ELANATUexcept the thing is i cant do it now (i need to get a backup disk) and i hate going to bed without knowing! :)00:00
Amm0nELANATU, check lsof | grep deleted00:01
* debkad take it as a bug, stay with the old kernel for the moment00:02
ELANATUTHANKS TO tgm4883,OerHeks,wafflejock,Amm0n and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL00:09
wafflejockELANATU, happy holidays have a good night00:10
wafflejockhi jamesrleimer00:10
jamesrleimeranyone play with conky?00:12
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sonicwindI just started learning about conky (new to Ubuntu)... some of the ones shared on Ubuntu forums look great00:14
jamesrleimeryea i browse the post your conkyrc and screenshot...forum....lot of good info there00:14
jamesrleimerjust got a little problem...but otherwise my script is set00:15
sonicwindI'm hoping to learn more about it in the coming weeks... so much to learn00:15
jamesrleimerthat forum i just mentioned is the best place for info00:16
sonicwindyeah I've looked at dozens of them00:16
Guest68713I got a stupid question that hopefully won't get too much hate. Can I ask here?00:16
ColomboHey, I have been reading a bit more about my problem with AMDGPU and HDMI. I tried AMDGPU-PRO, but my computer, keyboard, mouse and wifi all started burning and even the sound issue was not solved as not only it was not playing anything, but the HDMI sound connection dissapeared entirely.00:17
ColomboHowever, I have read that the DAL improvement in kernel can fix it. I have found one ppa, but it is not working and according to Phoronix, it was refused to be merged into main branch. So I have to find appropriate branch, right?00:18
ColomboNow, the question is: where?00:18
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ColomboI see https://www.kernel.org/, but I don't know wheter the 4.8 would include the DAL improvement or not. Changelog does not say anyhthing.00:19
wafflejockGuest68713, so long as it's to do with ubuntu support this is the place00:19
Guest68713I've been trying to install Ubuntu along side with windows ten. My monitor says "input not supported" when I try to live boot or install. I've tried nomodeset and acpi = off00:19
jamesrleimerwhat about the uefi00:19
Guest68713What about uefi?00:20
LissajousPatternfirefox works!00:21
LissajousPatternMerry Christmas!00:21
Guest68713I mean, I'm pretty okay at Googlefu, but even that's little help.00:22
LissajousPatternwhat do you need help with?00:22
wafflejockGuest68713, yeah the input not supported typically means it is getting some signal but it is the wrong resolution or refresh rate and the monitor doesn't support it00:23
wafflejockGuest68713, do you see the bootloader and everything up to the point that it actually loads the system?00:23
Guest68713The furthest I've gotten is the Kernal saying "repeat this process for the rest of the cds in your set"00:24
Guest68713And that's with acpi=off00:24
Bashing-omLissajousPattern: What was the nagic potion to get FF functional ?00:24
Guest68713After about 2 minutes of sitting idly on that Kernal message the screen goes black.00:25
LissajousPatternBashing-om, not to install third party BS during installation00:25
LissajousPatterni think it may have been related to a third party flash plugin possibly00:25
LissajousPatternyeah i literally just rebooted for the first time after a fresh install and did all the updates and she is working just fine00:26
wafflejockGuest68713, you may want to verify the installation media actually got created correctly (verify the hash on the download and the actual media) I don't believe it should be asking for extra media00:27
Bashing-omLissajousPattern: K; .. I too always wait til after the install to see what else I might want to install - kinda hands on .00:27
Guest68713I would try to un# the 640 by 480p in grub's comfig like in Debian, but I don't have access to any kinda shell00:27
LissajousPatternyeah lesson learned00:27
LissajousPatternBashing-om, i have just never had issues before with it but now i know.00:28
Bashing-omLissajousPattern: But 6 installs .. ouch !00:28
LissajousPatternyeah i know00:28
LissajousPatternmy brain hurts00:28
Guest68713Well that's the thing wafflejock, I've re-download the iso from here twice and through unetbootin once.00:28
LissajousPatternand my butt hurts too00:28
LissajousPatternbut its Christmas so i am full of joy00:29
wafflejockGuest68713, do you have another monitor around you could try by chance? also have you tried using Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a tty outside the graphical desktop environment?00:31
Guest68713I can try two other monitors, and next I'll unplug my gpu and use integrated graphics00:32
wafflejockGuest68713, typically the software will probe the monitor to get the display modes it can support and will pick one appropriately but you can use xrandr to see the modes and switch between them for different outputs00:32
Guest68713Here's the part that gets to me, when I acpi= off I wind up on indicators of a broken iso00:33
Guest68713Rufus and unetbootin are fine though, correct?00:34
wafflejockso far as I know but I'm usually using dd to put images onto usbs lately00:34
Guest68713Would Ubuntu 16.04 have any issues with 10 series nvidia gpus?00:35
wafflejockGuest68713, not that I'm aware of but I have an ancient GTX670 :)00:35
wafflejockit plays nice with that but people seem to have a lot of problems even on windows with the 1060/70/80 cards that I don't seem to have for whatever reason (granted I can't run things at ultra anymore)00:36
Guest68713I feel your pain, I was on a 750ti until recently.00:36
Guest68713I'll just download the torrent and see if I have better results00:38
Defiance_ive the 1080 hybrid and it blows thru anything i throw at it00:38
Guest68713Hey defiance, I can make you hate me with one message:00:38
wafflejockDefiance_, it should :)00:38
Guest68713I'm using my 1060 with a 6350...00:39
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Guest68713Joke's on you though, I'm full of self-loathing.00:39
Defiance_im actually running a ti550 on this machine right now00:39
Guest68713Nah man, you can blow through minecraft on that.00:40
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Guest68713K I made a dd image from torrented Ubuntu00:41
Colomboanyone know where I could download kernel with DAL support?00:42
=== alpha is now known as Guest51231
Defiance_a girlfriend of mines 7 year old son loves minecraft, has his own you tube channel for it lol00:42
Guest51231can you guys recommend any good chatrooms who are pentesting related?00:42
=== Guest51231 is now known as exodia
Guest68713Tbh I misread that message for a sec defiance.00:42
Guest68713Dang it. Same acpi problem00:43
Guest68713I'm fairly confident that this image is clean.00:44
Guest68713If it's not, I'll eat my hat.00:44
Guest68713It's weird, older versions of Ubuntu worked when I had my 750ti00:47
Guest68713There's no way it could be gpu based right?00:47
Guest68713I'm gonna add nolapic and see if that helps.00:48
Guest68713Aaand kernel panic...00:48
Guest68713I love Ubuntu but I've been trying to even get the installer since yesterday.00:49
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Guest6871300:52
ubottuGuest68713: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:52
Guest68713First thing I tried actually.00:53
Guest68713Also tried acpi=off00:53
Guest68713And nolapic00:53
Guest68713And various combinations of the 300:53
Guest68713The most luck I've had is none of the 3 because I get an Ubuntu sounding chime, but then my monitor says input not supported.00:55
fideHi all00:57
fideI am trying to install ubuntu on my laptop, but it freeze during start process00:57
fideI tried again removing splash and found out it freezes after reached target network00:58
Bashing-omfide: Wired cinnection ? As a WIFI driver may not be available .00:59
fidenmi watchdog: bug: soft lockup - cpu#1 stuck for 22s00:59
Defiance_fide have you tried any other variant of ubuntu like kubuntu or kde neon?00:59
fideBashing-om, reached target network was marked as OK, the error appeared right after01:01
fidefailed to log firmware chunk01:01
Guest68713I'm gonna try updating my bios so that the uefi isn't trash.01:01
fidefailed to start init ucode -10001:01
fideDefiance_, no I didn#t, but I am not reaching X at all01:02
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wiggmpkRunning ubuntu 16.04, vinagre is starting automatically upon login. Why is this happening?01:21
ColomboAnyone knows where I can download kernel with DAL support? Heard that DAL changes were refused to main branch.01:26
r3cluse_win 101:36
win32win 3 =P01:41
wiggmpkFor some reason vino-server and vinagre are starting automatically when I login. I have no idea why this is happening. I have unhidden the stupid "hidden" startup applications. I have deleted the vino-server.desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart. There is no reference for vinagre starting and vino-server doesn't show up in Startup Applications or /etc/xdg/autostart anymore.01:45
Dalek_Breathdoes anyone know how to disable the mail indicator icon which shows the xchat launcher from unity?01:46
Negiois this chatapp01:47
Negiois this chatapp?01:47
Dalek_Breathindicator-message icon on top panel thing01:48
whoami_hey guys...?? can you help me.. how to install driver printer canon mp287 on linux lubuntu01:52
Defiance_whoami_, http://blog.sudobits.com/2012/04/05/canon-pixma-mp287-printer-driver-for-ubuntu/01:58
Defiance_google is your friend01:58
jonnyblazegoogle is skynet01:58
whoami_ok ok01:58
Defiance_hail skynet!01:59
whoami_hello doraemon01:59
bluefox83holy crap i've never seen it this dead in here02:08
ColomboAnyone knows where I can download kernel with DAL support?02:09
netametawill set NODE_EVN='something' work on linux ?02:10
netametaor that just a windows thing ?02:10
bluefox83i think i'm the only one here and i have noooo idea02:11
bluefox83what were you using set NODE_ENV='someting'" ?02:11
netametacurrently i am nomt using set02:12
winsenhi all02:13
winsenwich reliable search engine would you suggest?02:13
netametai am using NODE_ENV='something'02:13
bluefox83but what are you using it in?02:13
bluefox83some sort of software?02:13
bazhangwinsen, that is hardly topical for ubuntu support, try a chat channel02:13
netametajust to set environment variable02:13
bluefox83in whaaaat?02:13
bluefox83are you writing some sort of software?02:14
bluefox83looks kinda like setting the environment for c++ but not exactly02:14
bluefox83especially since you just pick the path for your compiler, and let the system figure out what environment it's in at compile time02:15
netametabluefox83, its a nodejs application02:15
winsenbazhang: you think?02:15
bluefox83javascript? yuck02:15
netametaand to run it i need some variable02:15
netametayuck .. dont know if i agree02:16
winsenbazhang: maybe you're little bit exagerating.02:16
bluefox83i am02:16
bluefox83i'm not sure where you02:16
bluefox83d find that info02:16
netametabluefox83, Dont worry about it i am just going avoid set for now, thanks for your time02:18
bluefox83netameta, no problem02:19
galex-713Did anyone already made a Zalman Trimon 3d monitor work once?02:25
wiggmpkI am extremely frustrated. Someone please explain to me how vino-server and vinagre are automatically starting with no reference to them in /etc/xdg/autostart ~/.config/autostart or the GUI "Startup Applications"02:32
wiggmpkmake my Christmas come true and help me solve this dilemma02:44
wiggmpksad panda02:58
uxfimerry xmas everyone02:59
uxfihi wing02:59
wiggmpkhappy holidays :P02:59
Tuggerhey all03:06
Tuggerany1 here use zfs on ubuntu?03:06
packetwirelist channels03:08
Bashing-om!alis | packetwire03:09
ubottupacketwire: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"03:09
smurfendrek123why is no one here?03:19
smurfendrek123what is this?03:20
profetik777christmas eve03:20
smurfendrek123ye but still03:20
smurfendrek123is this freenode?03:20
profetik777its an ubuntu channel thats all i know03:21
wafflejocksmurfendrek123, yes this is just an ubuntu support channel03:22
smurfendrek123so it's not on the freenode server?03:22
smurfendrek123im messing around with a irc proxy and im a bit confused03:23
profetik777about what exactly?03:25
smurfendrek123whether or not this is going trough my proxy03:25
smurfendrek123and if it connects to the right things03:25
Bashing-omsmurfendrek123: You are connected to the freenode server . of which one of the chammels you have accessed is #ubuntu .03:25
smurfendrek123mmm that sounds good03:26
smurfendrek123but idk if im going trough my proxy03:26
smurfendrek123i think i am going trough my proxy, there's a log03:29
Bashing-omsmurfendrek123: Rub in your status window of your IRC client ' /whois smurfendrek123 ' . see if the IP relates ?03:30
smurfendrek123that's just  my external ip03:31
smurfendrek123im in the same house as my proxy :p03:31
bazhangsmurfendrek123, how is this topical for ubuntu support03:32
profetik777anyone bored and wanna chat linux lemme know03:33
bazhangto the offtopic chat channel please profetik777 and smurfendrek12303:34
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic please03:34
Bashing-omprofetik777: General ubuntu chit chat is #ubuntu-offtopic :)03:34
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LinuxNovicehello, anybody online here?03:45
bazhangLinuxNovice, did you have an ubuntu support issue03:45
crunchbanghello code03:46
crunchbanghow are you03:46
LinuxNoviceI need some comprehensive information source regarding how to use wine on ubuntu.03:46
LinuxNovicehaving some problem in configuring wine on my old laptop.03:47
LinuxNoviceand I am a beginner in Linux.03:47
bazhangLinuxNovice, #winehq is the place for that03:47
LinuxNovicehi all.03:47
crunchbangwhat os are you running with wine ?03:48
bazhangcrunchbang, this is ubuntu support03:48
LinuxNoviceI need to install Adobe acrobat pdf reader.03:48
crunchbangits all linux in the end03:48
bazhangcheck the appdb then LinuxNovice and join #winehq03:48
crunchbangeven bill knows that03:48
bazhangcrunchbang, not here03:49
LinuxNoviceI am not able to open some pdf files on ubuntu. They keep asking for password.03:49
