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Donald_ET3So, I was using this computer earlier today when suddenly everything became read-only. Even root couldn't write any new files. When I tried rebooting, I got a command line that said "BusyBox" and "(initramfs)". Does anyone know what happened?02:02
Donald_ET3The drive is only half full.02:04
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3: I would help if I could but I have no idea how everything would become read only.02:08
Donald_ET3I suppose it must have been a hardware error.02:09
sintretest a live usb /dvd02:10
DarinMiller_yes, a hw error would be a good guess...02:10
sintresee if same problem02:10
Donald_ET3Well, I'm using a live usb stick on the computer right now and it's fine.02:11
Donald_ET3So, probably a HDD error?02:11
sintrethen   trs the hdd02:11
sintresounds like it02:11
sintrehdd failure are a pain , sometime sthey came come on slowly then this type of things happen02:12
sintreonce had a new pc , and the controller on the hdd worked then didn't then did02:13
sintrepain to get a replacement02:13
sintregot a space hdd enclosure around?02:13
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3: install gnome-disk-utility and use it to review your hard drives SMART data.02:13
Donald_ET3Hmmm, maybe SSDs do have some merits... when I play audio, the disk activity light goes solid even if I'm not doing anything. I suppose the HDD can't handle the vibration?02:14
sintrena , they're meant to spin lol02:14
sintrebut they can go bad just like anything02:14
Donald_ET3I guess so02:14
sintrei have some that lasted 8 years others dead in 6 months02:14
sintrei use ssd myself in my to notebooks02:15
sintrehaven't had a problem so far02:15
sintrebut the logngevity of them is still up for time to tell on a whole02:15
sintrebiggest problem now is i have more platter hdd's than i know what to do with02:15
sintresitting on like 2 tb of drives lol02:15
sintrethey come in handy though once an awhile02:16
sintrekde partition manager can give a mini smart report02:17
sintredoesn't work on my ssd for some reason though02:18
Donald_ET3Okay, I'll try that as soon as I rescue a bit of data I didn't backup and reinstall the OS.02:18
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3:  kde partition manager can be installed on your current enviro (if its not already installed).  Check your driver to ensure its good before re-installing...02:21
Donald_ET3Okay, KDE Partition Manager says "SMART status: good", "Bad sectors: 1"02:24
sintredoes it say na by most of the tests02:25
sintreok not full report like mine02:25
sintretry the gnome-disk-utility02:27
sintrethat darrin recomended02:27
Donald_ET3"errors resulting from shock and vibration: 107"02:27
sintrehmm where did that come from02:27
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3: Laptop?02:27
sintrekdde part?02:27
Donald_ET3Yea, this is a laptop02:27
Donald_ET3intersting to know02:29
sintredarin downloaded gnome-disk-utility  doesn't seem to have a feature to check smart settings02:30
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3: if gnome-disk-utility give you a clean bill of health, you should be fine to re-install.  But without hands on, I don't know what else to advise.02:30
DarinMiller_It's the hamburger icon at the top.02:30
sintrelol there it is02:31
Donald_ET3So, should I just use apt to install it to a live system, or is it more complicated than that?02:31
DarinMiller_Did you live boot to run the test?02:33
sintrewell do you want to install ontop of a potentiall already failing hdd?02:33
Donald_ET3Well, I am in a live environment. Does apt work in a live environment?02:35
sintresudo apt install gnome-disk-utility02:36
DarinMiller_yes, but it only installs to your live enviro unless you chroot....02:36
Donald_ET3Okay, SMART data from GNOME Disks says "Disk is OK, one bad sector"02:39
Donald_ET3Alright then.02:39
sintrewlel then gues sonly one way to find out then02:39
sintregive it an install02:40
DarinMiller_Donald_ET3: a few bad sectors are typical.02:40
sintrewhy is ystem completely went down still the mystery02:40
sintrewithout any  kinda of causation02:40
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luis_Hello all04:30
luis_Can you setup the chat client to connect to Facebook04:30
luis_I have Google Chat working but not Facebook04:30
sintreno clue personally , as i don't use facebook04:31
sintrewhat program are you using to try to connect04:31
sintrenew years weekend alot of people out get smashed :)04:31
luis_IM Contact04:32
luis_I should be getting wasted.04:33
luis_My mic isn't working either04:34
luis_I'm trying to move to kde over Gnome04:34
luis_Things just worked on Gnome04:34
sintrei looked at that basic im that come sout the box seems no option t configure facebook chat , but i'm using 16.0404:35
