studio-user772I messed up ubuntu studio messing with compiz03:17
studio-user772My gui is screwy03:18
studio-user772help plz?03:32
studio-user051Anyone there?05:07
studio-user051Guess I'll try again some other time05:09
studio-user937i need some help with well lets explaine, jack is open rosegarden is working the midi also the instruments also ok i can record with my midi keyboard i see the the records i can playback and i can hear no problem bot the PROBLEM is i can not ear when i play on the keyboard it record correctly but no sound but when i playback it s ok it make sound any idea ?? thx17:14
studio-user303Fran├žais ?17:28
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Rocketman68Having issue with gfxboot on Toshiba netbook. Other flavors of Linux, including Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint, load and run properly. Studio, however gives me this error23:53

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