flocculantochosi: will this notify get to release for zesty?21:01
knomejudging based on my POV, yes21:01
flocculantbest report issues then ...21:01
knomelikely so ;)21:02
flocculantochosi: where would you want issues reported? git? lp?21:02
ochosiflocculant: i'll try to get that branch ready and merge it asap21:02
knomeo hai ochosi 21:03
ochosithen i'll do a release, when i feel it's ready21:03
ochosihey everyone21:03
flocculanthi ochosi :)21:03
ochosiflocculant: currently there's only bugzilla and it doesn't support branches :/21:03
ochosiso you can either report them here to me directly and i can try to tackle them21:03
ochosior if it's todos for a roadmap i'd add it to the todo and check it into git21:04
flocculantochosi: ok - well Clementine is turned off, but it's still being logged21:04
ochosiyeah, that option (don't log muted apps) is on the roadmap21:05
flocculantaaah ok 21:05
ochosii've had some discussions with knome about the options already...21:05
ochosistill not 100% convinced i have the final solution21:05
ochosiso basically i would like to enable:21:05
ochosi - only logging when in DND21:05
flocculantso that's more down to how I imagined something working :)21:05
ochosi - always logging21:05
ochosi- not logging muted apps21:05
ochosi - only logging muted apps21:06
ochosiin theory those could be two comboboxes21:06
ochosibut i dislike those, because they make options harder to discover21:06
ochosi(you have to click a button first to see the options)21:06
flocculantbit gnomeish :D21:07
ochosiand that's where things get a little complicated21:07
flocculantyup - can imagine21:07
ochosii guess i should add that i also don't like radiobuttons :]21:09
flocculantI'll likely turn logging off for the moment - I tested it - it works as expected currently - but if it's going to log muted apps (like a media player that some mad idjit like me runs for ~12 hours a day) it's going to be pretty unmanageable quickly :)21:09
flocculantnot withstanding tangerine dream 30 minute tracks ;)21:09
flocculantmmm - me tests a thing21:11
flocculantochosi: I'll keep it logging - turned clementine notifications off directly 21:13
ochosik, thanks!21:13
flocculantwelcome as always :)21:14
ochosimuting is really for apps that don't have the "no notifications please" button ;)21:14
ochosibut yeah, it's also a central place to just disable/hide them21:14
flocculantso now I understand more how it works currently - only issue I have is the box size - which is fixed but not landed21:14
flocculantyea - understood now - when I looked I read "lets not log this" :)21:15
flocculanttbh - that kind of makes useful sense - someone mutes notification - but could see what it said if they wanted anyway21:16
flocculantyour only logging muted apps21:16
flocculantall that aside - nice one \o/21:17
flocculantbluesabre: I assume you didn't get sgt on the iso yet (I hope)21:17
knomewhy do you hope so? :P21:18
flocculantcos it's not there ;)21:20
ochosiflocculant: cool, thanks a ton for the testing and feedback!21:44
bluesabreflocculant, was still in proposed when I checked last22:56
bluesabre(and still)22:57

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