luis_Thanks! Any clue about the internal mic not working04:36
sintrewell i'm not gonna talk you into staying or leaving , but normally people have little unqiue problems with time you can either fix or work around04:36
sintrenotebook i assume?04:37
sintrehave you updated , and then upgraded if this is a new install?04:37
luis_Yes! I'm sticking with KDE for a bit.04:37
luis_Yes! It's a new install. I've updated but I'll run it again now. Just for shit and giggles04:38
sintreinstall back ports ?04:38
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports04:38
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade04:39
sintrewb darin04:39
DarinMillerthanks sintre :)04:39
sintreluis_ has mic and facebook chat problem can you help trouble shoot04:39
luis_Thanks guys04:40
luis_I'm updated04:40
sintreok lets figure out mic problem atleast04:40
sintrewhat doesn't it work in04:40
luis_Yes! I had my team laughing at me on Google Hangout because I had mic issues04:40
luis_The internal mic. Doesn't pick up my voice04:41
luis_I know it works. I used it before installing Kubunut04:41
sintreright click on little speaker icon04:42
luis_I have an intel motherboard04:42
sintrethen  click on input devices04:42
sintrewhat volume does it say mic is04:42
sintreis there a red bar by lil microphone in that?04:43
luis_No red bar. Just a blue volume adjustment04:43
sintrek in drop down menu do you have another option04:44
luis_There's a button with a speaker looking thing04:44
sintreyes that inside that tab04:44
sintreshould say port04:45
sintreif you can switch to internal mic to mic04:45
sintretry that04:45
luis_Let me try04:46
luis_It showing builtin Audio Analog Stereo04:49
sintrethats config tab04:50
sintrei believe04:50
sintreunder input devices04:50
sintreif not new plan c lol04:50
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luis_Aside note, is the backport stable software04:51
sintrebest idea to reboot after full-upgrade04:54
luis_I have a python conflict after installing backport04:55
luis_Doing a dist-upgrade04:55
sintrehmm , never had that problem myself04:57
sintrewent thru around 15 installs working and playing with my new lappy over last month or so04:58
luis_Waiting on the dist-upgrade to finish. 71 packages are being updating04:58
DarinMillerluis_: to fix the conflict, try sudo apt upgrade -f04:59
luis_Is that the same as sudo apt-get install -f04:59
sintreget command isn't needed04:59
sintrei believe04:59
luis_Yeah, I'm old school05:00
luis_getting used to just using the newer apt05:00
DarinMillerluis_: yes, both apt and apt-get work, but apt is a slightly new package manager interface but work essentially the same as apt-get.05:01
luis_Yes, yes05:02
sintreas for tresting is there any  lile simpleton mic recording software in the repo05:02
luis_I like that it give you a bit more graphical informantion on the terminal05:02
sintreso he doesn't have to try to voice chat somebody05:02
DarinMillerapt-get always confused me as I have to type 2 verbs to install something: get and install. (I would always forget the install command as I would think that "get" was the command).05:03
DarinMillerluis_: sudo apt install audacity05:04
luis_DarinMiller: I hated typing out that long command too05:04
luis_sintre: Should I install the intel drivers05:05
sintresure no harm05:05
DarinMillerI was ditto'ing your comment :)05:06
sintreohh ok05:06
sintremaking sure it wasn't another ut-oo moment05:06
sintrethat guy never came back lol05:06
sintrej/l  :P05:06
sintreas for driver what that command to snagg that driver fetching app in disocver05:07
sintresee if somethign else he may be missing05:07
luis_Just Googled. The intel is for Graphic05:09
DarinMillerI recommend the Driver Manager in System Settings... don't recall the command at the moment...05:09
sintrethats fine05:09
DarinMillerluis_: updates complete?05:09
luis_Still going05:10
DarinMillerok, np05:10
DarinMillerIs this a 16.04 or 16.10 install?05:11
DarinMillerMake/model of PC?05:12
luis_BRb with that05:12
luis_I forgot the command for grabbing specs05:13
sintreif it works in gnome we'll find a way to make it work :)05:13
sintrebut it may take awhile05:13
luis_installing sudo apt install audacity05:14
DarinMillerupdates are done?05:14
DarinMillerbefore trying audacity, lets just try Multimedia option in  System Settings05:15
luis_sudo apt upgrade -f had nothing to update05:16
luis_DarinMiller: Multimedia?05:16
sintresettings> sytem settings05:16
DarinMillerLaunch System Settings05:16
DarinMillerluis_: are you familiar with krunner?05:17
luis_Woah! Now I'm getting errors when I right click on the speaker05:17
luis_okay. brb05:17
DarinMilleryes reboot05:17
DarinMillerhmmm, must not have as SSD or the upgrade did not go so well...05:23
