bazhang<crunchbang> how would you make a custimisable boot load for for both 8 16 32 64 bit mode os01:42
bazhang8bit spacemacs!01:42
hggdhand... greiogio is back.02:08
* hggdh grabs some popcorn02:08
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (slayercoffee)03:34
bazhangI think we need a 'veruca salt' factoid09:54
bazhangI want it NOW09:54
bazhangdoes ubuntu even have a kernel approaching that one09:56
ikoniazfs is an interesting on now09:57
bazhangI mean the 4.809:57
bazhang Version for yeakkety09:59
bazhangI mean yakkety09:59
ikoniahe's trying to build zfs into it10:02
ikoniaand I suspect it's not the ubuntu build, but the stock one from kernel.org10:03
bazhangvery custom then10:21
bazhangis xubuntu three or five years for the lts support10:37
ikoniasame as "core"10:37
bazhangfive then10:37
ikoniaits the same repo so the repos will be the same, 5 on server 3 on desktop, but I'm still not sure how that will ever work10:37
ikoniaas how can you not support the desktop packages in the same repo10:37
bazhanggood point10:38
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jay__Hey, somebody named thetrail is trolling #ubuntu.21:56
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