trying to configure it that every user is directly connecting to its home dir, but every user lands in /opt/lampp/htdocs11:00
JnnxI changed the DefaultRoot and restarted the service but nothing changed11:00
Surfer2010hello how can i check and maybe fix which php version is installed maybe remove it?11:02
Ben64dpkg -l | grep php11:02
JnnxDoes somebody know how to change the default ftp dir of proftpd?11:04
ArkodHello, people. Does anyone know where one can find Mac OS old school themes, or Mac Milk and LCD Panel themes for Ubuntu & Linux?11:04
Surfer2010Ben64: it shows me php5 php5.6 and php711:04
LissajousPatternso for some reason firefox is crashing after the latest update to 16.1011:08
LissajousPatternanyone else had this problem?11:08
mikaelAllright. Now I am trying to install Minecraft for him and to show the power of IRC I am asking you for helo ;)11:08
blackflowLissajousPattern: back up your existing FF profile and try a new one?11:08
LissajousPatternblackflow, i dont know how11:09
mikaelhow jar files are installed?11:09
Ben64mikael: they aren't11:09
LissajousPatterni see profiles.ini11:09
LissajousPatternbut how do i use a new one?11:10
Ben64LissajousPattern: try "firefox -P" and make a new one11:10
mikaelokay, so javas are executable ?11:10
blackflowLissajousPattern: there's a directory in /home/youruser/.mozilla/firefox/  named <something>.default   where <something> is a random string. that's the profile dir. copy it or rename (but remember the original name), and start FF, a new profile will automatically be created.11:10
Ben64mikael: javas?11:10
LissajousPatternok i will try11:10
mikaelisn't jar a java-package?11:10
blackflowLissajousPattern: first shut down FF of course :)11:10
Surfer2010is there any way to change all dependencys from php5 to php7 in ubuntu11:10
LissajousPatternit wont even load at the moment11:11
Ben64mikael: it's basically a zip file with stuff in it11:11
blackflowLissajousPattern: you can start it from the terminal and see what kind of error it reports11:11
mikaelaa, okay11:11
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LissajousPatternyeah its giving me a theme parsing error11:13
Ben64pastebin the actual error11:13
ducassemikael: try 'java -jar whatever.jar'11:13
LissajousPatternwell i cant because i have no browser11:15
Ben64LissajousPattern: or just paste the actual error here if it's one or two lines11:15
LissajousPatternits on a different system11:15
Ben64then give up11:16
LissajousPatternnot an option11:16
Ben64then give the error11:16
LissajousPatternGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-lubuntu.css:309:15 The 'icon-shadow' property has been renamed to '-gtk-icon-shadow'11:17
Ben64cool, nothing to do with firefox11:18
blackflowLissajousPattern: warning, tho, that shouldn't prevent it from starting or functioning11:18
LissajousPatternthere are a few other errors11:18
LissajousPatterninsensitive pseudo class deprecated11:19
blackflowLissajousPattern: btw, when doing this for different machines, ie. those you can't copy-paste here in irc, you can cat or echo stuff  and pipe to    | nc termbin.com 9999       as a pastebin.11:19
LissajousPatterninteresting i will have to try that later11:20
LissajousPatterni am by no means a linux pro11:20
blackflowthat's alright, nobody was born with this knowledge :)11:21
LissajousPatternso any suggestions on how i fix this?11:21
Ben64same suggestion as before, try a new profile11:21
blackflowfix what? you need to pastebin the exact errors so we can see if it's something easy to fix or not. Also, does this happen with a fresh new profile?11:21
LissajousPatterni did11:21
LissajousPatternit happens with a fresh new profile11:22
blackflowdid you say this was an upgrade to 16.10? from what, 16.04?11:22
Ben64so it let you make a new profile, and start using that profile11:22
LissajousPatterni just did a fresh install of lubuntu and before the apt-get update ,upgrade, dist upgrade it worked11:22
LissajousPatternas soon as i did the update/upgrade process it broke11:23
LissajousPatternblackflow, this is a brand new install of 16.1011:23
blackflowLissajousPattern: please pastebin the exact errors it produces.11:24
LissajousPatternif I could i would11:24
blackflowLissajousPattern: you can also copy&paste that terminal output to  a new paste on  dpaste.de   and post here the resulting URL11:24
LissajousPatterni guess i will install chromium so i can get a browser11:25
=== ger is now known as Guest22397
KoroccottaHello, Is this the site to place an LXD instalation issue?11:25
blackflowand eh, yeah, if you need FF for that, and FF doesn't start... try      firefox 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999       ASSUMING your FF will start and exit right away because of the error. don't want to use that if FF doesn't exist immediately.11:26
LissajousPatternyou know scratch that i am just going to install a distro that works properly11:27
Ben64good luck11:27
LissajousPatternit will take me less time to install a completely different distro than to sit here for hours troubleshooting this mess11:28
LissajousPatternBen64, thanks11:28
Ben64i mean it wouldn't take hours if you'd actually paste the errors11:28
Ben64but whatever you want11:28
blackflowLissajousPattern: which distro if I may ask?11:28
blackflowyou used it before?11:29
LissajousPatterni am on it right now11:29
LissajousPatternwith this laptop11:29
blackflowLissajousPattern: then you have first hand experience with it. Okay, good luck.11:30
LissajousPatternyeah but i do not have first hand experience with troubleshooting everything that breaks just because of an update to ubuntu11:31
vredervHey folks I am looking for a web API that can tell me the newest version of an Ubuntu package11:31
blackflowLissajousPattern: if you do that pastebin, maybe we can resolve the issue.11:31
blackflowstuff sometimes breaks. on Arch even more so as it's much more bleeding edge distro with far less pre-testing.11:32
blackflowwhich I'm sure you'll find out if you use it for some time. ;)11:32
LissajousPatternblackflow, i have had great luck with arch11:32
LissajousPatternand yes i know stuff breaks11:32
LissajousPatternbut this is literally a fresh install of lubuntu i went through hours getting everything set up and customized only for a stupid update to break the browser11:34
LissajousPatterni am just sort of fed up with stuff like this11:34
Ben64LissajousPattern: if you're not interested in fixing it, then stop going on about it11:34
ducasseLissajousPattern: you're wasting a lot of time on all this when you could just copy/paste or grab a picture of the error.11:35
Ben64it's almost a guarantee that you did something to break it anyway11:35
LissajousPatternyeah sudo apt-get update/upgrade is what broke it11:35
LissajousPatternnothing more11:35
LissajousPatternlike i said its a brand new install as of literally less than an hour ago11:36
bazhangshe/he wont post the error, lets get back to ubuntu support please11:36
blackflowLissajousPattern: pastebin please, or you're just trolling with no desire to fix it.11:36
LissajousPatternwith absolutely nothing more done to it11:36
Ben64"i went through hours getting everything set up and customized"11:36
LissajousPatternyeah that was the first til\me11:36
LissajousPatternlike a week ago11:36
bazhangLissajousPattern, lets take tha chat elsewhere please11:36
LissajousPatterni thought it was some malware that got it so i did a fresh install today11:37
LissajousPatterndude i am just explaining myself11:37
bazhangLissajousPattern, this is strictly support only11:37
LissajousPatternyeah and i was asking for some support11:38
LissajousPatternand just because my browser is broken and i cant pastebi i am being accused of trolling11:38
bazhangLissajousPattern, absent any errors that we have asked for repeatedly, there's not much support to be done11:38
blackflowLissajousPattern: yes you can pastebin, I showed you how.11:38
Ben64all the typing you've done here whining you could have typed all the errors by now11:38
blackflowthat too :11:38
LissajousPatterni am not familiar with the other suggested methods of paste binning things11:38
blackflowLissajousPattern: I gave you exact command.11:39
LissajousPatternBen64, i did type the error11:39
LinuxNovicehello, I am a Linux newbie. Wanted to know which one among Mate and Xfce is actually more lightweight and more suitable for old laptops.11:39
Ben64you typed one error, and it's not even a firefox error11:39
LissajousPatternit was the error i got when trying to run it from the terminal11:39
LinuxNoviceI have a laptop which was bought about 11 years back11:40
=== allizom1 is now known as allizom
blackflowLinuxNovice: ouch, which cpu is that?11:40
LinuxNoviceIntel Celeron M Single core processor with 1.5 Ghz, 2 gb ram.11:41
* brunch875 is currently on a rpi with 700MHz cpu + 400MB RAM11:41
codezera I miss the old systray11:41
codezerai can't see my xchat tray icon11:42
codezeraso i have to keep xchat in launcher11:42
codezerawhich sucks11:42
blackflowLinuxNovice: browsing the internet is going to be a huge pain on that.11:42
bazhangcodezera, did you mean hexchat11:42
codezeraI like xchat.11:43
codezerano hexchat.11:43
LinuxNoviceI don't have much problem in browsing the internet even with a 3 or 4 tabs on. But, videos on youtube really slows down the laptop.11:43
bazhangone is no longer maintained codezera11:43
brunch875blackflow: there's always text-based browsers11:43
blackflowLinuxNovice: I recently tried to use a MODERN celeron that has 3x cpu passmark points than your cpu, even with 4GB of RAM and it was unbearable.11:43
codezerayeah but it's working anyway :D11:43
bazhanghexchat is codezera11:44
LinuxNoviceyes. I too am facing the same problem.11:44
blackflowbrunch875: there is, but how well do those work in modern javascript/graphics based interactive web environments?11:44
codezera@baz im going give hexchat a try, I'd keep it if I liked it.11:44
LinuxNovicesometimes the laptop starts making some kind of grinding sound.11:44
blackflowLinuxNovice: anyway, beetween mate and xfce, I think they're more or less at the same level, among which I'd recommend Mate only because I _hear_ it's superbly done.11:45
LinuxNoviceblackflow, you mean it is better than Xfce for me?11:46
blackflowLinuxNovice: between Mate and XFCE that I tried on other distros, Mate was better for me. more.... "robust" and better looking. on Ubuntu, I never tried those (Ubuntu Mate, or Xubuntu), but I hear from people that did, that Mate is superb.11:46
=== allizom1 is now known as allizom
LinuxNoviceok. I'll go for Ubuntu Mate, then.11:47
jebspocketturtleanyone wanna help out a noobie on getting my gtx 960m installed on mint 18.111:48
blackflowjebspocketturtle: yea, probably people in #mint :)11:48
Ben64jebspocketturtle: mint isn't supported here, head to #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:48
jebspocketturtlei know ive been tryin11:48
nkr_Did you try to navigate to additional drivers?11:48
brunch875My laptop has a 960m. It should be fine to just install the drivers11:49
nkr_I don't recommend installing from terminal, i've bricked my system a few times via terminal gfx install.11:49
blackflow"bricked"? or just broken?11:49
nkr_like need format bricked11:50
LinuxNoviceblackflow, thanks a lot.11:50
blackflowbricked = can throw in garbage, will never run again11:50
brunch875nkr_: how? I alwas install from terminal and see no difference11:50
nkr_Using the additional driver auto installer is safer imo. Especially since a nooby is asking.11:50
KoroccottaI have some problems with a dependency: libgolang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2-1-a3c26daa6cca00f2c837bfab1c491e3eb2419feb library is installed, but every time i try to install LXD no way. An unmet dependency error is shown. Any idea?11:50
brunch875actually, with the 960m I was forced to install from terminal because gui used to freeze11:50
blackflowKoroccotta: which ubuntu?11:51
KoroccottaServer 16.10.111:51
=== allizom1 is now known as allizom
blackflowbrunch875: I have 960 but not m. the additional software installer was clicky, reboot, all good :)11:51
blackflowthough heads up, if you use nvidia driver and have root encrypted , you need to disable plymouth splash thing on boot, it's broken11:52
blackflowKoroccotta: apt-get install lxd worked just fine here.11:52
ducasseKoroccotta: i have the same thing, i'm guessing they've missed updateing the dependencies correctly11:52
blackflowKoroccotta: wait, did you mean 16.04.1 ?11:52
ducasseKoroccotta: or the mirror is missing some updated package11:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest80002
Koroccottablackflow tried several times and no way11:55
blackflowKoroccotta: 16.10 or 16.04.1?11:56
KoroccottaDistributor ID:Ubuntu11:56
KoroccottaDescription:Ubuntu 16.1011:56
KoroccottaIt was an upgrade from 16.04.111:57
blackflowKoroccotta: correct, I purged and tried to reinstall LXD, same thing. like ducasse said most likely11:58
z2Hi. Do you know if I can download anywhere an already installed ubuntu image that is suitable for chrooting into it?11:58
z2Something like tar.gz or cpio archive perhaps11:58
blackflowz2: use debootstrap for that12:00
=== LinuxNovice_ is now known as LinuxNovice
blackflowprogram/package which pretty much any distro has, that does exactly that, installs a base debian-based-system into a (chroot) directory12:00
=== meme is now known as Guest24541
blackflowKoroccotta: ok, filing a bug report, doesn't look like anyone report it already12:03
ducasseblackflow: no, i didn't have time for it, nice if you can do it.12:04
z2blackflow: no, I don't want to install debootstrap. The thing I waslooking for is called "cloud image"12:04
KoroccottaNever done, before. I am some Novice.  I will take a look :-) thanks for helping me12:04
ducasseKoroccotta: this will probably get fixed pretty quick12:04
blackflowKoroccotta: ducasse: please mark this as affecting you too:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxd/+bug/165229112:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1652291 in lxd (Ubuntu) "Cannot install LXD, missing dependency libgolang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2-1-a3c26daa6cca00f2c837bfab1c491e3eb2419feb" [Undecided,New]12:05
blackflowz2: maybe this:  https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/16.04/release/12:05
ducasseblackflow: done.12:06
blackflowz2: probably the -root.tar.gz packages. Never tried to install one, but it seems like those are what you want.12:06
z2blackflow: yeah, I just meant that I've found the correct search keyword and resolved the question. That's pretty cool that anyone can download an archive, chroot into it and get a working distro. Thanks12:06
KoroccottaJust marked. Thanks.12:09
Gennaciao negro12:11
BluesKajHi folks12:11
MibkaI'm trying to install ubuntu-16.04.1-server.amd64.iso  in a virtual machine (proxmox 4.4 , KVM based) but the installed always bails out with the error "Unable to install the selected kernel - An error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system. Kernel package: 'linux-generic'. Check /ver/log/syslog or see virtual console 4 for details". In the syslog it only shows "base-installed: error: exiting on error base-installer/kernel/failed12:18
MibkaAny idea?12:18
=== allizom1 is now known as allizom
ducasseMibka: any errors on vc4?12:20
Mibkaducasse: the same as in /var/log/syslog.. only that line starting with 'base-installer: error: exiting...'12:20
ducasseMibka: seen this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/336294/installing-ubuntu-server-12-04-on-vmware-workstation-8-in-an-ubuntu-12-04-deskto12:22
rego_buenos   dias12:24
flux242hi how do I find package version in ubuntu 15.10? ubu package search site doesn't list this release12:24
ducasseflux242: 15.10 is eol12:24
ducasse!eolupgrade | flux24212:25
ubottuflux242: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:25
rego_hay alguien me  puede  ayudar  con  un  problema  en  mac g5 y ubunto 1612:25
flux242i don't care if its eol or not, i need to know which package version did it have12:26
bazhangflux242, which package12:26
Mibkaducasse: it looks like the md5 doesn't match oof my iso, compared with MD5SUM I find on releases.ubuntu.com. I'll redownload ;) Sorry for the troubles12:26
