johnfluxsruli: hmm, I still get the black screen00:00
johnfluxsruli: but this time there's no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:00
johnfluxsruli: how strange.  According to that log, the nvidia driver loads up00:00
snowcatmanBashing-om http://termbin.com/wqyk00:00
srulijohnflux: get the motherboard model using "sudo lshw"00:01
johnfluxsruli: stupid problem..  but I can't get a pipe symbol on my keyboard configuration :-)00:03
johnfluxsruli: (and I can't scroll up enough on the output of lshw)00:03
srulijohnflux: right ALT+ the key to the left of number 1 (not keypad)00:04
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Good there also, so now we proceed to clean up amd try and fix the package manager , One step at a time , 1st run ' sudo apt-get autoclean ' .00:05
srulijohnflux: "sudo dmidecode -t 2" will give you what you need00:05
johnfluxsruli: oh!  cool that worked :-)00:05
johnfluxsruli: H97-PRO00:05
snowcatmanBashing-om done.00:07
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Next ' sudo apt autoremove ' .00:08
srulijohnflux: on the spec i cant even find that it suppoers legacy rom.. try now without the nomodset, see what happens00:08
johnfluxsruli: I just tried :-)  same black screen.. checking logs..00:08
snowcatmanBashing-om same errors as before the linux headers00:09
srulii have a wird issue.. trying "apt get remove <pkg>" .. error: could not get lock.. i made "ps aux | grep /var/lib/dpkg/" nothing is using it.. whats going on here?00:10
johnfluxsruli: same result as with nomodeset - there's no errors in Xorg.0.log00:10
johnfluxsruli: it shows the nvidia driver loading up00:10
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Show me that output . Maybe we can proceed ?00:10
johnfluxsruli: and it seems happy!00:10
srulijohnflux: but you still have black screen?00:11
johnfluxah dmesg complains00:11
schattenkatzeHello. Is there maybe a smaller installation iso of Kubuntu 16.10? (One that is not 1,5 GB big?) My Internet is extremely bad andit would take too long now to download 1,5 GB.00:11
johnflux"Your system is not currently configured to driver a VGA console"00:11
johnflux"The NVIDIA Linux graphics driver requires the use of a text-mode VGA console"00:11
bazhangschattenkatze, get the mini and add to it00:12
johnfluxhmm, what is it complaining about :-)00:12
bazhang!mini | schattenkatze00:12
ubottuschattenkatze: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:12
schattenkatzeThank you very much, bazhang! This is exactly what I was looking for00:13
johnfluxsruli: I could try nomodeset again00:13
johnfluxsruli: and check the dmesg output there00:13
snowcatmanBashing-om http://termbin.com/eczl with E: The packeage linux-headers-4.4.0-53 need to be reinstalled, but i cant find an archive for it.00:14
srulii have a wird issue.. trying "apt get remove <pkg>" .. error: could not get lock.. i made "ps aux | grep /var/lib/dpkg/" nothing is using it.. whats going on here?00:14
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Check what you sent ' http://termbin.com/eczl ' does not make any sense to me in repect to "autoremove" .00:22
snowcatmanBashing-om idk why eather00:22
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Try as ' sudo apt autoremove 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .00:22
snowcatmanBashing-om http://termbin.com/i0yy00:22
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Bashing-omsnowcatman: Yuk, do not know what to make of the system (yakkety) wanting a xenial kernel (4.4.0-53) . What kernels are installed ' dpkg -l | grep linux- | nc termbin.com 9999 ' ?00:25
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Scoop_Just wanted to thank everyone who guided me through the way -  recovering my corupted ubuntu install - Today i managed to recover it!00:26
snowcatmanBashing-om http://termbin.com/inr300:27
Scoop_tomreyn, ^^Eric and others, thank  you - you helped a lot!00:29
Scoop_Eric^^ *00:29
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Humm no yakkety kernel ? .....00:30
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic yakkety00:31
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB00:31
chalcedonymy husband lost his weather apps when his system crashed. what do i need to look for? - icons on the top bar00:31
srulichalcedony: is it regular ubuntu? version?00:32
chalcedonyhi sruli its ubuntu 16.0400:33
chalcedonywith gnome00:33
srulichalcedony: was it this one https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/613/weather/ ?00:34
chalcedonythanks looking00:34
circlesquarehello Unbuntu people, does anyone know a way to spoof hdd serial number on linux environement?00:35
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Srill considering what we can do . What kernel are you booting now ? paste back here 'uname -r ' result ( a one liner ) .00:36
chalcedonysruli, moment phone00:37
snowcatmanBashing-om 4.4.0-53-generic00:37
srulichalcedony: this is a larger image of it http://tinyurl.com/gw87ruf00:38
tomreynScoop_: glad you succeeded, welcome00:38
tomreyngp: i noticed it's a 386 package only, which is why i pointed out there is a PPA file in there you could extract00:38
tomreyngp: it's possible that you don't need anything else,worth a try.00:39
gptomreyn: the ppa file is where I started but it complains about not having the binaries00:39
gpnot sure whats going on there00:40
gpI emailed brother support maybe they will be able to tell me a known working configuration I can use to work from00:40
tomreyngp: i see. dunno then, you should be able to install i686 packages on x86_64 though00:40
tomreynor you could just repackage it, since from what i could tell, it only consists of bash scripts00:41
p_dI want to install Pandoc as via the installation page- http://pandoc.org/installing.html I ran sudo dpkg -i $DEB but it gives the following result-http://pastebin.com/T9fJimtj How to fix00:41
srulip_d: are yoy executing "sudo dpkg -i $DEB" like this exactly?00:43
tomreyn!info pandoc | p_d00:43
ubottup_d: pandoc (source: pandoc): general markup converter. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.17.2~dfsg-1build1 (yakkety), package size 6789 kB, installed size 43825 kB00:43
tomreynp_d: why not just use the ubuntu package?00:44
srulip_d: read the paragraph under it.. "where $DEB is the path to the downloaded deb..." you have to provide the path to the file and same question as tomreyn^00:44
p_dtomreyn, sorry I didnt get you00:44
srulip_d: did you tru "sudo apt install pandoc" ?00:45
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Try, and the operative is Try ' sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.8.0-32-generic linux-headers-4.8.0-32-generic linux-headers-4.8.0-32 '.00:45
p_dsruli, nope00:45
srulithat will install the package from ubuntu repositories00:45
p_dsruli, okay thanks00:46
tomreynp_d: most of the time, unless oyu know the impact of doing this, do not download .deb packages from anywehre and just install them. instead, use apt repositories. either the official ones, or find a suitable PPA00:46
tomreyn!ppa | p_d00:47
ubottup_d: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:47
p_dwill it make any difference? and do dpkg commands are for debian? Sorry for naive question00:47
p_dokay thanks tomreyn00:47
tomreynp_d: .deb packages can be for some specific debian release, or some specific release of a debian derivative, such as ubuntu. it is not easy to tell, and you can easily run into dependency conflicts by installing such packages if they're not specifically made for your ubuntu release.00:48
srulip_d: "apt install..." automatically downloads and install the package from ubuntu repositories.. forget the dpkg and install instructions from pandoc page just exec "sudo apt install pandoc" after its installed you can refer to pandocs site for config and man pages00:48
tomreynand even then, you have no upgrade path.00:48
tomreyn(i.e. you dont get security updates if you just instralled a .deb)00:48
p_dOkay thanks a ton guys00:49
crunchbangi meant its all asm in the end00:50
apeplanethey why does everyone say that linux is like anal sex!00:51
bazhang!ot | crunchbang00:54
ubottucrunchbang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:54
snowcatmanBashing-om gives that same error as before00:55
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Well, maybe we can give it what it wants. but somehow someway we have to get the yakkety kenel installed and the sytem cleaned up and upgraded . Gimme a bit to find the files we neeed for the header .00:58
IamKrilcovanyone familiar with the ultimate boot cd? i canot download it on ubuntu00:59
kk4ewthow are you trying00:59
IamKrilcovsudo cron00:59
kk4ewtwhy would ultimate boot be downloadable with cron01:00
kk4ewttry a browser01:00
mustardtry vpn01:00
mustardcopy it try agin01:03
tomreynIamKrilcov: maybe you meant 'curl', not 'cron'? what's the command you run and the output you get?01:06
FishPencilHow can I find my IPv6 gateway?01:06
tomreynFishPencil: if you have a static ipv6 configuration, your isp should be telling you. if it's dynamic, then you're told via dhcp.01:07
tomreynFishPencil: 'ip link' or 'ifconfig' should work if you already have a correctly configured connection with ipv6 adressing / routing up.01:09
FishPenciltomreyn: ifconfig shows a inet6 address, but I cannot ping6 ipv6.google.com01:11
tomreynFishPencil: does your provider support ipv6 then?01:12
FishPenciltomreyn: Yes01:13
wedgieFishPencil: does that inet6 address start with fe80?01:13
tomreynif the ip address you see in the ifconfig output starts fe80 then it's just a local / loopback address01:14
Bray90820What kernel does the latest stable version of ubuntu run?01:14
FishPencilIT does01:14
tomreynso unless you got a public ipv6 address assigned somewhere you won't be able to speak ipv6 to the internet.01:15
Ben64!info linux-image-generic | Bray9082001:15
ubottuBray90820: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB01:15
FishPencilCan I add a dhcp for inet6 in the interface file?01:17
Ben64if your isp provided ipv6, you'd probably already have it01:18
yangm97I set (under system preferences) to "do nothing" when the lid is closed. but if I reboot, the machine will sleep halfway through (and it doesn't look like it's listening to bonjour wakeup packets)01:21
Bashing-omsnowcatman: So far I am spinning my wheels coming up with linux-headers-4.4.0-53-generic ; have yet to find that exact version .01:24
snowcatmanBashing-om thank you for your time. i am still at a loss01:24
Bashing-omsnowcatman: I can find the needed linux-headers-generic (amd64 binary) in ubuntu xenial file, but not the required dependency " linux-headers-4.4.0-53-generic " . still trying .01:31
snowcatmanBashing-om thank you01:31
Selleriehello ppl, newb here... i want to boot winxp, wifislax and the new ubuntu release with a usb drive, nothing works, it never boots... tried a lot of options.. tried to boot from an usb hard drive, no luck either... any1 help?01:32
myrafttomreyn, how you doing ?01:36
Bashing-omsnowcatman: How about a stab in the dark ' sudo apt install --reinstall linux-generic ' See if that will pull im the yakkety files (??) .01:36
myraftBashing-om, ended up reinstalling the OS. I have the data backed up. Now trying to put "merge" different partitions.01:38
snowcatmanBashing-om gives that same error as before01:38
crunchbanghow would i take two touch screens , ok keyboard and the other a monitor01:39
crunchbangand play battleship on them01:39
crunchbang17" in size01:40
crunchbanghow would you make a custimisable boot load for for both 8 16 32 64 bit mode os01:41
Ben64i think you're in the wrong channel01:41
crunchbanghow would you handle address location fo these channels01:42
crunchbanghow do strize and resize addresses01:42
crunchbanghow would you share processing power accross a network of laptops in different domains01:42
crunchbangBen64 this is the right channel for that01:43
Ben64no, it isn't01:43
AntaresОбнова! http://rexant.org.ru/Sektor_Gaza.torrent01:43
crunchbangwhat is that Antares ?01:44
srulineed some help with a weird issue, if i run "sudo find /dir/ -mtime -10 > /path/file" if there are no such files the resulting output file is empty as expected, however if i run that command in a bash script the resulting output fine contains "/dir/" why and do i need to change do get the empty output as expected?01:44
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crunchbanghow do read from memory on the fly01:48
crunchbangwhile booting from memory01:48
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Sorry, but I am at the end of my knowledge . I do not know now of a way out of this . I can not find the linux-headers-4.4.0-53-generic file .01:49
crunchbangyo why is the bit rate on this 320kbps01:49
crunchbangtis tis tis01:49
crunchbangrespawning .............................01:50
wedgiesruli: does sound odd. You're sure the command is the same within the bash script? Also, consider asking in #bash if you don't get an answer here soon01:51
crunchbangmore asm please (i need to see that on a shirt)01:52
sruliwedgie: copy and pasted the command, its crazy01:52
sruliwedgie: can you veryfy if you get the same on your system?01:53
crunchbangmy phone crashed to other day and i was like why01:53
crunchbangtoo many aps not enought space01:53
sruliin 16.04 what would be the command to update the date/time from internet?01:54
crunchbangbooting ubuntu from your phone01:54
crunchbanghas anyone done that ?01:54
crunchbangdon't update time from the internet01:54
snowcatmanBashing-om thank you for your time01:54
crunchbangtime server are weird01:55
wedgiesruli: I get an empty file with and without a script01:55
Ben64sruli: it should do it automatically but something like "ntpdate time.nist.gov"01:55
crunchbangmy macbook can't keep time for nothing01:55
crunchbangtry using touch to create a file01:55
crunchbangthen writing to it01:55
sruliben64 ntpdate not currently installed.. is it not included with lice cd install?01:56
Ben64sruli: maybe not01:56
tomreynmyraft_: i'm doing fine, thanks.01:57
sruliBen64: in 16.04 is the time not controlled with "timedatectl" ?01:58
jujubeeHey all...  I have a bunch of filenames I wish to rename.  They start with 3 digit numbers from 037-065...  I want to rename them 01-29  Any ideas how to write the rename command for this?01:58
Bashing-omsnowcatman: Would like to see this resolved . Just for the experince next time . Just that I am stuck .01:58
wedgiejujubee: meaning  037somename becomes 37somename?01:59
tomreyn!info mmv | jujubee01:59
ubottujujubee: mmv (source: mmv): Move/Copy/Append/Link multiple files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.01b-19 (yakkety), package size 25 kB, installed size 66 kB01:59
jujubeewedgie: 037 becomes 0101:59
wedgiejujubee: and there are fewer than 100 files?02:00
jujubeewedgie: yes02:00
Selleriehello ppl, newb here... i want to boot winxp, wifislax and the new ubuntu release with a usb drive, nothing works, it never boots... tried a lot of options.. tried to boot from an usb hard drive, no luck either... any1 help?02:01
Ben64Sellerie: well to start off, windows xp is dead and you should not be using it at all02:04
SebthreeBQM10HDSellerie, how did you make the usb ?02:06
greiogioThe 0500 virus was fixed in kernels matching the operating systems of my choice and uncrackable including reinforcement of signature file ClamAV02:06
SebthreeBQM10HDgreiogio, uhmm clamav is mostly for scnning for WINdows viruses that won't infect Linux02:07
SebthreeBQM10HDgreiogio, well maybe partly if Wine or someting like that is installed and it's inthere, but otherwise nah02:08
greiogioI like ubuntu, fedora, solus, and gave it to Debian actually.  It'll be the next official kernel.  grub2 Is also fixed for reinstalls.  All Isos rerolled now.02:08
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:08
greiogio0500 is more evil than the netgear/linksys virus by 6509%02:09
greiogioA1200's is the key02:09
cfhowlettgreiogio, please continue in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel.   this channel is dedicated to ubuntu support.  thank you.02:10
greiogiothank you.  I'm a kernel.org contributor and wanted to give a gift to ubuntu.02:10
cfhowlettgreiogio, understood.  this is not the place or channel or such.  read the link02:11
cfhowlett!contribute | greiogio02:11
ubottugreiogio: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu02:11
greiogioReading now.02:11
hggdhgreiogio: then you probably want to join #ubuntu-kernel02:11
greiogioIt will take me 32 minutes02:11
greiogioThanks hggbd02:11
wedgiejujubee: i=1; for file in *; do new="${file#[[:digit:]][[:digit:]][[:digit:]]}"; printf -v new '%02d%s' "$i" "$new"; ((i++)); echo mv -- "$file" "$new"; done02:13
wedgiejujubee: try that. If the output looks like what you want, remove the echo and run it again02:13
jujubeewedgie: awesome, thank you02:17
jujubeewedgie: works02:17
sruliwedgie: narrowed it down a little but gets worse, the script contains 3 comands 1 for mtime 1 for atime and 1 for ctime, the "fine ... mtime" command actually changes the ctime on the dir.. what even weirder is that i tired it on 2 different systems, on 1 it only has this effect from bash script on other also from command line, furthermore on 1 it changes the ctime of parent dir on other it changes on all subdirs02:23
wedgiesruli: dunno. Are they all ubuntu systems or are some of the other systems bsd or mac? (different versions of find may act slightly differently)02:25
sruliwedgie: ubuntu and ubuntu-gnome both 16.0402:25
greiogioI found a much better alternative.  Its #ubuntu-discuss.  They're so bad in there.02:25
wedgiesruli: no idea.02:25
sruliwedgie: but why should "find .. -mtime" change the ctime?02:26
wedgiesruli: if I'm reading the manpage correctly the atime would change when you access it, and that would change the status of the file for the purposes of ctime02:30
sruliwedgie: i am not accessing it...02:32
robert45hi guys, is it possible to upgrade from 14.04.5 to 16.04 from command line?02:32
wedgiesruli: if i was you i'd take the actual goal you're trying to achieve to #bash and ask how best to achieve it. Smarter folks than myself in there.02:32
cfhowlettrobert45, yes.  first make sure you have your settings to LTS only then sudo apt update && sudo do-release-upgrade02:32
sruliwedgie: never get much responses there.. i posted it there when you suggested before.. still no response02:33
robert45cfhowlett thanks for the quick reply, how do I check my settings are set to LTS only?02:33
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James_kan bu dao02:34
cfhowlettrobert45, from command line?02:34
wedgiesruli: your wording was a bit awkward and full typos which made it a bit hard to understand. Like i said, i'd phrase your question as "I'm trying to do X"02:34
cfhowlett!english | James_02:34
ubottuJames_: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:34
sruliwedgie: was thinking same, reposted "why when i exec "find /dir/ -mtime -2" does it update the ctime of /dir/ and all /sub/dirs"02:34
robert45cfhowlett tx, I ran cat /etc/issue and it shows Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l, is this what you were talking about?02:34
cfhowlettrobert45, nope.  wait 102:35
cfhowlettrobert45, while I am searching for the correct link ... you HAVE backed up your data, right?  RIGHT?02:38
robert45cfhowlett yes02:38
Bashing-omrobert45: What returns ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ?02:38
cfhowlettrobert45, do you have a gui?02:39
nick123sorry guys, got dc'ed02:39
cfhowlettBashing-om, that command line won't execute with/without the '02:41
robert45-Bashing-om it returns Prompt=lts02:41
Bashing-omcfhowlett: (?) " sysop@x1604:~$ grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades >> Prompt=lts " .02:42
cfhowlettrobert45-, so sudo do-release-upgrade02:42
cfhowlettBashing-om, thanks.  trying ...02:43
robert45-it stalls on "0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::19)] [Connecting to sec"02:43
cfhowlettBashing-om, got it.02:44
cfhowlettrobert45-, try a different mirror02:44
Bashing-omrobert45-: Make sure your 14.04 is fully updated !02:45
cfhowlettrobert45-, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:45
robert45-Bashing-om cfhowlett so I ran this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698008/02:46
robert45-should I go ahead and hit Y ?02:46
whallzhow may i make nm-applet background transparent ?02:46
cfhowlettrobert45-, yep02:47
cfhowlettthen run line 8302:47
robert45-cfhowlett ugh, few errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698015/02:48
cfhowlettlocked by another process ...02:49
niruxHey guys. What's the Ubuntu Support Channel?02:49
cfhowlett!aptlock | robert45- I think ...02:49
ubotturobert45- I think ...: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:49
cfhowlett!topic | nirux02:49
ubottunirux: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:49
cfhowlettnirux, it's the channel for ubuntu support - more in the topic02:49
niruxI see. I read too quickly, my bad. So i am in the right place.02:50
whallzicons of nm-applet appear to be svg without a background, what could be defining nm-applet background color/opacity?02:52
whallzcurrent icon pack is ubuntu-mono-dark02:53
niruxIf anyone can help me. I tried to install wine and i can't find anything for it in the system. No apps, no selectable option in right click. Through terminal works fine. But i kind of want it to work like my arch and lm18 machine.02:53
whallzso /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/nm*02:53
whallzare all svgs02:53
cfhowlettnirux, hit the dash and search for wine shows nothing?02:53
robert45-cfhowlett ubottu I found this, could be related? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698033/02:54
niruxcfhowlett Absolutely nothing.02:54
niruxWhich is weird, I purged wine-stable because apparently wine has no installation candidate. and wine-development is installed (out of box) and works, still.02:55
cfhowlettrobert45-, that would be my guess as well02:56
robert45-cfhowlett not sure what I did there, Im scared if I kill it I will blow the system away, what would you recommend?02:56
cfhowlettnirux, should be flying then - no idea what's what02:56
cfhowlettrobert45-, it's configuring a package and hung on something.  a reboot would refresh you without executing and should not be fatal.02:57
Bashing-omrobert45-: I would let it run to completion .02:57
niruxI see. Well I kind of need wine.02:57
robert45-cfhowlett ok02:58
robert45-Bashing-om I think its halt or something it shows date from yesterday02:58
niruxI guess I'll wait until somebody else can figure this issue out. I like Ubuntu's Unity but i also kind of need wine.02:59
whallznirux: may i ask why do you need wine?02:59
whallznirux: have you tried running a VM ?03:00
GALL0trying to connect to my local Ubuntu box via ftp and get a connection error with my correct login info03:00
niruxI use wine to install a DAW called FL Studio for music production. I also use it to install The Windows version of Steam to run a game called Quake Live. (VM's won't run as nicely as natively. Not to mention the headache of drag and dropping files on it. Also KVM is kinda BIOS disabled on my machine).03:00
Bashing-omrobert45-: Tough to say . There are a lot of packages in that line . I do not know how on would get a status of dpkg .03:00
GALL0also can't log in via samba/smb03:00
SaintMoriartyHello, I have 8 public ip's from my provider. How can I send a curl specifying which external ip to use? I tried curl --interface x.x.x.x but its giving me curl: (45) bind failed with errno 49: Can't assign requested address03:01
whallznirux: right... never used wine here, i always find VMs to be quite stable with what i need them to do03:03
whallznirux: have you tried purging all of wine and reinstalling?03:03
whallzSaintMoriarty: have you triend #networking or something like that?03:05
SaintMoriartywhallz, just got there :)03:05
whallzSaintMoriarty: tried*03:05
robert45-Bashing-om cfhowlett I ran a strace -p 12265 and the process isnt doing anything, what do you guys say, should I kill it? :(03:06
cfhowlettrobert45-, that would be my vote03:08
Bashing-omrobert45-: Uh huh +1. if it is hung ned to kill it .03:10
slayercoffeeBreitbart has an account of demands from SJWs (aka “marginalized students”) at the University of Arizona. Again, it’s important to understand the “victimization stance” being employed. Almost all criminals tend to start with the “Poor Me, I’m a Victim” meme as an excuse for their evil. Ownership of victimhood is a powerful franchise to be used to attack and suppress targeted groups.03:34
cfhowlettslayercoffee, off-topic in this channel.  go away now.03:34
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slayercoffeeLook at this though: http://www.nndb.com/people/085/000132686/03:34
cfhowlett!ops | slayercoffee03:34
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slayercoffeecfhowlett, I'm a developer03:35
cfhowlettThen stay on topic.  ubuntu support.  your political views are completely offtopic here.03:35
hggdhslayercoffee: even so. Please do not go that route03:35
cfhowlettand a developer should know better than to do what you did.  read the guidelines.03:36
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:36
slayercoffeeYeah, yeah. New topic.03:36
slayercoffeeJust let it go.03:36
cfhowlettafter you ...03:36
hggdhslayercoffee: you have been warned.03:36
hggdhcfhowlett: please let it go as well.03:37
myraft_tomreyn, question. Is it possible to shrink a single partition and create a new partition after the installation has been done?03:37
tomreynmyraft_: yes, and yes03:38
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sintrealso possible to move and merge03:38
