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Zrenstarcraftman, the meta key => kmenu is a kwin hack.02:27
ZrenBecause you can have multiple launchers (eg: different screens)02:27
Zrenit needs a way to detect which one you want02:27
Zrenthe code looks for whichever one has a global shortcut set (like Alt+f1) and actiavtes it.02:28
Zrenif you want a shortcut, but don't want meta key02:28
Zrenfollow this: https://zren.github.io/projects/kde/#cfg-2102:28
starcraftmanZren: thanks for replying, will try this. I am dissapointed that they did not provide some more obvious toggle.02:51
starcraftmanWorks, Iĺl just have to save this somewhere02:52
starcraftmanI use meta for pulling down yakuake, much more useful.02:52
ZrenEh, peeps have been asking for the feature for years. UI stuff is a bit more annoying to do. The meta key code was... complicated enough (I've read it).02:53
ZrenThe reddit thread when it was announched was pretty funny (as someone asked the same thing).02:54
starcraftmanZren: why hardcode it with said hack? Seems poor imo. I don know the details though. Especially since they still show menu allowing you to rebind kmenu to another key.02:57
ZrenQt doesn't support it as it's treated as a modifier key.03:04
ZrenOr maybe it does. Iunno.03:05
ZrenCan you assign keybinding to Shift/Alt/Ctrl/Meta on windows?03:05
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lordievaderGood morning08:13
espere___Hi. Just upgraded to 16.04. I have a mousepointer when the login window shows but as soon as I log in it dissappears. mouse still active though but no pointer. any suggestions?10:03
hateballespere___: do you have a desktop otherwise?10:15
hateballwith panels etc10:15
hateballthat is, is only the mouse missing, or do you have nothing at all?10:16
espere___hateball: yes10:16
espere___only mouse lacks10:16
espere___the pointer10:16
espere___its active10:16
espere___right mouse button shows the menu so its active10:17
hateballespere___: were you using a custom theme that is no longer compatible?10:17
hateballespere___: what did you upgrade from?10:17
espere___I tried adding a new user but that had the same result10:17
hateballespere___: well I'll suggest the standard thing first, since 16.04 by default is quite... broken10:18
hateballespere___: and that is to use the backports ppa10:18
hateballespere___: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade10:18
hateballreboot once done, see how things play out10:18
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bembelhi everyone10:49
bembelhow are touchscreens working with kubuntu?10:49
bembelthinking about buying an acer aspire switch10:50
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bembelis there anyone reading this?10:52
bembelhow are touchscreens working with kubuntu?10:54
soee_bembel: i think this is more question about how Plasma works with touchscreens11:02
soee_you might ask on #plasma11:02
espere___hateball: looks very different but still no pointer11:02
i337Anyone know how to get lxdream working on kubuntu?11:07
i337Been trying but having no success11:07
i337I tried building the mercurial version but had no luck. Tried building from source and same error11:08
i337"configure: error: The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old." yada yada11:09
i337If anyone can get this working and tell me how to do it I'd appreciate it11:09
i337Here's the link btw: http://www.lxdream.org/download.php11:09
i337I don't care if it's the dev version or the last stable release11:09
hateballespere___: hmmm11:34
hateballespere___: have you used gnome on the same machine?11:36
hateballespere___: and what GPU/driver do you use? try turning off effects temporarily with shift+alt+f1211:38
espere___hateball: I dont recall.11:43
espere___I use noveau atm I think. lemme check11:43
espere___shift-alt-f12 : I dont see anything happening11:43
espere___hateball: yes Xorg.0.log full with NOUVEAU11:45
espere___hateball: it seems that shift-alt-f12 does something: moving the mouse top left gives different result11:47
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hateballespere___: it toggles compositing11:49
hateballespere___: so what GPU do you have? "lspci"11:49