flux242any package12:26
bazhangpackages.ubuntu.com to check then flux24212:27
flux242as i said - this site doesn't list 15.1012:28
bazhangwhy the need for that info, on an eol release12:28
ducasseflux242: you can dig through old-releases.ubuntu.com12:29
rommelflux242, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/15.10/12:31
rego_problemas en  salida  video  2dvi en tele  con  mac g5 ppc  tengo ubuntu 16.10 mate  ayuda por favor12:32
ducasseflux242: find the package in question there12:32
rommelrego_, solo ingles12:33
rommelthe iso will have pkg info on it flux24212:34
rommelcan you download and mount it for what you are trying to do12:34
flux242no way i'm going to dl the image and install it just to check specific package version12:34
Ben64flux242: or just explain what you're trying to accomplish, because it seems certain you're doing something weird12:34
hateballflux242: could just do !info <package> wily12:36
hateball!info firefox wily12:36
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 47.0+build3-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 (wily), package size 46357 kB, installed size 111178 kB12:36
Wulfjmackey: isn't here12:37
flux242!info gnuradio wily12:38
rego_Good morning I have a mac g5 ppc and I install ubuntu 16 mate but I have video output problem connected to tv. Need help thanks12:38
ubottugnuradio (source: gnuradio): GNU Radio Software Radio Toolkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.8-3 (wily), package size 6915 kB, installed size 73142 kB12:38
rego_Does not recognize graphics card is nvidia 660012:40
rommelnice hateball, flux242 would have thanked you had he had a set12:40
ducasserego_: try #ubuntu-powerpc12:41
hateballrommel: heh12:43
tsgloveIs there a "self-hosted" Canonical Landscape version?  https://landscape.canonical.com/12:57
madwizardtsglove: You mean, you would want to host it yourself? It's called Landscape On Premises13:07
tsglovemadwizard, oh... wow. hmm13:09
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Kartagishow to change one specifc environment variable?13:17
tomreynKartagis: ^13:20
tomreynthis works for the current user until logout / reboot (or until the variable is modified / deleted by another process)13:21
Kartagischeers, but how to make it perm?13:22
tomreynadd the above line to ~/.profile (for a single user) or to /etc/environment (for all users)13:23
tomreynactually in /etc/environement remove "export" - it's a configuration file, not a script13:23
flux242!info gr_osmosdr wily13:26
ubottuPackage gr_osmosdr does not exist in wily13:26
flux242!info gr-osmosdr wily13:26
ubottugr-osmosdr (source: gr-osmosdr): Gnuradio blocks from the OsmoSDR project. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.4-2 (wily), package size 202 kB, installed size 1337 kB13:26
flux242!info gr-osmosdr yakkety13:27
ubottugr-osmosdr (source: gr-osmosdr): Gnuradio blocks from the OsmoSDR project. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.4-10build2 (yakkety), package size 206 kB, installed size 1363 kB13:27
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RhackeRhow to i joined in this chennal13:30
kittykitty_I've just updated to 16.04 from 14.04 but unity doesnt load, just a background and my desktop icons. I'm using the intel xorg driver. Gnome panel works fine though13:31
kittykitty_tried reinstalling unity, ubuntu desktop, xorg, dbus. Used setsid. The compiz plugin for unity is enabled too...13:32
RhackeR16.04 is not properly installed plz try 1513:34
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=== Guest85596 is now known as welshladuk
welshladukhas anyone upgraded ubuntu to 16.10 with kernel 4.8 or 4.913:50
welshladukim getting logon issues from the desktop launcher13:50
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
abijmai have 2 questions about ubuntu 12.04. i have apache 2.2.22 on ubuntu. i was using php 5.4.45 and now installed 5.6. Ubuntu console gives for command php -ver version 5.6 but phpinfo in webbrowser gives 5.4.45 so apache is still using the old version. how can i change that?13:56
abijmalikely same problem i have with openssl. console gives that i'm using open ssl 1.0.2j but apache(curl) is still using 1.0.113:57
welshladukabijma - what dose /usr/share/ show you13:57
welshladukyour php install should be in here13:58
SummerRainhow do i use rsync to delete a folder and all its files ?13:58
abijma@wedshladuk i see in usr/share aswell dirs of old and new php version13:59
abijmai thought i had to replace the so file where apache mods is pointing to but i cannot find an .so file for php 5.614:00
vfwabijma: abijma Have you tried restarting apache?14:03
vfwabijma: sudo find / "libphp*so" -type f14:03
abijmabut like i said apache2/mods-available/php.load still points to LoadModule php5_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so i assume that should be changed?!14:04
welshladuk@abijma , change tyour enviroment $PATH to point to the php version you want to use14:04
vfwabijma: Are you looking at localhost/test.php for version number?14:04
ikoniaabijma: how did you install php 5.614:05
DirkosI want to run MSBUILD on my ubuntu machine but what is the right way to install it? This due the fact that .NETCore now runs on linux as well14:05
ikoniacould you clarify that please14:05
welshladuk@abijma echo $PATH will show your current php path that is being used as default14:05
abijmai installed it through adding ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6 to repositories14:06
ikoniawelshladuk: no it will not14:06
vfwabijma: ls -l /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so  #What is the date?14:06
ikoniaabijma: right - so thats the problem14:06
ikoniaabijma: you've added a PPA14:06
abijmaecho $PATH gives /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games14:06
=== scottt is now known as Guest31038
ikoniaabijma: does the PPA update the libraries the default ubuntu apache install points at14:06
ikoniaabijma: or does it just drop a binary on there14:06
welshladukso - whereis php shows what path14:07
ikoniawelshladuk: what are you even talking about14:07
abijmasorry i will come back later... don't have time anymore right now.14:08
welshladuksorry , the original Q was why php is different to that what was installed14:08
abijmathanks for advice already14:08
bekkswelshladuk: Only after a few requirements are met. whereis isnt reliable without checking the configuration before.14:08
ikoniawelshladuk: $PATH has no facter in the webserver14:08
ikoniabottom line is he's used a PPA14:08
vfwwelshladuk just has a couple of wrinkles to iron out, he probably has the info he needs to find them.14:09
OerHeksa server with 4 months support left ..14:10
vfwOerHeks: Good point.  Probably his easiest fix it version upgrade14:10
vfw... maybe not easiest but best ...14:11
ded_sechello everyone!14:11
=== g_ is now known as Guest4449
jocihi ded_sec14:12
jociwhats up?14:12
Wouter__Hi guys i have a small problem: i've compiled an executable using CMake and c++, but when it's compiled ubuntu identifies it as a Shared Object file... So i can't execute it by double-clicking. It does work through the terminal tho14:13
muklukshi ded_sec how is san francisco14:13
=== massive_minnow is now known as phours
ikoniaWouter__: what is the application ?14:13
Wouter__It's a rendering engine written in C++ using opengl14:14
Wouter__very early stage14:14
ikoniaWouter__: ahh, so you've written it ?14:14
wiggmpkUbuntu 16.04, every time I boot up and log in, I am greeted with Remote Desktop Viewer opened. Why is this happening? I have literally never opened RDV myself14:14
ra21viwhat to do when 4G USB modem (dongle, mobile broadband) is detected as cdrom?14:14
ikoniaWouter__: if you run "file" against it, what do you get back14:14
muklukswiggmpk: got a screenshot?14:14
Wouter__what do you mean exactly?14:14
Wouter__"run a file against it" ?14:14
ikoniaWouter__: run "file" against the executable14:15
ra21viwiggmpk, that may be in startup14:15
Wouter__well i don't know what that means :p14:15
OerHeksfile /path/to/executable14:15
ikoniayou run the file command, against the binary you've made14:15
alkisgWouter__: it's a command: file /path/to/your/executable14:15
wiggmpkmukluks: no, I didnt think to take a screenshot... ra21vi: I have checked startup applications, it is not (vino-server is running in system monitor)14:15
Wouter__o i will right now14:16
mukluksra21vi: your 4g dongle probably has storage built in - your pc is correctly identifying and mounting that storage via usb14:16
Wouter__This is what "file" returns: "solight: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2, for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=ee6a7d4c922238be8ec8769f47a0f92c86f6c39f, not stripped"14:16
mukluksra21vi: this is probably independent of the 4g functionality of the dongle14:16
Wouter__pretty weird since it's executable and work14:17
ikoniaWouter__: so that is a shared library then14:17
Wouter__well, in cmake i typed "add_executable"14:17
Wouter__and it executes :p14:17
ikoniaWouter__: that doesn't make it an executable14:17
mukluksso weird14:17
ikoniaWouter__: did you honeslty write this ?14:17
ikoniaor is it someone elses work14:17
ra21viwiggmpk, do you have auto-save-session enabled.. if you have dconf-editor, you can search it if its enabled..14:17
Wouter__yes, but right now it only loads an fbx and renders it in wireframe14:18
Wouter__but the thing is, i've had this aswel with executables i dind't write14:18
wiggmpkra21vi: correct me if I am wrong, but that would imply that I have used RDV for something right? I literally have never opened that app for any reason14:18
ra21vimukluks, yes, thats exactly whats happening... how can I fix it14:18
Wouter__I really don't understand...14:18
ikoniaWouter__: did you honestly write this ?14:19
Wouter__yes, for the third time hahah :) You want to see the cmakelists in a pastebin ?14:19
Wouter__would that help?14:19
ra21viwiggmpk, yes, that shoould ideally happen once you have opened.. but sometimes world is not ideal :) LOL14:19
ikoniaWouter__: no, because I'm curious to why you're not clear about what you've made14:19
vfwPlease do not bring honesty into this channel, it is boring enough already ;)14:20
ikoniaWouter__: have you actually made a shared library to be consumed or a self contained static executable14:20
Wouter__I did tell you?14:20
jcadduonodo you guys know of an *alright* text editor similar to gedit that's just really basic line numbers and C syntax highlighting, i really like gedit but gedit gets destroyed by sshfs ddos14:20
Wouter__no i *want* to make an executable14:20
Wouter__using CMake14:20
ikoniaWouter__: right, but your code has to be exeuctable or a libray14:20
wiggmpkra21vi: I think I found the issue, I was unaware that since Ubuntu 12.04 they have "Hidden" startup applications14:20
ikoniathe "make" doesn't make it one or the other14:20
Wouter__yes, but i'm using the correct cmake syntax14:20
ikoniaWouter__: again - no14:20
Wouter__and the thing is it does EXECUTE14:20
ikoniaWouter__: step back from make for a moment14:21
wiggmpkra21vi: why, anyone would not want to see them is beyond me, but I found vino-server.desktop with NoDisplay=true in /etc/xda/autostart. My fault for using the Startup App gui14:21
ikoniaWouter__: the code you have written, is that designed to be a shared library to be consumed/loaded or a self contained executable14:21
Wouter__it has a main entry function, it creates a window, so i would say it's meant to be an application... I'm an experienced programmer mate, i've never had this before14:22
ikoniaWouter__: I'm asking to understand what's happening here14:22
Wouter__it's not like i'm a noob not knowing what to do14:22
ikoniaWouter__: then you should be able to fix it14:22
ikoniaI'll leave you to it14:22
ra21viwiggmpk, /etc/xda or xdg ?14:22
Wouter__yea i'd love to, but it seems like an ubuntu error14:22
wiggmpkra21vi: xdg sorry14:23
Wouter__as it says it's a shared object, but it actually does execute on it's own14:23
wiggmpkra21vi: furious fat finger14:23
j4f-shredderhey, how do I add a disk label in fstub if it has spaces in it?14:23
j4f-shredderUUID=5ED2B771D2B74C51   /media/ubuntu/Disco HDD14:24
j4f-shredderI need to set that mounpoint with that14:24
alkisgj4f-shredder: try "\ " without the quotes14:24
j4f-shredderhow do you escape white spaces on linux files?14:24
ikoniaj4f-shredder: \14:24
j4f-shredderlike that?14:24
vfwj4f-shredder: Yea, just like that14:25
j4f-shredderlikethis  /media/ubuntu/Disco\HDD14:25
LordNelthonwhich are the parameters of cryptstetup Ubiquity uses when full disk encryption is chosen?14:25
alkisg /media/ubuntu/Disco\ HDD14:25
alkisgWith a space there14:25
vfwj4f-shredder: The tab key is your friend.14:26
j4f-shredderwhat I don't know is why the UUID is different from the other disk14:26
j4f-shredderthat format is different14:26
alkisgIt's because it's ntfs14:26
j4f-shredderthank you very much14:26
j4f-shredderI found a line14:26
j4f-shredderon the fstub file14:26
j4f-shredder# / was on /dev/sdb4 during installation UUID=d5d25cbb-a5ab-4c28-92cd-3d1037563ec3 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       114:26
j4f-shredderI don't know if I should delete that14:27
j4f-shredderI have my main ssd disk set up correctly, but I don't recognize that ext414:27
j4f-shredderI have 2 ext414:28
j4f-shredder├─sdb4 ext4   205.8G /                        ├─sdb2 ext4     2.7G14:28
JoejoepieIs there anyone that can help me? I've written a C++ executable, and it executes in the terminal, but ubuntu recognizes it as a shared libary?14:28
j4f-shredderand I don't know why, I thought you couldn't repeat numbers in ext...I mean, I thought you could only have 1 ext414:28
bekksJoejoepie: Whats its name?14:28
Joejoepieof the executable? solight14:28
Arab_AspieI'm back14:29
BluesKajj4f-shredder, depending on your partitioin table you can have numerous ext4 partititons14:29
BluesKajj4f-shredder, if it's a GPT14:30
vfwj4f-shredder: Look at the list: sudo blkid14:31
bekksJoejoepie: Could you please pastebin the output of "file solight" and provide the URL to us?14:31
Joejoepiewell, the file command says it's a shared object, but the weird thing is, is that it DOES execute in the terminal the way i want it, here it is: http://pastebin.com/RLg8ycHK14:32
alkisgJoejoepie: it's normal for shared libraries to be able to get executed, e.g. try running /lib/ld-linux.so.2 and see that it produces a help output14:32
bekksJoejoepie: So actually, it isnt an executable but a shared object :)14:33
Joejoepieyes it does. But it's meant to be an executable! I'm using cmake, and i'm telling it to make an executable?14:33
Joejoepieor is it because i link my executable to static libraries?14:33
alkisgI don't think it's an ubuntu issue, maybe you should be asking in #cmake etc?14:34
Joejoepiehttp://pastebin.com/rZBiTK8B this is the cmake file14:34
Joejoepieoh alright14:34
Joejoepiei'll try there then :)14:34
SomeDudeSufferinhey dudes and dudettes, anyone knows if there's a way to get in the ctrl+alt+F1 thing? Mi left alt key is broken14:37
deepcelltry fn + f114:38
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
fahadanyone here using Ansible or Puppet14:45
=== precise is now known as BANBOT9003
ikoniafahad: yes14:47
fahadhave you been able to find anything similar to a client server equivalent in puppet14:48
=== BANBOT9003 is now known as precise
ikoniafahad: puppet is a client server model what ar eyou talking about ?14:49
ikoniafahad: and puppet isn't really anything to do with ubuntu, it's its own technology14:49
=== precise is now known as inaccurate
fahadyes i see14:50
fahadhowever i was wondering if anyone in the ubuntu community has any luck with going from puppet to ansible where the clients have a changing public ip14:51
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
ikoniafahad: yes, I've done that14:51
fahadcould you please give me an overview of this14:52
=== inaccurate is now known as precise
ikoniafahad: I'm not sure what you're actual problem is ? you're swapping out cfgmgt tool for another, you just have to swap puppet class functionality to playbooks14:53