tomreynmyraft_: but when you shrink a partition, the file system (or whatever layer on top of it) will need to be shrunk first / too03:38
tomreyngparted can often automate this for oyu, or you could do it on the command line and know whether it worked (and understand the process better).03:39
tomreynbefore doing such, you must ensure you have current + complete backups.03:39
tomreyn+ working (provenly restorable)03:40
myraft_tomreyn, yest the backup is what it is. At this point - trying to create a partition to avoid this situation in the future.03:40
myraft_basically create data drive (so to speak).03:40
tomreynmyraft_: the backup is what is what?03:41
tomreynand what is "this situation"?03:41
myrafttomrey, basically ended up installating 16.04 from scratch after erasing the hard-drive. Spent quite a bit of time and need to get started on a project03:42
myraftanychance you can walk me thru the process.03:43
tomreynmyraft_ / myraft: the process of shrinking a single partition ubuntu installation, to make room for another partition, which will then be used for storing data?03:43
myrafttomreyn, correct03:44
tomreynmyraft: please show, on the running ubuntu installation: lsblk | pastebinit03:44
myrafttomreyn, : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698193/03:45
tomreyndo you have a live / installer usb stick or dvd ready?03:45
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tomreynokay, one mor to show: df -h | pastebinit03:46
myrafttomreyn, : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698196/03:47
tomreynmyraft: after that reboot into the live usb / dvd03:47
myraftdoing so now03:48
DeaDSouLHi, Which is the most recommended at least 12U rack ?03:48
tomreynmyraft: so you have a total of 150 GB storage, how much of it do you want to keep using for the ubuntu system, or how much do you want to seperate off it03:48
myraftwill contact you from other machine when I get to the first screen03:48
Bashing-ommyraft: --16 Gigs for swap. are you hybernating the system ? Else that is a lot of wasted space .03:49
tomreynDeaDSouL: this is not ##hardware03:49
myraftI would say 70 GB for data (and in the even _hit happens).03:49
myraftI am not hibernating the system (that was by the default reinstall process).03:49
myraftabout to reboot workstation - switching to other machine.03:50
DeaDSouLtomreyn: I know, I just thought some of you may have some experience03:50
tomreynhmm, doesn't the installer use lvm by default?03:50
tomreynDeaDSouL: you could check that in #ubuntu-offtopic03:50
myraft_tomreyn, after struggling with this for 3 days - did not go the LVM option (probably should have now that I think about it).03:51
tomreynmyraft_: might have been easier now, but it'll work out either way. you'll need to tell me what took 3 days sometime.03:52
myraft_tomreyn, so booted to live USB and am at the "Try Ubuntu" "Install Ubuntu" screen03:52
tomreyn"try ubuntu"03:52
tomreynthen click on top left icon and enter: gparted03:52
myraft_tomreyn, there03:53
tomreynmyraft_: just to confirm, you have backup of the ubuntu system as it is now, or there is no important data stored on it, right?03:53
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=== root__ is now known as byte
tomreynmyraft_: select, in the upper right corner, /dev/sda (may already be selected)03:54
bytehey everybody03:54
tomreynmyraft_: can you upload a screenshot of gparted then?03:55
myraft_tomreyn, the machine froze - not sure what happended03:57
myraft_tomreyn, clicking on gparted (it is asking about whether I want to install Ubututu).03:57
tomreynmyraft_: how can you click when your systme is frozen?03:58
myraft_tomreyn, the mouse is moving but the app in the background froze. So did firefox03:58
tomreynand gparted should not ask you whether you want to install ubuntu03:58
tomreynhmm, do you know how much RAM you have there?03:59
tomreynparitioning suggests 16 GB, but if you only have 1 GB or so maybe this is why its freezing03:59
myraft_on crap - it is not gparted - I clicked on install  ubuntu - (the icon is looked the same)04:00
tomreynwell i guess as long as the installation is not yet taking place that's fine, you can just cancel04:00
cfhowlettmyraft_, gpartd is on the ubuntu USB but not installed to ubuntu systems for obvious(?) reason04:00
tomreyncfhowlett: i understand that he booted form the live / install system04:01
myraft_yeap that is what I did04:01
myraft_and you can see where I got my wires crossed04:01
cfhowletttomreyn, fair enough.  My attention is divided, so I leave him in your capable hands.04:01
tomreyn;) i hoe so!04:01
cfhowlett !   oh, we talking Ho's now?04:02
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:02
tomreynho ho ho!04:02
myraft_alright - since this is clean / fresh machine, might as well do LVM04:02
tomreynmyraft_: so just exit / cancel the installer now if you can, and start gparted04:02
myraft_I am not sure where I have the gParted04:02
myraft_tomreyn, how do I start the gparted ?04:03
tomreynfirst of all, tell me what's on your screen now, are there still frozen applications?04:03
tomreynany prompts?04:03
tomreynkeep in mind i can't see it, you need to keep teling me what you see04:03
myraft_No - I have rebooted with installer USB04:03
tomreynand now you see?04:04
myraft_i am currently in the "TRY UBUNTU" desktop04:04
tomreynokay great04:04
tomreynso top left icon should be some round something04:04
tomreynclick on that04:04
myraft_yeah got that04:04
tomreynthen you should get a text box / edit field04:04
tomreynyou can search there fro applications.04:05
tomreynsearch for: gparted04:05
myraft_yeah i finally lauched gParted04:05
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tomreynwohoo! \o/04:05
tomreynnow, take a screenshot and upload it, please04:05
tomreynmyraft_: AFTER selecting /dev/sda on the top right corner of the gparted screen04:06
fishcookeron the date it shows match with localtime but the auth.log timezone still utc... it happen also on other services like sendmail log? how to adjust this timezone to all service04:06
myraft_tomreyn, : imgur.com/a/zKnxY04:07
fishcookers without restart would be preferrable04:07
myraft_please note - doing this from another machine04:07
tomreynmyraft_: you're doing what from another machine?04:08
myraft_chatting with ou04:08
tomreynmyraft_: i.e. you mean you need to switch back and forth every time? ok.04:08
myraft_I think I see how you can drag the size and shrink it04:08
myraft_yeap - switch back and forth04:08
tomreynmyraft_: right, it's pretty self-explanatory04:08
myraft_tomreyn, doing it - will reach out to you04:09
tomreynyou can also right-click on the lines in the table below the graphical view, and set specific values there04:09
myraft_tomreyn, do you recommend changing the swap size. Plan to run heavy duty process like MongoDB (have 16 GB of memory), but old processor04:09
tomreynmyraft_: even then, you can safely reduce it to 8 GB04:11
tomreynmyraft_: the goal should be to configure applications and services to never allocate so much ram that the system has to swap04:11
myraft_good point04:11
myraft_tomreyn, tried to drag the /dev/sda2 - extended or dev/sda5 -linux swap. Did not let me do it. Right now it is running the shrink and resize04:13
arteenlaceHi everyone. Can anybody tell me how to disable X-server logging? I google it, but found there only 1 solution -- link log files to /dev/null04:13
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myraft_will  need your help to reduce swap04:13
=== greiogio is now known as Huigreiojiuollet
tomreynmyraft_: if you'll resize swap you'll need to resize the extended area, too. it's better to just delete both sda5 and sda2 for now04:14
myraft_tomreyn, really ?04:14
tomreynmyraft_: that's not an issue since swap doesn't contain relevant data after reboot, so it's saf3e to just delete it.04:14
tomreynmyraft_: we'll just create a new one afterwards04:15
myraft_okie dokie04:15
Bashing-ommyraft_: To mess with the swap partition will need to "swap off" in GParted .04:15
tomreynBashing-om: can you explain more closely? i'm not familar with this part.04:16
tomreyni mean i know the swapoff command, but i don't understand why you'd ened to do it in gparted while running form a live usb.04:17
Bashing-omtomreyn: The jey icoms beside the partitons as shown in GParted show as in use . and that use is generally as the system is using that swap . right click and " swap off " . best that I recall .04:17
Bashing-omkey icons*04:18
tomreynoh, i wasn't aware the live system would do that. ok04:18
tomreynmyraft_: so do you want to do this?04:19
tomreynalright, give it a go04:20
myraft_tomreyn, the shrink and still running04:20
tomreynmyraft_: oh you started that already, ok, that's fine.04:21
tacomasterI have a intel centrino n 6300 that I get perfect speed but I get way better reception on windows 7. Is there a way to increase signal? I get all my of my bars of signal on windows but im 41/70 quality on ubuntu04:22
Ben64bars are not an accurate indicator of signal strength04:23
myraft_tomreyn, shrink and /dev/sda3 created04:24
myraft_tomreyn, still want to address teh swap04:24
tomreynmyraft_: what is sda2 now?04:25
myraft_tomreyn, /dev/sda2 - extended04:25
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
myraft_tomreyn, underneath of that (slightly tabbed) - /dev/sda5 - linux swap (15.8704:26
myraft_tomreyn, : imgur.com/a/zKnxY  (UPLOADED new image)04:27
tacomasterBen64: but how do you go from full to almost half?04:27
Ben64tacomaster: because it's not an accurate indicator? come back with actual signal strength or something04:28
tomreynmyraft_: okay, i was thinking you wanted to resize swap?04:28
myraft_tomreyn, yes I did04:28
myraft_based on the logic yuo said04:28
myraft_based on the logic you said04:29
tomreynmyraft_: it's 15.87 Gib on both screenshots, before and after04:29
myraft_tomreyn, I have not done anything with it. Just did the shrink on /dev/sda104:29
tomreynmyraft_: okay, you did create sda3, though04:30
myraft_tomreyn, yes04:30
tomreynmyraft_: okay. so if you like we can now delete sda5 and sda204:31
tomreynmyraft_: ... to remove the swap. then re-create this with 8 GB size.04:31
myraft_but right clicking on that does not give me any option - can do another image upload04:31
tomreynmyraft_: so you are unable to delete those two partitoins?04:31
myraft_tomreyn, yes04:31
myraft_right clicking on sda2 or sda5 give me "manage flags" and 'information' only04:33
tomreynmyraft_: okay, can you open a terminal window? press ctrl-alt-t04:33
=== theWhisper_ is now known as Office__
tomreyntype: sudo swapoff -a04:33
tomreyn+ press enter04:33
tomreynany error reported?04:33
myraft_no errors - did it as root (sudo su -)04:34
Bashing-ommyraft_: Maybe with the swap partition (sda5) selected, right click on the partition. O do expect a drop down ro be able to choose "swapp off" or some such .04:34
phi0xzhi guys, i'm having troubles installing any version of ubuntu server.  i'm trying with 16.04 or 16.10 (even tried 14.04). my issue is that i have a motherboard that has usb2 controllers and one usb3 controller. when i press enter to start the installer, usb2 host gets kicked out and usb3 ports only work.04:35
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myraft_tomreyn, Bashing-om: yeah restarted gParted after swap off and now can right click04:36
myraft_the lock sign is gone04:36
phi0xzthen i need to plug my keyboard into the usb3 port. this would be fine but i am trying to install ubuntu from a flash drive onto another flash drive. i require 3 usb 3 ports then to accomplish this.04:36
=== lftwindow is now known as greoigio
tomreyngeez, i've been trying to boot into the 16.04.1 live dvd iso in virtualbox for half an hour now. choices are garbled graphical output or kernel panic04:36
myraft_tomreyn,  should I just right drag and bring it to 8 (sda5) ?04:36
tomreynmyraft_: its good that the lock sign is gone :)04:37
myraft_or should I do it on sda2 ?04:37
phi0xzany ideas on how to get usb2 host ports to work?04:37
phi0xzprior to the installer, at the bootloader screen, the keyboard works fine in usb2 ports.04:37
myraft_tomreyn, nevermind can only resize sda504:37
myraft_should I do it /04:37
tomreynmyraft_: delete sda5, then delete sda204:38
tomreynthen delete sda304:38
myraft_tomreyn, and sda3 ?04:38
tomreynmyraft_: wait, why does that have dat aon it?04:39
myraft_tomreyn, so done04:39
tomreynhmm, well, you only created it some minutes ago, so i guess this must be irrelevant04:39
myraft_tomreyn, not following04:39
myraft_tomreyn, yeah sda3 was going to be my "data" drive - in the event _hit happens04:40
Bashing-ommyraft_: Bear in mind that the new space gained from resizing swap can be appled to the new data partition size .04:40
=== greoigio is now known as greiogio
tomreynmyraft_ http://i.imgur.com/fmsw8Zu.png there is some 'yellow' data on /sdev/sda304:40
tomreynor rather, was, now04:40
tomreynmyraft_: okay, so you only have /dev/sda1 now, right?04:41
myraft_tomreyn,  not sure what the data on sda3 is04:41
tomreynmyraft_: okay, its gone anyways, from what i understand04:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> myraft_: okay, so you only have /dev/sda1 now, right?04:41
myraft_tomreyn, yeah sda3, sda2 and sda5 delete - waiting to click on green check box to fire it off04:42
myraft_so fire ?04:42
tomreynmyraft_: alright, do it04:42
tomreynmyraft_: this shouldnt take long.04:42
myraft_tomreyn, : imgur.com/a/zKnxY (another image uploaded with current state)04:43
greiogioHey :D04:44
greiogioI am curious.  If I download ubuntu 12.04 does it install on a Mac with updates on a old repository ?04:44
myraft_tomreyn,  so I havv 75.27 GB unallocated. Do I drag and create 8 GB linux swap ?04:44
tomreynmyraft_: very well. please create new partition now for extended area04:44
tomreynit should take the entire remaining space04:45
GALL0trying to connect to my local Ubuntu box via samba and get a connection error with my correct login info. changed ssh port and can SFTP with new port number but can't seem to connect via finder04:45
tomreynmyraft_: please show another screenshot when thats done.04:45
myraft_tomreyn, question - you are saying with all of unallocated created new partition "create as - primary" file system - ext4  ( new screen uploaded)04:46
tomreynmyraft_: no, all of it should be extended, not primary04:47
tomreynmyraft_: oh wait i think it does this differently than i though04:47
myraft_tomreyn, so changed to EXTENDED and not primary04:48
myraft_tomreyn, standing by04:48
tomreynmyraft_: scratch what i said. instead, create a new extended partiton, size 8 GB04:48
tomreynfile system: swap04:48
myraft_tomreyn, so created 8 GB Primary / linux -swap04:49
myraft_fire ?04:49
tomreynmyraft_: no, extended, not primary04:49
myraft_tomreyn, if you do extended - you the "file system" drop down is disabled . So can't select swap04:50
Bashing-omtomreyn: myraft_ Nothing says we can not put that dada partition in the extended partition and save a "primary" allocation for future use .04:50
tomreynmyraft_: okay then do extended and assign the entire remaining space04:50
tomreynBashing-om: my plan is to put both swap and data partition in extended04:51
Bashing-omtomreyn: :) what I do had in mind .04:51
tomreynjust without a working VM i am having trouble testing how to set this properly in gparted04:51
myraft_tomreyn, Bashing-om - so create the whole remaining as "extended" ?04:52
john78Hello how can i open a md5 file on ubuntu?04:52
wiggmpkwill removing (and purging) Empathy cause me headaches. Running 16.04.1 Gnome Shell 3.20.404:53
cfhowlett    wiggmpk do this: apt-get --purge -s empathy      to simulate the operation04:54
Bashing-omtomreyn: A bit tedious but doable . // yes .. make the 'extended' large enough to contain both the 8 Gig swap amd whatever size the data partition is .04:54
wiggmpkcfhowlett: are "account-plugin-aim* account-plugin-irc* account-plugin-jabber* account-plugin-salut* account-plugin-yahoo* empathy* mcp-account-manager-goa* mcp-account-manager-uoa*" used by other applications other than Empathy?04:55
wiggmpkcfhowlett: I'm being paranoid, but I don't think they do just looking for someone to confirm04:55
cfhowlettwiggmpk, email app probably04:55
tomreynmyraft_: yes that's the plan04:55
Bashing-omtomreyn: myraft_ This is one of the rare times I prefer a GUI app over terminal . Pictures are nice here to work with :)04:56
myraft_tomreyn, please check image imgur.com/a/zKnxY04:56
myraft_just uploaded finished product :)04:56
wiggmpkcfhowlett: as in Evolution?04:56
cfhowlettthat would be one04:56
tomreynmyraft_: looks good. now make "New Partition #1" happen04:57
myraft_tomreyn, what does that mean ?04:57
wiggmpkcfhowlett: I'm just so sick of Empathy lol04:57
tomreynmyraft_: apply changes04:58
tomreynthe status bar on bottom says: "1 operation pending" http://i.imgur.com/e4O25hv.png04:58
myraft_tomreyn,  yeah - awkward smile - mea culpa04:58
myraft_tomreyn,  done04:59
Bashing-ommyraft_: tomreyn Doh !  I do not see that data partition in the latest screen shot .04:59
tomreynmyraft_: :) good, another screenshot for a happy tomreyn please04:59
myraft_tomreyn,  imgur.com/a/zKnxY04:59
tomreynthere, too it lies about "used" data.05:00
tomreynlooks good.05:00
tomreynmyraft_: reboot into the installed system05:01
tomreynmyraft_: there may be an erro rmessage about swap missing / failing during boot, you can ignore it.05:01
myraft_tomreyn,  copy that05:01
tomreynmyraft_: when it's up, do: blkid | pastebinit05:02
myraft_tomreyn,  restarting05:03
myrafttomreyn,  blkid showing nothing05:05
myrafttomreyn,  back on this machine (where I did all the do-hikki)05:05
tomreynmyraft_: when it's up, do: sudo blkid | pastebinit05:05
myrafttomreyn, forgot the sudo : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698404/05:06
tomreynand so did i ;)05:06
myrafttomreyn,  only see 1 drive in nautilux05:07
tomreynmyraft: run: pastebinit /etc/fstab05:07
tomreynwe'll fix this05:07
myrafttomreyn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698451/05:07
tomreynmyraft: run: sudo nano /etc/fstab05:09
tomreynmyraft: this spawns an editor. in the last line, replace UUID=041c514b-20de-4d6f-8519-58e37031d6e4 by UUID=7537c2bd-8881-42a4-87e2-ae7a0ed8a9a905:10
egsomeHello, I have werid problem for couple days, which is my touchpad randomly get working or stop working, each time I boot Ubuntu I found the result, of being working or not, in random way, altough Windows 10 have it working always ( dual boot ).05:10
egsomeJust to note, it have been working on Ubuntu for Months !! this issue mostly appeared after the latest kernel update, maybe ?05:11
egsomeI'm on Ubuntu 16.0405:11
egsomeAlso, External USB mouse is working without issues.05:11
myrafttomreyn,  so done : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698492/05:11
tomreynmyraft: good, now add another line below:05:12
tomreynUUID=8398b806-02fd-4010-a44d-9cd23da15d52 /               ext4    user 0       205:13
tomreynmyraft: sorry, that's wrong05:14
tomreynmyraft: tell me where oyu want the data partition to show up?05:14
tomreynmaybe in /home/myraft/data ?05:15
myrafttomreyn, yeah more like /home/fm/data05:15
tomreynUUID=8398b806-02fd-4010-a44d-9cd23da15d52 /home/fm/data   ext4    user 0       205:15
tomreyn^ this then05:15
myrafttomreyn, : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23698506/05:16
tomreynmyraft: press ctrl-x, then press enter to save the modified file05:17
tomreynmyraft: actually you need to type Y to confirm, not just press enter05:18
myraftdid that05:18
myraftwas using VI05:18
tomreynan expert!05:18
tomreynnow (no sudo): mkdir /home/fm/data05:19
myrafttomreyn, learning from the best05:19
Bashing-ommyraft: Now might be a good time to lable the paritions ?? I find lables very useful .05:19
myrafttomreyn,  guide me about the labelling the partitions05:19
myraftI got take notes on this .05:20
tomreynuh i would need to look it up05:20
myraftdata directory created in home directory05:20
tomreynsudo tune2fs -L data /dev/sda605:21
tomreyn... should assign a file system label05:21
Bashing-ommyraft: ' sudo tune2fs -L "some_name" /dev/sdaX ' where the X is the partition number  .05:22
myraftcopy that - goes right into my cheat sheets05:22
tomreynBashing-om: how to make a persistent label for an existing swap partition?05:22
tomreyn(i don't want to loose th euuid)05:23
Bashing-omtomreyn: there is no file system on swap . do not know that one can change the swap name .05:23
tomreynBashing-om: mkswap has -L though05:24
tomreynanyways, not important05:24
Bashing-omtomreyn: :) Now you are going where I have never been .05:24
tomreynmyraft: sudo swapon -a; sudo mount -a05:24
tomreynBashing-om: wohoo!05:25
Bashing-omtomreyn: Just blaze the trail for those who follow you ,05:26
* tomreyn to boldly go where no man has gone before, and no man ever wanted to go05:26
tomreynmyraft: any errors? popping up nautilus?05:27
myrafttomreyn,  see a new drive visible.05:27
tomreynmyraft: now can you create a file there?05:27
tomreynprobably not, we'll likely need to fix permissions05:28
tomreynif so: sudo chown -R fm:fm /home/fm/data/05:29
myrafttomreyn,  u got it05:29
myrafthad permission issue05:29
love3I love you all05:29
tomreynmyraft: can you create a file or directory there now that you ran the chown command?05:29
myraftyeap just did and it worked BEAUTIFULLY - thanks to you !05:30
myraftlearned 2 new things05:30
myraftto do swapoff -a (when changing swap ) and this little nifty trick05:30
myraftthanks folks - it is past midnite05:31
tomreynright, it's 6:30 am05:31
myraftI think the machine is in good shape for me to restart work05:31
myrafttomreyn, where u at ?05:31
tomreynberlin, tonight05:31
myraftcalling it a nite05:31
tomreyni was told so05:31
tomreynsee you, have fun05:32
myraftBIG THANKS to tomreyn and Bashing-om05:32
myrafthave a good one05:32
myraftsorry for german situation - really sad to see these things happen. be safe !05:32
tomreynyes thanks for the proof reading mr/s bashing05:32
myraftsigning out05:32
Bashing-ommyraft: tomreyn :))05:33
tomreyngreiogio: 12.04 will loose support shortly, are you sure you want to install this old release? (why?)05:37
tomreynGALL0: does finder support sftp then?05:37
=== sid is now known as Guest7462
tomreynGALL0: and how does this related to samba?05:38
GALL0havent tried/looked05:38
GALL0made samba share05:38
GALL0finder doesnt see it05:38
GALL0changed sftp port was able to connect via sftp05:38
GALL0with ftp app, crossftp05:38
GALL0but cant see/mount volumes in macOS05:39
GALL0via finder05:39
GALL0with `smb://<ipaddress>`05:39
tomreyni assume cyberduck maybe does on a mac.05:40
tomreyn..does support sftp, that is05:40
tomreyni'm not too fond of debugging samba05:41
GALL0is there another way besides samba to get mac to see directories/mount to Mac?05:41
tomreynGALL0:  ... but as i suggested yesterday, try whether thinks work with smbclient on the server first of all05:41
tomreynGALL0: maybe a mac can do NFS as well, but i guess it doesn't make that much of a difference in terms of the configuration / testing / debugging overhead05:43
GALL0ah.. wait05:43
GALL0filesystem is ZFS05:43
GALL0excpt the home directory which is ext405:43
=== theWhisper__ is now known as Office__
tomreyni would think this doesn't matter, as long as file systemobject access permissions are granted05:44
GALL0smbclient -L //server -U<userName> | Connection to server failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)05:44
tomreyn(but then i never tried this configuration)05:44
tomreynwell you'll need to provide the servername (try "localhost") and username05:45
GALL0interesting.. somehow server `BAD` survived from a frevious Os einstall05:47
GALL0anywho, want to connect to `gyo` and `mnt`05:48
tomreynso it's server NASMONIDAS and share GYO or MNT05:48
GALL0server yes, want to connect to both `gyo` and `mnt`05:49
GALL0which both are on nasmondias, gyo is the home folder and mnt is of course `/mnt`05:50
tomreynsmbget smb://NASMOINIDAS/gyo/.profile05:52
tomreynmaybe add --verbose05:52
tomreynand --stdout05:52
=== Schlawiner|BNC is now known as Schlawiner
tomreynGALL0: smbget --verbose --stdout smb://NASMOINIDAS/gyo/.profile05:55
tomreynoptions should usually go in front. but i'm not sure whether that's the issue there.05:56
GALL0same result05:56
tomreynGALL0: well then i don't know, you'd probably need to review logs now etc. i'll head to bed soon and don't feel like debugging samba shares today.05:58
GALL0any other ways to connect bsides samba?05:58
tomreynGALL0: well sftp, you had that already, and maybenfs06:00
tomreyngee, the "vga=791" linux boot option did the trick for virtualbox 5.0.30 + ubuntu 16.0.1 live dvd06:04
=== solvemetare is now known as metaresolve
tomreynwithout that i get either kernel panics or garbled graphical output on unity.06:05
Ben64tomreyn: ok06:07
tomreynBen64: have you seen similar thern, or are you just hinting that i should stop babbling ;)06:08
Ben64tomreyn: it's not a question so i acknowledged what you said. i'll keep it in mind for anyone who has a similar error06:09
williamX64AMDHi, I have a Brother MFC-J485DW and installed the print and scan drivers to both Ubuntu 16.10 and Fedora 25 (correct drivers for each). The printer works great in both OS, but nether OS recognizes the scanner. does anyone know what CLI commands or scripts might force the OS to recognize the scanner?06:15
williamX64AMDClient: HexChat 2.12.4 • OS: Fedora release 25 (Twenty Five) • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz (2.54GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (5.7 GiB Free) Swap: 15.3 GiB Total (15.3 GiB Free) • Storage: 13.1 GB / 156.0 GB (142.9 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core06:16
