cjwatsonacheronuk: I've followed up to that bug with a probable cause.01:19
acheronukcjwatson: thanks. the hang occurs somewhere in the middle of the tests, not at the end, so does your comment in that bug still stand in that case?01:22
cjwatsonacheronuk: Ah, possibly not then, not sure.  Can investigate in the new year, but not really now.01:33
acheronukcjwatson: ok. no problem. thanks for taking the time to look earlier. :) have a good new year01:34
cjwatsonyou too!01:34
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sunrunner20I've got a Tiva C that i'm having a hell of a time getting PWM to work on it from the energia UI18:02
sunrunner20google is giving me mixed messages as to which pins are vialbe for one18:03
sunrunner20the offical documentation (the tiva T M4C1294NCDT datasheet) lists the PWM pins as PF0-3 for some)18:04
sunrunner20so I've got my code looking like this: http://pastebin.com/tUVpU39V18:05
sunrunner20according to my fluke multimeter18:05
sunrunner20theres nothing on the PF1 pin but a few mv of AC coupled noice18:06
tewardsunrunner20: um, not sure this is the right channel18:19
sunrunner20its a luanchpad board...18:20
sunrunner20*tiva c18:20
tewardthis channel is for launchpad.net18:21
tewardnot for launchpad boards.18:22
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