Ubik_y a quelqu un?10:42
Ubik_maybe in english10:44
Ubik_hello there!10:44
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Guest90630Hi all, I installed Lubuntu 16.10 to sda8 alongside 10.04 and windows but its not listed showing on Grub menu...11:38
Guest90630not wanting to disturb windows I specified sda8 as boot partition during install11:39
Guest90630boot-repair didn't fix it11:39
Guest90630is anyone here able to advise? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23711458/11:40
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bumI just downloaded ISO15:24
bumI want to create live USB drive15:24
bumHow to do it?15:24
Guest90630Am no expert but it would help to know what os are you using to create live USB?15:35
shariqueemail client for personal domain?17:03
shariqueanybody here??17:04
LargePrimeheyo.  i am trying to install a linux program, from here scienceinhydroponics.com/2013/02/the-first-free-hydroponic-nutrient-calculator-program-o.html17:25
LargePrimebut I get nowhere.  please advise17:25
LargePrimenot a pro at linux17:27
LargePrimeplease ping if you reply.  i'll be away17:27
JohnDoe_71Rushappy new year to all20:41
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xanguaHappy new year, new old computer running Lubuntu21:42
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