williamX64AMDProcessor DRAM Controller • Uptime: 5h 53m 33s06:16
=== ludocode_ is now known as ludocode
* GALL0 facepalm06:32
GALL0tomreyn figured it out. i FORGOT to `sudo  smbpasswd -a <username>`06:32
ColomboI have updated to 16.04 from 15.10, but I have problem with VLC. It crashes after I open video. I can open VLC normally and it seems to behave OK, but when I open video, it crashes. However, I can open said video with cvlc, so I am a bit baffled what is wrong.06:37
hateballColombo: could be some configs that conflict with the newer version, try moving away your VLC config and start fresh06:47
ColomboI deleted .config/vlc folder06:48
hateballColombo: And still the same issue?06:49
hateballColombo: Tried running vlc from the terminal and watch the output when you play a video?06:50
hateballPerhaps it will spit out useful info06:50
Colombohateball: thats what I am doing all the time06:50
Colombooutput is not really useful as standard output in terminal is exactly same for cvlc (where it works) and vlc (where it crashes)06:51
Colombois it possible that there is some leftower config anywhere?06:51
ColomboI tried to update to VLC 3 but nothing06:51
glitchdwhats up everybody06:52
hateballColombo: tried attaching gdb to vlc? That should show why it dies in some form at least06:53
Colombohateball: ok, I will try, I have not played with gdb yet...06:54
sgo11what is the proper way to install and use lxqt in ubuntu 16.10? thanks.06:55
Colombohateball: 0x00007fffa5a60034 in llvm::cl::AddLiteralOption(llvm::cl::Option&, char const*) () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libLLVM-3.9.so.1 uh06:56
ColomboI need to learn more about gdb, seems like awesome tool06:57
Colombohateball: seems I am getting some hits, thanks!06:58
hateballColombo: happy googling, that's all I can offer :p06:58
LinuxGuyhello, how to upgrade to latest stable linux kernel in Ubuntu or its variants like Xubuntu, Lubuntu?07:01
metaresolvequestion from me too: can someone help me set up a valid user in psql on my ubuntu vps? I'm new to command line and it's frustrating. could use some help07:04
metaresolveor should i go to #postgresql for this07:04
hateballsgo11: iirc, "sudo apt install lxqt" is sufficient, and you should have a new LXQT session to pick from once you login again07:10
hateballLinuxGuy: for LTS there is HWE to get the latest Ubuntu supported kernel07:10
hateballoutside of that, there is !mainline or compiling your own. Ubuntu is not rolling release, so you wont always have the latest software07:11
LinuxGuyis Ubuntu better than Debian? Debian is more stable, but, comes with slightly outdated packages and kernel, I think.07:12
LinuxGuyI am a beginner in Linux, btw.07:13
kisb_just enjoy it07:15
hateballLinuxGuy: this channel is for support for Ubuntu, distrowars are offtopic07:16
=== kisb_ is now known as kisb
LinuxGuyok. what are the advantages of Ubuntu over Debian?07:17
TatouHow much spaec do I realistically need for an ubuntu install?07:17
TatouAnd how realistic is playing some games on linux these days? I just care about smaller indie ones really07:18
Blue1Tatou: ubuntu will install in less than 8 G07:18
hateballTatou: Space all depends on how much data you are going to install, that's quite impossible to answer07:18
TatouSo I'm looking at a super mini PC. I want the OS to be on something faster than a HDD07:19
Blue1Tatou: I'd recommend a root partition (/) of 32G (which is more than you will ever use) and make the rest /home07:19
LinuxGuywhich one is more beginner friendly and suitable for those less technically oriented? Ubuntu or Debian?07:19
TatouI will put all the other data on an external HDD07:19
TatouLinuxGuy: Ubuntu07:19
hateballTatou: Gaming works fine, Steam and Itch.io have native clients with thousands of games, then you have GOG and Humble etc with DRM free versions07:20
kisbif you are going to install lots of software then 30GB07:20
TatouAh sweet, linux filter on steam..07:20
TatouOk so let's see what I can get hold of here. I just want something small, low power an quiet07:21
Tatou.. and cheap ..07:21
OpenSorceTatou, I recommend World of Goo :-)07:22
TatouHa I think I own that07:23
TatouI want the stanley parable though ;)07:23
LinuxNovicehello, can Xubuntu 16.10 be upgraded to the newer release once it's support period expires?07:33
TexHas amd improved the open source driver for 16.04?07:33
TexMy card too old for the amdgpu driver07:34
Tm_TLinuxNovice: yes07:34
curly_bracewhat other alternatives to install if i got this error message? http://termbin.com/dtl707:34
LinuxNoviceXubuntu 16.10 has the latest stable linux kernel, I suppose.07:34
curly_braceor how do i install python3-lxc on my system?07:35
curly_braceso upgrading will be the answer with this07:35
sobersabrehi, guys.07:39
sobersabreIs there a tool that does not really backup, but rather helps to setup a user machine quickly from a script, something like at installation time customize the installation image or some kind of already existing auto-installer that I could configure07:40
sobersabrewithout the infra like DHCP, PXE, etc.07:40
sobersabrepreferrably it would be a git repo with scripts and config + iso of ubuntu version you want.07:41
sobersabreand you "cook" a special iso based on your config and just boot it up via usb key.07:41
sobersabreI mean without full blown backup level 0 dd'ed OS images07:42
sobersabrehm also is there a business grade laptop fully supported for say ubuntu ?07:52
sobersabreI mean stuff linke thinkpad t400* and up07:52
sobersabreor dell or whatever with "docking"/"port replicator" support07:53
=== anon is now known as Guest52011
hateballsobersabre: ##hardware is probably a good place to ask. But Dell offers some models with Ubuntu support. And in my experience, any "business" model from HP works fine ootb07:58
Robbstermorning all. I'm trying to read backup DVD's using an external BR writer (on 16.04). Most of the DVD's (7/10) are not being read correctly. They were written with different writers over the years and I'm wondering if there isn't something that may be preventing them from being read correctly.08:04
RobbsterDVD's don't last forever, but a 70% failure rate with the variety of disks that I'm reading just seems suspicious.08:05
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=== dan is now known as danizen
adtttzhi, pls anxone can help me with ecryptfs-mount-private?08:20
adtttzi only got everytime Enter your login passphrase:08:21
adtttzInserted auth tok with sig [****] into the user session keyring08:21
adtttzmount: Operation not permitted08:21
stevie86Good morning!08:47
stevie86something is off.... when I do sudo apt-get update it works, but I get the message: N: Datei »50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist« in Verzeichnis »/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/« wird ignoriert, da sie eine ungültige Dateinamen-Erweiterung hat.08:49
stevie86it says the file 50unattended-upgrades.ucf-dist in the folder /etc/apt/apt.conf.d will be ignored, because it has an invalid extension08:50
ikevinstevie86, move it outside apt.conf.d08:53
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=== ARChak is now known as Apra_
Onepamopaquestion - /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern is set to /tmp/core.%e.%p.%t, * soft core 500000 & root hard core 1000000 in limits.conf, the application segfaults and no corefile is found anywhere09:26
Onepamopaubuntu server 16.04 x6409:26
Onepamopaany ideas ?09:26
fishcookerhow to give priority to some processes for using more bandwidth ?09:29
bazhang!info wondershaper09:30
ubottuwondershaper (source: wondershaper): Easy to use traffic shaping script. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1a-8 (yakkety), package size 14 kB, installed size 54 kB09:30
bazhangperhaps that or 'trickle'09:31
=== Guest67379 is now known as Ard1t
Onepamopaanyone about the coredumps ?09:39
ikoniaanyone what ?09:40
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Onepamopaquestion - /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern is set to /tmp/core.%e.%p.%t, * soft core 500000 & root hard core 1000000 in limits.conf, the application segfaults and no corefile is found anywhere09:41
Onepamopaalso changed the soft and hard limits to unlimited, same result - no core files09:41
Onepamopaappport disabled09:41
ikoniaare you asking why you're not getting a core file09:42
ikoniawhat is kernel.core_pattern currently showing09:42
Onepamopakernel.core_pattern = /tmp/cores/core.%e.%p.%h.%t09:43
Onepamopacores folder @ tmp is chmod 177709:43
ikoniaOnepamopa: where did you get that parameter from ?09:43
ikoniaOnepamopa: are you using ubuntu 15-10 ?09:44
ikoniathen why are you reading docs for 15.10 ?09:44
Onepamopawell, show me something for 16.04 ...09:44
ikoniait mentions nothing on 16.0409:44
Onepamopagoogle mentions nothing as well09:44
Onepamopawhich is why Im here09:44
ikoniaright so have you changed the kernel pattern default ?09:45
ikoniafor core09:45
Onepamopaand limits to unlimited09:45
ikoniaI'm asking you have you changed the default kernel pattern default09:45
Onepamopayou mean kernel.core_pattern ?09:45
OnepamopaI said I changed it09:45
ikoniaok - why did you change it09:45
Onepamopacause I wanted coredumps ?09:46
ikoniayou changed the file location because you wanted core dumps ?09:46
Onepamopaand I mean FILES09:46
ikoniawhat was wrong with the default location ?09:46
Onepamopanothing's wrong with the default location, besides the fact that there are NO COREDUMPS ANYWHERE @ THE SYSTEM09:46
ikoniaOnepamopa: ok - so why did you change the location ?09:46
Onepamopayou want me to change it back, sure09:47
fishcookernoted for the wondershaper bazhang09:47
OnepamopaI won't get coredumps09:47
ikoniaI want you to answer the question09:47
ikoniawhy did you change the location09:47
Onepamopaperhaps because I want to actually find a coredump file in that location ?09:47
bazhangfishcooker, did you see the bit about 'trickle' as well09:47
Onepamopainstead of find / |grep blah core09:47
bazhang!info trickle09:47
ubottutrickle (source: trickle): user-space bandwidth shaper. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-10ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 32 kB, installed size 147 kB09:47
ikoniaOnepamopa: why did you change it from the default09:47
ikoniaOnepamopa: you could have just looked in the default directory09:48
TechknightHi guys. I just added a new user with useradd -m -s /bin/bash steam09:48
ikoniaOnepamopa: I'm trying to understand what you have done and why so I can see how that has impacted your system09:48
dumle29Techknight: Playing with steamcmd?09:48
ikoniaOnepamopa: there is nothing IN it, but you changed the location to somewhere else,09:48
dumle29have fun :P09:48
Techknightand granted it sudo access but the user does not have a password?09:48
Onepamopasure, I'll remove the sysctl that changes the location, reboot09:48
Onepamopasee if there are core dumps anywhere09:48
ikoniaOnepamopa: thats not what I'm saying09:48
dumle29Techknight: Use passwd user09:48
dumle29Techknight: Well, sudo passwd user09:48
Onepamopaikonia, WHAT are you saying >09:48
ikoniaOnepamopa: I'm afraid I can't help you as you refuse to answer the questions and jump to conflusions,09:48
dumle29Techknight: So in you case: sudo passwd steam09:49
Techknightand everytime i try to use sudo I'm promte password. dumle29 : I've tried that but i have to enter the current password?09:49
Techknightand yes it is stamcmd :D09:49
dumle29Techknight: not if you use sudo09:49
fishcookeryes i did, bazhang09:49
dumle29"sudo passwd steam" will ask you for your sudo password, then perform it as root, which needs no password :)09:49
Techknightdumle29: I'cant use sudo because it is promting me for a password09:50
dumle29Techknight: Your own sudo password :)09:50
ikoniaTechknight: are you trying to reset your own password ?09:50
TechknightIt doesn't work :D09:50
ikoniaTechknight: or a different user09:50
Onepamopaikonia, explain why does it matter if I changed the location or not09:50
dumle29Techknight: Steamcmd doesn't need sudo though09:50
Onepamopawhats the big deal here09:50
Onepamopathere's kernel tunable parameter, it allows tuning, I tuned09:50
Techknightdumle29: aaah :D i could do it through the root user, thanls.09:51
Onepamopaanything else ?09:51
ikoniaOnepamopa: for starters any apparmor policies, however I was trying to understand what you had changed and "why" (as why often leads to information as to the real problem) so I could understand the state of your system09:51
ikoniaOnepamopa: however as I said, I can't help you with your current attitude09:51
fishcookerthankyou bazhang09:51
dumle29I'll re-regurgitate my issue ;)09:51
dumle29Hey there. Once again I make my way in here, to give this problem another shot ;) Every time I plug in my laptop to charge, the speed goes waaay down.09:51
Onepamopaikonia, apparmor disabled09:51
dumle29sometimes it becomes so slow, that it can't even keep up with the slowest of typing.09:51
dumle29as soon as my laptop is fully charged again, it's fine. Then running on AC or on battery is the same performance09:52
Onepamopaappport disabled too09:52
dumle29it's not thermal, that's for sure, and it dissapears immediately when the charger is unplugged.09:52
dumle29Here's my hardware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23699148/09:52
bazhangOnepamopa, no need to repeat so quickly09:52
ikoniaOnepamopa: I'm not interested any more09:52
Onepamopaikonia, so don't reply09:52
Onepamopasomeone eles will09:52
ikoniaOnepamopa: you hilighted me, talking to me, I was responding to you talking directly to me and advising you not to09:53
bazhangOnepamopa, try every ten or fifteen minutes09:53
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
Onepamopawhy wait, I'll just run the app on freebsd, at least there coredumps always work09:54
ikoniasounds a good approach09:55
DarkchaosHey, I am unable to build the kernel (4.8.0) myself because zfs/include/linux/vfs_compat.h is faulty (assignment of read-only member, static declaration follows non-static declaration). Is there anything known about that or is there an easy way to exclude zfs entirely?09:55
DarkchaosSince I had to hack around that zfs even starts to build09:55
ikoniaDarkchaos: we don't support custom kernels09:56
=== sz is now known as Guest97553
Onepamopaikonia, indeed, instead of having to reply to pointless circular questions09:56
ikoniaOnepamopa: ok, get on with it then, bsd works for you, use it09:56
Onepamopait does09:56
ikoniaok, great09:57
Darkchaoswell it's a stock kernel with a changed configuration (lockdep). I don't know if that is custom enough, but might be09:58
ikoniait is a custom kernel09:58
Apra_Hey there while running Ubuntu on my vb i got this error :http://imgur.com/a/G4aDf10:03
ikoniaApra_: you're installed a 3rd party repo that is referencing a package that is not available to you10:04
dsdsgsdgI  form china10:04
backboxI am from Burma10:04
dsdsgsdg- -10:04
Apra_ikonia: So what to do?10:05
backboxanybody there?10:05
ikoniaApra_: resolve the dependencies10:05
ikoniabackbox: many people10:05
m4221|phoneHas anyone the Amazon Storage Gateway?10:05
backboxI haven't10:05
Apra_ikonia: How to do?10:05
ikoniaApra_: my first point would be to remove your 3rd party repos10:06
m4221|phoneI like how it caches locally10:06
Apra_ikonia: Can you help me do that?10:06
ikoniaApra_: then I'd look at what package is referencing that pacakge and what why it's not available, however I suspect removing the 3rd party repo will stop it referencing that package10:06
m4221|phoneReducing transit charges10:06
ikoniaApra_: what 3rd party packages/repos have you configured and how10:07
ikoniam4221|phone: not really anything to do with ubuntu10:07
Apra_ikonia: Nothing I guess10:07
ikoniaApra_: you guess ?10:07
Apra_ikonia: Yeah...just started Ubuntu and opened the terminal and typed the command10:07
ikoniaApra_: what version of ubuntu is this10:08
dubingHow does Ubuntu 16.10 feel, compared to 16.04? I now use 16.0410:08
ikoniaApra_: mongodb is in the universe repo10:09
ikoniaApra_: so you need to look at your repo list and make use "univsere" is enabled10:09
abbashey every body , i installed mpg123 and i when i want to run it say :  "error while loading shared libraries: libout123.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"10:09
ikoniaabbas: how did you install it, as it's missing a library10:09
Apra_ikonia: How to do so...I am just a novice10:09
ikoniaApra_: I suggest you start by reading through https://help.ubuntu.com10:10
abbasikonia:  i downloaded the sourc and run make , make install10:10
ikoniaApra_: that will give you an introduction to the basics10:10
ikoniaabbas: then thats your problem then, as blindly typing make / make install is a bad idea10:10
ikoniaabbas: ubuntu proides packages for most things that are built by experienced people, you should try to use them where possible10:10
abbasikonia: actullay ther is file named libout123.so.0 in /usr/local/lib but it cant find the library i think10:11
ikoniaabbas: if you built it correctly it should be aware of that path10:11
abbasikonia: i do what the INSTALL file sayed , so you say i installed it with apt-get , but  i what should i do , i dont know how remove the installed source code10:16
ikoniaabbas: you won't be able to, you'll need to do it manually10:16
ikoniait's one of the reasons blindly typing "make install" is a bad idea10:16
Apra_ikonia: To check my repo do i need to enter /etc/apt/sources.list?10:19
mcphailabbas: if you have installed a lib under /usr/local/lib, you need to run ldconfig for the system to learn about it10:19
ikoniaApra_: you need to open it with any text editor your confortable with10:20
mcphailabbas: but it is better to _not_ install foreign libs under system directories, keep them locally and LD_PRELOAD them with the binary which needs them. That stops other apps from breaking10:21
Apra_ikonia: So I need to go to Ubuntu Software to add the Universe repo?10:22
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
=== boss_ is now known as xamidovic
xamidovichello yall :*10:23
abbasmcphail: thanks ldconfig workded ! but i dont understand what it do ? there is a envirment varible for libraries or some thing like that ? it give another error  : "/libout123.c:432] error: Found no driver out of [oss] working with device <default>"10:25
ikoniaApra_: no, what does the document I liked you to tell you to do10:25
Apra_ikonia: The command said "Permission denied"10:26
ikoniaApra_: what command10:26
Apra_ /etc/apt/sources.list10:27
ikoniaApra_: thats not a command10:27
ikoniaApra_: as I told you10:27
ikoniaApra_: what document are you reading ?10:27
ikoniaApra_: thats not what I told you to read10:27
ikoniaApra_: therefore I'm not longer going to discuss this with you, I gave you a tried and trusted document to read, you've ignored it10:28
Apra_ikonia: sorry I just googled it10:28
Apra_No I m reading that too10:28
ikoniaApra_: and I gave you the document to read and you've ignored it, therefor you are on your own10:28
ikonia(from my point of view)10:28
Apra_I was reading this too10:28
ikoniaApra_: not interested as no-where in that document does it tell you to do what you where trying to do10:29
Apra_and thats why I asked you whether to open Ubuntu Software to install Universe10:29
ikoniagood luck with it10:30
Apra_won't you help me?10:30
ikoniaas I've said 2 times10:30
bazhangApra_, activate not install10:30
bazhangcheck software sources Apra_10:31
Apra_I was going through your document too10:31
bazhangthere should be list for that repo there Apra_10:31
Apra_bazhang : where shall I get it?10:31
Apra_bazhang : software sources10:32
bazhangApra_, get software sources? via the command line or the gui?10:32
Apra_bazhang: via the command line :)10:33
=== ur0 is now known as unixusr
cshireDoes anyone know about inherited file permissions here? I want files/folders moved into a shared folder to automatically change to a set owner/group with set permissions. I’m having trouble with files & folders keeping previous permissions when they are moved into the shared folder….10:33
=== unixusr is now known as ur0
bazhangApra_, check in /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the # from in front of that repo, you will need something like nano to do that10:34
mcphailabbas: that's an error coming from your binary itself. As you've self-built it (instead of using the official version in the repo), I'm afraid you're on your own for the debugging. Out-of-repo builds aren't supported here. Sorry10:34
bazhangonce you have done that Apra_ you need to close and save it, then update the sources10:34
linuxcrazyfinally after testing some distros, I installed Xubuntu on my laptop.10:35
linuxcrazyI installed Xubuntu 16.10. Till what time is it going to be supported?10:36
ikonialinuxcrazy: 9 months after it's release10:36
linuxcrazyok. After that period, another release is going to be there?10:37
ikonialinuxcrazy: yes10:37
abbasmcphail: why afraid ? i want to use mpg123 with android ndk so i just downlod the source and i want to use it in pc before mobile but i dont know there is package for ubuntu10:37
Apra_bazhang: when I opened the file a dialog box appeared which  says Softwares and Updates...am I going in the right path?10:37
linuxcrazyikonia, that's good.10:37
mcphail!info mpg123 | abbas10:38
ubottuabbas: mpg123 (source: mpg123): MPEG layer 1/2/3 audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.22.4-1 (yakkety), package size 120 kB, installed size 419 kB10:38
abbasmcphail : actually i really thanks from gueys how work on packages , thank you dudes.10:38
bazhangApra_, do you see some listings for the various repos there10:38
linuxcrazyis Ubuntu as stable as Debian?10:38
ikonialinuxcrazy: it's built from debian base10:39
bazhanglinuxcrazy, sure10:39
stevie86Thanks for the tip!10:39
linuxcrazyikonia, ok.10:39
Apra_bazhang: no10:39
bazhangApra_, you just asked for the cli way and now the gui way, you have both covered10:40
linuxcrazyikonia, it means the packages available for debian can be used in Ubuntu also?10:40
linuxcrazyI had an old laptop. I found Xfce suitable for it.10:40
Apra_bazhang: i didnt get you10:40
ikonialinuxcrazy: no10:40
linuxcrazyikonia, why?10:40
ikonialinuxcrazy: because they are for different OS builds10:41
bazhangApra_, I gave you the command line way10:41
bazhangApra_, and now you asking again about the gui way of doing it10:41
Apra_ok...sorry my fault10:41
bazhangcli means command line Apra_10:41
linuxcrazyok. Considering the number of packages available, which has more? debian or ubuntu?10:42
bazhanggui means the shiny clicky buttons one Apra_10:42
Apra_bazhang: actually i didnt get the check in sentence you wrote before the command10:42
cyphixHello. I have a Toshiba laptop, and my backlight media keys doesn't work. Inside /sys/class/backlight, I have two folders. intel_backlight, and toshiba. The media keys modifies the files inside the toshiba folder, but the computer responds to modifications made inside the intel folder. How can I make my media keys use the proper files?10:42
ikonialinuxcrazy: roughly the same as ubuntu is built from debian10:43
chittetiHi ubuntu family ..10:45
Apra_bazhang: what I did was I opened the files and then, went to etc folder and then carried on...10:45
chittetiI facing browser issue on ubuntu 16.04 s390x machine ,is there any solution to access the browser in ubuntu10:45
Apra_bazhang: and whats nanao btw10:46
nomikeDo you know if there is a support channel for ubuntu on Windows or where to file bugreports now? I´m confues if I should file them with Microsoft or Cannonical?10:48
ducasse!ubuwin | nomike10:49
ubottunomike: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.10:49
nomikeducasse: Thx!10:51
linuxcrazyCan Xubuntu be used in schools?10:52
linuxcrazyis it suitable for kids and school children?10:52
ubottuEdubuntu is an Ubuntu derivative aimed at schools and educational institutions. For more info, see http://www.edubuntu.org10:54
bazhanglinuxcrazy, ^10:54
nomikelinuxcrazy, yes it is, ut as bazhang already pointed out there are more suitable alternatives.10:54
linuxcrazyto a great extent, the community support  available for this distro influenced my decision to choose this.10:56
linuxcrazyis it supported by only the employees of Canonical?10:57
bazhanglinuxcrazy, no10:57
mar77ihello #ubuntu, I have a question about gs... I can't seem to make gs output something to ./test.pdf, I tried both -sOutputFie=./test.pdf and -o ./test.pdf ... as I'm root and the directory I'm in is writable, I'm a bit confused10:57
bazhanglinuxcrazy, this is great topic for the -discuss and -offtopic channels10:58
bazhang!manual | linuxcrazy10:58
ubottulinuxcrazy: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:58
linuxcrazyI am a newbie here in Linux.10:58
bazhang!rute | linuxcrazy and this too10:58
ubottulinuxcrazy and this too: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf10:58
bazhanglinuxcrazy, have a read of all those, that will help a lot10:59
mar77ilinuxcrazy: you're a newbie in linux and advanced crazy? or are you newbie about that, too?10:59
bazhanglinuxcrazy, this channel is for strictly technical support10:59
linuxcrazythanks a lot for those links.11:00
bazhang#ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic for chat linuxcrazy11:00
linuxcrazyneed to register there, I think.11:00
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sgo11hi, what is the proper way to install lxqt in ubuntu desktop 16.10?11:06
bazhang!info lxqt11:07
ubottulxqt (source: lxqt-metapackages): Metapackage for LXQt. In component universe, is optional. Version 5 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 9 kB11:07