jocihi guys! i am a super newbie ! i have just started to learn programing with Java, at the same time switched to use Ubuntu. Therfore im gonna bomb you with super smart questions regrding Ubuntu in the near future. BTW I am joci Im from Hungary!14:54
roger2750السلام عليكم لماذا أوبنتو على النظام الوهمي يكون بطيئا جدا؟؟؟14:56
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية14:56
fahadIkonia: yes, but what I'm trying say is puppet has an agent but ansible does not. It is talking over ssh. If the ip of the client is changing how do you locate this client.14:56
ikoniafahad: it uses dns14:56
fahadIkonia: I have no way of mapping this device's ip to a domain name14:57
ikoniafahad: then you need to do that14:57
fahadunless i send over vpn14:57
=== kittykitty is now known as kittykitty_
fahadis it possible in ansible for the client to reach out to the sever's domain name or ip and ask for a playbook update14:58
ikoniafahad: you don't put ip's in the playbook14:59
atulcannot configure pidgin for gtalk or fb chat14:59
atulhelp needed14:59
kittykitty_every time i enable the unity plugin in ccsm it doesnt stay checked and then obviously unity doesnt get drawn, any ideas? Just updated to 16.04 and it broke everything14:59
ikoniafahad: I think you need to talk to the ansible community to understand how to use it14:59
fahadokay thanks ikonia14:59
kittykitty_none of the icons get drawn for programs either. Have to do LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfreetype.so.6 before ccsm will load too15:00
wiggmpkIs there any way to suppress the "has joined the room" or "has disconnected" in Empathy?15:02
tesloalgum brasileiro?15:04
OerHekswiggmpk, for empathy there is no solution AFAIK, other clients http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages15:06
wiggmpkOerHeks: was afraid of that.. Pidgin is my alternative but I really like Empathy. Wish they had more features15:07
wiggmpkOerHeks: mainly because of the integration into Gnome15:07
ra21vii did whatever i found on askubuntu, for fixing 4g USB modem.. it doesnt work15:10
ra21vianyone else here in room has experience with modeswitch and fixing usb modem which is detected as cdrom?15:12
akishi all. any idea on how can i slim down 16.04 xubuntu? i am running it on an atom intel with only 1gb ram and i would like to start with less of 220 mb ram and i dont want to switch to lubuntu. any idea what apps or procedures can i stop be loading when system boots?15:14
SaberArthurtry ubuntu mini?15:14
MonkeyDustakis  media players you ever use15:16
akisMonkeyDust: if i paste what task manager shows that is enabled when system starts will help you on what can i make it not to be loaded?15:18
jocii would like to ask that what is the best way to check your Ubuntu that there is no unwanted files in the system ?15:18
kbobra21vi: which modem is that?15:18
bekksjoci: Dont copy them to your system :)15:18
ra21viakis, just tell what type software you use, will give the idea15:19
ra21vikbob, its by Micromax.. but i think they have rebranded Huwai .. its USB 4g LTE by Airtel in India (manufacturer - Micromax)15:19
akisra21vi: i just want to slim down xubuntu system to use the minimum ram when it starts15:20
bekksakis: Unused RAM is wasted RAM.15:20
bekksakis: How much RAM do you have?15:20
noimnotninevoltlet's not assume that it's unused just because xubuntu isn't using it :P15:21
kbobra21vi: Huawei do not need modemswich15:21
noimnotninevoltperhaps he wants static hugepages.15:21
ra21vikbob, this has vendor id : 1c9e:9bfe15:21
meta-coderakis: Yes, tell us what things are running15:21
akisbekks: total ram 1 gb. I am running thunar and browsing with opera 42 and the system is @460 mb ram.15:21
ra21vikbob, i cann't confirm if its huwwai or not, the manufacturer/distributor is Micromax15:22
kbobra21vi: have you tried sakis3g ?15:22
bekksakis: thats quite fine then. I bet its firefox which is hogging RAM, not other parts of your system.15:22
meta-coderakis: Look at the services that are running, and disable those that you don''t need.15:23
ra21vikbob, no.. let me check15:23
vfwff takes a *lot*15:23
meta-coderakis: Services like avahi-daemon, bluetooth, cups, tumblerd, can be disabled if you don't need them.15:25
kbobra21vi: get sakis3g, the one with modemswitch embedded, its a sh script, chmod +x, that start it with sakis3g -s --interactive --googledns APN=whatever.com APN_USER=yourusername APN_PASS=yourpassword15:26
kbobra21vi: -s mean sudo15:27
akisbekks: i stopped use firefox because was too slow on my old netbook and i started to use opera which is running smoothly. i am uploading screenshots of what is running when i log in.15:27
bekksakis: firefoy, chrome, whatever. Browsers arent lightweight stuff in terms of their RAM usage.15:28
meta-coderakis: Also see Settings → Session & Startup → Autostart15:28
jociakis:firefox so slow for me as well i started to use15:29
ra21vikbob, ok.. right now compiling it from git clone...15:29
jocii reckon crhome is better as well15:29
ra21vikbob, do i have to compile embedded mode or normal15:29
MonkeyDustakis FYI: there's this    http://paste.ubuntu.com/23673620/15:29
kbobra21vi: embedded, maybe you need to disable modem manager: #systemctl stop ModemManager.service than #systemctl disable ModemManager.service15:29
ra21vikbob, ok15:30
akishttp://pasteboard.co/djc3hI7Gt.png, http://pasteboard.co/djcN4pd95.png, http://pasteboard.co/djdggMGMC.png15:31
=== anon is now known as Guest98874
kbobra21vi: those modems do not like some usb ports so if it fail try another port15:32
akissorry...i am uploading again the screenshots to give me an idea on what can i disable to be loaded: http://pasteboard.co/djjBTErVz.png  http://pasteboard.co/djk2UfgYj.png  http://pasteboard.co/1kx4meEbN.png  http://pasteboard.co/djl3A4iNl.png15:38
bekksakis: Which services are started?15:42
akisbekks: see my screenshots15:42
bekksakis: your screen list all tasks running, not all services configured to run.15:44
akisbekks: sorry i cannot understand the difference. this is what is running when the system starts. and consumes almost 25% of my ram (250mb of 1gb total). i am wondering if there is a way to slim down any procedure to reduce the ram that the system needs to start15:46
bekksakis: your screenshots show a list of process running. They do not show a list of services configured to run upon boot.15:46
MonkeyDustakis  you should show the list with all the services that can be enabled or disabled15:47
akisdoes the 4rth list shows the services which are running and autostarted15:48
bekksakis: Yes, but that list is incomplete.15:48
dhollingerAnyone have any updates/suggestions to Unity stealing the Alt and Win/Super keys from Full Screen/Grabbed apps?15:48
dhollingerCauses me an unending amount of grief and changing the hotkey in Unity doesn't work15:49
dhollingerUbuntu 16.1015:49
akisnothing else is autostarted that's why i didnt upload a screenshot of the rest. everything else is unticked.15:50
joelengt_hello ?15:51
nicomachusjoelengt_: hi15:51
nicomachusjoelengt_: habla ingles?15:51
akisbekks: and the only service i think i can disable is pwer manager because my battery is dead and the netbook is always plugged on curruncy.15:51
joelengt_someone like wactch anime here ?15:51
nicomachus!ot | joelengt_15:51
ubottujoelengt_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:51
bekksakis: Yeah. So you cant safe much more amounts of RAM.15:52
nicomachusjoelengt_: this channel is for Ubuntu support only.15:52
joelengt_Ok i am only try xD15:52
=== Guest19940 is now known as johnzorn
nicomachus!alis > joelengt_ you can use this to find channels for anime or whatever:15:52
ubottujoelengt_, please see my private message15:52
akisbekks: i safe a lot using opera instead firefox and the system runs smoothly now but if i open too many tabs slows down.15:54
bekksakis: So upgrade your RAM.15:55
vfwMore RAM drill sargent!15:56
akisbekks: too late...no ddr2 667 hz available. and even i could upgrade it the cpu is old too (atom intel)15:57
bekksakis: Thats not true. Technically.15:57
bekksYou can still buy DDR2-667 RAM out there.15:57
akisbekks: not in my country.15:57
vfwakis: No ebay?15:58
bekksUsing Amazon, e.g., you can buy it in another country, cant you?15:58
nicomachuswhat country?15:58
vfwakis: Desktop or Laptop?15:58
bekksPeoples republic of North Korea problably, without Amazon or Ebay.15:58
akisnicomachus: greece, i searched already, no -easy- availability15:59
KissamosI have plugged in my android tablet and I can access the micro sd card from ubuntu. can I format it to ntfs?15:59
akisvfw: laptop. DIMM15:59
vfwbekks: Rather dismal situation.... ;(15:59
bekksakis: So just use amazon.com16:00
vfw        http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1311.R1.TR11.TRC1.A0.H0.XDDR2-667.TRS0&_nkw=ddr2+667&_sacat=016:00
akisvfw: this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-2GB-DDR2-667-MHZ-PC2-5300-SO-DIMM-200PIN-Laptop-Notebook-Memory-/271253680151?hash=item3f27fab017:g:b1oAAOxyDLZSAS76 is actually a very good deal.16:03
nicomachusakis: just make sure you have an open slot.16:03
vfwWell, there you go.16:03
nicomachusakis: sudo lshw -C memory16:03
nicomachusshould show an empty slot, I think16:04
nicomachusthere may be a better way, lemme check16:04
akisnicomachus: no open slot. it would replace the existing 1 gb.16:04
akisnicomachus: i checked it earlier.16:04
nicomachusakis: what's the max for the hardware?16:04
nicomachussudo dmidecode -t memory16:04
akisnicomachus: max 2gb, one dimm only.16:05
nicomachusand you only have 1 now?16:05
nicomachusok then.16:05
akisnicomachus: yep.16:06
akisok, guys, thenk you for your time today, have a nice day and Merry Christmas.16:07
nomicagi78 = spambot16:08
MauriusIs it possible to overclock Ubuntu touch ?16:12
nicomachusMaurius: you can't overclock an OS.16:13
jociwhat do you mean by overlock ?16:14
ra21viMaurius, download RT kernel.. your os will run 3 times faster16:14
MauriusIf you have android, then you can instal doomkernel. Ubuntu touch have some ability from android. Everything what you need is open bootloader (which need to for booting Ubuntu Touch itself). If I have open bootloader, tehn how I can overclock Ubuntu Touch ?16:14
MauriusRt kernel ? How to install it ?16:15
nicomachusMaurius: also, #ubuntu-touch exists16:15
ra21viMaurius, overclocking is done on hardware, where it is supported or there is possibility to do it..16:15
xdaimonHello. Im trying to set the backlight brightness by cli. The backlight keys work in unity, what command would I pass to the command prompt to change the brightness?16:15
nicomachusxdaimon: see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/540911/how-to-adjust-screen-brightness-in-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr16:16
ra21viMaurius, is somewhre it is advertised as OS being overclocked, it must be specific tuning to make it faster for specific condition or device (HDD etc).. its not really overclocking16:16
MauriusI haev problem with nvidia coolbits in my Ubuntu 16.04. I unlock my powermizer, but there is only 3 options (poversave, performance, adapt.). How to manually put some frequencies to powermizer as new level of powermizer ?16:19
ingodidso grub can't find my ubuntu partition now16:20
ingodidany pointers for recovery?16:20
ingodidloading live disk now16:20
ingodidgparted still has all paritions listed16:21
ingodidboot repair is next, trying to rebuild grub16:22
kittykitty_looks like theres no help on the web and reinstalling stuff doesnt work at all but now it says 'Error: Failed to load plugin: unityshell' when i try to load compiz16:23
kittykitty_i take it nobody knows how to actually make unity work with compiz then? Because it's super annoying now16:25
nicomachuskittykitty_: be patient please. and more details would help. Specific error messages in a pastebin, including commands, would be nice.16:25
MonkeyDustkittykitty_  unity is a compiz layer over gnome316:25
AndseliskJust don't use compiz, it is a mess now. Any other compositor will do.16:26
kittykitty_sorry nicomachus, the only help ive actually had from this irc has been to install 15.10 instead of 16.04 and thats not really help. Been trying to fix for 2 days now16:26
kittykitty_Andselisk, unity needs compiz. I wish i could use something else16:26
nicomachuswell 15.10 is EOL, so no one here should have recommended that.16:27
nicomachusyou could use Unity 8 and Mir, but that's not really a solution either.16:27
nacckittykitty_: anyone recommending 15.10 was deceiving you.16:27
AndseliskIt does, so don't use unity:) I tried to deliver this point16:27
kittykitty_unity 8 is a mess and i dont want to use it lol16:27
nicomachuskittykitty_: ok, then the specific error messages I mentioned would be helpful.16:27
kittykitty_but, unity is the best DE, no questions lol. (no arguments)16:27
kittykitty_ok, one sec nicomachus16:28
kittykitty_need to install gnome panel so i can move windows around16:28
kittykitty_ok, so i cant move windows still, thats great16:30
AndseliskUnity is a decent DE, but it never worked out for me. I remember compiz working nicely with gnome2, but these days I try to avoid it at any cost16:30
kittykitty_works fine with a fresh install but i just upgraded from 14.0416:30
nicomachusto what?16:30
kittykitty_on multi arch, using the intel xorg stuff16:31
AndseliskI would just install xfce if you need job done16:31
nicomachusok good.16:31
nicomachusAndselisk: not a solution.16:31
CodeMouse92Morning all. I'm a little desperate...my laptop screen stopped working this morning (it blacks out after showing post and GRUB.) The external screen still works.16:31
CodeMouse92I have an important meeting this morning, so I need this fixed. Not even sure where to begin.16:31
kittykitty_tried deleting .config and .compiz, i dont have a .compiz-1 anymore16:31
nicomachus!nomodeset | CodeMouse9216:32
ubottuCodeMouse92: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:32
ingodidCodeMouse92: is the "turn monitor off" FN button on?16:32
kittykitty_every time i try to enable the compiz plugin in ccsm, it complains about keybindings, so i sort that out by not setting/ignoring them but it unchecks the plugin if you press back and look at it again16:32
CodeMouse92ingodid: I checked that, and nope, it isn't that.16:32
ingodidk -- just checking :)16:32
CodeMouse92I think there was a kernel update yesterday, tho, so NOMODESET miiiiight be it.16:33
CodeMouse92Although I'm afraid of screwing something up and preventing the external screen from working too16:33
kittykitty_need to use 'LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfreetype.so.6 ccsm' to launch ccsm because it complains about libraries not being there too16:33
nicomachusCodeMouse92: nomodeset shouldn't do that.16:33
nicomachusshouldn't mess with the external screen.16:33
CodeMouse92nicomachus: Okay, cool. Let me try that...16:34
CodeMouse92nicomachus: How *do* I set it? (I just woke up, so I'm not all here yet.)16:34
nicomachusCodeMouse92: There's a link in the factoid I sent16:34
kittykitty_when i run compiz from the tty 1 terminal it uses the ini backend but the other compiz uses the gsettings backend... shouldnt they both use dconf?16:35
nacckittykitty_: have you tried *not* installing non-ubuntu packages (the intel stuff, i assume you mean their packages)16:35
kittykitty_nacc, i wanted to remove their xorg driver but i have no idea how16:36
nacckittykitty_: i was helping someone else do this yesterday too ... let me see if i can find it16:36
kittykitty_cant even load another program to use because i cant move windows around so it'll cover this box up lol16:36
CodeMouse92nicomachus: I think I'm having trouble parsing that link, then. >.<16:36
CodeMouse92I got as far as opening up /etc/grub/default...16:36
nacckittykitty_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/343390/how-to-remove-intels-open-source-technology-center-driver maybe?16:37
CodeMouse92But I'm really not sure how the line is supposed to even look. >,<16:37
CodeMouse92(Sorry I'm such a spacebar this morning. I swear I'll get my coffee after this.)16:37
tomreynCodeMouse92: you'll have a line starting like this there: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=16:37
