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Bashing-omIt's been real - it's been fun; it's been real fun. But, enough for one session . Good nite06:24
ducassemorning all07:14
lordievaderGood morning08:13
ducasse\o lordievader08:24
EriC^^morning ducasse08:26
EriC^^happy holidays08:26
ducassehi EriC^^,  happy holidays to you too! have yours been good so far?08:27
lordievaderHey ducasse, EriC^^, how are you doing?08:27
EriC^^ducasse: thanks, great yours?08:27
EriC^^lordievader: hi, good thanks and yourself?08:27
EriC^^happy holidays lordievader :)08:27
ducasseEriC^^: good, thanks. spent christmas eve at my mother's place, been to a few family gatherings - lots of great food :)08:28
ducasseEriC^^: also got a new desk yesterday :)08:28
lordievaderEriC^^: Doing good here08:29
EriC^^ducasse: cool, congrats :)08:29
ducasseEriC^^: any plans for new years eve?08:30
EriC^^ducasse: nope, not yet, you?08:32
ducasseEriC^^: been invited to turkey dinner, which sounds like a seriously good idea to me :) just take it easy and stuff our mouths with food.08:33
ducasseEriC^^: new desk - http://imgur.com/3ARs5rI08:36
EriC^^ducasse: thanks one sweet desk!08:46
ducasseEriC^^: much bigger than my old one, i wanted one with space for a third monitor in portrait mode for docs when i'm coding etc. got it used for about £15 :)08:48
EriC^^that's a bargain!08:59
ducasseyep, i couldn't resist. right now i'm prepping an old mac mini i've got, going to set it up for my elderly neighbors so they can use it for online banking etc. i'll give them a crash course, but my thinking was a mac is probably easier for them to use.09:01
EriC^^cool, never used a mac myself, seems pretty intuitive though with the launcher and stuff09:06
EriC^^i want to get one just for the experience, they're so expensive though!09:07
EriC^^well, i'm off to do some house cleaning! :D09:08
ducasseenjoy, i've cleaned my entire apartment the last two days :)09:08
BluesKajHi all13:29
ducassehi BluesKaj, how have your holidays been so far?14:36
BluesKajhi ducasse , holidays are wonderful ...daughter came home so were happy :-014:42
ducassefamily is the highlight of the holidays, i got to spend plenty of time with my young niece and nephew, which was fantastic :)14:44
ducasseafter that i've set up a new domain, a mailserver, new desk and made my _entire_ apartment spotless :)14:45
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