bazhangsudo apt install lxqt11:07
sgo11bazhang, thanks. I will try that command. I am building 16.10 bootable usb now. will that install compton, openbox? I don't think apt install lxqt will give a complete lxqt environment.11:11
bazhangsgo11, from the description, it's a metapackage11:12
bazhangsgo11, that means it pulls in a lot of other items11:12
bazhangsgo11, you could check at packages.ubuntu webiste, or do an apt dry run to see what it does bring in11:13
raydenguys, cool it with the antisemitism. i've received a complaint.11:14
sgo11bazhang, I will try it. but I don't think it will install compton and openbox. anyway. I will try it later. thanks a lot.11:14
bazhangrayden, thats not topical here at all11:14
raydenbazhang, we have zero tolerance. just cool it.11:14
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efliкто есть русский?11:17
bazhang!ru | efli11:17
ubottuefli: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:17
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knittlhi. how to find out why my dead keys are no longer work (also, compose is broken): ´e ^a `e11:20
mar77iI found my mistake, btw: -sDEVICE=pdfwrite11:23
mar77iwithout the flag, ghostscript doesn't even fart. or hoo!11:24
anliI installed a deb, but I have no idea where the files where going11:35
pesarianli: dpkg -L package11:37
RtMFpesari: dpkg-query -L perhaps?11:39
anlipesari: Thanks!11:39
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crazyhorsehow can i remote control my ubuntu machine from my mac11:58
crazyhorsesame network11:58
knittlcrazyhorse: ssh or vnc/rdp11:59
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MOUDHey all12:02
MOUDI'm running Software Updater and is stuck at "installing updates...". The update is "configuring grub-pc". Is it OK to force close Software Updater and start it again?12:04
=== violet_ is now known as violet
sharksharkHello, I'm running into issues executin youtube-dl commands (again...) Could any1 point me whats wrong? heres the command line, and i get nothing https://paste.ubuntu.com/23699310/12:19
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clarenceHi All, I'm having trouble virtualising Fedora on an Ubuntu host. Does anyone have experience with this?12:21
hateballclarence: are you using KVM?12:22
hateballclarence: or if it's something like virtualbox there are probably hypervisor-specific channels that would be more suited12:22
clarenceHi hateball, I'm using virtualbox.12:22
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hateballclarence: Right, so if you clarify your question on a single line, someone may know12:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:28
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:28
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:28
j41clarence: Maybe you could ask in #vbox if no-one is answering you here?12:30
clarenceOh, sorry was typing elsewhere and didn't realise I was actually typing in here - my apologies for that.12:32
rommelsharkshark, try with -v ?12:32
rommeland just in case you havent read this https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/blob/master/README.md#readme12:33
darshikahey there12:35
sharksharkrommel: heres what it got with -v https://paste.ubuntu.com/23699947/. Yeah, thanks, i've been on that readme page for two days trying to figure out what am i doing wrong12:36
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:43
rommelok i just emerged that program in gentoo and running your command sharkshark it dumps the same output, but i have to go to work... try another simpler download12:43
Herbalistde rien !12:44
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest67514
jerome_ok thanks12:45
sharksharkrommel: well i just tried to execute the same command, but instead of the playlist i put just a single video url. It gives me the title of the video, nothing else.12:45
j41 /join #ubuntu-server12:52
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pixelhow are you??13:13
=== pixel is now known as Guest77377
kelvinellaDoes anyone know how I can check whether the laptop I am going to buy is working with linux?13:21
kelvinellaI am thinking to get ASUS zenbook 3 UX390UA13:21
madwizardkelvinella: https://certification.ubuntu.com/13:22
madwizardkelvinella: Laptops not on the list may work, but those on the list are known to work13:22
madwizardIf there are caveates, they are listed13:23
kelvinellaWhat about Manjaro Linux?13:23
MonkeyDustkelvinella  not supported here, no info13:23
stanstillif I use an ubuntu live usb for 3 weeks, can libreoffice or my firefox configuration be saved, or are those changes lost every time I boot?13:26
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:27
j41Hopefully the last link helps!13:27
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
linux_newbieHey all!13:27
MonkeyDuststanstill  a live isnt meant to be used 3 weeks, i guess the system would slow down13:28
linux_newbieHow do I check my wifi interface?13:28
stanstillerm.. is what I am planning to do a "persistent live usb"?13:28
MonkeyDuststanstill  that said, everything is lost from the live session, unless you save it somewhere outside the session13:28
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:29
linux_newbieguys how do I upload a screenshot?13:29
BluesKajHi all13:29
MonkeyDustoops, j41 just said that13:29
linux_newbieon here13:29
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  to imgur.com13:29
kk4ewtstanstill, and remember if you fill up the perstistance you will have to redo the key13:30
stanstillis this going to be more difficult if the only available notebook is a windows?13:30
stanstillim reading now the "persistent" link13:30
j41stanstill: I'm pretty sure you can use unetbootin, and it's covered in the guide if you scroll down a bit13:31
kk4ewtj41 not for perstistance13:31
j41ah, sorry13:32
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  what brings you here13:33
linux_newbieI'm using Kismet and I'm not sure how to fill up the pop-ups13:33
MonkeyDust!info kismet13:33
ubottukismet (source: kismet): wireless sniffer and monitor - core. In component universe, is optional. Version 2016.01.R1-1 (yakkety), package size 1191 kB, installed size 4613 kB13:33
stanstillanother option would be to use 2 usb sticks: one with the live os and the other with portable apps, and run all my apps from there...13:34
linux_newbieI basically need to know what's my wifi interface13:34
stanstillI think im not wrong...13:34
linux_newbieMonkeyDust:  do you know how to find your wifi interface? (eg. wlan1 )13:35
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  in a terminal, type    iwconfig13:35
linux_newbieI see wlp2s0 - is that it?13:36
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  802.11 is wifi13:37
linux_newbiewhat do you mean MonkeyDust?13:37
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  i mean that the line with 802.11 is wifi13:38
linux_newbieOh, okay13:38
linux_newbieIt says this: wlp2s0    IEEE 802.11abgn  ESSID:"xyz"13:38
linux_newbiexyz is the name of my connection13:39
j41That's your wireless adapter then13:39
linux_newbieso what should I fill up in the column for INTF?13:39
linux_newbieI was watching a youtube tutorial and the guy said his was wlan113:40
MonkeyDustwhat's INTF13:40
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  what is that, on the pic?13:40
MonkeyDustoh, kisletn i don't use that13:41
mcphaillinux_newbie: the Ubuntu interface names got a bit more complex than wlan1 a couple of releases ago. Welcome to the future13:41
linux_newbiemcphail:  okay, so how do I find out what mine is?13:41
j41linux_newbie: It is wlp2s0 if that's what it said13:41
j41when you ran iwconfig13:41
mcphaillinux_newbie: you just did it13:42
linux_newbieThanks guys! :)13:42
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  now type    iwlist    (don't show it here)13:42
linux_newbieand then?13:42
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  it's a help to configure wifi, explore it13:43
j41MonkeyDust: Why? They've got the adapter name already?13:43
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linux_newbieOut of curiosity, what's a good bit rate? Mine is 48 Mb/s -- is that good?13:44
MonkeyDustiirc, wifi can go up to 5413:46
linux_newbiethat's a the threshold?13:46
j41My Raspberry Pi has a bit rate of 72.2Mb/s...13:46
linux_newbiewhat does bit rate really mean? Wi-fi speed?13:47
j41I'm pretty sure it's the connection speed to your router13:47
mcphaillinux_newbie: bit rate means "something to ignore unless you are having problems"13:47
mcphaillinux_newbie: also, note "man iwlist" says the bitrate parameter lists the bit rate supported by the device. I'm not sure it relates to the bit rate you're getting13:50
linux_newbieI was looking for an alternative to Wi-Fi Analyzer, and I stumbled upon Kismet. Does anyone have any experience with it?13:52
Herbalistno .. i found it too complex for my needs13:53
linux_newbieHerbalist what were your needs at the time? (not an attempt at humor)13:54
Herbalisti did install Umit Network Scanner and EtherApe and Ettercap, at that time13:54
akishi all. could you please advise if lubuntu 14.04.5 is fully supported until into 2019 as for example xubuntu 14.04.5?13:54
linux_newbieHerbalist what was it for?13:55
Herbalisti dunno if that would be of use to you13:55
Herbalistnetwork scanner13:55
linux_newbieooh okay, yeah I kinda want that!13:55
Herbalisttry it out :)13:55
linux_newbiewhich one did you find most useluf?13:55
Herbalisti think it's in the Ubuntu Software Center13:56
Herbalistehm i don't remember, i didnt use it that much13:56
Herbalistsome have different functionalities for this and that, just check it out13:56
linux_newbieI'm a little curious, what exactly were you looking to do with it?13:57
Herbalistto watch my wifi connection13:57
Herbalistit kept changing access points and disconnecting13:57
MonkeyDust!info wicd13:58
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4+tb2-2 (yakkety), package size 4 kB, installed size 26 kB13:58
linux_newbieI'm basically looking for something (like wifi analyzer) to know what channel my router should broadcast its wifi signal13:58
linux_newbie^this is mainly to improve my wifi speed13:58
Herbalisti recommend to install these programs via the Software Center, then you can easily uninstall them later13:59
linux_newbiecheck this out guys13:59
BluesKajlinux_newbie, you can set the channel in your router's host page/firmware13:59
j41Lots of routers also have an automatic mode, which does the work for you.14:00
linux_newbiehmm, how do I check my channels?14:00
federico_ irc://irc.explosionirc.org/extremo14:00
linux_newbielike is there a terminal command14:00
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  with    iwlist channel14:01
linux_newbieI'm connected to the one with the lowest frequency :/14:02
linux_newbieany way I can get around that?14:02
j41linux_newbie: If you want to change the channel your router uses, you would have to change it in your router's settings14:03
linux_newbieso I see a list of all these channels on my terminals -- are these channels part of *my* router?14:03
j41Those are the channels that wifi uses14:04
j41Your router is broadcasting on one of them14:04
linux_newbiej4i I don't  quite understand :/14:05
linux_newbieOkay I kinda get what you're saying, but is it possible for me to change the channel on which my router is broadcasting?14:06
MonkeyDustfederico_  this is ubuntu support14:06
j41Do you know if other routers also broadcast on the channel you are using?14:07
j41linux_newbie: ^14:07
TatouI really want a cheap pc to run linux, but I can't justify it I think14:07
linux_newbiehmm, I don't think so? I mean I've got my connection password protected and all14:07
j41linux_newbie: When you go to connect to your wifi, are there any other routers that aren't yours?14:08
linux_newbiedefine router -- you mean the connections that show up on clicking the wifi symbol?14:09
linux_newbieI see lots of other connection (routers)14:09
j41Okay then14:09
j41linux_newbie:  Run this command in a terminal: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep \(Channel14:10
j41If you see a channel that isn't there (channels range from 1 to 13), or one that appears the least, is probably the best channel to set your router to14:11
linux_newbiewlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.14:11
linux_newbiethis came up: wlan0 interface doesn't support scanning14:11
j41oh sorry14:11
j41sudo iwlist wlp2s0 scan | grep \(Channel14:12
linux_newbieyep, I see 8 frequencies14:12
j41Okay, you should set your router to a channel that doesn't appear there14:12
linux_newbiewhy not?14:13
j41I'm not sure what you mean14:14
linux_newbieyou said I should set my router to a channel that *doesn't* appear in the list. Why can't I do that?14:15
j41You need to do it through your router's settings14:15
linux_newbieshiite :/14:15
j41You can't do this locally on your machine14:15
linux_newbieoh, crap14:16
j41You could try going to or and using the user admin and password admin14:16
Picilinux_newbie: Are you on your own home network?14:16
j41That might let you into your settings, if not, search something like 'MyRouterBrand login details'14:16
linux_newbiePici yup14:17
Piciokay :)14:17
linux_newbieI'm on the website and I see this thing called "All Router IP's"14:18
=== gg is now known as Guest11989
linux_newbieit's basically a list of all IP addresses - what can I do with it?14:19
=== Guest11989 is now known as gg_LinuxNoob
radishingrickhi - i have a query. Can I install windows after installing fully encrypted ubuntu and dual boot?14:19
radishingrickwindows 8*14:19
j41You're looking for your routers ip address and username/password. You can also find it on the bottom or back of your router. By navigating to the ip, and logging in, this lets you change your router's settings.14:19
j41linux_newbie: ^14:19
shangulfor a computer with an Intel Core i2 2.33GHz * 2 with 2GB of memory which one is better/ Xubuntu, Lubuntu or Ubuntu?14:20
linux_newbieokay so when I do that, will all *other" machines also be affected, or just mine?14:20
linux_newbieI'm guessing all machines14:21
MonkeyDustshangul  windows will ruin your grub, it can be repaired, but it's a pain14:21
shangulMonkeyDust, i know14:22
j41linux_newbie: But by running on a less congested channel, you might get faster wifi speeds, but it's not guaranteed.14:22
linux_newbie5.28 Ghz vs 2.2 Ghz -- worth the effort?14:23
gg_LinuxNoobi have a query, just asking opinions, but what do you all think is the best font in Ubuntu14:24
j41linux_newbie: Maybe your questions are better suited in ##networking ?14:24
linux_newbieOkay, thanks a lot j41!14:25
j41No problem, linux_newbie14:25
ilmaisinfinnish seems to be grayed out in "Language Support" even when it's installed14:26
ilmaisinwonder why language setting related bugs are so often ignored since they are sensitive things14:26
gg_LinuxNooblinux one is dead, right?14:26
gg_LinuxNoobsorry, Ubuntu One is dead14:27
Picigg_LinuxNoob: Their cloud storage thing is dead, the single sign-on part lives on.14:28
gg_LinuxNoobwhat is the purpose of the sign-on part?14:28
j41gg_LinuxNoob: So you can sign into websites that use Ubuntu One with only one username/password14:28
HerbalistUbuntu is Alive and Kicking !14:28
Picigg_LinuxNoob: its an openid provider and ties you to canonical's services.14:28
gg_LinuxNoobah, i see14:29
j41gg_LinuxNoob: A bit like 'Sign in with Facebook'14:29
gg_LinuxNoobdo you find it useful?14:29
PiciI only really use it to sign on to launchpad and the wiki.. its just a login to me.14:29
gg_LinuxNoobi see. I really don't think I need to remember another login credential14:29
linux_newbieis linux an OS? Or is it Ubuntu?14:30
gg_LinuxNoobI wanna tell someone, but there's no one that will listen, so you all are the victims: I find this ability to rebirth old computers with a new OS fascinating14:30
gg_LinuxNoobUbuntu has been very interesting so far14:31
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  ubuntu is a distro (distribution), llinux is the kernel14:31
gg_LinuxNoobI tried a Debian distro and just couldn't get it to work14:31
gg_LinuxNoobMint, I think14:31
MonkeyDustlinux_newbie  in a terminal, type    uname -r14:32
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  what's the output of    cat /etc/issue14:32
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  in a terminal window14:32
Herbalisti started with Ubuntu 1 year ago ... i wish i had started 10 years earlier14:33
=== amberj is now known as exploreshaifali
Herbalistall those lost data14:33
fishcookerhow to tweak based on this iostat output http://vpaste.net/3TL0F it looks like the iowait take so long for the file operation14:33
Herbalistfrom Windows14:33
gg_LinuxNoobyou are right Herbalist14:33
Herbalistgg :)14:33
HerbalistUbuntu rocks14:34
gg_LinuxNoobubunto 16.0414:34
Herbalistyes i have the same version14:34
gg_LinuxNoobi was a little disquieted by the "Linux sucks" video on youtube.14:34
gg_LinuxNoobwhat is LTS?14:34
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)14:34
stanstillwhere do I find a firefox channel?14:34
Herbaliststanstill.. type /list14:35
MonkeyDuststanstill  type   /msg alis list firefox14:35
stanstillthat is huge, thanks14:35
gg_LinuxNoobWindows 10 spying has me in a bind14:35
Herbalistgg_LinuxNoob.. Windows 10 was considered as malware by some virus programs14:36
gg_LinuxNoobah, does anyone know any good linux/ubuntu training ?14:36
MonkeyDust!manual | gg_LinuxNoob start here14:36
ubottugg_LinuxNoob start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:36
gg_LinuxNoobyes, i believe it. Malware bytes has an app to block some windows 10 spying14:36
Herbalistgg_LinuxNoob.. you can find many answers here : https://askubuntu.com14:37
gg_LinuxNoobso far I'm finding many answers online. so far, I'm successful14:38
Herbalistyes .. me too!14:38
gg_LinuxNoobbut I had to completely erase windows and install ubuntu as the lone OS14:38
Herbalistall answers are online14:38
gg_LinuxNoobto make it really work14:38
gg_LinuxNoobdual boot caused issues14:38
Herbalisthmm .. i have a parallel install14:39
gg_LinuxNoobis anyone successful with installing ubuntu on old macbooks?14:39
Herbalistbut i never use windows anymore14:39
profetikSo I finally got wireless to work. But still bummed it isn't as easy as downloading a driver and installing it like windows. I tried downloading a .deb Broadcom driver but it still asked for internet connecting to install (prob dependencies).14:39
hateballprofetik: looking at packages.ubuntu.com should show the dependencies14:43
gg_LinuxNoobis there a control panel in ubuntu? I want to check sound card drivers14:43
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:43
gg_LinuxNoobhow do you check hardware in ubuntu mr robot?14:44
gg_LinuxNoobaudio hardware14:44
fishcookermr robot using kali linux not ubuntu gg_LinuxNoob14:45
gg_LinuxNoobhah! You got me fishcooker14:45
hateballgg_LinuxNoob: Is something not working?14:46
gg_LinuxNoobi didn't see that coming14:46
hateballDon't fix it if it isnt broken14:46
gg_LinuxNoobit's working, but the sound is tinny14:46
gg_LinuxNoobgood point14:46
fishcookeranyone will take a look on my iostat output14:46
gg_LinuxNoobi tend to fiddle around with things until they break14:46
hateballgg_LinuxNoob: There's probably some GUI app to show devices, but if you just run "lspci -k" and !paste the resulting link here we can help you easier14:47
hateballgg_LinuxNoob: That will list your devices, and what driver currently in use14:47
hateball!paste | gg_LinuxNoob14:47
ubottugg_LinuxNoob: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:47
MonkeyDust!info lshw-gtk | gg_LinuxNoob14:48
ubottugg_LinuxNoob: lshw-gtk (source: lshw): graphical information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.18-0.1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 337 kB, installed size 1577 kB14:48
gg_LinuxNoobwell, it says audio device is intel corporation subsystem samsung (computer manu)14:49
=== l is now known as Guest67311
gg_LinuxNoobi guess I should just leave it alone14:50
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  in a terminal, type this, then click the icon on the desktop     lshw -html > ~/Desktop/hardware.html14:53
gg_LinuxNoobthat's a pretty handy terminal command14:55
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  yes, you should get used to using terminal commands14:56
gg_LinuxNoobi use them when I find them online14:56
gg_LinuxNoobi like sudo commands14:56
MonkeyDustsudo is used for changes outside /home14:56
Tatousudo is just "super user do"14:57
gg_LinuxNoobthats what i meant when I asked about linux training14:57
gg_LinuxNoobbecause I can't remember all the terminal commands14:57
TatouIt's like when windows pops up asking you to confirm some change that needs admin14:57
gg_LinuxNoobguess i need to write them down14:57
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  so do wel all14:57
TatouYou're thinking of it wrong gg_LinuxNoob14:58
gg_LinuxNoobwhat am i thinking wrong14:58
TatouIt's not about memorising commands. It's about knowing where to look14:58
hateballgg_LinuxNoob: well for starters you shouldnt just run "sudo commands you find online"14:58
gg_LinuxNoobuh oh14:58
TatouIt's about having a rough idea of the flags, etc..14:58
gg_LinuxNoobthe commands remind me a lot of old DOS commands14:58
TatouNo.. Not at all14:58
TatouWait, do you ACTUALLY mean DOS?14:59
TatouOr do you mean the command prompt in windows?14:59
gg_LinuxNoobnoooooo, DOS14:59
gg_LinuxNooblike before windows14:59
Tatouehh well linux terminals re much nicer14:59
gg_LinuxNoobI used 6.22 or something like that. or was it 6.1114:59
MonkeyDustgg_LinuxNoob  6.22 was the last, i used it too15:00
gg_LinuxNoobthere you go15:00
FinalXI used MS-DOS since 3.x, up to 6.22, then 7.0 with Windows 95, etc.15:00
gg_LinuxNoob1990 or so15:00
=== uzman is now known as ysfm
FinalXMS-DOS 6.22 was the last "DOS by itself", but not the last MS-DOS version.15:00
hateballHistory lessons are great, but they are also quite !ot15:00
FinalXWindows 95, 98 and Me were GUI's started on top of newer MS-DOS versions.15:00
FinalXfair enough, hateball15:00
gg_LinuxNoobquite what?15:01
hateball!ot | gg_LinuxNoob15:01
ubottugg_LinuxNoob: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:01
gg_LinuxNoobsorry bot!15:01
hateballgg_LinuxNoob: So, you have an audio issue you want to solve, but you havent pasted your chipset yet that I can see15:01
gg_LinuxNoobchipset is resources?15:02
gg_LinuxNoobbus info?15:02
gg_LinuxNoobaudio is working fine. I just want to stay updated.15:02
whallzhi, i have disabled kernel options "quiet" and "splash", so i see the verbose output. i saw some red "failed" lines there, where can i review that log ?15:10
whallzi couldnt read beacause it scrolls really fast15:11
=== linuxuser is now known as LinuxNovice
linux_newbieI like to think of channel as a tubes (with frequencies) in which my router broadcasts its signal. Is that a correct analogy?15:12
=== messer440 is now known as Guest23287
ducasselinux_newbie: why don't you ask in ##networking?15:14
linux_newbieI did, but no one's responding :/15:14
surveyorwhallz: /var/log/dmesg15:14
hateballwhallz: journalctl -b15:14
hateball!pm | profetik15:15
ubottuprofetik: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:15
Blakes5Hi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu to a Acer Travelmate B with windows 10. The laptop comes with 32GB eMMC where windows is installed. I've added a 120GB SSD where I have Ubuntu installed. However, I cannot get grub installed on either the eMMC or SSD. Help?15:15
profetik Went on packages ubuntu page and found what i would have needed. But then I would have to download the dependencies of the dependencies.15:16
LinuxNovicehello, has anybody here heard of UCare system core?15:17
\9Blakes5: what's stopping you from installing grub?15:17
whallzbut how can i see which ones where the ones which stated "failed" in red ?15:17
surveyorgrep "failed" /var/log/dmesg15:18
profetik Once I downloaded all of those, how could I just package as one big .deb file ?15:18
LinuxNoviceIt is a package to automate the system update/upgrade.15:18
profetikIt would be great if I could check all like in synaptic and when I download it, it converts/exports as deb. Right from the website.15:18
whallzsurveyor: no lines in the output of that grep15:18
whallzisnt that log "wrapped" around something at boot?15:18
Blakes5The installer complains of an error which I didn't write down. But when going back via live CD to install grub I get /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get conoical path of /cow15:18
\9profetik: can't you use apt?15:18
MonkeyDustwhallz  use grp -e, to override upper and lowercase15:19
whallzwhy do some lines start with a green Ok and others with red Failed ?15:19
MonkeyDustgrep- e15:19
whallzno results, its not the case15:19
hateballMonkeyDust, whallz it's grep -i15:19
Blakes5I've looked for the error online and tried a few things but nothing worked. And tbh this is over my head.15:19
MonkeyDusthateball  right, dang15:19
whallzsame thing15:19
LinuxNoviceam I invisible here?15:19
MonkeyDustLinuxNovice  you are15:19
whallzLinuxNovice: you are wearing an invisibility coat15:20
\9!ask | LinuxNovice15:20
ubottuLinuxNovice: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:20
whallz\9: he already asked his question, but didnt end the line with a "?"15:21
LinuxNovicethe question was about UCare system core. Has anyone used it?15:21
\9why do you care if anyone uses it?15:21
LinuxNoviceI wanted to install it in Xubuntu. It is not there in the Software Centre.15:21
\9okay finally15:22
whallzLinuxNovice: you probably need to set the PPA first to install that package15:22
