lpotteryou need launchpad login05:11
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torusJKLtrang: I think there is no default password. You need to login using your Ubuntu One account.09:30
applemuncy_1Who fixes click circles ?11:50
applemuncy_1http://snapcraft.io  -> http://snapcraft.io/community -> https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen :  DEPRECATED - The snappy playpen  This project is not updated any more. Good examples should be moved to   http://snapcraft.io11:55
applemuncy_1Clearly  http://snapcraft.io/community should point to https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft11:57
* applemuncy_1 waves to DanChapman : )11:58
* DanChapman waves back12:00
DanChapmanapplemuncy_1: you can use the "Report a bug on this site" at the bottom of snapcraft.io12:00
applemuncy_1Thanks DanChapman, Did that. Nice. opens an issue on GitHub.12:15
DanChapmanyour welcome :-)12:15
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almightybobHappy New Year all (in 11.75 hours from now in my zone).19:17
almightybobI've got a new Fedora 25 install.  Trying to install snapd but keep getting the following: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'zyga-snapcore', disabling.19:18
almightybob'dnf clean all' does not resolve.... any ideas?19:18
popeyalmightybob: might have to wait till 3rd Jan when people are back at their desks.19:37
almightybob*sigh*  patience is a virtue... too bad I'm not a virtuous individual.20:04
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OerHeksHappy New Year !23:00

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