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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:08
diddledan2016 needs to be over now. carrie fisher was the last strawer11:47
zmoylan-pistill a few days to go so the bumpy ride has not come to a complete halt yet...12:44
knightphoneafternoon peeps12:58
knightphoneat the cinema waiting to see rogue 112:58
zmoylan-piwelcome to queuing in irc... :-)12:59
knightphonegot my seat13:00
knightphonewaiting for the mandatory commercials13:00
knightphonesince i am a paying customer i MUST be fed adds13:01
zmoylan-piand i hope you bought sweets with the noisiest wrappers possible13:01
knightphonei cannot possibly rise above the volume of the annoying minors behind me13:01
zmoylan-piyeah, i usually only go to cinema ungodly early to avoid the noisy idiots13:02
knightphonei try to, too little time too many idiots13:03
zmoylan-pii know someone who buys extra drinks to pour on seats in front and behind him...13:04
knightphonebrilliantly evil and effective13:04
zmoylan-picompletly antisocial but somehow admirable in a weird way13:05
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knightphoneamd we are off13:10
brobostigonenjoy knightphone :)13:11
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brobostigonevening boys and girls.20:25
penguin42hey brobostigon20:25
brobostigonhi penguin4220:25
daftykinsthe kittens helped me work today :) http://imgur.com/a/tWQkf22:36

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