Kiloshi Langjan hoe gaan dit06:57
Kiloswhat did you break06:58
Kilosmorning everyone else06:58
LangjanHi Kilos alles wel dankie en met jou?07:07
LangjanLaat geslaap vanoggend?07:08
Kilosnee was buite besig meestal tot ek moeg is weer haha07:08
Kilosons vang reen water om te drink want ondergrondse water het besoedeling van die myne07:09
LangjanGoeie plan07:09
Langjanis jy nou weer moeg?07:09
LangjanI did the transplant this morning, Juanitas machine no change but mine is running like seven demons are chasing it 07:12
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
Kilosi also started playing a war game  so when i moeg i sit here and play war07:18
Kiloscalled liberators07:18
Kilosalways short of gold07:18
LangjanOnly niggle is win xp in vbox unhappy about new box but will be sorted07:18
Kilosstory of my life07:18
Kiloswhats the xp for07:19
LangjanJust to run my genealogy program07:19
LangjanThey are hardegat about adapting to linux07:20
Kilosfind a way to convert it to linux07:20
Kilosfind a linux equivalent07:20
LangjanI have tried but its a long learning curve07:20
Kiloswhat isnt07:20
Langjanbreaking things07:21
LangjanI have eight 12v motorcycle batteries that are still usable - know anybody can use them? Or sell to squatters to charge their phones etc07:23
Kiloswhere did they come from07:24
Kilossell them on bid or buy07:24
LangjanA go-go mobile cart of an old lady who uses it for shopping trips 07:24
LangjanWhen she cannot get back up the hill she buys new ones07:25
LangjanCart sold to her with promise it runs 23 kms on a charge, she hardly gets 507:26
LangjanAnd she could have got it via Amazon at half the price07:27
Kilosshame man07:27
Kilosyes those peeps should be shortened a bit07:28
LangjanNow I see they advertise on FB, I put in comment for people to shop via Amazon - am sure they love it07:28
Kilosyes cut their throats07:29
LangjanOK gotta go Kilos chat later have a good day07:33
Langjanleyt me go see what I can break07:33
Kilosgo safe my friend07:33
Langjanthks you too my good friend07:33
inetprogood mornings09:59
inetprooh and hi oom Kilos as well09:59
Kilosohi inetpro 14:39
LangjanGood day to all.  16:41
LangjanAlso wet by you Kilos? 16:57
LangjanHi guys, you there Kilos?18:14
nsnzerogood evening 18:15
Kiloshere Langjan 18:16
nsnzerohi Kilos 18:17
Langjanhello nsnzero  and Kilos 18:17
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:17
nsnzerohi Langjan 18:17
LangjanFrom a wet Bushveld18:17
Kilosyeah rains have been very welcome18:17
Kiloswe hadd 55mm on Christmas day18:18
LangjanHow are you feeling Kilos? 18:18
smilehallo :)18:18
LangjanLovely, 55 mm18:18
Kilosim ok ty18:18
nsnzerohi smile 18:18
LangjanHi smile you have a friendly nick18:19
LangjanQ plse Kilos 18:20
LangjanJuanitas desktop has ubuntu 14.04 on 30 GB partition of 250 GB drive18:22
LangjanI want to enlarge the ubuntu partition to about 200 GB and install Win 7 dual boot on the other 50 GB 18:22
smileLangjan: of course! :D18:23
smileI am friendly ;)18:23
LangjanCan I do this without damaging the linux installation?18:23
nsnzeroLangjan: i read somewhere that it is best to install windows first then linux18:23
LangjanIm sure smile 18:23
Kilosuse gparted and make the partition larger18:24
Langjanok nsn but ubuntu is already there, is it a problem?18:24
nsnzerolet me think abot Langjan 18:24
nsnzero*abit not about - sorry18:25
LangjanOK but the rest is a 100 GB partition where win 7 was previously and a 100 GB unallocated space18:25
Kilosbut normally better to put windows first18:25
LangjanIt will not be a problem to backup ubuntu and start afresh 18:26
nsnzeroi think a virtual machine install will be easier if you using the system for basic windows stuff18:26
Kilosbut if win in virtual it shouldnt matter18:27
nsnzeroits got a speed issue for gamimg Kilos and graphics 18:27
LangjanI have a VBox on my system but it is too finicky, will prefer a win 7 on its own 18:27
Kiloshe doesnt game with it18:27
Langjanno gaming required here18:28
nsnzeroall work and no play Langjan 18:28
Langjanso looks like I must backup, install win 7 then fresh install Ubuntu18:28
LangjanWhen I play I dont do it on computers18:29
