chatterhey guys01:56
chatterallah is doing01:56
chattersun is not doing allah is doing01:56
chatterto accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger01:56
slevchenko_Hi guys, can Maas serve as proxy for release upgrade ?08:45
indioushi all i am new to maas and am setting up a lab. I am having issue with IPMI on HP servers with ILO2 but am able to get the Cisco UCS servers with CIMC working with no issues16:28
indiousi see something about ipmi.template file online which was previously a bug16:29
indiousbut with the 2.1.1 MAAS that i am running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS i have the option to choose IPMI 1.5 or IPMI 2.0 i think that the ILO2 is IPMI 1.5 but i get action denied when with power action16:30
indiouswhen i switch to IPMI 2.0 just gives me the error that failed to power node on16:31
indiouscould anyone assist me with this issue?16:31
hachiindious: I am not expert but i think you should check your ILO password in the power section of MAAS. We are using IMPI 2.0 and ILO2 without any issue17:08
indiousok when i use IPMI 2.0 i do not get the access restriction but i can not power the node on17:42
indiousi get this error17:42
indiousFailed to query node's BMC - Access denied while performing power action. Check BMC configuration and try again.17:42
indiousbut user settings has full rights17:43
indioushere is what i get in the IPMI logs17:46
indiousiLO 217:46
indious12/28/2016 17:4517:46
indious12/28/2016 17:4417:46
indiousIPMI/RMCP login by admin -
indiousInformational iLO 212/28/2016 17:45 12/28/2016 17:44 3 IPMI/RMCP login by admin -
indioushachi what is your firmware version on ILO2?17:52
indiousi was able to telnet to the IL02 and login as the users specified and was able to boot the server17:57
indiousnot sure why it is failing for MAAS17:57
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