hateballespere___: and do you have ideological reasons for using nouveau over nvidia blob? :p11:49
espere___hateball: I see 22 entries: 92000M GS and 9400M G11:59
espere___I thought that since I need to use old drivers by now Nouveau might be more reasonable and break less12:00
hateballI cant say, I dont have anything stuck on 34012:01
hateballespere___: but it's easy enough to try, see if it helps your issues12:02
espere___hateball: seems to work.. grrrrrr. thx a lot for helpin12:15
hateballespere___: works with nvidia blob?12:17
hateballespere___: you could file a bug against... I dunno what really :D12:17
hateballI mean nouveau is in the kernel, but the bug is apparent in plasma12:18
i337what's the shortcut to lock the screen?12:30
i337on windows is windows key + l12:30
hateballI have ctrl+alt+L but I cant recall if I set that myself12:31
i337hateball: that did it12:31
espere___hateball: where/what to file then?12:34
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.12:34
espere___display bugs are a mess I suppose. net able to use my displays for 2 years now. big waste :-)12:35
hateballespere___: Suppose I'd file a bug against plasma (any part) and detail that you have missing cursor when using nouveau. Also mention you're using kubuntu ppa so plasma 5.8.412:35
hateballespere___: what do you mean not able to use your displays?12:35
espere___I used to have more displays connected. but there seems to be a bug that thats not working anymore12:36
hateballespere___: multimonitor is fickle currently, but it should work. use nvidia-settings to configure them if you are using the nvidia blob12:37
hateballless broken multimonitor support is one reason to use the PPA as well, since many bugs have been fixed in 5.8.x12:38
espere___hateball: u sure it is fixed? I was using 4 monitors with cinerama and twinview iirc12:39
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hateballespere___: oh I dont use more than 2 monitors so I cant say13:04
hateballwell 2 + laptop13:04
espereguhateball: I'll give multimonitor a try then. You suggest to update to backports?13:22
viewer|85125Good morning, just want to know if 16.10 is stable and recommended...?13:23
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rllavona_morning, is 16.10 good?13:25
BluesKajHi all13:29
soeerllavona_: yes13:34
BluesKajhey soee13:35
soeehiho BluesKaj13:39
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rllavona_soee thanks13:49
espereguhateball: still does not seem to work13:59
espereguhateball: it seems to function but then suddenly the sceen turns black. than after a while it comes back and I can move the mouse pointer but nothing responds. (afk for a bit)14:15
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hateballesperegu: sorry as I said I only use 2 monitors, and that's on Intel. My nvidia machine has a more recent gpu/driver also, and only one monitor14:28
hateballesperegu: so many parameters it's hard to know what goes wrong14:28
hateballesperegu: oh you may also like to wipe your kscreen configs and reboot, to get those freshly generated14:29
espereguhateball: how is that done?15:22
espereguhateball: I also just noticed (since it gets darker here) that after this upgrade on my laptop my keyboard lights do not work anymore :-)15:23
espereguhateball: ha. that seemed to be a key combo ;-)15:24
hateballesperegu: do what? wipe kscreen?15:25
hateballesperegu: each monitor has a file config in ~/.local/share/kscreen15:25
hateballesperegu: so you just need to move/delete them and restart the session and things should autodetect again. after that if things arent magically just working, use nvidia-settings to config the monitors15:26
espereguhateball: I have a xorg.conf that I use for the setup15:27
espereguhateball: don't think I was able to get it working with the nvidia-settings15:27
hateballesperegu: I see15:27
hateballthen I dont really know, as I said I dont use multimonitor with nvidia15:28
hateballintel "just works"15:28
espereguhateball: I tried it with intel but that never worked properly.... (I had to use intel _and_ nvidia for multiple so I ended up with 2 nvidia cards)15:29
TBotNikAll: Having mouse pointer problem. Working from phone. Writeup at: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5647200#post564720015:30