bazhang!appdb | LinuxNovice03:49
ubottuLinuxNovice: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:49
crunchbangjk share the knowledge03:49
bazhangcheck that database LinuxNovice then go to the wine channel for support03:49
LinuxNovicebut, they are not encrypted. I can open them on Windows without any password.03:49
bazhangcrunchbang, please take the chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic thanks03:50
crunchbangpassword protexcted pdf's are impossible , try a hexeditor03:50
LinuxNoviceIt's only some pdf files. Other pdfs I can open in Ubuntu without the need for any password.03:50
crunchbangyou might get lucky03:50
crunchbangyeah lets keep it ubuntuuuuuuuuu03:51
LinuxNoviceI think they are not password protected. I can open them in Windows and some linux distros like sparky linux, without password.03:51
bazhang /join #winehq LinuxNovice03:51
LinuxNovicebazhang, ok.03:52
crunchbangLinuxNovice did you get the help you needed03:54
LinuxNovicegoing through that webpage.03:55
LinuxNoviceif I can open those pdf files on ubuntu, I won't be needing any app in wine for this.03:56
Vilegentpdf should be able to be read in evince04:00
bravisIncase you want to know about uefi04:06
hinatabokkootomehello guys04:30
hinatabokkootomeI want to folk i2c touchscreen rotation sensor. Where is the source. Pls help04:31
=== FJB-Guy is now known as amflir
hinatabokkootomeubuntu 16.04 gnome 2.18 i2c sensor driver work out of box on my lenovo yoga bt stop after bios update04:32
wafflejockhinatabokkootome, post here on how to get sources from packages in the repository and rebuild a package http://askubuntu.com/questions/28372/how-do-i-get-and-modify-the-source-code-of-packages-installed-through-apt-get04:38
wiggmpkHow do I stop vinagre from automatically starting when I log in04:57
techrunnerSo I have been having this weird problem if I connect a PS4 controller to my Ubuntu Mate Laptop to where when I do my Wifi & Ethernet stops working but the controller works perfectly fine. Any Ideas whats wrong?05:10
MarcoPis there not a terminal command that can grab all updates....program updates and security updates that is not really long?05:17
sintresudo apt update05:18
sintrethen sudo apt upgrade05:18
techrunnerYea I am up to date already05:18
MarcoPthat does not do security updates i don't think05:19
MarcoPi still got prompted for a security updated after that.05:19
MarcoPthe ubuntu base updates05:19
MarcoPi know about sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:20
techrunnerthere is also dist-upgrade and full-upgrade05:20
MarcoPyea i know05:20
MarcoPso I need to type all that :)05:20
MarcoPmaybe the gui is better :P05:20
MarcoPthere should be a single command to grab all updates05:21
techrunnerI prefer "sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade -y"05:21
MarcoPseems like some updates only work with dist-upgrade05:21
MarcoPsome updates don't work with that right?05:21
sintreupdate command is only a checking service05:21
MarcoPi've still gotten prompts after running that05:21
MarcoPi know05:22
sintreto compare current packages with whats i repos05:22
MarcoPbut even after upgrad ive still gotten a update prompt05:22
sintrebtw merry x-mas05:22
MarcoPmerry christmas05:22
sintreto all who shall be waiting late night for santa :)05:22
techrunnerpacman was on ubuntu because "sudo pacman -Syu" is nicer05:22
MarcoPi was running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:22
MarcoPthen i ran distro-upgrade to get some more updates05:23
sintremarco> to be expected05:23
MarcoPI guess the gui is the easiest05:23
MarcoPit takes all those commands?05:23
sintreif your doing distro upgrade05:23
MarcoPsecurity bas update05:23
MarcoPif that is what you mean by distro upgrade?05:24
MarcoPdistro upgrades includes the security base updates?05:24
sintrenew release normally include newer packages  with security fixes05:27
sintreok try this05:27
VystyI just bought a new webcam and I'm unable to get my computer to detect it with 16.04. I've used Cheese so far. Can anyone help me troubleshoot?05:27
sintresudo apt full-upgrade05:27
crunchbangsorry had to respawn05:28
crunchbangwhois active on here05:29
MarcoPthanks sintre05:35
sintremerry -xmas05:35
LinuxNovicehello, can the page hit ranking given in distrowatch.com be relied upon to choose a suitable distro?05:37
sintrenot in paticular, that just mean thier current popularirty05:38
sintreif high raninking most likely a decent distro , but all have different purposes05:38
sintreso figure out what you want , then research said distro05:38
LinuxNoviceyes. They have an option to search based on different criteria. That filters out the various distros and suggests some. Can I expect it to be up to date and correct?05:40
sintrei would assume if it has a high ranking in traffic , it would me its supported and has a community base05:41
sintreBut again you need to figure out what you want05:41
LinuxNoviceso, I can be reasonably sure that the distros with high page hit ranking are more reliable?05:45
sintreno , reliable is relative term05:45
sintrelarger popular distros with larger communities can be i gues sinfered to be more reliable as people are actively updating them05:46
sintresin you came to ubuntu channel maybe try ubuntu?05:46
sintrewould be a good start on linux journey05:47
LinuxNoviceok. How about them being more preferred and having more users than others?05:47
sintrepage hits and users arfen't the same thing05:47
sintreso if you want to try linux i suggeast you try it , download an iso and boot it from a usb stick05:48
sintresee if you like it05:48
LinuxNoviceok. Which distros have largerer user base? I know Ubuntu is popular. But, generally.05:48
sintreubuntu if you add in its dirivativves05:49
sintrefedora has alot because its almost a mac clone05:49
sintreand many man more that get more and more specialized05:49
sintredownload a ubuntu lts05:49
LinuxNoviceso many respins of Ubuntu, Debian. Confused, whether to go for main distros or their respins or derivatives.05:50
sintreput it on ausb stick and many direction you can ge toff of google on how to dothat05:50
sintrewithout any risk05:50
sintreand see for yourself how it works on your hardware05:50
LinuxNoviceI am doing the same. I'm using live usb of LXLE now.05:50
sintrewell i personally use kubuntu05:51
zomboy121I'm not a big fan of kde05:51
sintrewhich is ubuntu that coem pre packaged witha  kde desktop enviroment05:51
LinuxNoviceyour opinion about lxle. I have an old laptop. I need some lightweight distro.05:51
sintrefine again to each thier own05:51
sintrethats the cool thing05:51
sintrecan find something that suits you05:52
LinuxNovicekde will be too much for my laptop, I feel.05:52
sintrewell i'm using kubuntu on a 1.4 ghz core 2 duo with 2 gigs of ram that is 8 years old05:52
sintreand it does all normall stuff fine05:52
zomboy121So the feature was implemented,     you don't have to have the taskbar on the side anymore, by force that is, right¿05:53
sintreif that gives you an idea on what is needed spec wise05:53
zomboy121Obviously talking about unity05:53
sintreI don't use normal ubuntu tm so i couldn't tell you05:53
zomboy121I really would like to know05:53
sintreuse a live usb and find out05:54
sintreyou can find out if you put the effort in05:54
zomboy121Truest answer i could have got thanks05:54
LinuxNovicesintre, why do you prefer kde over other DEs?05:54
zomboy121I never did the research of what mate really is05:55
sintreI can configure it far more if needed than others , and i just like it05:55
LinuxNoviceI have an old laptop with Intel Celeron M single core processor 1.6 Ghz, 2 gb ram05:55
zomboy121Kde offers as lot, expansive becomes expensive though05:55
sintrealso plsma the is under alot of development atm05:55
AndseliskIf you are not afraid of frozen or randomly disappearing applets, then MATE is a way to go05:55
zomboy121Who would fear that05:56
LinuxNoviceI found lxle to be the most high ranked distro for old laptops on distrowatch. That's why I am trying a live usb of that. Need some more options.05:57
zomboy121Gosh all the things I'm gonna do I already know how05:57
zomboy121Don't know why I'm here05:57
zomboy121Maybe off topic would better suit me05:58
zomboy121I like answering questions05:58
zomboy121I'm just enjoying my music05:59
zomboy121VLC has an excellent equalizer05:59
sintrewell zom > not happy to spend my early x-mas morning with somebody who wants to talk arrogantly about my attempt to help them with questions they asked in the first place05:59
LinuxNoviceany suggestions please?06:01
LinuxNoviceis kde better than other DEs?06:01
LinuxNovicelike xfce or mate?06:01
wafflejockLinuxNovice, totally opinion based06:02
wafflejockLinuxNovice, it depends on the hardware the use case and the user06:02
LinuxNovicedoes that suit my laptop. The specs I mentioned above.06:02
zomboy121I would use cinnomin06:03
wafflejockLinuxNovice, no real loss (aside from a bit of time) in trying out a few desktop environments if you have a USB drive download a few ISOs dd em to the flash drive and boot into a live session and see if you like it06:03
zomboy121Or just use unetbootin06:04
LinuxNoviceI don't want the system to be sluggish. That's all I want.06:04
zomboy121Instead of dd06:04
zomboy121If you wanna learn less06:04
wafflejockLinuxNovice, well if you just want it not to be sluggish you could skip the DE entirely :)06:04
zomboy121Do more faster06:04
LinuxNovicejust wanna revive this very old laptop of mine.06:04
wafflejockLinuxNovice, LXDE and Xubuntu seem to be the "lightest" options available but no way to know but to test06:04
wafflejocker xfce rather06:04
zomboy121Oh LinuxNovice revive an on desktop with xfce for sure06:05
wafflejockMate works fine on skimpy hardware like raspberry pi as well so that's an option06:05
LinuxNoviceok. I will do that.06:05
zomboy121LinuxNovice I think you'll enjoy that06:07
LinuxNovicewhich one?06:07
zomboy121Certainly more than something to do for an hour if you're enjoying the whole Linux thing06:07
LinuxNovicezomboy121, which one?06:07
LinuxNoviceyou mean Xubuntu?06:08
LinuxNoviceok. I'll try that.06:08
zomboy121How old is it?06:08
LinuxNoviceXubuntu 16.10 or 16.04?06:09
LinuxNovicealmost 11 year old06:09
zomboy121That's good cause you'll have good automatic driver support06:09
zomboy121You pick they're debated on stability that's all I know06:10
LinuxNovicexfce is better than mate?06:10
xanguaLinuxNovice: I said Lubuntu the last time you were here, I say it again06:10
zomboy121I'm on Android haven't used Linux in a smile I'm going to do a custom install tomorrow for a live USB maybe06:11
zomboy121Oh yah xangua is right06:11
zomboy121Is better06:11
LinuxNoviceyes. But, Lubuntu is not for beginners, I think. I rely completely on GUI.06:12
zomboy121For that hardware06:12
zomboy121It has a fairly decent GUI, for the age of that hardware I'd be debating myself06:12
LinuxNovicelxle is also a respin of lubuntu, isn't it?06:14
zomboy121That's not in my timeline of use, to put it frankly06:14
zomboy121Dunno what that is06:14
=== nova is now known as Guest22372
xanguaLinuxNovice: lxle is not supported here06:15
zomboy121Made me gtfm06:15
LinuxNoviceI am downloading Lubuntu now.06:16
LinuxNoviceWill try Xubuntu also.06:17
zomboy121Google that for me06:17
zomboy121Yah good idea no harm in that06:17
zomboy121What's your main objective, in using Linux06:18
LinuxNoviceJust to make this very old laptop usable again.06:18
LinuxNoviceWant it to be smooth and convenient to use.06:19
LinuxNovicealso need a linux distro that replaces Windows for me.06:20
zomboy121Replaces Windows ranges from impossible to easy06:23
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE06:55
LinuxNovicethanks guys, for your inputs and suggestions.06:59
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stevendaleHi. I haven't been able to find the answer online. Do the 64-bit alternate images contain files for booting on a EFI/UEFI system?07:32
cfhowlettall 64 bit images support efi07:32
stevendaleOkay thanks cfhowlett :)07:32
shalokI'm running xenial, but I want the yakkety version of 'pidgin-sipe'. I modified my source.list to use yakkety and updated, but I still don't see the yakkety version of pidgin-sipe when I look in aptitude. Why not?07:59
cfhowlettshalok, mixing source lists is not how that's done and it will break things.08:00
cfhowlettbuild from source08:00
shalokcfhowlett: You mean download a .tar.gz and run ./configure etc?08:00
cfhowlett!source | shalok08:01
ubottushalok: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html08:01
freeshitnodei am a shit08:02
freeshitnodeyou are all shits08:02
freeshitnodemerry fucking christmas to all of you shits08:02
cfhowlettyes you are.  and now your are ignored08:03
freeshitnodecfhowlett is a shit08:03
jociGood morning!08:12
shalokubottu: Wow, that was super easy. Thanks!08:13
ubottushalok: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:13
DrManhattanHello, I'm on ubuntu 16.04 with 2 NICs. I am using a VPN but I would like to make sure that VNC traffic does NOT route through the VPN but through the second NIC. Is this possible?08:14
shalokDrManhattan: I don't know the specifics, but I think that `iptables` might be able to help with that.08:17
DrManhattanI think iptables can help me force the traffic to a certain NIC, but I'll need a route for that NIC as well to keep it from using the VPN08:19
jociHi guys! i need to accelerate the virtual machine in android app studio, i know i need to use the KVM, but i dont know what is the right permission to access /dev/kvm. How shall i do that ?08:40
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Dolmen0so how is everyone this fine day08:54
jociDolmen0: super good08:54
jociDolmen0:and you?08:54
jociubuntu-gnome: can you help me out?:)09:02
gokgainzhi all09:05
Dolmen0gokgainz: hello09:05
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Dolmen0joci: you mentioned needing help earlier, did you get your issue resolved?09:09
jocinot yet, im still searcing09:09
jociDolmen0: not yet , im still searcing09:10
