brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:19
knightwiseMorning brobostigon14:38
knightwisehow are you doing14:38
brobostigonafternoon knightwise, alittle on the cold sign, my eczema could be better, and you?14:39
knightwiseDoing ok , looking for a simple solution to backup my files to my inlaws16:04
knightwisehad google cloud storage for a year with my chromebook and that trail is running out16:04
brobostigon:) :(16:08
knightwiseI have a synology nas with this private cloud dropbox like client16:09
knightwisethink i'll run that on a remote machine, plop it over there and run local backups16:09
knightwiselooks like the simplest solution.16:10
knightwiseIf I can run mate on my old netbook i'll be able to pull that off16:10
brobostigoni use owncloud on my server for that same job.16:10
knightwiseyeah , but I dont have a static ip16:10
knightwisenever syncs up right, plus I would like to have as few open ports on my router as i can16:11
brobostigonah ok, i havent ever used dyndns.16:11
knightwiseI guess I also could use owncloud and some owncloud clients but since i have the synology system running anyway....16:16
knightwiseand i use it quite a lot for our company16:16
awilkinsI have mum on Syncthing16:39
awilkinsStd. Dega-dup backup to a synced folder, linked to my NAS16:40
brobostigonbeer o'clock, :)16:41
knightwiseawilkins: remote ?16:42
awilkinsknightwise, Yup, Syncthing pretty much handles tunnel punching16:42
awilkinsHaven't had to fiddle with DNS or port routing16:43
awilkinsYou just have to copy a big ID value from one to the other16:43
knightwiseso ... files on my nas , syncthing on my home server and syncthing on my remote machine ?16:43
awilkinsSyncthing where the files are16:43
awilkinsAccessible anyway16:44
awilkinsIf your NAS is too dumb to run syncthing, run it on the sevrer16:44
awilkinsMine has a package of Syncthing (ASUSTOR)16:44
knightwiseah ok16:44
knightwisegonna see if there is one for synology16:44
knightwisethere is one but its a little buggy , so i might be better off running it on my server16:45
knightwiseupside is I can run in on a raspberry pi16:46
awilkinsI like it. Even has an Android build, I'd use it for transferring comic files to my tablet to read.16:46
knightwisehmmm.. starting to sound more and more interesting !16:47
awilkinsIf I didn't have close to 10GB of files in Dropbox I'd probably just use that exclusively16:48
awilkinsI had mum on Copy.com for cloud backups but they went belly-up16:49
awilkinsIt needs a wee taskbar applet16:49
knightwiseawilkins: does it store those comics offline on your tablet ?16:49
awilkinsknightwise, Yup16:49
knightwiseok , gonna give it a try16:50
awilkinsProbably good for managing your music collection too16:50
awilkinsI wonder how it deals with symlinks16:50
* awilkins wonders if you can symlink a bunch of music into a synced folder and have it transferred to your phone16:51
* knightwise *eyes twinkle*16:51
awilkinsMy partner works for a music college and they have to transfer audition recordings from China to their file server16:53
awilkinsThey always have a load of problems because of crap wifi and L-class users16:53
awilkinsI said they should use this because it can resume broken connections. Dunno if it tunnels through the great firewall though.16:54
awilkinsBut def. easy to use16:54
awilkinsJust set it up to sync a folder and say to user "Drop file in folder. File go to cloud. Ug."16:55
zmoylan-piat least no one submits their music in word doc files i suppose... :-P17:38
knightwiseI call that "cloud bouncing"17:47
knightwiseallows you to do stuff offline (or on a wonky connection) and "bounce" it up to the cloud whenever you have a good connection17:47
zmoylan-pii sometimes wish someone made a more accessible whisper net like the original kindle had... a low transfer rate, cheap, in the background network...18:31
ikoniapopey: you around18:46
daftykinsor asquare!19:39
daftykinsevening all \o19:40
* zmoylan-pi remembers to pack generic toblerone for tomorrows game...19:57
zmoylan-pitrapezoid instead of triangular19:57
daftykinsi've not finished the one i acquired the other day!19:58
zmoylan-pifull tobler or tobler-lite19:58
daftykinsi think it says 360g on the side and doesn't seem to have large flat sections, so i might be ok19:59
* penguin42 seems to have done particularly well on the discount-chocolate acquisition this year; I've got a truly silly amount19:59
zmoylan-piotherwise the shop will get a drive by tobleroning19:59
daftykinsah no it is a shrunk one, doesn't seem all that bad though19:59
zmoylan-pii wouldn't mind if they had just reduced the size but to keep the same size box seems deceptive20:00
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Yeh20:05
daftykinsone benefit to the gap is you have further space to push them over to have them snap cleanly :D20:05
zmoylan-pithey always snapped cleanly for me20:06
zmoylan-piunless they were the giant ones and had been in the freezer when they sometimes needed to be bounced off furniture20:06
daftykinswhen i get a chocolate orange i roll them down the steps past the cat20:07
* zmoylan-pi wonders what shapes the generic chocolate oranges come in... pineapple? :-)20:08
daftykinsask Terry20:09
popeyikonia: hello23:02
popeyikonia: also, I got a second bluetooth 8bitdo controller for xmas, so now can do two player games. Played 20 levels of 2 player Gauntlet in MAME with my 13 year old daughter :)23:03
ikoniapopey: just got mine working, I thought I'd share the 50 minute shame of trying to get it to blue tooth pair and not understand why it couldn't see the device23:04
ikoniaI'd plugged the SD card into my pi2 rather than pi3, so no inbuilt bluetooth, wasted 50 minutes of shame23:04