hateballIt's provided by source or in a !ppa, aka not supported here15:22
\9LinuxNovice: not all software that works on ubuntu goes to the software center15:22
LinuxNoviceThere is a Lubuntu based distro - LXLE.  There that package is available as the default updater.15:22
\9LXLE is not supported here15:22
LinuxNoviceI am using Xubuntu now.15:23
whallzLinuxNovice: #xubuntu15:23
MonkeyDustLinuxNovice  find a !ppa or a .deb or so, but that's not supported here15:23
\9whallz: he's not going to find help in #xubuntu15:23
LinuxNoviceok. But, all I wanted is, how can I find that package.15:23
\9ucore website, launchpad15:24
LinuxNovicewill it be safe?15:24
\9as safe as ucore is15:24
LinuxNoviceI usually install packages from the Software Centre.15:24
MonkeyDustwhat's ucore15:24
j41LinuxNovice: Lots of software that works on Ubuntu isn't in the software center.15:25
\9MonkeyDust: some system updater15:25
whallzLinuxNovice: what do u mean by safe anyways? are all software center packages "safe"for you ?15:25
LinuxNoviceit is an automated system update/ upgrade package.15:25
MonkeyDusti'm happy with my custom upgrade file15:26
LinuxNoviceI don't know. I am too new to have any knowledge of that.15:26
whallzLinuxNovice: well its nice you are questioning the "safety" of the software you install15:26
whallzLinuxNovice: you should probably also take the "freedom" of the software you install into account15:27
LinuxNoviceyes. I have been advised to install packages from the Software Centre only.15:27
MonkeyDustLinuxNovice  but start with what you find in the repos, use unsupported/untrusted ppas afterward, if you still want15:27
\9LinuxNovice: why are you messing with external software such as ucore if you're new?15:28
LinuxNovicethat package is very nice. All one needs to do is enter the root password and everything is taken care of by that package itself.15:28
whallzubuntu handles automatic updates for you if thats what you are worried about15:28
whallzLinuxNovice: well thats not very safe isnt it ?15:28
MonkeyDustLinuxNovice  start with    sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade15:29
LinuxNoviceok. Automatic update option is available?15:29
MonkeyDustLinuxNovice  sure, in the system settings15:29
\9LinuxNovice: ubuntu provides automated updates already15:29
LinuxNoviceok. I will stick to the above option for now.15:29
\9i'm not sure how exactly xubuntu does it but the underlying system is capable of doing an entire system upgrade with a single command if not completely automatically15:30
LinuxNoviceok, guys. That's all I needed. Thanks for the help.15:30
\9no problem15:30
whallzso, is dmesg wrapped in something at boot to show those fancy green OK or red FAIL ?15:32
whallzthey are not written into the log per se15:33
=== aavrug_ is now known as aavrug
ioriawhallz, on trusty you can check /var/log/boot.log on 16.04 try   journalctl -b0 SYSLOG_PID=115:34
whallzbut there's no way to identify which lines showed as "FAIL" at boot !?15:39
whallzthere's no ERROR nor WARN15:39
ioriawhallz, do you have a  /var/log/boot.log  ?15:40
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ioriawhallz,  grep -i fail   /var/log/boot.log15:40
whallzonly 2 lines there, about /dev/sda2's journal being recovered15:40
whallzthats the whole file, 2 lines15:41
ioriawhallz,  what do you expect to see there ?15:41
whallzyou know all that output you see if you ESC when you are seeing plymouth ?15:43
whallzor if you disable "splash" and "quiet" options for the kernel in the grub config15:44
whallzi always see a couple of lines in red15:44
whallzi never got to read them15:44
whallzcause they scroll fast15:44
whallzthis output is not the same as found in /var/log/boot.log nor in dmesg15:45
whallzis there a file which logged exactly that output?15:45
=== kolgas_ is now known as kolgas
MonkeyDustwhallz  /var/log/syslog maybe15:46
ducassewhallz: try 'systemctl --failed' - it will list the services that failed to start15:48
whallzok syslog has some results if i grep failed15:49
whallzthats a start15:49
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as Menzador
BetaSoulHey Guys, any one been able to get lastpass pocket up and running in the last while?15:55
uddaneis it me or have there been a lot of reboots due to updates, lately?16:02
Philipp_is anybody using unattended upgrades for production servers?16:12
TBotNikAll: Having cursor/mouse pointer problem. Working from phone via AndroidlRC. Writeup at: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5647200#post5647200 Running kubuntu 14.04 lts16:21
ipatrolWhy is do-release-upgrade this big monolithic script, as opposed to a little thing that upgrades the sources list and then lets the user do the upgrades with their own preferred package manager?16:23
TBotNikCan anyone help me with my cursor problem?16:24
ipatrolTBotNik: this channel is unusually quiet this morning16:25
matjuHi, my soundcard disappeared from my settings on my older laptop (HP G62) when upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04. There is no /proc/asound folder at the moment. What do I do ?16:26
BluesKajipatrol, because do-release -upgraqde upgrades the whole OS not just it's packages16:26
inershaIf I have a shell script in my home directory that I want to run as a cronjob, is it okay to write the path to the file like this in my crontab:16:26
BluesKajerr do-release-upgrade16:26
inersha@daily ~/script.sh16:26
inershaOr does it have to be: @daily /home/user/script.sh16:27
ipatrolBluesKaj: but I would kinda prefer to have aptitude handle the packages. I tend to get better results that way.16:27
MonkeyDustinersha  cron does not use shortcuts like ~ ... use the complete path16:27
BluesKaj!aptitude | ipatrol16:28
ubottuipatrol: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter multiarch problems on non-updated 12.04 installs, see  http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.16:28
ipatrolBluesKaj: I know what aptitude *is*16:28
brainwashipatrol: you don't have to use do-release-upgrade16:29
ipatrolbrainwash: too late16:29
mortal1howdy folks, so after installing ubuntu i wanted to try other desktops, so i installed xubuntu / lubuntu -desktop16:29
brainwashipatrol: I'd guess that contributions are welcome16:29
inershaMonkeyDust: Thanks. What can I do if I want to share the same crontab file on different computers, but obviously the /home/user/ directory is going to be different?16:30
mortal1decided i didn't like these so i did apt-get autoremove ubuntu/lubuntu-desktop16:30
ipatrolbrainwash: I couldn't find anything else explaining how to manually upgrade the sources16:30
MonkeyDustinersha  not sure, never tried16:30
mortal1well, my login screen and little notification icons are still messed up16:30
BluesKajthink I'll leave this conversation to those who have some thing to contribute , so far it's totally non-productive16:30
EriC^^mortal1: is it a somewhat fresh install? i'd reinstall honestly16:30
MonkeyDustinersha  symlink the crontab file to a shared folder    <-- wild idea16:31
ikoniado not do that16:31
EriC^^mortal1: ubuntu isn't *really* made to have other de's installed, it's kind of out there as a how-to and whatnot but it's not properly implemented and certainly getting out of it isn't16:31
ikoniacrontab should be in a specific place and should be a physical file16:31
* mortal1 sighs16:31
MonkeyDustinersha  disregard my hint16:31
inershaMonkeyDust: Ha, sure.16:32
ikoniaMonkeyDust: nothing wrong with the idea, but that is one of the special files16:32
ikoniayou can technically do it but it will cause you problems16:32
EriC^^mortal1: or hunt down the packages the other de's brought in which won't affect current packages or the de you want left's packages (that would suck though)16:32
inershaikonia: Is it possible to append cronjobs to the crontab from a file? Every time I run `crontab my-crontab` it completely overwrites it.16:33
mortal1what i don't get, is if all these things got installed with xubuntu-desktop, why the heck wouldn't they be uninstalled with xubuntu-desktop16:33
EriC^^inersha: yeah using crontab -l16:33
surveyorcrontab doesn't allow $HOME, you have to type out /home/whoever?16:33
TBotNikipatrol: Think you're right! Can't get help on #kubuntu or ##linux either. Most must be on holiday vacation!16:33
ikoniainersha: why are you running crontab my-crontab16:33
ikoniainersha: thats loading the file you specify over the master file16:33
mortal1it's like it's left this crap out there, orphaned16:33
ipatrolaaaaand my little brother just barged in and complained that my upgrade is lagging his precious games >:/16:33
inershaikonia: What's the preffered method for adding jobs to crontab?16:34
ikoniainersha: crontab -e16:34
EriC^^mortal1: yeah, apt isn't really that bright16:34
TBotNikmortal1: I like kubuntu with the KDE desktop best!16:35
ipatrolEriC^^: hence my comment earlier about preferring aptitude to apt16:35
EriC^^ipatrol: same crap i think different smell16:35
EriC^^never tried it but i'm not holding my breathe for the de issue :)16:35
ipatrolEriC^^: no, aptitude is a completely different frontend, with a much more intelligent resolver16:35
ioriamortal1,  well, lubuntu-desktop it's a metapackage ... did you run autoremove ?16:36
EriC^^mortal1: ^ you got nothing to lose i guess, try it and let us know16:36
=== OpenSorce is now known as OpenSores
=== OpenSores is now known as OpenSorce
mortal1ioria: yes16:36
inershaikonia: Basically, I've got a website running on a server, and I want it to run cronjobs. If I change server and have to set up the website again, I'd like to be able to add all my specific cronjobs to the crontab without having to do it manually. That's why I've created a my-crontab file and I'm adding those jobs using `crontab my-crontab`16:36
ipatrolEriC^^: but yeah, generally speaking, I find that trying to have multiple DEs installed never works out well16:37
EriC^^mortal1: there is the program deborphan which might be of help16:37
ioriamortal1,  dpkg -l lxsession16:37
EriC^^mortal1: also debfoster16:37
ikoniainersha: so just crontab -l >cron.out16:37
ikoniainersha: then use that file to import onto another server16:37
EriC^^ipatrol: yeah, it's a mess for sure16:37
ipatrolThey don't keep to their own configuration files and tend to make multiple, mutually exclusive, changes to various xdg files and such16:37
ikoniainersha: this is a really simple thing, you edit the crontab16:37
distortedvoiceI connected my xbox controller via bluetooth but it keeps saying connected/disconnected in bluetoothctl16:38
TBotNikRepeating: Can anyone help me with my cursor problem?16:38
ipatrolTBotNik: your description sounds a little bizarre16:38
mortal1ioria: yup it seems to be there16:39
ipatrol"When this happens is not always consistent, but one scenario is. This scenario happens when i go to phpMyAdmin and run an "import". I always lose it then." that's like quantum mechanics level weird16:39
EriC^^inersha: if you want to do it programmatically, then "(crontab -l; cat my_crontab) | crontab" should add the new ones leaving the old ones16:39
inershaEriC^^: Thank you16:39
EriC^^inersha: no problem16:39
ipatrolOS-9947: response16:40
OS-9947thx ;)16:40
ioriamortal1,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23701024/    these are the pkgs installed by lubuntu-desktop, you can cat & xargs to remove/purge them. But first try a reboot and apt-get autoremove again16:40
ikoniaif you use crontab -e though you get error checking16:40
ikoniawriting to a file then importing it means you get no error checking, it will just load it blindly16:40
ikoniaI don't understand the problem with using crontab -e, the tool is desiged to safely edit and validate cron16:40
ioriamortal1, on trusty , tho :(16:41
EriC^^ikonia: he has a lot of pc's he says and wants to do it scriptingly16:41
ipatrolTBotNik: I think I've had that problem in the past too, and I usually just log out and log back in. I don't know what causes it16:41
ikoniaEriC^^: right, so edit the master one, so you know it's good, then push the others out16:41
ioriamortal1,  maybe some pkgs version is different16:41
EriC^^ikonia: i think he's just adding, that's what i gathered anyways16:42
ceed^What does >= mean when there's dependency problems with a package? that I need a newer or and older version of the library?16:42
ipatrolikonia: aren't there specialized solutions for pushing changes to multiple machines?16:42
mortal1ioria: yeah i'm going through the list of deps now16:42
ikoniaipatrol: many many options16:42
ipatrolikonia: stuff like that is generally Red Hat's specialty, but I'm sure things exist for Ubuntu as well.16:43
ikoniaipatrol: what ?16:43
ikoniaipatrol: it's nothing to do with redhat or ubuntu16:43
ikoniaipatrol: what does that even mean16:43
ikoniaipatrol: a server, edit the crontb safely, push it out to any other servers you want, it's a 20 line script or a whole config management solution, it's up to you,16:43
ipatrolikonia: rpms vs dpkg16:43
ikoniaipatrol: what ???? thats package management and deps and rpms do the same thing, you don't push out crontab files with debs or rpms16:44
ipatrolikonia: I was speaking generically, of system management solutions16:44
ikoniaipatrol: you're making no sense16:45
ikoniaipatrol: you're saying it's redhat speciality but not ubuntus.....when it matters not what distro you're running on16:45
ipatrolikonia: "specialty" in the sense that there's a lot of support for the concept of integrated computer group management, as opposed to this ad-hoc thing you're doing16:46
ikoniaipatrol: and there is the same support in ubuntu16:46
ikoniahence why I'm not sure what you're talking about16:46
ipatrolikonia: yes, there is, I'm just saying Red Hat is more well known for them. Anaconda immediately comes to mind.16:47
ikoniaipatrol: anacodna.....thats an installer16:47
ikoniaipatrol: what are you talking about at all ?16:47
BluesKajikonia, feeds the troll ....16:47
ikoniaipatrol: you can push out a crontab with a shell script.....what are you even talking about redhat is more known16:47
ipatrolBluesKaj: I'm not trolling, but I suspect we're on two completely different registers here16:48
BluesKajno kidding16:48
PCatineanwhat doe s the | sh command do?16:48
ikoniaPCatinean: it pipes something into a shell16:48
ipatrolPCatinean: feeds commands to the system shell16:48
ipatrolit's usually a bad idea, and you should probably stop for a moment if you see that16:49
PCatineanso when doing this curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh when running it in the console16:49
ikoniaPCatinean: do not do that16:49
PCatineanwhy is it like this in the manual?16:49
ipatrolPCatinean: because whoever wrote it is a baka16:49
PCatineanfrom here: https://docs.docker.com/engine/getstarted/linux_install_help/16:49
ikoniaPCatinean: use the packages provided by your distro16:49
PCatineanikonia, that would not be the latest though yes?16:49
ikoniaPCatinean: that would be the latest your distro supports and maintains16:50
ikoniaPCatinean: you should not run that command16:50
ipatrolPCatinean: https://www.seancassidy.me/dont-pipe-to-your-shell.html16:50
PCatineanikonia, problem is I already did since it was in the official documentation :)16:50
* PCatinean reads16:50
ikoniaPCatinean: so you run things you don't know what they do16:50
PiciPCatinean: it *looks* like that script installs a new docker repository that will grab updated docker packages from their site...16:51
ipatrolikonia: hey, give him some credit, he's no worse than the average Windows user ;-)16:51
ikoniaipatrol: please don't bash windows users, it makes you sound like a jerk from 199916:51
ipatrolikonia: I wasn't bashing anyone, it was a light-hearted remark16:51
ikoniaipatrol: a light hearted dig at windows users.....which stopped being real in 199016:52
ipatrolI also use Windows on a dual-boot setup, so I can make self-deprecating jokes16:52
PCatineanI just trusted their documentation and reputation, I got the curl part was just not sure what the | sh did16:52
PCatineannow I assume I need to remove it with dpkg?16:52
ipatrolPCatinean: no, dpkg may not help16:53
ikoniaPCatinean: it's not installed with dpkg16:53
ikoniayou just curled a shell script to run blind16:53
PCatineanikonia, I understand now16:53
ipatrolYou need to read the script, figure out what it did, and undo it16:53
ikoniayou need to look at what that shell script actually does (as Pici did)16:53
PCatineanah so the pipe basically executed the script after it retrieved it from the address?16:53
ipatrolPCatinean: yes16:53
PCatineannow I can just curl it and look inside16:53
PCatineanOk got it, makes sense16:53
PCatineanlearning here :)16:53
ipatrolPCatinean: and hope it didn't summon Cthluhu or something on your box16:54
ayolibroHi. Where do I need to install the bootloader for a dualboot system with Win 10? (UEFI) These are my partitions: https://paste.kde.org/pivktlf9e16:54
PCatineanhahah :))16:54
ipatrolayolibro: UEFI? Win10? Oooooh boy...16:55
PCatineanActually I could just access the link https://get.docker.com/16:55
PCatineanikonia, and since it has line returns it just executed all the commands one by one while the info is suppresed by one of the options passed16:55
helois it possible to write an init script that will work on 14.04 and 16.04?16:55
PCatineanI assue16:55
helomaybe relying on upstart backward compat?16:56
irgendwer4711hi, I hava a problem with init script of radicale. it said OK, but daemon is missing.16:56
ipatrolPCatinean: thankfully it appears to play nice and use the package manager to do the work16:57
heiwadamn this ubuntu 16.1016:57
heiwagotta fill in 3 passwords to install software16:58
matjuHi, my soundcard disappeared from my settings on my older laptop (HP G62) when upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04. There is no /proc/asound folder at the moment. What do I do ? (update: if I manually load snd-hda-core, /proc/asound appears but contains no soundcards)16:58
heiwa16.1-sound worked perfectly16:58
heiwanormally have to manually install16:58
ipatrolPCatinean: it also installs Apparmor and Aufs16:58
irgendwer4711aufs is broken16:59
heiwaprivet pavlushka16:59
heiwashould have stayed with windows 9517:00
ipatrolirgendwer4711: tell that to them17:00
irgendwer4711ipatrol: kernel team did that.17:00
PCatineanipatrol, so basically I can remove their ppa repo, uninstall, purge and it's done?17:00
ipatrolPCatinean: try `rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list`17:00
sruliafter a fresh install ubuntu-gnome 16.04 i run a manual dist-upgrade, i then do "apt install -f" it wants to remove all the packages on the system, yesterday i hit 'y' and it was like watching the apocalypse the system destructed itself and hung while installing cryptsetup (on a luks enabled sys)  why is it doing this? how can i safely use apt install -f from a bash script? out put of apt install -f paste.ubuntu.com/2370111517:00
ipatrolsruli: aptitude is usually more intelligent than apt17:01
aadihi all17:01
ipatrolapt has a head full of rocks and fried circuit components17:01
sruliipatrol: the command would be aptitude -f ?17:01
aadiwill anyone please help me17:01
MonkeyDustaadi  start with a question17:02
ipatrolsruli: yes17:02
PCatineanipatrol, what if I just remove it from the gui?17:02
ipatrolPCatinean: that works too17:02
ipatrolremove the repo, update, purge, done17:03
aadi@MonkeyDust i know basic java and i am ne to programming, i want to contribute to open source so how can i?17:03
MonkeyDust!contribute | aadi17:03
ubottuaadi: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:03
PCatineanipatrol, just did it. nice, so I didn't pay too much for this mistake17:03
sysadminHi, suddenly the borders of the windows disappeared17:03
sysadminI am using ubuntu 14.0417:04
PCatineanok so installing the repo version now17:04
heloaadi: github.com, find a project you are interested in, learn the github workflow, and get to work17:04
sysadminDo you have any idea what happened?17:04
heiwasome geek invented the inernyet17:04
heiwaand now we all gone to zombie hell17:04
ipatrolPCatinean: just don't do a curl-pipe-sh ever again, no matter what anyone tells you. For all you know, that script could cause demons to come flying out of your nose.17:04
sysadminI just trying to install some drivers for internet usb17:04
sysadminbut I think I accidently currpted something that removed the borders of the windows17:05
=== sysadmin is now known as shendy
ipatroloh, he left17:05
ipatrolPCatinean: just don't do a curl-pipe-sh ever again, no matter what anyone tells you. For all you know, that script could cause demons to come flying out of your nose.17:05
yotuxWhen installing with UEFI do I install the bootloader to the EFI partition?17:05
ipatrolyotux: I think so17:06
yotuxipatrol, thanks have a user asking in the kubuntu channel I forget how I installed a while ago17:06
aadi@helo @ MonkeyDust @ ubottu i know basic java , then also can i contribute ,  I am learning android too from udacity!17:09
ipatrolaadi: ubottu is a bot17:09
shendyGuys, any help?17:10
ipatrol!hello | aadi17:10
matjuHi. In Synaptic, "Additional drivers" shows a peripheral named "Unknown: Unknown" with potential driver "intel-microcode", but trying to change the setting hangs (progressbar stays at beginning). Trying to change the setting back causes the same problem. What should I do about this, and is this related to my soundcard problem ?17:10
aadi@ipatrol hello sir17:10
ipatrol!ubottu | aadi17:10
ubottuaadi: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone17:10
ipatrolthe exclamation point prefixes a command, and the pipe character addresses it to a user17:11
ipatrolshendy: the short answer is I have no idea why the windows disappeared, and likely won't know until I have a bit more to go on, like some xorg logs.17:13
shendyOk, I have a little experience with that, where is the log file to provide?17:13
aadi@ ipatrol why are you writing in such a way i.e, (!<...> | aadi)17:14
brainwashmatju: open a terminal window and run "sudo apt-get install intel-microcode"17:16
brainwashmatju: or "sudo apt-get remove intel-microcode"17:16
mustmodifyThis is going to make me seem stupid. But how do I figure out whether my root directory, listed here as /dev/mapper/logopolis--vg-root -- is the same as /dev/logopolis-vg ?17:17
brainwashmatju: if it fails with an error, please share the terminal output (use a pastebin servcie)17:17
mustmodifyand am I correct in thinking that /dev/logopolis and /dev/logopolis-vg are a matched-pair of files used to construct a single drive for LVM?17:19
aadi sir/Ma'am-     i have an query regarding- how to be a better and efficient programmer! can anyone tell me?17:19
RtMFmustmodify: am I correct in thinking those devices are going to be used for some Block Transfer Computation? ;)17:20
popeyaadi: this is an ubuntu support channel, your question is a bit offtopic17:20
ipatrolaadi: that's how the bot takes commands17:20
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mustmodifyRtMF: Rarely do people pick up on the reference. :)17:21
Guest80030Any body speak spanish?17:21
popey!es | Guest8003017:21
ubottuGuest80030: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:21
sruliipatrol: with aptitude is it possible to install only packages that are older/newer then specified date?17:21
RtMFmustmodify: friend of mine introduced me, its a great episode, and satoshi made it even cooler17:21
DArqueBishopmustmodify and RtMF: I was under the impression that computers culdn't handle Block Transfer Computations anyway.17:22
Guest80030join #ubuntu-es17:22
RtMFDArqueBishop: well that's why they're using two, presumably they also have an internet connection, that gives you three independant actors in the system and it can work17:22
aadigotcha :)17:22
mustmodifyseriously, though. I want to mount the drive that I'm not currently using but I don't know which one it is. :)17:23
ipatrolGuest80030: prependes "/"17:23
ipatrolmustmodify: lsblk?17:23
RtMFmustmodify: try the 'df' command, it can help see through the forest of 'mount', also those names are all arbitrary, but a -vg would be a 'volume group' yes, and inside those are 'logical volumes', and the volume group resides on one or more 'physical volume' -- that's LVM in a nutshell17:24
MonkeyDustmustmodify  and use    sudo lsblk17:24
RtMFthat is, -vg is *usually* a volume group, like I said, when you actually run lvadmin/pvchange/lvscan/etc. you can set them17:24
mustmodifyipatrol: ohhh... useful!17:24
mustmodifyupdated gist https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/afe6122753d6658ec131aafd830d319c17:25
RtMFMonkeyDust: thank you, I need to remember lsblk exists17:25
shendyHi, suddenly the borders of the windows disappeared, anyone have an idea or where to start troubleshooting the problem?17:25
ipatrolMonkeyDust: lsblk doesn't require sudo; that's blkid17:25
mustmodifyipatrol: can I rename one of those from 'logopolis'? It'd be less confusing. :)17:25
mustmodifywithout having to redo everything, that is.17:25
aadiI once installed eclipse and then uninstalled it ,fter than i had installed netBeans but i dont know this is not working i have uninstalled eclipse correctly but now am not able to install either eclipse nor netBeans please help :(17:26
matjubrainwash: purge & install worked correctly, but did nothing about my soundcard disappearance problem.17:27
brainwashmatju: intel-microcode is firmware for your intel cpu, so it's not related to your soundcard17:27
MonkeyDustipatrol  right, i meant blkid17:28
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ipatrolbrainwash: intel tends to integrate their components heavily though17:29
ipatrolif you happen to have an intel soundcard, it could actually be affected by the microcode17:29