John[Lisbeth]Merry Chrismtas and Happy Holidays, #ubuntu. Thank you for spending countless hours helping new Linux users, even if all they want to do is get their wifi working 90% of the time09:35
John[Lisbeth]It really takes patience and I appreciate all of you09:35
MrMartHello! I just tried to add a ppa but it 404 on me when running update (probably because it didn't have xenial packages). I instead manually added it to my sources.list with willy (15.10) as ubuntu version instead. Is this seen as malpractice or something that could cause problembs=09:51
Ben64MrMart: bad idea09:52
John[Lisbeth]You may want to contact the creator of the ppa09:52
John[Lisbeth]some ppas just do not work anymore. It is a sad but true thing09:52
mitchelHi guys09:54
mitcheldoes anyone own a Raspberry Pi?09:54
Bluebell_what about it?09:55
MrMartBen64: Thanks. I'll do it the right way then :)09:55
mitchelI need some help with X11 forwarding.09:56
mitchelSo I found this guy on reddit, and he posted about his desktop with having two taskbars on his desktop, one is from the Pi and one is from his own machine, all on one monitor. I tried to contact him how he did it but he doesnt seem to be responding. I got a screenshot of it though.09:57
leenuxmitchel, what help do u need10:10
jeanneJe ne trouve pas l'option pour activer la mise à jour dans Kubuntu pour permettre la migration vers la dernière version, à partir de Xenial10:24
jeannedans systemsettings10:24
Bluebell_jeanne #ubuntu-fr ?10:26
mocxzwphi t110:27
incognito-dgwhy do ubuntu updates use up all my inodes? Don't they have a way to update whithout using up all kinds of inodes unnecessarily? I know if I zero out my root partition and reinstall 14.01 with the current kernel release my inode usage will be back down to less than 40%. This doesn't seem practical.11:02
rakyiI swapped esc and caps lock using gnome-tweak-tool, but I'm not able to cancel alt-tab window switching or super-w window overview by pressing the caps lock key (remapped to esc), only by pressing the original esc key which also toggles caps lock. Would it help to remap them on a lower level and if yes, how would I do that?11:03
allard-alfaHi there)11:05
ducasseincognito-dg: that sounds odd, a full install on one of my machines takes less than 2%11:05
ducasserakyi: use setxkbmap to set caps lock to esc11:06
rakyiducasse: tried right now, leads to same behavior11:09
ducasserakyi: strange, x should no longer see the caps lock event.11:10
ducasserakyi: did you clear the tweak-tool settings first?11:11
rakyiducasse: yes, disabled in tweak-tool, tested if caps is back to default and then setxkbmap -option caps:swapescape11:13
incognito-dgducasse: that would tell me that most likely you don't use separate partitions for root and home. Usually when my inodes run out there is still 25% or more actual space left on the partition. I know that it does not necessarily need to be that way. I know that when I delete old versions of the kernel it doesn't clean up all the files that it could. So there are unnecessary, unused files left over.11:13
ducasseincognito-dg: i use separate partitions, but /home is almost empty.11:15
ducasseincognito-dg: unfortunately this is my only machine with ext4, so i can't compare with any others.11:16
catalin_Hello, I'm using Ubuntu 16.10 and the wifi on HP Probook 450 g2 is disconnecting at about 5 min intervals. Is there any laptop user who had a similar issue?11:17
catalin__it did it again :(11:17
incognito-dgdecasse: /home is not using up the inodes. It's root that's using up all the inodes. It's unnecessary files left over from previous kernels that's using up the inodes. I know I'll have to make bigger partitions for root, but I wish ubuntu would use up all the space before it used up the inodes.11:18
rakyiducasse: I think tweak-tool and setxkbmap might be using the same underlying mechanism to remap the keys, so do you know if there is any other (lower-level) options?11:19
ducasserakyi: unfortunately not, setxkbmap uses xkb, i think that is as low as you can get.11:20
dark_witcherHey, guys, how are you?11:22
dark_witcherI'm trying to install my-sql-5.6 on ubuntu 16.10  but I get an error - Initscripts can't be installed11:22
leenuxssup dark_witcher11:22
rakyiducasse: should I report it as a bug then? if so, where/under which package?11:23
ducassedark_witcher: can you pastebin the full message?11:23
dark_witcherdpkg -l initsctipts gives me that there is no version available11:23
leenuxhavent they switched to systemd ?11:23
leenuxI dont think there is init on 16.011:24
dark_witcherleenux, yeah, there is no init11:24
dark_witcheri tried downloading a .deb package for 15.0411:24
leenuxare you installing via dpkg?11:24
dark_witcherbut it can't install11:24
leenuxjust build from source11:24
ducasserakyi: not sure, maybe file it against tweak-tool and someone can decide if that is correct.11:25
leenuxbut my opinion is dont go for mysql11:25
sp00kyou guys know of any decent laptop that has good battery life on ubuntu? i want to change my x200 to something with upgraded hardware11:25
leenuxuse other alternatives11:25
ducassedark_witcher: if you're trying to install a .deb for 15.04 you *will* have problems11:25
dark_witcherleenux, yeah, problem is that my employer whants me to work with mysql in specifique11:25
leenuxbattery life = switching off anything not neccessary .. that includes KDE and GNOME11:26
leenuxhmm ok11:26
dark_witcherducasse: tell me about it :D11:26
rakyiducasse: ok, thanks for help11:26
ducassedark_witcher: pastebin full error, let me take a look.11:26
dark_witchersp00k: if you want a good battery life, try with Arch Linux, with no DE11:26
dark_witcherThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:27
dark_witcher mysql-server-5.6 : Depends: initscripts but it is not installable11:27
dark_witcher                    Recommends: libhtml-template-perl but it is not going to be installed11:27
dark_witcherE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:27
leenuxdo try on a virtual instance first so that you can test and wipe11:28
leenuxand i'd suggest 5.711:28
dark_witcherit is a fresh install of the budgie remix version of the os, so I don't care that much11:28
leenuxjust ask the person why he insists 5.611:28
dark_witcherleenus, I'm from Bulgaria, people here are stupid and think they know more than you about stuff that they never heard before...11:29
ducassedark_witcher: there is no mysql-server-5.6 for 16.10, only 5.711:29
ducassedark_witcher: also, we don't support budgie11:30
leenuxdark_witcher, hmm ok11:30
dark_witcherducasse: thanks, leenux  told me already :D11:30
dark_witcherleenux, the interesting thing is that I was running mint 18 witch is based on ubuntu 16.04 till yesterday and had no problems on it :D11:31
leenuxdark_witcher, well they have their own repositories .. so dont expect things to work everywhere11:32
incognito-dgdark_witcher: is there a specific reason you want mysql 5.6? Can you use 5.7?11:32
dark_witcherleenux, you are right, for the most part it does doe, that is why I prefer Linux OS to Windows :D11:33
incognito-dgdark-witcher: Oh, I just noticed someone already asked you that. My screen was scrolled up.11:33
dark_witcherincognito-dg, my client/boss asked for it11:33
leenuxdark_witcher,  you are comparing apples to oranges ;)11:33
dark_witcherincognito-dg, no prob :)11:34
dark_witcherleenux, yes I am xD11:34
leenuxdark_witcher, besides i'm really allergic to wondoze11:34
dark_witcherleenux, but the same goes with Deb/Ubuntu based distributions - for the most part it all works :D11:35
incognito-dgdark_witcher: does you client have a legitimate reason to want 5.6, or do they even know why the want 5.6?11:35
dark_witcherleenux, actually due to gaming reasons I'm dual-booting with windows 10 and it is actually decent11:35
dark_witcherincognito-dg, no, they don't that is why I'm now installing 5.711:36
dark_witcherincognito-dg, to be honest I didn't even know that 5.7 is out11:36
leenuxdark_witcher, yeah many people keep an offline wondoze box for gaming only11:37
leenuxdark_witcher, do you speak english in bulgaria? your english seems good11:37
dark_witcherleenux, it ain't good for anything else, although with steam being the way it is now and wine supporting newer windows packages, I can play all the games I play in linux11:38
dark_witcher(except The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age 3)11:38
leenuxyeah I played a few on wine .. and you wont belive some worked better !!11:39
dark_witcherleenux, no, we speak Bulgarian :D thanks, I've studied it for 14 years :D11:39
leenuxdark_witcher, ok .. good for you :)11:39
dark_witcherleenux, StarCraft 2 works better on wine for me than in Windows11:39
leenuxdark_witcher,  I dont game much now , but splinter cell and vegas 6 worked ok  on 14.0411:41
cfochI want to create a Ubuntu USB11:41
cfochdd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb11:41
cfochis it okay that way?11:41
cfochMerry Christmass, btw :)11:42
dark_witcherleenux, not a big fan on either of them :D, more of an RTS/Moba gamer :)11:43
dark_witcherleenux, thanks for the help, again and Merry Christmas :)11:43
leenuxdark_witcher, no probs ;) MC to you as well11:43
ducassecfoch: if sdb is your usb, yes :) put bs=4M at the end, though11:45
cfochwhy bs=4M ?11:45
rakyiducasse: I found a workaround: https://github.com/oblitum/caps2esc11:45
ducassecfoch: speeds it up11:45
cfochducasse: do I need to format?11:45
ducassecfoch: no, you overwrite the entire device11:46
leenuxcfoch, bs=block size11:49
leenuxcfoch,  also run sync at the end of the command11:50
leenuxcfoch, https://nixalley.blogspot.in/2013/08/making-bootable-pen-drive-in-one-command.html11:51
incognito-dgdark_witcher: wow I didn't know wine had come so far these days. Have you ever tried running Photoshop or PS creative suite in linux or ubuntu?11:53
cfochwhy sync? I did without sync. It does not work.11:53
cfochsorry, I like to know the reason why I execute certain command11:54
FinalXsync exits after all data has been succesfully written to all devices, incl. the flash drive11:54
FinalXso you'll be sure that all data was done writing before you unplug it11:54
FinalXOS will often cache writes, so otherwise it might not be done when you unplug it11:55
guardianL_gtk-theme-config ftw11:57
leenuxcfoch, try it again follow the link i sent11:57
leenuxcfoch, also, you have to select the first boot device on BIOS11:58
xXEoflaOEXxA m11:58
xXEoflaOEXxAnd make sure you have selected USB b11:58
cfochyes, i did that11:58
galex-713Did anyone tested 3D screens under GNU/Linux?11:59
xXEoflaOEXxReboot from USB, and if it says "No operating system" or something similar, you did not make the USB bootable.12:00
xXEoflaOEXxgalex-713, Did you mean Compiz?12:01
galex-713no I mean 3d stereoscopy12:01
galex-713especially passive 3d stereoscopy12:01
cfochno, my bootable usb wont work12:02
xXEoflaOEXxgalex-713, No, I did not test that.12:02
galex-713Ok so did anyone tested 3D stereoscopy under GNU/Linux? :/12:02
xXEoflaOEXxcfoch, Did the message "No bootable device" or something similar appeared?12:02
cfocherror: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found12:03
cfochbut I think that is the message after passing to read the hard disk with my damaged ubuntu partition12:03
incognito-dgleenux: I have a new drive with windows 10 on it. I am going to dual boot it with ubuntu, but I want to preserve the windows 10 boot system. Could I use a same or similar command to, say, re-deploy that windows installation onto a 200 Gig partition?12:04
leenuxincognito-dg, resize the windows partition and install linux on the "free space" such created12:05
fifhey friend :)12:06
fifmy friend's ubuntu has been fucked up somehow and he want to save his files, so I suggested him to enter safe mode and copy them to DOK, but it appears that in safe mode, it does not listening or identifying the DOK12:06
leenuxcfoch, did you follow the instruction in the link?12:06
fif[14:05] <fif> any advices?12:06
leenuxcfoch, then maybe your ISO is corrupt12:06
leenuxcheck it with the md5 sum12:07
cfochhow can I know that?12:07
leenuxmd5 hash12:07
leenuxyou will get the md5 hasg from the server you have downloaded12:07
VIkram Ignoring file '20auto-upgrades.ucf-old' in directory '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension12:07
leenux* hash12:07
cfochmd5sum right?12:07
leenuxrun md5sum filename.iso12:08
leenuxit should match with the one provided with the server12:08
leenuxby the server12:08
VIkrami install 16.1012:09
VIkrambut not my scanner is not working12:09
VIkramand also not installed12:09
incognito-dgleenux: yes, I know how to do that, but I want to preserve the windows boot system. (I forget what they call it) When I resize the partition and install ubunto in the free space, grub will overwrite the windows boot system. So I want to create a separate drive to clone windows onto it in order to preserve the windows boot system. Can I do that with dd?12:09
VIkramwhen i try to install it shows error12:09
cfochI think that is the problem12:10
VIkramhello any one here12:10
VIkramneed hel12:11
VIkramneed help12:11
incognito-dgVIdram: ask away12:11
cfochthis is strange, I used hexdump and it has only zeros12:11
leenuxincognito-dg, i dont use win 1 but AFAIK, grub will identify the windows install and make a menu entry12:11
VIkramhello my 16.10 is not working propelly12:11
leenuxcfoch, do the mdsums match?12:12
incognito-dgVIdram: describe the problem12:12
cfochleenux:  it doesn't12:12
incognito-dgVIkram: describe the problem12:13
leenuxcfoch, your iso is either corrupt or worse tainted12:13
VIkramincognito: when  want to scan the document it shows that driver not install but when i install then is shows error12:13
leenuxcfoch, that dosent look good .. use a new iso and always get it from the official repos12:14
leenuxVIkram, what document?12:14
incognito-dgVIkram: What printer are you using?12:14
VIkram and red circle with white - in that on the top bar of my desktop12:14
VIkramHP desket 105012:14
VIkramincognito-dg: HP desket 105012:15
VIkramincognito-dg: earlier on 16.04 it work well12:15
incognito-dgVIkram: was the ubuntu printer tool able to discover the printer?12:16
