SpassLinuxNovice: Hello.11:44
LinuxNoviceSpass, hi..11:45
LinuxNoviceI am new to Linux. Was curious to know what is different and better in Xfce in general and Xubuntu in particular over other distros.11:46
DerLinkeits more liteweight then the new gnome 3 shell11:47
DerLinkeor unity11:47
LinuxNoviceis it better and more lightweight than Mate?11:49
xanguaYou already know my answer ;-)11:50
DerLinkeupdates on xubuntu are faster then updates on mint, so i use xubuntu. its all based on the old gnome-panel.11:50
LinuxNoviceXubuntu 16.10 or 16.04? which one would you recommend?11:52
DerLinke16.04 is the LontTimeSupport-Version11:53
LinuxNoviceok. Is Xubuntu faster than Mint Xfce? Because both use Xfce DE.11:53
DerLinkebut 16.10 uses the new 4.8 kernel, wich dont makes problems on my mashine :P11:53
LinuxNoviceafter I download and install the OS, I need to update it or does the im11:56
LinuxNoviceor does the downloaded image contains all the update up to the point of download?11:56
DerLinkenever messured it, but mint need longer for upgrades ;) There is an option in install-progress to install updates while install11:56
DerLinkeshould be available in both distros11:57
xanguaNo one asked about Mint11:57
* xangua is confused11:57
DerLinkexangua: he asked about mint xfce11:57
LinuxNoviceI checked the website of a debian based distro MX Linux. They make available the image file with monthly updates.11:58
LinuxNoviceso, once you download the image and create a live usb, you are running the latest and updated OS. No much time consumed after install in updating.11:59
DerLinkeok ^^11:59
LinuxNoviceparticularly useful if one wants to use the computer offline, I think.12:00
xanguaUbuntu installer download updates while installing so...12:00
LinuxNoviceand btw, is Xubuntu faster than Mint Xfce?12:03
xanguaXfce is pretty much the same in any distro you try, also only official Ubuntu flavors at supported in *Ubuntu channels12:05
xubuntu16wDanHi. I am running 16.10 with only 2gb ram and no swap drive which is not recommended. Pls can someone help me setup a swap drive using gparted? See fdisk-l on pastebin - Thanks very much! Dan.   http://paste.ubuntu.com/23683798/19:02
xubuntu16wDanGood news! have resolved the issue I had with the swap file. It was really easy with gparted and fstab. Merry Christmas to all in IRC land!20:03

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