naccCodeMouse92: get your coffee first, grub is not worth messing around with when not awake :)16:37
kittykitty_ill take a look thanks nacc, ill be a sec16:37
CodeMouse92tomreyn: OH! the one with "quiet splash"? I add it there, right?16:38
tomreynCodeMouse92: once you got the coffee, just add "nomodeset" to the end, without adding quotation marks, just a blank space.16:39
CodeMouse92End result of that line (nothing else changed): "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"16:39
CodeMouse92Mm... `GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"`16:39
* CodeMouse92 goes to get his coffee before saving this16:39
* genii pops his head in to investigate all the "coffee" highlights, then wanders back to work16:40
naccCodeMouse92: right, (where ` is indicating extracted from the file itself but not in the file)16:40
naccgenii: heh16:40
nicomachusgenii has an alt nick that's just "coffee" so he catches any mentions16:41
CodeMouse92nacc: Right.16:42
CodeMouse92I tend to use backticks to quote code. Habit carried over from remarkup and ReST16:43
* CodeMouse92 sips the reheated leftover coffee while the new pot perks16:43
=== happy is now known as Guest88466
naccCodeMouse92: yep, understood -- just wanted to be clear :)16:43
CodeMouse92nacc: Thank you :)16:44
CodeMouse92Running `sudo update-grub` now, and then I'll have to reboot16:44
CodeMouse92BRB ya'll16:44
kang0Which are other Linux related channels16:45
nacc!alis | kang016:45
ubottukang0: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"16:45
OerHekskang0, join them all https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:46
CodeMouse92It's worse. Now it doesn't even detect the existence of the laptop monitor at ALL16:48
naccCodeMouse92: can you pastebin `xrandr` output?16:48
CodeMouse92nacc: Sure.16:49
kittykitty_ok, i got those removed nacc, ill try a reboot and come back16:49
CodeMouse92nacc: https://bpaste.net/show/c772b3cc0bff16:49
nacckittykitty_: sounds good, it's just easier to support without those packages in this channel, as they are not ubuntu (proper)16:49
CodeMouse92nacc: I just reverted my changes to GRUB (removed nomodeset), so I can reboot again if you want to go back to square one16:50
kittykitty_i have no idea what they even do for the system, just helped on 12.04 and 14.0416:50
naccCodeMouse92: hrm, yeah, maybe grab the output from the no-nomodeset output too16:50
CodeMouse92nacc: Okay, brb16:50
kang0OerHeks Thanks nacc anyone of you with Windows expertise too?16:50
nacckang0: there's probably a windows channel16:51
nacckang0: use alis...16:51
OerHekskang0, wait, this is ubuntu support only16:51
lloyd__I am having trouble getting sound from my soundcdard through the s/pdif port. I can get sound from the analog out port. have installed pavucontrol, and I have unmuted everything in alsamixer. In also mixer the s/pdif has 00 in it but no options for changing the volume. In pavucontrol, I can choose s/pdif for my output sound but nothing comes out of it.  I have a ubuntu 16.04LTS and an Oxygen CMI8788 audio card16:52
kang0We may go in pvt16:52
nacckang0: don't PM for support, it's considered rude.16:52
kittykittyso, no change16:52
kang0That's fine16:52
kittykittyccsm says '  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py", line 40, in <module>16:53
kittykitty    from gtk import _gtk16:53
kittykittyImportError: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libharfbuzz.so.0: undefined symbol: FT_Reference_Face' as it did before too16:53
nacclloyd__: when i had a sound card with s/pdif, i had to unmute a 'digital mixer' knob, iirc, in alsamixer16:53
nacckittykitty: this is the distribution pacakged version of ccsm?16:53
lloyd__nacc, I did that in alsamixer16:53
kittykittynacc, should be, don't think i have another version16:53
nacckittykitty: this is 16.04, right?16:53
MonkeyDustkittykitty  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue16:54
lloyd__nacc, when I did unmute it, it never allowed me to change its volume either.16:54
nacclloyd__: right, it's just a on/off knob on my sound card, not a volume adjust16:54
CodeMouse92nacc: Aaaaand, I'm back. standby for paste dump16:54
naccCodeMouse92: sounds good16:54
kittykittyMonkeyDust, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l16:54
nacckittykitty: that lib comes from 'libharfbuzz0b'16:55
kittykittyyeah i thought so, got it installed i think nacc16:55
kittykittynacc libharfbuzz0b is already the newest version (1.0.1-1ubuntu0.1).16:55
naccoh it's failing in that lib16:55
CodeMouse92nacc: https://bpaste.net/show/31154aaad5d816:55
kittykittypurge it?16:55
nacckittykitty: hrm, let me think16:56
naccCodeMouse92: ah ok, so it thinks it *is* driving both panels16:56
naccCodeMouse92: afaict, x thinks it is showing two side by side screens16:56
kittykittyim multiarch still, dont know if that breaks anything for upgrades etc16:56
naccCodeMouse92: anything suspicious in /var/log/Xorg.0.log (or so)?16:57
nacckittykitty: `apt policy libharfbuzz0b` in a pastebin?16:57
nacckittykitty: what do you mean by multiarch? you have i386 and amd64 packages installed?16:57
CodeMouse92nacc: Xorg.0.log or Xorg.1.log?16:58
kittykittynacc yeah i386 too16:58
kittykittynacc ^16:58
naccCodeMouse92: probably .016:58
CodeMouse92nacc: Here's the tail -50. I don't see anything weird, but I don't know what to look for either https://bpaste.net/show/198c7a7a31fa16:59
naccCodeMouse92: just a wonder, if you unplug the external monitor, does the internal panel come back on?17:00
CodeMouse92nacc: Nope, tried that :(17:00
naccCodeMouse92: ok17:00
naccCodeMouse92: oh sorry, it might be in ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log now17:00
CodeMouse92nacc: After dumping the xrandr stuff, I actually had to shut off the laptop panel in settings just to see this window :\17:00
naccCodeMouse92: can you pastebin that whole file?17:00
VileGentnacc weak voltage on the externel port?17:00
CodeMouse92nacc: You got it17:00
naccVileGent: it's certainly possible, but that would, i think, make the external not display, not hte internal?17:01
CodeMouse92nacc: No such file17:01
VileGentnacc,  yes that can cause the external to work and pull so much power that the internal will not work untill the machine is reset without the external pluged in17:02
VileGentCodeMouse92, what lappy is this17:02
CodeMouse92VileGent: Except I already restarted w/o the external plugged in, no dice17:03
CodeMouse92VileGent: Toshiba Satellite. I'll find the model...17:03
CodeMouse92Never had this prob before tho17:03
kittykittynacc i can get into ccsm with  LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfreetype.so.6 but it still deselects the unity plugin when i press back17:03
VileGentyep Toshiba and Dell had those issues17:03
CodeMouse92VileGent: P745D17:03
naccVileGent: oh interesting17:03
kittykittynacc all of the icons are the missing one too17:03
CodeMouse92VileGent: Do I need to roll back to a previous kernal (the one from before yesterday's update?)17:05
lemmzhi @ll, first steps on a freshly installed 16.04.1 amd64 Desktop variant, extensions.gnome.org gives me an error that it cannot find my gnome version. help?17:05
VileGentwas it working before then?then?17:05
kittykittynacc unity tweak tool reset unity doesnt even set compiz up anymore17:06
CodeMouse92VileGent: Yes17:06
MonkeyDustlemmz  tip: first get familiar with the new desktop, then do experiments with extensions17:06
VileGentCodeMouse92,  then yes try the older kernel (i dont know how mnay ubuntu keeps by default )17:07
CodeMouse92brb then17:07
lemmzMonkeyDust thanks, but id ont want to experiment, i want my sticky note extensions17:08
VileGentlemmz, but are you running gnome or unity17:09
lemmzno idea, gnome i guess17:09
lemmzlots of gnome tools here17:09
VileGenti suspect with that error you are running unity17:09
j41lemmz: You say it's a fresh install of Ubuntu?17:10
lemmzyup 1 hour ago17:10
j41lemmz: If you have a 'sidebar' (a bit like a dock on a Mac, at the side of your screen), you're using Unity17:10
lemmzk, ty, i use unity then :)17:10
j41If you want GNOME, you can install Ubuntu GNOME17:11
CodeMouse92VileGent, nacc: Aaaaaaaaand, that worked. Previous kernal17:11
j41Which is a supported flavour of Ubuntu, but instead of Unity, it has GNOME17:11
vulcomy deanker pegger17:11
VileGentCodeMouse92,  file a bug on the new kernel17:12
CodeMouse92Now using 4.4.0-53-generic instead of 4.4.0-57-generic17:12
vulcomFun buns.  Five a lump. Rash neh.  Five trump.  Rump.  I said daddy deaddy dean to bun thing.  I said a reanker pegger puh nigger17:12
vulcomFun baddy dean I said a run trum thinking.  Somethinkinking.  I'm to be a rean to bad dean I am trum thinking a lum.en I said daddy dean bun uh puh-pum.  Rump.  I said a reanker pegger puh pum puh muh nigger. Rump.  I said am rum thinking. Ass nigger. Ass nigger puh muh muh puh nigger17:12
CodeMouse92VileGent: Right....where's that bugtracker again?17:12
xxxxhi, i install ARandR for lubuntu to use de hdmi dual monitor but now the display doesn't work.. just the hdmi monitor17:12
lemmzplz bear with me, but isnt unity just a windowmanager? And Gnome a desktop environment?17:12
CodeMouse92Pici: Huh, if it weren't for the offensive language, that'd have almost been a rather fun nonsense song.17:13
nicomachusit's like reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress...17:13
vulcomFuns.  Rump.  A can be a rean bun thing am pum.  Rump-pump-puh-pum.  I said a lum run uh pump.  Somethinking.  A canking.  Rump. Rash neh. Rash nigger. A canker pegger.  Rump.  I'm puh muh when I said daddy buns. Rash nigger. Rum puh muh puh puh-pum.m run buns.  Rum puh pegger. A canker pegger.  Five trum pegger. A can bad dead daddy deaddy bun uh muh puh-pump-puh-pump-pum.  Rum thing about17:13
vulcomrum thing about rum thinking. Rash nigger17:13
vulcomFuns.  Five thinking.  Five to be a lump-pump.  Somethinkinking.  Something am thing.  I'm thing.  Five trun to bun uh puh puh pump. Ass nigger17:13
j41lemmz: Unity and GNOME are both desktop enviroments afaik17:13
nicomachusPici your ban didn't work17:13
lemmzj41 but unity has only partial gnome support i guess ?17:14
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
j41Unity doesn't have anything to do with GNOME akaik17:15
nicomachusj41: yes it does...17:15
nicomachusit's built on top of gnome17:15
VileGentunity is a fork of gnome317:15
j41ill see myself out17:15
* j41 hides17:15
kittykittyis the compiz plugin for unity a package or in the unity package?17:15
lemmzso there is no easy way to get gnome extensions to eork in unity?17:16
VileGentlemmz, most long time irc users are fluent in typoense17:16
gqgunhedPici: wasn't it's nickname "vulcom" with a "c"?17:17
j41nicomachus, VileGent: Thanks for correcting me!17:17
Picigqgunhed: it used two different nicks, which is why the ban is now on the IP17:18
vfwkittykitty: ask #compuz17:18
jubo2y0 and thanks for the awesome series of OS we know as **buntu!17:18
lemmzalright, thanks guys! l8R17:18
xxxxi install ARandR for lubuntu to use de hdmi dual monitor but now the display doesn't work.. just the hdmi monitor17:18
jubo2Does this look kosher http://www.tecmint.com/install-ubuntu-16-04-alongside-with-windows-10-or-8-in-dual-boot/ ?17:18
gqgunhedPici: good work17:19
jubo2I just got the other laptop to the right side of this one and it is currently running only Win1017:19
MonkeyDust!dualboot | jubo217:19
ubottujubo2: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot17:19
jubo2I want Kubuntu but when I went the usual BIOS -> USB HDD boot priority it wasn't saying "Lemme shrink this NTFS to make some room for me" and I was like WHAT?!!?17:20
* CodeMouse92 does NOT know how to file this bug on kernel.org17:20
jubo2Thanks MonkeyDust17:20
=== AsymmetricalFace is now known as iLoveRussians
naccCodeMouse92: kittykitty: apologies, was out walking the dogs. Reading backscroll17:23
jubo2AAAAAAAAA! This is horrible! Get me outta here! Windows 10.. enter WiFi shared secret wrong once and unable to find place to retry entering the correct key17:24
naccCodeMouse92: not kernel.org17:24
nacc!bug | CodeMouse9217:24
ubottuCodeMouse92: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:25
naccCodeMouse92: in your case, `ubuntu-bug linux`17:25
OerHeksjubo2,  try ##windows ??17:25
jubo2Please. No.17:26
CodeMouse92nacc: Uhm, do I need to boot into the non-working kernel and run that?17:26
nacckittykitty: can you pastebin `ldd /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libharfbuzz.so.0` ?17:26
naccCodeMouse92: hrm, maybe, although you should be able to file the bug report just fine from where you are now17:26
OerHeksjubo2, your Q is not valid for this help channel anyway.17:26
CodeMouse92nacc: Just by running `ubuntu-bug linux` in the terminal?17:27
OerHeksunless you want to format and put ubuntu on17:27
naccCodeMouse92: just specify in the report the working and non-working kernel versions, you might need to get the dmesg or other logs from the failing case, but hopefully the kernel team will tell you wahat they need to see17:27
naccCodeMouse92: yes17:27
CodeMouse92nacc: I see nowhere to *say* anything. :\17:28
xxxxhow can i fix display? just hdmi works even if configure in ARandR or monitor settings17:29
naccCodeMouse92: it might be after the bug gets filed, you'd edit the description17:30
CodeMouse92nacc: Oh. Hm, okay.17:30
OerHeksxxxx, 1st option might fix yours, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution removing monitors.xml17:32
xxxxOerHeks: rm: cannot remove '/home/xxxx/.config/monitors.xml': No such file or directory17:33
xxxxi believe display it's broken, but changing the bright make less or more dark screen17:34
CodeMouse92nacc: Thanks, filed the report. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/165235417:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1652354 in linux (Ubuntu) "Internal laptop display stops working in 4.4.0-57-generic" [Undecided,New]17:38
naccCodeMouse92: sounds good, hopefully kernel team will respond relatively soon17:42
eksdihow to install a package from backports in 16.04?17:47
BluesKajeksdi, make sure your backports are enabled or copied to your /etc/aptsources.list then update and upgrade17:49
BluesKajcorrection /etc/apt/sources.list17:49
BluesKaj!backports | eksdi17:50
ubottueksdi: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging17:50
eksdiok, i'm gonna try it. see you soon guyz17:52
=== mandje is now known as kerstman-dje
stan_man_canAnyone have experience getting bluetooth headphones working with Ubuntu 16.04?17:54
stan_man_canis bluetooth just... broken?17:55
naccstan_man_can: mine have worked in the past, i don't use them actively in bt mode, though17:56
stan_man_cannacc, what bluetooth adapter do you use? or is it build into your motherboard?17:57
naccstan_man_can: built into my laptop here, and i have used a USB bt adapter in the past17:57
* win32 stan_man_can -> rfkill list17:58
=== Winter__ is now known as Winter_
nicomachusstan_man_can: 1. bluetooth as a protocol is largely broken and always has been.17:58
stan_man_canI'm  using a bluetooth USB adapter, it will kinda pair with my headset but it lists the device as "Unknown" instead of a headset17:58
nicomachus2. I've gotten my headphones to work by turning bluetooth on and off a few times, and un-pairing and re-pairing a few times.17:58
stan_man_canand i can't set it as an audio output17:58
nicomachusit's not ideal, but it works for me.17:59
stan_man_canI can "pair" but i can't use it17:59
* win32 stan_man_can 17:59
win32    emacs -nw /etc/bluetooth/main.conf17:59
win32    Change #AutoEnable=false to AutoEnable=true17:59
win32    service sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart17:59
stan_man_canwin32, Softr and hard blocked both set to No18:02
macskayhi guys, im trying to set my PS1 env-variable but when setting it nothing happens: https://www.refheap.com/12437618:02
macskaywhy does that happen?18:02
win32stan_man_can, enable ur phone bluetooth check at ur pc if ur adapter work.18:03
ubphow are you setting it macskay?18:04
stan_man_canwin32, the headset works with my macbook pro and my iphone with no issues at all18:04
dario_salve volevo installare ubuntu tweak ma non riesco neanche da deb ho installato ubuntu 16.04 lts18:04