VIkramincognito-dg: yes for printer and for scanner it ust show drivewr not found12:17
cfochleenux, thank you12:17
VIkramincognito-dg: yes for printer and for scanner it just show drivewr not found12:17
cfochFeliz Navidad12:17
leenuxcfoch, np ;)12:17
leenuxVIkram, use the driver closest to the model12:18
leenuxdont auto detect .. choose the driver manually12:18
incognito-dgVIkram: Sorry, but your answer seems to contradict itself. So are you saying that the ubuntu printer tool was unable to detect your printer?12:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:18
incognito-dgVIkram: also you may be able to find an ubuntu driver from the manufacture. I don't know about hp, but I know epson makes good drivers for linux/ubuntu12:19
VIkramincognito-dg: its detect the printer but not printing even not the test page12:20
ubuntu059moin leute12:20
VIkramincognito-dg: Error broken count >012:20
ubuntu059jemand ne idee wie ich unter ubuntu 16.10 mein lappi mit dem router mittels wps push button verbinde über terminal12:21
ubuntu059kenne die parameter nicht mehr und google scheinbar auch nicht^^12:21
incognito-dgVIkram: are you using 16.10 now?12:22
ubuntu059jemand ne idee wie ich unter ubuntu 16.10 mein lappi mit dem router mittels wps push button verbinde über terminal12:23
ubuntu059kenne die parameter nicht mehr und google scheinbar auch nicht^^12:23
VIkramincognito-dg: yes12:23
ubuntu059english??? no german?12:24
VIkramincognito-dg:  i upgrade to 16.10 from 16.0412:24
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ubuntu059I`ve a question about ubuntu12:25
ubuntu059what ist the parameter for ubuntu about my laptop to connect to my router with wps push button methoe about my terminal12:25
ubuntu059I´ve forget it+12:25
ubuntu059wps supplicant or so12:26
ubuntu059you know what I want??? laptop connect with router about wps push button methode in terminal with parameter12:27
leenuxWPS is insecure12:29
leenuxturn it off12:29
ubuntu059nooo I say me the code pls12:30
ubuntu059it is for my work12:30
ubuntu059I mean this wpa_cli wps_pbc ...thx ^^12:31
ukernyanzhi everyone, i have some problems with applications which uses Breeze icons or other kde icons sets under unity. Even if a choose another icons, after an application restart, icons are still in "Adwaita" icon set. When I log to the plasma desktop, everything works fine. Can you help me to solve the problem?12:34
incognito-dgVIkram: you might be able to fix it with this command: sudo apt-get install hp-ppd printer-driver-hpijs hpijs-ppds hplip printer-driver-hpcups hplip-data hplip-dbg hplip-doc hplip-gui djtools12:39
bombuehi all!12:44
sdsdsdhi, ive installed Lubuntu on a inspiron mini (which is like an eee) but resolution seems not fit the screen monitor, how do i adjust the settings to fit monitor size?12:56
nuno_nunessdsdsd, is a graphical card is?12:57
sdsdsdwhat do you mean? what graphic card is? i have no idea, but it seems its related to gma500 or smthing12:58
nuno_nuneswait a moment12:58
nuno_nunesversion lubuntu is?12:59
nuno_nunessdsdsd, view: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226934112:59
sdsdsdnuno_nunes: i think its 14.0413:03
sdsdsdanyway i dont think i need to install drivers as they came built-in13:03
sdsdsdi just want to adjust the proper settings to be able to work13:03
incognito-dgsdsdsd: I'm not familiar with lubuntu, but can you find Applications >  System Tools > System Settings > Displays then click on the Resolutions dropdown. Does it give you any choices. Try the different resolutions.13:05
ekahi all13:09
ekaanyone knows why when copying big files to usb stick the system goes to CPU Usage > 6 and becomes unusable till the copy finish? doesn't happen in other OSes with same flash stick13:09
incognito-dgeka: are you using an old computer?13:10
ekaincognito-dg: sorry, no, i5 6th gen 16gb ram 1tb HDD13:11
ekaincognito-dg: assembled this PC some months ago13:11
MonkeyDusti use indicator-cpufreq to prevent my CPU from going in overdrive13:11
ekaMonkeyDust: how do you prevent with an indicator?13:11
Takenhow i connect to deffirent irc using xchat13:11
MonkeyDusteka  it lets you set the cpu speed13:12
=== vic is now known as Guest69470
MonkeyDustit's interactive13:12
incognito-dgMonkeyDust: does it let you set cpu speed per application?13:13
MonkeyDustincognito-dg  no13:13
ekawell I could do the copy via shell and use nice?13:13
incognito-dgTaken: #join13:14
ekaincognito-dg: do you meant /join?13:15
incognito-dgeka: yes... been a long time13:20
incognito-dgTaken: /join correction13:20
leenuxsup ppl13:21
warrshrikedoes ifconfig give the external ip?13:21
leenuxwarrshrike, no13:21
warrshrikeOkay so. I'm trying to ssh into my work pc running ubuntu13:21
warrshrikeim currently accessing with teamviewer13:21
warrshrikebut id prefer ssh13:22
warrshrikethe internet infrastructure is complicated with nats and what not so im not sure if the machine has static external ip13:22
warrshrikehow can i check?13:22
leenuxwont have13:23
leenuxyou can check by pinging the IP address of that machine13:23
leenuxmostly it will have to be port forwarded from your souters side13:23
warrshrikehmm the router stuff is a big enterprise network with 1000's of machines that'l be hard13:24
warrshrikei google my public ip on remote machine and tried that but i cant ping it13:24
warrshrikessh says ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused13:24
leenuxu need to revesit your basics13:25
leenuxut IP is not important13:25
leenuxthe other IP where sshd is running is important13:25
\9warrshrike: if you get connection refused then your ssh server is not running13:25
\9or it's not running on that port13:25
warrshrikeleenux: im talking about the other ip -___-13:26
BluesKajA very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it :-)13:27
leenuxare u from pakistan?13:27
warrshrike /9 how can I make sure its running? i installed ssh from apt-get13:27
\9warrshrike: did you install openssh-server?13:27
warrshrikeleenux: yeah how can you tell my ip?13:28
\9warrshrike: ssh client and server come in separate packages13:28
\9warrshrike: i'd also recommend installing sshguard with it13:28
leenuxif you cant ping it you wont be able to connect13:28
leenuxyou must be having firewalls13:28
\9but he's getting "connection refused"13:28
\9so he's getting through13:28
\9but there's no ssh server13:28
leenuxcan he ping it?13:29
\9ping uses a different protocol than ssh13:29
warrshrikeyeah i think its worth a shot13:29
leenuxnc -z ip port13:29
\9especially in complex networks such as in workplaces it may only allow ssh through13:29
warrshrikeokay installing13:29
warrshrikeopen ssh server is already installed13:30
warrshrikeleenux: not response from that command13:31
leenuxnc -z ip port ; echo $?13:33
warrshrikeestart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused13:34
warrshrikei cant restart ssh server on target machine13:34
warrshrikewhat gives?13:34
warrshrikeleenux: still no output13:34
leenuxnc -z ip port ; echo $?13:34
warrshrikeleenux: still no output13:34
yao_ziyuana bug in ubuntu 16.10 makes me believe its software is not mature enough, so i have been staying with 15.10. can any ubuntu 16.10 user tell me if this bug still exists? plug in a mobile hard disk, create a temporary file on it, move the file to trash using File Manager (Nautilus). the bug is that the Trash won't show the deleted file.13:34
leenuxit has to give either 1 or 013:34
warrshrikeeh maybe its deciding what to give?13:35
leenuxi hope you are specifying the Ip address and the port13:35
leenuxfor ex13:35
leenuxnc -z 22 ;  echo $?13:36
warrshrikei am13:38
warrshrikeshould i try changing port to 443?13:38
warrshrikemaybe itl confuse the firewall if theres any13:38
leenuxit has to give 0 or 113:38
warrshrikeit gave 113:38
warrshriketi gave 1!13:38
leenuxthat means ther is no server running on 22 or it cant reach it13:38
warrshrikei think there is no server running13:39
warrshrikebecause i tried13:39
warrshrikesudo restart ssh13:39
warrshrikeand it said13:39
warrshrikeestart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused13:39
warrshrikewhat do you think?13:39
\9try sudo service sshd restart13:40
warrshrikeI did do sudo...13:41
warrshrikeokay that works13:42
warrshrikebut sudo restart ssh still give error even after that13:42
\9sudo restart ssh is not how you restart ssh.13:42
warrshrikeoh i was following stack overflow13:43
rommel16.04? systemd now isnt it13:43
=== cy is now known as Guest62168
warrshriketried changing the port to 443 didnt work ssh: connect to host port 443: Connection refused13:43
\9my guess is your ip is wrong13:44
sdsdsdincognito-dg: nuno_nunes: but whats the proper resolution for a netbook like an inspiron mini?13:44
warrshrikei got the ip by googling my ip on the remote machine13:44
\9maybe your outside connection goes to some other computer13:45
sdsdsdi think this is a bios issue, sometimes pc bios boots with good resolution other times not13:45
\9there could be any number of routers in between13:45
warrshrike \9 well teamviewer works13:45
warrshrikeisnt there some similar ip agnostic solution for ssh13:45
\9try do: ssh localhost -p 443 on the remote machine13:46
\9can you connect to the remote machine on the remote machine?13:46
warrshrikeconnection refused13:46
\9then your ssh is not running on that port13:47
warrshrikealso changed port back to 22..13:47
warrshrikeso how can fix it? sshd_config says it is 22 indeed13:47
\9then it's 2213:47
\9try ssh localhost13:47
warrshrikeyeah i did that13:48
warrshrikeit says13:48
warrshrikeconnection refused13:48
\9is your ssh running at all?13:48
EriC^warrshrike: try netstat -tuln13:48
warrshrikewell how can i know?13:49
\9because you definitely should be able to connect locally to your ssh server if it was running13:49
EriC^warrshrike: try netstat -tlp13:49
warrshrikeEriC^: I got a list of ips13:49
warrshrikeI got a list of ports now13:50
EriC^any ssh?13:50
warrshrikehttp, https, 5939 and :domain13:50
incognito-dgsdsdsd: 1024 x 60013:50
warrshrike \9 and EriC^ so i guess it isnt running since i cant localhost connect it13:51
warrshrikehow can i make it run?13:51
EriC^warrshrike: try sudo iptables -L13:51
\9sudo service sshd start13:52
EriC^*ssh ^13:52
warrshrikeEriC^: got three lines which say chain13:52
warrshrike\9 i did run that...13:52
EriC^does it say accept for the incoming connections?13:52
warrshrikeEriC^: yep13:53
andyworkhey whats up with unity-panel-service using big chunks of memory 16.10?13:56
nuno_nunessdsdsd, this a change this file13:56
sdsdsdnuno_nunes: i already change grub file13:56
sdsdsdit not works well13:56
warrshrikeany other ideas?13:56
warrshrikeor is there no way?13:56
sdsdsdi think this is related to BIOS or smthing13:56
EriC^warrshrike: try grep -i port /etc/ssh/sshd_config13:57
sdsdsdeg. sometimes netbook boots with proper settings other times not13:57
incognito-dgsdsdsd: are you still talking about the resolution problem?13:57
warrshrikeEriC^: it says 2213:57
incognito-dgsdsdsd: it sounds like you may have to run the xranr command13:57
sdsdsdnot sure if its the resolution or other problem like window not fitting screen monitor13:58
warrshrikei think the config is alright but ssh server just isnt running13:58
sdsdsdyes i already try to use xrandr, but it seems that i solve nothing13:58
sdsdsdg2g now13:59
sdsdsdill b back later13:59
EriC^warrshrike: try sudo systemctl status ssh13:59
incognito-dgsdsdsd: did you tell xrandr the resolution of your screen with the with the --newmode flag?14:01
warrshrikeit seems to be running14:01
warrshrikegreen dot14:01
warrshrikeActive: active (running)14:02
EriC^warrshrike: does it say which port at the bottom?14:02
warrshrikeServer listening on port 443. 00-MT sshd[21415]: Server listening on :: port 443.14:03
warrshrikeI did change it 443 then changed it back to 2214:03
sdsdsdno incognito-dg14:03
warrshrikeokay so i can connect to ssh localhost -p443 now14:04
sdsdsdi think that resolution is fine but screen its not ajdusting to monitor size14:04
warrshrikeNow how to connect from remote machine?14:04
incognito-dgsdsdsd: the command will look something like this: xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00" 173.00 1920 2040 22408 2576 1080 1083 1088 1120  -hysnc +vsync14:08
incognito-dgsdsdsd: but you have to get that command by running xrandr14:08
incognito-dgsdsdsd: and you will also have to run xrandr --addmode VGA1 "1920x1080_60_00"14:09
incognito-dgsdsdsd: you probly want to put those commands in a bash file until you figure out how to add it to the config files.14:09
PlushwolfHi. How can I get my AMD Radeon R9 M275X to work?14:10
incognito-dgsdsdsd: those commands would work for some screens with a resolution of 1920x108014:11
incognito-dgsdsdsd: of course yours would be different14:11
PlushwolfHi. How can I get my AMD Radeon R9 M275X to work?14:15
cfochI have tried unetbootin, dd if=pathof.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync14:15
cfochnothing works14:15
cfochnothing makes my USB to boot Ubuntu14:16
cfochany Idea to make my USB bootable?14:16
RichWPlushwolf, get linux driver from package manager or from http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/linux14:18
PlushwolfRichW: I've already tried them, they doesn't wor14:19
ukernyanzhi everyone, i use qt5ct to configure qt5 apps under unity. I put "export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" " in ~/.profiles . but with that configuration I don't have globalmenu with qt5 apps. How can i use qt5ct (or configure qt5 apps) and have globalmenu enable in qt5 apps?14:19
RichWPlushwolf, Does the open source driver support 3D on it at all?14:20
PlushwolfRichW: My card doesn't work14:20
PlushwolfSo I can't do anything with it14:20
RichWPlushwolf, for emergencys you can turn modesetting off, to get a low resoloution display up. Add nomodeset to grub boot menu.14:22
RichWPlushwolf, sorry I cant be of much help, it takes some trial and error to get your display working.14:22
incognito-dgsdsdsd: you need to run this command in your terminal:  cvt 1024 600 6014:23
PlushwolfRichW: I've tried everything and nothing works :(14:23
incognito-dgsdsdsd: then use the output of that command to tell xrandr what your terminal size is14:23
