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OverCoderHello everyone19:01
OverCoderI am maintaining a PPA for HexChat19:01
OverCoderand I have these dependencies defined in my debian/control19:01
OverCoderWhen users are installing hexchat, libluajit stuff aren't getting installed19:02
OverCoderWhat could it be?19:02
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tewardOverCoder: if it needs it as a runtime dependency you need to add it to Depends, not build-depends20:29
tewardOverCoder: libluajit doesn't add any *runtime* dependencies20:29
tewardit only adds build depends20:29
tewardif it needs to be a runtime dependency it should be added to the package Depends: line, not the Build-Depends (though it'd probably need both)20:29
OverCoderteward, all fixed, thanks21:01
tewardOverCoder: you're most welcome :)21:03
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