Langjanthen its not a break18:29
nsnzerolol - good one Langjan 18:29
LangjanLike fishing or bowling18:29
nsnzerowait what you can do is make a partition for win7 , and install it in there18:30
LangjanWell if that can work it may be the easier way nsnzero 18:31
nsnzeromake a second part for your home directory and move everythin across18:31
LangjanIve heard of that a lot but sounds intimidating18:32
LangjanI get nervous around partitioning18:32
Kilosbetter to install win and then ubuntu18:33
nsnzeroi have seperate parts for root and home - so if i have to install again - i wont loose the home directory , settings , etc18:33
LangjanIs that a better way than backing up home on external drive?18:34
LangjanI suppose backup keeps updated automatically18:35
Kilosvery similar18:35
Kiloshome is home18:35
nsnzerodid you try doing a windows custom install - its in the windows 7 setup 18:35
Kilosbut if its on its own partition you install fresh but dont format /home18:35
nsnzeroLangjan: backups are still essential - this just incase of system failure not hardware failure18:36
nsnzeroi break my installs quite often by install from kubuntu cli repository18:37
Langjannsnzero, yes I have assumed as such but am pondering the added benefits of a separate home partition 18:37
nsnzerojust 1 benefit - when you do a fresh install everything in home will still be there - saves time 18:39
nsnzero1 thing i hate in virtual box is that usb drive dont get autodetected , you have to select them from a menu 18:41
LangjanBear in mind its my wife's desktop, she only uses it occasionally and then almost exclusively for e-mails and facebook18:41
nsnzerosafe bet Langjan - backup - install windows , install linux , restore - rather stick with want you know 18:42
LangjanThe win 7 I use for backup of my genealogy system, also only very occasionally (fortunately) - I get heartburn from too much windows18:43
LangjanLooks like the thing to do thks nsnzero and Kilos  agrees18:44
nsnzerobest of luck - linux will resize the windows part itself too 18:45
LangjanKilos, by the way, my full screen prob is system related, still does the same in the new box18:45
Langjanthks nsnzero 18:45
Kilosoh my18:46
Kilosnot the hardware?18:46
nsnzerowhat screen prob ? 18:46
Kilosgraphics card18:46
Kilosget a pci plugin graphics card18:46
smilenot pci-e? :p18:47
Kilosyes whatever that motherboard has18:47
Kilosi think the onboard graphics cant handle full screen18:48
smilepci-e is current technology, for ten years now +- :)18:48
nsnzerohow i miss my gaming days ....18:48
LangjanKilos, in both machines? Too much of a co-incidence and Juanitas MBoard never had that problem18:49
Kilosoh i see18:49
Kilossame system in 2 different machines18:49
Kilosand 14.04 was ok18:50
Kiloseasy to fix18:50
Kilosinstall kde18:50
LangjanDripping tap again...18:51
LangjanBut you did say do fresh install, I think that would have sorted it18:52
nsnzero1 thing i learned in linux - every problem can be solved by tinkering 18:52
LangjanYes as long as you have the time and know where to tinker 18:53
LangjanGrey hair does not help, they just get worse 18:53
Langjanthose that dont fall out18:53
Kiloslol nsnzero he is 8 years and 2 months older than me18:54
Kilosreally old18:54
nsnzeroLangjan: i am catching up with you guys ...18:54
Langjanbut you have higher mileage18:54
Kilosnsnzero you have a long way to go18:54
Langjanhow young you nsnzero ?18:55
nsnzerowhen i go to the barber i ask him to put hair on my head not cut it off 18:55
nsnzeroi will be 40 next year august 18:55
LangjanSome guys lose hair in twenties18:55
Langjanok still umfaan18:56
Langjanbut be careful18:56
Langjanjy verloor jou hare as jy 'n skuiwergat trou 18:56
Langjanen toelaat dat sy op jou kop sit18:56
nsnzerohow time flies 18:56
Langjanyes indeed18:57
Langjanback to win and linux install plse18:57
Langjando I install win on whole disk or make a partition first?18:57
nsnzerowe got side tracked sorry -  we agreed , backup and install fresh 18:58
nsnzeroyou can partition during the windows install - in the advanced setup menu - its somewhere there 18:59
Langjanok then allocate as much space as I want to allow for windows18:59
