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spyhello every body02:29
spyi'm insert the ubuntu studio now im my computer02:29
spysomeone help-me please for i understand more the S.O.02:30
cfhowlettgreetings spy02:30
cfhowlettwhat is your first language?02:30
cfhowlett!pt | portuguese02:31
ubottuportuguese: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:31
spyhave channel ubuntustudio in br?02:32
cfhowlettspy, you might be better served in #ubuntu-br02:33
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:33
cfhowlettno worries.  come back here if you want English support02:33
cfhowlettalso see the ubuntustudio on facebook02:34
cfhowlettarianecmlima, ask your ubuntu questions02:38
spyhi arianecmlima02:39
arianecmlima How do I install VLC on Ubuntu 16.10? I tried it in many ways and it failed, could anyone help me? Thanks02:44
cfhowlett!vlc | arianecmlima02:44
ubottuarianecmlima: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:44
cfhowlettsudo apt install vlc*02:44
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arianecmlima The sudo apt-get install vlc command I already used02:58
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Guest53705in ubuntu 16.10 not install the VLC...02:58
cfhowlettarianecmlima, sudo apt install vlc | pastebinit            <<< show the paste02:59
Guest53705and not too vlc-nox02:59
Guest53705cfhowlett: not is "sudo >>>>>> apt-get <<<<"03:00
arianecmlimaI used vlc-nox as well03:00
cfhowlettGuest53705, "apt" is the replacement for "apt-get"03:00
arianecmlimaow! thanks03:01
arianecmlima I'll try here and warn you!03:02
Guest53705but really not install VLC on Version to Ubuntu 16.10 Only 16.04 version to install the vlc03:03
arianecmlimaSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that You asked for an impossible situation or, if you are using the Unstable distribution, that some required packages were not Still created or have been removed from Incoming. The following information may help resolve the situation:  The following packages have mismatched dependencies:  Vlc: Depends: vlc-nox (= 3.0.0 ~~ git20160525 + r64784 + 62 ~ ubuntu16.10.1) but 203:05
arianecmlimaDid not work again03:05
studio-user591I instaled Cmaptools program in Studio but I can NOT open as a PROGRAM. It opens as a TEXT :-/ How can I change this way to open? Thanks10:07
studio-user591Some body can HELP me with this problem? HOW change the way to open Cmaptools Program: because is opened with MousePad :-(10:10
strkI've put the 16.04.1 live on an USB key. The key works on a minipc but fails to boot on an HP Compaq nx8220 from 2013 - what could it be ?12:16
strkthe BIOS says: no system disk error12:16
strksomething like that12:16
strkthere's an "Intel Execution Disable" feature in BIOS which is "enabled", will try disabling it12:18
strkthen the Boot order allows USB Floppy, SUperDisk, CD-ROM, Hard Disk12:18
strkis "Hard Disk" the right choice for an usb dongle ?12:18
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OvenWerksstrk: I had trouble with that. It may depend on how you make the usb stick15:49
OvenWerksstrk: I made mine by using dd to copy the iso on as the first partition and it fails on one of my boxes.15:50
OvenWerksit seems to me I tried both copying to sd* and sd*1 and neither worked for me. The iso makes the USB stick look like a CD/DVD or floppy, but my machine expected a hard drive setup on the stick15:52
OvenWerksI never did figure it out, I ended up printing a DVD which worked just fine. For reference the machine was an older P4 based box.15:54
ChristopherGGood morning ladies and gents!17:00
ChristopherGwondering if I could trouble someone for some help on setting up my system, i have all the info (hopefully) that you'll need17:00
leftistanyone using touchscreen with ubuntu-studio?17:07
ChristopherGNo sadly17:08
ChristopherGI just installed ubuntu studio and i'm looking for help as well17:08
leftistactually i'm not sure on my opinion about touchscreen to begin with17:08
leftistit works17:08
leftistworks great17:08
leftistwhats up christopherg17:09
ChristopherGsilly as it sounds i've never used a touchscreen computer, i used a macintosh for about 8 years17:09
leftisti run osx on a dell :D17:09
ChristopherGwell, i installed ubuntu studio 64bit on my dell inspiron 355817:09
ChristopherGi'm running it right now from an external HD17:10