macskayubp: just manually for the moment by typing PS1="myprompt: "18:04
macskaybut I also tried sourcing it via .bashrc18:04
ubpit should work through .bashrc18:06
ubpremember to restart bash by typing bash18:07
eksdiubottu: everything went allright. thanks18:07
ubottueksdi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:07
macskayudp: doesnt change anything18:07
stan_man_cannicomachus, I agree with bluetooth being a crapshoot but it's too bad that it works flawlessly on so many devices but so badly in Linux still18:08
gebruikerhow do I install spell / grammer check for libreoffice?18:08
eksdigebruiker: hunspell?18:08
ubpmacskay that's odd18:09
ubpmacskay: after typing PS1="myprompt: " try typing echo $PS118:12
stan_man_canyeah OSX and my iPhone the headset syncs pretty much immediatly18:13
stan_man_canmy other laptop and other desktop both are windows and have built in bluetooth so i'm not sure how to test the adapter18:14
stan_man_canThis is the  bluetooth adapter http://plugable.com/products/usb-bt4le/18:14
win32stan_man_can, wich headset u have?18:15
stan_man_canwin32, Sennheiser PXC-55018:15
win32stan_man_can, reset ur headset.18:18
stan_man_canand then?18:19
win32stan_man_can, https://en-us.sennheiser.com/global-downloads/file/6983/PXC550_IM_A02_EN.pdf >> page 2318:19
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stan_man_canwin32, that just shows me how to turn them off?18:21
win32stan_man_can, me to wen i can find my EU BOOM , i pres two time bluetooth to rest end find it.18:22
=== eliza is now known as Guest29033
gebruikerpackage libreoffice-grammarcheck-uk is not available in xenial - what is going on here?18:26
stan_man_canwin32, strange i'm not able to do the factory reset18:34
stan_man_canor maybe it's happening but not removing connected devices18:34
bytesaberIf one installed Xubuntu, can one convert it to Ubuntu?18:35
mcphail!info ubuntu-desktop | bytesaber18:37
ubottubytesaber: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.373 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 45 kB18:37
bytesaberan older google suggested just installed "ubuntu-desktop"18:37
bytesaberSo is Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu-Gnome, Kubuntu.....  even considered a different distro?18:37
nicomachusthey are flavors of the Ubuntu distro18:38
mcphailbytesaber: they are different flavours of the same distro18:38
bandithello all i is new on ubuntu18:38
tomreynhi there18:41
=== beaver is now known as beaver|ohoho
physixerI get 'washington post' pop-ups of various news articles. Using 14.04. How do I disable all behind-the-scenes network activity (other than maybe ntpd)?18:47
nicomachusphysixer: you can use something like pi-hole18:48
physixernicomachus: lemme check.18:49
ptyttylist all man pages?18:50
bytesaberDoes Conanical "put together" the Xubuntu release?18:50
bytesaberany of the non vanilla ones18:51
vfwbytesaber: xubuntu lubuntu kbuntu ubuntu - yes all of them.18:52
vfwbytesaber: Not sure what you mean by "non vanilla"18:53
bytesabervfw, I guess i think of Unity as the standard vanilla release18:54
vfwall of tthe above but no others.18:54
vfwbytesaber: Oh ok.  Yes, unity is ubuntu.18:55
DaZ99"vinilla" are standard distro's18:55
DaZ99I guess offshoots are non-vanilla :)18:55
vfwOk, got it.18:55
vfwI call it based on, vs core18:56
physixerpi-hole solution doesn't fit with me. Feels very M$/windowy/anti-virus. I'd much rather find out the packages involves and 'sudo apt-get remove' the heck out of them.18:57
physixer*packages involved18:57
nicomachusphysixer: then use clamav18:59
vfwphysixer: For MS Windows, there is not an option and there is not easier way than to use some sort of anti-virus software.  I think the same applies for what you want to do to ubuntu.19:01
vfwphysixer: But no, clamav won't do it, I'm sure of that.19:01
physixervfw: not even if I'm willing to remove ubuntu-desktop (whatever?) I use i3-window-manger, if I install ubuntu-server then xorg, and i3 on top, would I still get all the ad mess?19:03
raubphysixer: I do not know how you are getting those ads. I know I do not get any but then again my desktop is server + windows manager (unity in this case)19:04
xanguaWhat ad mess? Huh19:05
quasi6Can someone help with installing the latest version of FileZilla?19:05
raubphysixer: if those ads are ads, you may want to be a dick and redirect their hostnames to
quasi6I've had no luck compiling it myself and I don't know of another way to update.19:06
physixerraub: my install is 6-8 years old. I started with 10.04, then upgraded to 12.04, then to 14.04. In the meantime I installed/removed a gazillion packages, and now my ubuntu is a complete mess. I think I need a fresh start.19:06
raubphysixer: might be a good idea honestly19:06
xanguaDid you try a fresh Firefox profile? physixer19:06
tomreynquasi6: why do you want / need to update it to a version newer than that available in the ubuntu repositories?19:07
quasi6I've installed the necessary dependencies but it won't configure19:07
quasi6tomreyn: there is a feature that I need in the latest release19:07
raubHave a vm guest which has very slow network connections and I do not know where to look for a clue19:07
DaZ99i would recommend a fresh install19:08
DaZ99i had to do fresh install after many upgrades19:08
tomreynquasi6: and another software doesn't provide it? if so, have you looked for a PPA?19:08
stan_man_canSuper frustrating, my bluetooth headset appeared to be synced properly for like 2 minutes and then won't happen anymore19:08
raubss -ti tells me nothing19:08
quasi6I haven't found a PPA19:08
raubAnother gues in the same vm host works nice and smoothly19:08
quasi6Well, I installed from ubuntu's package manager, but it doesn't provide the latest version19:08
tomreynquasi6: what's the feature you need?19:09
DaZ99sometimes wont get latest version via package manager19:09
quasi6The queue is saved after closing the program so that I can resume file transfers without having to restart completely or use the 'skip duplicate files' option19:10
quasi6When I restart FileZilla, I lose my download queue19:10
DaZ99for example I use FreeCAD, and package manager installs 0.15 yet I got 0.16 from the FreeCAD site.19:10
surfacebeneathRunning ubuntu server 16.10, went to update and libgolang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2-1 is being held back... tbph idk what that does or what the update is for... but I try to stay on top of updates :p is this something I should be concerned about19:10
tomreynquasi6: i see. well that's quite specific indeed. you could do it on the command line instead, but i assume you prefer a GUI.19:10
quasi6Yes, since I have limited command line knowledge19:11
blackflowsurfacebeneath: it's a dependency of LXD and it apparently is broken19:12
tomreynquasi6: post the output of the configure script, all of it.19:13
surfacebeneathgotcha, so I should just ignore it until its fixed?19:13
quasi6When I try the command ./configure, I get "command not found"19:13
tomreynquasi6: oh, so you're just in the wrong directory, or missed a step.19:13
blackflowsurfacebeneath: I would assume so, yes19:13
quasi6Not sure which directory I need to be in19:13
quasi6I installed the tar.bz2, extracted it, and open the extracted directory in the terminal19:14
surfacebeneathblackflow cool, thanks... went to see about force installing it... they number of packages it said it wanted to removed spooked me19:14
quasi6*and opened19:14
quasi6then tried sudo ./configure19:15
tomreynquasi6: where did you download this tar from? exact URL please.19:15
quasi6(the sourceforge link)19:16
physixerxangua: nope, does it (Firefox profiler) scan the OS?19:17
xanguaphysixer: I don't really know where are you getting this adds,I assumed Firefox19:18
tomreynquasi6: that's a web page. the only link i see there points to a file called FileZilla_3.23.0.2_x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.bz2. based on the file name, that's a compiled but not packaged version of filezilla.19:18
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
quasi6That's what I downloaded19:18
tomreynquasi6: i.e. it's not source code19:18
quasi6I see19:18
quasi6I guess my question then is, how do I install the packaged version?19:19
physixerxangua: oh I know what you're saying. I have tried fresh profiles but I doubt the ads are from my firefox. They pop-up in the bottom-right corner of my screen, don't look related to firefox, might be an OS-level ad-package or something.19:19
tomreynquasi6: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install filezilla19:19
tomreynquasi6: but you said you prefer not to use it since it'll install an older version19:20
xanguaphysixer: I've never heard of such thing, maybe a screen capture can help19:20
ithomaswhats good with filezill19:20
quasi6I'm looking specifically for the latest version19:20
ithomasim running backbox19:20
quasi6So I'm unsure of how to get it running on my machine if I cannot do so from the ubuntu ppa19:20
xanguaithomas: not supported here19:20
LissajousPatternis xubuntu supported here?19:21
tomreynLissajousPattern: yes19:22
LissajousPatternwell firefox will not open on a fresh install of xubuntu19:22
tomreynquasi6: the archive you downloaded contains a version of filezilla which is already compiled, so you don't need to do it yourself (if you trust this build enough).19:23
OddOkay, so I'm doing some work on a machine I have that someone else helped me set up. The guy setting it up closed down every single port it had due to "security", but I need to open up three or so of them. Can I simply open them up, or do I have to do something specific to have them "safe" while open?19:23
LissajousPatternhad the same issue today with lubuntu on a fresh install as well19:23
xanguaLissajousPattern: did you try to run Firefox from terminal? Does it show any output?19:23
LissajousPatternvery little19:23
tomreynquasi6: if you want to use it, just unpack that archive to, say, your home directory, then cd filezilla3/bin and run filezilla there19:23
quasi6I'll try that19:24
Dom___hello can anyone help me i kinda messed up my ubuntu ... i just wanted to upgrade php from 5.6 to 7.0 .... then my nginx wouldn't use the new php version and my mysql server now won't start anymore .... please help me at least ... where to check to find a solution because online there are million different solving hints but don't know which fits for me19:24
LissajousPatternxangua, ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 160919:24
xanguaDom___: you could start by detailing what you did19:25
Dom___installing php7 with apt-get19:25
tomreynDom___: also state your ubuntu release19:25
tomreynlsb_release -d19:26
LissajousPatternxangua, and then two more lines statign send continue signal and waiting for continue signal19:26
LissajousPatternthats all19:26
Dom___ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS19:26
naccDom___: there is on php7 in ubuntu 14.04, you must be using a PPA19:26
Dom___and as far as i can tell php 5.6 and 7 are installed right now19:27
tomreyns/ on / no /19:27
Dom___repository ppa:ondrej/php19:27
quasi6tomreyn: could you clarify the command I need to run once I move the directory to my home folder?19:27
nacctomreyn: thanks :)19:27
Dom___and i'm kinda suffering since 2 days now since it drives me crazy :(19:28
OerHeksDom___, for php7, just upgrade to 16.04, natively supported.19:28
OerHeksdon't rely on ppa's19:28
naccDom___: PPAs aren't supported here, unfortunately. Yes, ondrej's PPA does allow you to use PHP5 and PHP7 at the same time, but how to configure nginx for that is out of scope for this channel19:28
naccDom___: as OerHeks says, if you want to migrate to PHP 7, in a supported fashion, upgrade releases19:28
tomreynquasi6: ~/FileZilla3/bin/filezilla19:28
stan_man_canWell, I'm super disappointed at how bad the bluetooth support is on linux right now19:29
Dom___upgrade releases means upgrade ubuntu ?19:29
stan_man_cannew headset pairs with everything else no problem19:29
stan_man_canphones, laptops, other desktop, but no dice in ubuntu19:29
Dom___and how can i get my mysql back up running? :-O :(19:29
naccstan_man_can: bluetooth is unfortunately a bit of voodoo, some of it is hardware/driver stuff that is all done proprietarily by the vendors19:29
naccstan_man_can: often you can find out the reason in the logs, for the failure to pair19:30
tomreynDom___: find out why it's not running (I assume that's the case based on what you just said) and try to fix it so that it runs again.19:30
stan_man_cannacc, what logs should I check out?19:31
Dom___the var/log/mysql/error.log is empty19:31
naccstan_man_can: i'd check /var/log/syslog, journalctl maybe19:31
stan_man_cannacc, it pairs, it just doesn't let me use it as a headset19:31
zetheroo1I have video's shot with a DSLR camera (1080p). The files are pretty large - 1GB = @ 6 min. I would like to transcode them to make them not quite so large but still maintain the quality. Does anyone know of a program that can do that?19:31
Dom___tomreyn: it shows only "was shut down properly" but no really error19:31
naccstan_man_can: one sec, i did have to do something here for bluetooth audio19:31
stan_man_canUbuntu says its pairing successfully but the headset isn't giving me the audible "Pairing Successful" like all other devices it connects to19:31
naccstan_man_can: let me see if i can find it19:31
tomreynDom___: then just start it?19:32
naccstan_man_can: iirc, i had to make the changes in c#2 at https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=197482 to get it to work19:33
Dom___tomreyn: ^^ i tried ... start: Job failed to start    (which gives one hundret different solutions online but no clue which is fitting)19:33
OerHeksstan_man_can, are you sure this is not just an A2DP setting? http://askubuntu.com/questions/775523/after-updating-to-16-04-bluetooth-audio-a2dp-mode-stopped-working19:33
Dom___tomreyn: so you have no idea where to check19:33
naccDom___: look at the logs and see why it failed to start19:33
naccOerHeks: yep, that's my guess ( stan_man_can the link i provided is how you get the correct mode working, iirc)19:33
tomreynDom___: check the log files. mysql server log files can be located in different directories. unless configured in /etc/mysql/my.cnf or /etc/my.cnf the log files are likely at one of these locations: /var/log/mysql* /var/log/mysql/* /var/lib/mysql/19:34
ioriaLissajousPattern, add some extensions or add-ons ?19:34
Dom___nacc: which logs? because the mysql errorlog is empty19:34
stan_man_canOerHeks, I saw that but I don't have an audio.conf in that directory19:34
naccDom___: journaltcl should say why it failed to start19:34
digitacion-04HOLA :V MANITO19:34
naccDom___: or try to run mysql manually19:34
LissajousPatternnot that i know of unless one was added during apt-get update/upgrade19:34
digitacion-01_:V mano en que estas :v19:34
naccdigitacion-04: this is not a chat channel19:34
tomreynnacc: ubuntu 14.0419:34
stan_man_cannacc, i'll take a look at that thread19:34
nacctomreyn: oh right :/19:35
digitacion-04QUE PEDO19:35
nacctomreyn: syslog maybe ?19:35
ioriaLissajousPattern, have you tried to purge it (sudo apt-get purge firefox) and reinstall ?19:35
LissajousPatternioria, i have not been able to get either firefox or chromium to work after update/upgrade.19:35
quasi6tomreyn: when I execute, nothing happens19:35
tomreynnacc: syslog or damon.log19:35
nacctomreyn: ack19:35
stan_man_canOerHeks, is the absence of /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf a concern? Running 16 .0419:35
ioriaLissajousPattern,  fresh install or upgrade ?19:35
LissajousPatternfresh install on both lubuntu and xubuntu19:36
tomreynDom___: also check /var/log/syslog and / or /var/log/daemon.log for lines about mysql19:36
ioriaLissajousPattern,  16.04 or 16.10 ?19:36
naccstan_man_can: i have no such file either19:36
ioriaLissajousPattern,  now, i mean19:36
LissajousPatternxubuntu 16.04 and lubuntu 16.1019:36
naccstan_man_can: if i had to guess, i think it's a pulse issue, more than anything else19:36
LissajousPatternright now xubuntu 16.0419:36
naccstan_man_can: although if your headset is not reporting it's paired (even if ubuntu is), that's odd19:37