ipatrolmustmodify: the easiest way to edit any aspect of your partition table is with a GParted LiveCD17:30
matjuHi, my soundcard disappeared from my settings on my older laptop (HP G62) when upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04. There is no /proc/asound folder at the moment. What do I do ? (update: if I manually load snd-hda-core, /proc/asound appears but contains no soundcards)17:31
brunch875when did eth0 turn into enp4s0f1? Hot damn...17:31
brunch875wlp3s0? Someone really hates people with a short memory like me17:31
=== SirMarky1 is now known as SirMarky
ipatrolbrunch875: yeah it's annoying. Debian stock has kept the old names, which I tend to prefer17:32
heiwawhat means this [ Desktop entry contains no valid Exec line] ?17:32
heiwaam trying to run a program17:32
MonkeyDustheiwa  if you edit the .desktop file, you should find a line with Exec17:33
heiwathe link is bad ?17:33
ipatrolheiwa: the shortcut is bad17:34
heiwai see17:34
TimSchumiI always wondered too. Why is it now wlp3s0?17:35
leeyaadoes anyone know if LWP::Protocol::http::SocketUnixAlt is availabe in default repos ?17:35
leeyaai cant find it17:35
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=== ahti is now known as Ahti
mustmodifywell, it looks like I was able to mount that drive. Thanks everyone.17:35
stanstillSamsung Galaxy Player < is there a ubuntu equivalent?17:35
robert45hi guys, after a dist-upgrade process my server is unbootable, Im getting this on the screen, any advice? http://imgur.com/a/l1hvV17:35
ipatrolTimSchumi: systemd17:36
fuDoes Nautilus in 16.10 no longer show other drives in sidebar? It shows in 'Other locations' view.17:36
ipatrollike everything else convoluted these days. https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/17:36
brunch875ipatrol: thanks for that lin17:39
heiwawhen is ubuntu going to be on a cloud ?17:39
heiwathen i just have to connect to internyet and it bloody works17:40
ipatrolheiwa: It already is, in some senses17:40
heiwaah ok17:40
heiwawell i remember i had to install the mouse from casette17:40
heiwawith dos17:40
ipatrolheiwa: Considering that "cloud" is really shorthand for "somebody else's problem"17:40
heiwauhum :D17:41
heiwain ubuntu 16.10 sound worked perfectly though17:41
heiwano twoubbles there17:41
heiwaslowely slowely17:41
ipatrolheiwa: the entire concept of a package repository could be considered a "cloud" solution17:41
heiwai see17:42
Etx4hello guys. suddenly and without apparent reason, all my wife account desktop icons have disappeared. any ideas?17:42
heiwaperhaps you shifted menu17:42
heiwaubuntu has a few menu´s17:42
Etx4how can that happen? i'm a newbie17:43
heiwatry desktop screen then scroll mouse17:43
ipatrolEtx4: at first I read that as "suddenly and without apparent reason, my wife disappeared", and I was going to respond, "Um, that's not an Ubuntu issue. Did you try calling the police?"17:43
heiwabut it should return when you reboot17:44
EriC^^Etx4: are they still in ~/Desktop ?17:44
nphan70m I am on latest stable build of ubuntu gnome, and i have also tried several other linux distros. I face the same issue in all of them, which is that whenever i put my laptop to sleep, it never wakes up! the fan turns on, but the screen stays black, i have to perform a hard reboot to get the system back running. Can this be fixed? i have googled a lot already, with no success.17:44
nphan70m I am using an HP Laptop, dual booted alongside windows 1017:44
nphan70m. 8 gigs ram, GTX 740m GPU17:44
nphan70m. I have tried switching drivers, several of them with nothing that worked.17:44
EriC^^Etx4: ubuntu uses nautilus (the filemanager) to show the icons on the actual desktop wallpaper if that crashes it can affect stuff, try "nautilus -q" then "nautilus" in the terminal17:45
Etx4heiwa: thats the problem. reboot didnt solved. and yes, it's still in Desktop folder17:45
heiwaterminal = ctrl/alt -> T17:45
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Etx4okay, i'll try it17:46
=== naman is now known as nphan70m
=== b is now known as jowatextra
ipatrolnphan70m: you know, I think I've had that happen to me on occasion. I've never had an exact reason for it though17:47
fuHow can I show drives in Nautilus sidebar? Looks like 16.10 update changed it to 'other locations' tab.17:47
ipatrolUmeaboy: lo17:47
UmeaboyAnyone experience any issue with Virtualbox in 16.10?17:47
AtmanUmeaboy: no17:47
ipatrolfu: plead with the GNOME team to stop changing the interface without leaving any configuration options, then proceed to bang your head against a wall as they insult you and ban you from their bugtracker?17:48
UmeaboyOK. I checked the alternative for USB 2.0 in the Devices menu and now the Virtualbox window won't give me a working menu anymore.17:48
UmeaboyI'm not sure what went wrong.17:49
UmeaboyI got no error message.17:49
MonkeyDustUmeaboy  what brings you here17:49
ipatrolUmeaboy: sounds like a VirtualBox issue though, not our domain17:49
heiwaam thinking to go back to 14.0417:49
j41Umeaboy: Try #vbox17:49
heiwawith software centre have to fill 3 passwords17:49
ipatrolheiwa: I just use Synaptic 99% of the time17:50
nphan70mcan someone help me?17:50
fuipatrol: Are you sure it was changed in 16.10? Maybe it was changed before and I used a fix before, in which case I'll try to find it again.17:51
heiwaah thanks for idea17:51
nphan70mnot sounding rude, but this is my first time ere17:51
ipatrolnphan70m: as far as I can tell, the issue is a hardware one with ACPI interrupts, and it's not something that17:51
ipatrolwe can fix17:51
nphan70mbut it doesn't happen on windows17:52
ipatrolfu: I don't know if it was or not. I don't use Nautilus, having grown tired of GNOME's shenanigans long ago.17:52
ipatrolI'm just saying that's their modus operandi17:53
fuipatrol wat do you use?17:53
PCatineanipatrol, now that I've realised what it does I will never ever do that17:53
ipatrolfu: Kubuntu17:53
PCatineanIt could be rm -rf /* inside it for all I know17:53
ipatrolPCatinean: ok then, take care, and watch out for those nasal demons!17:53
* PCatinean is wondering how ipatrol knew he was picking his knows17:53
winsenhi all17:53
ipatrolI didn't, it was a computing joke. http://catb.org/jargon/html/N/nasal-demons.html17:54
heiwabye folks17:54
winsenwhat do you use to pastbin screenshot please?17:54
heiwathanks for twoubbles17:54
heiwahave nice day17:54
ipatrolwinsen: imgur?17:54
Blakes5Hi, I need some help. I'm trying to install Ubuntu to a Acer Travelmate B that has a 32GB eMMC module with windows 10 and a 120GB SSD that I added. It looks like the OS installs but I'm not getting a grub boot menu when booting, it just loads windows.17:54
j41Blakes5: Are you installing Ubuntu to the eMMC module or the SSD?17:55
winsenipatrol: I mean in order to pastbin here for help.17:55
Blakes5j41, installing Ubuntu to SSD17:55
ipatrolwinsen: I think we use imgur for screenshots too17:55
Blakes5j41, the installation option I chose was to install alongside windows.17:56
j41Blakes5: Did the installer ask you where you want to install grub to?17:56
Ext4now, this is weird: (nautilus:1852): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files17:56
Blakes5j41, it did not specifically ask that but it did create an EFI partition on the ssd. I assume that's where grub is. But, the laptop won't give an option to boot from the SDD on the eMMC17:56
surveyorBlakes5, what BIOS version is in the Travelmate? It may be a weird uefi setting preventing linux from booting.17:57
Blakes5surveyor, give me a second to find out.17:58
ipatrolsurveyor: considering what Windows does these days? "UEFI setting preventing linux from booting" might very well be intentional, *snort*17:58
surveyoripatrol, true :(17:58
Blakes5surveyor, bios version 1.0617:58
ipatrolI know it's literally true on ARM platforms17:59
Blakes5The ssd is listed in the boot priority. However, when pressing f12 to get the boot menu, the SSD isn't listed.17:59
winsenipatrol: I 'll try, can you see this: http://imgur.com/a/Vzv9a17:59
surveyorBlakes5, Hmm. Is there a BIOS setting like "legacy boot mode" or something to that effect?18:00
Ext4weird thing. in my desktop screen, the File System, Home, etc are there. in my wife user account they still dont appear and the nautilus give me that error. what the hell is wrong?18:00
Ext4i've rebboted twice already. :/18:00
Blakes5surveyor, yes, I'll give that a try.18:01
surveyorgood luck bud, had something similar happen on an older desktop system18:01
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surveyorBlakes5, is it just a Travelmate B? Or like a B113-E?18:02
VileGentsurveyor, i was guessing maybe efi myself18:02
surveyorVileGent, always that damnable efi ain't it? heh. :)18:02
Blakes5In legacy mode the ssd is available in the boot menu. However, it does not load grub. It loads windows.18:03
hamdjandoes apparmor already protect the memory of a program? e.g. if i run my script which reads the stdin for my password then the password will no be readable by anybody else than the currently logged in user?18:04
Blakes5Honestly, UEFI causes me nothing but headaches and I don't really understand it or how to deal with it.18:04
j41Yay, 'better' technologies!18:04
hamdjanBlakes5, you dont need to use uefi18:04
surveyorBlakes5, yeah man, it sucks, sorry. Try installing with UEFI turned off, as hamdjan said.18:05
ipatrolBlakes5: I've stuck with BIOS18:05
hamdjanit's not a technology that you have to upgrade. some people even say it's not stable enough yet18:05
ipatrolsurveyor: windows 8 and up requires UEFI18:05
surveyoror with its setting in a different config thatn what it was the first time you installed linux.18:05
surveyorNah, Win8+ will boot even if you turn that crap off, right?18:05
ipatrolsurveyor: no18:05
hamdjanon a desktop system i would prefer uefi though18:05
ipatrolMicrosoft chose to require UEFI because it allows for their latest DRM machinations in a way that BIOS doesn't18:06
brainwashare you sure that it is a requirement?18:06
mschhi, I'm on 16.04 using RAID1, can I somehow change the boot process so that mdadm tries to incrementally assemble instead of the normal assemble? I'd rather start in degraded mode if a drive is missing than not at all18:06
ipatrolbrainwash: yes, absolutely. It's caused its fair share of headaches18:07
ikoniamsch: it can't work like that18:07
ikoniamsch: it will need to be in a certain state of known "good" to boot18:07
ikoniamsch: however it should take less than seconds if your drives are in sync18:07
mschikonia: well, I have RAID1, so if only one drive is available then it could still boot in degraded mode.18:08
ikoniamsch: yes, because it knows the state, degraded18:08
ikoniamsch: so you have one source of truth18:08
mschikonia: I just tried removing one drive, ubuntu then fails to boot at all, drops me into initramfs, there I can do mdadm /dev/md0 -I --run --scan and voila md0 is active in degraded mode18:09
ikoniamsch: look at the state of the device that you didn't remove18:09
ikoniamsch: it suggests your raid setup has a problem that is being hidden18:09
mschikonia: how do I do that?18:10
ikoniamsch: have look from the initramfs18:10
mschyeah but using mdadm --examine or how?18:10
brainwashipatrol: all I can find is "Windows 10 still supports old legacy BIOS. UEFI is not required."18:10
winsenhow can I know if i installed Thunderbird from repositories or not?18:11
ipatrolbrainwash: the hardware that Win10 comes on doesn't though18:11
mschikonia: so I just mdadm --examine the drive and yeah, it looks good. I mean I totally understand why mdadm -A fails if I remove a drive (it even errors "CREATE group disk not found") that's why I want to change the way the system boots to incremental assembly18:11
Guy1524hey guys, yesterday my packages were all weird and to fix it I had to do sudo apt-get -f install to fix it.  Now wireless is not working, lshw lists my wireless card as "unclaimed".  I tried reinstalling bcmwl-kernel-source however I get: modprobe: FATAL: Module wl not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.0-57-generic18:12
EXt4guys, i've found another weird thing under my wife user account. i cant use the mouse right button. :S18:13
ipatrolbrainwash: it's very complicated, probably deliberately so, see http://www.pcworld.com/article/2901262/microsoft-tightens-windows-10s-secure-boot-screws-where-does-that-leave-linux.html18:14
EXt4should i redo her user account?18:15
ipatrolEXt4: no, it's probably an issue with the mouse settings18:15
EXt4ipatrol: also her desktop icons disappeared. this is so weird18:16
EXt4and nautilus give me a error18:16
EXt4(nautilus:4412): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files18:17
surveyorEXt4, what desktop environment is your wife running? Gnome?18:17
EXt4i'm using Xubuntu18:18
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EXt4i've recently installed it with W10 in dual boot18:18
surveyorMaybe try this command: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons true18:19
EXt4then relogin?18:19
surveyoror: xfdesktop18:19
ioriaEXt4, why nautilus if you are using xubuntu ?18:21
EXt4surveyor: xfdesktop worked18:21
surveyorsauce. glad it worked!18:21
EXt4the icons are there again. what can make that happen?18:21
ioriaEXt4, xubuntu uses thunar, not nautilus18:22
Amm0nioria, and?18:23
EXt4ioria: i forgot to tell the OS i was running. and i followed EriC^^ tip. :/18:23
borryynautilus > thunar18:24
ioriaEXt4, ok18:24
EriC^^EXt4: you said ubuntu18:24
EXt4surveyor: but isnt weird that this only happened in my wife user account?18:24
EriC^^EXt4: oh, actually you didn't :D18:24
EXt4EriC^^: yes, that was my bad. i didnt hit the X hard enuff18:25
surveyorEXt4, yes! haha18:25
EXt4seems that Xubuntu dont like my wife. i've installed th x64 bcoz stremio works only there. i've done an update && upgrade and then all was gone in her user account! lol18:26
roryI installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 on a UEFI system. I don't get Grub, it boots straight into Windows 10. efibootmgr says efibootmgr: EFI variables are not supported on this system.18:26
roryHow can I change the boot order?18:26
EXt4but in my user account all remained perfect18:27
roryStatelessCat: might want to give a bit more detail than that, bud :P18:27
tomreyn!help | StatelessCat18:29
ubottuStatelessCat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:29
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EXt4brb. going to reboot to see if it is all ok18:31
StatelessCatrory: cant ^^18:33
StatelessCatsorry, wrong macro18:33
Tatourory: Are you going by the same name on snoonet?18:34
TatouWhat programming language should I learn? I want to create a simple restful API18:35
TatouI'm considering: python, go, ruby18:36
=== Two is now known as Guest73753
Guest73753try debian18:36
robert45hi guys, is it possible to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.06 or is it 16.04 max?18:37
=== Guest51440 is now known as Peppernrino
xanguarobert45: max? There is no 16.0618:38
The_Mythhey guys. Ext4 here. surveyor, seems that is all fixed in my wife user account. once again, thanks for all the help18:39
robert45xangua sorry, 16.1018:39
xanguarobert45: you'd have to upgrade thru 16.04 first18:40
surveyorThe_Myth, good news! :D18:40
robert45xangua what you mean? from 14.04 to 16.04 and now to 16.10 ?18:41
xanguarobert45: yes18:41
PeppernrinoTatou: python is a good place to start18:42
TatouPeppernrino: Why not GO?18:42
Peppernrinoto create an api, you might need to learn some php and javascript too18:42
Peppernrinono idea.18:42
Peppernrinoi only know so much too. just heard of go when you said it. :P18:42
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Xtremeis there any application which will send an notification to my cellphone everytime anyone logs into my system?18:43
Peppernrinohehe dad18:43
TatouPeppernrino: Docker uses a LOT of go, and it's big in google18:43
Peppernrinodocker is sweet18:44
Peppernrinooh btw18:44
The_Mythbtw guys, any good app to extract musics from cds and convert it directly yo mp3?18:44
Peppernrinoi figured out my update problem18:44
Peppernrinofor ubuntu?18:44
XtremeAny idea what is the color of sky?18:45
brunch875Xtreme: logs into system how? ssh?18:45
Xtremebrunch875, normal login. from login screen18:45
Xtremeboot up18:45
Xtremeor login from locked screen18:45
brunch875I'm unsure if it's .profile which runs on boot18:46
brunch875maybe you could put some python into that :p18:46
The_Mython *buntu.. :x18:47
roryyes Tatou18:49
The_Mythi mean, an app with a user friendly UI18:49
ioria!info sound-juicer18:51
ubottusound-juicer (source: sound-juicer): GNOME CD Ripper. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.20.0-1 (yakkety), package size 563 kB, installed size 3011 kB18:51
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The_Mythioria: thanks. i'll take a look into it later. and btw, some kinda of vpn app, like install & launch?18:55
ioriano idea, sy18:56
roryThe_Myth: ubuntu can connect to VPN services natively with network manager. you might need to install network-manager-openvpn-gnome package18:56
The_Mythrory: it works flawlessly even in Xubuntu?18:57
roryCan't personally vouch for that. What VPN service are you using?18:57
The_Mythrory: not any yet. i've used HotSpotShield in Windows before migrate to Xubuntu18:58
roryhotspotshield isn't actually a vpn though right? just a proxy18:58
The_Mythit was very simple to use, since you need to hit Connect and the app do all for you.18:58
The_Mythperhaps. not very sure, tho18:59
The_Mythi'll check if cyberghostvpn exists to linux19:00
roryFWIW I use ivpn and it works19:01
The_Mythrory: free or paid subscription?19:04
The_Mythi'm looking for free ones19:05
roryyou need to think how they can offer such things for free19:05
rorygood luck on your search.19:05
TatouOk rory19:05
TatouI think I work with you actually19:06
TatouDo you work for a telephone provider?19:06
jappishhey guys, I'm having issues formating an sd card containg one fat32 partition and one ext4 partition19:07
roryTatou: :/19:07
Tatourory: Sorry, must be the wrong person.19:07
roryTatou: yes I do. who are you on snoonet let's talk on there19:08
jappishgetting 'can't overlap partitions'19:08
roryjappish: you should install the gparted package, open it, then you can delete all the partitions and create a new one.19:08
jappishgoogled for a solution, but partitions don't seem to be overlapping19:08
Tatourory: Nevermind. I'm going out. Have a good evening Josh19:08
roryTatou: my name is obviously rory not josh lol19:08
jappishrory, I'm using gparted19:08
=== cy is now known as Guest71600
roryjappish: if it's not working to delete the partitions, you can use gparted to create a whole new partition table, I think it's under the "devices" menu19:09
=== linuxuser is now known as LinuxNovice
brunch875Xtreme: Whatever you put in /etc/profile will be run on login19:11
jappishrory, what table should I select19:11
roryjappish: msdos19:11
LinuxNoviceis it recommended to upgrade the linux kernel to the latest one available?19:11
brunch875easiest solution I can think of is simply mailing yourself something, which will display on the phone as a mail19:11
Xtremebrunch875, but not on "unlock"19:11
Xtremei need on unlock as well19:11
LinuxNoviceI want to upgrade the linux kernel on my Xubuntu.19:11
roryLinuxNovice: It's recommended to install updates from the Ubuntu package manager19:11
Xtremewe need an application for this. maybe something like prey project19:11
LinuxNovicehow can I do that?19:12
roryLinuxNovice: It's probably not necessary to compile your own kernel from upstream. If you needed to do this, you would already know.19:12
LinuxNoviceI want to upgrade the kernel19:12
jappishrory: thanks, now I've got an exclamation mark on the two partitions. Try and delete them?19:12
LinuxNoviceto the latest stable version.19:12
brunch875Xtreme: this will be useful for that : http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/28181/run-script-on-screen-lock-unlock19:12
roryjappish: actually this is weird but you need to reboot before doing anything else. you should have got a message to that effect19:12
roryLinuxNovice: If the update manager shows no updates available, you already have the latest kernel provided by Ubuntu19:13
roryLinuxNovice: Can you tell me the output of the command: uname -r19:13
jappishrory: thx, rebooting now19:13
LinuxNoviceI think the latest stable version is 4.919:14
The_Mythgeez. mine is 4.4.0-57-generic in Xubuntu19:14
LinuxNoviceI have Xubuntu 16.1019:14
The_Mythi have 16.04 LTS19:14
vfwLinuxNovice: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:14
LinuxNovicenothing upgraded.19:15
roryLinuxNovice: Then you're fine.19:15
LinuxNoviceI want to install 4.9.19:15
roryLinuxNovice: Why19:15
roryLinuxNovice: "It's a higher number" is a bad reason19:16
LinuxNoviceI have another distro Lubuntu installed, probably with an older kernel. How can I upgrade that?19:16
LinuxNoviceIt is based on Lubuntu LTS.19:17
roryLinuxNovice: Again through the update manager - but if it's an older version of Ubuntu, the highest kernel version might be different from 16.1019:17
LinuxNoviceit is based on Lubuntu 16.0419:17
roryLinuxNovice: If you know you need stuff that's in 4.9, such as devices that aren't working in 4.8 and were added in 4.9, you can find packages here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9/19:17
roryLinuxNovice: But I'd advise against installing it "just because"19:17
jappishrory: still getting the same message 'can't have overlapping partitions'19:18
jappishdid I do something wrong?19:18
vfw!compile | LinuxNovice19:18
ubottuLinuxNovice: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall19:18
LinuxNoviceI read somewhere that upgrading the kernel could speed up the performance.19:19
roryjappish: creating a new partition table should have resulted in a totally blank sd card (no partitions at all)19:19
LinuxNoviceI just want to upgrade the kernel.19:19
LinuxNoviceI am not a programmer.19:19
roryLinuxNovice: Packages are here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9/19:19
EriC^LinuxNovice: sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-generic19:19
xanguaLinuxNovice: why? Because you read it somewhere? Is there anything not working right in your install?19:20
roryLinuxNovice: But seriously, a vague idea of "increased performance" is a terrible reason for installing an unsupported kernel version19:20
vfwLinuxNovice: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile19:20
ikoniaLinuxNovice: do not touch the kernel19:20
jappishrory: maybe I missed some steps? does it matter which partition I've selected when clicking on 'create partition table'?19:20
roryjappish: If you use the command "sudo fdisk -l" are you able to identify which one is your disk? With a name like /dev/sdX19:20
roryjappish: We can do this another way19:20
LinuxNoviceok. So many people advising against it.19:21
ikoniaLinuxNovice: is your machine slow ? does it have a problem ?19:21
vfwLinuxNovice: Some advise against it, some don't.19:21
roryLinuxNovice: if you want to play with future Ubuntu stuff you should download a daily build of the next release 17.04 and run it off a flash drive or in a virtual machine http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/19:21
vfwLinuxNovice: Given your nick, they would naturally advise against it.19:21
LinuxNovicethe other distro I am using is Lubuntu 16.04 LTS.19:22
roryLinuxNovice: Since it sounds like you might be into this stuff :)19:22
roryjappish: It's important you identify the right disk because putting the wrong device name in the next command19:22
ikoniahe's not into it19:22
roryjappish: could wipe your hdd19:22
LinuxNoviceYes. I am a newbie.19:22
ikoniaLinuxNovice: does your machine have ANY problem ?19:22
roryIf you are a self confessed newbie, installing an unsupported kernel version is definitely a bad idea19:22
whallzin systemd docked means plugged? i want different lid switch behaviour for when my laptop is plugged in and when its running on battery19:22
jappishrory: shows up as /dev/mmcblk0p119:23
LinuxNoviceIt is kind of slow. If upgrading the kernel could increase its speed, I thought of trying that.19:23
jappishwas sdb before19:23
roryjappish: is there also a /dev/sdb ? Can you put the full output from that command onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel?19:23
LinuxNoviceIf it is so much risky, I won't go for it.19:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: does your machine have ANY problem ?19:23
The_Mythbtw, about virtualbox. seems my cpu don't support virtualization. so, virtualbox wont work well, correct?19:24
roryThe_Myth: Yeah it will be slow. Sometimes hardware virtualisation is disabled in the BIOS so check that too.19:24
LinuxNoviceNo. The machine doesn't have any problem. It is just too old.19:24
vfwLinuxNovice: "Building and using a custom kernel will make it very difficult to get support for your system."19:24
ikoniaLinuxNovice: right, so the best thing you can do is stop trying to look for ways to break your machine and actually use it and gain experience using it on a day to day basis19:24
LinuxNoviceok. I got the message. Won't go for it.19:25
The_Mythrory: i've looked everywhere on bios. no virtualization related stuff. so, it's better to forget virtualbox19:25
roryand use lubuntu or xubuntu on old systems, which it sounds like you already are. so keep on keeping on.19:25
LinuxNoviceDon't want to render the machine unusable.19:25
jappishrory: sorry, here's the url: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23701899/19:26
jappishrory: looks like it's called /dev/mmcblk019:26
LinuxNoviceWill stick to whatever the version of the distos came with.19:26