popeyhahaha :D23:04
ikoniaput the sd in the pi3, 3 seconds later, 4 8bitdo controllers paired23:05
popeywhich ones did you get?23:05
ikonia6 actually, only 4 paired23:05
popeyflexiondotorg got the ones with dual analogs23:05
ikoniagot 2 x nes 30 pro, 1 x sfc, 1 x snes, and 2 of the arcade stick ones23:06
popeyi have the SNES30 and SFC30 so I can tell player 1 from player 223:06
ikoniareally liked them so went in hard23:06
popeyhad much time to play?23:06
ikoniaplaying snes games needed the snes controller, the nes 30 pro was for generic stuff and the arcade stuff for sf2 /mk etc23:06
ikonianot much to be honest, starting this week,23:06
ikoniareally enjoyed what I have played though23:06
ikoniare-completed super mario world at %10023:07
ikoniathat brough back my youth23:07
ikoniafinally got it hooked into the main TV/sound system23:07
ikoniait's shockingly good for what it is23:07
popeyI know flexiondotorg has done some fettling to get the nice backgrounds and old style tv effects23:07
popeyI didn't do that on mine23:07
ikoniaI've not got all the artwork or stuff setup yet23:08
ikoniagoing to sort that when I've got the game layout nice23:08
daftykinsthose things have gone up in price like crazy23:09
ikoniagood lord23:10
ikonia$800 !23:10
popeyI managed to get the pi to put out the right res for the screen, so I can play R-Type on a big telly with decent sound now :)23:10
popeyhappy days23:10
ikoniaI need to check the res on mine, I'm %99 it's right23:11
daftykinsi never had a *NES23:12
popeyme either23:12
popeydidnt have any consoles really.23:13
daftykinsi had a lot of gameboy accessories mind you :D over the top light, battery pack...23:13
popeywell, we had some odd orange thing under the telly in the 1970s/80s23:13
popeythen a game boy much later23:13
daftykinsthat's fruit, sir :D23:13
popeylemme find a pic, it's mad23:13
ikoniadaftykins: I remember all those gameboy things, I had them, the magnigier, etc23:13
ikoniabattery pack23:14
popeythat kind of thing23:14
daftykinsi think you stole that from Blake's 7, popey :>23:14
popeyit had 4 games, Tennis, Doubles, squash and .. practice i think23:15
popeylike pong at home23:15
popeywas bloody awful, but all we had in 1980 or so23:15
zmoylan-pihad one of those in late 70s, one with a gun though23:16
popeyget you!23:16
popeyI found a boxed one on ebay a while back and was tempted23:17
popeyforce the kids to play it as punishment23:17
zmoylan-pi*pew* *pew* *pew* http://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/9dc26b84742f00841a40244d3c3241bf-650-80.jpg23:18
daftykins"Dad we're gaming but we're not even remotely having fun!"23:18
daftykins"how long must we do this? ;_; "23:19
zmoylan-pithey were incredible fun as long as you had a human opponent.  one player it was very boring23:19
zmoylan-pihumans are sneaky23:19
daftykinsdamn them!23:19
popeyI recently played Nemesis (classic shoot em up) in MAME, and it has a warm up for 40 seconds before it starts, Sam said "did games really do this when you were young!?" I said yes, and he said "I feel sorry for you"23:19
popeyzmoylan-pi: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/binatone-tv-master-4-plus-2-and-gun-/322373820593?hash=item4b0efa20b1:g:yKgAAOSwB09YFiMs23:20
popeyre-live the.. uh.. magic23:20
daftykinswarm up? like it goes easy on you?23:20
zmoylan-piwe waited 5 minutes to load games in my day and we glad of it!!! (gave me time to do my homework :-P )23:20
zmoylan-pithat binatone is the exact make and model... thank you popey23:21
* daftykins does the wobbly lines to let zmoylan-pi have a flashback23:22
zmoylan-pito make it harder i used to use a mirror on wall opposite to tv...23:22
popeyno, warmup as in the physical components need to warm up23:22
popeylike valves23:22
daftykinsooooh i see23:22
ikoniaperfect timing, bluetooth just broke on all my 8bitdo devices23:22
ikoniait's just lost all the devices23:22
daftykinsikonia: now Christmas really begins23:22
ikoniajust dont it23:23
ikoniadaftykins: just sat down to really enjoy it23:23
ikoniapopey: nah, reboot did nothing, can't even see them at the OS level, I'll investigate23:23
ikoniacomedy gold, after claiming sucess23:23
popeyyeah, sorry about that :D23:23
ikoniacomedy gold, after claiming sucess23:24
daftykinsnah it was worth saying twice23:24
ikoniasorry, buffer there23:24
daftykinsi just discovered that there's a leak on the sealant around my shower tray, so my shower has been running through the floorboards and onto the ceiling below, then onto the floor there23:33
daftykinskinda wished it was the soil pipe leaking so i could go the insurance route23:33
daftykinsi'm told you get blamed for the lack of maintenance if it's just sealant leaking, so you can't try insurance :<23:36
penguin42actually it can be really hard to find the leak; we spent a few months trying to stop mine leaking23:38
daftykinsah well i can see a black line where the tray meets the tile, the shower head was spraying onto there so i saw the drip drip... then i ran it again and aimed it away closer to the door, no drip drip23:40
daftykinscould really do with redoing that room23:43
zmoylan-pior install a sonic shower to eliminate leaks... :-P23:48
zmoylan-piinventor of kinder suprise dies...23:52
penguin42was that a surprise?23:53
daftykinsheart attack on receiving own invention for Christmas?23:53
zmoylan-pihe also helped invention of ferrero rocher so i hope a few ambassadors attend the funeral... :-P23:55
daftykinsonly the really badly dubbed ones!23:56
zmoylan-pithe toys used to be great in the 80s with pull back motors and tiny meccano sets but current ones are awful23:57

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