fishcookeropenbox --restart Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyOpenbox-Message: Failed to open the display from the DISPLAY environment variable.01:44
fishcookereven openbox-lubuntu will emit the same err* message01:44
ColdragonJe sais pas ou signaler ça mais sur le site http://lubuntu.fr/ quand on télécharge Lubuntu 16.04 (Affiché sur la page d'accueil) on à Lubuntu 16.10 qui download ^^ Voilou01:46
fishcookerwhere is the documentation menu of this alt+space command http://imgur.com/a/cP07V01:54
maskarahey guys, so i installed lubuntu with the lv option ..the option that supposedly make the hd easier to partition...when i rebooted lubuntu loads but not the desktop im stuck in command line ....im hoping someone has seen this04:03
fishcookerwould you please take a screenshot, maskara ?04:05
maskaraoh wait ...i cant get past command line to take a screenshot04:06
maskaranvmd ..duh04:07
fishcookerwhat's the error message?04:08
maskaranone...it comes up with login on the term...i login but desktop wont start and it sits there with the prompt04:09
sgo11hi, I am trying to install lxqt by following the steps from official wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt BUT this instruction is not correct. I stopped at the step "This will fail. Do not worry, it's known. It should fail on plasma-workspace.". How to continue? it's known. then all the following steps can not be done.05:14
tsimonq2ohai :)05:14
tsimonq2sgo11: So what's the problem?05:15
tsimonq2sgo11: And do you want Lubuntu Next or do you want LXQt? Those are two very different things.05:15
sgo11tsimonq2, the instruction shows I just continue to execute apt commands after the failure. this is not true. apt/apt-get will complain about the failure and force me to run apt-get -f install and then fail again.05:16
sgo11tsimonq2, I want Lubuntu Next (with lxqt)05:16
tsimonq2sgo11: So I wrote those instructions :)05:17
sgo11tsimonq2, ok. if I want Lubuntu Next, what to do? download a new iso somewhere? thanks.05:18
tsimonq2sgo11: It's a WIP as we're waiting for Qt 5.7.1 to get in Zesty.05:18
tsimonq2sgo11: But in the meantime you can Do It Yourself by just installing lxqt-core, the Lubuntu themes, and decking it out with the themes.05:19
tsimonq2sgo11: But I'm sorry, I don't know what else to tell you...05:19
sgo11tsimonq2, should I follow the instruction in the wiki page or not? what should I do now? I installed ubuntu-server and followed the instruction05:20
tsimonq2sgo11: 16.10 or the daily?05:21
sgo11tsimonq2, 16.10 official server iso and then run "apt-get dist-upgrade" and then followed the instruction.05:21
sgo11fresh install05:21
tsimonq2sgo11: Hm, try: sudo apt purge sddm-theme-breeze lubuntu-default-settings05:23
sgo11tsimonq2, what about lubuntu-extra-sessions? let me try the above command first.05:24
sgo11tsimonq2, anyway. it failed with the same error.05:25
tsimonq2sgo11: What error exactly?05:25
sgo11have to fix apt issue with apt-get -f install.05:26
tsimonq2No, what *exact* wording is it?05:27
sgo11I am sshing to that machine now. will copy and post the exact errors. wait a second.05:27
sgo11tsimonq2, https://hastebin.com/epaxafofug.pas  the error msg is always this.05:28
tsimonq2sgo11: sudo apt purge lubuntu-core lubuntu-extra-sessions qlubuntu-default-session05:29
sgo11tsimonq2, https://hastebin.com/meqatasavo.sql new error05:30
tsimonq2sgo11: Purge that too :)05:35
sgo11tsimonq2, really? the instruction asked me to install lubuntu-qt-desktop.05:36
tsimonq2It's a metapackage05:36
tsimonq2Really contains nothing05:36
sgo11tsimonq2, ok. so I am going to purge that now.05:37
sgo11tsimonq2, https://hastebin.com/unowudodig.sql05:39
sgo11tsimonq2, sorry. just added sddm-theme-breeze. it seems I can purge them now.05:40
sgo11btw, is there a lubuntu next ISO that I can download?05:40
tsimonq2sgo11: Nope, like I said before, it's a WIP. :)05:41
sgo11I don't really understand. lxqt should be in 16.10. I started to use lxqt from lubuntu 14.04. there is no problem at all.05:42
tsimonq2sgo11: Not with LXQt, no, actually I'm running it right now.05:43
tsimonq2Remember when I said this? :)05:43
tsimonq211:15:30 PM < tsimonq2> sgo11: And do you want Lubuntu Next or do you want LXQt? Those are two very different things.05:43
tsimonq2sgo11: Our settings won't apply correctly, and the fix is in Qt 5.7.105:44
tsimonq2sgo11: So yeah, go ahead and install LXQt, but it's not "officially" "Lubuntu Next"05:44
sgo11the apt purge is trying to uninstall more than one thousand packages. I am not sure if any lubuntu next will leave after doing this.05:44
tsimonq2sgo11: Did you already start it?05:45
sgo11only 45% progress so far in ssd disk.05:45
sgo11tsimonq2, yeah.05:45
sgo11tsimonq2, I just want lubuntu next. I don't care if that works properly or not.05:45
sgo11I just don't want lubuntu with lxde.05:45
tsimonq2sgo11: Like I said, you want LXQt? Lubuntu Next isn't a thing yet...05:46
sgo11tsimonq2, ok. so what to do now after doing "sudo apt purge lubuntu-core lubuntu-extra-sessions qlubuntu-default-session lubuntu-qt-desktop sddm-theme-breeze". thanks.05:47
tsimonq2sgo11: sudo apt install lxqt-core lubuntu-artwork sddm05:48
sgo11tsimonq2, done. what next? apt-get --purge autoremove and then reboot?05:49
tsimonq2sgo11: Sure, try it. :)05:50
sgo11tsimonq2, thanks a lot. let me see...05:51
sgo11hm... it's removing fcitx... I need it.05:52
tsimonq2sgo11: Well then install it back... :)05:54
sgo11tsimonq2, sorry about too many questions. it does not boot to UI mode. anything wrong? any manual work to enable UI mode?06:00
sgo11.... maybe I just install lxqt in lubuntu.06:03
tsimonq2sgo11: I'm sorry, it's really late for me, if you come back tomorrow I can help you then.06:06
tsimonq2Good night.06:06
sgo11tsimonq2, thanks a lot for your today's help. good night.06:06
sgo11I think I will simply "apt install lxqt" in ubuntu-desktop iso.06:06
fishcookeractually what's the status of the lxqt  development, tsimonq2 ? i really want to get rid of this bad effect http://imgur.com/a/cP07V09:28
tsimonq2Argh, come on, use a bouncer /o\ :P16:39
james1138Question for the group.  After a update (one of several... so I do not know which to try and undo) - I am getting a "GDBus.Error.org/freedesktop.DBus.error.AccessDenied - operation not permitted each time I try and reboot or shutdown. However - I can reboot and/or shutdown from terminal. Help!20:46

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