jin7how to disable the kde crash handler?02:15
wisheWhere can i find driver compatibility lists for kde?02:20
[Relic]how do you make an entire directory with sub directories accessible?  think everything got rooted when I was trying to back up stuff02:22
DarinMiller[Relic]: drop to the command line and type sudo chown <your username>:<your username> * -R02:28
DarinMiller[Relic]: ensure to navigate to the directory that was needs the change.02:29
[Relic]back ina  few once I have everything copied back; all this just for a new vid card  :)02:46
[Relic]still root root  :(02:56
DarinMillersudo chown user:user * -R02:57
DarinMillerput in you user name02:57
DarinMilleror sudo chown $USER:$USER  ~/path/to/root/files -R02:58
[Relic]doesn't hit the hidden directories02:59
DarinMiller chown -R /home/user/.[^.]*  as per http://serverfault.com/questions/156437/how-to-chown-a-directory-recursively-including-hidden-files-or-directories03:00
[Relic]got to target them one at a time03:00
[Relic]that should get me recovered03:05
DarinMiller:) very good03:05
[Relic]had to reinstall to get the new video card to work, no failsafe for new cards in the system by the look of things03:07
DarinMillerwhat were the old and new cards?03:07
[Relic]kept hitting black screen and couldn't find anyway into the system to change the stuff03:07
[Relic]gt 430 and a 1050 ti03:08
DarinMillersudo apt purge nvidia*03:08
[Relic]couldn't get to anywhere I could do that03:08
DarinMillerdo that with the old card installed.03:08
DarinMillershutdown, install new card and boot03:09
DarinMillerinstall nvidia ppa, sudo apt update, sudo apt install nvidia-37203:09
DarinMillernext time :)03:11
[Relic]needed 375.26 or soemthing like that03:11
[Relic]I won't remember that in 10 years when I replace this card03:11
DarinMilleroh yes.... sudo apt install nvidia-37503:11
sintreanother victory :) hopefully03:12
sintrebtw merry christmas your two03:12
DarinMillerThanks sintre, you too.03:12
[Relic]and have a nice recovery day from over eating too  :)03:14
sintreyea i have three apearnces tomorrow03:15
sintreand they all think its my oonly meal lol03:15
sintregotta figure out a plan as day goes o03:15
[Relic]it is your only one at that time  :)03:15
sintreyea gotta pace myself03:15
DarinMillerstart joggin soon as you wake up and Jog to each of the events :)03:15
sintreyea getting my play list together eye of the tiger first in line up  lol03:16
sintreweird all yankovic parodody eat it second03:16
[Relic]its the most fattening time of the year!03:19
[Relic]think it is back to normal except I haven't been able to trigger the fans on new card, wonder if there is a test program that would03:22
sintreis it gegiving any sensor info temp fan speed?03:23
[Relic]very low temp so doubt the fan would even kick in barely above room temp03:24
[Relic]gpu 27 C03:24
sintreopen some you tube vids03:24
sintreput em on hd03:24
sintresee what happens :)03:24
DarinMillerThe 10xx series cards are really efficient, I think you wil have to throw a game with high settings at it to heat it up.03:27
sintreteam fortres 2 old but on high throw up a person server with like 24 bot03:27
[Relic]think I will compile blender and run the cuda test blend on it to see if that works03:28
[Relic]how does one make the application menu setting solid instead of semi transparent?03:29
[Relic]or do I ust need another reboot03:30
DarinMiller[Relic]: I have never tried disabling transparancy other than disabling composoting... (ctrl-alt-f12)  but that kills all special effects.03:30
[Relic]it is everything but that is solid so I think reboot should solve it03:31
sintrereboot work?03:39
[Relic]looks much better03:40
sintregood to hear03:40
[Relic]can I get multi seat yet becomes the big question03:41
DarinMiller[Relic]: have you seen this wiki? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multiseat03:43
jubo2And thanks for the great OS05:23
jubo2I got a bug05:23
sintremerry x-mas if your east coast ,05:24
jubo2The tool tip text is the same colour as the tooltip background.. kinda hard to read what they say05:24
sintreas for bug ba hum-BUG :)05:24
jubo2Merry X-mas sintre05:24
sintreswitch themes05:25
jubo2I haven't even opened my gifts yet even as we do so on X-mas eve05:25
sintrethen try changing back05:25
sintreif that doesn't help , i'd make a report05:25
jubo2so I control panel or whatevs it called05:25