nsnzeroyes - leave the rest unallocated space - linux should automatically pick up that space and install there 19:00
Langjanand the windows partition formatted to? 19:01
Langjanfat32 or something like that?19:01
nsnzerothe win7 setup will do all of that - linux doesnt do ntfs i think19:02
smilensnzero: linux does NTFS19:02
smileI use it :)19:03
nsnzeroand now i know , thanks smile 19:03
MaNINTFS support is pretty good these days, though I still wouldn't use it where it can be avoided19:03
Langjanok but I need to format the disk first?19:03
smileNTFS support works 99,99% of the time, has problems with files being marked as executable while they are not, but it's not a major problem19:04
nsnzeronot format - partition it first - 50G for win719:04
nsnzeroformating will preserve the previous parts which you dont require19:05
LangjanIt already has three partitions19:05
nsnzerocan i ask why you use ntfs on linux , smile ?19:05
smileI have a dualboot :)19:06
smilentfs is used for my data partition and my windows partition19:06
smileext4 support on Windows is bad19:06
smileread support is fine, write support still sucks19:06
smileand performance is very bad19:06
nsnzeroLangjan: read out the part , there should be boot , root and swap19:07
smilesee you later! :)19:08
Kilosgo well lad19:08
Langjan'bye friendly man19:08
nsnzerotake care smile - keep joining the chat 19:09
Langjannsnzero, you lost me there - the drive currently has a 30 GB where ubuntu is, 100 GB unallocated and 100 GB where win 7 was previously 19:10
nsnzeroLangjan: did you backup your ubuntu ?19:10
Langjanjust about done19:10
nsnzerothis is not the same machine you chatting from ?19:11
LangjanNo, backup completed19:12
Langjannow boot win dvd?19:12
Langjanor gparted first?19:13
nsnzero1 second Langjan 19:13
* Kilos watches19:13
nsnzeroall your data is safely backuped - because there is no going back once we start19:15
LangjanYes  just did some from her desktop also, then its all done19:15
nsnzerothere is a folders called users in the C:\ directory you can copy that straigth across is contains all the other directories for each user19:17
nsnzerowin7 dvd and license key on hand ?19:17
Langjanyes but where do I find that C:\ directory?19:19
Langjanusers let me have a look19:19
nsnzeroopen explorer - its in the c drive 19:20
Langjansorry nsn, explorer?19:20
nsnzeroif its not there and you confident everything is backuped - we can move forward19:21
nsnzeropress the windows key + 'e' together to open explorer19:21
LangjanYes all backed up, complete home folder and desktop19:21
nsnzerowait - we still on ubuntu - nevermind the above19:22
nsnzeropop in the windows dvd and reboot - select dvd rom in the boot option19:23
Langjanthought I had lost it19:23
nsnzeroin case i get disconnected : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot19:24
Langjanmany thks19:25
Langjanwindows loading files19:25
Langjanstarting wndows19:26
Langjaninstall or repair19:27
nsnzeroinstall 19:27
Langjansetup starting19:27
Langjanupgrade or custom19:28
Langjanthen advanced drive options?19:29
nsnzeroyou should see the partition come up 19:29
Langjanit gives predetermined partitions19:30
Langjanand options like new, format, extend, load driver19:30
nsnzerobut do those partition add up to the total disk space ?19:30
Langjanyes just about, 250 GB19:31
LangjanI want to limit win to about 50 GB19:31
nsnzerowhats the total disk size ?19:31
Langjansay 240 GB19:32
nsnzerocan you read off the partition names listed ?19:32
Kilosim gonna say night guys. see you in the morning again19:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:32
nsnzerotake care kilos19:32
Langjangnight Kilos sleep well19:32
Kilosdankie oom en julle oo19:33
Langjandisk 0 unallocated 307 MB19:33
Langjandisk 0 partition 1 98 GB system19:33
Langjandisk 0 unallocated space 98 GB19:34
Langjandisk 0 partition 2, 33 GB primary19:34
nsnzerothose are the partition we need to delete - click on them and look for a delete option 19:35
Langjandisk 0 partition 3 3,9 GB logical19:35
Langjanall of them19:35
nsnzeroall of them19:36
Langjanok all deleted now 23 GB unallocated space19:37
Langjan233 GB19:37
