MarkB2Anyone here using an Intel Joule 570x board with Ubuntu?03:25
MarkB2If so, just one question: after flashing but before installing Ubuntu, are the LEDs at board edge all supposed to light up?03:26
MarkB2Ah well.  Thought someone might have one.  The things are ..pricy.. but the specs seemed to fit my application.03:38
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MarkB2I've a Joule 570x module on an expansion board and am accumulating the bits and pieces to bring it up.  Directions say to locate a USB A to microB cable (what I think they're calling a serial over USB cable).20:25
MarkB2That ..definition.. slows me down.  I see an FTDI chip on the board... It looks like all I need is a USB-A to USB-microB cable from the host computer to the Joule.  Is this just a straight USB cable?  Or is another USB-to-Serial adapter needed?20:27
MarkB2Looks like I've answered my own question: tracing through the expansion board schematic shows that all that's needed is a plain old USB-A to USB-microB cable.  Connector J9 is connected to the USB-side of an FTDI chip.20:46
MarkB2Happy New Year to all.20:46
JouleUserI'm trying to install plain Ubuntu onto an Intel Joule but after installation it fails to boot properly.  Is this an OK place to ask for help?21:36

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