brainwashwhallz: "If the system is inserted in a docking station, or if more than one display is connected, the action specified by HandleLidSwitchDocked= occurs; otherwise the HandleLidSwitch= action occurs."19:27
jappishrory: it's the 15GB device I'm trying to format19:27
jappishjust to be clear =)19:27
LinuxNovicethanks a lot, guys.19:28
roryjappish: you can overwrite the partition table with dd like this: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M19:29
frostschutzrory, that overwrites the entire drive19:29
roryjappish: let it run for a few secs then cancel with ctrl-c - after that you can create a new partition table with gparted like normal19:29
roryNot sure why the new partition table from gparted wasn't working before. after doing it you should see no partitions in gparted19:30
LinuxNoviceI have installed Xubuntu 16.10. When is the support for it going to expire?19:30
roryJuly 201719:30
frostschutzand GPT has a backup at the end, so you have to overwrite both beginning and end nowadays. easier with `wipefs`19:30
roryfrostschutz: nice one thanks19:30
rorydo that^19:31
LinuxNoviceand when a newer release of Ubuntu going to happen, will Xubuntu with the new release going to be made available at the same time?19:31
jappishrory: ok, so i've run 'dd' unmounted the two partitions, selected the fat32 partition and selected 'write new partition' reboot now?19:32
roryyes LinuxNovice19:32
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest64824
roryLinuxNovice: and kubuntu, lubuntu etc19:32
LinuxNovicethen, it is ok.19:32
LinuxNoviceI can upgrade to the newer one.19:32
vfwLinuxNovice: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases19:32
roryjappish: you need to create a new partition TABLE not just a new partition19:32
srulitrying to install a package specific version with aptitude, from the man page "if a package name contains a tilde character ("~") ... it will be treated a s a search pattern" how do i install a specific version if it has a ~ in the name?19:32
roryjappish: and doing that operates on the entire device so it doesn't matter what ytou have selected :)19:33
jappishrory: sorry, thats the one I meant19:33
LinuxNovicethanks a lot, guys. This is the reason why I chose Ubuntu. Great community support.19:34
=== deanman_ is now known as deanman
roryyou're welcome LinuxNovice, see you here in 3 years answering questions19:35
MonkeyDustor sooner19:36
LinuxNovicerory, surely.19:37
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
jappishrory: just rebooted after selecting 'create partition table' fired up gparted, unmounted both partitions, marked both partitions for deletion, message displays 'successful' but after device refresh everything is back untouched19:41
vfwjappish: sync19:43
jappishvfw: sync?19:43
vfwjappish: sudo sync19:44
jappishnothing printed19:44
vfwjappish: sudo fdisk -l19:44
TBotNikDid anyone figure ou my cursor problem, I posted earlier? Written up @ http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/loose-the-cursor-pointer-4175596283/. You can see what ive been through!19:45
jappishvfw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23702027/19:46
TBotNikNo tty, always must reboot locks into this "no cursor" mode at boot now! Cmd i ran made it worse!19:47
=== neunon_ is now known as neunon
engineer-pearlHi. I have a problem - my PHP 7 (I am using 16.0.4 if I remember correctly) is missing a driver needed to talk to my sql. I've tried looking for solutions online, but I keep being lead to installing packages that are not avalible for instal as well as information for php519:49
brainwashengineer-pearl: php7.0-mysql19:51
srulitrying to install a package specific version with aptitude, from the man page "if a package name contains a tilde character ("~") ... it will be treated a s a search pattern" how do i install a specific version if it has a ~ in the name?19:53
=== root is now known as Guest64621
jappishok, so the SDformatter software is telling me the sdcard is write protected, but it's a microSDXC card, no switch on it20:01
jappishit's a samsung card, not even a year old20:01
jappishI've had no issues with it running OSMC on rpi 320:02
jappishso I don't think it's faulty20:02
Blakes5Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu to a Acer Travelmate B TMB117. The laptop came with a 32GB eMMC module with Windows 10 installed. I have added a 120GB SSD. I've tried to install Ubuntu in both UEFI and legacy modes. Both ways the OS installs but I do not get a grub menu. The computer boots straight into Windows and it does not matter if I choose the ssd to boot from or not.20:04
j41Blakes5: Where did you install grub to?20:04
j41The SSD or eMCC?20:04
Blakes5j41, it looks like Ubuntu installer created a EFI partition on SSD.20:05
j41Blakes5: Maybe it would boot to the SSD if grub were installed to the eMCC.20:05
jappishok, so after everything I've tried so far, the data on the card is still untouched, OSMC boots up fine20:05
Blakes5I don't believe the installer put anything eMMC because I don't get a boot menu.20:06
Blakes5I wouldn't know how to put Grub on the emmc efi partition. I've attempted to follow instructions that Iv'e found but grub complains.20:06
Blakes5I've got a phone call give me a minute and I'll be back with details.20:07
TBotNikNo tty, always must reboot locks into this "no cursor" mode at boot now! Cmd i ran made it worse!20:08
j41Blakes5: Try reinstalling Ubuntu, but with the text based installer. I think it gives you an option of where to install grub. Pick the eMCC.20:10
lol768I have an intermittent issue with my "i" key sometimes being inserted multiple times when pressed wiith the keyboard20:11
lol768Is thiis likely to be a hardware issue?20:11
j41lol768: Have you tried a different keyboard?20:11
lol768No, but that's a good idea. I will try and find a keyboard20:12
lol768The quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog20:13
lol768Fine with this one :/20:13
RtMFlol768: that fox went to 1120:13
lol768I guess I can try taking the keycap off and looking at it20:14
j41Good idea20:14
j41Imo it would be easier to rule out the keyboard itself than drivers20:14
lol768plug the same keyboard into another machine and try and repro?20:15
j41Try that :P20:15
blackflowcheap keyboard? I had two different mice, two different (cheap chiense) manufacturers, double-click randomly on single click.20:15
lol768It's a das keyboard pro20:15
lol768blue cherry switches20:16
blackflowstill a possibility, major brand manufacturers cutting corners? never! ;)20:16
lol768Haha, I really hope it's not the keyboard :(20:17
lol768maybe I've worn it out from using vim too much20:17
blackflowis esc okay? :)20:17
j41ew vim (oh i went there)20:18
sruliwhat is the significance of a tilde "~" in a ubuntu package name?20:18
=== oli is now known as Guest99451
Guest99451Does somone know how to get rid of the messages from Evolution mail?20:22
Guest99451Everytime i delete something it says: Failed to refresh the folder20:22
Guest99451Everytime i delete something it says: Failed to refresh the folder20:22
Guest99451Does somone know how to get rid of the messages from Evolution mail?20:22
Guest99451btw my name is Oliver20:22
lol768blackflow: I wouldn't know if it repeated xD20:23
hashmeI noticed that there are two types of compilation messages by ghc - (1)filename:line_number:column_number:    message and (2)filename:line_number:column_number:Warning: message20:23
hashmeMy question is are these the only two types that are there?20:23
hashmethat is error and warning20:24
hashmeOr are there more types of compilation messages?20:24
hashmethanks! :)20:24
TBotNikCan I get some help?20:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:25
blackflowlol768: easy to check with something like xev20:25
hashmeoh damn wrong channel20:25
lol768hashme: I don't recall seeing any others when usiing Haskell, I must admit20:26
lol768but yeah, probably best to ask elsewhere xD20:26
lol768esc looks okay20:26
Guest99451Sorry. It says: Some of the requested messages no longer exist.".20:26
lol768Guest99451: have you tried restarting it?20:27
lol768it sounds like they already might be gone20:27
Guest99451Yes. It appears even after reinstall. I even made a fresh install of ubuntu.20:27
glitchdTBotNik, whats up?20:27
Guest99451I like Evolution Mail. But it always gives me this error message20:28
hashmelol768: Yeah xD sorry about that though20:28
lol768Guest99451: can you describe your mail set-up a bit?20:28
Guest99451I think it is something with the server of Hotmail.20:28
lol768are you using IMAP?20:28
Guest99451Im using Imap20:28
Guest99451but it only happens when i delete messages from the "trash" folder20:29
lol768I assume imap-mail.outlook.com for the server?20:30
Guest99451This message: Failed to refresh folder "mailadress@exmaple.de : Deleted".20:30
Guest99451yes thats correct20:30
lol768mind if I try and reproduce it myself?20:31
lol768let me configure it for my account a sec locally20:31
lol768it goes in the "rubbish bin"20:32
lol768at which point deleting doesn't do anything20:32
Guest99451Yes. After i delete something from the rubbish bin, i get this message.20:33
lol768okay if I click away and click back, it says "There are no messages in this folder"20:33
lol768if I restart evolution they're gone for good20:34
lol768which version are you using, Guest99451?20:34
Guest99451yes it deletes them but i always get this message. I can give you a screenshot if you want20:35
Guest99451Evolution 3.22.320:35
pc1my pc wont update i keep getting an error: e: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)20:35
lol768hmm, that's a later version than me20:35
lol768pc1: any more information than that?20:35
lol768Guest99451: sure screenshot miight be helpful20:36
pc1package operation failed20:36
pc1The installation or removal of a software package failed.20:37
pc1it has been doing this for a while20:37
Bashing-ompc1: Pastebin the outputs of terminal commands: ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so we see the errors in context .20:37
pc1Ign:1 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable InRelease20:38
pc1Hit:2 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable Release20:38
pc1Hit:4 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial InRelease20:38
pc1Hit:5 http://ppa.launchpad.net/bitcoin/bitcoin/ubuntu xenial InRelease20:38
pc1Get:6 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security InRelease [102 kB]20:38
pc1Get:7 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates InRelease [102 kB]20:38
j41!paste | pc120:40
ubottupc1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:40
pc1any ideas?20:42
lol768Guest99451: try imgur.com20:42
lol768pc1: use a pastebin20:43
MonkeyDustpc1  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20:43
james1138Question for the group.  After a update (one of several... so I do not know which to try and undo) - I am getting a "GDBus.Error.org/freedesktop.DBus.error.AccessDenied - operation not permitted each time I try and reboot or shutdown. However - I can reboot and/or shutdown from terminal. Help!20:46
pc1any ideas?20:47
Blakes5j41, are you still here?20:47
j41Blakes5: Yes20:48
TBotNikSince no one has a patch/work around for the cursor problem, running ver upgrade from recovery mode root cmd line. Had to 1st enable networking, 2nd run mounts to get all in rw mode, 3rd issue the didt-upgrade cmd!20:48
j41Blakes5: Did you see my previous message to you?20:48
TBotNikBlakes5: No!20:49
Blakes5j41 I was trying to recreate my error reinstalling grub to the emmc efi partition but I'm completely lost. I'm following this https://wiki.debian.org/GrubEFIReinstall but yeah no I'm confused20:49
j41Blakes5: Heres my previous message: Try reinstalling Ubuntu, but with the text based installer. I think it gives you an option of where to install grub. Pick the eMMC.20:50
Blakes5text installer I'll try that20:50
Bashing-ompc1: Well. 3 error conditions of which one I can help with. The 1st, I do not have authority to access : what results whn you point your browser to https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/allvideodownloader/ubuntu ?20:50
Guest99451also this lol768 http://imgur.com/a/T2c0y20:52
Guest99451this is in english20:52
TBotNikJames1138: The problem with more than 3 grub boot selections is the grub file tends to corrupt. You have to look up the Howtos on editing/fixing this and can only do in recovery mode or grun boot edit20:53
Blakes5J41 how do I force text mode?20:53
pc1says authentication required20:54
pc1Bashing-om: says authentication required20:54
j41Blakes5: Use the boot option text20:55
Bashing-ompc1: And do you have the required authticatiuon ? What is the purpose of this PPA ?20:55
Blakes5j41 I don't see that option. If I press E for boot options I've no idea where to put it.20:56
pc1Bashing-om: i have no idea what it is i just clicked on the link you provided20:56
jay__Oops, sorry.20:56
j41Blakes5: It's either F4 or F6 on the live cd menu, you should be able to type in 'text' and press enter20:57
j41Blakes5: Forgive me, I normally use the net installer20:57
j41Thank you, tomreyn20:58
Bashing-ompc1: That link is from your sources. If you do not know what that PPA is . why is it on your system ? .. As you do not know .. disable this PPA . and we move on to the other errors .20:58
Blakes5j41 your patience is amazing20:58
j41Blakes5: :P20:58
j41Thank you20:58
pc1Bashing-om: yea im not that linux savy. i was attempting to use the paste thing so people could see it20:59
pc1Bashing-om: the output to:sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade21:01
Bashing-ompc1: All a process of learning. Look in your sources.list file is the entry " https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/allvideodownloader/ubuntu xenial Release " That I have not the authority to access. only you can know why you have thgis PPA on your system . And if it is needed for some reason on your system . Either remove it, or find the reason the package manager is unhappy with21:01
Bashing-omit .21:01
lol768Guest99451: can you delete them all via the web interface21:02
ytrezqHello, how to build source .deb packages with the Intel compiler (icc instead of gcc)??21:04
Guest99451they are also deleted via evolution mail21:04
Guest99451but it gives me this message21:04
=== AJC_Z0 is now known as AJ_Z0
j41Blakes5: How's it going?21:06
tomreynytrezq: a compiler is not a packaging tool.21:06
pc1Bashing-om: im not sure what to do with that but my computer cant even find all video downloader21:07
ytrezqtomreyn: I mean, how to apt-build packages with icc instead of gcc??21:07
pc1Bashing-om: i know what it is21:08
arpithello guys21:08
uxfihello arpit21:09
arpitjindal1997whats up21:09
uxfihello ami21:09
pc1Bashing-om: the all video downloader was a program that i havent used in a very long time21:10
Bashing-ompc1: If you do not use it ( and maybe not supported in 16.04 by the maintainer of the PPA ) then remove it .21:11
pc1Bashing-om: i did that21:12
pc1Bashing-om: just now21:12
Bashing-ompc1: K .. then we move on the google-chrome. Google no longer supports 32 bit software, so, what architechture are you ? show the result of ' uname -a ' .21:13
tomreynytrezq: sorry, i couldn't tell, i'm not comfortable with it. maybe try CC=$(which icc)21:13
stan_man_canHow can I disable my super key so it doesn't do anything if i'm in a full screen app?21:14
ytrezqtomreyn: apt-build clean variable before building21:14
pc1Bashing-om: Linux pc1-Inspiron-N5110 4.4.0-58-generic #79-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 20 12:12:35 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:14
stan_man_canGetting very frustrated when i accidentally click it and it minimizes my game21:14
ytrezqtomreyn: The compiler configuration is written in a config file but I forgot where21:15
Blakes5j41 - um not good. I'm just going to give up for now.21:19
j41Blakes5: What's up?21:20
Bashing-ompc1: Right. 64 bit machine . 2 edits to make . See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2315941&highlight=dl.google.com%2F for them .21:21
Blakes5J41 - I'm trying to get grub installed and not using the text method because TBH, I don't think it's going to work either.21:21
Blakes5The graphical installer does allow selection of the correct drive21:22
Blakes5It's just not working21:22
Blakes5I'm looking at the efi partitiion and it has stuff in there from the ubuntu install....it's just not working.....I don't Fing get it.21:23
j41Bit basic, but have you run update-grub?21:23
glitchdsounds like secure boot/efi screwed it up21:24
Blakes5glitchd, yeah21:24
arpitjindal1997which version of ubuntu you using?21:24
Blakes5but even in legacy mode it's not working21:24
j41Blakes5: Maybe make a backup of your Windows install, and install Ubuntu to the eMMC21:24
j41Probably not ideal though21:24
glitchdwhat does it do in legacy mode?21:24
glitchdBlakes5, ^^21:25
Blakes5J41 that is not ideal because I don't want to lose windows and it being oem I don't think I'll get the media to be able to just install it anywhere I please.21:25
Blakes5IDK, I'll research it more.21:25
Blakes5I think you all for your help today. ;21:25
glitchdBlakes5, care to answer my question?21:26
Blakes5I didn't see it.....it does the same thing as it does in UEFI....boots directly to Windows even when I choose the correct boot drive.21:26
pc1Bashing-om: i ran the terminal: sudo sed -i -e 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list"21:26
glitchddoes grub come up?21:26
Blakes5not at all21:27
glitchdmaybe try and reinstall grub with legacy enabled?21:27
Blakes5I've tried that21:27
Blakes5Same thing21:27
Blakes5The laptop is basically a chromebook but without chrome.21:27
Blakes5I'm thinking that it's "locked" in the same way that a chromebook is locked to its os.21:28
glitchdif you boot from some kind of live media, can you find your install?21:28
glitchdwhat is the model of the system your using?21:28
Blakes5acer travelmate b tmb11721:28
pc1Bashing-om: does not seem to have done anything21:29
glitchdBlakes5, you should try disabling uefi in the bios21:29
Blakes5I have21:30
glitchdmaybe boot a live session and reinstall grub?21:30
=== arpitjindal1997 is now known as unixer
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Blakes5glitchd, are you talking uefi or legacy grub install?21:31
glitchdBlakes5, im saying to leave it set as legacy and boot a live session and reinstall grub21:31
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Blakes5I think I've tried that but I'll do it to be sure.21:32
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Blakes5The error I get when I try that is "grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of /cow21:35
Blakes5glitchd, So, I don't know man21:37
glitchdi think the command to install grub is different21:38
Blakes5grub-install /dev/mmcblk0?21:38
glitchdis mmcblk0 your hdd?21:39
Blakes5That's the eMMC module21:40
Blakes5My ssd is sda21:40
Blakes5but I tried it on the ssd as well and received the same error21:40
glitchdwhat dos it list your hard drive as? sda?21:41
glitchdoh duh21:41
glitchdyou already answered that21:41
glitchdBlakes5, what about sudo update-grub?21:44
glitchdsame error?21:44
glitchdgive it a shotr21:44
Blakes5yes same error21:44
glitchdBlakes5, go here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-mint-84/grub2-install-keeps-failing-really-need-help-4175499295/21:45
glitchdthen scroll to the 5th post and follow it21:45
glitchdmight fix your problem21:46
ytrezqHello, how to build a .deb source package with the Intel compiler (icc instead of gcc)??21:46
thetrailBest os? Definitely windows NT21:47
glitchdBlakes5, if that doesnt work, you can try to fix it from inside windows following this page https://itsfoss.com/no-grub-windows-linux/21:47
Blakes5Oh snaps a Windows NT troll...haven't seen one of those in a while.21:47
glitchdthetrail, youre a horrible comedian.21:48
thetrailHaha nothing better than it to this day blakes521:48
thetrailSecure stable and cutting edge architecture21:49
glitchdthetrail, and you felt the need to come to #ubuntu and let everyone know?21:49
thetrailThink of me like a Jehovah... But for the religion of operating systems Lol21:50
oli-evolutiomailhey sorry i was absent21:50
thetrailUnless you can tell me why Ubuntu is better than NT?21:50
oli-evolutiomailits me guest 98445321:50
oli-evolutiomailThe one with the evolutionproblem21:50
tomreynthetrail, glitchd: please, this chat does not belong here. bring it to #ubuntu-offtopic if you have to.21:51
glitchdtomreyn, thank you i was just typing that21:51
tomreynthis channel is strictly meant for giving and receiving ubuntu support.21:51
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thetrailStruggling for reasons for me to believe Ubuntu is best21:51
thetrailOk cheers guys21:51
glitchdgo away21:51
glitchdBlakes5, hows it going?21:52
Blakes5Slow/ O21:53
Blakes5glitchd, slow. I'm looking into the Windows fix right now.21:53
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glitchdBlakes5, right on21:54
Blakes5Being cautious because I don't want to lose the windows install if I don't have to.21:55
thetrailWindows is best21:55
thetrailMuch better than any Ubuntu devs21:55
wafflejockthetrail, this isn't a discussion channel it's support see the /topic for info and guidelines21:56
wafflejockthetrail, you might be looking for ##trolls21:56
thetrailLol waffle21:57
thetrailHows your mom?21:57
Picithetrail: do you have an actual Ubuntu support question?21:57
thetrailYea I do actually21:58
thetrailWhat's the best way to clean my os from viruses?21:58
MonkeyDustthetrail  not use windows21:59
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:59
raubthetrail: how did you get virus on Linux?  What kind of viruses?21:59
thetrailI'm joking I use Ubuntu 1421:59
thetrailIts riddled in worms... My mail account keep spamming out to my contacts when its left open22:00
thetrailI cant seem to clean it.22:00
thetrailIts definately my os/client as when I use webmail on my tablet it doesn't happen22:01
raubIf you create a cronjb using crontab as a user, which log file should contain messages? /var/log/syslog only tells me I modified it22:01
raubthetrail: which mail client?22:02
blackflowraub: syslog is always used, cron facility22:02
raubblackflow: I would expect seeing a message when it tries to run it, but nothing is there22:03
thetrailUsing thunderbird22:03
wedgieraub: does your cronjob produce output?22:04
raubOutput is an email22:04
thetrailRaub I'm using thunderbird22:05
wedgieraub: if the cronjob doesn't write to stdout or stderr there won't be anything for it to log.22:05
tekisuiit works like a charm now22:09
tekisuithank you bill gates22:13
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raubwedgie: I thought it would log something if it could not run the script that is being called22:20
anliI miss the possibility to right click in nautilus and create a new text file22:28
MonkeyDustand the F3 dual pane option22:29
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ytrezqHello, how to build a .deb source package with the Intel compiler (icc instead of gcc)??22:32
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AlpmoHello. I have a process (my printer daemon : ccpd) that slows down the shutdown of my machine. There is a crazy waiting time of 5 minutes before system sends a kill signal22:34
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AlpmoI checked a lot of things to configure and reduce this delay but couldn't find anything that worked, the general option seems to have no effect22:34
AlpmoI also tried to pkill the process before the shutdown but that won't work either22:35
AlpmoWhat should I look at ?22:35
blackflowAlpmo: which ubuntu?22:35
blackflowAlpmo: so there should be a way to reduce the service shutdown timeout, via config option of its unit file22:36
blackflowAlpmo: otherwise the most obvious starting point is to find out why the daemon takes so long22:37
Alpmoblackflow: in fact sudo service ccpd stop also hangs22:38
AlpmoYou mean looking at /etc/init.d/ccpd ?22:39
AlpmoI already did, there is nothing about shutdown delay in it...22:39
blackflowAlpmo: no, does the service have a systemd unit file?22:39
AlpmoNo idea, where should it be?22:40
Alpmo /etc/systemd/system ?22:40
blackflowAlpmo: try with "systemctl status ccpd.service"22:40
thetrailSorry my internet died!22:41
thetrailDid anyone have an answer to my virus issue?22:41
ikoniawhat virus issue22:41
blackflowAlpmo: meanwhile, did you ask google? There are 900k+ results for "ccpd print daemon hangs"22:41
thetrailWorms in thunderbird22:41
Alpmoblackflow: loaded (/etc/init.d/ccpd; bad; bendor preset; enabled)22:41
Bashing-omAlpmo: I am aware of : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups-filters/+bug/1579905 .22:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579905 in cups-filters (Ubuntu Xenial) "cups-browsed causes shutdown hang/delay in Ubuntu 16.04" [Medium,Fix released]22:42
Alpmoblackflow: yes I tried several tricks22:42
blackflowAlpmo: yeah, probably no unit file then22:42
blackflowAlpmo: I'm sorry I can't help you then. the obvious thing would be to find out why it hangs.22:42
regeditjust installed fresh 16.10 (seeing a lot of "Submit Problem" pop-ups already...) tried installing NVIDIA drivers, after rebooting can't get past the log-on screen - everything crashes to black22:42
AlpmoWhere would be this information ?22:42
AlpmoWhich log ?22:42
blackflowAlpmo: is this ccpd the Canon print daemon?22:43
Bashing-omAlpmo: Also: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/1598300 might be relavent .22:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1598300 in cups (Ubuntu Xenial) "CUPS web interface stops responding after a while" [Undecided,Fix committed]22:43