tomreynquasi6: try it from a temrinal window then. start a terminal, then type: cd ~/FileZilla3/bin/; -/filezilla19:37
tomreynquasi6: and press enter19:37
LissajousPatternioria, firefox was working fine about a week ago or so19:37
Dom___tomreyn: syslog and log daemon is empty19:37
ioriaLissajousPattern,  i see uname -r ?19:37
Dom___nacc: journaltclt ? meaning what? working how?19:38
tomreynDom___: like, there are no lines in there at all?19:38
naccDom___: nm, on journalctl that's not present in 14.0419:38
stan_man_cannacc, yeah and ubuntu says its paired but doesn't list it as a headset19:38
Dom___mysql config says log is in /var/log/mysql/error.log <-- which is empty19:38
tomreynDom___: journalctl is a command which only exists since ubuntu 15.10 onwards, not on ubuntu 14.0419:38
OerHeksnacc, odd, this page states that the conf is removed years ago .. i love online info (not)19:38
naccOerHeks: :)19:39
OerHeksstan_man_can ^ ^ https://github.com/blueman-project/blueman/issues/17419:39
* tomreyn got to go19:39
Dom___tomreyn: no lines at all19:39
naccDom___: just try running the mysql server in the foreground, see why, if it fails to start19:39
tomreynDom___: so your logging daemon does not work properly, was uninstalled, or uses a non-standard configuration.19:40
ioriaLissajousPattern,  can you try the Guest Account ?19:40
quasi6tomreyn: no such file in directory, which I don't understand since I have the pathway correct19:40
Dom___nacc: how do i run it in the foreground with the commandline?19:40
tomreynDom___: you should definitely fix the logging, too (maybe later on). its very important to be able to diagnose problems on any server.19:41
stan_man_canOerHeks, Kinda confused about whats going on in that thread19:41
LissajousPatternstill fails to open19:41
stan_man_canstill can't tell if audio.conf should or should not be there19:41
tomreynquasi6: whats the name of the directory you moved into your home directory?19:41
Dom___tomreyn: i know it is ... ^^ i would love to fix it knowing how to19:41
LissajousPatternioria, it just brings up mozilla crash reporter19:41
naccDom___: `mysqld_safe --log-error=/var/log/mysql.err`, maybe19:41
ioriaLissajousPattern,  start it in terminal19:42
tomreynquasi6: sorry really gotta go now19:42
quasi6That's fine, thank you for your help though19:42
LissajousPatternsame thing crash19:42
Dom___nacc: nope not working19:42
naccDom___: what does it say?19:42
Dom___command not found and unknown variable19:43
LissajousPatternioria, ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 160919:43
naccDom___: i'm sort of assuming if you're running a mysql server, you know how to run mysql from the command line19:43
ioriaLissajousPattern, yes a bug ... i guess https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/159495319:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1594953 in firefox (Ubuntu) "47.0+build3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 crashes on remote X11 display" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:43
naccDom___: let me spin up a trusty instance, but really, you should know this if you want to run these services ...19:43
ioriaLissajousPattern, but not your case19:43
Dom___nacc: awesome thanks19:44
stan_man_canOerHeks, Not sure if this is relevant https://github.com/blueman-project/blueman/issues/61119:44
ioriaLissajousPattern, ok, let's try to remove from your home folder all the mozilla/firefox directories19:45
ioriaLissajousPattern,  ~/.mozilla   ; ~/.cache/mozilla19:46
LissajousPatternyes done19:46
=== afru_ is now known as workfro
naccDom___: in 14.04, running 'mysqld_safe' works corrctly19:47
ioriaLissajousPattern,    sudo apt-get purge firefox19:47
naccDom___: at this point, i have no idea what you're running that would produce different results19:47
=== jstein is now known as Guest42815
LissajousPatterni cant under guest account19:47
ioriaLissajousPattern,    ho, still there ?19:48
Dom___it's ubuntu for raspi .... sometimes it says "llubuntu" ?! not sure if there is a difference?19:48
ioriaLissajousPattern,    please, login your user19:48
ioriaLissajousPattern, remove  ~/.mozilla      ~/.cache/mozilla and  apt-get purge firefox19:49
naccDom___: iirc, 14.04's raspi was unofficial19:49
naccDom___: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi19:49
=== jstein__ is now known as jstein
LissajousPatternioria, done19:50
stan_man_canOerHeks, nacc the whole thing is messed up. Say I'm paired with my laptop and phone. If I pair with Ubuntu, Ubuntu says pairing complete but it doesn't complete on my headset side. So I hit cancel. when I do that, it unpairs with all my other devices19:50
xanguaI just set up some cheap BT headphones with no issues19:50
stan_man_canIt then also says PXC 550 Connection: Off, Pair:Yes Type: All Types19:50
Dom___nacc: okay so it is somehow different than the one everybody is talking about here?! didn't know that19:50
stan_man_canxangua, is your bluetooth adapter built into your computer or is it an dongle?19:51
xanguastan_man_can: built in19:51
stan_man_canI'm wondering if the issue is my dongle19:51
OerHeksstan_man_can, .. you try to connect with other active devices you paired before, around??19:51
naccstan_man_can: could be the dongle, could be some bit of the process that's specific to it that linux isn't doing19:51
* OerHeks facepalms19:51
xanguaI have a dongle but haven't used it since 201019:51
stan_man_canUnfortunately my shitty motherboard doesn't have bluetooth19:52
naccDom___: it feels different -- also using PPAs makes it difficult (impossible) to support here19:52
ioriaLissajousPattern, apt-get install firefox19:52
stan_man_canOerHeks, I have to re-pair with all my other devices after it tries to pair with ubuntu19:52
Dom___nacc: ok is there a channel i can go to on irc?19:52
LissajousPatternioria, yeah i was about to ask if leaving it uninstalled was the solution...hahaha19:52
Dom___nacc: thanks for trying to help me :) very nice of you19:53
stan_man_canOerHeks, I'm confused at your question19:53
ioriaLissajousPattern, right :þ19:53
stan_man_canOerHeks, but the headset can succesfully be paired and connected to multiple devices at the same time19:53
naccDom___: unfortunately i really don't know19:53
LissajousPatternioria, thanks for the help by the way19:53
ioriaLissajousPattern, no prob looks like an ugly bug19:53
naccstan_man_can: that's surprising, is that a change in bt? because none of my devices can do that :)19:53
LissajousPatternso just try to open it as always?19:53
ioriaLissajousPattern, from gui, first19:54
OerHeksstan_man_can, now i am stunned, never seen nor tried that before ..19:54
stan_man_canNot sure, I'm new to the bluetooth world19:54
ioriaLissajousPattern, yes19:54
stan_man_canHowever, the heaset lets me pair up to 8 devices19:54
LissajousPatternioria, no go still fails19:54
ioriaLissajousPattern, from terminal ?19:54
naccstan_man_can: ok, so i'd try with no devices paired and just getting ubuntu to work, first :)19:54
stan_man_canIt will say "Device 1 connected. Device 2 connected."19:54
stan_man_cannacc, yeah have tried19:55
naccstan_man_can: that sounds like possibly a 'new' mode for bt, which maybe linux doesn't support? i genuinely don't know19:55
LissajousPatternioria, same as before19:55
stan_man_canlet me try to clear the paire list and try again19:55
naccstan_man_can: have you tried (i hate to say this) googling for people using your headset or bt adapter with ubuntu?19:55
stan_man_cannacc, yeah I've tried both19:55
stan_man_canit's a premium headset though so not a lot out there19:55
ioriaLissajousPattern, you are on xubuntu 16.04 right now ?19:55
naccstan_man_can: ok, was just a shot in the dark, i don't like suggesting that normally19:55
stan_man_cani don't blame you no worries19:55
ioriaLissajousPattern,  sudo apt full-upgrade   what it says ?19:56
naccstan_man_can: you're on 16.04, right?19:56
stan_man_cannacc, yes19:57
stan_man_canOne really frustrating thing is that a) even when the headset is pairing my desktop can't always find it19:57
naccstan_man_can: how are you checking for the desktop finding it? bluetooth settings?19:57
LissajousPatternioria, 0 upgraded, 0 newly, 0 to remove 0 not upgraded19:57
stan_man_canand b) for a brief minute last night it appeared to be setup right, blueman said it was an audio device and everything.19:57
stan_man_cannacc, I've tried in bluetooth settings and blueman19:57
naccstan_man_can: ok, i don't use blueman at all19:58
naccstan_man_can: fwiw :)19:58
naccstan_man_can: bluetoothd is what is running here19:58
stan_man_cannacc, alright well using bluetooth settings right now19:58
naccstan_man_can: from the 'bluez' package19:58
ioriaLissajousPattern,  cat ~/.xsession-errors    ?19:59
stan_man_cannacc, not sure if it makes a difference but if i try to run bluetoothd from terminal I get D-Bus setup failed: Connection ":1.164" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration file19:59
naccstan_man_can: hrm, mine is running in the bg already , is there one already running?20:00
naccstan_man_can: also may need sudo20:00
LissajousPatternioria, no file or directory20:01
stan_man_cannacc, ah with sudo it's Name already in use so ig uess it's running20:01
stan_man_cannacc, yeah ps aux shows  /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd20:01
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naccstan_man_can: ok20:02
ioriaLissajousPattern,   are you on a low specs pc ?20:02
=== TorService is now known as CyberaX
ioriaLissajousPattern,   kind ?20:02
LissajousPatternbut it literally was working last week20:02
stan_man_cannacc, ahhhhhhhh FML20:02
stan_man_canDevice Search is showing PXC 550 as a headset right now20:02
stan_man_canbut pairing fails20:02
LissajousPatternsempron 2800+ 1.5GB ram20:02
ioriaLissajousPattern,   1) your specs 2) try to boot the previous kernel from Grub menu20:03
ioriaok, sy20:03
stan_man_cannacc, okay so it  paid with it as a headset but my headset is still in pairing mode so somethings wacky20:03
ioriaLissajousPattern,   try to boot the previous kernel from Grub menu20:03
LissajousPatternsure i will try20:04
LissajousPatternhold shift right?20:04
stan_man_cannacc, also, it's still not listed in sound as an output device20:04
ioriaLissajousPattern,   if you have problems we can edit /etc/default/grub to make it show up20:04
naccstan_man_can: ok, just fyi, i just paired my bt headset :/20:04
naccstan_man_can: on 16.10, admittedly20:04
naccstan_man_can: i connected, it wasn't playing audio20:04
stan_man_cannacc, build in bluetooth, or a dongle?20:04
LissajousPatternioria, this would be the second time a kernel upgrade has caused my legacy hardware to break20:04
naccstan_man_can: so i went settings -> bluetooth -> devices -> clicked on the device. turned connection off and on and i got the "bloop" on the headset of it connecting20:05
ioriaLissajousPattern,   yep, but the poit is that you are on a fresh install :þ20:05
naccstan_man_can: it said "paired" the whole time, though20:05
naccstan_man_can: this is builtin, but just wanted to see if you can do the same20:05
naccstan_man_can: as also in my case, until i did taht, it wasn't listed in sound (pulse)20:05
LissajousPatternioria, sure20:05
LissajousPatternioria, i could not get into grub for some reason20:06
stan_man_cannacc, so while my headset was in pairing mode it said Connection ON but as soon as i canceled the pairing mode on my headset (because it didn't complete on it's own) it went to Pairing OFF20:06
stan_man_canPaired: Yes20:06
stan_man_canbut Connection is Off and i can't turn it on20:06
ioriaLissajousPattern,   ok, boot your install and sudo nono /etc/default/grub20:06
naccstan_man_can: right, in my case it said "connection: yes", "paired: yes", but pulse didn't show audio and i couldn't hear anything. So I turned it off and on and it worked ...20:07
naccstan_man_can: so let's see20:07
ah_nick DrDOM_mad20:07
naccstan_man_can: so the lack of pairing seems pretty fundamental20:07
codepoetnHey, is it right to ask mozilla firefox related problems in here or is there separate grooups for that?20:07
ioriaLissajousPattern,   *nano20:07
LissajousPatternwell i got into grub but my arrow keys will not let me do anything20:07
ioriaLissajousPattern,   advanced options ?20:07
nacccodepoetn: general firefox questions? probably there is a better channel, this is the ubuntu support channel20:07
codepoetnYeah, i know this is ubuntu support channel, but firefox came preinstalled in ubuntu 16.0420:08
stan_man_cannacc, I'm thinking it's the bluetooth adapter20:08
codepoetnso i thought maybe :|20:08
stan_man_canunfortunately i don't know any other solutions20:08
nacccodepoetn: well, what's your question, we can tell you if you are ontopic20:08
LissajousPatternioria, it must be something with the wireless keyboard20:09
LissajousPatterni can get into grub but cannot use the arrow keys once in grub20:09
ioriaLissajousPattern,   i see ... boot it we edit /etc/default/grub20:09
LissajousPatternsure thing20:09
naccstan_man_can: it might be -- does the same adapter work from other systems?20:09
ioriaLissajousPattern,   not sure it solves20:09
codepoetnI'm unable to activate my camera for webcam video chat/conferencing on any of the sites while browsing through mozilla, but i find that functioning properly while on chrome browser20:10
Sweepyofaceso use chrome20:10
LissajousPatternioria, at this point i will darn near try anything. you could tell me to take the thing outside and set it ablaze and i would, at the very least consider it.20:11
stan_man_cannacc, not even sure how to test to be honest, every other device has built in bluetooth :(20:11
naccstan_man_can: well, if this is a bluetooth adapter, you should be able to plug it into another computer (if you have one) and see if it you can use it there20:11
naccstan_man_can: otherwise, i really don't know20:11
xanguacodepoetn: define "any of the sites", does this sites rely on flash player?20:12
naccxangua: if my tab complete is correct, they have left?20:12
LissajousPatternioria, so what do i need to change in the config file?20:12
ioriaLissajousPattern,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub   and comment the line GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 with a #  then run sudo update-grub20:12
stan_man_cannacc, but how can i make the other devices use the bluetooth adapter instead of the built in bluetooth?20:12
naccstan_man_can: well, i mean in a given computer, you can disable certain hw (presumably there is akillswtich or soft switch for the mobo-integrated one), or you can do it from windows device manager, etc20:13
LissajousPatternioria, ok so rebbot?20:13
ioriaLissajousPattern,   yes ... but if it's a fresh install you don't have another kernel available20:13
skweekanybody know about why linux-firmware-nonfree doesn't exist in the ubuntu 16.04 xenial multiverse repo?20:14
nicomachus!info linux-firmware-nonfree xenial20:14
LissajousPatternioria, it said i have
ubottuPackage linux-firmware-nonfree does not exist in xenial20:14
nicomachus!info linux-firmware-nonfree trusty20:14
Dom___does php7 add some different connection to mysql? compared to php5.6 which could cause my error20:14
ioriaLissajousPattern,   really ? ... boot it20:14
ubottulinux-firmware-nonfree (source: linux-firmware-nonfree): Non-free firmware for Linux kernel drivers. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.14ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 2379 kB, installed size 8056 kB20:14
LissajousPatternas well as
LissajousPatternioria, will it boot it automatically20:14
naccDom___: yes, there is a different driver, iirc20:15
nicomachusskweek: good question. one sec.20:15
ioriaLissajousPattern,   you have to select it20:15
LissajousPatternnow that that line has been commented out20:15
LissajousPatternioria, i cant use my keyboard in grub or i would have20:15
ioriaLissajousPattern,   no, that just makes your Grun menu shows20:15
Dom___nacc: do i have to tell mysql somewhere to use php7 instead or install some php-mysql packet20:15
nicomachusskweek: what exactly do you need from it?20:15
LissajousPatternlet me try it again20:15
naccDom___: i don't know20:16