incognito-dgsdsdsd: make a folder called bin in your home folder and put a file called res in that bin folder and make it executable.14:25
incognito-dgsdsdsd: then put the two xrandr command in the res file with the output of the cvt command according to this forum post: https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1313849.html14:27
incognito-dgsdsdsd: once you have done that you can type res in your terminal and you screen will display at the correct resolution14:28
incognito-dgsdsdsd: you can configure your computer to do that automatically every time you start up, but you'll have to do a google search to find out how, because at this point in time I don't know how to do it.14:29
demohello, is there any advantage of using Ubuntu than Debian. Because, Ubuntu is based on Debian. Isn't it?14:31
warrshrikeEriC^: I used this command to get my external ip dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com14:31
warrshrikeI can ping it14:31
warrshrikebut ssh says connection refused14:31
warrshrikethough i can ssh to localhost14:31
demoi am new to linux14:32
MonkeyDustdemo  great ad welcome, ask your ubuntu questions here14:33
incognito-dgdemo: ubuntu is more user friendly and it will come with more commonly used applications installed out of the box. Also you will find a bigger user community which makes finding answers to questions and problems easier.14:33
demoany other advantages14:36
EriC^warrshrike: maybe a firewall or router is blocking it?14:37
warrshrikehmm wouldnt it say timed out then14:37
incognito-dgdemo: every distro has it's advantages. Ubuntu is supposed to be designed for work flow.14:37
warrshrikeinstead of refused EriC^14:37
=== ziprar is now known as zipace
EriC^warrshrike: i've no idea14:38
EriC^i think it would depend on the firewall14:38
EriC^warrshrike: do you have a router?14:39
demoshould I go for Ubuntu or its resoubs14:39
warrshrikeon remote end? no its a complex enterprise network14:39
MonkeyDustdemo  choose what you like most14:39
incognito-dgdemo: you asked for advantages over Debian, but it also has advantages which come with just about every linux distro such as security, free cutting edge software and the command line, but the command line is also available in mac and there are programs that are supposed to emulate the command line in windows.14:40
EriC^warrshrike: does /var/log/auth.log mention anything?14:40
demowhich one14:41
incognito-dgdemo: every one14:41
demowhich distro also has advantages14:41
warrshrikeEriC^: yeah a bunch of stuff14:43
incognito-dgdemo: every disto has it's advantages and is configured to specialize in some way or another. Some distros, such as ubuntu and mint (which is based on ubuntu) are geared to specialize as desktop work stations.14:44
ukernyanzPlease can someone help me?14:44
MonkeyDustukernyanz  start with a questio14:44
EriC^warrshrike: about ssh?14:45
incognito-dgukernyanz: is this your first time? you must be new. New people say things like "Please can someone help me?"14:45
warrshrikeEriC^: it mentions those localhost connections i made14:46
ukernyanz hi everyone, i use qt5ct to configure qt5 apps under unity. I put "export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" " in ~/.profiles . but with that configuration I don't have globalmenu with qt5 apps. How can i use qt5ct (or configure qt5 apps) and have globalmenu enable in qt5 apps?14:46
ukernyanzNo I asked for help before, since one hour14:46
MonkeyDustukernyanz  ok, then simply hit the up arrow every 15 minutes or so, to repeat your question, until someone enters who can help14:47
incognito-dgukernyanz: okay, because it's better to just ask the question.14:48
ukernyanzMonkeyDust,  ok thanks14:48
ukernyanzMy real problem is that I whant to integrate Qt5 apps under unity. whith the ability to configure them14:50
incognito-dgdemo: 75 percent of all websites are run in linux and many of those are in ubuntu. So that should tell you that there are many advantages to ubuntu. Google's database runs in linux. Those are some things that there are many really big advantages to using either linux or ubuntu. Otherwise google wouldn't run their database with it. Linux is world class and so is ubuntu.14:52
incognito-dgdemo: show14:53
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incognito-dgisn't this chat room world wide? I guess all the elves have gone out to steal presents from all the little kids.15:17
xk051the internet is the wonder of our age. it's bringing enlightenment to the world, although sometimes we dont like what this light reveals. it is built laregly upon this softwared. which is, btw, free. and it's sustaining. this is no mean feat. thanks, santa!15:21
xk051and thank you to all the cdevalopers, and fans, and supporterrs, and what diety there may be that has made it possible and given me sufficient life to see it.15:23
xk051and that's about all that i have to say about that. :)15:24
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ThomasTangi have a problem! when i uninstall 'sudo apt-get remove indicator',system return error.restart the lonin screen there is no title bar ,have icon no wallpaper and shortcut key is unuseless no maximum bar15:34
ThomasTangsudo apt-get remove indicator*15:35
ThomasTangthe above was wrong15:35
MonkeyDust!info indicator15:36
ubottuPackage indicator does not exist in yakkety15:36
MonkeyDustThomasTang  remove which indicator?15:37
ThomasTangi reinstall indicator*15:38
ThomasTangbut no reaction15:39
MonkeyDustThomasTang  'indicator' is not a program, so which indicator is it15:39
ThomasTangapt-get tab appear15:40
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NicmavrHi, how can I easily add desktop shortcuts for exe programs without them having that ugly gear icon?15:41
MonkeyDustThomasTang  so you removed *every* indicator from your system?15:42
MonkeyDustThomasTang  that wasnt smart15:42
ThomasTangi kown15:42
MonkeyDustNicmavr  change the icon in its Properties (use right click)15:43
ThomasTangright click no rection15:43
ThomasTangonly right click open terminal15:44
jocihi guys. i kind new at ubuntu and new at using commanid line too. i have a bunch of txt file in one dir. how can i rm all txt file, so do not need to delet one by one15:44
EriC^joci: they all end in .txt ?15:44
jociEriC: yes15:45
EriC^joci: type rm *.txt15:45
EriC^in the dir15:45
EriC^cd /dir then rm15:45
jociEriC: thank you15:45
EriC^joci: no problem15:45
EriC^hey bravis15:52
EriC^how's it going bud?15:52
bravisJust fin watching the kids open their presents15:53
tonytMerry Christmas all15:53
bravisIndeed and a happy new year15:53
BluesKaj Merry Christmas tonyt15:53
BluesKajhey EriC^15:54
jocisame here happy holidays15:54
bravisall blessed with tech to be here15:54
The_Venetianhappy holidays to all15:55
bravisand bty Eric they do make manufactures put the secure boot on any computer that has a Microsoft sticker on it Just so ya know...15:57
EriC^^bravis: oh yeah?15:58
jocii think this is my second monthd that i have been using ubuntu, i switched from windows, i regret only one thing that i did not switch sooner:)15:58
bravissecond line15:59
EriC^^bravis: how's the graphics on that lappy?15:59
EriC^^i was thinking of getting an msi, was thinking a lowerend leopard pro15:59
bravisthis lapi has a nvidia ge frce 870 or 890 so it is sharp16:00
The_VenetianWindows has its perks, but I've yet to regret relegating that OS to a VM and use Linux as the main, Joci16:00
EriC^^joci: you're hooked now :)16:00
bravisits a MSI gt70 somethin16:00
bravisi7 with 24gb ram16:01
incognito-dgand a happy festivus for the restofus16:01
EriC^^bravis: i heard the nvidia+intel combo can give problems16:01
bravisdid you get a festivus pole16:01
EriC^^to get the graphics working16:01
bravisI have never had issues with graphics16:02
EriC^^bravis: cool, good to hear16:02
ikanoboriThe most annoying thing I ran into when having an Intel/Nvidia combo was that the automatic switching from integrated graphics to gpu didn't work it was one or the other set in the BIOS.16:02
The_VenetianSeconded ^16:02
EriC^^ikanobori: when was that?16:02
ikanoboriAnd I was mostly stuck on integrated for less battery use but had to reboot to plugin a second monitor since th HDMI ports were connected to the Nvidia GPU.16:02
ikanobori2015 or so.16:02
ikanoboriOn a Dell, it was a work laptop so I don't remember the exact model.16:02
EriC^^ah, that's pretty recent16:03
ikanoboriBut, I'm a magnet for any X11/Xorg related issues so don't take that for canon.16:03
jociThe_Venetian: why do you need that, i mean windowds on the VM? cant you jusr regter windowds?16:04
bravis If a PC manufacturer wants to place a “Windows 10” or “Windows 8” logo sticker to their PC, Microsoft requires they enable Secure Boot and follow some guidelines.16:08
bravisGotta love it.16:08
EriC^^bravis: that's half the story16:08
bravisnah thets the first line16:09
EriC^^lenovo won't let other os boot, you have to actually trick the bios into booting other os, it's hardcoded that way16:09
ikanoboriFrom a Microsoft point of view it makes sense. Just as Ubuntu requires things of you if you want to use the Ubuntu name.16:09
bravisUbuntu got smart you can create keys there16:09
EriC^^hp too, there was a scandal with lenovo recently about it16:09
The_VenetianUsed to deal with that Secure Boot issue at one of my previous jobs.One of many annoying features16:10
tomreynanti-features rather16:11
zergutDoes using apt-get and Ubuntu Application Center is equal?16:11
EriC^^zergut: yeah, the software center is a front end for apt-get16:12
zergutso it's absolutely same, right?16:12
zergutokay, thanks16:13
jocido i understand it right that sudo apt-get update command checks wether is there apatche of the installed programs and apt-get upgrade command will install those updates ?16:15
ikanoborijoci: Simplified that is correct yes.16:16
sruliwhat is the difference between "apt -f install" & "apt install -f" ?16:16
EriC^sruli: no difference16:17
The_VenetianNice to know actually.16:17
srulii think i once read somewhere there is a difference.. taking your word for it16:20
The_VenetianAny recommendations for window management? I often switch between Unity and i316:22
The_VenetianI like i3, but it is a little frustrating at times16:22
EriC^sruli: *shrug*16:22
jocido you guys browsing on command  line like w3m or you rather use chrome or other.?16:29
ikanoboriI'd hazard a guess that there are very few people who use w3m and such as their primary browser.16:30
brainwashtry browsing any modern website with a text-based browser16:30
brainwashyou won't enjoy it16:30
userBartIf it was possible, I would 100% browse text-only.16:31
brainwashfor simple websites it's fine16:32
holycrunchitzhiyo. I'm setting up my first squid proxy for the eventual purpose of snooping my kid's internet use and blocking porn from ruining her childhood.16:34
holycrunchitzhas anyone here set one of those up?16:35
holycrunchitzfor instance how heavy is the disk usage?16:36
holycrunchitzwould my virtual server i'm using for hosting be able to handle it?16:36
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
sruliholycrunchitz: if its only to manage a few PC's i would say you dont need much resources at all16:37
holycrunchitzteh documentation makes it sound like disk usage is under 5gb and the cpu usage is small.16:38
profetik777MERRY CHRISTmAS!16:39
holycrunchitzsruli thanks as always for your input. :) off i go for my hohoho project.16:41
holycrunchitzhaha vacation is awesome.16:41
holycrunchitzmerry holidays all!16:41
uxfiMerry Christmas everyone16:46
Rudolphhttp://sprunge.us/dMaW hey guys! how can I remove this file that failed to download from the sources?16:46
EriC^Rudolph: it should be in one of the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:47
EriC^Rudolph: sure16:48
Rudolphyep that fixed it16:48
Rudolphmerry christmas16:48
EriC^Rudolph: thanks you too16:49
* down sa16:54
=== Dr_Manhattan is now known as DrManhattan
srulii use [ -f /path/dir/file ] to check if a specific file exists, how can i check if files with a specific extension exists? [ -f /path/dir/*.ext ] returns an error16:54
EriC^sruli: what error16:56
EriC^it works here16:56
EriC^ah i see16:56
EriC^sruli: ask in #bash16:56
sruliEriC^:  when i used "path/to/..." i go tna error but '/path/to/..' does not return an error but it returns false, when the file exists16:57
sruliEriC^: never had any luck there.. will try16:57
EriC^sruli: you could always use find i guess16:57
sruliEriC^: that my plan b, but would like to keep it shorter if poss16:58
ra21visruli, shopt -s globstar; for item in **/*.ext; do ... say_meow($item) ... done17:00
ra21visruli, http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/html_node/The-Shopt-Builtin.html17:01
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as Menzador
RudolphI don't think globstar is neccessary for this unless he has to go recursively17:03
Rudolphfor file in /my/folder/*.ext; do stuff_to "$file"; done # should work fine otherwise17:04
pezdispenserkeep having ttf-mscorefonts-installer pop up saying  it cannot install17:06
sruliEriC^: ra21vi: to keep it short i ended up going with "ls /path/to/*.ext > dev/nulll || do something"17:08
MaimsterMerry Christmas everyone.17:14
SebthreeBQM10HDMaimster, ok and you17:14
MaimsterNope, I didn't get the i7 processor.17:14
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: Pretty good.17:14
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: Any interesting problems today?17:15
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: Wow! Santa brought the noobies brains.17:16
SebthreeBQM10HDMaimster, not been in here long enough17:16
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: Same here.17:16
SebthreeBQM10HDbut yes some people will want some Christmas Ubuntu support17:16
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: I'm thinking of getting the Lenovo X1 Carbon for Ubuntu 16.0417:17
MaimsterSebthreeBQM10HD: The reviews seems promising. People are really enjoy the setup.17:17
nfshi, someone with a msm8960 based handset here?17:17
Maimsternfs: I gotta look that one up...17:18
pezdispensercan someone please answer this ?  http://pastebin.com/CRPvjSG017:18
