ngomeshi. from time to time i'm having a update information window saying "Failure to download extra data files" , ttf-mscorefonts-installer , it can't find the files when downloading , and it just keeps appearing. how to make this window not appear anymore ?09:39
ngomes16.04 version09:39
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n0b0dyHi Guys!13:04
n0b0dyand Gals of course13:05
n0b0dyI have something special here.13:05
n0b0dyFreshly installed xubuntu, very few custom settings.13:05
n0b0dywith every software that I start via a panel launcher something happens that puts the software in the background, like if ALT-TAB was pressed.13:07
n0b0dysoftware starts ok, no problems with execution so far, but it is backgrounded for some reason.13:07
n0b0dyso imagine: starting editor and you start to type, then you realize that typing is not in the editor window, for some reason the editor is backgrounded, but visible13:08
n0b0dystarting thunderbird and pressing F5 will not receive new mails, like it did for ten years, because something backgrounded Thunderbird meanwhile and F5 goes nowhere.13:09
n0b0dyI alays have to actively foreground the started app - what is annoying, of course.13:09
n0b0dyNow the question is "what then IS in the foreground?" - I do not know.13:09
n0b0dyI would like t o know: is this a known misbehaviour / bug and how to avoid that OR how can I debug this misbehaviour to understand better what goes wrong?13:10
n0b0dythanks for your attention!13:10
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n0b0dyMaybe one thing could help: is there any tool that shows me which app is stealing the foreground?13:18
n0b0dyby foreground I mean window focus, sorry13:19
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akishi all. any idea on how can i slim down 16.04 xubuntu? i am running it on an atom intel with only 1gb ram and i would like to start with less of 220 mb ram and i dont want to switch to lubuntu. any idea what apps or procedures can i stop be loading when system boots?15:04
gebruikerhow can I disable Compiz?17:00
gebruikerback - i missed any potential answers. The questions I have is how do I disable compiz rendering in xubuntu?17:15
Spassgebruiker: Did you install compiz? Do you want to temporarily disable it or remove it completely?17:34
gebruiker Spass no just xubuntu without any addons17:37
SpassAnd you want to disable window shadows or something else? Because new Xubuntu doesn't use compiz as default, so if you didn't install it yourself you probably don't have it.17:42
gebruikerI already ran xfwm4 --replace but it didn't do anything. Am I correct that xfwm4 is just the default? - I would like to minmise resource use further and if disabling window shadows helps that is what I am aiming to do? Advise?17:44
Spassgebruiker: Yes, Xfwm4 is default so 'xfwm4 --replace' isn't needed. You may disable shadows in the Settings -> Window Manager Tweaks -> Compositor tab17:46
gebruikerthanks Spass !17:49

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