sintrewell not sure  what he installred before he got to channel05:23
sintreas i'said he gota  python conflict from installing backports?05:24
sintrenever had that happen , on his own decided to do a ful distro upgrade05:24
luis_Guess what?05:24
luis_Not only is the interace a lot nicer. All that wasn't working is now working05:25
luis_that backport upgrade did it05:25
sintrenow is your mic working05:25
sintreok now we gotta figure out how to get you on facebook chat05:26
sintreand i can't help as i don't use facebook lol05:26
DarinMillerYes, I wish Canonical will allow the backports updates be moved the default repos.  So many issues with base 16.04.05:26
luis_Since I'm new to Kubuntu I don't read the blogs05:27
sintreluis_ irony this was convo before you czcame in05:27
luis_wasn't aware that I had to add the backport n05:27
* sintre has pie on face05:28
sintrewell some how one down to go05:28
sintreone down one to go hehe05:29
luis_I have another one05:29
luis_sintre: http://pastebin.com/xuBzzv4U05:29
sintreno clue where to start with that :)05:31
DarinMillerluis_: try installing from the command line:  sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer05:32
luis_Reading package lists... Done05:32
luis_Building dependency tree05:32
luis_Reading state information... Done05:32
luis_ttf-mscorefonts-installer is already the newest version (3.4+nmu1ubuntu2).05:33
luis_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:33
sintreso all well?05:34
luis_sintre: It's the info alert. It keeps popping up that it failed05:34
luis_sintre: Thanks for your help.05:35
luis_you too DarinMiller05:35
DarinMillerluis_: safe to ignore.  Looks like the adale32.exe package has been removed from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/05:35
DarinMillernp luis_, I didn't help much. sintre did all the heavy lifting :)05:36
luis_Just hanging in there with us was enough.05:36
luis_You could be out there drinking05:36
luis_Or with your family05:37
DarinMillerWife is sick in bed, so this is a good distraction :)05:37
sintrethx for compliments guys05:37
sintrebut really it was luis_ who helped enough so we could help him05:38
sintreits kind hard when somebody says erm my pc don't boot make it05:38
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luis_Damn it05:39
luis_You won't believe it05:39
luis_My sound is out05:39
luis_but the mic works05:39
luis_I'm not joking05:39
sintreof course there couldn't be a happy ending05:39
sintrena i believe you05:39
sintrewhat program were you using , chance its switching it on and off depending05:40
luis_sintre: I'm just running Youtube05:41
luis_no sound05:41
sintreok go back to audio tab like before but this time al the way to right with the tab that say config05:41
sintredrop down box that says profile05:41
sintrestart going thru each05:41
sintreuntil sound come back on  'hopefully'05:42
luis_I was doing that now05:42
sintrealso if you closed audicity / or a mic chat program , look in ksystemguard05:42
sintreand see if one of the programs crashed on closing05:42
sintreif so kill em05:43
luis_That did it05:43
luis_both mic and sound is back05:43
sintreok thank god lol05:44
sintreyea better not give us a bad new years weekend luis_ :)05:44
luis_I have tons to learn about the Kde DE05:45
sintreits cool but has quirks at times05:45
DarinMillerIf you have more than one soud devcie like an HDMI output, stereo output and line out.  you may need to disable the device you don't use so that the preferred options are the default.05:45
sintrei like it atm over and DE though05:45
luis_To be honest. I live in the terminal.05:46
luis_What I can't live without is notification05:46
luis_Sounds silly, but with my phone, I don't miss a thing05:47
luis_I wanted that for my desktop too05:47
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DarinMillerluis_:  do you have kdeconnect installed on your phone?05:47
luis_Big bonus... I can run krunner and it knows my bookmards05:47
luis_I'm sold alone with that05:48
luis_DarinMiller: I have an Iphone?05:48
luis_Isn't it only for Android05:48
DarinMillerMaybe.  I know the devs were discussing an IOS release, but I never heard if that was completed....05:49
DarinMillerhttps://community.kde.org/KDEConnect: Connect clients on KDE, Android and Blackberry, and soon we will support iPhone as well.05:49
luis_It's okay! I'm not an Apple fan. My Nexus broke on me and I"m using an old friend Iphone 405:50
sintrei use a cheap 30 dollar android phone05:51
sintrei held out as long as i can with a flip phone05:51
sintrebut dumb bank kept wanting text confirmation for purchases on cc05:51
DarinMillerLOL.  I held out as long as I could for no cell phone...05:51
luis_Is this Gary?05:51
sintrepissed me off trying to use old dial pad05:51