naccskweek: nicomachus: "requested by ~timg-tpi; "beyond questionable" provenance and licensing; LP: #1513589"20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1513589 in linux-firmware-nonfree (Ubuntu Xenial) "linux-firmware-nonfree should be removed from Xenial" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151358920:16
skweekspecifically bluetooth ie. this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/860726/s530-bluetooth-earpiece-detected-as-keyboard20:16
LissajousPatternioria, so how do i default to the other kernel through the config file?20:16
nicomachusskweek: there's a .deb file for it.20:17
skweekbut most of my device drivers don't work on my laptop... https://www.engadget.com/2015/09/02/lenovo-miix-700/20:17
LissajousPatterni cannot do anything in grub for some reason my wireless keyboard haes me when i am in grub20:17
nicomachusnacc: be nice if they explained what was so "beyond questionable" about it.20:17
ioriaLissajousPattern,   yes, you can ... but i don't remember exactly how20:17
naccnicomachus: licensing20:17
naccnicomachus: as said, in the comment20:17
nicomachusnacc: right. but what about the licensing.20:18
nicomachusskweek: here's a link to the deb: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/linux-firmware-nonfree/1.1620:18
skweeknico7t[m]: nacc I wouldn't mind using the .deb file for it... except for that I was hoping I could bring it up for a 1.17 v being added to the repo20:18
nicomachusskweek: keep in mind, you are ON YOUR OWN installing that deb.20:18
naccnicomachus: probably that it's not clear where the firmware files came from and what the original licenses actually are...20:18
stan_man_cannacc, tried another bluetooth dongle and no dice20:19
skweekthere are concerns about using it, i've read some bug reports about using it... nicomachus nacc20:19
nicomachusnacc: guess so.20:19
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stan_man_cantrying to find if any  have exceptional linux support but hard to find anything20:19
nicomachusskweek: yea, it may be worth finding those drivers somewhere else instead of bundled into the firmware-nonfree package.20:19
skweekI appreciate your input guys20:20
stan_man_cannacc, maybe i'll upgrade to 16.1020:20
ioriaLissajousPattern,   can you paste ls /boot ?20:20
naccstan_man_can: you could try from a live usb20:20
nicomachus!info linux-firmware-nonfree yakkety20:20
ubottuPackage linux-firmware-nonfree does not exist in yakkety20:21
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LissajousPatternioria, honestly i just wanna paste my face to the wall right now i have about had it with this issue20:23
LissajousPatterncan i just delete the kernel that i think is being the trouble?20:24
LissajousPatternat that point would it just default boot to the old one?20:24
ioriaLissajousPattern,   sure, we can try   .. but about the keyboard issue, try to set in BIOS  usb legacy option to yes20:24
LissajousPatternit is i think but i will check just for grins20:25
ioriaLissajousPattern,   if you paste ls /boot we can see what options you have20:26
LissajousPatternyeah i think this thing is by default legacy20:27
ioriaLissajousPattern,   what kernels do you see in /boot folder ?20:28
LissajousPatternabi- and abi-
LissajousPattern-21 -57 my bad20:30
LissajousPatternnot decimal20:31
LissajousPatterngeez my brain is melting20:31
ioriaLissajousPattern,  dpkg -l linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic20:31
nicomachusget some coffee20:31
* genii gets some coffee20:31
ioriaLissajousPattern,  we need to be sure is installed , if we want to remove  5720:32
ioriaLissajousPattern,  you can paste the output ?20:33
nicomachuswhy not?20:34
ioriaLissajousPattern,  are you chatting from anothe pc ?20:34
nicomachususe pastebinit and then just type the link here20:34
LissajousPatternbroser does not work20:34
nicomachusbrowser or internet connection?20:35
nicomachus!pastebinit | use this20:35
ubottuuse this: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:35
ioriaLissajousPattern,  you don't need a browser to paste20:36
ioriaLissajousPattern,  dpkg -l linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic | |nc termbin.com 999920:36
ioriaLissajousPattern,  dpkg -l linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic | nc termbin.com 999920:36
nicomachusyea termbin will work.20:36
nicomachus!ot > Antares_20:37
ubottuAntares_, please see my private message20:37
nicomachus!guidelines > Antares_20:37
Antares_я русский20:37
nicomachus!ru | Antares_20:38
ubottuAntares_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:38
ioriaLissajousPattern,  ok, is installed   ... so we remove 57 and see what happens ?20:38
LissajousPatternidk how.20:39
ioriaLissajousPattern,  sudo apt-get purge  linux-image-4.4.0-57-generic20:39
LissajousPatternand then reboot?20:40
ioriaLissajousPattern,  hopefully20:40
LissajousPatternyes hopefully20:40
LissajousPatternioria, thanks again20:40
ioriaLissajousPattern,  np ... do you remember whick kernel are you running when ff issue happened ?20:41
LissajousPatterni almost got banned earlier for not knowing how to pastebin earlier20:41
nicomachusha, I doubt anyone would have banned you for that.20:42
nicomachusioria could reverse it anyway20:42
LissajousPatternioria, no i forget but it was the default that was on the live usb20:42
glitchdok im a little confused over here...im trying to set a background image for grub. i have the picture in the /boot/grub folder. i have tried jpg,png,tga formats. all scaled to 1024x1280 as per the instruction from the ubuntu forums post i read. and nothing seems to work with getting the image to show in grub. any help would be appreciated.20:42
LissajousPatternthe live lubuntu 16.1020:42
iorianicomachus, meaning ?20:42
LissajousPatternso it booted20:42
nicomachusaren't you op?20:42
LissajousPatterndo i need to reinstall firefox or should i try as is?20:43
ioriaLissajousPattern,  let's try20:43
iorianicomachus, me ? nope20:43
LissajousPatternno go20:43
ioriaLissajousPattern,  oh my20:43
jociglitchd: which OS0 you have ?20:43
LissajousPatternshould i try to delete the firefox files in home again and purge?20:44
ioriaLissajousPattern,  uname -r20:44
LissajousPatterni am on -2120:44
glitchdjoci, ubuntu 16.04 x64 xubuntu-desktop20:44
LissajousPatternso that worked20:44
=== JanC is now known as Guest57833
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
ioriaLissajousPattern,  sudo apt-get purge firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox20:44
=== Dolmen is now known as Guest29380
LissajousPatternyeah i am as well as deleting the folders from home20:45
ioriaLissajousPattern,  ok20:45
nicomachusif you use apt purge --remove firefox it should remove those folders from home20:45
nicomachusi think.20:46
jociglitchd: if i understood ur question right then ur issue might be that you are useing space in teh path20:46
iorianicomachus,  not sure that in .config tho20:46
LissajousPatterna little redundancy does not hurt i guess20:46
ioriaLissajousPattern,  after that we try midori :þ20:47
LissajousPatternor arch20:47
glitchdjoci, space in path? there is no space in the name of the file im talking about..?20:47
ioriaLissajousPattern,  midori is a bowser20:47
LissajousPatternyeah thats right duh20:47
tomreynDom___: were you able to sort it out then?20:47
LissajousPatternstill crashed20:47
jociglitchd: srry forgot this20:47
LissajousPatterni will install midori20:48
ioriaLissajousPattern,  i don't get it20:48
xanguaI think Midori was based on Mozilla once20:48
LissajousPatterni dont either20:48
glitchdjoci, umm..ok? lol thx anyways20:48
xanguaWas it?20:48
LissajousPatternioria, i have tried almost everything20:48
jociglitchd:what is the real issu?20:48
ioriaLissajousPattern,  i see time for a bug report20:48
LissajousPatternand like i said it was working just a week or so ago20:48
glitchdjoci, exactly what i said it was.20:48
LissajousPatterni have never filed a bug report20:49
Dom___tomreyn: mh kinda ... i figured that the connection between mysql and php was somehow missing20:49
ioriaLissajousPattern, on what exactly ?20:49
glitchdjoci, background image not showing in grub menu20:49
ioriaLissajousPattern, and i'd try it from livecd20:49
Dom___and that i might have installed mariadb .... which kicked off mysql ... so not sure what the problem was maybe even last20:49
LissajousPatternmidori crashed as well20:49
tomreynDom___: okay, good. is this a production service you run there, or just a test environment?20:49
jociglitchd: one sec20:49
ioriaLissajousPattern, video card ?20:49
Dom___productive ...20:50
glitchdjoci, no worries20:50
LissajousPatternits an old nvidia card20:50
LissajousPatternreally old idk which one20:50
Dom___but i think i will have to get a virtual mashine with a doublicate system20:50
tomreynDom___: oh then please do yourself and the internet as a whole a favor and train your system administration skills more.20:50
tomreynthat's not to insult you, hope it doesn't come over as this.20:50
ioriaLissajousPattern, lspci | grep VGA20:51
Dom___well a private "running system" so nothing critical on it ;)20:51
tomreynoh ok20:51
Dom___the only one suffering from my mistakes is myself ... ;)20:51
LissajousPatternNV34 geforce FX 520020:51
LissajousPatternrev a120:52
tomreynthere are just too many badly maintained internet servers out there which put the entire hting at risk.20:52
Dom___can i dubicate a raspi on a oracle-VM programm?20:52
ioriaLissajousPattern, can you boot the livecd ?20:52
LissajousPatternmidori crashed with SIGILL in call_init()20:52
LissajousPatternioria, yeah20:52
LissajousPatternno problem20:52
ioriaLissajousPattern  do it for us, please20:52
tomreynDom___: most likely, but it's not trivial20:53
LissajousPatterni have xubuntu 16.04 ready to go20:53
ioriaLissajousPattern  try xubuntu and fire firefox20:53
jociglitchd: i dont know :/20:53
glitchdjoci, well thanks anyways=)20:54
LissajousPatterni feel like a beta tester20:55
ioriaLissajousPattern  2800amd and 1.5 g should be fine20:56
LissajousPatternit was before20:56
LissajousPatternlike i said i used lubuntu on this thing for a while20:56
ioriaLissajousPattern  and ? same isssue ?20:57
LissajousPatternthen i went to upgrade by doing a fresh install and bam20:57
blackflowLissajousPattern: the feeling should be rewarding, you're contributing to open source :)20:57
Dom___tomreyn: thanks for your help also20:57
LissajousPatternblackflow, funny you say that20:57
blackflowlol, why funny?20:58
LissajousPatternioria, so firefox works off the live usb20:58
LissajousPatternblackflow, because weren't you one of the ones who thought i was trolling earlier20:58
LissajousPatternor was it ben20:58
ioriaLissajousPattern  lspci -k | grep VGA -A 3 | grep driver20:59
LissajousPatternanyway i did not get how to pastebin without a browser sue me20:59
LissajousPatternioria, ok20:59
blackflowLissajousPattern: no, I said it looked like, since you refused to pastebin the output with a simple command I gave you, taht didn't require a browser20:59
blackflowLissajousPattern: I gave you the actual command :)  "firefox 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999"20:59
LissajousPatterni didn't understand20:59
ioriaLissajousPattern  lspci -k | grep VGA -A 3 | grep driver21:00
LissajousPatternioria, driver is nouveau as to be expected21:00
ioriaLissajousPattern  so it's working ?21:01
LissajousPatternwhich is what it was with the normal install i believe21:01
LissajousPatternfirefox works from live usb21:01
ioriaLissajousPattern  uname -r ?21:01
Dom___tomreyn: how can i see the /var/run path of my php version?21:01
ikoniaDom___: in the php config21:01
ioriaLissajousPattern i can only suggest 'Erase Disk and reinstall Xubuntu'21:02
ioriaLissajousPattern  without 'updates selected'21:02
LissajousPatternioria, thats fine and it will probably work up until the point of apt update/upgrade/dist-upgrade21:02
LissajousPatterni dont know which updates to omit?21:03
LissajousPatternor even how to21:03
ioriaLissajousPattern  maybe the bug will be fixed (if really a bug)21:03
LissajousPatterni have no idea21:03
LissajousPatterni have already been through three installs21:04
ioriaLissajousPattern  i suggest also an iso check21:04
ioriaLissajousPattern  how did you do the stick ?21:04
LissajousPatterni checked sha121:04
ioriaoh... all good then21:04
LissajousPatterni would think21:04
LissajousPatternlike i said it is after i do update/upgrade21:05
LissajousPatternafter that broken21:05
LissajousPatternbefore that firefox works just like off of the USB21:05
ioriaLissajousPattern  what ff run on livecd ?21:05
ioriaLissajousPattern  49 ?21:06
ioriaLissajousPattern  Help -> About FF21:06
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Guest37086didnt knew that :p21:06
=== samukka is now known as smk447
LissajousPatternioria, what?21:07
LissajousPatternwhere is that?21:07
ioriaLissajousPattern  to check ff ver ... go ( in ff menu) Help -> About FF21:07
LissajousPatternwhat menu?21:08
ioriaLissajousPattern   the firefox menu bar21:08
LissajousPatternit does not have it21:08
LissajousPatternjust the little arrow in the top left21:08
ioriaLissajousPattern   apt-cache policy firefox| grep Installed| awk '{print $2}'21:10
Guest37086any advice to some good channel names??21:10
nicomachus!alis | Guest3708621:11
ubottuGuest37086: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"21:11
LissajousPatternyeah its 45.0.2+build1-0ubuntu121:11
ioriaLissajousPattern   45 ?21:12
LissajousPatternoff of the live usb21:12
LissajousPatternand installed it jumps to 5021:12
ioriaLissajousPattern   when did you download the iso ?21:12
LissajousPatternwell after updating21:12
LissajousPatternliterally this morning21:13
ioriaLissajousPattern   ok, no other ideas then ... try a new 'fresh' install21:14
prtg02hi all :)21:14
LissajousPatternfrom here http://mirror.us.leaseweb.net/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/21:14
LissajousPatternioria, well thanks for your time21:15
ioriaLissajousPattern   try the official repo21:15
LissajousPatternthis has been one big hassle to say the least21:15
ioriaLissajousPattern   you're welcome21:15
prtg02yesterday I updated my ubuntu install, after the install was complete I let it sit for some time. after 30 minutes there was a power loss21:15
LissajousPatternioria, where is that21:15
prtg02today I started it again and it was all a little fucked up21:16
nicomachus!language | prtg0221:16
ubottuprtg02: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:16
ioriaLissajousPattern   http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/21:16
LissajousPatterncool thanks again21:17
ioriaLissajousPattern   let us know, please21:17
ioriaLissajousPattern   np21:17
prtg02during the startup I got in a little weird login screen and after I typed my password I got sended back to the login screen again21:17
LissajousPatternyeah i will be back after i do an install from one of the ones from the official repo21:17
prtg02restarted in recovery did "autoremove" with apt and got the error log of the login: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23674986/21:18
LissajousPatternit may be a little while i am going to take a break for a minute but it should be within the hour or so21:18
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prtg02I looked at the "dbus" trying restarting and stuff but did not work, any idea how to solve it?21:18
Dom___pid = /run/php/php7.0-fpm.pid21:20
Dom___is written in the config but there is nothing in this folder ?!21:20
OerHeksDom___, still fighting that PPA?21:20
Dom___OerHeks: yes :( :D21:20
OerHeksgo with 16.04/native php7 , but you will need to learn systemd stuff too.21:21
vfwawe... systemd is easy21:22
nicomachussays you..21:22
Dom___ connect() to unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock failed (  this is the error log from nginx21:22
vfwnicomachus: No, really, systemctl enable, disable, start stop21:23
vfwand status21:24
Dom___but this file does not exist21:26
bekksDom___: Is php listed inn your process list?21:26
OerHeksunits and firewall setup commands https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/systemd-essentials-working-with-services-units-and-the-journal and https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units21:26