nsnzeroso we end up with a +- 240G unallocated space 19:37
nsnzerois there a continue at the bottom ? select the 233G partition and continue19:38
Langjanoption is "new"?19:38
Langjanor refresh or load driver19:39
Langjanor "next"19:39
nsnzeroselect the "next" button  19:39
Langjannow installing windows19:40
nsnzerocoffee time Langjan 19:40
LangjanI'm keeping you up late nsnzero , shall I continue via the link and get back tomorrow if needed? 19:41
nsnzerono i will stay on a bit longer - until the ubunut install19:46
nsnzerotime on the windows install to finish ?19:49
LangjanLooks like its done, starting windows19:53
Langjancompleting installation19:54
Langjanstill running completing19:56
Langjannot sure when to remove dvd19:57
nsnzeroit will tell you to reboot 19:57
Langjansetup preparing coomputer for first use...19:57
nsnzerook get the ubuntu dvd ready but dont put it in yet19:57
Langjanit had rebooted a few times, then asks to boot frm CD19:58
Langjanso I have removed win dvd19:58
nsnzerono problem - once windows settles we can boot ubuntu 19:59
Langjanok have just entered name, password etc20:00
Langjanfinalizing settings20:00
Langjanpreparing desktop20:01
Langjandone, ok now boot on ubuntu dvd?20:02
nsnzeroyes - you can start ubuntu20:03
Langjanok booting20:03
Langjanah goood...20:03
nsnzerothis will start the ubunut live cd - you need to click the install ubuntu icon 20:04
Langjanubuntu starting20:04
Langjangetting there20:05
Langjaninstall alongside windows 7?20:07
nsnzeroubuntu should detect win7 is already installed on the hardrive 20:07
nsnzeroyes 20:07
nsnzeronow there is a slider to set the disk space 20:07
Langjandrag divider20:07
nsnzeroset the windows to the required 50G 20:08
Langjanthen install?20:08
nsnzeronow once you happy - click forward20:08
nsnzeroyes 20:08
Langjanthere is 1 small hidden partition20:08
nsnzerothats should be the boot partition windows and linux uses20:09
LangjanI assiumed as such, ignore and proceed20:09
nsnzeroyes - ubuntu will install GRUB by itself onto that hidden part20:10
LangjanOK its resizing, I think I will get the rest done - many many thanks nsnzero really apppreciate your time and help20:11
nsnzeroubuntu should be resizing the win7 part20:11
nsnzerono problem at all Langjan 20:11
LangjanSetting time zones20:11
Langjankeyboard etc so were there20:12
LangjanHope you sleep well 20:12
nsnzeroi hope so too - had a rough night yesterday 20:13
nsnzeroyou take care as well Langjan - good night20:13
Langjanthks nsn go well20:13
Langjannsnzero, 20:13
nsnzeroi will wait 15 minutes more just to make sure all goes well though20:14
LangjanAi, many thks butI'm sure all is well, went very smoothly thanks to expert guidance20:15
LangjanWill just install her desktop and home folder and all should be well, she wont even notice. 20:16
nsnzeroits only my 2nd dual boot install - i run everything in vmplayer or vbox 20:16
LangjanWell done. Dont know vmplayer but use vbox for genealogy program, it has improved of late but is still a bit finicky and loses its win installation if youre not careful 20:18
nsnzeroyip - i had that problem- on my first install though i did something wrong but it was vbox 20:19
LangjanLost my vbox today simply because it detected that I had inserted the hdd in another machine20:21
LangjanHad to reinstall from scratch 20:22
nsnzeroyip but it was my first try so it wasnt a biggie20:24
Langjanfirst time is always big20:25
nsnzeromost time i rush the first setup - i dont read the manual properly - so second install is almost always needed 20:26
LangjanAfrikaners say "hoe meer haas hoe minder spoed"20:29
Langjanmore haste = less speed20:30
nsnzerotoo fast for my own good !!!20:31
LangjanI'm also inclined to jump and then think20:31
LangjanPatience is a virtue20:32
nsnzeromy wife as no patience - calling me to bed now 20:32
Langjanbut then each of us is unique, created to operate the way we were made for a purpose 20:33
nsnzerotake care Langjan - chat tomorrow20:33
LangjanOK sleep well nsnzero and apologies to your wife but tell her it was for a good deed for the aged20:33
nsnzerowill do - good night20:34
Langjanbye now20:34

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