LinuxNovicehello, can Xubuntu 16.10 be upgraded to the newer release once it's support period expires?07:32
Tm_TLinuxNovice: yes07:34
jarnosUpdate manager tells updating would install from unauthenticated sources.08:07
jarnosBut I do not know which? Are trusty backports unauthenticated?08:08
flocculantjarnos: I think apt-get update will tell you which source is unathenticated08:11
jarnosflocculant, zsh was suggested for update. There is a newer version in trusty-backports with lower priority than the currently installed version from main. However, update-manager does not show the update anymore.08:38
jarnosapt-get update does not show any warnings.08:39
xubuntu01dHi! I have a laptop with Xubuntu 16.04. My laptop screen is not functioning, so I am using an external VGA-monitor. In Xubuntu I have shut off the laptop screen. However when I boot the computer, the login screen shows up on the laptop screen (which is not working). The laptop screen shuts down only after logging in. Is there a way to avoid the laptop screen to turn on during boot?14:29
xubuntu84wI hve trouble installing flash in chrome.20:00
xubuntu84wCan anyone help ??20:01
gr1dl0ckxubuntu84w: how are you trying to install it?20:04
xubuntu84wThrough adobe-flash plugin.20:08
xubuntu84wIt works normal in Firefox.20:08
bekksxubuntu84w: Why dont you just use PepperFlash which is built into Chrome?20:15
xubuntu84wI used it but I get an error that says 'download failed ''.20:18
glitchdxubuntu84w, give chromium a try, i believe flash works in there without a hitch20:29
xubuntu84wOk, will try20:33
xanguaBundled flash in Google chrome doesn't work so try chromium? :-\...20:46
Blakes5Hey all I'm trying to install xubuntu to a Acer Travelmate B TMB117. It came with a 32GB eMMC with windows 10. I've installed a 120GB SSD and want to install Xubuntu to it. While the installation goes smoothly itwill only boot directly into windows. I've tried installing with UEFI off, same thing. CAn anyone help?21:03
glitchdBlakes5, sounds like its not installing grub..?21:20
Zx9Okay, so... I kind of need some help. I just installed updates (Xubuntu 16.04) and now neither USB nor Ethernet are functioning.21:48
glitchdZx9, reinstall21:49
Zx9It's that bad?21:50
knomei'd say that's just one opinion...21:50
glitchdprobably the easiest option21:50
Zx9I find it really odd that I installed updates but just ended up breaking stuff.21:50
knomeif you have a lot of data to backup and a custom configuration, maybe not21:50
knomeZx9, well that's not actually meant to happen, and most of the time doesn't...21:51
knomeZx9, did you upgrade from 14.04 or 15.10 ?21:51
Zx9Is there no way to undo it? Perhaps get it to at least connect so I can install a fix?21:51
knomeoh wait, updates21:51
Zx9Yeah, just updates. It was a 16.04 install.21:52
Zx9Is 16.10 worth getting, with only eight months of support left?21:52
knomeif you are willing to do upgrades every 6 months21:53
knomebecause that's what you'll need to do then, at least until 18.0421:53
Zx9Why are we skipping 17.04?21:53
knomewe aren't21:54
knomeif you upgrade to 16.10, then you have to go to 17.04 and 17.10 before 18.0421:54
PiciLTSes are released every 2 years.21:54
Zx9Ah, k.21:54
knomealternatively you can jump from 16.04 to 18.04 directly21:54
Zx9Can I somehow revert to an older set of drivers? I'm just so baffled. This config took me a while and I don't use optical drives, so no custom config stored. >.>21:57
knomethat really doesn't sound like "drivers" if ethernet stopped working21:59
knomeis this an older or a very new computer?21:59
knomeone simple thing you could try is to boot with an older kernel22:00
Zx9It still handles some of the newest games.22:00
knomeso not "very new"22:01
knomein terms of not known technology22:01
Zx9I have been booting with 4.2 and only after these updates did 4.2 break for me.22:01
knomeyou could still try booting with an older one from the series just for the sake of debugging22:01
Zx9Yeah, it's only a few years old.22:01
Zx9Due to all the space that /boot/ was taking up, I only have 4.2 and 4.3 on my system. When I go into the boot menu and select them discover, I get a blank screen. But if I choose the regular boot option, I can get to my encryption unlock screen and into the OS. The only noticeable chances being the eth0 cannot be detected and nothing USB works.22:04
Zx9*directly, not discover22:05
flesk_I just installed Xubuntu on an old laptop, and I forgot to disable password login during setup. How do I turn that and lock screen password prompt off?22:34
flesk_I'm also having lots of trouble with the software manager. It's constantly timing out. I tried switching mirrors, but that didn't seem to help much, if at all.22:43
knomeyou might want to try another package manager, like synaptic22:45
flesk_Is the default one known to be unreliable?22:46
knomeit can be slow at times, and it's not for everyone22:46
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flesk_Hmm. I might do that. I couldn't even get it to install the Chrome .deb.22:49
knomeany reason not to use the chrome ppa?22:50
knomeover a manual .deb installation, that isr22:50
flesk_I didn't know there was one.22:50
knomethere's one from google as well22:52
flesk_Oh, wait. That was the first result from Google.22:52
flesk_Yeah, just found it.22:52
flesk_Apt is plenty fast enough at least, so it seems it's just the graphical package manager that's having issues.22:55
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flesk_Is there a way to enable single-click open applications from desktop?23:28
flesk_I'm able to do so from the file manager, but couldn't find a way to activate that from the desktop.23:29
knomesettings manager -> desktop -> tab icons -> single click to activate items?23:36
flesk_knome: Is that xfce4-desktop?23:54
flesk_I don't see a tab icons entry.23:54
flesk_There's "backdrop", "desktop-icons" and "last".23:55
flesk_Noting resembling single-click under either.23:56
knomeare you sure you are looking at settings manager, not settings editor?23:56
flesk_No, I'm not entirely sure. I used Norwegian as system language since my kids will be using the computer, and I'm not sure what that is called in Norwegian.23:57
knomeok, sounds like you are looking at the settings editor23:58
knomeif you use the whisker menu, you can use the cog icon on the menu to get to the settings manager23:58
flesk_I'm using the default menu. Is that whisker?23:59
knomein 16.04, yes23:59
flesk_Sorry, I've never used Xubuntu or XFCE before.23:59
knomeno worries23:59

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