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engineer-pearlI ran sudo apt-get update and did not get nearly as much output as I'm used to getting (I'm used to getting screenfulls of output, but now I have six lines including an error about the extension '.ucf-old' being invalid. Has anyone else seen this and/or know what caused it?22:18
bekksengineer-pearl: Can you pastebin the entire output please?22:19
engineer-pearlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23684650/ for apt-get update22:20
bekksNo errors to be seen.22:22
engineer-pearlNothing concerning anyway (The extension was likely changed so it would be ignored in the first place), but I did expect more output than I got. The older history logs also support that a lot more was checked (So I don't think it's just that I got used to the output on my laptop)22:26
bekksWhy do you expect more output that what you got?22:27
engineer-pearlMainly because I usually get more output22:27
bekksSo enable more sources ;)22:28
engineer-pearloh I just ran it on my computer and I think I found what happened - though I'm guessing it was a change cause I didn't notice this behavior before: When I ran sudo apt-get update on my laptop, it gives more output the first time, then a similar output the second time22:29

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