regedithow do i at least revert to nouveau from recovery mode root command line?22:43
godiyo can any one help with php-ssh ?22:43
thetrailSeems to keep spamming out mail to my contracts22:43
blackflowgodiyo: ask the actual question and someone might :)22:43
Alpmoblackflow: yes22:43
thetrailDef client side as it only does it when its open. Doesn't do it from my tablet22:43
ikoniathetrail: how do you know that's client22:43
AlpmoThe problem you showed me have been patched already and my system is up to date22:44
thetrailDoesn't happen when the client is closed22:44
AlpmoI guess I'm into something else, I also tried the cups trick22:44
blackflowAlpmo: is cups even involved?22:44
thetrailWhen thunderbird is running it's constant22:44
ikoniathetrail: remove the smtp server setup in thunderbird22:45
ikoniaand see if the outbox fills up22:45
Alpmoblackflow: probably not, I don't know why it hands, I've no log and they don't show much during shutdown22:45
godiyorunning web server and when install theme asking for credential but only FTP, I want to connect through SSH22:45
AlpmoActually what bothers me most is : why does pkill doesn't work22:46
Bashing-omregedit: Try: boot to the login screen here ctl+alt+F1 to gain a console interface . to revert to nouveau run ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ' . Reboot to see the effect .22:46
AlpmoI mean at shtudown time I don't care about killing the process22:46
thetrailRight its stopped. Its so slow tho!22:46
ikoniagodiyo: is this wordpress ?22:46
blackflowAlpmo: from what I read it's a proprietary, closed source thingy? If cups is involved, there could be hints somewhere in /var/log/cups/...22:46
thetrailNothing in there as yet...22:46
Alpmoblackflow: yes the driver is ugly22:46
godiyoyes ikonia22:47
regeditBashing-om: couldn't get to tty1 but in recovery mode root shell i was able to purge nvidia-* and now i'm back in, thanks22:47
thetrailYep its filling up! Got 3 in the outbox22:47
ikoniagodiyo: talk to the guys in #wordpress there are many ways to deal with this, but php-ssh sucks22:47
ikoniagodiyo: huge sucurity risk22:47
thetrail7 now22:47
ikoniathetrail: ok, so thats a good sign you've managed to confirm the issue22:47
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godiyobest option? ikonia22:48
ikoniagodiyo: move the theme files onto the host22:48
Bashing-omregedit: Want to share what the hardware is, and see what the recommneded driver is ?22:48
godiyou mean download and install individuals ?22:48
regeditBashing-om: old 8800 GTX, apparently 340.101 is the latest, tho ubuntu driver manager seems to say 340.9822:49
ikoniagodiyo: I mean move the themes into the themes folder22:49
thetrailThunderbird is almost unusable it's so slow... I cant actually delete them as fast as the outbox is filing... 289 in there now22:49
Alpmoblackflow: it's all empty, in error log just [cups-deviced] PID 1755 (gutenprint52+usb) stopped with status 1!22:49
godiyoOk ikonia I dnt know about this22:50
ikoniathetrail: probably because it's too busy spamming22:50
Logos01Has anyone else here seen an issue with installing the wine1.6-i386:i386 package on an Ubuntu 16.04 (amd64) system? It seems like it's completely hung at the dpkg configure stage. Strace is showing me a great number of errors about directories or files not existing that I can find when looking for them.22:51
thetrailYea ikonia think youre right. Its hammering processor power too22:51
Logos01It's been about six minutes now and it's still doing the configure stage on that package.22:51
EriC^^Logos01: try ctrl+c then sudo dpkg --configure -a22:51
axel_just stop it22:52
axel_and sudo rm -r the locks22:52
Logos01EriC^^: That actually doesn't succeed.22:52
akik_regedit: with older nvidia cards it's not always the latest driver that works. /var/log/Xorg.0.log shows sometimes the nvidia driver version that you need22:52
Logos01I tried that already. Now I'm actually doing a dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/wine1.6*22:52
blackflowAlpmo: I'm afraid I have no idea, other than trying to strace the process and see what's it doing on shutdown.22:53
Logos01That's what's taken six minutes on the dpkg configure of wine1.6-i386:i38622:53
Logos01Well. Seven now.22:53
Logos01(And counting)22:53
EriC^^Logos01: show us the strace22:53
axel_stop it don't wait for nothing22:53
Bashing-omregedit: Yepper : http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html confirms the 340 version for ypur use case .22:53
AlpmoIs there a way for force a : sudo service ccpd stop22:55
thetrailSpam everywhere there over 4k mail to be sent in the outbox now.. And its crashed out..22:55
Alpmoblackflow: stop must be asking politely for the process to end itself, is there a way to atomize it ?22:55
regeditalthough the graphical desktop *seems* to be all loaded up & running (with occasional "send problem report" popup) but 1) ctrl+alt+f1/f2 does not work 2) trying to run graphical programs all seem to give up and crash, even terminal, software updates,22:56
ikoniathetrail: may want to quit that application22:56
blackflowAlpmo: the "politely" is sig TERM. When it disobeys, the os should sigKILL it.22:56
thetrailLol its kindly done that itself.22:56
Bashing-oma;Yes, but is the service presently running ' ps ax | grep cupsd ' ?22:57
blackflowAlpmo: systemd has that covered, but I don't know if it does with sysv init shims22:57
thetrailI was more interested to see what number it would go up to lol22:57
thetrailIts a good worm. No two mail for the same22:57
Logos01EriC^^: http://lpaste.net/35058322:57
regeditXtern works, but even then running sudo apt-get -f install seems to simply hang forever...............22:58
Logos01More of the same.22:58
Logos01(Note: I had to pkill -9 strace after detaching; the *strace* process would not release)22:58
regeditis 16.10 a bad idea? should I just get 16.04 ?22:58
Logos01(Still going)22:58
regeditBashing-om: ^22:58
Alpmoblackflow: so anyway you think the 5 minutes delay between sigterm and sigkill must be hardcoded in the driver or something ?22:59
Logos01regedit: Personal taste. 16.10 is a STR. You'd pretty much *HAVE* to upgrade to 17.04 when it came out.22:59
Bashing-omregedit: This a recent development ? or ya not got the hosses to run a heavy weight DE ? How much ram do you have on-board ?22:59
blackflowAlpmo: no, those signals are sent by the init, and as for this daemon, strace it and see what's it doing in that period22:59
regeditBashing-om: should be 8GB last i remeber..22:59
regeditBashing-om: just installed 16.1023:00
Logos01EriC^^: Note; there's something like 30+ seconds between each close(11) and the next lstat23:00
regeditLogos01: STR?23:00
Logos01short term release23:00
Bashing-omregedit: That is PlentY to run wahtever . What results booting into the guest account ?23:00
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regeditBashing-om: i guess lemme try...23:01
Logos01Aaaand now I'm hitting about 15 minutes on the dpkg configure of this individual package.23:01
Logos01It won't even let me dpkg -r it.23:01
thetrailIkonia any ideas23:01
akik_never heard of the term str, but non-lts been used widely23:01
ikoniathetrail: ideas on what ?23:02
ikoniajust to clarify23:02
thetrailGetting me worm free23:02
ikoniathetrail: is your mail stored locally or imap style ?23:02
ikoniathetrail: perfect23:03
ikoniathetrail: delete your .thunderbird directory, setup a new profile and re-test23:03
thetrailOk brb23:04
regeditwhat's the dpkg command to fix broken packages?23:04
ikoniaregedit: depends how/why it' broken23:04
kaddihi, i'm running ubuntu 16.10 and whenever I connect my gpslogger to my pc i start getting this message: [601539.714232] audit: type=1400 audit(1482966224.394:228505): apparmor="DENIED" operation="sendmsg" info="Failed name lookup - disconnected path" error=-13 profile="/usr/lib/ipsec/charon" name="run/systemd/journal/dev-log" pid=2776 comm="charon" requested_mask="w" denied_mask="w" fsuid=0 ouid=023:04
regeditBashing-om: things seem to work here in guest23:04
kaddii believe it's blocking my program to access the gpslogger, how do I stop apparmor from blocking the access23:04
regeditakik_: any idea where in Xorg.0.log i can find that hint about version? or does Bashing-om's findings confirm it's 34023:05
Bashing-omregedit: Well, that to the good I guess . will have to be config issues in you account . I am not to hot on GUI issues; however, what release is this and what desktop ?23:05
regeditBashing-om: ubuntu 16.10 x64 desktop23:06
regeditfreshly installed, already making problems23:06
akik_regedit: i had this problem with a nvidia 6600 and 16.04. it mentioned the v304.xx driver for me23:06
Logos01blargh. regedit Really depends on how it's broken.23:06
Logos01regedit: You can *TRY* dpkg --configure -a23:07
Bashing-omregedit: Known good .iso file .. and verified the copy of the .iso image ? ( but strange that the guest account has no issues ) .23:07
blackflowkaddi: add abstractions/base to the profile23:07
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kaddiblackflow: how do I do that? I've never worked with apparmor before23:07
regeditBashing-om: yep straight from the website and verified sha256sums23:08
regeditfinally managing to run my first apt-get update & upgrade,23:09
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regeditsomewhere in the output there i saw "setting up apt... segmentation fault (core dumped)"23:09
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blackflowkaddi: is there a /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.ipsec.charon file?23:10
regeditagain for update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.8.0-22-generic Segmentation Fault (core dumped)23:10
kaddiblackflow: yes23:10
thetrailStill doing it!23:10
ikoniathetrail: what did you do ?23:11
blackflowkaddi: well, I would edit it and add "#include <abstractions/base>" as first line under "/usr/lib/ipsec/charon {"23:11
kaddiblackflow:  but thanks for pointing that out. Looks like the error is more likely to be related to my vpn than my current issue23:11
thetrailDeleted .Thunderbird and recreated the imapi profile from scratch23:11
blackflowkaddi: then run apparmor_profile -r /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.ipsec.charon  that re-reads the profile, then restart whatever app it is. Also file a bug report against the package requesting that fix.23:12
ikoniathetrail: so you now probably need to step it up a level, do the same again but also delete the thunderbird package (purge)23:12
Logos01Anyone here have ideas about how to do this with WINE?23:12
regeditok everything's crashing again23:12
blackflowkaddi: but first of all please check that there isn't already the include line in the profile file23:12
kaddiblackflow: it isn't23:12
kaddiit had #include tunables/global in it23:13
regeditright in middle of a dist-upgrade update-initramfs...23:13
kaddibut not the line you suggested23:13
kaddiah nvm23:13
blackflowkaddi: okay. the denial is for writing to journald, something every daemon should be able to, so it's in the "base" abstractions (helpers) of apparmor23:13
kaddiblackflow: acutally these are the first three lines:23:13
kaddiinclude <tunables/global>23:13
kaddi/usr/lib/ipsec/charon {23:13
kaddi  #include <abstractions/base>23:13
blackflowkaddi: ah so it is there?23:14
kaddiso the abstraction/base is included23:14
Bashing-omregedit: UnGood - seg faults . Were me at this pint I would run a memory test to make sure my ram was in shape .23:14
kaddiyes, I only checked the top level at the beginning. blackflow When going back to check as you asked I saw it23:14
blackflowkaddi: then I'm not sure what the denial is about....23:14
belcherif i disable the desktop environment by disabling lightdm, will wifi still work on my laptop?23:14
belchersince i notice i only know how to configure wifi through the desktop environment23:14
jwashhi everyone, i wanted to install a copy of windows on another hard drive. the motherboard is uefi, i had to install windows (sdc) on a gpt partition table. my ubuntu install (sda) is on a msdos partition table. when i do grub-install this is the result: "grub-install: warning: File system `fat' doesn't support embedding.23:14
jwashgrub-install: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for cross-disk install."23:14
blackflowkaddi: you can try put the profile into complain mode, "sudo aa-complain /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.ipsec.charon"  and see if that temporarily fixes it23:15
jwashanyone have an idea? should i reinstall ubuntu with a gpt partition table on sda?23:15
regeditBashing-om: ok rebooted into recovery mode running memtest, fail safe mode? threaded?23:15
kaddiblackflow: In any case, thanks for telling me what to lookup. charon is obviously realted to networking/strongswan so it's likely not what is causing my current issue and the vpn I'm using strongswan i with is  actually working fine23:15
blackflowkaddi: well according to that audit trail, the denial was for that profile, for writing to the journald23:16
blackflowkaddi: but indeed, the bigger context is missing so it could be other things23:16
thetrailAs sudo... Error removing file: Permission denied23:17
kaddiblackflow: the complaint doesn't seem to have an effect. But yeah it looks like I jumped to conclusiong.. gps logger isn't recognised, let's check what dmesg says -> tons of error messages, that's gotta be it. (Totally ignoring the vpn i set up and thta i never checked dmesg since I did)23:17
thetrailThat's after a reboot too23:17
Smokiehi, i edited the /etc/network/interface manually through terminal on ubuntu server, when i do 'systemctl restart networking.service' and nothing happens23:17
blackflowkaddi: okay, but keep in mind the denial is still real, even though it maybe isn't directly related to whatever symptom you see23:18
Smokieany suggestions?23:18
thetrailError removing file: Permission denied23:18
AlpmoIt's a mess, the process doesn't always hang on shutdown, just sometimes and I can't find any pattern on why23:18
AlpmoWhen I did the strace it terminated normally23:18
blackflowSmokie: iirc the proper way to reset it is ifdown and ifup23:19
thetrailRemoved .thunderbird mapi profile but when I try purge the client itself errors23:19
Logos01Smokie: There was a great decision made that no one should ever need to restart their networking service -- so it doesn't actually work.23:19
blackflowthetrail: "purge the client itself"? how?23:19
Logos01You're "supposed" to ifdown -a ; ifup -a23:19
Smokieblackflow, i ssh'ed to the machine, if/when i do ifdown i lose connection to the server23:19
blackflowSmokie: sure, so you need to run it in, say, tmux and both commands, like  ifdown <interface> ; sleep 5 ; ifup <interface>23:20
blackflowSmokie: just as an example23:20
SmokieLogos01, well, i changed the ip so how can i make the new ip usable if i dont restart the network device?23:20
kaddiblackflow: I've gotten a gps logger (qstarz bt-q1000xt), which supposedly can be read out by using bt747 on ubuntu. I've connected the logger, I've started the program, they're not talking to each other at all.23:20
kaddiblackflow: yeah, the vpn setup was a bit weird, I'm planning to get back to it and double check everything is ok. I'll keep the message in mind for that23:21
Logos01Smokie: If you use NetworkManager then it will autoupdate with that.23:21
Logos01Like upon reading the config file it'll just change it for you. Because it's "smart" like that.23:21
SmokieLogos01, NetworkManager on ubuntu server from terminal?23:21
Logos01But otherwise you can use the "ip addr" command subset to add the new ip address without taking the interface down.23:21
thetrailI just done:23:21
thetrailsudo apt-get remove --purge thunderbird -y23:22
thetrailIs that correct?23:22
Logos01Smokie: There's "nmcli" for that.23:22
Logos01But if you're doing the networking service then you're not using NetworkManager.23:22
blackflowthetrail: yes23:22
Logos01The Ubuntu networking stuff is, quote frankly, utter crap.23:22
Logos01It's a constant source of irritation to me.23:22
thetrailDamn was hoping you were gonna correct me blackflow lol23:22
thetrailThen it would have worked!23:23
SmokieLogos01, it was way simpler with older versions23:23
Logos01Smokie: It was, yes.23:23
thetrailHow does sudo not have permission??23:23
Logos01Because they didn't screw it up for server admins.23:23
blackflowthetrail: what do you mean?23:24
wedgiethetrail: is the file immutable? on a read-only file system?23:24
Logos01Smokie: There are some fun edge-cases where the ifdown -a ; ifup -a doesn't even have the *CAPACITY* to work because what you really need is a full reloading of the network stack.23:24
wedgiethetrail: an NFSv4 mount?23:24
Logos01"No one should ever need to do that" was their reasoning for hard disabling it.23:24
thetrailIt must be writable23:24
Logos01thetrail: There's also AppArmor possibly involved.23:24
wedgieLogos01: i miss ''/etc/init.d/networking restart''23:24
thetrailI can remove other apps23:25
SmokieLogos01, ok, in their mind, how do they want someone to update a network interface then if they decided that?23:25
thetrailThis is just weird23:25
Logos01Smokie: Honestly they expect you to use NetworkManager and not do anything by static/manual configuration.23:26
=== Tempesta_ is now known as Tempesta
Logos01Smokie: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Networking_Guide/sec-Using_the_NetworkManager_Command_Line_Tool_nmcli.html23:26
blackflowLogos01: on the servers? with static IPs? huh?23:26
Logos01(Ignore the redhat page)23:26
Logos01Err, that it's *FROM* redhat23:26
Logos01blackflow: I know, it's a very poor decision.23:26
thetrailFucking thing is annoying me. My mom is getting spam from me about penis enlargements!!23:27
hggdhthetrail: language, please23:27
CodeMouse92thetrail: Coming in VERY late, but are you sure they aren't just spoofing your email w/o actually having control over said email?23:27
Logos01Very. The language policy in this channel is extremely inane.23:28
blackflowLogos01: I don' teven have nmcli installed :)23:28
Logos01blackflow: Yeah, well, you're not alone in that. It's crap software.23:28
SmokieLogos01, so complicated!23:28
Logos01Honestly Canonical's stance on this is near Jobsian -- walled garden.23:28
Logos01Their way or the highway23:28
blackflowLogos01: ifdown and ifup worked for me tho, to add a static ipv623:29
thetrailYea definately coming from thunderbird client. When we stop the mail service it backs up in the outbox... Fast!23:29
Smokieis this the right place to ask for an alternative?  -_-23:29
Logos01blackflow: Well yeah, it does work.23:29
Logos01Smokie: As I said earlier; you could try "ifdown -a ; ifup -a"23:29
thetrailIt doesn't do it on my tablet. Only on this machine.. And only when thunderbird is running23:29
Logos01That's not a graceful thing though. Either you got it right or you're hosed.23:29
Logos01Smokie: That's why I suggested doing it gracefully by adding secondary ip addrs to the device via the "ip addr" command23:30
markdpenis enlargement???23:30
blackflowthetrail: so you've got a trojaned thunderbird. who knows what else. back up data and nuke&pave23:30
SmokieLogos01, how do i do that?23:30
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thetrailNoooooo!! Really23:31
thetrailAre there no cleaners for this23:32
markdtrojaned tbird???  it's like the twilight zone here.  how is this different than windows 10?23:32
thetrailLol good point markd23:32
blackflowthetrail: you could try clamav, but if you're infected, you can't trust ANY tool.23:32
Logos01Smokie: https://access.redhat.com/sites/default/files/attachments/rh_ip_command_cheatsheet_1214_jcs_print.pdf23:33
blackflowmarkd: Linux has become far more vunlerable in recent years. For many infections just visiting a site is enough.23:33
thetrailWho infects Ubuntu anyway. Its much more fun to hit windows23:33
Logos01(Note; I primarily admin RHEL/CentOS systems and that's why Google gives me RHEL-related things as my first target)23:33
Logos01Anyhoo, I'm out for the day here.23:33
nicomachusthetrail: boot a live USB, install clamav, and scan the whole disk23:33
* Logos01 just gave up on ever getting WINE installed23:33
Lenguys is there any way to check when last time something was updated/upgraded/installed using apt on ubuntu?23:33
LenI need some kind of handler for it23:34
thetrailCheers nico23:34
thetrailI'll try that23:34
blackflowLen: /var/log/apt/history.log23:34
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Lenblackflow: =) great23:35
Logos01Len: Len There's the dpkg log23:35
blackflowthetrail: keep in mind that if clamav doesn't find anything, doesn't mean it's not there. also check for rootkits23:35
Logos01But that's about all you've got.23:35
Logos01Len: There's also dpkg -s ${packagename} but that doesn't tell you install date23:35
Bashing-omLen: check /var/log/dpkg.log  ?23:35
Lennah it's okay boys.. I need to get ping when there are some changes made via apt23:36
Lenand then I'll get all things from apt using scripts23:36
Lenso it's fine23:36
wiggmpkWhy is it, that I can install a few i386 libs that were not installed before and it generally just installs those libs (maybe a few extra dependencies) but if I try to remove those i386 libs, it wants to remove a bunch of things and install a bunch of things?!?!23:41
wiggmpklike seriously, why does this happen? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23703183/23:43
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: 32-bit system dependencies, and the package system doesn't know the difference? I've always thought it was weird, too.23:47
wiggmpkCodeMouse92: right? so, being that I have OCD and I have no use for those 32bit lib anymore, I'm stuck with them unless I want a gigantic headache23:48
wiggmpkit's nonsense, does this happen in Debian?23:49
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: Short solution, copy the "packages that will be removed" bit, and then just reinstall them via pasting?23:49
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: AFAIK, yes23:49
CodeMouse92It's apt's problem, I think.23:49
Ben64wiggmpk: how do you know you don't need them23:49
Ben64it's not apt's problem23:49
CodeMouse92Ben64: He's on a 64-bit system, and he installed them manually23:50
blackflowwiggmpk: it's wine, it's going to cause such a mess, yes. it has a ton of deps, that have ton of their own, and they have to be 32-bit, so it's an avalanche. blame wine :)23:50
wiggmpkBen64: because they were installed by me, for a specific purpose. That purpose is no longer valid23:50
wiggmpkblackflow: it is not wine, these packages were not there before I installed them myself23:50
Ben64look at the giant list of i386 packages in there though23:50
blackflowwiggmpk: I see wine in that list23:51
wiggmpkblackflow: which was already installed before installing those i386 libs23:51
CodeMouse92(I can second the fact that this happens. Occurs a lot for me too, and it ain't WINE)23:51
wiggmpkblackflow: wine doesnt just, become dependent on newly installed things23:51
Ben64first do an update and a dist-upgrade23:52
CodeMouse92Ben64: That giant list of i386 packages are dependencies off of the i386 libraries he's purging out. I recognize them23:53
CodeMouse92They were installed when he manually installed the i386 packages he's purging.23:53
wiggmpkanother thing, there are Unity specific packages it's attempting to install after the removal of i386 packages.. I'm using the Gnome flavor of Ubuntu.23:53
Ben64first do an update and a dist-upgrade23:54
wiggmpkBen64 I haven't removed anything yet23:54
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: This is a really stupid idea, but I'm curious what would happen if you used "sudo apt" instead of "sudo apt-get". The command syntax is the same23:54
Ben64omg, first do an update and a dist-upgrade23:55
wiggmpkBen64: why?23:55
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: And you might as well run "sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade" before this, just to make sure it sorts out any other weirdness as Ben64 said.23:55
Ben64ok i give up23:55
Ben64you're fighting against help23:55
CodeMouse92Ben64: You can't blame him for wanting to know why.23:55
wiggmpkBen64: I am not, I am asking why? what is your thought process?23:55
wiggmpkI can live with it purging all the "automatically installed packages" that apt thinks I no longer need23:56
Ben64took three times of me saying it before you even responded, i'm not trying to be helping you for hours on this little issue23:56
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: I'll answer you then, as best as I can. Having the latest updates may help untangle dependencies, and separate out what's a side effect of the purge command, and what isn't.23:56
wiggmpkbut removing flash? wine-staging? libreoffice?23:56
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: So, try the update and dist-upgrade, and then show me what the purge command is wanting to do again?23:57
wiggmpkBen64: CodeMouse92: I will do apt update dist-upgrade but I am always fully updated23:57
CodeMouse92wiggmpk: yeah, same, but it doesn't hurt to check23:57
wiggmpk0's across the board23:58
CodeMouse92Okies. Yeah, that's an odd one.23:58
wiggmpkdropping -get yields the same results23:58
CodeMouse92Noted. Check each package individually. can you isolate if one of those is causing the mass remove/install stuff?23:59
wedgiewiggmpk: maybe try the various libs one at a time to see if it's one in particular that has odd dependencies (or depended on)23:59
wiggmpkwedgie: I have not tried that yet, I'll give it a show23:59

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