sintrelike next week after you recover form turkey overdose05:25
sintresettings> system sewttings05:26
sintrethen at top click on workspace theme05:26
jubo2changing to any theme doesn't do anything about the "whitish-on-whitish" tool tips05:29
sintreok choose breeze dark05:29
sintrein look and feel05:30
sintrethen breeze dark under desktop theme05:30
jubo2sintre: doesn't seem to be affected by changing the theme05:38
jubo2I should change some color in the "colors"05:38
sintrebest idea i have for tonight05:38
jubo2in the system settings on the same line05:39
jubo2I go look at that now05:39
sintreplay around all ya want maybe it'll help05:39
jubo2sintre: thanks for your best effort05:39
sintrewon't hurt anything , can always change things back05:39
jubo2always appreciated :D05:39
* sintre is noob05:39
sintrebut if you can'y figure out a solution alotof more epxeienced people will be active in here after holidays i'm sure05:40
jubo2now I found the relevant parts05:41
jubo2"tooltip text" and "tooltip background"05:41
sintrefixed it?05:42
jubo2text color is right but the background isn't what it is set to in system settings05:42
jubo2should be dark background and light text but both are light in practice05:42
jubo2so looks like genuine bug in the system05:42
sintreyea certainly report , if your willing to sp-end the time05:43
sintresomething like that should be easy to fix05:43
jubo2back from breakfast07:02
jubo2hmm... it seems some tool tip colors are just fine07:02
jubo2like in the Systems Settings07:02
jubo2but then apps like Filezilla and GIMP the tooltip is white text on white background07:03
jubo2bug appears in Filezilla, GIMP and Inkscape07:05
* jubo2 wonders what is going on with this system07:05
valorieare those all gtk apps, jubo2?07:12
valorieI know gimp is07:12
jubo2valorie: I dunno07:12
jubo2So I should adjust settings of something called GTK ?07:12
valorieyou might check that you are using the gtk ....07:12
valoriegosh, I need to look at systemsettings07:13
valoriedunno what it's called07:13
valoriegnome application style07:14
jubo2I look for that07:14
valorieput that into krunner (alt+f2)07:14
jubo2yields no results valorie07:16
valorieso it was systemsettings > application appearance or so, and then gnome app style07:17
jubo2found that07:17
jubo2now just need to figure out what I need to change there07:18
jubo2changing to "breeze dark" and hitting apply does nothing to the problem07:19
valorieI wonder if you have to log out, and log back in?07:25
valoriethat should fix gimp and FF if nothing else07:25
jubo2seems some of these changes aren't enacted before restarting the system07:30
jubo2Now the theme "dark breeze" appears to be in use in GTK apps07:30
jubo2It makes the tooltips readable but is .. uuuuugly07:31
jubo2I set back to breeze and reboot07:32
jubo2GTK apps are now "breeze"-themed and the tool tips are readable07:35
jubo2So fix would appear to have been "change from default theme to breeze-dark, reboot, change back to breeze and reboot"07:36
jubo2I reboot once more just to make sure this is fixed now07:37
valorieI've heard that this change and change back is sometimes necessary07:40
valoriebut it seems to be a heisenbug07:40
valoriehard to track down07:40
bobI can not launch muon-updater, that is installed12:52
bobin Xenial12:52
bobin command line12:53
bob(I can not found it in K menu)12:53
bobsudo apt-get install muon-updater <----------- ok. I can not launch the application13:03
BluesKajA very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it :-)13:26
sugoiryuhello ive used the driver manager to install nvidia 340 drivers and then reboot.. i get to login screen and enter my password then hit enter and then it seems everything freezes and the usb ports become non functional.. anyone have any ideas why this happens17:04
sugoiryuwell ill be back later gonna install again and try and ssh in17:19
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Walexsugoiryu: there have been reports of similar situations due to the IOMMU. Try to disable it.18:47
Walexsugoiryu: but it could be very many other issues, including insufficient power etc.18:47
veterздарова посоны20:20
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DienonymousGreetings could you give me the link to my channel thanks23:52

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