mate|57617hey there01:56
mate|57617installing this on an IBM T60 right now - pretty cool!01:56
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Guest60801i just installed MATE on a new-to-me IBM T60!02:32
Guest60801what should i do with this bad boy?02:32
jf_help  how to change the screen resolution03:20
makersmerry christmas08:56
SuperEngineer Wishing you all a very peaceful & loving Doctor Who Christmas Special Day ;-)09:55
ouroumovThanks SuperEngineer: you too!09:59
LinuxNoviceI am new to Linux. Curious about Ubuntu Mate.11:02
LinuxNoviceHow is Mate different and better than other distros?11:03
SuperEngineerLinuxNovice: why not download it to a live usb/dvd and try it [run it from usb/dvd with no change to your system whatsoever..  If you you like it, that's why it's better.11:05
crossyHi everybody. I just a Raspberry PI on the net13:49
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zacharycan i have some help ? my headphone jack isnt working on my rasberry pi23:33
sixwheeledbeastare you sure, what headphones are you using23:53

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