blackflowDom___: your nginx config should list the path to socket file as defined by the fpm pool it belongs to21:27
blackflowDom___: in other words, check the /etc/php7/fpm/php-fpm.conf   (I believe the path is)  file for defaults, or wherever your defined the pool21:27
Dom___yes but in the given folder (/var/run/php/ there is nothin in this folder)21:29
blackflowDom___: so what is the path of the socket, defined by fpm?21:29
blackflowDom___: that's the pidfile, not socket21:30
blackflowDom___: something like "listen = /var/run/wherever.sock"21:31
blackflowDom___: in the pool config file21:31
Dom___listen = /run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock21:32
Dom___listen =
blackflowDom___: there you go, that first one should be listed in nginx for fastcgi_pass21:32
blackflow(technically both would work, but unix sockets are a bit faster)21:32
blackflowDom___: so,  "fastcgi_pass unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock"21:33
xxxxhi: since using dual monitors on lubuntu with ARandR, i'm having the problem of no display ay21:33
blackflowDom___: however, the socket file must be readable to the nginx user21:34
xxxxat all on the laptop, just the hdmi21:34
blackflowDom___: so if you don't want to hassle with permissions, use the tcp socket for fastcgi_pass21:34
Dom___blackflow: what do you mean by use the tcp socket?21:35
wuf1234Hi, could someone here possibly help me with a strange issue?21:35
bekkswuf1234: Depends on the issue.21:35
glitchdwuf1234, indeed..21:36
Dom___blackflow: and one is called .pid and you're talking about .sock?21:36
wuf1234my tty was a blank screen, i sorta fixed that by just purging nvidia drivers and setting nomodeset and then reinstalling kernel, but now if I switch to tty it is full of symbols everywhere21:36
wuf1234like, there are no blank spaces, just copyright symbols (c in circle)21:36
wuf1234it works, but is... hard to read21:36
Dom___the nginx error still tells me the file does not exist ... and if i check there online is a file ....pid (no sock)21:37
wuf1234glitchd bekks, any advice or ideas?21:38
blackflowDom___: the is the tcp socket, the /run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock  is the unix socket. either work, but for unix socket you need to set up permissions.21:39
blackflowDom___: the pidfile is irrelevant, has nothing to do with connecting nginx to fpm21:39
glitchdwuf1234, no idea how you did that..or how to fix it21:39
glitchdwuf1234, sry21:39
Dom___ok because in the config file of fpm as well as the nginx fastcgi it always is the .sock file/(path)21:40
wuf1234That's fine. I'll figure something out21:40
ohemdevinHello. I don't know if this question is on-topic, but is it generally unadvised to run a pre-release version of Ubuntu to get the latest packages?21:40
wuf1234Thank you, have a nice day everyone21:40
Dom___but in the folder there only is a .pid file existing nothing else ... why is that?21:40
blackflowDom___: yes, but you need to set up permissions for it. your nginx user has to be able to read the fpm socket file.21:40
blackflowDom___: is the fpm pool running?21:40
Dom___so i change fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock;  --> fastcgi_pass ?21:41
blackflowDom___: yes if you don't want the permissions hassle21:41
Dom___php7.0-fpm start/running, process 310121:41
LissajousPatternwell here goes yet another fresh install for those who may be following along21:42
blackflowDom___: good so if the pool is running, and you changed fastcgi_pass to the tcp socket, restart nginx and it should work, given all else is correct.21:42
LissajousPatternfirefox worked as expected from the USB21:42
xanguaLissajousPattern: how is fresh install?21:42
LissajousPatternits installing21:43
LissajousPatterni will test firefox before i apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade as well as after21:44
LissajousPatternjust to make sure it works before hand yet again21:44
LissajousPatternthis iso was downloaded from the official repo and sha1 checked out fine21:44
LissajousPatternxubuntu 16.04.121:45
Dom___blackflow: nope still looking for this but not sure if i did it the correct way21:45
blackflowDom___: what's the nginx error log saying?21:47
Dom___blackflow:  invalid number of arguments in "fastcgi_pass" directive21:47
blackflowDom___: did you put   ;   at the end of that line you posted above?21:47
blackflowDom___:     fastcgi_pass;21:48
Dom___blackflow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23675101/21:48
Dom___ajh ^^ yes21:48
Dom___well no i didn't ... stupid ^^21:48
Dom___working ... great ... awesome thanks a lot blackflow21:49
blackflowDom___: you're welcome.21:49
Dom___blackflow: you saved my day/holidays ... i've been struggling with that for so long now and you might know how much this bothers you not beeing able to fix it21:54
krauti'm on ubuntu 16.04, why can't i upgrade with do-release-upgrade -d?22:02
blackflowDom___: yea, I know the feeling :)22:02
Bashing-omkraut: The next inline is 16.10 .. and it is not in (d)evelopment . What is your end goal ?22:03
krautBashing-om, upgrading to 16.1022:03
Dom___have a nice holiday to everyone22:03
krautBashing-om, i found something, that i need to wait for 16.04.01?22:04
krauti don't understand, why22:04
nacckraut: did you read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseNotes22:04
krautdoes that describe a safe upgrade-path, or what are such releases for?22:04
blackflowkraut: which version do you want to upgrade to?22:04
nacckraut: do-release-upgrade -d won't ignore an lts setting in the conf file, afaik22:04
Bashing-omkraut: have you set to upgrade to "any" ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ?22:05
krautnacc, not yet, thanks22:05
xxxxplease... i have display troubles (just hdmi monitor works)22:05
xxxxafter installing ARandR (xrandr for lubuntu)22:05
krautBashing-om, LTS22:05
Bashing-omkraut: :) see: ' cat etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' . If needed then we continue .22:06
krautBashing-om, ok, that's the problem22:06
Bashing-omkraut: :) .. make sure 16,04 is fully updated, and no proprietary drivers are in use .22:07
krauti did22:08
krautthat's checked22:08
krauti was just wondering, where the "LTS" switch is22:08
krautyeah, upgrading22:09
KrioAnyone here able to help? Im fresh to ubuntu entirely, and getting by well enough so far. Everything seems to work but my sd card slot. I get an error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23675194/22:14
Bashing-omkraut: Try ' sudo apt install exfat-utils exfat-fuse ' so the system recognizes the new file system .22:18
Bashing-omKrio: ^^ sorry kraut niis hilight .22:19
KrioBashing-om: Awesome :) Appreciate it. All is working now.22:22
Bashing-omKrio: :) .. nothing new under the sun . Many been there before you .22:23
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anonymous_anthrahey hey all22:27
Ducky^hey all, I'm trying to use the cups web interface through links2 but when I select "Administration" it just prints out html22:30
Ducky^I know it can work because I've done it this way before22:30
Ducky^is there a package I need to install?22:30
KitebHello, what's the easy way to install Mate on Ubuntu 16.04 ? I checked the ubuntu-mate website, and saw only "Upgrade to MATE Desktop 1.14.x" so I was not sure if that's the right way to install it.22:37
bekksKiteb: sudo apt install mate-desktop22:40
Kitebbekks: great! thanks22:40
xanguaKiteb: there's also Ubuntu mate22:41
bekksxangua: Which is Ubuntu with mate-desktop installed :)22:41
Kitebxangua: I have Ubuntu already installed, too lazy to do a re-install.22:42
LissajousPatternwell firefox immediately crashed right after the install22:43
xanguaLissajousPattern: weird22:43
LissajousPatternF-ing frustrating is more like it this is the fifth install i have been through22:44
LissajousPatternoh well back to the drawing board i guess22:44
naccLissajousPattern: do you have a the crash signature (or message)?22:45
LissajousPatternno i dont know how to retrieve it22:57
naccLissajousPattern: i mean if you run firefox from the terminal, it should say where it crashed if it does22:59
naccLissajousPattern: or `dmesg` might say if it was killed22:59
LissajousPatternwell i posted that earlier22:59
naccLissajousPattern: I would have to go back through the scroll log, sorry23:00
LissajousPatternits coo23:00
LissajousPatternwhat do i dmsg?23:02
wafflejockLissajousPattern, dmesg will just output system errors you can run it before you try to launch firefox, can also launch firefox from the console and after it crashes see if there is any error output where you launched it from or run dmesg again and see if anything that looks related shows up near the end23:05
SweepyofaceHow do you guys suppose I would go about monitoring the uptime of a certain command?23:10
Sweepyofaceeg. <do something> | uptime --name server23:10
Sweepyofacethen uptime --name server would return the time23:10
Sweepyoface( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)23:11
Seveascommands don't have an uptime...23:11
Seveaswhat do you actually want to monitor?23:11
Sweepyofacelike, a script23:11
Sweepyofaceit's a server23:11
Sweepyofaceoh that was supposed to be a shrug23:12
Seveaswhat do you want to monitor about that script?23:12
Sweepyofacehow long it23:13
Sweepyoface's been running23:13
Sweepyofaceyou know how tmux can show the time in a pane?23:13
Sweepyofacesomething like that to monitor how long something's been going would be nice23:13
Seveasso, wallclocktime since it started. Check /prod/[pid of script]/stat23:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest9627
Seveassee 'man proc' for all the gory details23:15
medaz_23421Hi how i type with deffrent color on terminal ?23:24
medaz_23421or wihle editing a txt using nano ?23:25
=== samukka is now known as smk447
Seveasmedaz_23421: you can set a default color in the settings of your terminal emulator23:26
medaz_23421no i don't mean that23:26
LissajousPatternyeah dmesg is not showing anything about firefox23:26
medaz_23421i mean like Microsoft windows , i wanna type hello in green and world in red for example23:26
medaz_23421i wanna do the seem in terminal , i'm using nano for editing txt23:27
medaz_23421so i wanna write notes23:27
Seveasmedaz_23421: well, that's not possible.23:27
medaz_23421that's why i need some words colored23:28
Seveasyou'll need to use something like libreoffice for that.23:28
medaz_23421well i heard from a man that nothing is impossible , impossible itself said "i'm possible "23:29
medaz_23421or in fact , that could be a good sign for a tool that could do that23:29
medaz_23421but why when you do man for some tool , you find some words colored ??23:29
medaz_23421i assume that i have to google it , bye guys :)23:32
shorty_06You want a tool to write notes with colours?23:32
shorty_06Hold on, I've used one before, let me find the name23:33
medaz_23421ok than you23:33
medaz_23421*thank you23:33
shorty_06Hmm. looks like this program can't do colours but it can do bold / underline / italic if that's alright23:35
shorty_06I use it for making notes when I need clear headings23:35
naccnano can do colorizing as syntax highlighting23:35
naccbut it feels like a real abuse of a terminal editor to put colors in it :/23:35
naccwhy not just use structured formatting if needed? i honestly don't understand what colors get you given the context ('hello' and 'world' in two different colors is an insufficient use case to me)23:36
naccor use one of the many note-taking tools23:36
Sabiothi there23:39
shorty_06medaz_23421: I'm going afk now but if you're interested the program I was on about is called zim, it's described as a "desktop wiki" but that basically just means it's a collection of notes that you can link between if you want23:39
shorty_06I'm not on ubuntu atm so I don't know if it's in the repositories, there's a ppa for it though if it's not23:39
Sabioti need a lil help... i am currently in a picle. one USB KEY a live copy of 16.10 and no way installing it to get an active boot.23:39
naccshorty_06: zim is in the repos, yes23:40
shorty_06nacc: Alright, that makes it easier then23:40
dumle29Hey there I'm in the middle of setting up a server for a LAN, running ubuntu server 16.10. I was wondering if it'd be possible to set it up so that, if a specially named USB dongle was inserted, it would mount it to a folder (I know how to do this) and copy over a file named networkconfig, and then use that for it's ip configuration.23:40
Sabiotis there any way i can copy the contents of the USB to a HDD23:40
medaz_23421ok then i just use apt-get install zim23:40
dumle29I want to set it up this way, as I'd prefer to have the server entirely headless even when I move it to the event where it is needed23:40
shorty_06medaz_23421: So long as you remember so sudo yes :)23:41
medaz_23421yes :)23:41
shorty_06medaz_23421: And you should start using apt instead of apt-get23:41
medaz_23421thank you , i always use nano for editing text , it's easy for me :)23:41
shorty_06Pretty much the same thing but has a nice progress bar and is better in some other ways I can't remember23:41
medaz_23421so sudo apt install zim23:42
BlizzLeonHi there, I'm on 16.10 on a Motion Computing J3500 Tablet and I am trying to get the hardware buttons to work. xinput list shows this: http://pastebin.com/siSE7KjN23:42
shorty_06medaz_23421: You got it :D23:43
medaz_23421thankx :)23:43
shorty_06medaz_23421: It's not terminal based btw, forgot to mention that23:43
shorty_06medaz_23421: Were you looking for something terminal based specifically?23:43
medaz_23421because you know i'm writing notes a lot , and notebook not that much helpfull so i'm using laptop for that23:44
medaz_23421ok thankx anyway for help :)23:44
shorty_06No problem :)23:44
medaz_23421i think i'm gonna stick with nano i'm cormftable with it23:45
shorty_06Alright, fair enough23:45
Amm0nmedaz_23421, do you know cherrytree?23:45
shorty_06If you ever want colours and stuff you should probably just use libreoffice23:46
medaz_23421Amm0n what that ??23:46
shorty_06That's what I use for taking lecture notes23:46
shorty_06Being able to create tables and insert diagrams makes it better than using a terminal imo23:46
Amm0nmedaz_23421, it's an Outliner i use for taking notes^23:46
medaz_23421i love typing in terminal , i have a feeling for that , so it's hard to quite23:46
medaz_23421Amm0n is it a terminal based ??23:47
Amm0nmedaz_23421, no23:47
medaz_23421Oh ok :)23:47
medaz_23421my current system is Kali linux 2.023:48
nectarHey. Im getting an error ("System program problem detected") every time i logg into ubuntu after a restart. What can I do?23:48
Amm0nmedaz_23421, for terminal there is task (taskwarrior)23:49
smk447nectar dont restart .. :)23:50
naccmedaz_23421: so you came to an ubuntu support channel to ask for help on an unsupported OS...23:50
nacc!kali | medaz_2342123:50
ubottumedaz_23421: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)23:50
medaz_23421It's ok they are the seem23:50
naccthey are not the same and kali is not supported here.23:51
medaz_23421they both pretty the seem commands23:51
naccmedaz_23421: please respect the rules of the channel23:51
=== BuZain is now known as Guest91309
smk447nectar ...sorry i'm in a good mood todat23:51
medaz_23421Ok sorry no heart feeling , i'm only for information here23:51
nectarsmk447: thats ok :) not sure where to look for details on the error23:51
smk447nectar try read this.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/133385/getting-system-program-problem-detected-pops-up-regularly-after-upgrade/36929723:53
medaz_23421nacc it's not a big deal here :) so please don't make it bigger23:54
medaz_23421anyway thankx guys for help :)23:54
medaz_23421Amm0n  i will try that one taskwarrior23:55
nectarsmk447: *nectar reboots*23:55
nectarsmk447:it feckin worked! thanks m8.23:57
nectarhas ubuntu always owned freenode?23:58
smk447nectar no problem23:58
nectar*goes to watch netflix* :) :)23:59
naccnectar: ubuntu does not own freenode23:59
nectari get "freenode (ubuntu servers" in hexchat. (anyway..)23:59

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