flocculantochosi: seem to have a bug with Settings, not sure how to report it12:39
flocculantif I open notifications from the Settings list in menu the application tab looks like http://i.imgur.com/tXm0ddZ.png12:40
flocculantfrom the Settings icon thingymajig on whisker same thing looks like this http://i.imgur.com/ImROo3g.png12:41
flocculantor indeed anyone with some idea of what to report that against :D12:42
knomeflocculant, xfce4-notifyd12:44
flocculantknome: that was what I initially thought 12:46
flocculantbut - that works if you you run it  as itself - it's opening it from from the Settings button that's wrong12:47
flocculantso maybe some gtk3 thing to do with *that* rather than notifyd 12:47
knomeaiui, the settings dialogs are integrated in the settings dialog (...) in a way that the thing to be integrated needs to do the work for that12:50
knomeotherwise shouldn't they all just work straight?12:50
flocculantmmm - actually I wonder if it's local (again - that said I do have gtk3 ppa) seems ok on iso12:51
flocculantI think perhaps - notifyd is in that ppa12:52
flocculantmakes running that worth the effort - and of course having the packages there to test too :)12:53
flocculantoh boo - looked at the wrong one - ignore that last statement(s)12:55
flocculantseem to have lock issues as well ... 12:59
flocculantbug 165293313:04
ubottubug 1652933 in xfce4-notifyd (Ubuntu) "Application Tab list too small when run from Settings dialogue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165293313:04
knomeok, bbl13:22
* flocculant does like the ability to turn off notifications for specific things15:26
flocculantadded xfce4-settings to that bug - which is where I think the bug actually is16:39
flocculantknome: I realised after grabbing the last 2 iso's - this tab thing was new :p21:37
flocculantI wondered why I'd not noticed it before ...21:37
knomewell it's very new :P21:37
flocculantyup 21:37
flocculantand very useful ;)21:37
flocculantjust wish I had half a clue - how and then were to look in the code to see what's up :)21:38
knomei think this is relatively simple to fix21:39
knomefor those who know what's happening21:39
knomeeg. it's not an "odd" bug in a way21:39
knomei think it just needs some kind of gtk container or sth21:39
flocculantI'd guess at some gtk something :p21:40
flocculantand yea - not some really esoteric bug 21:40
flocculantand I think my lock issue was me being too quick to try and unlock it - was a mistaken lock to begin with 21:41
flocculantwell - that and nvidia21:41
flocculantI have to say I was a bit "Oh no :|" 21:43
knomehuh :P21:43
flocculantnvm :D21:43
ochosievening all22:16
knomehello ochosi 22:17
knomeochosi, did you see the mail from lyz about the council article?22:17
ochosipleia2, knome, bluesabre: sorry it took me so long to finalize my part... there is multitude of reasons why i didn't get round to it until today (i'll spare you those though, unless you really desire to know)22:17
knomeok, good to know22:17
knomeand it's ok22:17
ochosiso it can be published in the old year at least ;)22:17
flocculanthi ochosi :)22:18
ochosipleia2, knome, bluesabre: thanks for the tremendous work on that article, it's really good to get that out!22:18
ochosihey flocculant22:19
ochosiso how're things?22:19
flocculantpretty good here thanks :)22:20
ochosii saw some ping of yours in the backlog22:20
ochosihaven't had time to scroll up there yet22:20
ochosisomething with settings22:20
flocculantochosi: well I can tell you simply - rather than read me thinking :p22:21
ochosisure, shoot22:21
flocculanthang on - screenshot is easiest22:21
flocculantsame app - one run as itself - other from the Seetings Dialogue 22:22
flocculantbug 1652933 ftr22:23
ubottubug 1652933 in xfce4-notifyd (Ubuntu) "Application Tab list too small when run from Settings dialogue" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165293322:23
flocculantcan't find any other like that in Settings - but not an exhaustive search atm22:23
ochosiflocculant: https://git.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-notifyd/commit/?id=132e14211c0efef09e302f75de57b9b49d7f66c122:25
ochosiso fixed in git master already22:26
ochosiit's just unreleased because this was the only relevant fix since 0.3.422:27
ochosiand i was always pondering to merge in my big feature branch that introduces persistence (notification logging22:27
ochosiproblem is - as always - i only get testing when i release it22:27
ochosiwhich is a little late22:27
flocculantochosi: can't you do it to a ppa or something? 22:27
flocculantor I guess I could grab source etc22:28
ochosiyeah, i should do that. but i suck at packaging and i'm too lazy (or simply don't have enough time) to look into that22:28
ochosiyeah, it's not hard to build/use tbh22:28
ochosishouldn't mess with your system22:28
flocculantwell you know what my system is like - always close to broken anyway :22:30
knomeochosi, see the q on the pad chat22:31
ochosiflocculant: in that case here's the link ;) https://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd/log/?h=logging22:31
knomeand the last question after that is if we want to add photos of the council?22:32
flocculantochosi: okey doke - well I'll grab that and do that - then check this logging thing too :)22:33
ochosiknome: my picture is already on the wall, so i'm ok with that22:33
knomesame here22:33
ochosiflocculant: alrighty, it should be self-explanatory, but in case you run into issues, lemme know22:33
knomebluesabre, what are your thoughts on using council member photos on the council article?22:34
flocculantochosi: I assume the Clone links at the bottom to grab it?22:35
ochosiflocculant: git clone git://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd; cd xfce4-notifyd; git checkout logging;22:36
ochosithat should pretty much put you in the right spot22:36
ochosithen run: sudo apt-get build-dep xfce4-notifyd; ./autogen.sh && make && sudo make install22:36
flocculantright - time for me to do like zebedee :)22:37
flocculantochosi: ok - I shall look tomorrow - and if I find stuff I will let you know :)22:37
flocculantnight chaps22:37
ochosiokeydokey, nighty!22:38
ochosiknome: post looks a bit naked without any pictures22:46
knomelets put on naked pictures!22:47

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