nfswhat you mean maimster?17:18
nfsthat you'll get one?17:19
The_VenetianI've used the X1 Carbon model. It is quite nice17:19
nfsi have a razr m (xt907) here and try to install sfos but twrp want flash the cm11 build17:20
OerHeksnfs, "try to install sfos but twrp want flash the cm11 build" how is this related to ubuntu support?17:37
Przhevalskoyesomeone online?17:40
Przhevalskoyei kinda need help with something17:40
OerHeksPrzhevalskoye, ask, wait and see17:41
pezdispenserI only come here once I've exhausted my resources,    almost everytime my issue gets solved here when people are active, however it is christmas17:43
Przhevalskoyewell, my school wants us to use Vsphere, but since i am the only one who has Ubuntu MATE, i cant use that. so i downloaded vEMan, but when i do ./vEMan in the folder, it says that the requirement /usr/bin/vcmviewer/ is not available?17:43
Przhevalskoyeit is, happy christmas to you all by the way! i hope you have a wonderfull christmas and a happy new year :D17:43
OerHeksVMware ESX Manager issue .. maybe #vmware or #ubuntu-server knows the answer17:46
Przhevalskoyeima check17:47
dinet_hi, I ran do-release-upgrade earlier today and now my apache2 will not start. AH00534: apache2: Configuration error: No MPM loaded.17:49
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pezdispenserPrzhevalskoye,   lol while searching.. I found your post on ubuntu forums17:49
pezdispenserPrzhevalskoye,  someone replied two mins ago17:50
OerHeksdinet, upgraded to 16.04??17:50
pezdispenserPainful as it may be, I always do fresh installs,17:50
dinetOerHeks: yes17:51
OerHeksdinet, things change. see releasenotes about php7 .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes17:51
dinetOerHeks: I have searched but not found, will read now. thanks17:51
pezdispensercan someone please answer this ?  http://pastebin.com/CRPvjSG017:57
[MAU]LusTigerfirst time IRC!18:08
[MAU]LusTigerthough 32 years old and engineer :)18:08
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PrzhevalskoyeWelcome to the world of IRC.18:08
[MAU]LusTigerthe responsivness of this chat is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!18:08
[MAU]LusTigerhi thanks18:08
dinetOerHeks: not getting any real help there18:09
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[MAU]LusTigeris there a bitcoin-chat-channel anywhere?18:09
[MAU]LusTigeror how can i search for that?18:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:09
PrzhevalskoyeI think there is a #bitcoin18:09
[MAU]LusTiger(not only on the ubuntu-server)18:09
Przhevalskoyethough im not sure18:09
xangua!Ali's | [MAU]LusTiger18:09
tomreyn!alis | [MAU]LusTiger18:10
ubottu[MAU]LusTiger: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:10
tomreyn[MAU]LusTiger: please note that those !language and !ot texts were directed at you, as well.18:11
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ioriadinet, do you have these two line in apache2.conf ? IncludeOptional mods-enabled/*.load IncludeOptional mods-enabled/*.conf18:14
dinetioria: yes but commented out18:17
ioriadinet, and do you have mpm_prefork.conf@ mpm_prefork.load @ in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled ?18:18
dinetioria: yes18:19
ioriadinet, you can try to comment out the two lines and restart apache service18:20
dinetioria: in the conf, they are already commented out18:20
ioriadinet, ah, yes, sy18:20
ioriadinet, ok so,  add    Include /etc/apache2/mods-available/mpm_prefork.load and  Include /etc/apache2/mods-available/mpm_prefork.conf    in apache2.conf18:23
lugariusLibertine GUI on aqaris m10, yes or no?18:25
OerHekslugarius, better reask in #ubuntu-touch, about libertine18:26
orangeFoxwhois Drone18:29
ubuntu544hello merry xmas18:37
dinetioria: no go at all18:37
ioriadinet, the error ?18:38
ubuntu544I have lubuntu 16.10 installed. i added the jre phoenix ppa, did an apt-get update but i cannot locate any of the pgl files when i try to install. is this because there is none for yakkety et?18:38
dinetioria: alot of different ones that I have tried to comment out18:38
OerHeksubuntu544, check their launchpad page18:39
vpeterMerry christmas!18:39
vpeterI'm seeking for a help. I'm trying to setup Ubuntu Desktop (or Server) and VNC server on it. I would like to have separate session not visible from main physical display connected. I installed vnc4server and it almost works perfectly. But when open session with vnc viewer I got desktop but top panel doesn't work perfectly. I see Applications and Places menu but I don't see Indicator Applet Complete which means no shutdown/logout menu. Googling finds18:39
ioriadinet, no, i mean when you added the two lines18:39
vpetersame problems but I see no solution. Now I'm desperate and would really like to make this thing working.18:39
dinetioria: dec 25 19:34:58 kaka apache2[24283]: AH00526: Syntax error on line 215 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:18:39
dinetdec 25 19:34:58 kaka apache2[24283]: Invalid command 'Require', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration18:39
OerHeksxenial as latest indeed https://launchpad.net/~jre-phoenix/+archive/ubuntu/ppa18:39
ubuntu544darn so i just gotta wait then?18:39
OerHeksubuntu544, or contact the maintainer18:40
xanguaContact the PPA maintainer18:40
ioriadinet, can you paste it  ? cat -n /etc/apache2/apache2.conf | pastebinit18:40
ubuntu544merry christmas everyone!18:41
* ubuntu544 does a christmas cheer dance18:41
dinetioria: http://pastebin.com/gSyH3Ezg18:44
ioriadinet, i don't know why you get an error al 215 line ....18:49
dinetioria: now 15618:49
ioriadinet, when you upgraded did it give you the choice to replace the apache2.conf ot stay with old one ?18:51
dinetioria: no, but it is the old one18:51
ioriadinet, i see18:51
ioriadinet, well, removes the last two lines added... not useful18:52
dinetioria: now back to no mpm loaded18:54
ioriadinet, in the worst case you backup apche2.conf and sites-enabled , purge and reinstall apache18:56
Eagle357where is the place for french19:03
ioriadinet, and what's the output of   a2enmod authz_host ?19:03
dinetioria: Considering dependency authz_core for authz_host:19:04
dinetModule authz_core already enabled19:04
dinetModule authz_host already enabled19:04
BluesKaj!fr | Eagle35719:05
ubottuEagle357: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:05
ioriadinet, a2enmod mpm_prefork19:06
dinetioria: already enabled19:08
dinetConsidering conflict mpm_event for mpm_prefork:19:08
dinetConsidering conflict mpm_worker for mpm_prefork:19:08
dinetModule mpm_prefork already enabled19:08
ioriadinet, systemctl restart apache219:09
dinetioria: no workie19:09
ioriadinet, same error about mpm  ?19:10
LinuxNovicehello, can anybody tell me which distro or DE is suitable for raspberry pi?19:10
dinetioria: yes19:10
bobdobbsHi all. I've got an asus laptop with ubuntu 14.04. This morning I turned it on. Its been powered off for about a month or so. It can't connect to the network. It isn't picking up the wifi network, and it doesn't detect the network if its directly connected to the router with a cable either.19:10
bobdobbsIf I type 'ifconfig', I can only see the lo interface19:11
srulibobdobbs: might it be in flight mode?19:11
Przhevalskoye@bobdobbs did you try to apt-get update %% apt-get upgrade19:11
bobdobbs Sruli: it isn't in flight mode, alas19:12
bobdobbsPrz: I19:12
bobdobbsI'll try that19:12
PrzhevalskoyeLooks like some outdated drivers of some sort19:13
ioriadinet, pass19:13
bobdobbs'Apt-get' operations return what I'd expect: the computer can't connect to the repo's19:14
OerHeksbobdobbs, check the FN + wireless key19:14
bobdobbsChecking FN+wireless...19:14
dinetioria: will try and purge apache when I get home again19:15
bobdobbsFN+wireless and then checking network operations seems to make no difference19:15
ioriadinet, ok, maybe #apache can solve it19:15
PrzhevalskoyeDoes it even detect the Wireless card?19:16
dinetioria: I will try, floor is too cold now so I'm freezing my feet of and cant concentrate, thanks for the input19:16
ioriadinet, no prob, good luck19:16
srulibobdobbs: whats the output of "sudo service NetworkManager status"19:16
dinetioria: thanks19:17
ioriadinet, ok19:17
bobdobbsI'm not sure how to check if it detects the card. But I think it does... Ill give you more details in a moment. I'll see what happens if I check the service19:17
bobdobbs'NetworkManager: unrecognised service'19:18
bobdobbsSorry, the keyboard I'm working with is slow and this irc client is a little clunky19:19
PrzhevalskoyeWhat ubuntu version are you running>?19:19
srulibobdobbs: its ubuntu 14.04.. maybe network-manager19:19
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ideahi everyone19:19
Przhevalskoye@bobdobbs try sudo start network-manager19:20
bobdobbs'Unknown job network-manager'19:20
srulibobdobbs: whats the output of "sudo service network-manager status"19:20
bobdobbsThat's the return I get for both trying to start the service, and for checking the status19:20
Przhevalskoyesudo systemc1 start NetworkManager.sevice19:21
Przhevalskoyetry that19:21
sruliPrzhevalskoye: watch the typos19:21
srulibobdobbs: ^19:21
Przhevalskoyeoh damn, i see it.19:21
Przhevalskoyesudo systemct1 start NetworkManager.service19:22
Przhevalskoyethat should do the trick hehe19:22
sruliPrzhevalskoye: still not!19:22
bobdobbsI don't seem to have the command 'systemct1'19:22
lesshastehow can I get a jpg from https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/f50222afeca3fef31e0af9036f80ff894311df61 ?19:22
sruliPrzhevalskoye: ^19:22
srulibobdobbs: its "systemctl"19:23
bobdobbsAh! Of course. Whoops19:23
Przhevalskoyesruli, damn typos ahaha19:23
bobdobbsCould that be sysctl?19:23
bobdobbsI have sysctl but not systemctl19:23
srulibobdobbs: as its ubuntu 14.04 it would be on init not systemd so unless you specificaly installed systemd on 14.04 you wont get use of systemctl19:24
srulibobdobbs: did you try the command like i suggested with "service"? "sudo service network-manager status"19:25
OerHekslesshaste, looks like a SVG19:25
bobdobbsSruli: yep. That command returns 'unknown job: network-manager'19:26
vpeterSeems no one can help with my issue :(19:26
bobdobbsI have /sbin/sysctl, but not systemctl19:27
tomreyndinet: to get output for a pastebin next time you're looking into apache issues: dpkg -l apache2\* | grep ^i; apache2ctl -v; apache2ctl -V; apache2ctl -l; apache2ctl -t; apache2ctl -M; apache2ctl -S; apache2ctl -L; apache2ctl -t19:27
srulibobdobbs: try  "sudo service NetworkManager status"19:28
DinosaurioWill Unity 8 come by default on Ubuntu 18.04?19:28
bobdobbs'Start NetworkManager.service' returns the following:19:28
tomreynDinosaurio: that's 3 releases into the future, i doubt this has been decided, yet.19:29
bobdobbs'Sysctl: cannot stat /proc/says/start: no such file or directory'19:29
srulibobdobbs: try  "sudo service NetworkManager status"19:29
bobdobbsSorry, I have to transpose the return commands by hand into this dinky wee ipad keyboard. So19:29
bobdobbs'NetworkManager: unrecognised service'19:30
srulibobdobbs: do you have a dir /etc/NetworkManager?19:30
bobdobbsYes, that dir exists19:31
tomreynsruli: it's "network-manager"19:31
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tomreyni.e. "sudo service network-manager status"19:32
srulitomreyn: that returned "unknown job"19:32
bobdobbsBoth of those variations return 'unknown job'19:32
srulibobdobbs: i guess somehow networkmanager was removed somehow, you got to reinstall it19:33
bobdobbsHehe... this is interesting, if a little frustrating. I19:33
bobdobbsI'm far from home. I travelled with this laptop.19:33
tomreynsruli: sorry i hadn't read the scroll log yet19:33
bobdobbsSruli: therein lies the problem. I can't install anything without network access.19:34
bobdobbsI wonder if I did remove it? I can't think of why I'd do that.19:34
OerHeksbobdobbs, 14,04 .. and do you have proposed enabled in sources?19:35
tomreynbobdobbs: dpkg -l network-manager\* | grep ^i19:35
srulibobdobbs: try to download this file and copy it to the laptop http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/network-manager/network-manager_0.9.8.8-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb19:36
srulithen install it with dpkg19:36
srulibobdobbs: to be sure first try what tomreyn suggested ^19:37
bobdobbsThe dpkg output produces a table with several entries19:38
tomreynbobdobbs: it lists the network manager packages you currently have installed19:38
bobdobbsI'm not sure how to read it. Taking a closer look at it...19:38
OerHekswith proposed you might have hit this bug >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/727127/last-upgrade-crashes-network-manager-no-internet-connection-no-applet19:38
srulibobdobbs: can you paste it to paste.ubuntu.com19:38
tomreynprobably not without internet connectivity19:38
bobdobbsWell, it does show 'network-manager' and some variation, like 'network-manager-gnome'19:38
srulitomreyn: lol19:39
bobdobbsI'm gonna take a look at that thread that oerheks linked to...19:39
Przhevalskoyehey guys, quick question.19:39
Przhevalskoyeim trying to update my ubuntu mate, but the terminal keeps getting stuck at unpacking Libreoffice-common19:40
tomreynbobdobbs: you can try to do a quick one-time command line based network configuration.19:42
tomreynifconfig -a | grep eth19:42
tomreyn^this lists available network interfaces19:43
bobdobbsI'm not sure how to test to see if I've got that bug. I don't have 'proposed' in my apt source19:43
tomreynpick the one you have the cable attached to19:43
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Przhevalskoyewhats a good daily Ubuntu?19:43
bobdobbsTomreyn: I've only got the lo interface19:43
bobdobbsNothing else there. No eth0. Nothing for wifi19:44
srulibobdobbs: i guess your fastest way to resolve without finding what caused it is to try to download this file and copy it to the laptop http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/network-manager/network-manager_0.9.8.8-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb19:44
tomreynhmm so it looks more lkike a driver issue then19:44
OerHeksis there windows 10 on that laptop too ?19:44
