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javier4my ubuntu touch is stuck on loading animation. I can kill lightdm and start a unity8 session, but it will work only if launched as root. Same thing happens for the demo clients I launch on top of a mir_demo_server. Which files should I check for permissions?12:20
Walexjavier4: that's really weird. Obviously it is something to do with how clients connect to the Mir server, but I have no familiarity with that.12:49
Walexjavier4: you can use 'lsof' on the Mir server process to figure that out.12:49
javier4Perhaps I found a possible cause:  permissions for these files related to gpu, on my system are 60013:16
javier4shouldn't be 666?13:16
TheKitare Android .idc config files still used by Mir? touch screen is behaving erratically on Language screen, but kernel events look fine in evtest13:40
nex7_hi i'm new user of UT on a Nexus 714:10
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horuxanim have problem19:11
horuxanon ril.te19:11
horuxanon port19:11
horuxanone people help me ?19:11

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