TBotNikRunning ver 14.0415:32
soeeKubuntu 14.04 ?15:38
soeeso you have KDE4 as a desktop environment right?15:38
soeeTBotNik: ^15:41
TBotNikAll: Repeating: Having mouse pointer problem. Working from phone. Writeup at: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5647200#post5647200 Running kubuntu 14.04 lts16:13
TBotNikCan anyone help me with my cursor problem?16:18
TBotNikRepeating: Can anyone help me with my cursor problem?16:38
ayolibrohi. i'm am installing kubuntu 16.10 right now (dualboot with windows 10). the installer asks me where i want to install the bootloader, but i don't really know what to choose. these are my partitions: https://paste.kde.org/pivktlf9e16:46
ayolibroit gives me the options /dev/sda, /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sda4, /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6.16:48
ayolibrooh and i am installing on uefi (if this is important)16:50
yotuxWith uefi I am not sure16:55
yotuxNormally I have used used /dev/sda  as that is the boot sector of the first disk16:56
yotuxayolibro: where are you installing kubuntu16:56
BluesKajayolibro, i thought grub was supposed to be installed to the efi partition..but I'm not toyally sure ..ask in #ubuntu, there uEFI experts there16:57
ahoneybunayolibro: if you have a efi partion from Windows I believe that you need to install the bootloader there16:57
ayolibroWhen I installed Win 10 I left free space for Kubuntu. Now I have created two partitions for Kubuntu (home and /) on this free space.16:57
ahoneybunolder BIOS would be /dev/sda16:57
BluesKajhe has a UEFI system16:58
ahoneybunyea GRUB would handle the uefi booting of Win 10 and Kubuntu16:58
yotuxIt does in my case I just don't recall were I installed the boot loader16:59
ahoneybunI'm not dual booting atm but17:00
ahoneybun /boot/efi17:00
ahoneybun /17:00
ahoneybun /home17:00
ahoneybunand swap is how I have my uefi laptop setup17:00
yotuxahoneybun, I'm not sure why I still have dual boot I have VM images for most of my windows needs.....17:02
yotuxSilly Garmin devices.....17:02
ayolibroSo I should install the bootloader to /dev/sda2? (It is the efi partition)17:03
yotuxayolibro,  I think some one said early there may be a uefi expert in #ubuntu17:05
ayolibroI already asked in ubuntu, but no one answered. Should I ask again?17:05
yotuxI asked also am awaiting a response17:06
ahoneybunayolibro: if /dev/sda2 is the efi then yes17:06
ahoneybunjust have everything backup in case17:06
yotuxayolibro: It seems  a user is agreeing with what you stated, as always have a backup.....17:07
ayolibroI have a backup of everything. ^^17:08
ayolibroThank you all for helping me!17:08
yotuxWe try when we can good luck and enjoy :)17:09
ayolibroyotux, everything works perfectly, I can start both Win 10 and Kubuntu. Thanks again!17:32
primenumberhello everybody18:04
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KarkoonHi. I have installed 16.10 and I think that my nvidia GPU isn't being used. I've tried gpu-manager and it says that noveau is being skipped and at the end it decides on i915 (so Intel card?).  Here's the output of gpu-manager. http://pastebin.com/4v0ekB0W18:48
TBotNikDid anyone figure ou my cursor problem, I posted earlier? Written up @ http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/loose-the-cursor-pointer-4175596283/. You can see what ive been through!19:45
TBotNikNo tty, always must reboot locks into this "no cursor" mode at boot now! Cmd i ran made it worse!19:47
TBotNikNo tty, always must reboot locks into this "no cursor" mode at boot now! Cmd i ran made it worse!20:08
[Relic]what was the display manager for 14.04?20:13
mparillo[Relic]: It has been a while, but it was LightDM, IIRC.20:19
[Relic]suppose that don't work well with plasma 5.8?20:20
TBotNikCan I get some help?20:24
[Relic]no clue, is it a phpmyadmin configuration problem?20:29
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TBotNikSince no one has a patch/work around for the cursor problem, running ver upgrade from recovery mode root cmd line. Had to 1st enable networking, 2nd run mounts to get all in rw mode, 3rd issue the didt-upgrade cmd!20:48
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