tomreynPrzhevalskoye: how do you mean, "a good daily ubuntu"?19:45
bobdobbsSruli: before I do that, is there a way to confirm that I dont have network-manager? Or have we already done that?19:45
bobdobbsOerheks: no. Just ubuntu.19:45
OerHeksthat might interfere when running with fastboot ( not secureboot )19:45
OerHeksoh oke19:45
bobdobbsTomreyn: how can I confirm a driver issue"19:46
bobdobbsWups: back soon. Gotta move the laptop to a power source19:47
srulibobdobbs: even if you have, it doesnt seem to be working, what do you have in "/sys/class/net/" dir19:47
PrzhevalskoyeBest linux distro for daily use?19:47
bekksPrzhevalskoye: the one you like most.19:47
PrzhevalskoyeDebian stable it is then19:47
sruliPrzhevalskoye: depends on the power of the machine and your taste, what do you want versus the power / performance you have / want19:47
bekksPrzhevalskoye: So use it, if you like it.19:47
sruliPrzhevalskoye: on my most powerfull machines i use regular ubuntu on others ubuntu-gnome for taste.. less powerfull mate.. less powerfull lubuntu19:48
tomreynbobdobbs: what sruli said, also 'lsmod' - if you are able to identify the kernel module required for your hardware.19:48
Defiance_kde neon is extremely stable and is my "daily driver" system.19:49
bobdobbsSrul: a single dir, called 'lo'19:49
bobdobbsDarn it, laptop out of power. Brb19:49
srulibobdobbs: seems like a hardware/driver issue19:50
srulitomreyn: hwat should he grep for in lsmod?19:50
bobdobbsThanks for the help guys. I'll be back in about 30 minutes.19:51
bobdobbsme and my laptop are staying at my sisters place for christmas. Her kids are walking up and want attention19:51
bobdobbsIm gonna be the least fave uncle if I don't tend to them :)19:52
Dolmen0bobdobbs: good luck with them ;)19:52
tomreynsruli: nothing really<, it only makes sense if he can look for the driver he needs in the entire output19:52
srulii have a feeling its in flight mode19:52
tomreyn"rfkill list" would tell19:53
srulihow do i disable updates from command line?20:08
MonkeyDustsruli  is this useful http://ask.xmodulo.com/disable-automatic-updates-ubuntu.html20:18
win32sruli, nano /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic >20:18
win32    APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "0";20:18
MonkeyDustthat should be easier20:19
caliculkHey everyone, happy holidays. I am having some issues getting a new unmanaged VPS to update the kernel from 2.6.32 to a more recent kernel version. The VPS provider uses Ubuntu 15.04 and it is on a OpenVZ. But doing linux-general, or linux-header packages, and then rebooting, it always reboots to the same kernel version.20:28
gt8ost4lanybody know how to show the graphic icon in the dash as i upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 it disappeared and only showed a blank file icon?20:28
gt8ost4lfor the kchmviewer program sorry20:29
OerHekscaliculk, see if your vendor has upgraded images20:30
MannyLNJNot a Ubuntu question but I need to upgrade my systems ram. Any suggestions on who to go with? I believe my system uses DDR-2 It's a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H20:30
caliculkOerHeks they don't appear to. All their repos are pointing to ubuntu official urls20:30
caliculkNothing internal.20:30
tomreyncaliculk: 15.04 isnt supported anymore. which virtualization technology do they use there?20:35
tomreynoh openvz you said20:35
caliculktomreyn OpenVZ20:35
caliculkI am currently in the process of asking them if they have a 16.04 image20:35
tomreynwell you may run into problems if you upgrade it20:35
caliculkBut, they didn't have it listed for installation, so the answer is probably no.20:35
tomreynit looks like you may have picked a bad hosting provider there20:36
OerHeksif you installed it manually anyway .. http://download.openvz.org/template/precreated/ubuntu-16.04-x86_64.tar.gz20:36
caliculkIt isn't a huge problem to not have ipset, but it would have been helpful to create some ip block lists.20:37
caliculkI can always use fail2ban to replace it.20:37
tomreyncaliculk: the problem is if you don'T upgrade you a re running inscure software with known remotely exploitable vulnerabilities.20:38
caliculkYeah, I know. I am sorta in a pickle either way20:38
caliculkTrying to log into their VPS CP but unable to do so right now.20:38
tomreyncaliculk: if you like we can talk about other hosting options in #ubuntu-offtopic20:40
caliculkAlready paid for a full year, so I don't have an option at this moment/nor did a lot of hosting options meet my requirements.20:40
caliculkI will try to work through this right now.20:40
tomreyngood luck20:40
caliculkThere we go, they do indeed actually have a 16.04 installer.20:41
caliculkIt just wasn't available during the initial setup20:41
OerHeksbobspy, here are all torrents http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/20:46
caliculkAlright, yeah, even 16.04 build has this stupid 2.6.32 kernel. :(20:47
caliculkAny suggestions on just upgrading the kernel, or would that just break everything? :(20:47
LucuuuHello. I have my ubuntu on SSD (/) and i added SWAP and Home to my HDD. If i take out both of them (ssd and hdd) and plug them in other PC, will it break ubuntu ?20:48
OerHeksiisn't that a VZ thingy, kernel 2.6 ?20:48
OerHekspatched ofcourse20:48
caliculkIf it is, that really sucks.20:49
caliculkIs there any way to use ipset on 2.6.32?20:49
caliculkBecause it seems like it is supported based on the documentation, but, it isn't working. :/20:49
tewardcaliculk: if you're on an openvz container system, you're limited by what's enabled on the host kernel; ipset might not be enabled for OpenVZ guests, or not supported20:50
tewardthis is more or less why I go after KVM VPSes if I need VPSes20:50
caliculkYeah, I probably should have gone with KVM. Figured that the VZ would have been able to handle all my needs20:51
GNUtoohi, I've installed ubuntu to a partition in an existing LVM VG insside an existing LUKS partition, the initramfs doesn't have /usr/bin/cryptsetup, and I don't know where to look for the ubuntu documentation on encrypted volume, I'm used to other distros though, but there is no /etc/crypttab in the last ubuntu LTS20:52
str8geeksql server20:55
LucuuuHello. I have my ubuntu on SSD (/) and i added SWAP and Home to my HDD. If i take out both of them (ssd and hdd) and plug them in other PC, will it break ubuntu ?20:57
gt8ost4ldoes anybody have problems with kchmviewer in ubuntu 16.04?21:00
xk051Lucuuu: possibly noy21:00
xk051Lucuuu: possibly not21:00
Lucuuuxk051: Is that "i guess" or "im sure" ?21:01
xk051Lucuuu: the main thing will probably be your video driver21:01
GNUtoodpkg -L cryptsetup -> looking at /etc/init/cryptdisks.conf tend to indicate that I need to edit /etc/crypttab21:01
GNUtooI'll try to see if that owrks21:01
xk051Lucuuu: if your video is correctly detected, and the kernel has the driver, you might boot to something you can work in21:02
sruliGNUtoo: in a luks install i have /etc/crypttab, just create it and "update-initramfs -k all -c21:02
sruliGNUtoo: you have to put in the uuid of the partition21:02
GNUtoosruli: I've done that, I'll reboot to see if it works21:03
xk051Lucuuu: just shooting from the hip, i'd guess 'maybe', because there are a couple issues21:03
GNUtoosruli: thanks a lot, it worked21:03
xk051Lucuuu: your drive uuid might change, but that you can fix with a liveusb and a text editor, and the video driver issue21:04
sruliGNUtoo: wow fast reboot, but more impressive was the speed of the update-initramfs21:04
Lucuuuxk051:  If it will be only graphic card issue, ubuntu should use ... my current nvidia driver for my card (if the same family) or the driver that was using first time i installed ubuntu21:04
xk051Lucuuu: there's also your drive uuids21:05
GNUtoosruli: I had already done it, I wanted to verify if it worked without rebooting21:05
xk051Lucuuu: /etc/fstab, and the like21:05
GNUtoosruli: so I was with cpio -idv and such21:05
GNUtoobut as you said that it was supposed to work, I just rebooted21:05
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GNUtooreboot are fast with the internal hdd but really slow on usb21:05
root__this is test21:05
xk051Lucuuu: so. have a liveusb ready to boot to, so you can fix fstab, and chroot in and get what drivers you need installed21:06
xk051Lucuuu: or, maybe grub.cfg will need to be fixed21:07
Lucuuuxk051:  well.. first time i installed ubuntu on my pc, i didnt have the nvidia drivers i have right now. somehow it worked..21:07
Lucuuuxk051:  later i installed nvidia drivers21:07
Lucuuuxk051:  so maybe when i change graphic card it will load default drivers21:07
xk051Lucuuu: right. so, what i would do, is get a liveusb ready, put your drives in, then boot to the usb21:08
Lucuuuxk051:  what kind of drivers?21:08
xk051from there, find a guide for chrooting in to the fs on the drive and running grub setup and config. then see if it will boot21:09
sruliis it possible to make a snapshot of running guest libvirt?21:09
Lucuuuxk051:  problem is ... i will not know what graphic card i will get. I'm going to go to my friends house and plug my hdd&ssd to his pc21:10
xk051Lucuuu: it's not a permanent install?21:10
xk051Lucuuu: iow, you'll be putting it back in the original machine afterwards?21:11
Lucuuuxk051:  right now, im on my PC, where i play, do stuff and other. But i have bad internet connection, so when i want to download many stuff, i go to my friend and plug my hdd in <- thats what i did when i had windows21:11
Lucuuuxk051:  yes, i will be putting back to my pc21:11
xk051Lucuuu: oh.21:11
caliculkteward thanks for letting me know. Hosting provider is now switching it to a KVM based VPS.21:11
Lucuuuxk051:  its something like this: 1. i want to download something. 2. i go to friends house, plug hdd&ssd in, download. 3. go back home, plug it back21:12
caliculkBecause seriously... 2.6.32 is old. :(21:12
xk051Lucuuu: ok. well in that case, is it necessary to boot to your os?21:12
Lucuuuxk051:  i need to log in into steam, so yea :<21:13
Lucuuuxk051:  ofc it would be easier to get a pendrive, download and copy XD21:13
Lucuuuxk051:  but its impossible ;P21:13
xk051Lucuuu: right. so, i'd bring a liveusb21:14
xk051Lucuuu: right. and a bookmark with a guide for chroot, grub and /etc/fstab21:14
tewardcaliculk: not on some systems xD  Glad to have helped though :)21:15
Lucuuuxk051:  Let me ask the same question, but different way. When i create liveusb, i can choose to "run ubuntu on liveusb". And i can use that ubuntu there. It gets processor, graphic card data and other stuff. But after work, i can run it in different places, with different processors, graphic cards and nothing breaks. Why my ssd+hdd would break?21:17
xk051Lucuuu: it's been many years since i've tried to boot a configured system on anonymous hardware, so i dont know what all the issues are. these three are key: 1) grub must know where to find the kernel, 2) fstab must have the right uuids for your drives and partitions, xorg/wayland must have the video drivers21:18
xk051Lucuuu: the liveusb has autodetection setup specifically for that21:18
xk051Lucuuu: liveusb /expects/ anonymous hardware, drive and partition uuids, and it knows exactly where the kernel is because its bringing it along21:19
hits1911Is there an alternative to osx's spotlight definition feature for ubuntu? or, is there a dictionary software integrates to OS such that right-clicking highlighed text reveals an option to translation. I know there are extensions for browsers but is it possible to do it in other documents?21:22
Lucuuuxk051:  ah, that way... grr.. well, i asked my friend and he told me that he unplugged his hdd and when he plugged it in other pc, it worked normally21:23
itsmemarioHi merry xmas. I'm having lots of problems with ubuntu and derivatives. my system keeps crashing and i don't know what to do21:24
xk051Lucuuu: it might 'just work' but, you know, 'be prepared' :)21:24
Lucuuuxk051:  if it doesnt work, i will just cry in corner in my friend's house, i will go home and download it with my poor connection :D21:25
xk051Lucuuu: bring a liveusb/or livedvd and this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot#Accessing_graphical_applications_inside_the_chroot21:26
itsmemarioany help please i'm looking everywhere online and have not been able to find a solution. it happens specially with browsers.21:26
nagizahits1911 There is something like it, in script form i saw it in an article.21:27
xk051Lucuuu: just, you know, be aware of different version numbers and whatnot21:28
hits1911nagiza: do you have a link for it?21:28
nagizaThe idea was that you highlight some text and then you can hit a keyboard shortcut and it pops up translated.21:28
nagizaI am trying to.21:28
jociitsmemario: which browser do you use ?21:29
nagizahits1911: this is it: http://www.webupd8.org/2016/03/translate-any-text-you-select-on-your.html21:30
nagizai have not tried it but it looks simple enough, i think i'll try and install it now.21:30
hits1911nagiza: thank you very much.21:31
xk051Lucuuu: so, for instance, with the method outlined in that guide, /even if your drives will not boot no matter what/ you might *still* be able to run *your* steam with: gksudo chroot /var/chroot steam -DISPLAY=:0.021:31
itsmemariojoci: i have tried all of them, chromium, epiphany, firefox, chrome... chromiun and flash is the most problematic one. i found out in disabling my intel i5 propietary processor that it goes smoothly and does not freeze that much. but still... :(21:31
itsmemariojoci: i5 propietary processor driver21:31
dinettomreyn: thanks, will test that later21:32
Lucuuuxk051:  will think about it, thanks :)21:32
xk051Lucuuu: and, in fact, that method might be better overall for your drive than the churning of your config files by doing a native boot21:32
xk051Lucuuu: your welcome. i used to do that sort of thing quite a bit, but it was a looong time ago when i worked in a shop. idk the newer stuff for sure anymore. good luck.21:33
jociitsmemario: i dont know mate i dont wanna say stupid things21:34
itsmemariojoci: aww ok no worries21:34
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
