nsnzeromorning all - Merry Christmas everyone have a wonderful day 08:01
Maaznsnzero: By the way, kulelu88 on freenode told me "tell nsnzero great work . now he needs to test to 100K, then 1M, then he needs to improve the algorithm to go a little faster for >1+M" 11 hours, 46 minutes and 35 seconds ago08:01
nsnzerothanks Maaz08:02
magespawnMerry Christmas all.09:41
CryterionMerry Christmas everyone14:53
smilemerry christmas everyone! :) 14:57
theblazehen^ what they said :)14:58
smilewho said o.O15:05
theblazehensmile you and Cryterion :) Merry christmas!15:08
smilethank you :D15:10
paddatrapperMerry Christmas everyone 17:25
paddatrapperDoes anyone have a suggestion for good asset management software? RackSpace is a little too server orientated for my needs - I need to track desktops as well as physical servers and cloud instances 17:27
kulelu88nsnzero: how did the algorithm come along? is it more faster now?19:33
nsnzerohi kulelu88 : take 2.47 min to generate 10 million primes 19:47
kulelu88you mean find the primes for 10 million numbers?19:47
superflyMerry Christmas everyone 19:53
nsnzeromerry xmas superfly and kulelu88 19:54
squish102Merry Christmas from over the water19:54
nsnzerokulelu88: yes list the first 10 mil primes19:54
superflyHey squish102, I'm in the USA now 19:54
kulelu88nsnzero: is your code finding primes within a given number or finding the 1st x-million ?19:56
nsnzerofinding all primes up to a number you input 19:59
nsnzerokulelu88: python3 prime-printer.py 100000  0.34s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.347 total20:00
kulelu88nsnzero: can you zerobin.net your code?20:04
nsnzerokulelu88: i get 403 Forbidden on zerobin.net20:14
nsnzerohope everyone is having a good xmas - goodnight guys 20:21

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