greiogioThe 0500 virus was fixed in kernels matching the operating systems of my choice and uncrackable including reinforcement of signature file ClamAV.  Redhat and cents 7.1 and 7.3 got it too.  I didn't tell them. 02:12
greiogioI like ubuntu, fedora, solus, and gave it to Debian actually.  It'll be the next official kernel.  grub2 Is also fixed for reinstalls.  All Isos rerolled now.02:13
greiogioOf course ubuntu my favorite linux operating system.  I gave them one more gift.  Its the 0500 header AV rip out equivalent of 0500 in UK worse than linksys A1200 router bug and the Kaspersky that wasn't rip out all apple networking02:14
greiogioThats for ubuntu02:15
greiogioIts also in a clamav by law upon terms of acceptance they allow the grub2 fix at kernel.org02:15
greiogioThanks ubuntu.  You taught me everything I need to know about linux.  And I'm still stupid ;)02:16
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