pezdispenserGarrys Mod !21:43
nagizais a great game ?21:43
pezdispenserI didn't realize it's for linux too, just purchased it on steam21:45
Alessiomontesi_Hi, I'm not a gamer, but sometimes I play ut2004 on that shit of windows. Some time ago I found a linux installer, so I tried it. The problem is that it is very laggy, while in win it run with 60 fps. I think the problem are nouveau drivers but I'm not sure. Can anyone help me please21:49
slacko_32342i wish i could, but im dumb as a rock :(21:50
GNUtooAlessiomontesi_: Try to find tools to measure the performance of your GPU21:50
GNUtooAlessiomontesi_: For intel there is intel_gpu_top in intel-gpu-tools21:51
GNUtooAnother option would be to look at phoronix test suite21:51
GNUtooAlessiomontesi_: also the nouveau website has many information21:51
GNUtoothe most comomn cause for performances issues is the lack of support of reclocking21:52
GNUtooMany GPUs cards have fans, and in such cases, you do want to do power management21:52
GNUtooand that doesn't work accross all GPUs21:52
Alessiomontesi_Well it is an old geforce 8400 GS but on windiws it can run ut2004 with 60fps21:53
GNUtooReclocking can make your hardware faster, while the tools like intel_gpu_top can instead be used to find software configuration or bugs that makes this particular game on this particular gpu/configuration slow21:54
GNUtooAlessiomontesi_: do you have the source code for the game you mentioned?21:54
Alessiomontesi_Nope, it's closed :D21:54
GNUtooah too bad21:55
GNUtoosometimes the engine gets freed after some time21:55
Alessiomontesi_It is one of best arenas21:55
Alessiomontesi_Epic games can't fail :D21:55
GNUtooI personally play free software games (like xonotix), I should try some more though21:56
pezdispenserxonotic rocks/ nexuiz21:56
GNUtooThere are newer ones that I didn't try like red eclipse21:56
Alessiomontesi_Well, sometimes frees are better but ut2004 is the best arena ever!!21:57
pezdispenserred eclipse yes21:57
GNUtoowarsow also looks nice, I should retry it21:57
pezdispenserplayed sauerbraten? lol21:57
Alessiomontesi_I played quake, too21:57
GNUtooAlessiomontesi_: it's a matter of taste, better is always very subjective21:57
Alessiomontesi_But i find ut2004 better :P21:57
GNUtooYes, that's the point, it's subjective21:58
Alessiomontesi_Nope, that ut2004 is the best fps is not subjective21:58
GNUtooWhen comparing two different things21:58
Alessiomontesi_And for sure is better than cod :P21:59
pezdispenseroh assault cube bud21:59
GNUtooIf you compare two different things, one might be more adapted for someone and the other better for the other person21:59
Alessiomontesi_Ut2004 is the master arena22:00
Alessiomontesi_Absolutelly objective22:00
GNUtooMany/most people probably find it better/best22:00
GNUtooI don't for instance, so it's subjective22:00
Alessiomontesi_Everyone find it betterrr22:00
Alessiomontesi_Because you are strange22:01
GNUtooIt's like art, or dance, you need a jury panel to decide because there is a big subjective part22:01
GNUtooThough in such cases there are also objective criterias that are decided upon22:02
Alessiomontesi_Well if you are a gaming expert you can't say ut2004 is not the best arena ever22:02
pezdispensergarrys mod...crashing...22:02
GNUtooAnd I'm not (a gaming expert)22:02
GNUtooso I'll just continue doing whatever I was doing, bbl22:02
Alessiomontesi_That's why you don't find it the best arena ever22:02
GNUtoounless you want to know more about GPU performances issues22:02
Alessiomontesi_I'm a linux expert22:03
Alessiomontesi_You aren't talking with a noob22:03
Alessiomontesi_I'm DS01, just masked22:03
GNUtooI never supposed you were22:04
Alessiomontesi_Yes you did22:04
GNUtooI don't suppose on the Internet, RFC185522:04
=== nagiza is now known as ysr
slacko_32342speaking of games. Any good 2d rpg?22:09
GNUtoowesnoth is awesome, huge storylines22:09
Alessiomontesi_GNUtoo: oooooo22:09
Alessiomontesi_Ut2004 is the only good game22:10
slacko_32342you never played Allex the Allegator, otherwise you wouldn't say that22:10
GNUtooI did, for a short time22:10
GNUtooI didn't went far22:11
GNUtooThe graphics are too old-school for me, frogatto was better in that reguard22:11
GNUtooRecently I played naev, the game is very realistic, not in the graphics, but in the programming (no idea how to explain)22:12
SebthreeBQM10HDAlessiomontesi_, hi hi hi hi22:12
GNUtooStill, beside that, pirates are really dumb because they are too suicidal22:12
GNUtooAfter almost finishing the game it gets boring, and the tasks seem more repetitive, at that point I tried to look at the lua API to automate them22:14
GNUtooand then I gave up22:15
AlessioMontesOneshotted by syrgyn22:15
AlessioMontesSyrgin: nice shoot!22:15
=== for{} is now known as DontHackMe
MonkeyDustguys take that conversation to -offtopic22:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:16
AlessioMontesOtherwise syrgyn will oneshot you22:16
AlessioMontesLike it happened to me22:16
Viking667I've got a weird error with synaptic, it keeps coming up with this error: The value 'vivid' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources. I'm on Xenial, how do I get this error fixed? I can't find anything referring to vivid in the whole /etc tree22:16
GNUtooAlessioMontes: the issue is that many free software games full potential isn't used. For instance you mostly have CTF, and usual game modes being played, but not assault, or survival22:16
GNUtoo*is also22:17
GNUtoo(in xonotic that is the cast)22:17
slacko_32342are there dota-like open source games?22:17
OerHeksViking667, look for that instance in  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/  or in softwarecenter>sources22:17
AlessioMontesOne shot one kill eh syrgin ;)22:17
Bashing-omViking667: A vivid kernel then still installed ? ' dpkg -l | grep linix- ' .22:18
slacko_32342There is no system but GNU and...22:19
Viking667OerHeks: nothing in /etc/apt/sources.list.d that's uncommented, they're all commented out.22:19
digitalvaldostaDoes anyone know how to fix fdisk: cannot open /dev/mmcblk0: Input/output error22:19
Viking667I'll check in Software Centre though, I use synaptic all the time because that's what I've used for quite some time.22:20
GNUtoodigitalvaldosta: doesn't look good, is the sd card plugged correctly?22:20
bekksdigitalvaldosta: Replace the card.22:20
blacksevHey guys :)22:20
=== AlessioMontes is now known as luciano123_
digitalvaldostaIt is a microSD in a sd adapter22:20
digitalvaldostaFrom my search I have found that it might mean that the label is messed up22:21
=== luciano123_ is now known as AlessioMontes
bekksdigitalvaldosta: The disk label is pretty much irrelevant. I/O errors indicate physical damage.22:21
digitalvaldostaAwe nuts22:21
AlessioMontesAhah broken pc ahahah22:21
blacksevI am a python programmer and a Developer From SYRIA I am so happy I entered this server , does anyone have the ability to give me a torrent link for RED_HAT linux22:22
Bashing-om!alis | blacksev22:22
ubottublacksev: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:22
blacksevi was going to work with them but I have a Problem with the internet in my country and they require a direct download22:22
OerHeksblacksev, join #redhat for support22:22
digitalvaldostaAre ya'll sure there's not SOMETHING that I can do to at least recover the pics?22:23
OerHeksor use ubuntu http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/22:23
blacksevThaanx OerHeks22:23
SebthreeBQM10HDhej san]22:24
Viking667digitalvaldosta: there may be some photo recovery tools that may help out, but I can't remember its name any more.22:25
digitalvaldostaViking667 I started working with PhotoRec22:25
wookie_Can someone help me figure out how to install the drivers for a usb wifi adapter I recently purchased?  I'm having trouble figuring it out22:25
digitalvaldostaBut I thinking maybe it could be the SD Adapter that the microSD is in22:26
SebthreeBQM10HDwookie_, which adapter?22:26
Viking667yeah, that's the result I just found. Not sure if that's the same thing I was looking at.22:26
danHow are you?22:26
Viking667Good thank you.22:26
SebthreeBQM10HDdan ok you?22:26
danYeah doing well thank you22:26
Kali_YugaMerry Christmas22:27
SebthreeBQM10HDyeh and you22:27
danMerry christmas to you too!22:27
Viking667digitalvaldosta: I've also seen and used testdisk, but that's a bit arcane.22:27
=== grumbells is now known as grumble
wookie_SebthreeBQM10HD, it is a TP-link archer t2uh ac60022:27
Viking667However, it does seem to have a better chance at recovering if the blocks can be read sometimes.22:27
wookie_Yes, and Merry Christmas to everyone22:27
SebthreeBQM10HDwookie_, got a link?22:27
Viking667wookie_: uhm, it's not Christmas here any more... 11:27 am on Boxing Day here22:28
blacksevwookie to you want me to find you a link to download the drivers22:28
SebthreeBQM10HDwookie_, do you know what type of wirless that is? broadcom realtek etc?22:28
wookie_I already found the drivers22:28
Viking667Bashing-om: Unlikely, I upgraded to Xenial kernels.22:28
SebthreeBQM10HDblacksev, wookie_ there may not be linux drivers22:28
blacksevyea so where is the problem friend22:29
Viking667And this only recently started happening, and I don't know what triggered it.22:29
profetikHi folks. And Merry Christmas.  If I wanted to find a snapshot of logs or error reports where would I go? Or is it only found thru terminal command.22:29
Bashing-omViking667: Seen the existence of old kernels too many times to discount it :)22:29
Viking667profetik: check in /var/log with you file browser22:29
wookie_There are some linux drivers Seth.22:29
Viking667Bashing-om: okay, I'lll take another look. Thanks for the suggestion.22:29
blacksevall the drivers that you will find on the site is windows i think22:30
\9profetik: logwatch is pretty good at that22:30
profetikCool thanks folks.22:30
wookie_blackserv, on the link I posted there is a linux driver lsited22:31
wookie_I can post the error I am receiving22:31
blacksevpost it22:31
SebthreeBQM10HDwookie_, you can try the linux driver, but may not work dependingn on what kernel you are running etc22:32
digitalvaldostaYaaaaay!!!! I tryed another microSD adapter that I had (SD disk brand) and it worked! PNY adapter is dead. Thanks for the input everyone22:32
SebthreeBQM10HDwookie_, the driver may be for a specific kernel version22:32
wookie_I installed an updated kernel which should allow the driver to be used22:32
blacksevare you installing it as root22:33
blacksevor you are using your su command22:33
wookie_I am using sudo make22:33
wookie_as the instructions say22:34
blacksevlog in as root22:34
blacksevusing the command su22:34
wookie_I did, blackserv.  I put in my password22:34
=== Two is now known as Guest38726
SebthreeBQM10HDTwo, test ok22:34
Guest38726im not that far yet22:34
SebthreeBQM10HDand you22:35
blacksevtry chmod the installation to 77722:35
wookie_How do I do that blackserv? Sorry I'm an ubuntu newb22:35
Guest38726i udertud mirc22:35
blacksevwookie freind first i need to ask you did you set a root passwd22:36
wookie_Yes, and I entered the right password when I used the sudo command22:36
OerHeksoh no, don't set rootpassword22:36
blacksevno its deffrint22:36
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:36
Guest38726use       same pass evry time22:36
OerHeksusing sudo <comand> is correct.22:37
Guest38726i make uo a senence and use first letters22:37
insyi dont working Tor browser22:37
blacksevhehehehe #ubottu22:37
blacksevI was waching Matrix todat22:37
Guest38726im using xubuntu22:37
Guest38726old movie22:38
GNUtooFree your mind indeed22:38
wookie_blackserv, I guess you are correct.  When I type in the password for su it doesn't work.  The password I used to log in doesn't seem to be the same as the one required for "su"22:38
GNUtoowookie_: s/Kunfu, I'm going to learn kunfu/Ubuntu, I'm going to learn Ubuntu/22:38
Guest38726insta;; it with a thumpdrive22:39
GNUtoowookie_: it was taken from a parody of Matrix22:39
Guest38726good night to u to22:39
Guest38726no nick?22:40
Guest38726i try xchat22:41
GNUtoowookie_: The matrix is a metaphor that describes well the world we live in...22:43
* Viking667 grumbles22:52
Viking667Okay, I fixed the "default release" problem. Seems I have some other issues that I need to eventually resolve.22:52
wookie_Anyone else know how to install the drivers for the Archer T2UH usb wifi adapter?22:53
ironhide_has anyone ran ubuntu on msi laptops?23:06
Bashing-omironhide_: Sure someone has and does, what is the "real" question ?23:07
* kook2 23:08
ironhide_real question is im debating on installing ubuntu on a msi gs43vr phantom pro, but i am worried that the graphic card will cause me problems its a nvidia gtx106023:08
* kook2 Wrangles with a server23:08
Bashing-omironhide_: Might have to install the driver from our trusted PPA, maybe. See: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us .23:14
ironhide_Bashing-om: thank you23:16
Bashing-omironhide_: ^^ installing the driver is no big deal. But may be stressful for a new user .23:16
kook2Could someone help me on my server issue?23:22
blackflow!ask | kook223:23
ubottukook2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:23
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:24
Bashing-omkook2: In reference to a forum post ? Please provide the link .23:24
Bashing-omkook2: WIFI is not in my box of skills :(23:27
ufchello all23:27
ufcanny girl for chat ? :)23:27
=== ufc is now known as Montenegro
=== mmuffinman_ is now known as mmuffinman
Montenegroany for chat ?23:33
\9!ot | Montenegro23:34
ubottuMontenegro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:34
Montenegroany for help me to instal c++ on ubuntu ?23:34
Montenegroubottu: i will kill you23:35
ubottuMontenegro: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:35
enoch85hey guys, ever seen this before? https://twitter.com/techandme_se/status/81306989215711232023:46
enoch85I'm amazed23:46
kisukeOk, so i managed to do something stupid, managed to kill my mouse input  after installing fglrfx, anyclue what im missing?23:57
Android169Those are cool23:57
Android169The Ubuntu cola23:58

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