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flixrhi, would be great if someone could sync dpkg in yakkety and zesty to >= 1.10.1114:03
flixrmeant >= 1.18.1114:04
flixrdpkg 1.18.10 has some bugs that are already fixed in Debian upstream that e.g. prevent building some packages on launchpad14:04
rbasakflixr: dpkg has a delta. Just blindly syncing it would be wrong.16:03
tsimonq2flixr: You might want to file a bug against dpkg, that's a good way to report it.16:51
tsimonq2!info dpkg zesty16:51
ubottudpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version 1.18.10ubuntu1 (zesty), package size 2137 kB, installed size 6852 kB16:51
tsimonq2!info dpkg yakkety16:51
ubottudpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version 1.18.10ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 2137 kB, installed size 6852 kB16:51
tsimonq2Ahh ok...16:51
tsimonq2!info dpkg unstable16:51
ubottudpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version 1.18.18 (unstable), package size 2050 kB, installed size 6746 kB16:51
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flixrtsimonq2, file a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/165294517:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1652945 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "dpkg-parsechangelog intolerant of unfinalised changelogs" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:57
tsimonq2flixr: Ok, thanks.18:09
tsimonq2Hey everyone, I'm a little stuck on this and since Steve is on holiday, I thought I might ask to see if anyone here knows how to deal with this18:26
tsimonq2bug 164829518:26
ubottubug 1648295 in freehdl (Ubuntu) "Revert GCC 5 ABI change" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164829518:26
tsimonq2So this merge is because of a change made when G++5 was landing(?)18:27
mapreritsimonq2: what you did in that last patch is exactly what I was suggesting to you in private, just that that change could be done in Debian too (is a nop), with the single problem that you'd need to make sure nobody removes it before 18.04 (but I'd like to think a comment explaining that could be enough).18:28
maprerinow, dinner for me, cu later!18:28
tsimonq2I guess I saw examples of Steve doing this (he pointed me to zesty-changes) and I'm wondering if I did this right.18:29
tsimonq2And why does it need to be done this way?18:29
tsimonq2o/ mapreri18:29
tsimonq2(Steve being Steve Langasek)18:30
mitya57tsimonq2, s/Conflicts/Breaks/, I see no reason for Conflicts here18:34
mitya57Also maybe Provides is not necessary, but it won't hurt either.18:35
mitya57Do you want me to sponsor it?18:36
tsimonq2mitya57: Ok, so why Breaks, not Conflicts?18:37
tsimonq2What's your reasoning for that?18:37
tsimonq2(seeing as Conflicts is already there)18:37
tsimonq2mitya57: Like I said, I was using something Steve did as a model... :)18:37
rbasakUsually it's Breaks that is normal, and Conflicts that needs some special reasoning.18:38
tsimonq2Ok, fair enough. Then why might Steve do this? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/290421985/hmat-oss_1.2.0-1ubuntu1_1.2.0-2ubuntu1.diff.gz18:38
mitya57It's more difficult for APT to handle Conflicts18:38
tsimonq2(just hoping to understand why he did it that way versus using Breaks)18:39
tsimonq2And when do I use Conflicts instead?18:39
rbasakConflict/Replace/Provide is special. It's for swapping virtual packages.18:39
rbasakI suggest not cargo culting, not even if it's from Steve :-)18:39
tsimonq2Heh. :P18:40
rbasakYou might find https://wiki.debian.org/PackageTransition helpful18:40
tsimonq2rbasak: Oh cool thanks18:40
rbasakAlso https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html18:40
mitya57I don't really know why Steve used conflicts, but that's unnecessary here. Also thanks rbasak for pasting these links :)18:40
tsimonq2But when dealing with merges with G++5 ABI stuff, I should use Breaks, Replaces, and Provides won't hurt?18:41
rbasakwhy Steve used conflicts> because " Conflicts should be used18:42
rbasakin conjunction with Provides when only one package providing a given virtual facility may be unpacked at a time "18:42
rbasakfrom https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-conflicts18:42
rbasak(I assume, as I see that he's also doing Provides)18:42
slangasekbecause Conflicts/Provides/Replaces has a special meaning18:42
tsimonq2OHAI slangasek :)18:42
* slangasek waves18:42
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slangasekunfortunately the meanings of these fields are not independent18:43
mitya57Doesn't Breaks/Provides/Replaces have the same meaning then?18:43
tsimonq2Isn't Breaks/Provides/Replaces used when package X-dev0v5 (for example) is replacing X-dev0 and it shouldn't be installed at the same time?18:45
tsimonq2When is that used?18:46
* tsimonq2 searches list archives for why this particular transition was done this way18:46
tsimonq2Oh so this I think? https://wiki.debian.org/GCC5#libstdc.2B-.2B-_ABI_transition18:50
mitya57That page suggests using Breaks/Replaces, that's what I would use too18:52
mitya57As far as I understand, Conflicts is used when there are two packages that provide the same file, and they both will continue to exist. In our case one of the packages will no longer exist, in which case Breaks is better.18:53
mitya57But maybe slangasek can explain where I am wrong :)18:54
tsimonq2mitya57: Alright, if I respond to the bug with an updated diff, would you sponsor? :)18:55
mitya57No need for updated diff, I want to see if slangasek has any explanation for Conflicts, and then I'll sponsor it.18:56
tsimonq2Ok cool18:56
mitya57tsimonq2, ok, uploading your change as is. There are no rdependencies, right?19:38
tsimonq2mitya57: Haven't checked, please do!19:39
mitya57Looks like no19:39
tsimonq2mitya57: So why would that matter then? Would they need a no-change rebuild?19:40
mitya57Yes, the might need it19:40
mitya57E: freehdl source: version-substvar-for-external-package libfreehdl0-dev -> libfreehdl0v519:41
mitya57.shlibs and .lintian-overrides need to be renamed, and some other file need s/v5//19:42
tsimonq2mitya57: But you didn't upload yet right?19:42
mitya57I'll fix that myself19:42
tsimonq2Ok, Good.19:42
tsimonq2Awesome, thanks. :)19:42
mitya57(oh wait, why is there a .shlibs file in the source? it should be generated by dh_makeshlibs)19:43
mitya57(but the package uses the ancient debhelper level v5 so this might not work)19:43
mitya57tsimonq2, this is what I got as a diff: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/300468451/freehdl_0.0.8-2.2ubuntu1_0.0.8-2.2ubuntu2.diff.gz19:56
mitya57Now the package is mostly identical to Debian19:56
tsimonq2Ok, I see you uploaded, got the email \o/20:01
tzerodoes dpkg-buildpackage require a GPG key to be saved with a passphrase? I have used `gpg --edit-key` and `passwd` with blank passphrase to remove it (or so I believe), but still get prompted20:04
ytrezqHello, how to build a .deb source package with the Intel compiler (icc instead of gcc)??21:38
slangasekmitya57: you have that backwards; when one of the packages is being obsoleted completely, Conflicts is preferred23:24

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