luis_sintre: You sound like my coworker Gary05:52
sintrelol not sure if thats good , but no contact before tonight and this chat i promise05:52
luis_sintre: should I break something so we can fix it?05:53
sintrena , come monday lol05:53
sintrei have long day tomorrow almost done with my obligated "apearances05:53
sintrethen holidays over thank god05:54
luis_That's something Gary would say05:54
luis_I just have to configure everything and then I'm done05:54
[Relic]then time to get rid of the 12000 calories you put on05:54
sintreyea hey only 3 pounds gained so far05:55
sintrebut heard tha takes like 20 miles to job off05:55
sintrenot lookin forward to it05:55
luis_Hey, why doesn't the menu calendar dispaly my Google events?05:55
sintretell goggle to go to hell  > something gary would say05:55
luis_That is so something he would say05:56
luis_sintre == Gary05:56
DarinMillerwell guys, I am done for the night.  TTL. gn05:57
sintrewell i'm gonna head off on a good note , luis_  hope you hang around alot of good help to be found here05:57
sintrei'm off to shower and get ready for tomorrow05:58
luis_Thanks guess05:58
sintrenight luis darin and relic or whoever is around the chat05:58
[Relic]Bye  :)05:58
sintrenight and happy and safe new years eve!05:59
luis_sintre: night..05:59
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BvhghIs anybody08:55
prabhakarwhich text editor is a better option for an intermediate programmer? gedit kate vim or emacs?09:28
IrcsomeBot2MySQL was removed by: MySQL10:53
viewer|19863I installed kubuntu 16.10 on usb. Booted to usb. Now I'm just getting a black screen with the task bar. When I click on "install kubuntu 16.10" it'll pop up for a bit then the window will disappear, so I can't install 16.10. I've download the torrent on different computers and used on different usbs.10:58
viewer|19863what's wrong or is it possible to upgrade to 16.10 from 14.04 via cli?10:59
koffeinfriedhofviewer|19863: you couldnt upgrade from 14.04 to 16.10 directly. First upgrade to 16.04 (next LTS)11:04
koffeinfriedhofBut you'll prefer a clean installation and just copy the things you need. There was much changed from 14.04 to 16.04 (systemd, new plasma,...)11:05
viewer|19863I couldn't get the 16.10 torrent to work so I tried the 14.04 one. That worked. Is it sudo do-release-upgrade to update to 16.04?11:05
koffeinfriedhofYes. But it is NOT recommended to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04. But have a try or download the 16.04 ISO directly.11:06
viewer|19863alright. Will try that iso first.11:07
viewer|19863thanks happy new year.11:07
koffeinfriedhofgood luck :)11:07
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BluesKajHappy New Year folks !12:01
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jubo2what was the name of that app discovery app17:23
jubo2the GUI thingy to avoid 'apt search something'17:23
jubo2I need some .pdf viewer that doesn't do a messy job at it17:23
jubo2LibreOffice Draw not doing the job well17:24
jubo2I'm remembering the name of the software I'm looking for ... ocular.. ?17:24
jubo2I 'apt show ocular'17:24
jubo2no, nope17:24
jubo2not even with 'search ocular'17:25
efeciftciand it comes preinstalled with kubuntu afaik17:28
lethunot the 16.10 version17:29
lethuit comes with libreoffice as default viewer for pdf files17:29
efeciftcimy bad :)17:32
kusHi, I have a question about networking. so I have a domain through go daddy and I added an a record for subdomain.domain.tld and pointed it to my digitalocean box I then did ping subdomain.domain.tld but I get which is godaddy's ip address not my digital ocean box. Did I do something wrong? It has been over 24 hours since I added the a record so I assume it should have propagated. Also going to https://subdomain.domain.17:43
kustld gets me to my do box but for some reason http://subdomain.domain.tld doesn't redirect to https. thank you for your help17:43
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jubo2thanks for infos efeciftci and lethu18:02
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murthyWish you all a happy and prosperous new year!19:58
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hay207Hi, i got a problem with a game from steam20:36
hay207Warhammer, dawn of war 2, using ubuntu 14.04, amd 8500m hybrid20:37
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luis_What are you guess using for backing up your files?21:44
IrcsomeBot2<Valoriez> Not a guy, but i'll say anyway: rsync rules22:10
IrcsomeBot2<Valoriez> Luis_ ^^^22:12
lethuluis_, luckybackup22:50
lethuhay207_, what is your problem, can you elaborate please?22:51
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luis_IrcsomeBot2: guys in general means everyone... lol23:08

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