ChristopherGwireless works, video works.17:10
ChristopherGi'm just trying to make sure i get all the drivers set up for things like sound17:10
leftistsound works right?17:10
leftistwhy not just use the default drivers that come with the os?17:11
leftistlet me look something up17:11
ChristopherGit's your basic dell inspiron 15 with intel HD 5000 graphics, 2GHz intel core i3, 16GB DDR3L ram17:11
ChristopherGduel core*17:12
ChristopherGthanks ;D17:13
leftistsee if that corrects the issue17:13
ChristopherGi'm ubuntu a trial period as i've been running windows 10 with cubase 917:13
ChristopherGi'll check it out!17:14
leftistahh ok17:14
leftistyeah i dual boot this17:14
leftist10 on the other end17:14
leftistdont use it on this one though cause i cant get edge to launch17:14
ChristopherGalso, i'm not sure if i'm doing something but my cursor randomly leaves this window when i'm typing xD17:15
leftistdo you have a dell power supply17:15
leftisti have that problem with a after market ac adapter and battery17:15
leftistthe audio should be a simple solve btw17:16
ChristopherGi do yeah17:16
ChristopherGit's the one that came with the laptop17:17
leftisti recall that in the past dont remember the solve. you might ask in #ubuntu or #debian17:17
leftisti cant remember now17:17
leftistits a simple solve i just cant remember17:18
leftistmy other touchscreen is a dell f200ca. i had to run it with windows 10 with a fresh install to remove all the bloat that comes with windows and it works pretty ok. i prefer linux though.17:19
ChristopherGone thing i have always liked about dell is they don't seem to have a lot of bloatware xD17:21
leftistwell with 10 you sure get blasted :D17:22
leftisti had to add 8 gig to be able to do diddly17:22
ChristopherGyeah my laptop came with 4GB17:23
ChristopherGcubase barely ran obviously so i splurged and put in 16GB17:23
ChristopherGFYI my sound is working :D now i just need to get this keyboard to stop spazzing17:24
ChristopherGit does everything from selecting random text to switching tabs when i'm typing xD17:24
leftisti know there is a resolve for that17:25
leftistglad the sound works17:25
ChristopherGgood man/woman i should mail you cookies :D17:25
leftistdid you have the same results with windows?17:25
ChristopherGnope windows 10 feels like the best version of windows ever xD that's coming from a former macintosh user17:26
ChristopherGTBH i have moments where i miss that hunk of aluminum =c17:26
leftistwhy dont you run osx in vm on that box?17:26
ChristopherGi tried =/17:26
leftistdells work great17:27
ChristopherGit would spin the beachball of death instead of laoding the installer17:27
ChristopherGbut i wanted to look into installing OS X on the actual computer17:27
leftisti even have sound and wireless and camera :D17:27
ChristopherGVMing doesn't work great for audio17:27
leftisti did that as well17:27
leftistit works there is a patch on sourceforge17:28
ChristopherGat least, in past exp. maybe it's better now17:28
ChristopherGi'd like one of those new imacs or mac pros. but i'm broke as hell17:28
leftistyeah they are hot17:29
ChristopherGi'm not anti microsoft or anything, i have an XB1 i just... kinda miss MacOS17:29
leftistosx is excellent17:29
leftisti love amigaos :D17:29
ChristopherGwhat version of OS X do you have? i was running el capitain on my MBP17:30
ChristopherGbut i still have the DVD of snowy lep17:30
leftisti think snowy lep17:30
leftisti havent used it in quite some time now. i let the baby play with that laptop17:31
ChristopherGso how easy is it to install OS X on a dell laptop?17:31
leftisti used this guys installer17:31
leftisti'll have to look it up17:31
ChristopherGi have a 1tb HD so i could give a small amount  to OS X to try it out17:31
leftistyou can check out hackintosh i forgot all the different variations now. there were maybe 10 different groups doing different stuff17:32
ChristopherGi remember when hackintoshing became a thing17:34
ChristopherGi always avoided it because of reliability but let's just say i'm too broke to worry about =P17:34
leftist you might check dell for a fix for the keyboard issue as well. they sell their machines iwth linux on it and have drivers for different components on their hardware17:36
leftistcya later17:36
ChristopherGthanks have a good day17:37
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