jackhey can you use wine with steam games?01:57
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Artemis3jack, yes but, windows steam.02:04
jackwindows steam?02:04
Artemis3wine steam.exe etc.02:04
Artemis3im actually playing a game in wine that is also in steam, but don't bother launching it from steam because of that xD02:05
Artemis3tho i never tried messing with the launch command02:05
Artemis3ah well02:06
jackdo online features still work?02:06
jacki have never used wine before02:06
Artemis3wine depends on game02:07
Artemis3which game it is?02:07
jackserious sam classic one and two02:08
jackthere kind of old02:08
jacklike 2003 around there02:09
Artemis31 is gold and 2 is platinum, should run fine02:11
jackI looked in the ubuntu software store i dont see some thing just called wine02:12
Artemis3for wine compatibility check https://appdb.winehq.org/02:12
jackwine tricks and play on linux?02:12
Artemis3playonlinux is wine with a frontend for easy use02:13
Artemis3install that if you want02:13
jackalright so i dont need winetricks?02:15
Artemis3probably not with playonlinux02:15
Artemis3i use it because i don't use that frontend02:16
Artemis3in any case the one bundled in the software center would be too old anyway02:16
jackso dont get the play on Linux from the software center?02:17
Artemis3jack, try it.02:32
jackI will latter have to download them from steam02:32
jackthanks for your help later*02:33
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nikunj_I am a linux newbie. I want to prepare my linux for coding. What do i do first10:25
Akulinikunj_, which programming language do you want to write?10:30
Akulior are you just getting started with this idea of writing your own programs? :)10:31
nikunj_I'm acquainted with C, C++, SQL and would start with python this semester10:31
Akuliobviously the first thing to get is an editor10:32
nikunj_Yea, which one do you suggest?10:32
Akuliyou will probably like geany if you like notepad++10:32
Akulii would start with that10:32
nikunj_Geany, ok10:32
Akuliof course, your choice of editor is a very personal thing and geany is definitely not the only right choice :)10:33
nikunj_Anything to start with Akuli, right10:33
Akulithen you also need python, you already have it installed, just run python3 on the terminal10:33
nikunj_Ahh, okay10:33
nikunj_SQL needs a server10:33
Akulii have no experience with it yet10:34
nikunj_Anything else i should do for the same, Akuli10:34
Akulinow if you're using geany with python you'll first feel like it's kind of weird, but you just need to change some settings and its great https://github.com/Akuli/python-tutorial/blob/master/editor-setup.md10:34
nikunj_Oh well let me save this link for later purposes10:35
Akuliok :)10:35
Akulithat's a part of my python tutorial, feel free to read the rest if you like it :)10:35
nikunj_Thank you so much10:36
Akuliafter setting up the editor you should be ready to go :) you can just write a python program in geany and run that with f510:36
nikunj_Thanx for your help10:39
Akulino problem :)10:39
ubuntu-mate hi14:40
ubuntu-mateany body here14:40
randallnope, just the voices in your head and the phantoms in your closet14:47
Atmanhello fellas17:42
Atmanjust installed ubuntu mate17:42
Atmani am one of you now17:42
Akulihi :)17:50
Atmananyone managed to install spyder3 on ubuntu mate 16.10?17:53
Akulii don't like full-featured ide's, geany is enough for everything i do17:54
Akulithat said, shouldn't it be just an apt-get install?17:55
Akulirun sudo apt-get install spyder3 on a terminal, and you should have it :)17:56
AkuliAtman, still here?18:10
jack-the_ripperI cant get my turtle beaches to work any one know how to help?18:15
AtmanAkuli: yes18:17
Akuliok, did apt-get work?18:17
jack-the_rippernvm got it working18:17
Atmanno, i tried many different things..the developers on git said it is a current ubuntu issue..so i have to wait18:18
Atmani use gedit to write and a terminal to execute python code..works very fine too18:18
Atmanmaybe even better than spyder18:18
Akuliyes, it is :)18:18
Akulirunning things the terminal way is handy especially when you're writing a command-line interface with e.g. argparse18:19
jack-the_ripperwhen i go to play the game it does not work?18:19
jack-the_ripperevery time i close the sound menu it changes the setting back xD18:20
Akuliare you running it under wine?18:21
Akulithen i have no idea what's wrong with it :(18:21
jack-the_ripperits a steam game built for linux18:21
jack-the_ripperevery time i close the sound menu it changes back to my other sound device18:22
Akuliyou could ask on #steamlug18:22
Akulior #ubuntu-steam, but there's only 26 users on that channel18:22
jack-the_ripperthe sound works it just stops working when i close the sound menu it changes back18:23
jack-the_ripperto my built in device18:23
Atmanwhat game?18:25
Akuli<jack-the_ripper> I cant get my turtle beaches to work any one know how to help?18:26
campyis there a way to manually update something... like sudo apt-get update this thing specifically ?21:42
campypretty broad question for the internet so i thought there might be someone on here21:44
campyguessing no one is alive21:45
campythanks tho21:47
Atmanubuntu 16.10 seems to be pretty crappy22:02
Atmaninstalled it yesterday22:02
Atmanspyder3 doesnt work22:02
Atmanmost games from playonlinux do not work22:02
Atmanthe 14. and 15. versions mastered these software pretty well22:03
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